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Review #1, by jessicalorewrites Always Here

29th August 2014:
Hey! Here for the Gryffie review exchange. There was a mix-up with allocating stories + I've also been away on holiday, but I'm here now! :)

Alright so first off I'm super intrigued because neither your summary or the character 'OtherCanon' give away the focal point of the chapter. Upon opening and finding out it's also second person I'm escatic. I love trying to guess characters!!

The way you capture the tone of a child's voice in this is actually astounding. I really feel as if a little boy is reading this for me because you manage to accurately portray language and gestures and just - well, everything - perfectly.

Oh my gosh though, ROLF!!

What a perfect way to tie this all up. The involvement with dementors and all the other animals is so seamless. It doesn't seem like you're trying to force the prompt down the readers throught and instead of it being the main plot focus, it's something of a background thing. The readers are thinking about Rolf alone - the interesting, unique character you've created.

Truly lovely oneshot for the HC! I'm upset I didn't get to read it sooner because I really love it!! Thanks for such a wonderful read.


Author's Response: Hello! That's okay, I'm always super-late with everything. Hope you had a nice holiday!

Yes, Rolf! I was going to write about Luna for this prompt, but I thought she was a bit obvious, so the next person with a link to animals was Rolf and it all just fitted, really.

Thank you for the amazing review!

-Karou :)

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Review #2, by maskedmuggle Always Here

12th July 2014:

Ooh, I found this to be such a curious and interesting fic! I very very rarely read stories featuring Rolf so it's so cool to get to see an insight into his life. I thought the way you portrayed him here was quite different from what I was expecting - he seemed to have quite a tough childhood, but I'm so glad his Grandpa seems so sweet. I'm also glad that the ending was pretty optimistic and happy - you really evoked lovely images in my head of butterflies flittering around. I thought it was great that you related Rolf's difficulties and overcoming them with the only thing we know about him - his interest in magical creatures. I thought this was a really unique story and I also found it written well. I enjoyed reading this :)

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm glad it sparked your interest! I was going to write about Luna but she would be too obvious, so Rolf it was! The butterflies are my favourite part so it's great to hear you can picture them easily. Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #3, by nott theodore Always Here

10th July 2014:
Hi, Karou!

This was such an original idea and I really liked the fact that you chose to write this house cup story about Rolf Scamander, because I really love minor characters and getting an insight into their lives so this was fantastic for me to read. I felt so, so sorry for Rolf when we got to learn about his past and the way that he suffered so much as a child. I loved the way that the animals became his escape of sorts, and the fact that Rolf managed to find solace again in the animals. It makes a lot of sense then to think about why he became a Magizoologist and it's great to see that part of his character. And your portrayal of Rolf was great as well, he was so sweet and nice and I could see why he might end up getting together with Luna in the end as well, because they seem like they would fit together well, even though it's a long way off at the moment. You did a great job here!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #4, by UnluckyStar57 Always Here

8th July 2014:
Wow, Rolf Scamander at the inception of his Magizoology training! :D

I really hate it that he had to grow up in a house that was seemingly devoid of magic and happiness. The flashback that came as the result of the Dementor was particularly enlightening. His dad was abusive and his mom took it until she'd had enough. But I wish that she could've taken him away with her, if she really loved him. :/

Well, I suppose that if she had, Rolf would never have been taken in by his grandfather. I love that, even throughout the beginning when Rolf is stuck at home in the midst of his parents quarrels, Newt Scamander is always there, trying to remind him that he does not deserve to live in such an awful situation. Even after he exposes Rolf to Dementors, he shows him that not all creatures are like them. The message of the prompt really came clear in the end, as Rolf looked around at the lovely butterflies and felt better.

By the way, what is the name of those butterflies? Are they magical or just really pretty normal ones?

Awesome story!

House Cup 2014 Review


Author's Response: Yup! This is where it all started (for me, anyway!)

She did love him, she'd just had enough and could only think of herself in that moment. Perhaps she had a bit of Slytherin selfishness in her.

Newt is definitely the rock for Rolf, keeping him grounded when everything's getting more hectic. I'm glad the prompt was clear in the end - that's what I was aiming for after all! :)

I named them the Surin, though I never had to name them. They're magical butterflies that generally make you feel good.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #5, by evil little devil Always Here

8th July 2014:
Oh no! Poor Rolf!
I love what you've done with this! You managed to very much capture a child's perspective, which is something I struggle with, so I find it super impressive.
It's a very bittersweet backstory to write for him. It's incredibly sad that his parents were not the greatest parents ever, but also very heartwarming to see how much his grandfather loved and cared for him, and how much he loved his grandfather in return. I love that it builds a very strong relationship between him and his grandfather, and explains where his love of magical creatures comes from.
I also adore your use of second person! I absolutely love second person, it's a very underrated perspective that when used well is great to read, and you've done just that. To be honest, it was so well done that it didn't click that it was second person until the end.
I really enjoyed reading this, it's a fabulous one-shot :)

- House Cup 2014 Review.

