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Review #1, by crestwood Alberta's

27th August 2014:
Wow, this chapter is definitely my favorite so far. Percy sounds like my dad the beginning haha. I think Molly has a good point about wanting to feel a little more grown up and self sufficient.

You did such a good job showing us some of Molly's insecurities in this chapter. The things that people have apparently said to her in the past would get anyone down I think. Audrey and Percy give pretty typical parental advice, but it's the truth. She will be fine and these things do take time. I think their family dynamic is so realistic in this chapter.

The ending with the anxiety draught was unexpected, but I've decided that I really liked it. Especially her thought about doing nothing wrong - but still feeling like she had just suffered a personal defeat. That kind of thinking is pretty common with people who need medication for that sort of thing. It can really get to a person to not feel in control of oneself. This is such a truthful description of these characters so far. I'm really impressed. Your writing is pretty flawless as well. No typos or awkward tense changes or anything at all. Thank you for your request!

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Review #2, by crestwood The Burrow

27th August 2014:
I love a good Weasley gathering. I don't normally see any animosity between George and Freddie, so that was an interesting little thing to write in. Freddie kind of reminded me of myself. I love his character and he delivered my favorite line of the chapter: 'I'd offer to come with you, but then I'd have to get up.' That's hilarious!

Victoire was a bit sulky at first in this chapter, but I totally get it. I can't imagine graduating with a cousin that wildly successful. That'd just magnify all of your worries and fears about finding a good career and make you feel second fiddle and I think you did a good job fitting all of that into her mannerisms and dialogue. I like the way Molly and Victoire interacted at the end, that was so sweet. Great chapter!

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Review #3, by crestwood Patronus

27th August 2014:
Hey, crestwood from the forums here with your requested review!

I thought you did a good job of introducing the plot in this beginning chapter. There a nice bit of build up from Professor Wainwright's intimidating nature and Molly's reminiscence about what she should choose as her perfect memory. I love that she dug deeper and deeper into her mind to find not just a good Quidditch memory, but the exact moment she fell in love with the sport. That gave us not only an explanation as to why she is so obsessed with it, but a great memory to make a patronus from.

I haven't read many stories that decide to make Quidditch front and center in the plot like this. It's usually playing second fiddle to a romantic arc or two, but here it seems that Molly truly is invested in her sport. Your description of the crowds reaction to the Cannons' win was spot on. It does feel amazing to be swept up in that sort of victory celebration. I definitely did not think this was too slow. I found that it progressed at a nice pace and didn't rush itself to the satisfying moment at the end. This is a good starting point!

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Review #4, by lia_2390 Patronus

31st July 2014:
Hi Maggie :)

I thought this was a really nice opening chapter. I love the background you gave with Molly going to see the game with her father, uncle and grandfather. I especially like seeing her having a friendship with Victoire. It's not very often I see that - Victoire is the eldest, and is always with Teddy someplace.

The narrative was clear, and well suited for a seventeen year old - including her challenges: the intimidating Professor, exam anxiety, and most importantly, she has some hope.

I haven't spotted any typos or errors. I think you've made a decent start and I'd like to see where you go with this.

- Lia

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Review #5, by emmacweasley The Burrow

25th June 2014:

Your edits were great! :) Molly is really gaining a lot of depth, and I love it. Additionally, I can't wait to see more interactions between her and Fred. I feel like they have the potential to get into a lot of trouble together.

Can't wait to receive the next chapter!


Author's Response: Emma, thank you! You are a gem. I'm so grateful for your help, and I'm happy you're enjoying the chapters so far. I'm kicking myself into gear so I can get you the next one soon! :D

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Review #6, by CambAngst The Burrow

20th June 2014:
Hi, Maggie! I'm back for chapter 2!

This chapter had an awesome life transition/coming of age feel to it. Molly is surrounded by the familiar trappings of her childhood, but at the same time she's experiencing the highs and lows of moving on.

I loved this paragraph: Lucy rolled her eyes. She was thirteenóeverything embarrassed her. Your writing has real snap to it. You're great at using this sort of small aside or observation to break up the narration and lighten the mood.

You did a good job of defining Molly's niche in the family. She prefers not to be the center of attention, to observe from the periphery and pick and choose her moments. There's quite a contrast between her and Victoire. Definitely a situation of opposites attracting.

