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Review #1, by Meg The Challenge

28th September 2015:
Can you please bring this story back? I miss it!

Author's Response: Funny you ask, Meg... THE NEXT CHAPTER IS IN THE QUEUE!!


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Review #2, by Fer The Challenge

18th August 2015:
So I've been reading this chap because well, I decided to invest my life doing this sort of things so, here I am.

First of all I hate Camila Silva, she's a horrible person and then I hate James because he's a freaking idiot, I swear I wanted Gigi to punch him, I would've.

I have this feeling that James is going to start dating Camila and well I don't like that idea but whatever.

Anyways love, you're as amazing as ever.

Author's Response: There is nothing wrong with investing your life into this sort of thing. Absolutely nothing at all :)

I wish I found someone that actually liked Camila.

Just kidding. She doesn't deserve love. Nor does she deserve James if he ever gives it to her.


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Review #3, by MalfoyMannor The Challenge

6th August 2015:
ughhh I hate bloody Camilla!! she's ruined everything for Gigi and thank you Gigi for punching Camilla :)

and James why can't you see what's happening right in front of you!! the new rookie is out to get Gigi

to finally conclude my rambling. thank you Scott for being the only that is on Gigi'g side

Author's Response: See, I'd punch her too. Camila isn't my cup of tea and she deserved what she got. James needs to love his dear old Gigi again.



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Review #4, by HarryGinnyLove88 The Challenge

6th August 2015:
its only 6 chapters, and they already on break..
why you did this???
well Camilla did get what she wants, but I realle hope, james and gigi make out soon ...??

Author's Response: Well, I have to keep things interesting!!!

Sorry, I'm not too good at NOT speeding things up a bit. Its a horrible habit of mine!

Hmmm... Make out... hmm... ;)


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Review #5, by HarryGinnyLove88 First Practice and Interview

6th August 2015:
o no, I don't like camila at all...

but I hope james and the others see him through one day :)

Author's Response: Like all good authors, I cannot give away secrets...

but who said I was a good author, right??

Camila will get whats coming to her. Promise.


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Review #6, by gigi The Challenge

19th July 2015:
Well, if I was Gigi, wait I am :-), I would want to punch the lights out of Camila too, but wanting doesn't justify acting on it when its just plain wrong. There's other ways to take her down without stooping so low, she needs to be smarter and one up her in the mental games, because at this point Cam is clearly winning.

Smithson was right in making them fight for the spot, if Gigi wants to keep her position, she needs to keep earning it and not be an arrogant brat and expect it to be served to her on a silver platter, without regards to her recent unprofessional behavior. I'm surprised she has not incurred any penalty for her unsportsmanlike conduct.

And as far as James breaking it off, I would agree with it if Gigi continued being so immature about Camilla, I just felt this was too soon. When you love someone, you will try to help them with their problems, not just dump them. Its been a while since I read BAFF and WGPQ, so forgotten if James is just not at the love stage yet with Gigs.

Like I've said before, Gigi needs to grow up if she's going to beat Camila. Maybe Granny Jacobs can intervene and whip some sense into the Gigster, I'd like to meet her and her colorful language :-)

Author's Response: First off, I absolutely love your username. AWESOME.

It may not justify punching her... but it sure probably felt good. Just because something isn't "right" doesn't mean we shouldn't do it ;).


Granny Jacobs is... a character. and will definitely appear in the near future ;)


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Review #7, by happyanon The Challenge

9th July 2015:
What the actual fuuck just happened? Forgive me my brain can only come up with this. Speechless.

Author's Response: bahahahhahahaha.

Blame Gigi. She's got a mind of her own sometimes.


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Review #8, by AlexFan The Challenge

21st May 2015:
Woah, stuff went down in this chapter. I can understand why Gigi punched Camila, seriously I do, but how on earth can Gigi try and justify assault like that, I mean Camila was baiting her for a reaction, yeah her intentions may be real but I'm pretty sure at this point Camila is just saying stuff like this because she knows she'll get a reaction out of Gigi and make her look like the bad guy.

