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Review #1, by Penelope Inkwell and all the years between

20th July 2015:
For the House Cup 2015, Slytherin

I liked how you ended this. It was considerably more hopeful. And it was nice to see a bit more blend between the lives of Muggles and wizards, at least from Dean, who always did like his soccer. I liked the Bela Lugosi reference, too. The first thing I wondered was, "Now why did teh pick that name? Fan of old horror films?" and then he was a vampire! I loved it, and it brought more lightheartedness to everything. Oh, and was those some references to Dennis Creevey's relationship that I spotted from your Sanguini story? I thought it might be. It was lovely to see them all getting on, and I can't say I felt too sorry for Sal the ex-Bagpiper. I especially liked how it began with Hannah and ended so hopefully for her as well. I really enjoyed reading this piece, but then I always enjoy your work. Lovely job, as always!


Author's Response: Ooh, you picked up the Bela Lugosi reference! I COULD LOVE YOU FOREVER. ♥ ♥ AND the reference to the Sanguini story! MORE LOVE ON YOU FOR ETERNITY! ♥ ♥

Also, this fic was actually written for last year's HOuse Cup, which also happened to be when the FIFA World Cup was taking place, and one particularly notorious incident was when Luis Suarez, Uruguayan player bit the shoulder of another player and caused quite an uproar. Lugosi Soiree is kind of a blatant reference to Suarez bahaha!! The reference is really dated now, but I must say I had a great time writing such silly stuff, and including all of RL silliness into this final part of the story. Things definitely had to get more light-hearted.


All is hopeful for Hannah and for Dean. And maybe for Dennis as well.

Thank you for your amazing reviews, Penny! I've loved reading through them, and they've made my day, and as always, I'm so honoured and grateful that you feel this way about my writing. ♥ ♥


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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell sweet dreams

20th July 2015:
For the House Cup 2015, Slytherin

Poor Dennis! I don't think about him too much, but he lost his only brother. He's left all alone. This chapter definitely did sound like a bit of a trip, but I think the sphinx suited the tone of the story much better than rampaging Pygmy Puffs. And this awful bagpiper--I'm assuming One Dimension is a play off One Direction? It made me smile. I can totally see that being the new version of rockstars trashing their rooms--Fred and George's [environments] in a box. Oh, what those boys have unleashed upon the world!


Author's Response: Dennis is my favourite character to torture. :P I love writing Dennis in angsty situations, but also in ridiculous and rather stupid moments. I have SO many Dennis plunnies and I should definitely not be allowed to release them. :P But yeah, poor Dennis. :(

The trippiness of this story, bahaha! I admit I had fun with this. The humour just came in by itself, and I let it. One Dimension is indeed the most popular wizarding band these days! Thank you for your fabulous review, Penny!


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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell heavy bones

20th July 2015:
For the House Cup 2015, Slytherin

teh, I haven't read something by you in far too long. I'd almost forgotten how utterly brilliant you are--not quite, but almost. This is lovely. It's gritty and raw and really encompasses what the end of the war would have been like for so many people. Your writing style is so beautiful, I can't even think of the words to do it justice. In so few words you create such emotion. I just love it. I'm proud of the way that, despite all that she has lost, Hannah is still willing to take steps to put herself and others back together.


Author's Response: Penny! ♥

Aww, aww, Penny! Thank you for stopping by and reading my work! And leaving me such wonderful reviews. Also, I'm so glad to see you around again on the forums. And your praise...aslkdjalksd I hardly think I'm worthy! :O ♥ I'm surprised that this very short piece on Hannah made you feel so much, and I'm very very honoured. You've absolutely made my day with your lovely words. ♥

Thank you so much, Penny!


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Review #4, by bittersweetflames heavy bones

20th June 2015:
This was brilliant and I really really enjoyed it. Let me tell you why. First off, you speak of war and the heavines it brings but there's a flow and easiness to it. The choice of Hannah Abbott as your character speaks strongly, I think. She obviously had gone through a lot and, for anyone, I think it's something that's hard to live through but it seems like even though she hasn't really let things go, she is proceeding to live more and more everyday and just trying to survive. I think that, after war, surviving is the best some people could do. When the parts about the pub regulars are narrated I found myself laughing. They're a very interesting bunch of characters and while they're not exactly main characters they add just enough flavor to add a more homey, comfortable feel to the fic.
Then you add DEAN! I love your choice of Dean. And they're both right... They were in different houses so it's not hard to imagine that they never talked but I certainly never expected that Dean would be drinking himself nearly to death. Of course it HAD to be about the Malfoys. I'm not too surprised.. Their type always seem to land on their feet no matter what happened.
But, mhmmm. I really loved the end. It speaks so softly of promise and of hope. I am praying that the two of them would get through the post war pain better with one another as company.

House Cup 2015 Amazing Race Part 2, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hi Carla!

Thanks for such a lovely, detailed review! ♥ Thanks for taking the time to stop by my AP and read this. This was written for last year's HC, so it's great to see a review for this year's HC for this fic! :P

Hannah is a character I haven't explored much, and I'm glad I chose her and Dean, and later on, Dennis. I'm glad you found some humour in this chapter. There is more to be found in later chapters. And I loved your comment about the homey comfortable feel in this fic!

