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Review #1, by Jenna98 ocho

21st April 2016:
Thanks for the update!!!

What a awesome chapter! my favourite bit had to be with those naughty students and the banter with james and Carla. Also loved the bits with Teddy's kids!

I'm really looking forward to the moment that James and Carlotta move their relationship forward.

Looking forward to another update!!

Author's Response: Ha, I love writing about those kids! They're going to pop up so many times in this story, just because I enjoy them so much. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell ocho

15th April 2016:
Hey there! Sorry about your family illness situations. Hope everyone is recovering/has recovered well.

Man. I bet a Sleeping Draught in little Remus' milk wouldn't even have any ill effects. That'd be a neat trick. Between that and the shaving, you are pointing out so many things in the magical world that I would be exceedingly jealous of.

Glad to see Ryan getting roped in and to hear word of the wedding. Poor Carla, though. It's sad to see her torn between two worlds.

Oh! And I love how Carla has her little crew of miscreants, and how they clearly all care about her. It is adorable!


I just noticed this bit, where Carla is advising Ryan: i>"devote the rest of your live to her happiness". It seems as though "live" should be "life".

Oh, and James being so cheerful about putting the kids in detention? Another fun touch. Seems very in character. I'm so glad to get to spend more time with all these characters! It's been great so far, and I look forward to more, whenever it's up! Thanks for all the fun :D


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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell siete

15th April 2016:
Poor Carlotta! It must be so hard to be separated from her family that way. Of course, James has an opportunity with that, to get her to see his side of things. After all, she did choose to be a part of the magical world, knowing it would distance her from her Muggle family, and she did it for him. Isn't that, in a way, similar to what he's doing in staying with her despite her Parkinson's? She feels like she's taking part of his life, and he feels like he's taking part of hers. But, in the end, I don't think either of them would have it either way.

Of course, Carla still does have her cut-and-run account...

I loved hearing more about the Quidditch match set up. And a school for Squibs! Yes! Must have! There ought to be something for them, at least. I just love Lily! She's such a vibrant character!

Still enjoying this so very much. I can't wait for the big match. And Brigid is totally pregnant. I'm sure of it! Looking forward to that announcement, too!


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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell seis

15th April 2016:
“How do you know he shaves her legs?” Scorpius said, intrigued.

“Oh, you can just tell,” I said.


I really enjoyed the heart-to-heart with Scorpius, and the thought you've put into this character. It seems very realistic that his childhood could have gone down that way. I really hope that this Quidditch thing gives him an in with the rest of the family!

Also, Lily is truly brilliant. I can't imagine how much a fundraiser like this could raise. Yay for the Squibs!


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Review #5, by Penelope Inkwell cinco

15th April 2016:
Wow. A chapter of emotion.

I am feeling all kinds of ominous foreshadowing with Carla's whole bank thing. Either James finds out about (a) her giving herself a lesser wage than she really should be paid, as manager, or (b) her keeping a fully stocked Muggle bank account for the express purpose of being able to cut and run. Oh, he'd be so upset.

That said, I can kind of understand about the back-up plan bank account. Very Slytherin. Although refusing to pay herself more than her employees is def more of a Hufflepuff thing. I can't help but wonder where Carla *would* have been sorted.

Anyway, either James is going to have an absolute fit, or Carlotta really *is* going to run away. Or both. I can't handle it! Ahhh.


Ingrid was James’ beautiful, graceful and irritatingly likeable girlfriend.
-- "ex-girlfriend" maybe? This confused me for a second, because "girlfriend" sounds current, and I was trying to figure out if it was supposed to be someone else before realizing that she was an ex.

Also, it might be good to clarify Carla's motivations for inviting Ingrid over a little earlier. Everyone seems to completely understand well before it was fully explained, and I was a little confused for most of the chapter.

This has, of course, been another highly-readable chapter, if a sad one. I'm suddenly very worried about Carla and James. It seems things haven't been sorted quite as much as I thought.

Also, IS BRIGID PREGNANT??? 12 sickles says Brigid is pregnant! I'll be so excited for her and Fred. Oh my gosh, Fred is going to spoil his children rotten!! :)


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Review #6, by Penelope Inkwell cuatro

15th April 2016:
Ah, family dinners. Warm and cozy, in the same way that an active volcano is warm and cozy...and always waiting to erupt!

I think this chapter really does a good job of reminding us of Carla's fierce independence and that, admirable as it is, it sometimes has its pitfalls. I completely understand where James is coming from. It's got to be hard for him. I know she feels the need to prove she can handle herself, but he wants to support her and is so frequently rebuffed. Still, I think the reasons for Carla's determination to be strong enough and do things herself are very understandable. You do a good job of navigating that gap. I feel like I can relate to all of them. Even Molly, tactless as she is, did have a point, as Carlotta herself pointed out. But she's right--it's more of a human issue than anything.

Loved the bit about Louis and his Veela powers in action. That was cute!

Thanks for another fun chapter!


