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Review #1, by LadyL8 thoughts from a prison of stone.

12th June 2015:
Hi There. I'm here for the Houce Cup, but I'm guessing you knew that already,

Anyway. This was interesting story. I've read a couple of Albus/Gellert fics, but they're all been from Albus perspective. So it was nice to see it from the other side, different but very nice.

I like the second person's narrative. It's been growing on me for a while now, and I just loved how you did in this fic. It was very well-done, and I really found myself liking how you told the story.

The first part was probably my favourite. I liked how you described as being like cartographers, and I especially liked this sentence "Pulling out the map of the world, you would criss-cross your marks until the blues of the oceans and the greens of the land were covered over in blurs of black, everything obliterated away under our control". I wish I could create beautiful quotes like that... but anyway, the story is amazing. I loved it. And I'm so envious of your writing. I liked the different parts with moment of their relationship, ending with death. It's very interesting and... I don't even know what to say anymore. I loved it. That's it.

Have a good weekend.



House Cup 2015 - Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Hey there Lotte!

Yes, I found the same as I've read a lot of stories featuring this ship which is why I wanted to turn it around and see what Gellert thought.

Aw, thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it as it was fun to play with.

Thank you again!! I think cartography does have a certain sense of magic to it so it seemed to fit well with them as it connects well with their world domination ideals. Aw, you are too kind, they have such a beautifully intriguing relationship that I felt that's what made it so easy to come up with quotes such as these.

Thanks for this fantastic review! :D


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Review #2, by The Basilisk thoughts from a prison of stone.

19th March 2015:
Hello, It is I, The Basilisk, come to grace you with my review.

My, my. Thisss was a really lovely piece of writing. Your writing style is just tremendous. The words, the the imagery, the beauty in this ssstory would touch my heart if I had one - and how I wish I had one.

Gellert is a fassscinating character indeed and I'm pleasssed to read this about him. I think you captured him and his relationship with Albus very well. The little segments, the ending sentencesss of each segment, they all tied in nicely with the overall concept and did a great job of captivating me into the ssstory.

Over all, I'd say, you've done a brilliant job with this and I'm glad I slithered out of my Chamber to give this a read. Keep writing such amazing stuff and I might pay you another visit in the future - just keep your eyes down!

Hiss Hiss,
The Basilisk

Author's Response: Hey there Basilisk!

Aw, thank you so much! Perhaps the more you read, the more your heart will grow so you might eventually end up with one?

Yes, he is very interesting as there are so many ways to read him as he has lots of different facets, so I'm glad that you enjoyed reading about him. The little segments were fun to do too, because it meant I got to cover more of their relationship and as it's so interesting it was a lot of fun to do.

Thanks for this lovely review, or hiss hiss, in Basilisk speak,

Kiana ♥

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Review #3, by pottered  thoughts from a prison of stone.

6th March 2015:
ohmygod I adore Albus/Gellert and I ADORED this. It was so beautiful, I think I'm going to start crying because they're like, my sons lol. The way you wrote Gellert's pov was so on point and amazingly written, I loved every part of it. The ending was written well too, I think it captured Gellert perfectly. The WHOLE thing captured Gellert perfectly, I'm so sad and happy at the same time. All in all: I loved this, /LOVED/.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so glad that you liked it as hearing that has really made my day. I really enjoyed writing Gellert as he was such an intriguing character in so many ways so hearing this has just made me all erfpejrfrpegrg. Thank you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #4, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack thoughts from a prison of stone.

12th January 2015:
Hello! Today I've left the forest where I normally live/hide from the Lovegoods in order to be able to leave you a review on this exquisite story.

I loved the way you divided this into little sections. I think the first, cartography, was my favourite - this line in particular: Pulling out the map of the world, you would criss-cross your marks until the blues of the oceans and the greens of the land were covered over in blurs of black, everything obliterated away under our control. It's such a beautiful visual, the map and their dreams. I love maps, as well. Once the Lovegoods came into the forest searching for Snorkacks and later I found their lost map upon which everything was covered with reported sightings of Blibbering Humdingers.

The snapshots of their relationship are really wonderful too, how they show things through Gellert's eyes and highlight his own insecurities at not being good enough for Albus. While that sad feeling is present, it's especially beautiful because it's rare to see a fic from Gellert's POV showing these sorts of things. Almost as rare as it is for humans to see Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.

I loved the end and how it tied it all together, these thoughts as Gellert is locked away in Nurmengard. The comparisons between Albus and a personified Death are so interesting and I love that you highlighted that.

What a wonderful read, and now I'm back to hide in the woods with Bigfoot.

Author's Response: Hi there, thank you so much for doing that and I do think you should venture out of the forest some more!

Thank you so much, I really wanted to make this a longer pieces exploring multiple facets of their lives but due to time constraints this was the best I could do. Yay for maps, they are so beautiful and amazing! The silly Lovegoods, they do need to get better at this planning thing.

Aw, thank you so much, I wanted to make Gellert the inferior one in this story as it's something you don't see all that often but it was very interesting to explore. Aw, thank you so much, I want to squish you as you've been so lovely but I don't want to do anything to your horn though.

I'm glad that you liked that, because I would like to think that at the end of his life, Gellert was clear in the head and had no regrets regarding Albus or anything else.

