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Review #1, by thequiddiweekly A Little Ice Cream and Ice Baths

25th April 2016:
amazing , cant wait for more , though I hate camila but that is to be expected when gigi is your fave ;) ,

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Review #2, by CharmAurorG A Little Ice Cream and Ice Baths

3rd April 2016:
I just realize I never leave you a review! I love your stories! :) And I mean all stories. I was so happy to see you updated. You are incredibly talented author and I'm really lucky I stumbled upon your stories. Love your Gigi an James, great character development. Actually love your James in all your stories. Keep it real and hopefully update soon. :)


Author's Response: I'm so honored that you think so highly of my writing and of James! Sometimes he doesn't get such good reviews, especially since he's being a jerk in this story and cheating on his wife in my other story ;).

I hope you enjoyed the chapter and there will be more coming soon!


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Review #3, by blackzero A Little Ice Cream and Ice Baths

3rd April 2016:
I really started to hate Camilla.And finally Gigi is focussing on Quidditch. She is skilled and a team player, that what is needed for sports.She is being really ungrateful, Gigi got her into team and she has began plotting against her.

Author's Response: Camila is definitely there to hate ;). Gigi definitely needed to get back to her roots and focus on the reason she is in England- Quidditch.


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Review #4, by HarryGinnyLove88 A Little Ice Cream and Ice Baths

3rd April 2016:
please, please get james and gigi together again soon, very soon please...
gosh Camilla is so annoying. sorry but true :)

great story, hope you update soon (Y)

Author's Response: Camila was definitely here to take your fire, no offense taken :)


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Review #5, by coolgf A Little Ice Cream and Ice Baths

2nd April 2016:
Gigi needs to take control of her life, qudditch focus then the other girl will be noticed. James may come back to her or she can find another bloke. That other guy was cute and not a player.Go Gigi !

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Review #6, by faery Sometimes We Need a Drink

23rd February 2016:
I just read the this and the original story and I really enjoyed them and I can't wait to read the rest!

I know Gigi is being a little irrational but honestly I probably would be too if I were in her situation so I can't really blame her. And I think James realizes sooner than later that he hasn't been the best boyfriend to Gigi either. It really wasn't fair of him to give her spot away to Camila when it's clear that Gigi is the better player. And he should've at least taken the time to have a proper conversation with Gigi about why she was upset rather than accuse her. But still Gigi is being a little hot headed and should've talked to James as well. Hopefully they both realize that they need to shape up!

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Review #7, by redheadedpotter Sometimes We Need a Drink

7th February 2016:
Please update soon because I need more of this. It's so perfect yet so frustrating to read because everything is going wrong for Gigi and James. I love it though!!!

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Review #8, by Ravenclaw_Maraurderette  Sometimes We Need a Drink

5th February 2016:
Absolutely love it!!! Read your story before it and loved that to. Can't wait for an update

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Review #9, by Ninja in Training Sometimes We Need a Drink

25th January 2016:
I feel like Mr Daniels is going to be back for a while (at least I hope so!)... Poor Gigi - James needs a talking to by one of his female relatives or something that understand the bitchyness at play so he gets that Gigi isn't going bonkers. If I was Gigi, I'd probably have quit the team and gone to a new one - Cammie is a bitch and if she's there to stay...

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Review #10, by Ninja in Training Sometimes We Need a Drink

24th January 2016:
I feel like Mr Daniels is going to be back for a while (at least I hope so!)... Poor Gigi - James needs a talking to by one of his female relatives or something that understand the bitchyness at play so he gets that Gigi isn't going bonkers. If I was Gigi, I'd probably have quit the team and gone to a new one - Cammie is a bitch and if she's there to stay...

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Review #11, by Seamus Finnegan Sometimes We Need a Drink

22nd January 2016:
I'd rather her be with Ethan Daniels, tbh. James is immature and not a good bf at this point. Also Ethan sounds adorable and sweet and she should date him. hehe.

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Review #12, by xoxo_jpotter Sometimes We Need a Drink

21st December 2015:
No! Why did you do it! James and Gigi are supposed to be together forever! Though I do like Ethan Daniels. He seems nice and super cute! Maybe he'll make James jealous?

Can't wait to see what happens next!


Author's Response: James and Gigi are so different than what they used to be. Might be best for them to be apart for a little while!