And James, wow, that was wow. I see where he's coming from. Ever since Camila joined the team practically everything out of Gigi's mouth has been about Camila, I can totally understand why he would want to distance himself from Gigi at this time and let her deal with everything on her own. But at the same time, this is like the worst thing because Gigi needs everyone now more than ever, imagine how alone she's gonna end up if everyone follows James' lead and turns their backs on her. And it seems like he's giving up to be honest with you, of course relationships aren't perfect but I mean, he and Gigi need to talk properly and clear the air and work together through this problem, not just call it quits because it's too hard. I think the both of them still have some growing to do as people.

Honestly, my heart was pounding when Gigi and Camila were going at it for the center position. I almost thought that Gigi was going to lose but then she didn't and I was like "oh phew thank God."


Author's Response: Camila is definitely baiting Gigi so that she can look like the innocent person and Gigi can look completely nuts and jealous. But Gigi isn't making it any better. She IS acting completely nuts and jealous.

Gigi is too proud than to talk to James about anything. James is just... James. There's not much more I can say there, really...

Gigi never loses, love ;)


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Review #9, by AlexFan Pride and Some More Pride

21st May 2015:
Wow, things are going downhill for Gigi real fast here. I knew things were going to get bad because after all, this is a story, something has to go bad, but I didn't think that it would happen so soon or so quickly.

I really think Gigi should look into some anger management classes because it seems like literally all of her problems are stemming from her inability to just let things go and get on with her life. Think about it, she probably wouldn't have punched Camila, her relationship with James probably wouldn't be a little awkward after her punching Camila, she probably wouldn't have injured herself if only she had been able to let go.

And I mean, she couldn't really get mad at James for practicing with Camila either, they have games coming up, he needs to be prepared to play with whoever if Gigi isn't there, James is doing his job. But I can see how in her rage that wouldn't have occurred to Gigi and she probably felt extremely betrayed.

I'm surprised that they paparazzi would be allowed in the stadium during practice though, I mean obviously it was necessary for where the story is heading from this point on but I feel like they'd be really distracting for the players.

And I don't know, maybe this is just me but James and Gigi don't seem to be on the same level in their relationship. I mean, James trusts Gigi, you can see that from the way he acts and treats her, and obviously he thinks that she trusts him the same way that he trusts her which is probably why he would be confused by her behaviour. And I don't know but if Gigi trusted James as much as she says that she does then would it bother her as much to hear Camila say that she was going to take James away.


Author's Response: Oh Alex. Some things can't always be rainbows and butterflies. But I wish they could. I like butterflies.

Don't you think we all need some anger management classes? I sure do. Except... I don't punch people... I'll advise Gigi to get into some anger management classes. Or at least to become a beater or something.

Gigi isn't what she used to be. I think she kind of needs to set the reboot button on herself. Get back to what she's supposed to be.. I'll put in some more recommendations to her ;)

Just saying though, she's kinda a wild card. I can barely control her and I'm supposed to be the author.


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Review #10, by killjoy The Challenge

13th April 2015:
Ok I just spent about, the whole weekend, reading both stories. Add me too the Hate James side.

Author's Response: bahahahaha I will put you on the list ;) and thank you for giving the story a shot!!


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Review #11, by ShannonRay (not logged in) The Challenge

10th April 2015:
damn I want to kill Camila and James for not realising it! And I want to kill Gigi for not telling James exactly what is said! Gabby and Scott could easily back her up and make it clear to James how stupid Camila is and they're not so she is doing it to herself and James is just being blind and stupid. Camila needs to leave already she is annoying and stupid yeah I bet you have probably got the gist I HATE CAMILA. and James and Gigi are annoying me! Camila deserved that punch but instead of bragging to James and just getting angry after she beat/punched camila she should talk to James and explain exactly what she said ! ughhh please update soon because as you probably realised it has really annoyed me :)

ps I swear I am not normally this grumpy :)

Author's Response: Don't worry, I know how to be understanding about grumpiness. Camila can also bring out grumpiness in you! BUT DONT HATE ME!!!


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Review #12, by Ginny Luna Weasley The Challenge

10th April 2015:
Gigi needs to tell James what Camilla said.

Author's Response: I completely agree with you!


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Review #13, by EmmaZacharias The Challenge

6th April 2015:
Camilla can have James, what a jerk. I hope Gigi dishes out a few more punches.

I absolutely adore your story, please please update, I refresh every day hoping for a new chapter. 😂

Author's Response: Haha I fully did not intend for all this hatred towards James! But... I kinda like it ;)

Thank you so much for the admiration! I will update as quick as possible!