Dean does have some beef against the Malfoys, and I'm surprised this isn't explored a lot more in fanfic. I've seen plenty of fics where he's cheerful and joke-y, but hardly any exploring the effects his imprisonment in the dungeon had on him.

Hopeful endings are my favourite thing to write. ♥

Thank you, dear!


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Review #5, by CassiePotter and all the years between

19th April 2015:
Hi teh!
I just finished the rest of this story, and wanted to leave a review for you!
I think this was my favorite out of the three chapters. I loved the beginning, with the contrast of the Muggle and Wizarding worlds, and how Hannah didn't see the appeal of football compared to a sport like Quidditch. I'm surprised the iPad didn't draw more attention! Haha.
The end was also really lovely. Dennis's character is really intriguing, and I love the friendship between Dean and Hannah.
Overall, this story had a really nice feel to it, and I liked how you focused on the three characters separately before bringing them all together in the end. Great job with this!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Cassie!! ♥ ♥

You're really spoiling me with all these lovely reviews! But I'm so, so happy you decided to come back and finish reading this short story collection. It's probably one of the few completed chaptered things on my page. Also, this last chapter was definitely my favourite out of the three to write, because there were parts that were so silly, and I just loved the three of them together. Perhaps I shall write more short pieces - more drabbles, really, on these three and their precious friendship.

I don't think I've ever enjoyed writing friendship as much, and I'm quite pleased with how these three characters turned out.

And teeheee, football and iPads and overenthusiastic sports fans. :P I wrote this while the FIFA WOrld Cup was going on last year, and so there are a couple of references in it that are in context with that (vampire footballers and the like).

Thanks so much once again, Cassie! ♥ Your reviews are always the loveliest and the warmest, and I'm so lucky to receive them!


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Review #6, by CassiePotter heavy bones

7th April 2015:
Hi teh! I felt like stopping by and reading something of yours!
I have absolutely no idea why I didn't read this sooner, but I'm so glad I finally checked it out! I love the way you write Hannah! She had to get through losing her mother, failing her N.E.W.T.s and being unemployed, but managed to find her pub in the end. I loved the description of her locket, and how it helps her stay close to her mother. It makes her loss all the more tragic, I think.
I didn't expect Dean to show up! But I think he's wonderfully written as well. I don't read many stories that show him after the war, but you've really made me think about how it could have affected him.
The end of this was really great. I could definitely picture Hannah and Dean sitting on the bench together on the quiet street.
This was really well-done, and I'll definitely be back for the rest of this story!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hi Cassie! thanks for such a lovely surprise review!! ♥ Thanks for being such a completely wonderful person, my dear. ♥

This was written for the House Cup last year, and I don't think I've ever looked back at this story since then. I've always loved writing about the Hogwarts students, and Hannah and Dean are such interesting characters to explore. Hannah definitely was a bit aimless after the war, which wouldn't be a huge surprise given how much the war had taken from her. I'm glad you like the locket bit; it was something I wasn't too sure of when I wrote this.

And I'm glad the ending struck a chord with you. I like that scene quite a bit: the two of them together in the bus stop at night.

Thanks again, Cassie, for taking the time to visit my author's page yet again and read another one of my stories. ♥


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Review #7, by randomwriter heavy bones

13th January 2015:
Special delivery for teh tarik!

Hello hello hello! You were promised reviews, so here's #1! I'll drop by now and then, I promise. I couldn't stay away if I tried anyway ♥

Okay, so as usual your writing has left me nearly speechless, and I find myself wondering how exactly to tell you how amazing you are!

This started off on a very intense note. The death was violent, but quick. It left its mark though. The rest of the opening section was written so perfectly. You captured the helplessness and loss so well, the numbness and stagnancy... it's all there.

The nest part was just as perfect. I love how you chose to write about Dean and Hannah. Even though they both suffered greatly at the hands of war, their stories are often overlooked. I also really like that you didn't push in a romantic angle where there wasn't one. I hope this serves as a tentative beginning to a life long friendship.

You captured all the emotions in this so well. I already mentioned how you were spot on in the opening section. Moving forward, you really managed to somehow convey how comfortable Hannah was at the bar, how she seemed to have this sense of fitting in, and all the responsibilities that fit in with her new role. Dean too was superbly written. I think you got his anger down well. I completely get why he feels that way though. Who wouldn't? In a sense, he too is helpless as he is unable to do anything about the judgement. He feels as if he was robbed off justice, and that came through really well. And the ending ♥ I see Hannah curbed his reckless Gryffindor instincts with her calmer, practical Hufflepuff side. I think that they complement each other very well. I would love to see a story focusing friendship on their friendship from you :p You'd nail it! So, yes, where was I?

Much emotions. Such feels. Wow.

Sorry, couldn't help myself. :p But it's true that this is emotion loaded, and that's a huge achievement to do in so few words without actually explicitly discussing their emotions in the story itsef. Just another reminder of what a great writer you are!

