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Review #1, by adluvshp there is more to come

5th August 2014:
Hello! Here for Review #1 of the prize for Colour & Emotion Challenge.

This was a beautiful one-shot. I loved the concept of friendship going beyond death, and it is especially very fitting for the Marauders. It was interesting to see this from Remus' POV, to see his feelings and thoughts after Sirius' death. You portrayed them perfectly.

The descriptions were magnificent, and had a bittersweet feel to them that I loved. The entire narrative flowed wonderfully and I had a great time reading this. I also liked how you ended this on a positive note, and maintained the theme of their friendship throughout. That little scene of Remus 'imagining' Sirius talking to him after his death was also very nicely done, and my favourite of this piece.

Your writing style was catchy and interesting, and suited the whole idea. All in all, a wonderful piece of writing with great emotions and a beautiful feel. I very much enjoyed this. Great job!


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Review #2, by nott theodore there is more to come

12th July 2014:
Hi Adi!

You know that I'm on a bit of a reviewing quest and now I'm trying to make my way through as many of the house cup entries as possible! This was a lovely story! I think that the Marauders are one of the best examples from the series that you can come up with when you're writing about friendship and it was fantastic to see the way that you wrote about them here.

I loved the idea of Remus, the last one left of the four friends, here talking to Sirius who's died. I thought that showed in itself how close they were as friends, and I loved the way that you wove in all the four friends. I thought that Sirius and Remus were especially well portrayed - their characterisation was so in line with what we know from canon that it was fantastic! I think that my favourite line was the one about man's best friend being a dog, and that Sirius was the best friend Remus could hope for. So cute! And then after that the flashback to his favourite memory of all four of them as friends jumping into the lake was just adorable, and I thought you did a great job of capturing the friendship between them!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #3, by maskedmuggle there is more to come

12th July 2014:

This was really well written and such a well thought out fic. I really, really loved the way you wrote this, in deciding to focus on Remus' point of view on Sirius' death, and how Remus was basically having a conversation with Sirius. I thought your characterisation of Remus was brilliant, and the dialogue between Remus and Sirius also felt extremely realistic and believable. Granted, I had to look up exactly what hypnoagagia was, but I think you did a great job depicting it.

The one thing I'm not sure about is actually the second part of this story - whilst the moment was enjoyable to read about, it didn't seem to add that much to the story? I felt like the story could have ended perfectly at the end of the first part. The line about how a wolf couldn't have found a bigger/better friend in a dog would've made such a perfect ending - I really thought it was the ending, and reading onto the next part actually seemed to interrupt the feels that I just gained from the first part. I hope that makes sense? Just my view though, but overall I did really enjoy this. You did a fantastic job on it!

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #4, by Pretense Of Perfection there is more to come

11th July 2014:
What a great one-shot. Marauder era stories are always my favorite, and even moreso if they're written from the POV of one of the Marauders. It seriously made me sad to read this, but also happy at the same time. I loved the flashback at the end about when the four of them were still at Hogwarts. I can totally see them all jumping into the lake like that, holding hands, ready for the next great adventure. I think the writing style you chose really added to the experience, what with Sirius being referred to as "you," throughout the story, it was very different, and I'm not sure I've read anything like it before, especially coupled with first person POV. I think you set the scene and tone for the story very well in the beginning, especially with the line about the gravestone, and then continuing on to the veil and how it "swallowed him." It was simple yet intriguing. I think one of my favorites parts was when Tonks asks Remus who he's talking to, and he gives her a very vague answer, almost as if he wanted to keep it his own little secret, and keep his friends locked safely away in his heart for only him to see.

--house cup 2014 review--

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Review #5, by MissesWeasley123 there is more to come

10th July 2014:
HEY ADI FINALLY HERE TO REVIEW AHHH. So pretty excited as so many Marauder feels and obviously the friendship and your author's note gives me feels as well because aww Adi, this is a great way to incorporate some of your friendships in this!

I thought it was really interesting how Remus was talking to Sirius, and how Sirius was "you" and then James and Peter were just James and Peter. I always thought it would hurt more when Sirius died, because for remus he thought his whole life that Sirius was a traitor, and then he wasn't and technically he died "twice" for remus, if that makes sense? Also, ignore typos ll trying to be productive!

