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Review #1, by Dojh167 Today

12th July 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015 Review

At first I was afraid that the "three parts" refereed to three chapters, and I knew I'd be upset to love the first one and not be able to continue. But I get to love all three!

Somehow Lucy in the Sky With Diamongs is a perfect Luna song, and I had never thought of that before.

This is really touching. It is great to see a more complicated relationship that simple romance , and complication suits Luna.

I like the line "I've added you yo my ceiling, Dean Thomas." It is so very Luna, in both its heartfelt sweetness and its apparent oddness.

I really like how you structured this story. Luna's bits in italicized first person really did it for me.

I appreciate the vagueness you leave around the details of Luna's death. In a way, it isn't really relevant, because what matters is not how she died, but the impact that she had on Dean's life while she was around.

I really enjoyed this. The bond you created between Luna and Dean is very unique, and not the kind of thing that is focused on much in fan fiction. Also, Dean and Seamus forever.


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Review #2, by Frankie05 Today

11th July 2015:
Gryffindor House Cup 2015

This was beautiful. Brilliantly beautiful. I love Luna and j love how you expanded their relationship after they had been caught and sent to Malfoy Manor and then Shell Cottage. This was so heartbreaking to know he was speaking at her funeral giving thanks for his relationship with Seamus. You did a beautiful job describing the way Luna lights up life- making people comfortable with who they are- no matter how crazy it may seem. Also love how Luna is such a fierce friend- protecting Seamus for Dean. She saved their relationship when she saved him. I know I'd love to have a friend like Luna

Dean's eulogy speech wasn't very long but it sweet and simple. Knowing that Seamus comforted him and bit was because of Luna- it made me smile. At the very end, my heart smiled when Dean said "that's just what Luna does, she saves people." It was such a sweet sentiment. A true sentiment. I really really enjoyed this story


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Review #3, by greenbirds Today

5th May 2015:
you are the queen of one-shots! i had high expectations when i read this from my continuing adoration and awe for puncture and blurring whites, and you haven't disappointed. you are SO so SO so talented. your writing reminds me of paintings, your fragmented sentences like brush strokes. i love the dean & seamus ship because it makes sense and i wonder why i've never come across it before, and i love the way you've portrayed his relationship with luna. simply perfect. you rock ♥ ♥ ♥
"It makes Dean realize how lucky he is to have her as a friend." what i love above all is the stripped-down rawness of your words. no fancy language, no heightened adjectives; it really, really works! please tell me you're considering a career in creative writing?
(ps. still crying over blurred whites. i typed blurred lines by accident which i suppose isn't that far off, because in a sense i'm still crying over that song too... but blurred whites !! i recommend it to all my harry potter fan friends)

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Review #4, by looneylizzie Today

6th April 2015:
CTF - Round 3 - Jailbreak Post

Wow. Wowza. How do I feel. I much. So so so much. Part of me is sad, because the story ends with Luna's death. But part of me is happy, because I know she lived a long life, and because what she did brought Dean and Seamus together. She gave them 30 years. That is exactly what Luna does, she helps people, without even trying.

"I've added you to my ceiling, Dean Thomas.
And he has added her to his heart, forever."

Those two lines are some of the most powerful lines I've ever had the pleasure of reading. The expression of love a non-romantic way, is extremely difficult to do. You manage to describe how deeply Dean and Luna loved each other, in a way that very few can. Their friendship goes deeper than the majority of people ever have the fortune of having. That is something very special, and I'm so happy that you've managed to put it to writing.

I love your writing more and more as I get to read more of it. (Plus sides of CTF!!) Keep writing!!


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Review #5, by Unicorn_Charm - Round 3 Today

6th April 2015:


I'm here to attack through my tears. :( This was beautiful! I always imagined that Luna and Dean would have remained close after the battle. They went through so much together, there's really no way they couldn't in my mind.

I loved how it was Luna who had given Dean the courage to admit his feelings for Seamus. It really seems like such a Luna thing for her to do. The little flashbacks were great. I got a bit teary eyed with the, "I've added you to my ceiling, Dean Thomas." Just that small little sentence said so much.

His eulogy for her was beautiful and I'm glad to see he and Seamus remained together. Luna was one of the most remarkable characters in the series and I think you did a spectacular job honoring that. And the friendship that I know developed between her and Dean.

This was wonderful! Thank you for sharing! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #6, by krazyboutharryginny Today

17th March 2015:
This made me cry for real. So, so beautifully done. I don't even have words.