As for the descriptions, I don't even have to say anything to you, teh. I think you are aware of how I just associate amazing descriptions with you and your writing. Somehow, you manage to get just the right words and phrases. You most certainly have a gift for this. Everything was so vivid and visceral. I'm always in awe after reading something by you.

As for things like flow, they usually don't seem to warrant special praise on their own, but I kind of have to tell you that you are amazing in those aspects as well.

teh, you are an absolutely stunning writer, and you never fail to impress me. Whether it's the longest one-shot in the history of one-shots, or something short and neat like this one, your writing always, always makes an impact.

I'm sorry that this review really isn't much though. I'm sort of busy, but I wanted to find some time for this, which is probably why it's short and messy and confused.

Anyway, minor characters &heart;
your writing &hearts,
One Dimension and Salazar Slocombe ♥ ♥ ♥ WIN. HAHAHA.

You're the best ^_^ I will be back.

P.S- Don't think I missed your post on the 'previews' thread :p

Author's Response: as;dlk;alsfkjhkjasd


ADI ♥ ♥ ♥

How do I even begin to thank you...all your words, your compliments, I don't deserve them STAHP


Thank you! Again and again!!

Thanks for choosing to read this collection of mine! They're not my best work because they were all written in a hurry for last year's house cup, but I still am proud of these stories because of the characters; I like how they've turned out.

LOVE the way you analyse Hannah and Dean. There's meant to be no romance in this fic, though others may interpret otherwise. :P But yeah, I kinda see Dean and Hannah as having a life-long friendship and I just love the idea of them being mates and all. From the books they don't seem like the kind of people who would find much interest in each other, but there's the war, which changes so many things, even alliances and relationships between people. I feel that the war also breaks down old barriers between people, at least during the recovery stages.

Awww, it really makes me feel all warm and flattered that you felt so much in this short piece. Thank you! Honestly, your compliments always make me so happy. ❤

And what do you mean this review isn't much? It's a pretty darned long review, and it's longer than most thigns I leave these days. Thank you for taking the time to read, for all your kind words, for being a generally awesome person, Adi.

Minor characters FTW!



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Review #8, by Roisin heavy bones

31st July 2014:
So I had intended on giving you a proper review, but then I read Background Noise and ended up just smashing my hand onto the keyboard and screaming "SO GOOD" instead.

Deep breaths.

Your writing is so lovely and visceral--I think it has a lot to do with the word choices ("a sullen flame.") I feel like it's really instinctive to pair certain nouns with certain adjectives, like familiar epithets almost, but you really have a knack for getting so much more across than just an image by choosing the right words.

Also: I'd completely forgotten until about chapter three of this that Hannah became proprietress of the Leaky Cauldron. I'm kind of glad for it, because I didn't already know where it was headed--and I can say it developed really beautifully and naturally.

You also did a stellar job of getting a lot of post-war feeling across using really finite vignettes. The bit about the Malfoys, and Dean's reaction, and the press hounding Draco was brilliantly achieved in a small space. And really potent, wot with dramatic irony and all. Like, WE as readers can have some sense of empathy for the Malfoys, but it doesn't erase what they did--nor Dean's reasonable outrage. The very blunt suggestion that Draco had tortured Dean really put a specific face on what Draco did--something I feel is too often forgiven. THEN AGAIN--we know that Draco was also a prisoner of sorts, and being forced in many ways. Anyway, you let a lot boil behind a few sentences.

Basically, the best way I can say it, is that this whole story got across a lot of gravity with a remarkably light touch.

Well done!!!


Author's Response: Hello again, Roisin!!

Gosh, another lovely review from you?! Not sure what I've done to deserve this but THANK YOU again. ♥

Word choice is indeed important for me, especially in such a short piece like this one, where I had to really pare things back to fit the HC limits and all. And stories like 'Growth' was all about word choice as well. I do indeed try to make well-worn phrases sound fresh by changing them slightly, thinking of alternative words and such; I'm glad you noticed that!

I'm also super glad you didn't find this whole thing too rushed, or forced, or too cramped, with undeveloped aspects and such. With such short fics, I'm always in danger of trying to do too much in too little space, and your comments were very reassuring. :)

You're absolutely right about your analysis of Dean's rage toward Draco, and in particular, your point about dramatic irony. We as readers do know what he's been through, and how he's possibly redeemed himself in some ways, but not Dean. And even if Dean was made aware of all that, I'm not sure he would be so ready to forgive. Being locked up in someone's dungeon is a personal thing, and I'm not sure Dean will ever be able to rationalise things away.

...I'm rambling, aren't I?

Oh, thank you so much once again, Roisin! For both your lovely, encouraging, amazing reviews! My week has been made!


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Review #9, by MissesWeasley123 and all the years between

12th July 2014:
Wow teh you're brilliant. UM WOW. You made it connect to Sanguini the Vampire and also WORLD CUP??? ♥ you are so epic haha. I really love this :P

Yayayay for Muggle Tech things! This chapter was seriously one of the sweetest things in the world. It had everything, from characters to plot and THE WORLD CUP! You set the bitterness from the war aside for a bit, and it was so pure and everything. You really have some talent for writing such beautiful characters, and you shower how they all moved on so beautifully too.