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Review #7, by Penelope Inkwell tres

15th April 2016:
So, this was certainly an interesting chapter. It was so good to see Maddie and Kit again!

And of course Lucius and Co. had to do something shady. Of course. That said, it was milder than it might have been, I reckon. Carlotta got out mostly unscathed.

I love the running, "Oh no, is it Heidelberg?!" joke :)

My main takeaway is frustration that she can't use wizarding cures. For heaven sakes! She knows about it all. I wonder if she could, if she and James got married. It seems that if any family could be able to pull strings on such matters...

Enjoying this greatly and so excited to read on!


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Review #8, by Penelope Inkwell dos

15th April 2016:
I am SO EXCITED about this sequel. I'd meant to keep up with it, and then I've been on hiatus. But now I'm back and so excited to read more! I feel like i've read through the next chapter (and somehow failed to leave a review here previously! Sorry!). I don't remember totally, but I've a feeling there's at least one disaster at this dinner. Dun dun dun!

Loved seeing Carlotta in charge of the pub, turning a blind eye to the Hogwarts kids. I also loved the suggestion that she might have been a Slytherin, given my house affiliation! ;)

Eagerly looking forward to getting caught up here. I enjoyed Off the Rails so very much and am extremely excited to get to read more!

(Also, shaving your legs by magic? Best perk of being a witch ever! I'm as jealous as Carlotta!)


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Review #9, by Slide siete

9th April 2016:
Let's get this DONE. Wait, I'm behind on TWO? *coughs*

The village phone box in Hogsmeade has to suck. I mean, that's gonna be COLD this time of year - or wizards make it super plush and maybe like it should have an immortal madman flying around inside it. Yeah, that sounds like them. And yay on culture being another gap between Carlotta (and Muggle-borns) and wizarding society; like, surely it's not just about bloodlines and such, there is a huge CULTURAL rift between these sets of people and that has to be hard to deal with, especially when wizarding society seems to demand Muggleborns get subsumed by the wizarding world. ANYWAY story.

Having to lie to her parents has to be rough. And the absolute separation from her old life. But of course everything has to go so irritatingly real-world when parents wield siblings against you like secret, sneaky, inferiority weapons. Because stories about magic and how it's awesome and inconveniencing are better when paired with real life woes. :-D

Cannot read about Cecilia without giggling about Carlotta and the naming convention now.

I must say it's an extreme cut-off Carlotta's had to do. Understandable with James' job, though arguably HE could whisk back and forth to London, but then it's not as if she'd easily find prospects in the wizarding world better than the Three Broomsticks. No matter what she does she's going to have a foot in both worlds, but right now she's being eaten whole by one world which is never QUITE going to be hers.

You're right, Lily, stealing stationery is the God-given right to all who work in an office. Oh god, family members on the same team. It's awful, how do people cope? Imagine that Order of the Phoenix match where Ron AND the twins played? I made the horrible mistake in Not Fade Away of having both Mulcibers and both Carrows in the Quidditch team, Slytherin must have been weeping with confusion.

I don't know who Lily gets this compulsiveness from. If Hermione were a blood relative... then again I guess Molly could be like a WHIRLWIND when trying to sort stuff, so Lily must get it from her grandmother.

Ahh, parents. Good stuff! And excellent portrayals of the troubles in integrating in the magical world.

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Review #10, by knknechtel ocho

5th April 2016:
Oh my gosh, Ryan. I think I'm in love. I get super excited every time this is updated. It's definitely my favorite on my reading list!!! I can't wait until the quidditch match comes up. That will be great. I vote it goes on for days. And more Ryan. Make him ref or something. He's just too awesome to ignore.
I love the fact James is so trouble maker-ey yet he tries to punish people. I wouldn't take him seriously either. Regardless it makes me laugh. By the way, I still think Brigid is pregnant. I feel like that's the only reason she wouldn't play, short of death. But if I'm right I'm very excited cuz that would be adorable. Babies are cute and I like to steal them... So I will come to the figurative world and steal the baby and Ryan. Cuz I'm obsessed with him.
Okay most of this has been pointless talk. But I love your story and everything about it and I can't wait until you update again! Also I'm glad McLaggen got out of Enlgands team cuz he's a jerk. And I love the fact every Weasley was on the Quidditch teams at once and how it's "Weasley Fest". It's all too great! So I'm in favor of more Quidditch and more Ryan cuz it's great! Okay, I'll be gone now.

Author's Response: Ah, Ryan is one of my favourites I think, he's so cheeky! I'm really looking forward to the Quidditch match, I've got no idea how it's going to pan out yet though... And yeah, James probably has no authority as a teacher! But as Quidditch Coach he can probably get away with it ... just about. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #11, by TillyPotter ocho

5th April 2016:
Hi :)
I started reading the first story of this last week... and now I'm all up to date!
I absolutely love everything about this story, you're a fantastic writer and the characters are all brilliant. I'm not very good at giving reviews, and I also tend to read many chapters in one sitting, so I'm sorry, but I do really love it!
I hope your family member gets better soon, can't wait to keep reading the story.