Thank you for this wonderful and I hope you have fun with Bigfoot! ♥

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Review #5, by crestwood thoughts from a prison of stone.

7th January 2015:
Hi Kiana! I'm here as a part of a review swap with the good sir Benedrick Campersquatch that was arranged on your behalf.

I apologize for scrolling so far down your author's page, but I absolutely had to see your take on Albus/Gellert. There isn't nearly enough of this ship floating around the archives, in my opinion.

Now, this first section, cartography, this is beautiful. The figurative meaning behind the words, the literal meaning behind the words, it's all beautiful. And the imagery of everything being grey and dull compared to Albus is impressive in its own right. I mean how amazing is the idea that you are so humbled by someone that you feel they make even yourself seem less vibrant, as if your own thoughts are less enjoyable now that you have heard theirs. And the use of 'an interlude of you' and the comparison of a supernova to a shooting star…I could quote this entire section back to you. This is something special indeed.

This image I have of Albus and Gellert together, wandering fields and chatting in the dead of the night is remarkable. Your visual descriptions are mind blowing. The way you word things is just a demonstration of how a bunch of letters arranged in a certain way can be considered breathtaking. You are doing nothing, if not reminding me why writing is considered art.

I adore the idea that Albus may have, if only temporarily, seen through the façade that Gellert showed to him during that time. As we know, he was in denial about his true nature, but of course he saw it.

Even the way you describe one of them murdering Ariana was stunning. I have no clue how you write like this. I have no clue if I have already told you this, but even if so, I reiterate.

Death personified is always welcome in my book. It is quite saddening that Gellert feels almost inadequate next to Voldemort. And then, the last few sentences rounded this out perfectly. You've managed to write a story that is flawless according to all accounts. I can hardly wrap my head around such masterful prose. I truly enjoyed every word of this. It feels strange saying 'thank you for the swap,' knowing that you didn't arrange it, so instead, I will say thank you for writing this.

Author's Response: Hi, there, thank you for leaving this review, it was very sweet of you and Benedrick!

It's fine reviewing this too, as it's always nice to see older stuff reviewed too as it's sad that they're often forgotten about after a while.

Aw, thank you so much! I had so much fun writing it as you really can do so much with map imagery so I'm so glad that you liked it too. I know, it must have been quite amazing to be in this relationship because all of the emotions which were in it were so raw and so powerful you almost can't quite comprehend them. Poor Gellert, always feeling second place to Albus, which is something you don't say often.

Aw, thank you so much, I think that's one of the most amazing and incredible compliments I have ever received and I'm not sure quite sure what to do other than flail around and squeal quite a bit too, so thank you, thank you, that means so much to me :D

I know, I think he must have had these flickers of doubt now and then as it's just not plauisble otherwise and Albus is smart enough to be able to see through it all quite easily.

Bahaha, I think you may have done, but thank you so much! I'm not really sure how I write, I just take ideas from people who inspire me and write it down if that helps at all!

Me too, as it makes it much more fun to read and eerie and creepy too, but I love those two things so it's all fun! Hahaha, I can imagine this must have been one of the stranger swaps you've done so it's fine, thank you so much for this amazing review as it's left me aspdojwepfhewf and you are so lovely! ♥


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Review #6, by BitterSweetFlames thoughts from a prison of stone.

7th November 2014:
Hi there. Carla (SkitsandBits from the forums) here for the Claw November BvB Review Battle.

Anyway, this one really caught my eye. First off, it's my first Gellert story! YAY. And I must say, the way you wrote him was just so beautifully.

I love the way you managed to capture, in so little, the way their time together was spent. The way a mind like Gellert's must have been.

Anyway, I totally love your writing style. The way you included barely any dialogue really works. So in case it's not clear, I loved it and all the emotions that come through is fantastic!

Much love,

Author's Response: Hey Carla!

Aw, thank I feel honoured that this was your first Gellert story, hopefully you read more about him after this as he is such an interesting character, and I'm touched that you think I wrote him beautifully.

Thank you so much, I'm not a massive fan of dialogue so I have to say the main reason for it not being there was due to personal preference :P Thank you so much for this great review, and it means a lot you liked the story so much! ♥


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Review #7, by The Pumpkin Master thoughts from a prison of stone.

19th October 2014:
Ahah! I've found you. There's no point in trying sneak away.
For the Pumpkin Master of Halloween shall always find his prey.
I must say I enjoyed this - your descriptions were exquisite.
I'm really rather glad I chose this story for to visit.

The five sections were rather different, I think I've never seen the like.
Your rhythm was most excellent - there was nothing to dislike.
My pumpkins are screaming happily. Your story's going well.
Your time is getting shorter so I beg you, don't rebel.

Grindelwald and Dumbledore, they sound so strong together.
It truly is a shame that stormy was the way of their weather.
Really, must I transform you? For although you'll look divine,
There are no such pumpkins that can write, and this is a problem of mine.

That is it - I have decided. I'd rather leave you be.
Though when you write your next story, I hope you'll mention me.
So for now it is farewell, though there'll be no happy ever after,
For as long as I'm around, I remain the dreaded Pumpkin Master.