AND SUCH PERFECTION, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I love all your characters and I love this. This is truly why I have you favourited as an author. You are beyond talented. There were so many emotions in this, and at the end I felt really content. You ended it off amazingly ;) Also three cheers for Salazar now working at the cauldron! :P I don't know. Everything's kinda... peaceful now but they're still scarred forever. It's sad but at least it's less bitter now. I don't know. Mixed emotions :(

Great writing as always teh!
House cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: First of all, one hundred million points to Nadia for RECOGNISING THE REFERENCE TO SANGUINI, THE VAMPIRE OHMYGOD *hugs and weeps tears of joy* Seriously, THIS IS A TESTAMENT TO JUST HOW WELL YOU KNOW MY WRITINGS DO YOU KNOW HOW FLATTERING THAT IS!?!?!



(I'm going to turn off capslock now, far too annoying haha, sorry for the eyebleach of a paragraph above!).

Yay for Muggle technology and the WORLD CUP. I, too, don't know what to do with myself now that it's all over, and I have nothing to gush and get excited about. And writing an overly passionate Dean was one of the best things to do EVER.

Your last paragraph made me cry more tears of joy. THANK YOU. It means so much to me that you love these characters. I think I've fallen in love with them, too, despite spending such a short time with them. (muahaha, Salazar!)

Yes, everything is becoming quieter, better. All of them will heal a little more each day, and each day, they're moving further and further from the war. FOREVER.

Thank you for all your brilliant reviews. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #10, by MissesWeasley123 sweet dreams

12th July 2014:

First of all, you started it off wonderfully. It was a great hook and excellent job at setting the tone. It's amazing how they are all at the same place together.. ALSO TEN MILLION POINTS TO THE PUFFS FOR INCLUDING ONCE AGAIN THE AMAZINGNESS THAT IS SALAZAR WHATEVERHISFACE FROM ONE DIMENSION BEST THING EVER! ♥

Dennis is such a complex character. He has so much pain inside of him. It's brilliant and so saddening too. You wrote him so nicely. The interaction with him and Dean and Hannah was brilliantly done too. It was cute, and still angsty and sad at the same time.

And ugh the Sphinx! Just so many Colin feels you cruel woman. I can't. Especially just going back to the camera scene my tears are of blood. Seriously. How do you write so good. also i'm also kinda laughing as you always write so much and ehehe were totally forced to write in small amounts for this event :P okay okay. Great chapter, see ya at the last one!

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: I'm not a meanie. JKR is the meanie. She pretty much killed everybody. I'm just...I dunno, rubbing salt, I guess. :P

You know, I kill a surprisingly low number of people in my fics. If I write character death, it's because JKR already killed those characters in canon. :P

Aww, thank you! All of these one-shots are indeed set in the Leaky Cauldron. The setting and the characters are what anchor the stories together, despite all of them being ridiculously, idiotically different from each other.


Muaha, more Dennis!whump. Why can't I resist beating up Dennis in my fics. Because I dunno, it's funny? Well, it's sad as well.

Yep, totally forced to write in small amounts! I will get the hang of this and soon I'll only be writing 500 word stories for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much, you crazy amazing woman. ♥


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Review #11, by MissesWeasley123 heavy bones

12th July 2014:
So teh, you know how much I love you, right? Well, after One Dimension, I think I love you, if quite possible, even more ♥

Okay, so in this piece you carefully and very believably back up your reasoning as to why Hannah became a barwoman! I'm kinda crying because her mum's dead and the whole "she didn't exit the war cleanly" line at it's just not fair god dammit. I just feel so bad for her. And then Dean too!!! UGH. He was in the Cellar and it was so intense seeing him in that way. I found myself very much shipping them too. It's like why teh why mist you be so cruel but it's like fluff as well but drunk fluff but still lighter than the feels destroying stuff you usually write but then kinda angsty so it's like flangst or anguff you know.

Everyone was characterized and still cannot get over One Dimension teach me to be like you pls?? :P and then your descriptions are flawless as James Rodriguez's fathering skills so let's not go there. I really love you and this and now onwards!!!

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Hi Nadia

Yes, I know you love me. SO DOES EVERYONE, RIGHT?


OK, well, it's just you, then. ♥


One Dimension is the best band in the wizarding world!!! OK, confession: I don't know anything about 1D, the Muggle band, but I've heard that they're really good-looking. I haven't heard their music at all. But...it must be super good, right? Because they're so popular. :P

Sorry for the tears, love! -hands over tissue-

Hannah definitely had it hard. And Dean as well. I think they'll find a way to comfort each other, though. They'll both anchor each other down to earth. TIS THE START OF A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP. And maybe I ship them together now. :P You, Nadia, quick, go write me some Dean/Hannah.