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Review #7, by Pretense Of Perfection Today

12th July 2014:
Aw, poor Dean, losing his best friend like that! I love how you use the passage of time to mark different phases of their friendship, and to show the reader how it has progressed and grown over the years. I love that Luna is the person that has convinced Dean it's okay to like other men, and eventually, or tell Seamus how he feels and propose. The part where she says "I've added you to my ceiling," is such a Luna-like thing to say, and I think you kept both her and Dean wonderfully in character. I liked reading about their time together at Shell Cottage, and especially how Luna would cheer him up by making the leaves and flowers chirp and dance. The comparison between Luna and the color blue is brilliant, and it just fits her personality so well. I think my favorite tihng about this one-shot is how Dean's love comes across, and it shows that you can love more than one person, even if the love for them is a platonic one, it's still very strong. Brilliant work.

--house cup 2014 review--

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Review #8, by Veritaserum27 Today

11th July 2014:

This was just posted in that status updates as a must-read and I can see why! It is so beautiful, moving and different. I love it when an author finds a new perspective and I can just read it and say, "You're right! I didn't realize that!" Luna is the epitome of kindness and tolerance. She never let anything that anyone said bother her or change her thinking. But she was kind. Oh, so kind. You've captured her ability to see things that others didn't beautifully and Dean's gratitude is unending. I love, love the line "I've added you to my ceiling, Dean Thomas." That is so perfectly Luna because we all know what that means - and what it meant for Dean.

House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #9, by Lostmyheart Today

11th July 2014:
This, Nadia, was hauntingly beautiful.

Just like the song.

I'm kind of teary right now. I'm not really sure how to start this review. The ending made me sigh so loudly that I surprised myself. I somehow did it to prevent myself from crying - not sure how, but I did it.

How he describes her eyes was so poetic, I loved it. And then how it slowly progressed, how we got to know how supportive she was. You managed to keep her somewhat dreamy even though we never really 'met' her in this story, we only got to hear what she told Dean. You're incredible, Nadia. Did you know that?

I'm going to read more of your stories, I need more of this magical worlds you create :)

- Avi


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Review #10, by ginnypotter242 Today

11th July 2014:
Nadia! This was so amazing. It was beautifully written, but completely heartbreaking. I never thought about Dean and Luna's friendship that they must have forged during their stay at Shell Cottage. I'm glad you wrote about it though. You definitely did both of their characters justice. I love the style of this story, how it shows Dean's current thought of remembering Luna. This was such a sad story, yet perfect for the prompt you wrote it for! You completely broke my heart by the way- I'm just going to cry in the corner over there. Don't mind me. The quote "I've added you to my ceiling, Dean Thomas" is so perfect, because it shows that Luna truly thinks of Dean as a good friend. It shows how close they were. I'm glad she helped give him the courage to tell Seamus how he felt too. That's so sweet, and her protecting Seamus at the battle was perfect. Luna would do anything for her friends, including protecting the people that they love. Great job Nadia, this was a beautifully written, heart-wrenching story!

~Sara (House Cup 2014 Review) Go Gryffindor!

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Review #11, by jessicalorewrites Today

11th July 2014:
What? I'm not sobbing. You're sobbing. I can't even deal with beloved characters dying. It wasn't on my to-do list tonight but you mADE IT SO!

It's okay, I forgive you for making me tear up because this is a truly beautiful fic. Your writing flows like water in a river. I can't even comprehend how it came to be so detailed, so lovely, so bittersweet. It is heart-breaking and heart-warming, all at the same time.

I think the Dean/Luna friendship is such an underwritten one for something I thought the fandom would snap up. Although I have often fantasised about it I have never actually read any. I'm glad I'm now getting this chance! I don't really ship Dean/Seamus romantically (again, I think their friendship is too beautiful for that) but the way you wrote them got my heart in knots.

I just - I don't even know what else to say, other than that this is one of my favourite stories to grace this sight.


{House Cup 2014 Review - Gryffindor}

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Review #12, by marauderfan Today

11th July 2014:
Brb I'm going to go collect all the tiny broken pieces of my heart and attempt to stitch them back together. Also it might be raining on my face.

This was so, so beautiful, Nadia. Like how do you even write this amazingly? Teach me your skills pls?

I absolutely loved the way you wrote the bond of friendship between Dean and Luna - I've always loved the idea of them becoming really close during that dark time because there was no one else there for them, and they had to help each other, it would create this intense bond. And Luna, oh, lovely Luna, who assures everyone that things will be okay, who brightens spirits and gives people hope. I love that she gave Dean the strength to admit his feelings for Seamus! And after this beautiful testament to how wonderful Luna is, it was like a stab in the heart when she died. :'(

I loved the recurring lines about him adding her to his heart just like she had added him to her ceiling, that was just the sweetest description of their friendship, both artistic and quirky (like their respective personalities). Gah I just love it.

How brilliant time was for him to meet her. How cruel time was to take her away. -- most beautiful lines of the story. I'm just going to sit here and admire those lines for a while.

Now I'm going to go mop up all my tears. Brilliant fic, Nadia!