Author's Response: Hello The Pumpkin Master, this review was very spooky! Though I'm not sorry that you found me even if I am your prey!

Thank you for the wonderful compliments about the description, sections and rhythms even though the wording of the compliments was slightly terrifying I managed to not die of shock.

Grindelwald and Dumbledore are a scarily well matched pair if I do say myself, however I think one of them was secretly a zombie so that's why they were doomed to fail.

Well, thank you for this is pumpkintastic review, it certainly made my day and I will ensure that my next story does in fact feature pumpkins!

Kiana :D

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Review #8, by Lostmyheart thoughts from a prison of stone.

19th October 2014:
Seriously, Kiana. Your writing skills are amazing. The way you describe things, it's so beautifully done and with so many 'artistic' details.

This story, from Gellert's perspective, was done perfectly, and you shared enough detail for us to know that he really did love Albus. Or at least that's what I picked up.

I don't really know what else to say, I am such awe at the moment, incapable of describing my feelings and thoughts.


- Avi

Author's Response: Hey Avi!

Aw, thank you so much Avi, that comment really did make me smile!

Aw, thank you, I wanted to just have the little hints because I think their relationship will always be mysterious so that's why I didn't delve into it with great detail.

Wow, I don't know what to say other thank you, thank you, you really are kind, Avi!


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Review #9, by nott theodore thoughts from a prison of stone.

11th July 2014:
Hey Kiana! Honestly, you're starting to write so much that there's also going to be no chance I'll ever catch up with all of your stuff, either! And I can't even believe you just wrote this the night before and put it up - you're so talented, and the story is so well written and polished!

I still can't decide if I ship Albus and Gellert or not (gasp! I know they're one of your OTPs...) since I read Nadia's story, but I loved reading this. It was only a short story but I thought you explored Gellert's character really well, and explained some of his actions and reactions more. I really liked his insecurities in this, because they helped make him a lot more human than I usually imagine him.

I loved the way that while it was first person, he still used second to address Albus, so you got that strength of yours in there :P

The sections worked so effectively. I loved the titles to them, especially the first one, like you were mapping out how their relationship worked, and not just that - the path of their lives, too. It was great, Kiana, and I loved reading it!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Sian, sorry for taking ages to reply to this and all your other reviews but hopefully I can get to them asap now I'm back!

Hahaha, ship them ship them is what I say! I know what you mean about it though but it's great that you loved them anyway. It was really fun to explore a different side to Gellert though and it did make me think about him in a different way I have to say.

Yes, I had to sneak it in somewhere!

Yay thank you! The little sections were purely from laziness as it was going to be a short story collection which would have been too much effort so I went for this instead as it was a lot easier!

Thanks for a great review, Sian! :D


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Review #10, by Beeezie thoughts from a prison of stone.

9th July 2014:
This was incredible.

When I first started reading, I thought that this was actually from Albus's point of view, not Gellert's - I'm not sure if that was intentional on your part or if it was just an incorrect assumption that I made, but either way, I loved seeing that assumption turned on its head. I've read several fics where Albus talks about his feelings toward Gellert, but I'm not sure I've even read about it from Gellert's point of view, and this was definitely a really interesting interpretation of it.

I also loved the way you formatted this. The short excerpts of memories and moments of their time together was beautiful.

Amazing job!

House Cup 2014 - Ravenclaw

Educational Decree #5

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you! ♥

It was sort of intentional in a way because I think most people tend to assume that Albus is the dominant one of the two, and that he was the one in charge when it could be Gellert. I'm glad that you liked it was from Gellert's POV because I think it's even more interesting to delve into than Albus's as he potentially suffered even more with being in prison for most of his life too.

Thank you, that was mainly born through laziness as it was going to be a short story collection so it's great that you liked it!

Thanks for an amazing review! :D


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Review #11, by Red_headed_juliet thoughts from a prison of stone.

9th July 2014:
I love your characterization of Gellert in this. His determination and calculating personality were all very apparent in the first section, making the descent into his self-conscioius, nervous state even more striking.

Normally I think about Gellert as always haunting Dumbledore, but here you've switched it around, and I quite enjoy the fresh perspective. Dumbledore's life went on, while Gellert's never really progressed after the duel with Dumbledore.

My favorite line was probably:

"Now and then, we would sit by the banks of the river and watch the moon's rays bleach the water a lighter hue, the soft ripples dissipating the colour until it all faded to the ebony black which now possessed my heart. "

The language and description is utterly beautiful, completely vivid and really adds to the moment.

A very wonderful job!

House Cup 2014- Decree 5

Author's Response: Hi Juliet!

I'm glad you liked his characterisation as it was different to how I had planned to write him as he is a lot more aware of himself and others towards the end and perhaps even nervous as you said. Ooh, I'm glad you liked that but I think Dumbledore probably thought the same of Gellert which makes me wonder if they had stayed together would they be happy or not.

Aw, thank you and thanks for this amazing review, it really made me smile! ♥


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Review #12, by BookDinosaur thoughts from a prison of stone.

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review, Decree Two!