The word is FLANGST. It's FLANGST all the way. And c'mon, how can this be feels-destroying stuff? That was Other Side of Glass. :P


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Review #12, by maskedmuggle and all the years between

12th July 2014:

This was such a lovely story to end off your collection. I loved how all three stories linked together, and this was awesome because it showed the transition from the first story, where Hannah and Dean barely even knew each other, to now being really good friends. What I really enjoyed about this chapter was your references to contemporary stuff such as the World Cup. It made your story really interesting, and it's actually quite curious that more authors don't do it more often in HPFF. I also loved the future you described about One Dimension.. lol, though to be honest, I don't really have anything against 1D.. Really enjoyed your characterisation of Dean, Hannah and Dennis, and the dialogue between them in this chapter. Really well written :)

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey again, Charlotte!

Aww, thank you so much once again! I love references to real life stuff! They just make fics and stories so relevant to RL. And of course, I couldn't resist writing about the WC especially when I was following it so ardently. :P Bahaha! I don't really know anything about 1D, I just wanted to include the *cough* wizarding version of a super popular Muggle music group.

And I'm glad you like the dialogue! This means a lot to me! Thanks so much once again for you rreviews! ♥


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Review #13, by maskedmuggle sweet dreams

12th July 2014:

This was another fantastic story! I really love how this had some link to the first story in your collection with Dean there and the setting at Hannah's bar. I forgot to mention it in the first chapter so I'm glad it came up again in here to remind me to mention it now - I love your inclusion of One Dimension, hahaha. Very amusing. I liked how this focused on Dennis because he's such an interesting character to read about. I thought the nightmares he had was very realistic and his visit to the Sahara was also a neat idea, and something different! The riddle was also very well written, though naturally it was much too difficult for me to solve :P I really liked this!

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Yup, all the stories in this collection are linked in some way; there's continuity between them. And they're all set at the Leaky Cauldron. I enjoy writing a one-shot collection with links between the fics! I also wanted to show how the characters develop throughout the story, and how characters view each other and themselves through the shifting POVs.

I'm bad at crafting riddles, so maybe it's my fault you can't guess. :P I've never really written a riddle before until this fic. The answer is 'Colin', Dennis's brother ("blood"). *hides*


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Review #14, by maskedmuggle heavy bones

12th July 2014:

Wow, I really loved this. The first part to this story was so powerful. It started off quite violently with the description of her mother's death, but that just made me realise the huge impact the war had on Hannah. I thought the next part to the story fit well with the first part. I loved how you had an interaction between two characters who weren't that close to each other. The plot of it was really interesting, especially with regarding how the war's impact was still felt on them both, with the Malfoys getting off free. I thought your characterisation of both Hannah and Dean felt very realistic and believable, especially given the little bits we know of them from canon. I thought the dialogue was really well written, as was the whole story! Really great job on this!

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hello CHarlotte!

Thanks for stopping by and reading and reviewing all three of my HC entries! The scene at the beginning is indeed violent, though I did try to downplay Hannah's emotional response a bit. Bringing random characters together is a pastime of mine when it comes to fanfic! I'm glad you found the characterisations realistic!

Thank you so much!


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Review #15, by SkyEcho heavy bones

8th July 2014:
Hi teh!

Wow - the beginning of this chapter had me completely hooked! The factual description of Hannah's mother's death really fits with the numbness of those left behind. The fact that Hannah, like many others, is drifting after the war is incredibly realistic. I really liked how you described Hannah feeling found when she enters the pub.
Haha I love the One Dimension reference.
The conversation between Dean and Hannah really captured the different layers of emotion and reactions found after living through such trauma. This was so well written. Your writing is a pleasure to read :)
I really loved this chapter and can't wait to read the rest of your story!

*House Cup 2014 Review*

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for stopping by to read and review! I did indeed describe Hannah's mother's death and the war in general in a rather matter-of-fact tone. I'm fond of stating things straight without too much drama sometimes. Hannah finding the pub is like finding something to anchor herself to.

Aww, thanks for your lovely comment on the conversation between Dean and Hannah! I'm not very good at writing these sorts of moments between people, so your lovely words mean a great deal to me!

Thank you so much once again. *is blushing at your compliments on my writing!*


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Review #16, by UnluckyStar57 and all the years between

8th July 2014:
Arggh, this was so weird, but I liked it just the same! :D

So it seems that Dean, Dennis, and Hannah have a sort of sis/bromance going on. I find it hilarious that Dean streamed the FIFA World Cup on his iPad. It's mostly funny because I have heard tell that there's a World Cup going on, but I haven't paid much attention. :)

Ooh, Sal Slocombe, for further continuity! :D I forgot to comment on his magical drug use in the last chapter, but the fact that One Dimension disbanded is just too funny. I hope you're not predicting the future of their Muggle counterparts... (Not that I'm a fan, but that's kind of a bad way to go.) :P

Heeheehee, I really feel like Dean ships himself with Hannah now. That might just be my imagination, but some of his thoughts kind of pointed that way. :) I think that it would be an interesting ship to explore, but I'm still Hannah/Neville all the way for right now. :D

This was a super brilliant story collection. I guess that everything has settled down since the war, but that doesn't mean that people are totally fine. Each character is still going through the process of repairing themselves, and that's okay. :)

House Cup 2014 Review


Author's Response: This was way too weird. :P I don't know what came over me, except it was just, ENOUGH WITH ALL THIS SAD STUFF ALREADY. Let's have some fun.