Author's Response: I know! He doesn't have a very good time, does he? :( But he has his grandpa, and they do care for each other a lot more than Rolf cares for his parents.

I also love second person! I've started to notice a few more around the archives lately, but you're right, not many people use it. Eek, thank you!!! :D

Thank you for reading and reviewing!


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Review #6, by HeyMrsPotter Always Here

7th July 2014:

This was another amazing entry from you, your writing is really beautiful. Expect me to be stalking your page in the near future to read some more of your stories ;)

I absolutely love the unique idea you've come up with for the magical creature prompt, the idea of Rolf beginning to learn about magical creatures from his Grandfather Newt is just cute beyond words. It's sad that his parents were fighting and that his father was so awful to him. It's nice that he had his grandfather though.

I also really love the description that you've used throughout. This part in particular was just so beautiful:
You are met with grass springing beneath your feet, a warm breeze running over you with its gentle touch, the smell of a garden in the air. And everywhere is the colours of yellow and orange, darting and floating around inside the large net. You reach out to the nearest colour and it lands on your fingertips, spreading warmth through your hand and down your arm, throughout your whole body.

Perfect story :)

Dee -House Cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Hello again!

Ah, thank you. Don't expect them all to be written like this, I was hugely inspired by the prompts our lovely staffers/Professor Lupin gave us, and so the credit goes mostly to them. But you can read them all anyway :)

Yes, I always thought Rolf was inspired by his grandfather, particularly as he was the only male rolemodel he had, really (according to me anyway).

Yay! I'm usually terrible at descriptions, so this is a huge compliment for me :D I like that part too.

Thank you again!


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Review #7, by DracoFerret11 Always Here

6th July 2014:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from Ravenclaw House on the forums here to review for you for the House Cup 2014! :D So, let's go over things:

To start, let me just mention that I absolutely loved this line: "Father is gone, Mother has left, but Grandpa is here and Grandpa will always be here." I thought that was so sweet and adorable and I just really liked it a lot. :)

Style: I think you did a fantastic job writing for a young character. I've never really tried, but I think you captured a child's voice very well. It was realistic and brought me right into the story.

Plot: I had never thought about Rolf's life much before reading this story. I love the background you've created for him. I think it's interesting and believable and really quite lovely.

Characterization: As I sort of mentioned, Rolf's characterization is perfect. It was so realistic and I ADORED how you brought his grandpa into his life. I think the way you wrote about the father's impatience with the grandpa really made the story come alive. The abuse in the family also came across realistically, which was a bit disturbing, but really worked for the story.

Descriptions: I loved the details you brought in about the burned floor and the mother who left--or was she killed by the father? I really questioned the grandpa for showing his young grandson dementors, but he seemed a bit loony, so I guess that makes sense. I loved the scene at the end with the obscure butterfly-things. I think you showed the "overcoming adversity" prompt very well there.

Emotions: The way you withheld certain understanding from the narrator was perfect. A child wouldn't really get why his parents fought or what was going on within the household and I liked that you didn't make things so overt that they weren't realistic.

I really loved this story. It's probably one of my favorites that I've read so far for the Cup. Fantastic job and good luck to Gryffindor in the House Cup!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Hello! I'm sorry it took me so long to respond, please forgive me!

I'm glad you liked that line, it's one of my favourites too.

I'm sorry if I disturbed you! It was a point I wanted to get across, that living with Newt was much better than life with his parents. And she left, she wasn't killed - that would be a bit much!

Thank you! And well done to Ravenclaw for winning, you guys were amazing :)


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Review #8, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Always Here

6th July 2014:
Hi there!

Wow, this was full of feels! Poor Rolf, he doesn't have a very good time does he? I'm so happy you included his grandpa as at least a small bit of hope for him. The creatures he tells him amount made me smile, the moments between the two of them were so cute.

The dementor... *shivers* that memory was awful, bless him! I'm glad he went with the butterfly like creatures instead in the end!

Great job on a heartfelt entry!

Lauren :)
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi yourself!

No, Rolf isn't very happy at home. His grandpa is the silver lining, I guess. I always imagined Rolf's parents to be against all the Magizoology stuff, and so Rolf really enjoys his grandpa's visits.

Newt was trying to show him both sides of the creature-scope, and Rolf definitely prefers the butterfly things. I know I would!

Thank you for reading and reviewing!


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