KIANA! This was so, so good. I haven't read many Albus/Gellert ship stories and I never really shipped them together that much either, but this was a really amazing story and I could see them fitting together here, like pieces in a puzzle. You wrote them so well it's as though they were meant to be together, but you did maintain a little of the older Albus we come to know later on, and you've done such a great job of reconciling the two.

I absolutely adored the imagery and the description you used throughout this, there were too many beautiful phrases to drag them all in front of you and demand you acknowledge how beautiful they are (because right now, that's what I feel like doing, really) but this whole piece, despite being broken up into segments, worked really well as a whole and all the ideas were connected so beautifully.

I loved the emotions in this piece as well, you handled them all so brilliantly, the lighter ones like Albus' adoration of Gellert but then Gellert and how he wasn't as lost in Albus as Albus was in him and how he was keeping things from him. The Morning Clarity part showed so beautifully how Albus was just, maybe, realising what Gellert truly was, but then he kept denying it to himself until it was too late.

This was such a beautiful, powerful oneshot Kiana and I'm so glad I decided to read this! ♥

Author's Response: EMILY!

Omg, I can help you fix that so quickly and make you read and ship them in an instant with one story, I may actually have to link you to it as it's just so, so, so good! ♥ Anyhow, I'm really glad that you liked the different parts as it was so much fun to write that as I could show a little facet of them in a short space which was really fun.

Bahahaha, I don't know why I am laughing at the whole dragging lines thing, but I am, so yeah just ignore me while I rock myself to sleep in the corner or whatever other weird thing I may do. Yeah, just ignore me, this review is just too lovely and wonderful I don't know how to react!

Aw, thank you! Gah, they're just so complicated that even though I tried to show lots of different sides to them, I feel as if I never really will understand what went on between them if you get me, so if I write another Albus/Gellert one-shot, don't be surprised!

Omg, I'm so sorry for this awful review response, I have no idea why it's so bad but this review was amazing and I loved it, so thank you! ♥


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Review #13, by Karou_Marauder thoughts from a prison of stone.

7th July 2014:
Hello! This is kinda sad and kinda sweet :) I really like how you have different sections to it - in a way it shows the passing of time, day-night-day-later on-death. You showed Albus very well here: he spends all his time with Gellert, he does what Gellert says in the map part, and then once he realises what Gellert truly is he runs off to care for Ariana. Too late, Albus! :P And Gellert is really well-done too. We see his controlling side, the part that wants to rule an conquer everywhere, and the fact that he is Mr Mystery: "The only relation you knew I had was Aunt Bathilda, and that knowledge was unavoidable." It shows how, while Albus is open and trusting - naive, really - Gellert is withholding information and only saying what HE wants to be said.

I love this part here: "You had one privilege over death though, Albus. You were never simply an interlude of me like death which came as a rite of passage in old age, you weren't a phase of me like the waxing gibbous was of the moon, you were a part of me. A part I would never forget." It's the sweet and sad bit I meant before. Though Gellert is dying, he still cares about Albus in his own weird way, and he still thinks about him often (though most of that is probably linked to Ariana).

This was lovely, and you captured the emotion really well.

-Karou, 2014 House Cup Review

Author's Response: Hi Karou, thanks for this great review!

I'm so glad that you liked all the different sections as I really wanted to show all their sides to their relationship and how it progressed over time, but as I'm lazy this was the best way to do it. I'm really glad that you picked up on that key difference between Gellert and Albus though because I think though I love them forever and ever, it is the main difference for why they'll never really work out.

Aw, thank you! I think he will care about Albus forever and ever and you are right as I think it's linked to Ariana too because that must have obviously left deep scars on him which took a while to heal.

Thanks for this great review :D


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Review #14, by evil little devil thoughts from a prison of stone.

7th July 2014:
So I came to stalk more of your stuff after reading your fabulous House Cup entries.
I can't get over your writing. You have such a way with words, some of the phrases you write are just mind bogglingly perfect - like 'you were the quick witted pencil', or 'the soft ripples dissipating the colour until it all faded to the ebony black which now possessed my heart', or 'an interlude of me'.
This is so perfect! I absolutely adore Gellert/Dumbledore stories, and young Dumbledore stories in general. I think he's such a layered character, and it's something which is absolutely fascinating to explore. You did this very well, you managed to show how charming Grindelwald was, and both how infatuated Dumbledore was and yet also how he did recognise and fear the darkness in Grindelwald, although he refused to wholly accept it until too late.
This is an amazing one-shot! I absolutely adore it to pieces.

- House Cup 2014 Review.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so, so, much! ♥ Wah, I just don't know what to say other than thank you, thank you, but then I probably sound a little crazy but seriously these reviews were so fantastic!

I'm really glad that you liked this interpretation of them though as I've always been fascinated by this pair so it was so much fun to explore it with my own ideas of perhaps Gellert being the weaker one as it was a little different to how I usually see them but fun nonetheless.

Thanks for this amazing review! ♥


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Review #15, by Ravenclaw333 thoughts from a prison of stone.

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!

Kiana, you are going to kill me with your talent before this event is over. This is such an incredible piece, beautiful and melancholic and reverential, and I need to stop spewing adjectives and actually talk about the story.