And so I set the fic in present day, which was of course when the World Cup (Quidditch and the football one) were going on.

Wizards on iPads bahaha! Well, it's 2014, guys! And Dean's a Muggle born. Surely he can't resist playing some, I dunno, Candy Crush or something. Or whatever the latest app game is.

Sal Slocombe bahaha. This One Dimension stuff was just silly. I didn't intend to keep writing Sal; but after I mentioned him in the first chapter, he just kept coming back. o.O

I know next to nothing about 1D by the way. Never heard their music, but I'm sure it must be pretty good. I think. I mean, they're super popular, right? :P

OK, maybe Dean has a sort of fondness for Hannah. Maybe there will be Dean/Hannah. No, I don't think so. But now I want to write them. :P

Yep, everything's quieted down, and each character will continue to heal. They'll get better the further away they move from the war. And they're always, always moving.

Thanks so so much for your brilliant reviews, Mallory! It really means a lot to me that you've stopped by and r & r-ed, and I enjoyed your feedback muchly. Thanks, dear! ♥


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Review #17, by UnluckyStar57 sweet dreams

8th July 2014:
On the contrary, I don't think this was a "bad trip" at all!

I appreciated the connection between Hannah, Dean, the Leaky, and Dennis. It kind of added to the information that I gained from reading the first chapter, and I'm a sucker for continuity. :)

So Dennis is a handyman-of-sorts. Stupid Sal Slocombe, putting a portable desert in his room! And on the morning after Dennis had an awful night! It's just one thing after another for him, and he really misses Colin. :/

But he ran into the Sphinx, who took pity on him, I think. After all, I'm not sure what the answer to that riddle was, but I'm willing to bet that it isn't "Horklump"...

Arggh, the sadness! His dream at the end was the most poignant part. "Just a little while...Then I'll wake up." Arghhh! That's so beautiful and sad! I loved this chapter because it shows that some scars never heal, even if the creatures that confront you aren't enough to scare you.

House Cup 2014 Review


Author's Response: Aww, you're too kind! :D

I love continuity as well, especially between chapters in a short story collection, and I couldn't resist!

Indeed, this Sal Slocombe person is such an annoying pain-in-the-rear-end. Imagine a motel cleaner going to clean rooms and finds a desert inside one of them! How's he going to sweep all that sand away!?

Yep, poor Dennis. I put him through lots of grief and pain in my stories. :P

The riddle answer isn't Horklump at all; I think that was just stupid Sal Slocombe getting into his brain. The answer was actually his brother, COlin. "blood" Bahah!...OK, well it's my fault. I'm terrible at crafting riddles. -runs away-

Aww, I love what you said about scars never healing, even if creatures you meet aren't enough to scare you. Dennis is in the healing process, sort of, but while he may get better, I think a part of him will always be scarred. BECAUSE COLIN.

Thanks, love!


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Review #18, by UnluckyStar57 heavy bones

8th July 2014:
Hi there, Nicole! :D

Hannah Abbott is one of the Hufflepuffs that never really gets much attention. I'm glad that you gave her some with this story! Obviously, she's had a rough time in the war, and you show her feelings really well throughout. The echo of her mother's voice that she hears is very indicative of how much she misses what she lost. :/

But good for her, for finding her place! The image that you used, with her feet growing roots and such, was really powerful. I almost imagined her as a tree, growing down into the ground where she would stay permanently.

As a barkeeper, she is incredibly smart and responsible. The Vanishing of the chess set is a good idea, and hahaha, One Dimension! That made me giggle. :)

Okay, I'm kind of dead set on shipping Hannah and Neville, but it appeared as though Dean and Hannah were working on being shipped just a little. ;) I like that she ran after him, set on stopping him from going and getting himself in trouble. It looks like Dean is full of anger that he doesn't know what to do with. :/

All in all, a really great chapter. Now I'll read the next one. :)

House Cup 2014 Review


Author's Response: Hi Mallory!

Woohoo, we're on real-name basis now! Baha, sorry for being silly. :P

I really enjoyed writing Hannah! She's just a super comfy character for me to write; she's a shy, very quiet sort of girl who somehow finds her place in the world. Literally. And not just any old place, but the Leaky Cauldron as well. And she turns it into a very nice place where everybody comes to hang out at.

And I think her new job as mistress of the Leaky Cauldron will certainly help her grow even more, become a much stronger person. She's far stronger than Dean in this chapter. And you're right, Dean is full of anger and resentment that is pretty directionless, and it's Hannah in the end who calms him down, drags him back to earth. Well, it's kind of both ways, actually. They're sort of anchors for each other, as the stories will slowly show.