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Review #13, by L.A.P. Sometimes We Need a Drink

16th December 2015:
I'm going to second everything Lady G said.

Author's Response: Bahahaha I agree ;D

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Review #14, by Sam Sometimes We Need a Drink

17th November 2015:
Well that sucks :( love the story though. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: :( Dont be sad! Keep reading!

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Review #15, by AccioTeddyLupin Sometimes We Need a Drink

17th November 2015:
Totally knew the break-up was coming. Sadly both of your characters have changed dramatically, and I just have to hope Gigi doesn't sit around a weep, but become the better player and person in the end!

Author's Response: They need to spend some time away from one another and get back on their own paths. Gigi went to England for a reason and she lost sight of that

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Review #16, by cocopops Sometimes We Need a Drink

17th November 2015:
I think Gigi needs some new blood in her life. So YAY for the manhunk Ethan!
Man I was disappointed in James. Not bc they broke up, since they both need to sort out their issues, but bc he gave the spot (I mean the spot!) to Camila the queen B (with the b word being something totally different). Ugh. I hate sneaky skanks who seem all nice and friendly, but actually are out to ruin your life.
Team Gigi all the wAy! I can't wait to hear Ginny's and Lily's comments to the break-up!

Author's Response: Ethan oh Ethan. He is definitely a manhunk! I love that word. Man hunk.


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Review #17, by G Sometimes We Need a Drink

17th November 2015:
What the hell! No!!! How could you do this to Gigi! And why do we have to wait for the next chapter?! This is just cruel

Author's Response: I don't mean to be cruel! Keep reading! It shall get better :D

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Review #18, by Lady G Sometimes We Need a Drink

17th November 2015:
This might not be a popular opinion, but I'm kinda glad that James broke it off? Like, Gigi's been acting like she's the only one on the team who really really does this as a professional, the rest just do it because it's fun, if you understand my meaning? Obviously this is from Gigi's POV, but ever since the last story I've felt that she expect the rest of the team to cater to whatever she needs, that they should fall in behind her - when I'm actually pretty sure that James is the better all around player, and he's captain of the team, he was on the team before Gigi, so it makes sense that he'll prioritise the group, prioritise himself and his own career when Gigi's bringing him down and forgetting that she's not the only professional in the realtionship.
It might not be the best thing for Gigi, but I understand James, right now it's the best thing for him and his career and responsibillity to the team.
This break-up will hopefully be a wake-up call for her, make her understand that she's been behaving awful and not treating the rest of the team all that well. James is right, they're a team and ever since Camila joined Gigi's been acting like a spoiled brat.)

So, I'm gonna be honest and say that I think your writing is incredible, but I'm not so sure that I like Gigi? Ever since the first chapters when she'd somehow manage to have the final say in who should join the team (which is really unrealistic, that's not something a player decides, James should be involved because he's the captain, but Gigi deciding?). When they were doing this she was such a snob and acting so condesending that I just wanted James to shake her and tell her that she was new last year, she hasn't always been the star, and they need a new chaser so stop acting like a child! I understand that she didn't want to replace her last teammate, but she didn't have a choice not to, you know? She really showed her immaturity there.

Even though I feel for Gigi, I do understand that it's hard when someone charms everyone else and is hostile against you, she's brought this on herself, spirals out of control and falling for whatever trap Camila sets for her. I do think she's the only one who can get herself out of this slump. Hopefully James can be there to support her as the captain instead of as a boyfriend, because that is what I feel Gigi really needs. And I think that Gigi also needs to realise that there's so much more to life than quidditch, otherwise she'll never be happy in the long-run, since everytime something bad happens on the pitch, she won't have anything good to way up for it at home.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Camila, she has been out to get Gigi ever since she came - so I hope the rest of the team sees through her sooner rather than later, and that James really lays into her, becuse Camila also needs to either grow up or just leave the team.

But, did James move? I thought his and Gigi's apartments where the only ones on the floor?

Sorry for this wall of text, but I read several chapters in a row, growing more and more frustrated with Gigi, so I guess I had a lot to say, haha. And even though I so want this to be the turning point for Gigi, I guess there's more to come? Hopefully she's gonna learn to rise above, and learn to control her temper. Anyway, as I said, love your writing, and hopefully you'll uppdate as fast as you can!