I love each segment of this, and the way you've split up this story into a string of memories with separate imagery is fantastic. Cartography - I don't know why I have such a thing for cartography imagery but you've used it masterfully here, especially in the very real context of Gellert and Albus's 'Greater Good' plan and how they really were thinking about conquest and dominance and carving up the world - it works so perfectly, adds a sinister aspect to that melancholic reverence, and you can /see/ the way hindsight has affected Gellert's view of everything, not just in that segment but throughout. The 'morning clarity' part is just so perfectly done and so true to the characters and circumstances, and the way you've linked ideas and images throughout this piece is nothing short of masterful.

I'm in awe of your writing, Kiana, I really am, and this is just a shining example of it. 10/10.

Author's Response: Hi Lisa!

Wow, edfhorwferg, just wow, I think you made my month with this review and I'm just so happy right now I could sing or something.

Aw, thank you, I wanted to explore lots of their life but was too lazy to make it really long so this was born through laziness really :P Yay, you got the Greater Good plan here, lots of people missed it so it made me wonder if I had made it clear enough or not, so it's so great that you found it there! Gah, the awful thing such as hindsight, usually I love writing it here but this time it was so painful as Gellert just seemed to miss him and crave these memories so much it was so sad writing it!

Thanks for this amazing review though :D


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Review #16, by Infinityx thoughts from a prison of stone.

6th July 2014:
Hi Kiana! I dropped by your Author's Page and it looks like I have a bit of catching up to do!

Wow, an Gellert/Albus. The moment I saw your story summary, I knew I just had to read this. The pairing intrigued me as I really love reading people's takes on such pairings. Also, YAY SECOND PERSON. It's like your signature style, and you've made it become mine too! We could be twins! :P

I love the cartography metaphor! In the beginning, it seems kind of like Gellert is the one calling all the shots while Albus just does his bidding, but as the story progresses, we get to know that that's not the case.

Wow, so Albus gets creeped out by Gellert after they spend the night together. That's a bit...twisted. That part had a really ominous feel to it.

I love the way you've used "pulsating" to describe the eyes. That word is just so powerfully vivid and immediately gave me an image of flashing, energy filled eyes. *shudder*

So, the girl and boy here refers to Ariana and Al? I got a bit confused there, but then the way you ended that part hinted towards that. So Gellert feels guilty about being with Albus because they notice all their actions. Is this because they don't like him, or because same-sex relationships were frowned upon? It would be great if that part was just a little bit clearer.

From the moment the girl's gaze turned to a dull one, I knew you were lost from me. I love this line. It just conveys so much about Gellert's feelings. I have to wonder though, could Albus have been able to change Gellert's views? Especially with the way you've described their relationship, it really seems like Gellert cares for Albus so maybe Albus could have influenced him. Don't you think?

I love the way you've ended this. The whole talk about death and Albus being infinite was a bit eerie, but also strangely touching because of the way Gellert feels.

Great job, Kiana! I loved this!


House Cup 2014, Event 5.

Author's Response: Hey Erin!

Yay, I'm glad I could draw you into this story as that's always a good sign it's going well :P Wooh, I'm up for being twins so let's do it!

Haha, I'm glad that I could trick you like that because it was so much fun as this pairing is so complex and hard to read you're never really sure of the balance of power in my opinion. Whoo for for foreshadowing! I couldn't help but include it here as it really did make me wonder if Albus's realisation started early on or not.

Erm, yes, the confusion was intended here as I think Gellert probably thought they were too lowly for him to use their names so he just went with boy and girl. As for their disapproval I think it could be taken as anyone of those things, again, Gellert always saw himself as superior so probably didn't read too much into their actions.

Yes, I always wondered too but I don't want to in a way as it just gives me so many feels about if Gellert changes would they have been together or not...

I'm so glad that you liked the ending as it was probably one of my favourite sections to write! Thanks for this amazing review, Erin! :D


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Review #17, by academica thoughts from a prison of stone.

21st June 2014:
Hey Kiana, I'm here for our review exchange :) I'm glad we got paired up this month.

I really like your characterization of Gellert, especially the way he was always a little more intense than Albus, a little more drawn into the relationship. It seems like couples like that never end well, with one person always being more invested than the other. And yet this is only Gellert's perspective; we know that, in his own way, Albus was also quite invested and devastated when things did not turn out as he had expected. It would be interesting to read Albus's response to this progression of thoughts.

Your descriptions and metaphors were really pretty and effective. I really liked the way you transitioned from night to day, with the sense that with the light came the realization that life was not a dream and there were real-life problems to worry about again.

All in all, this was really nice, especially for something you just came up with spur of the moment. Sometimes those end up being the best stories of all :) Great work on this, Kiana!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

I'm so glad that you liked Gellert, because he's always a character which has always intrigued for exactly the reasons that you stated, so I wanted to explore what was going on his mind throughout them being together as we rarely ever get the during from an after perspective.

Thank you!! That seriously means so much to me right now coming from you as I've always admired your descriptions so much, and yeah, I'm just squeeing like a mad person right now.

I know! It's so nice to just write a story for the sake of it rather than for a challenge or WIP because without all those constraints I really get to enjoy it! Thanks for this fab review, Amanda :D


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Review #18, by CambAngst thoughts from a prison of stone.

12th June 2014:
Hi, Kiana!