Haha, I'm not going against canon in this collection, so Hannah/Neville it is! Right at the end, as you already know. :D

Thanks for this lovely review, Mallory! ♥


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Review #19, by evil little devil and all the years between

8th July 2014:
This one was very humorous and light-hearted after the other two! It really shows how they're slowly beginning to move on from the horrors of the war, and how important their friendship is in doing that.
I chuckled quite a bit at Dean's comment about the soccer world cup being the real world cup, and mocking Dennis for being a muggle-born who knows nothing of soccer. Oh, and that part about one of the player's being a vampire! You could totally write a spinoff. Or one about the secret ghoul in the quidditch. I love it!
I really love how you've woven this collection together, it's been beautiful to watch them grieve and begin to move on, and to watch their friendship grow. These are really excellent, and a complete delight to read :)

- House Cup 2014 Review.

Author's Response: Teeheehee, I enjoyed writing this silly piece far too much! The mood is definitely lighter in this one compared to the previous two! I feel that the further away the three of them get from the war, the better things become for them. Time does heal, after all.

Bahaha, Dean was so fun to write with this one! The vampire soccer player is actually inspired by a real player who bit someone in the World Cup and was consequently banned from the game. I thought I'd have a bit of fun with that.

Thank you so so so much for all your lovely reviews, Sian! I really enjoyed writing this collection, and it means so much to me that you enjoyed reading them as well. ♥ ♥


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Review #20, by evil little devil sweet dreams

8th July 2014:
I would love to read the version with rampaging pygmy puffs! :P
This was rather trippy, but I quite like it that way. And I imagine when you're that strongly in the depths of grief, you probably aren't thinking to coherently in any case, and this reflects that quite well.
Poor Dennis! This is very sad, naturally. I love that you'd kind of centred the collection on the Leaky Cauldron, and turned it into a place where the broken remnants of the war come to find some sort of comfort.
This is fantastic! I really enjoyed it :)

- House Cup 2014 Review.

Author's Response: Hahaha, rampaging pygmy puffs! I do have that version in my computer; I might just get down to posting that in some of my future Dennis Creevey stories! I write plenty of Dennis Creevey because he's my favourite character to write about!

And I love your analysis of grief, and how it relates to the trippiness of this piece.

Yep, the collection is centred in the Leaky Cauldron, but the setting is not as important as the people. Still, it's a place that collects all these drifting souls.

Thank you again!


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Review #21, by evil little devil heavy bones

8th July 2014:
I was super excited to get to your entry, because reading more of your work has been on my to-do list for a while, and this is the perfect excuse!
This was absolutely beautiful. I adore minor character explorations, and Hannah Abbott is a character I've always been very interested in, but never gotten around to writing myself. You've done such a fantastic job with this! I love exploring how the war would have affected the various characters in its immediate aftermath, and this is a fantastic example of that.
I loved the little phrases Hannah would think about her mum saying. It made her mum's presence/absence very poignant and prominent, it really breathed life into her even though she wasn't there, so you understood the kind of person that Hannah had lost. It kind of thickened the grief, if that made sense, really contributing to the fabulous atmosphere you've created.
This was such a fantastic piece! I'm super excited to read the others :)

- House Cup 2014 Review.

Author's Response: Hey Sian!

Aww, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read! It's such an honour to hear that reading my work's on your to-do list! ♥

I, too, love minor character exporations, and Hannah seemed like an interesting character to explore. I'm glad you like Hannah imagining her mother's voice; it's one of the details that I added in last minute, and from your comments, it sounds like that was the right thing to do!

Thank you so much, love!


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Review #22, by patronus_charm and all the years between

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!

Hahaha, the football made me laugh way too much, I think it was the mixture of Hannah’s confusion about which world cup it was, the new names for them all and then the slow painful laugh as I watched England be defeated again. :P But it was great retelling and still had me interested throughout!

Omg, I was waiting for this line, and when it appeared I wanted to hug you so much for including it – ‘Dennis squinted at the screen, which began replaying Soiree’s latest goal. “I saw someone like him once at a vampire bar.”’ I just have no real words for it.

I really liked seeing how much Hannah had moved on and how she now had a life with Neville and was expecting a child, it just felt so nice to know that their lives could be complete once again. Even though what happened to Dean and Dennis wasn’t mentioned as directly I had a feeling that they had been able to move on somewhat from the war and that just really warmed my heart, as they really were a motley crew but a motley crew which worked so well together.

This was a really lovely collection of stories, teh!


Author's Response: Bahahaha! How can I /not/ write about football when the World Cup was going on amid all the HC chaos?

Sorry about England's defeat, by the way. :P Dean was pretty upset as well. Though, er, I can't say the same for either Hannah or Dennis.

I don't think I've ever had so much fun writing anything before. Wizards on iPads, Dean getting overly passionate at a tiny match on screen, thumping on Dennis every time something happens.

And muahaha! VAMPIRE FOOTBALLERS. The world hates them. But honestly speaking, the whole incident was kind of funny.

Yeah, this fic is set some 16 years after the way, and things are definitely calmer for everyone. Hannah has settled into her new life, and so has Dean, though I ran out of time, so I couldn't really write that. And Dennis is fine with two great friends. I've definitely enjoyed writing this motley crew, and the unexpected friendship between them!

I really enjoyed writing this collection with its characters, and it definitely means a lot to me that you enjoyed reading! Thanks so much Kiana, for all your lovely reviews and comments. ♥


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Review #23, by patronus_charm sweet dreams

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!