House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #13, by Karou_Marauder Today

10th July 2014:
Dean is now crying? So is Karou. So should everyone that reads this.

Like, seriously, I don't even know anymore. Why is your writing so perfect?! The way you've chosen your words and the simplest things carry so much power and, just, urgh. WHAI.

I can't believe you killed Luna, that's not supposed to happen. Luna is supposed to, like, live on forever in the trees and the Dirigible Plums or something! Ack.

But seriously, I've read this a few times already and each time has left me blown away. Lines like "I've added you to my ceiling" are just so perfect and so Luna, it's amazing. And that part about Luna saving people, just...

Yeah, so basically I love you and your writing and you're perfect and keep writing okay?

-Karou :) 2014 House Cup Review
(Go Gryffindor!!)

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Review #14, by UnluckyStar57 Today

10th July 2014:
Oh no. I thought I was done crying. No. Why is it that I have to start crying every time I read a House Cup entry about a character's death?! :(

This was so, so beautiful. There weren't many words, but that brevity only added more significance to the words that you used. And oh my gosh, "I've added you to my ceiling, Dean Thomas." No. That line killed me. Argggh, it's so sad and wonderful...

I need to stop.

Okay, coherent thoughts: The Dean-Luna friendship is really cool. I never actually thought about them becoming friends while at Shell Cottage, but it makes a lot of sense. What an awesome friendship. And Luna encouraged Dean to 'fess up about his feelings for Seamus...! I didn't ship Dean/Seamus, but I do now.

Thank you for this story. I'm still teary-eyed. :')

House Cup 2014 Review


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Review #15, by evil little devil Today

9th July 2014:
This brought tears to my eyes. Luna is just such a wonderful character, I love her to pieces, and I think you've really done her justice with this piece. She's so accepting, and so willing to open her heart to anyone, that I definitely can see her as saving many people through giving them the acceptance and love and support that they need to get through difficult times.
That line about Luna adding him to her ceiling - that was so perfect, in every way. And then him adding her to her heart.
This was so bittersweet - it was so sad, having Luna die, but it also makes me happy to know how well loved she was.
This was simply delightful to read! It's a fantastic story :)

- House Cup 2014 Review.

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Review #16, by randomwriter Today

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

hello Nadia :) So, I just typed this up and my internet died, so it didn't show up :( Also, I'm attempting speedy reviews for the House Cup, so I apologise in advance for everything this review lacks.

I love this little one-shot. It broke my heart multiple times within each of its three segments. It was heart-breaking, but at the same time it was so well thought out and well written. I love how you come up with all these amazing ideas, Nadia. They're just so great!

I love how you wrote their friendship. I like how Luna gave him hope and pulled him out of his low points in life. I also like how she is so supportive and accepting of him. It was really sweet to see this, but I assume that they would be very close after all that they went through together in the war.

Mt favourite bit was was the part about her locking him on her ceiling and him locking her in his heart. It was so clever and I love all the emotions it made me feel. It shows a degree of permanence and I really love how close they are. You've really depicted them well. I also loved the characterisation. I think you captured them both pretty well, and I'm glad to see that you showed us a side of Luna that fanfiction writer often neglect.

I loved the speech, even though it was so sad. And I'm glad to see that you included Seamus for a bit. That part melted my heart a little.

Anyway, great work, Nadia. As usual. Keep writing more beautiful stories like this one *hugs*

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Review #17, by maskedmuggle Today

9th July 2014:

This was absolutely incredible, one of my favourite House Cup stories for sure. This absolutely captured Luna and Dean's friendship so incredibly well, and I loved the way you wrote this with the three different sections. This was so, so beautifully written and it just conveyed all the emotions so well and I also love the bit about Luna saving Dean and saving everyone else and how she helped Dean and Seamus get together. That's also quite an unusual pairing but because of the way you wrote it, it feels so right and perfect. I just loved reading this so much. The speech Dean gave was just so moving and a perfect goodbye to Luna. All my sentences in this review basically sound the same; it's just praise for everything about this story. I honestly loved this so much, it was all so perfect.

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #18, by TidalDragon Today

8th July 2014:
Hello again! Are you cracking a smile yet? I hope so.

Clearly I have not read enough of your stories. It's rather embarrassing really. But I thoroughly enjoyed this one too. I was such a different style, quirky at points, but in a way very befitting a creative like Dean.

I really liked how you took the type of person we as readers ultimately recognized Luna to be and showed her to us more fully through a lens we never got to really consider in canon. You captured her encouraging spirit and perceptiveness when she urged Dean to share his feelings with Seamus. You captured her bravery and loyalty when you described her at the Battle of Hogwarts. And you captured her uniqueness and creativity with her spellwork (and of course her ceiling).

I thought it was very nicely done and the finishing just tied it all up beautifully, especially the last two lines.