Poor Vic can't quite figure out what to make of life at this point, it seems. After being the social butterfly and the life of the party, it must be hard to see "that life" coming to an end and be faced with one that's full of uncertainty and doubt. Being overshadowed by her less popular cousin's achievement probably makes it even harder. I feel badly for her. I think I hear "Glory Days" playing in the back of my mind. ;)

Nice job! I really enjoyed this.

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Review #7, by CambAngst Patronus

17th June 2014:
Hi, Maggie! I enjoyed your review on CoB so much that when I saw your post in the chapter updates thread, I wanted to take a look.

It did take me a little bit to wrap my head around the idea of Molly and Victoire being close to the same age. For some reason, I always think of Molly as being close in age to James. But after a bit, I was over it. If you want Molly to be one of the elder cousins then she is!

I love the memory she chose to fuel her Patronus. I'm not the world's biggest sports fan, but I can definitely relate to that feeling of being completely immersed in the energy and passion of a stadium full of cheering, chanting fans. It's a magical thing, one you don't get to experience very often in life. You did a great job of drawing out the intensity and the magic of the moment with all of the details and emotions you evoked. Especially Arthur with tears in his eyes. What a wonderful moment! And you gave her a panda bear for a Patronus. Adorable!

Your writing was pristine in this. I didn't see any typos or grammatical problems or anything that distracted from the flow and rhythm of the chapter. Great job!

Author's Response: Hi, thank you so so much for coming by! I feel terrible for not responding sooner, but RL is attacking me at the moment. But this review makes me smile every time!

I had this idea of Victoire in my mind, and I knew she and Molly would balance each other so perfectly as friends. So I decided that they needed to be close in age. I'm really excited to explore both of these characters more deeply as the story goes on, and to flesh out their relationship. I'm glad it started to feel right after a bit, and hopefully as the story goes on it will feel more natural.

I don't know that I'm a huge sports fan either, but I do love the moment when it's down to the wire and the underdog pulls off something spectacular. It can be very inspiring, and that's what I saw as Molly's biggest motivation to pursue Quidditch.

Thanks again! I'm so happy you decided to come by, and I hope you continue to enjoy Dream Catcher :)


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Review #8, by Veritaserum27 Patronus

12th June 2014:

Tagging you from review tag!

This was a really amazing, great start for your story. You are a very talented writer. You have managed to set the tone of your story and introduce the characters in a very effective and enrapturing way. I was totally drawn into Molly's patronus story. Your descriptions are so perfect. The way you built up to the Cannon's first win in a decade and made it such a special moment for Molly and her family was really touching.

I love the idea of Molly and Victoire being best friends. I have never seen a story where they are so close in age, but it makes sense. I can't wait to see where you go with this!

I really liked the small details that you incorporated into your writing. Percy's almond shaped eyes and they way Arthur called her "Molly-cakes" were particularly endearing.

Your description of Molly's perfect day almost seemed magical (no pun intended!) - how the Cannon's were destined to win and her most favorite family members were there to be with her. It was so sweet.

I can't wait to see where this story goes. Great job on Chapter one!

Beth (Veritaserum27)

Author's Response: Hi Beth! Thank you so much for coming to review, and for all your kind words :)

I'm so glad you were drawn in by the descriptions. I'm always concerned that those sections will feel slow and draggy, since I tend to skimp on dialogue. But I'm happy to hear that it was compelling for you! Molly is a very sweet, dainty sort of person, and I wanted the feel of the narration to reflect that :)

Victoire will definitely be making more appearances as the story goes on! She and Molly have a pretty fun relationship, and I'm excited to expand on it. And I'm glad you caught the little details that show the Weasley family bond. I always saw family as being really important to the Weasleys in the books, and I wanted my Weasleys to stay true to that mindset.

Thanks again for the sweet review! I hope you continue to enjoy the story :)


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Review #9, by emmacweasley Patronus

11th June 2014:
Hey! :) I just wanted to reiterate how excited I am to beta read this for you! I love the characterization of Molly and honestly, the description of the cannon fans' loyalty was really emotional and endearing. I've not read a story like this before - with quidditch at its' center - and I'm super excited to have this experience. I'm excited to receive chapter two!!


Author's Response: Hey! Oh my goodness, you are too awesome! I'm really happy that you think this is off to a good start, and that you've agreed to help me out with the rest :) I've seen how sports has the power to unite and inspire people, and that's a lot of what made me want to write a Quidditch story. Hopefully it turns out good! Thanks again for your help!


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