Hi again teh!

I really liked how Dean, Dennis and Hannah have all come together now as I can see that they might all play a part in helping each other get back together again which will be really sweet to watch. Ha, I’m not exactly sure what to make of this Salazar guy so far, but he’s making me laugh with his random cameos so I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him.

No, the dream of the camera flash got to me soo much as it was just so emotionally powerful with the way that single sound reminded him so much of Colin and it reminded me of You Can Write The Book which was amazing so I really liked that section even though the Colin feels were pretty insane.

Wah the creature section got to me again too. First there was the bit of humour from the crazy Salazar guy which had me cracking up then there was the sphinx which came out of nowhere, and I really enjoyed the riddle! Finally, the soul crushing appearance of Colin and how that made me want to stuff chocolate in my mouth at an impossible rate to recover. Ooh another minor thing but you managed to include so much in here and keep it within word count so I am doubly impressed :D

The final section was so beautiful and moving I want to hold onto it forever. Just everything in it was so haunting and wonderful and I have no words for this line ‘“Just a little while,” he said, his hand closing over his brother’s wilted fingers. “Then I’ll wake up.”’

I can’t wait to read the final chapter now :D


Author's Response: Oops, Dennis Creevey. He's turned up again. :P

Ah, Salazar! Well, we all know what's happened to him. It's a pity about the word limit, otherwise I would have loved to write more rubbish about him...but then if I really developed his character, he'd hardly be a member of One Dimension now, would he? He'd be..probably two-dimensional, I dunno.

This does has shades of You Can Write the Book in it, though this one is less grounded in reality. Sorry about the Colin feels! Blame JKR! I don't usually kill off people randomly, - in fact I hardly kill of people at all - and if I write about dead people, it's because JKR has done the slaughtering already. :P

Colin was a wraith kind of thing in this one. Part of the Insta-trip, or something. But a kind of bad dream. I actually pulled this out of a plunny I have...and I might develop this further, who knows.

Aww, I'm glad the final section moved you somewhat. It's meant to be a quiet but desperately hopeful sort of ending. I love my Dennis Creevey fics to end this way. Not pure angst. Well, some might see it as pure angst anyway, because I've got quite a wacky interpretation of fluff. :P

Thanks for this, Kiana!


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Review #24, by patronus_charm heavy bones

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!

Hi teh, wow, this was a really interesting insight into Hannah’s life!

I felt so bad for her at the beginning the way her life seemed kinda broken and she had faded away into nothingness in a way as she didn’t have much to cling onto but I’m glad that changed and that her life did improve for the better in the end.

I loved the random bits of humour in here and yours nods to pop culture as you’re always so good at throwing them and the bit about One Dimension and all of their fans filling up the pub certainly didn’t go a miss :P

The thing I liked the most was her interaction with Dean as we got to see him in a light I never would have expected. He was always so open and friendly and now he had turned into this slightly creepy alcoholic so that was really sad to see. I can understand why though if his accusations about Malfoy were correct as that would have scarred him a lot. The ending though with the way they were just sitting at the bus stop and using simple words conveyed a lot about their lives and it was really interesting to read!

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few chapters now :D


Author's Response: Hey Kiana!

Thank you for stopping by and reading & reviewing my HC entry! ♥

I'm pretty comfortable writing Hannah for some reason. Maybe because I've written a drabble about her before but never posted it up. Dean was a bit of a random addition, but I do so love mashing together characters who don't usually interact with each other in the books. Yeah, Dean is kinda creepy, isn't it. I feel that Hannah's the far stronger one here; she's incredibly brave to go after what she wants, and even to take over the Leaky Cauldron like that. I feel that her new position will certainly help her grow as a person.

Pop cupture bahaha! Something I've been obsessed with cramming into my stories as much as possible. Confession: I don't actually know anything about 1D, except they're super popular and they have some good-looking members, I heard. I've never actually listened to any of their music before. I was just looking for a super popular RL music group to poke a little fun of; I didn't really expect such a reaction from my readers ha ha! I hope I haven't offended any 1D fans! I'm sure their music is great!

I'm glad you like the bus stop scene as well! Sometimes simple words are for the best. And I really wanted to just show everything without any flash metaphors or convoluted language or gaudy description. I'm glad you noticed!

Thanks, love!


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Review #25, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing heavy bones

6th July 2014:
Hi there!

Woah, this was different to what I've read so far in the HC entries so great job. I thought you picked an usual pair but this worked so well!

I thought Hannah's character was great and I loved what you did with her, also the lead up to getting the pub, something I've never really considered, was really lovely!

Again, you portrayed Dean really well, I think he had every right to be angry after what he went through. I'm glad he didn't actually do anything though, and Hannah managed to help him. It was a sweet moment between the two of them!

Great job on a powerful entry!

Lauren :)
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey Lauren!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my HC entry! Hannah and Dean are indeed an unusual pair; I love writing minor characters interacting with other minor characters! And I'm so glad you thought that I portrayed the characters well. Thank you so much once again for reading and reviewing!


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