Your descriptions were moving as always. This line here: There is no death without a grave stone. Merely a transcendence from this life to another. -- wow. You have such a good grasp for vivid imagery, and are able to paint beautiful stories Adi.

Really amazing work, that too in such a small amount of time. I think you're so talented like I keep telling you! Overall, great story!

House Cup 2014 review

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Review #6, by UnluckyStar57 there is more to come

8th July 2014:
Oh wow. This is so poignant and sad and beautiful.

Remus thinking about Sirius's death is incredibly awful, but it must have haunted him for those two years after it happened. It is terribly tragic to lose two of your best friends, and Remus was left out to dry as Sirius and James moved on.

I really loved this sentence: "The end is not palpable enough without there being a definitive end to witness." It sort of shows that Remus is in denial about Sirius' passing, and maybe that Remus isn't so long for this world, either. He longs for a sign of his friend's death, but there is none.

The memory was really wonderful. I like how you wove a piece of it into Remus' conversation with Sirius, and then showed the memory at the end. I'd like to believe that "with infinity locked in [their] palms," they moved on together. I would like to believe that that is the way Remus died.

It was a lovely, thought-provoking read. Brilliant work!

House Cup 2014 Review


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Review #7, by evil little devil there is more to come

7th July 2014:
The stories of Remus and Sirius make me so sad, they had such tragic lives, and yet they were both good people, and managed to be happy when they had the opportunity, and I love them. It is so sad that after so long apart, they were reunited for such a short time before Sirius died.
The Marauders are definitely the perfect example of friendship lasting beyond death. And I love that you included Peter! So many people leave him out, but he was an important part of the Marauders, and I almost feel like you gave him a bit of redemption by including him - as if, perhaps, when they are all reunited in death, they may be able to forgive him.
I love the phrase 'with infinity locked in our palms' - it is very poignant, and really drives home the impression that both that night, and their friendship in general, will last long beyond the constraints time has placed on them.
This was a very bittersweet story, and an absolute joy to read :)

- House Cup 2014 Review.

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Review #8, by ohmymerlin there is more to come

7th July 2014:

Sorry about the shouting, Sirius's not-death makes me very sad and emotional and the way you wrote it was very emotionally triggering and I just wanted to cry and hug Remus and tell him that Sirius is totally alive and did not fall through that veil.

For real, though. This was written so beautifully. I can't describe how much I loved the way you wrote Remus and Sirius' friendship. And the way you described his death was just flawless. I also loved what Remus wanted to scribe on his gravestone ;)

Also, this:

There is no death without a grave stone. Merely a transcendence from this life to another.

*gasps out loud from this line*

That was just so beautiful. It was the best opening to an amazing one-shot!

You wrote this whole thing so wonderfully! I really loved reading this!

It's a definite 10/10 from me!

- Kayla :)

House Cup 2014

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Review #9, by LightLeviosa5443 there is more to come

29th June 2014:
Review Swap!

So sorry it took me so long! My dad treated me to breakfast, so I had to leave for a bit! But I'm back! And you're next! So ta-da!!!

Wow, so the first thing that jumps out at me in this is word choice. Your word choice in insane. I love the way that the words you've chosen not only make this sadder, but just make me feel like it's more Remus. Like if there weren't those particular words this wouldn't be Remus. I loved the way you started this story off, too. I wasn't entirely sure where you were going to go with it, but I love it. I love how Remus is addressing Sirius, and reflecting on it, and just ugh. Okay. I'm going to keep reading because I'm halfway through and I have no idea what you're going to do next.

AWE. THAT WAS SO SWEET. THE WAY YOU ENDED IT WAS SO SWEET. OH MY GOSH. That was just one of the cutest darn things I've ever read and it still managed to be sad and just wow. That amazing. You did a wonderful wonderful job writing that. I have nothing else to say. Just wow.

WAIT IT'S NOT DONE THERE'S MORE. WOAH THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT WAY TO END IT. I LOVED THAT. WHAT? I JUST. WOW. Wow. Dude. wow. I loved that. Yes. Okay. In love with this. Totally just completely in love with this. That flashback was so perfect.

Thanks for the review swap, I'm so glad I read that story.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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