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Review #14, by RupertsPheonix The Challenge

31st March 2015:
Good chapter, and well done on the cliffhanger! I'm anxious to read more!

I don't think Gigi is out of line here. I think she's stubborn, but Camilla is playing everyone. James and most of the others need to wake up and realize that she has an agenda beyond being a famous quidditch player.

I think the coach may understand the situation better than he lets on. I have a feeling that he knew Gigi would be able to keep her spot and that she would be motivated to get the 3 goals he just understands her psyche and how to make her feel motivated or inspired. I also think he did it just to assure her that she had the talent to stay as center. Just my thoughts on his character. Would love to know if that's how you see his coaching style.

James... he is being the ultimate douche right now. He could've tried to be objective or at least sensitive to the tension. Ah well. Boys will be boys, I reckon.


Author's Response: I like the theme that none of you think Gigi is out of line. That we all hate Camila. The Coach is seriously a lover more than we all think. He definitely has his own coaching style, even if we don't quite see it.


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Review #15, by amy The Challenge

31st March 2015:
noo james is so oblivious, gigi is right.
update quick

Author's Response: I will, Amy! I will make you proud, yet.


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Review #16, by merlins beard The Challenge

30th March 2015:
I kind of hate that story a little... (I'm still reading, and i really like how you write, but the plot just makes me angry). It's just that everything seemed to work out well before, and now in the sequel everyone is so hateful toward each other. I completely understand Gigi, the new girl is a bitch. it's sad that she doesn't just talk to james in the beginning. He would have understood then. Now its too late to make him understand whats going on. Everything in Gigi's life is going wrong, and i don't really like to read that, but i'm hopeful that she'll hit rock bottom soon and it can only go up from there. She has to fight back to be the main character in her own story again, she can't let someone else take the lead in her life. I liked the part where the two girls competed for the center spot. I'm glad Gigi is better on the pitch. i can't wait for the next (hopefully a little less hateful) chapter.
Love #mb

Author's Response: I appreciate your honesty. Seriously. I really do. Ive come across some stories that it seems like the author just really dropped the ball as time went on. I wish I would have had the balls to tell them that they were putting the story to shame. I am seriously going to work really hard on this issue for you.

Seriously, thank you for this review. I needed it.


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Review #17, by AccioTeddyLupin The Challenge

30th March 2015:
F*ck no, is Gigi going to far. You can take a man, but dignity is a whole different thing. I literally jumped for joy when Jacobs punched Silvia

Author's Response: I liked writing her punching Silva. Made me feel empowered in a weird way ;)


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Review #18, by edatcamila The Challenge

29th March 2015:
oh god can camila just go away

Author's Response: I agree :D
Well, in a way I don't agree, because that would take away from the story... BUT I AGREE ANYWAYS!


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Review #19, by happyanon Pride and Some More Pride

28th March 2015:
You know screw you Silva or shitsva or whatever! Nobody does that to GIGI FREAKIN JACOBS. SHE IS FIRE!!! All of this shebang is just so much. It would not have started if she didn't you know, go after things and people that belong to someone else. What Gigi did or how she handled it is all initial reaction. She was angry,hell I would be furious if some b*tch face rookie went after my spot which I worked effin hard for btw and all the drama dhe had to go thru with her relationship. Lool I get Gigi has issues, but isn't that what you're friends and boyfriends are for? Well arent they supposed to talk to you and like help you work it out? I really hate hoe BLIND james is being om how she's been feeling. lemme tell you, IT IS NOT FUN when someome new comes along and makes a show of how you're nothing more than a "has been" or something. I would slap that b*tch myself if she did that to me. I know they are disappointed because Shitva was provoking her and sha gave in but honestly with everything she said and james being there just freaking standing, WHO WOULDN'T HIT HER DUMB F*CKING FACE!!?? SCREW IT I WOULD PROBABLY HAVE SCREAMED AT JAMES TOO. AND NOW MY POOR GIGI IS IN TROUBLE DAMN IT. YOU CAN DO THIS GUURRLL! I GOT YO BACK! STUPID SHITVA . anyway I loved the first part of their story and i can say that Ill keep reading this sequel because i wanna see their relationship through and i feel like this sequel will take in more into how they will handle being in a relationship and work together at the same time and how they will handle the pressure from the press and the people like shitva around them. But much love still to mah gurl GIGI!! AND YOU! MUCH LOVE XOXO PLS UPDATE SOON

Author's Response: I must tell you, I absolutely ADORE your name for Silva. Shitva. LOVE IT!!! It made my day. Seriously. Day=made. And I also love your passionate dislike/hatred for Camila. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEW AND I PROMISE TO UPDATE SOONER!!