This was really, really impressive! Especially if you pulled it together in a single night. Bravo!

I absolutely loved the metaphor of cartography. I never would have thought of that in a year of pondering and it's brilliant. It's really intriguing, the way that you've portrayed Grindelwald as feeling inferior to Albus, overshadowed. It's not the conventional way that people write his attitude toward Albus. Maybe people imagine him inwardly thinking of Albus this way and just don't write the outward behavior the same, but still it puts a unique twist on their time together.

It seems like even in their most private, intimate moments, there was a distinct imbalance between how much of themselves each chose to share with the other. Albus was essentially pouring his heart out about his family and all of the woes that accompanied his home life while Gellert barely revealed anything. To me, that plays well with the general admiration that Gellert seems to have for his friend. If Albus wanted to talk, Gellert listened.

Even with his noteworthy capacity for self-deception, Albus couldn't completely ignore what he sensed about Gellert's true intentions and his hunger for power. Even though this isn't told from Albus's point of view, I'm really impressed by the way that you've built up his character. Through Gellert's indirect observations and the way he relays simple events, you've told us so much about Albus Dumbledore.

Wow. I have to agree with your previous reviewers: you make Aberforth and especially Arianna seem kind of creepy. "Pulsating eyes" had me recalling imagery from The Exorcist. At the same time, though, it makes perfect sense. Aberforth and Arianna were watching Gellert steal their elder brother -- who also happened to be the head of the family by this point -- away. I imagine that they realized well before Albus was truly ready to admit it that Gellert's intentions were less than noble.

It's ironic that Gellert seems to worry about whether Albus would remember him when the reality was that Albus was constantly tormented by those memories and his thoughts about what could have been. Even near death, the wizard who nearly conquered the world has those feelings of inadequacy where Albus is concerned. Excellent continuity.

I saw one small thing that might be a typo: One day, they would ask what a sort of man was Gellert Grindelwald. -- "... what sort of man..."? Aside from that, this was beautifully written!

Great job!

Author's Response: Hi Dan, sorry for taking an age to reply to this, life has been very hectic recently!

I'm so glad that you liked it! I'm a big map fan (geeky side coming out now :P) and have them pretty much everywhere in my room, so it just came to me naturally really. Yes, I thought it would be fun to show it that way, because I think that feeling of inferiority would only come to him later on life, when he was in prison though when the only thing he had for company was his thoughts and I would like to think that made him more reflective and realise that Albus was the better person.

Yes, that was another fun twist to put into the story because I imagine that Albus would have talked a lot about his family before it happened as people who had known him for ages did know of them. With Gellert though, no one really knows his story, he's a bit of a mystery, the only thing we know of him is that he's related to Bathilda Bagshot so it did really make me want to know his story.

Aw, I'm glad you got to know about Albus too. Even though I do love this ship I think both of them knew it was never meant to be, and Albus' reason for this was because he always knew that Gellert had that darker side to him. I really wish I could explore Albus now as it does make me wonder if that did happen when that trigger point was.

Ah, I feel so bad for them now as I didn't intentionally mean to make them creepy they just turned out that way, but I guess they would appear creepy to Gellert. I think they definitely did realise before Albus did, but it's often the case with the younger people realising before hand but they just never seem to be listened to really.

Ha, I think that's why I love this ship because it was so fleeting, so brief and happened in their youth but had such a profound effect on both of them it really is quite astounding so I had to continue it on here.

Yes, I think it is, and thanks for telling me! Thanks for this fantastic review and sorry for this rambly and repetitive response, I've had no sleep all week :p


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Review #19, by teh tarik thoughts from a prison of stone.

12th June 2014:
Well, well, Kiana, you can't just write Albus/Gellert and not expect me to swing around and read and squee and gush and leave generally silly reviews. :P THIS IS MY OTP asldklckdjks but you already know that, I think.

It has always been my headcanon that Gellert reciprocated Albus's feelings during that summer that they met, and while I love angsty unrequited Albus/Gellert, I especially love fics about Gellert in love. It makes him more, I dunno, human I guess. Otherwise he would be just all cold and manipulative, just like Voldemort. And Voldemort in my opinion isn't the most interesting of Dark Lords. And so this story has ALL OF MY LOVE.

I love the way you structure it into fragments, and each with its own title. I love your opening segment, cartography. This theme is usually used for Remus/Sirius in HP fic, but I really enjoy reading it here in Albus/Gellert. It's really appropriate, because these boys are, after all, about world domination and whatnot. And changing the world and mapping their own boundaries. I love how hopeful the tone of this opening segment is; I SO can imagine Albus and Gellert being all wrapped up in their fantastical dreams, plotting and planning - perhaps to the point of delusion, even. There's so much hope and so much admiration for each other (especially Gellert for Albus) that there's also this naivety to their relationship. And I find it really fitting.