(Please, please don't make James start something with Camila, that would be incredible hypocritical of him, and if he loves Gigi, he wouldn't do something romantical with another teammate, even if they're not together anymore, haha)

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Review #19, by MalfoyMannor Sometimes We Need a Drink

16th November 2015:
ugh Camilla ruined everything. ಠ╭╮ಠ

I love how my past reviews about this story have started with "ughhh" ever since Camilla started to ruin everything :P

love how you brought back Ethan Daniels :)

Author's Response: Camila does ruin everything! But that will change.. hopefully... I'm not quite sure myself...


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Review #20, by lhod23 Catching Adam Freeman

3rd November 2015:
Love love this story and I'm so glad you updated :)

I feel for Gigi and James. They're both right and wrong. James could side with Gigi more but Gigi needs to quit letting Camila get to her! I hope their talk is productive! I can't wait for more!
My big question... is Camila as bad as she seems? Or is she worse?

Author's Response: It's hard to be upset at either of them. At first it's like 'GIGI get your head together and stop worrying about Camila!!!' but then it's like "JAMES why aren't you listening and caring about your girlfriend?!"

Camila is... someone that will definitely be stirring the pot that is this story ;)


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Review #21, by Gryffindor Cap Kateeee Catching Adam Freeman

15th October 2015:
So happy to see you are back to writing! I have honestly loved this story, can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: I'm glad you love the story!!! I will be updating as much as "humanly" possible.

And by humanly I mean when I'm not feeding children, yelling a husband, telling clients how stupid they are, or you know... sleeping.


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Review #22, by Fer Catching Adam Freeman

9th October 2015:
Well, what can I say? I feel a bit overwhelmed about the chapter and I kind of hate Camila, I mean she's flirting with the WHOLE teame, she is a horrible person. Then I do think Gigi knows why James is mad, well at least I think the same as her, but he kind of broke up with her because of some other girl, so if I must confess, I would be rather offended and would dare to say that I would't talk to him in a long, LONG, time.
Anyways, love your work sweetheart.
Keep Writing.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Hope your work goes fine and perfect.
Lots of Love.

Author's Response: You "kind of" hate Camila? Come on. Let's be honest here. THis is a safe environment so let's get our feelings all out. We don't "kind of" hate Camila. We want to stab her with a fork right in between her eyes and watch her die of a slow, painful death.

Well... oopsie. SPOILER ALERT!!

hahah Just kidding!!! That's not how her story ends :)


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Review #23, by RupertsPheonix Catching Adam Freeman

8th October 2015:
I'm still reading! Don't apologize - real life gets in the way and definitely takes priority over fiction. (At least, that's what I tell myself, so you should take comfort in it, too.)

I'm interested in seeing Jenny's eventual bounce back from seeing Camilla all over her dude too. That girl is trouble. Can't wait for her to get a dose of reality later in this fic - I'm sure it's coming, right?

Looking forward to a James/Gigi chat, too.



Jenny's so aggressive that I'm not even sure how I'm going to have her react to Camila all over Adam. Her personality is actually based almost completely off of my own maybe I should ask her how she'd react to a certain situation... hmm...

Time to call my sister.


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Review #24, by cocopops Catching Adam Freeman

6th October 2015:
I think that she does feel bad, and knows she acted like a child, but at the same time I think that since only she and Scott knows about Camilas shitty personality, it freaks her out and makes her lash out, even though she knows it will make things worse...
Man you really know how to make characters that you love to hate !!

And omg Adam! I was totally rooting for him to become a decent human being! And especially since the girl is Jenny. I'm still hoping he'll realize what an ass he is and how perfect they would be together!

It would be awsome if you could try to update at least once a month :):):) but I understand that you're busy.

Author's Response: She's too stubborn to admit she's completely wrong, but you can definitely tell she feels guilty about her actions. Plus, having Scott on her side makes things a little more justified in her mind (which isn't helping her situation with James).

I was really hoping Adam would stop being a "Free Man" and settle down with Jenny. Jenny deserves some good in her life too. You will be hearing more about her backstory soon, along with Gabby's :) .

I'm "hoping" to update as much as possible. I actually wrote this chapter while eating my lunch at work-- took a couple of weeks because I'm one of those eaters that inhales their food rather than enjoys it.


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Review #25, by Meg The Challenge

28th September 2015:
Can you please bring this story back? I miss it!

Author's Response: Funny you ask, Meg... THE NEXT CHAPTER IS IN THE QUEUE!!


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