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Review #20, by PatronusOwl21660 Pride and Some More Pride

23rd February 2015:
So good ogm it was fabulous. Continue. I cannot wait to read the next installment in class instead of doing work. It makes everything seem better, ya know?

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought so!


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Review #21, by RupertsPheonix Pride and Some More Pride

20th February 2015:
Hey, there! So I checked out your author's page after I read the first story in this sequence and decided to give this sequel a go - glad I did!

Gigi is feisty as ever! I wish that some of the team would take up for her - I realize it won't be James right away, as Cammie is the plot device that's going to pull them apart, at least momentarily, but I do wish Adam and maybe the beaters would take up for Gigi, you know, a little old-school team solidarity.

Cammie seems a little one-dimensional to me, but I think that's okay here, because we don't need to see her as both good and bad - the press will do that. Interesting on how that works with a fic so centered around sports and media!

Looking forward to an update,

Author's Response: Yay I'm glad you found the sequel!! Cold weather leads to great decisions, I tell ya. Camila is definitely my pot stir-er. She will turn into more than that... Cammie is abit one dimensional, but she will become a little more dynamic as time goes on, trust me.


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Review #22, by gigi Pride and Some More Pride

31st January 2015:
I don't usually read WIP fics, because I'm not very patient on waiting to find out what happens next. But I do it for you Scar, because you are special. And great to see progress on both stories.

I can't wait to find what's really wrong with Cam that you've insinuated in a review response. I'm hoping for something evil, like she's the product of Voldy and a Brazilian anaconda (he loved snakes after all and she has all the attributes of a snake) and her goal in life is to avenge dear old daddy's death by seducing and then killing James and its up to our Gigs to save her man. Just kidding of course, Voldy died like 30 years ago, but I do want Gigi to take Senhorita Silva down hard and come up smelling like roses, because quite frankly the Gigster is letting Cam push all of her buttons and will undoubtedly dig herself into a pretty big hole first unless she's done some growing up in the last year like she claims.

Author's Response: I do not blame you for not reading WIP. I'm very impatient myself!! But thank you for giving Being a Falmouth Falcon a chance! I also really like that you looked into the response I wrote about Camila having something wrong ;).


Jus saying.


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Review #23, by Gryffy Girl917 Pride and Some More Pride

28th January 2015:
I really hate Camila, and I kind of hate James right now. He may not have heard the interview, but he definitely heard Camila say that she'll take anything of Gigi's that she wants and that James doesn't want Gigi anymore. James should have said something, especially then. If he had, maybe Gigi wouldn't have punched her. I get that Gigi should have handled it more calmly, and I do think she probably just sign her center spot to Camila, but with what James heard, he shouldn't have gone after Camila. It makes it look like there's something going on between them. I'm kind of annoyed with him at the moment. Hopefully Scott will still be on Gigi's side. He might be disappointed, but I hope he's still on her side since he heard Camila say she was going to steal James from Gigi. Maybe he'll talk some sense into James. Looking forward to the next update!

Author's Response: James is being a tool. He's being an oblivious man. Gigi calm? Come on ;)


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Review #24, by Happiness Pride and Some More Pride

28th January 2015:
OH NO GIGI. Oh she's just so smart. Sometimes I do not understand how she got with James. I know you probably wrote this intentionally wrote her like this, but she can be a bit of a bit nice person. Either way, I love this fanfic, and A Woman's Guide To Professional Quidditch. And I can't wait for James' POV. Love your story, Christina.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review and for the love of the story. You will not be thinking Gigi is nice for very long ;).


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Review #25, by cocopops Pride and Some More Pride

27th January 2015:
Omgomg! I hate Silva so much! What an awful person!

Author's Response: I definitely agree that I hate her as well! She is a horrible person


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