House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #19, by HeyMrsPotter Today

6th July 2014:
Hi, I'd like to order some total heartbreak with a side order of tears and an extra large lump in my throat.


This is just beyond perfect, so far beyond. Though it was never said in the books, I always imagined Dean and Luna would remain friends after everything they went through together. I love that you took that idea and added it to the most adorable ship and then used it to make me cry!

This line right here will be the death of me:
I've added you to my ceiling, Dean Thomas BECAUSE SHE TOTALLY WOULD HAVE.

And then you went ahead and just killed my favourite character but I couldn't hate the story because I love it so much. Honestly, woman.

So really this was pretty incoherent and not at all constructive or helpful but I'm just too sad, okay?


Dee -House Cup 2014 review

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Review #20, by Ravenclaw333 Today

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!

This piece is absolutely beautiful,exploring a friendship that I've never really thought about but which makes perfect sense and is evoked so wonderfully in your writing. You've captured Luna's character incredibly well here - her wisdom, her kindness, the way she brings hope and how her friendship is a gift. I adore the line "I've added you to my ceiling, Dean Thomas," - it's such a simple line that means so much and, to me, really shows the depth of their friendship - that Luna has added him to the paintings in her bedroom and that he recognises and remembers, even thirty years later, how pivotal that was. Your final line ties in so wonderfully with that, and really brings the piece together. I love how you've written the war, and how you've managed to contrast such opposing ideas as the war and Luna's peacetime funeral without altering the tone. You use repetition incredibly effectively - the "things he needs to stop doing/things he needs to avoid" lines are perfect, with just the right amount of melancholy and urgency required for the battle - it's masterful.

I have one tiny criticism which is so inconsequential I feel bad pointing it out, but you have Luna saying she lost her mother when she was six, while canonically she was nine. It's such a minor detail and certainly doesn't detract anything from your writing, but you might want to fix it in later revisions.

Incredible piece, beautifully written and poignant, and a real testimony to your skill. Well done!

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Review #21, by nott theodore Today

6th July 2014:
Hey darling (please excuse my writing - this review so late! Okay, that was bad. I apologise sincerely.)

I've read this story about three times - just since it's been up on the archives, not including the times I read it before - and every single time it's hit me. It's such a powerful story and written in such a beautiful way. I don't know how you do it (and I'm extremely jealous of your talent) but you always manage to make me feel something.

I cried, Nadia. I cried a lot. Multiple times and this is not fair because I don't like crying.

I love the fact that you chose to write about Dean and Luna and their friendship for this prompt. It was just such a great idea and you wrote it really beautifully. I can't begin to tell you how beautiful this writing is. The fact that Dean owes so much to Luna really shows how much this friendship has meant - he's still got her afterwards because he's got Seamus, and he wouldn't have Seamus if it hadn't been for her. And he offered her friendship, and made such an impact on her that he was added to her ceiling of names. Her friends. Gah.

The last two lines again. Wow. They're so powerful and have such a great impact, and it's a brilliant way to describe the eternal nature of their friendship. Perfect, my dear ♥

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #22, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Today

6th July 2014:
Oh Nadia. Once again the feels! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME WOMAN!

This story &heart BEAUTIFUL.

Oh Dean's grief is so tangible in this. Like I can literally feel it as I read. It's so lovely, the idea that she helped him admit his feelings for Seamus. I could totally buy that happening. And she would have definitely helped him overcome his nightmares during the war and at shell cottage.

When she says shes added him to her wall, that's just so lovely and a great way of showing how close they are as friends.

Amazing again dear... your writing is fantastic :)

Lauren :)
House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #23, by patronus_charm Today

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!

Yo, hey Nadia!

No, I did not expect the ending. She isnít meant to be you know, not saying the word as might ruin for others. Why do this to me Nadia? :P

The first part was so beautiful and lovely and it was so touching to see how much Dean was struggling with his words as I never imagined him to be the most poetic of people but he still managed to be in a way, and it was just so lovely to see how much thought he was putting into his words. The way Lunaís words were seeped into that too was really great and it just showed how much of an impact she really did have on his life.

The second section was so brief but so beautiful! This line, woah Nadia, woah ĎI could have never fathomedí Iím not sure exactly what got me woahing but it was so beautiful and I loved it.

Finally, the last section where the big sort of reveal happens. Why do that to me. Itís cruel, she isnít meant to be gone, sheís meant to be an infinite sort of being why Nadia why? I really loved how close Dean and Seamus still were and they had their little bit of banter going on as it was so cute and wonderful and I loved it. I also loved how everyone was so moved and touched by her as it just showed what a miraculous person she was.

The last line crushed me. No other way saying of it, but I am now pummelled to death by it and have now joined Luna in death. But this was amazing anyway! ♥


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