Your next two sections, secret rendezvous and morning clarity were absolutely stunning. Such lovely language, my dear! But I also love how you've written them as close companions to each other, how Albus confides almost everything about his life to Gellert. I love the contrast of how Gellert only has his great-aunt. Gellert has been to far-off places, but he knows very little about home life and family, while Albus is trapped in his own village setting, but he's had family - well, a dysfunctional family, but still, both boys have different experiences; I can imagine why they would be so absorbed with each other's lives and stories.

pulsating eyes has got to my favourite section of your fic! Seriously, LOVE your description of Aberforth and Ariana (at least I think it's them). From that first sentence, The girl and the boy would follow us wherever we went., I was struck by how completely creepy those two are. Ariana with her eyes going round and round in her sockets before she goes all dull-faced and Aberforth kinda glaring at Albus and Gellert from the shadows. And both of them judging the two boys. Goodness, I'm probably going to pester you endlessly to write a fic focusing on Aberforth and Ariana! You've got such a brief section about them, and I'm absolutely intrigued by your portrayal of these characters!

And your ending segment tied things up really well. Really sadly as well, but I suppose canon!Albus/Gellert is always going to be upsetting in the end. :( And by the way, the title of your story is absolutely gorgeous!

Amazing writing as always, Kiana! ♥ I loved this to bits.


Author's Response: ahahahahhaha teh!! Thank you for this amazing/awesome/fabulous/awe-worthy review, I'm just so sorry it took me ages to get round here and reply!

Yay! That's my headcanon too, but I always assume that he couldn't be capable of love, but I think he could have been as that just makes this ship so much more tragic/sad/etc. I always think that Gellert just didn't realise he was in love until later, and that he just saw of it as a bit of fun while it was happening and then when he's in prison he realised it was love, but anyway...

I'm so glad you liked it as I have seen it done with that ship too, but I think it's even more fitting for these two given that they did actually dream of taking over the world and stuff. I think with Albus it definitely got to the point of delusion as I always imagined him secretly knowing that this would never really happen but just going along with, but with Gellert it's different but I would like to think he knew it wouldn't really be possible. I'm glad that you pointed out the admiration for each other as it's funny to think it could have been reversed later on :P

Aw, thank you lovely, as that means so much to me given you are the Goddess of Descriptions! I know what you mean about the differences in family though as I had never really thought about it all that much until I started writing this and it made me wonder what had actually happened to Gellert's family and who they were. I always imagined them to be dysfunctional and that's part of the reason he was drawn to one another.

Wah, thank you and it was them! Hahah, I didn't intend to make them that creepy. Well, Ariana is almost naturally creepy with the way she wasn't all there but in a nice way, but then I started picking on Aberforth too and I feel so bad about it now :P Hahah, I might actually be tempted too, as I really do love this era and the characters in it, I just need to find a little plot.

I know, that's the sad thing about my OTPs as they always seem to have sad endings :( Thank you for this amazing review, teh, I'm still in awe of it :D


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Review #20, by MissesWeasley123 thoughts from a prison of stone.

11th June 2014:

I am so like fmekngmkfd; because whoa what WOW i die.

Your imagery is so amazing Kiana. I've seen that one Remus story use Cartography and I thought that was really unique, and then you used it here, except the way you wrote it, with symbolism and them as the quill and the map my heart is literally broken because YOU WRITE SO WELL.


I love how you show these snips of his life and they capture it so well, and it's so beautiful, your imagery and descriptions and nevaaar stahp writing because you do it so well and you're really young too so just imagine when you're an old fifty year old you're going to be a billionaire AND YOU BETTER SHIP ME A FREE AUTOGRAPH.

basically i love this and i love gellert just kidding i love albus more and YOU ARE AHMAYZING ♥


rfpergerggr - you are too amazing for words, Nadia!

Aw, thank you so much! I have to give credit to Virginia Woolf, Khaled Hosseini, Sylvia Plath and all the other amazing authors who have inspired me though because without them my writing would be terrible. :P

Erm, you sure about that? :P

Wah, thank you! That just means so much to me because apwpdferf (cannot formulate words right now) if I do become a billionaire I will, but I'm not sure if this will happen :P

Whaat? You always go for the soul which is most tortured, Gellert in this case, not Albus :P But thank you, you are too amazing! ♡

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Review #21, by Rumpelstiltskin thoughts from a prison of stone.

11th June 2014:
I'm here to begin some of the prize reviews (finally). What better place to start than a shiny new story? :D

Plot/plot arch: While this is only a small peek into Gellert and Albus' relationship, you've managed capture its representation as a whole, which seems as though it would be a task to do in such a short amount of space (but you've made it seem easy). I'll break this down into the sections that you've already neatly created for me :). Cartography -- This was a great section about friendship, and of how Gellert and Albus were seemingly invincible when brought together with a common purpose. I found it exceedingly difficult to take this section for its literal meaning, as underlying messages shone through (or perhaps I was reading way to much into it). What I overall gathered from this section was the endless possibilities that the pair could accomplish if they were together. Secret Rendevous -- This was a fun section, the explored the growth of the relationship. I really loved the contrast of 'what happens during the day vs what happens during the night' (because I really don't know how else to say that). What struck me the most about this section was Albus' willingness to give (talking about his family and whatnot) and Gellert's seemingly unwillingness to give (feeling that the very small amount of information that was known was a haplessly unavoidable occurance). Morning Clarity -- As it seems to me, because I can't seem to stick to the more literal interpretations, this represents the point in the relationship where Albus begins to question Gellert's intentions, motives, and whathaveyou. It's Albus' pull against a relationship that he's seemingly unsure of. Pulsating Eyes -- Gah, there's so much here... I'm certain that this is my favorite section. "The boy and the girl" are who I can only assume to be Ariana and Aberforth. Therefore, I can only imagine that this section is representing their disliking for the relationship, which Albus ignores. That is, until Ariana ultimately dies, which was Albus' breaking point. A Prison of Stone -- In Gellert's final moments of life, his thoughts still stray to Albus. He's already accepted death; he's accepted his fate.

