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Review #1, by poobear Here, There and Everywhere

28th August 2014:
Hay lexie
Well you caught me on the hop there girl 2 chapters in one go lol. Good chapter again but i can see bother ahead for chloe and harry and yes i would be mad as hell as well with chloe for doing that ie going to malfoy's with all harry went through doznt she know that would hurt harry ??.
Also think ava is cottoning on what chloe is up to something with draco and still think chloe kind of fancey's draco but saying that think ava doz too so all bit up in the air at the mo and confuseing the hell out of me sorry chuck but still well writen lex and look forward to the next chapters. take care and by for now lexie.

Author's Response: Yes, Harry had every right to be mad at Chloe but she is doing that so she and Draco can find out who is behind everything. I think harry wouldn't be so mad if he knew what was really going on.
Ava's character is very blunt and perceptive, so she is catching up on things for sure ;) Sorry you are a little confused, hopefully the next chapter will fix that!

Take care as well!

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Review #2, by poobear Tomorrow Never Knows

28th August 2014:
Hay lexie
Hows you good i hope ?. Another good chapter as per norm from you but must admit was bit diapointed that there was no fight between chloe and gin over harry bummer lol oh well never mind. but all in all a very good read keep up the good work chuck. take care by for now and hope you have a good week.

Author's Response: haha sorry for the lack of fighting Bruce! I just didn't want to add one more thing for Harry to worry about, considering the more serious issues they have to deal with.

Thanks for the review ( :

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Review #3, by poobear Devil in Her Heart

23rd August 2014:
Hay lexie
Its bruce again hope your well and good and had a good week ??.
An other great chapter again very good but iam begining to wonder were this is going to go with the whole chloe and draco thing ? As iam thinking that maybe she is starting to like draco a bit to much me thinks if so poor harry. Also whats with chloe and ginny maybe bother ahead ?? that would be quite fun to see them fighting over harry soz is that naughty of me ? he he. Anywhooo i will leave it at that at the mo , Again you have a good week and you take care oh by the way your very much welcome regarding the p.s on last review dont take it to hart by for now lexie.

Author's Response: Hey Bruce,

I am well, thanks for asking! How are you? (:
Oh don't worry, Harry isn't going to lose his girl. What I am aiming for with Chloe and Draco's relationship is for Draco to have sort of a friend, someone he can actually count on.
haha it is not naughty of you! The next chapter addresses the Chloe/Ginny issue and you will be able to read it in a few days.
Thanks for leaving another review, and I hope you have a great week as well!

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Review #4, by poobear Bad to me

12th August 2014:
Hay Lexie (real name ?)I am fine thankyou and thankyou for asking its very kind of you. another great chapter again for you iam realy getting into this story now you have realy got me biteing at the bit for the next chapter love it its sooo good keep them coming please. Just a quickie for you do you have any other works in the pipeline ?? just wonder'd that's all but I do hope so as ive said before and will again you are a very good writer and storyteller and you do get the people in your story's down to a tee. Anywhooo i will say by for now and you take care and have a good week. Bruce
P.S I know that you want more review's on your story's and maybe a bit down hart'd but i wouldnt worry too much as i never use to do review's myself but i do now maybe a bit too much he he but i always love the storys that get writen so just thort i would say hope you didnt mind ?.

Author's Response: Hey Bruce,

Actually, Lexie is a nickname and that's why I choose as a Pen name ( :
I;m so pleased that you are you enjoying the story, and there will be another chapter up very soon!
Thanks for reading it and for the complements, that's sweet of you!
Have a great week as well!!
Ps: thanks, I appreciate that!

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Review #5, by poobear How Do You Do It?

9th August 2014:
Hay how's you good i hope ?. sorry that i havent left a review in a wile only just caught up been away. fab chapter again as always you are very good so love this story even getting use to the pov's now he he. Also i took your advice and read your other story's very very good indeed you are a great writer and story teller i just wish i had your talent. Well ive pesterd you enough for today you take care and keep up with your very good work by for now. Bruce

Author's Response: Hey Bruce! I'm well, how are you? No worries, I've been out of town for the past two weeks so I understand.
Glad you are enjoying the story and getting used to the POVs! And thanks for taking the time to leave another review.
Oh good, it's nice to know that you checked the other fics and enjoyed them!
Take care as well, and I look forward to hearing from you again.

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Review #6, by AndiL50 We Can Work It Out

25th July 2014:
I just finished your story. I wish you would keep writing. I am dying to find out who the Master is. I enjoyed all of it very much. Any chance there are more chapters coming?

Author's Response: Absolutely!! I have many more chapters to upload and the story is nowhere near done yet. So please stay tuned, because there is more to come ( :
Thanks for reading it and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave other reviews as you keep reading.

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Review #7, by poobear Don't Let Me Down

10th July 2014:
Good story so far but must admit the pov's are distracting if it was all one story be better. But hay what the hell do i know but all in all good story keep at it your good story teller. Bruce

Author's Response: Hey Bruce,

Thank you very much for taking the time not only to read this story but to share your thoughts we me. I sincerely appreciate it!
My apologies that the POVs are a little confusing, that was my fear when I decided to write it like that (I have published two other fics that are not in POV, if it interests you).
Thanks, I'm glad to know that you are enjoying it. I have several more chapters written already and will be publishing them as I can.
Dont hesitate to leave me other reviews if you want to, I value my readers opinions very much!
Have a wonderful day!

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Review #8, by Lilywriter I'll Get You

9th July 2014:
Good chapter, creepy scary having a direct threat to Chloe like that. Knowing what Mr. Malfoy is up to and Chloe working so closely with Draco makes me anxious and kind of scared of what Harry's reaction might be when he finds out.
I am trying to follow along and try to figure out who is person X and I want to ask a question Has person X been introduced within your story yet, besides as person X? I think I know who the person who accompanied Mr. Malfoy into the ministry is, I won't say because I don't want to spoil it for anybody else. Keep the chapters coming.

Author's Response: Hello,

First of all, thank you very much for leaving a review! I love reading them and seeing what the readers think about my work, I sincerely appreciate it!
I'm a little anxious myself as to Harry's reaction haha I have a general idea as to when and how he will find out, but I haven't had the time to dwell on it a whole lot. It will be interesting to write it, that is for sure!
Ohh, I'm glad you are trying to figure it out! I'm hoping I can keep the suspense going for a little longer, and then throw a curveball ; ) I have already written the chapter in which he is revealed, but we still have a few to go before then. To answer your question, he has already been mentioned as something other than X.
That person with Mr. Malfoy shouldn't be too hard to guess, my intention is that people pick up on it sooner than X, but thank you for not saying it and spoiling for other people!
I most certainly will! Dont hesitate to leave me other reviews if you want to, I value my readers opinions very much!
Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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Review #9, by Brightest Witch Act Naturally

3rd July 2014:
Hi! I just read the whole story and I love it so much!!! You wrote everybody really well and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm so glad you are enjoying it!! I'll be posting more chapters soon so I hope you will keep on reading ( :

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Review #10, by Lilywriter Flying

23rd June 2014:
I am really enjoying this story but feeling a little anxious you said things are going to get worse before they get better who else is going to die?

Author's Response: I'm so glad you are enjoying it! I have one or two people in mind that will, for sure, die. And I'm playing with the possibility of some other people but haven't quite decided on it.
I'm not going to name names, don't want to spoil it for you, but if it make you feel any better, Chloe and Harry will be fine ( :

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Review #11, by Abacus Paths Cross

13th June 2014:
This is such a wonderful start! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I have several chapters already written and waiting to be uploaded, so you won't have to wait very long for more ( :

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