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Review #1, by maskedmuggle Prompt 1 - The Magical Creature

10th July 2014:

This was a really interesting story to read! We all know some information about the basilisk and the story of Salazar Slytherin from the CoS book, but it was so great to see so much more depth to the story. I thought the way you wrote it made it really engaging for the reader since you focused heavily on the basilisk's perspective of things. I liked how you stuck to canon/what we know and integrated that throughout your story here, whilst adding in more information about the interaction with the basilisk and the Mother. I'm not really that sure about how Salazar was referred to as the Mother throughout - it just felt kind of strange to me and didn't really seem to make sense, especially given that he is male... Anyway, I really liked the idea of how the basilisk had to obey orders given to it by the 'Mother' (or is that something already written about the basilisk), and that is why Salazar/Voldemort were able to control the beast. Great story :)

- Charlotte

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 Prompt 1 - The Magical Creature

9th July 2014:
Oh wow.

Your use of sensory details was just... appalling. But in a good way--a very good way. I could see the blood of the Muggleborn (or Muggle?), I could smell the primal stench of the basilisk's birth. Throughout the whole story, you never left out any details of the senses, and so I'm feeling a little bit sick because I just ate breakfast and your descriptions were very vivid. :)

I also think it's cool that you gave the basilisk a character separate from that of Salazar Slytherin's monster. She was, after all, merely a snake. She didn't lust after human blood--in fact, she wouldn't have known what it tasted like had Slytherin not given her a taste of it. I liked seeing her from a totally different angle. :)

Great story!

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Review #3, by evil little devil Prompt 1 - The Magical Creature

9th July 2014:
This was such a unique story! This was a really interesting point of view to use, to take a creature so reviled and hated and give us insight into its mind.
You really made me realise that the basilisk itself is not evil, it's more of a weapon that can be used for evil in the wrong hands, such as Tom Riddle's.
You went so far as to make me sympathise with it, being locked down in the chamber for hundreds of years. What a lonely life to lead. It's excitement when it's new mother arrived was really poignant.
This was such a unique approach to take, I love it!

- House Cup 2014 Review.

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Review #4, by ohmymerlin Prompt 1 - The Magical Creature

7th July 2014:

This was very... interesting. So was Salazar the Mother? Even though he technically should be a father? I was a bit confused at that.

I didn't really want to feel any sympathy for the basilisk, after all she'd killed quite a few people! But you managed to evoke a tiny shred of sympathy for her from me!

It was very interesting to see from the basilisk's perspective! I've definitely never read it before so props for creativity!

I also like the tiny mention of the Giant Squid, haha! That was clever! :D

- Kayla :)

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Review #5, by 800 words of heaven Prompt 1 - The Magical Creature

24th June 2014:

Okay, I said that I'd post this tomorrow, since I have to study for an exam, and therefore, should sleep BUT SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. Also I wanted to read some of your lovely writing!

I found the idea you were writing super interesting when you were discussing it in the Pit, so I couldn't resist. I am not disappointed! The basilisk reminds me of an enthusiastic puppy... that enjoys drinking the blood of humans, but she only lives to please her mother, and there's something inately sad about that. It's clear that neither Slytherin nor Riddle truly seem to care for her, despite their affinity for snakes, seeing her more as an emblem of defiance and a weapon to wipe out those who are "tainted".

The basilisk takes this rather well - if I abandoned my dog for that long, he'd get pretty sad. I loved the voice you gave her! There was the innocence that one associates with animals, as well as this super creepy overture because - well, she's still a basilisk and they're legend is terrifying. I think it was a good marriage of these two opposing ideas!

On a final note, I just loved how you've opened this with all that anatomy! I'm studying anatomy right now so I was jumping with too much excitement because I recognised all the terms. It was almost as if I were revising...

Lovely story. AND GO SLYTHERIN!

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