Characterization: I may have covered some of this in the plot already, but I'll see what I can do :). Gellert -- It was so much fun to take a look inside of his mind. His secretive tendencies, even in Albus' presence, was a great part of his personality in this. Another piece of his character that really stood out to me was that he had accepted Albus as a part of himself in the end. Albus -- I love how he's used to contrast Gellert's personality in this. They seem like such opposites, yet they compliment one another.

Style: I love the individual sections that guide the reader through the story. Each one seems to represent a phase in the growing and waning relationship, which I found to be quite clever.

Notes/other: I love the idea of a Gellert/Albus story, and I've been looking for a good one for a while (call it a soft spot). This was a great read, so I'm glad that I found it ^.^.


Author's Response: Hi Rumpel!

I'm so glad that all the little snippets worked together and you managed to get a feel for their whole life together as I've never really written something as abstract as this before so it was fun to experiment. With Cartography, I think the reason why it was hard to come up with a literal meaning because I was trying to show how while Gellert wanted to think about his plans to take over the world and they still were a faded dream, he had to battle with what was morally right to, and that was with Albus because it always seemed as if he had more knowledge than Gellert did and realised this was more of dream than a reality. I'm glad that you picked up on the differences between them in Rendezvous, because while they were very similar in their intellectual capabilities, I think with their emotional and personal lives they were very different indeed, meaning there would always be a divide between them. You are definitely right with morning clarity and that was a bit of fun for me really in thinking that Albus was always in a trance with Gellert but slowly came out of it. The boy and girl are definitely Albus and Gellert, so you're right with that :D

I'm so glad that you liked the insight into Gellert's mind as it was so much fun to explore as it was very different to what I intended it to be when I started out as he was much more bitter. I think the fact that Albus remained a part of him meant he always had this moral part which was why he was never as bad as Voldemort as he had the capability to know and understand love.

Albus and Gellert are my soft spot too, so don't worry! Thanks for such an amazing review, it really made my day :D

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Review #22, by UnluckyStar57 thoughts from a prison of stone.

10th June 2014:
. There are no words.

Gosh, you really just wrote this last night?! It's so polished and perfect that I almost don't believe you! :)

I love how you got into Gellert's head and analyzed all those hidden moments between him and Albus that were never mentioned in the books. It gives an element of humanity to a character that we like to dehumanize sometimes... After all, he spearheaded a campaign that killed and brutalized thousands of people, but monsters are never fully the beasts that we want them to be. To see his vulnerability so close to his death, and his insecurities and feelings, well, that's what makes him human. And I like him a lot better for it!

Arrrghhh. When I saw the heading up at the top, "cartography.", I immediately knew that I would like this story. I like those little abstract pieces that one comes across on the forums sometimes--they might not be long or full of action, but they have peculiar resonances that stick in the mind. This is definitely one of those!! The headings of each little mini-section perfectly highlight the aspects of Albus and Gellert's relationship, and it sheds a lot of light on Gellert's character, too. There's a reason why he's thinking about these specific things, whether it be guilt, lingering affection, the distance between his ideas and Albus' responsibilities... Wow. There's so much dimension in this that I just can't even... (To coin a popular phrase...)

My favorite section is definitely "cartography." because, as an English major, I love reading conceits and metaphors like the one at the top of the page. It's a brilliant way to describe Albus/Gellert, and the language that you used was so beautiful!! Well, I loved the language throughout, but particularly in this secion. :)

Brilliant, brilliant work on this! I have so much admiration for the fact that you wrote it just last night! :D


Author's Response: wedrfoiherfoerg. I have no words for this review, only random letters and I hope it makes some sort of sense for you!

I'm so glad that you liked Gellert, as I'm one of those naive people who always think that people ultimately have a good side no matter what, so I really wanted to show it with Gellert, especially after everything he had done as some might have argued he would have gone too far by that point. Yay for liking him a lot more after though, as I'm so glad it made you rethink Gellert and that he could have been good as I was worried people would think I was mad or something :P

Aw, I'm glad that I managed to hook you in from the start. Phew, the abstractdness did make sense as I was a little worried I had gone too abstract so it lacked substance but I'm glad that it wasn't the case with you. I think the reason why Gellert is thinking of all these things is because he's been in solitude for so many years it really has made me reflective. Then naturally he would find the root of his solitude which is Dumbledore as he defeated Gellert in the duel and possibly helped triggered events with Ariana and co. so it would make him even more fixated on those events. Well, that's just my version of why :P

Aw, thank you so much! I've been reading a lot of Virginia Woolf's works right now and I can definitely feel her influence rubbing off on me, so it means a lot to me that you liked the language!

Wow, just thank you so much for this wonderful review as it really blew me away! :D


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