Thanks!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much for your review, I'm so glad you enjoyed Off the Rails and hopefully more Derailed updates will come soon :)

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Review #12, by madness ocho

4th April 2016:

Author's Response: Thanks for the review :)

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Review #13, by blackzero ocho

4th April 2016:
Thanks for the update. The whole Ryan-Carlota conversation was superb. The conversation made them both realised how much Della and James made them complete You are a magician with words.Again a big thank-you for the update

Author's Response: I love writing Carla's interactions with people she doesn't talk to quite so much, like Ryan. They both managed to help each other out without realising it here! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #14, by blackzero siete

26th March 2016:
What I can feel that James and Carlotta are going for a breakup.Thanks for the effort and time you put you on it.

Author's Response: Don't worry, a breakup is definitely not on the cards for them! They have their troubles but they'll work through them. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Illioise siete

7th March 2016:
I love your story. And I loved the bigger on the inside bit, my immediate thought before reading the next lines was that someone should paint it blue xD

Author's Response: I amused myself writing that part, tee hee. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #16, by Slide seis

15th February 2016:
*staggers in* I'M HERE. And now I need to remember what's going on. OH YES DRAMA.

Good for James for acknowledging fault, good for James for defending his right to make his own choices. Entirely understandable Carlotta can't just go OH OKAY. This is sad but also delicious. Because I'm mean.

YES Lily, STEAL the Prime Minister's stationery! Stationery is very important. OH it's the Quidditch idea you mentioned. Yesss. Oh NO FRED ISN'T THERE TO BE BEATER WITH GEORGE. *throws everything out the window* I wonder if he can play with his son. That would be nice. Or Quidditch is too painful - you know I could just read on, you've probably thought about this.

Poor Carla, having to catch up with the Quidditch family tradition. Woe betide anyone marrying into the family who's NOT a Quidditch nut. I wonder if your weird family Quidditch correlation thing was intentional or another weird moment?

*gasp* Scorpius doesn't have a Weasley jumper? SCANDAL. Keep him as a substitute, anyway, Lily, no problems there.

Yess, go Lily, exploit your family's fame for a good cause. Good girl.

Haha, Ginny's woes about being outplayed by her sons being trumped by Angelina. Yeah, poor girl. I do love Angelina. Ooh, drama for Brie. Mystery! I love mystery, I get to make madcap theories. I HAVE ONE but we'll see how it pans out. At least this fixes the Scorpius issue. FOR NOW. HA, he's already suffering.

Oh no, Brigid is legit TROUBLED by this mysterious non-Quidditch thing. My theories begin to flounder. But OH WELL Scorpius is talking I better pay attention. Poor kid, it's pretty understandable, and honestly, if being a berk when he was eleven is the worst thing he's done, the Malfoy family is improving by leaps and bounds. It's not a hanging offence.

D'aww, Scorose. I struggle with other Scoroses (I DON'T LIKE CHANGE), so I'm glad I'm getting over that. It's nice they're happy and NORMAL.

oh GOD I forgot about Hugo and Alice I must now go scourge my brain sorry review over BYE. Good Stuff!

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Review #17, by Amanda, your biggest fan x siete

29th January 2016:
Two things: one, I hardly ever take the time to review a story. The ONLY times I do is if they're well written-- much like yours! Two, I prefer Marauder Era fiction with Sirius/OC pairings. The only other next-gen fics I've read were written by Slide. But I digress.

Essentially, what I'm getting at is this; you're a delightfully skilled writer. I thoroughly enjoyed Off The Rails and (as it turns out) and Derailed has entrapped me as well! SO. It claims that the last update was in December. I'm going to need you to stop being selfish amd give your faithful readers a rewarding chapter. Plus, I'm having withdrawls without said chapter. A little empathy perhaps??

Your patiently awaiting fan,


Author's Response: Thanks ever so much for the review! I can only apologise for the slow updates; these days I work abroad in the tourism industry and it doesn't really lend itself to much free time to write! But rest assured, James and Carlotta's story is still desperate to be told, and I'll do my best to put some more updates out soon! :)

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Review #18, by Jenna98 siete

1st January 2016:
loved it!!!

poor carlotta!!

update asap

Author's Response: Poor Carlotta indeed! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #19, by a rollerball siete

27th December 2015:
amaze as always. update soon

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the works :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by Prinzesa siete

25th December 2015:
Awww, it's really a different story when it comes to family. I can't imagine Carla's situation right now - seems like getting caught between the moon and New York City.

Wow, Cece!!! It's so cute for James to refer Cece as one of his favourite girls! Hahaha!! Love it! And is it just me to notice James becoming a bit "mature" as the story goes? And not to mention, it makes him more lovable - for me!

I'm hoping against hope that the Barcelona holiday won't mess up with the Quidditch game!

Oh Merry Christmas! :)

---Auto-correct got hit my me - changes my name to Princess! Argh!!

Author's Response: "Caught between the moon and New York City" - that's actually a pretty apt way of describing Carlotta's situation at the moment! She's sort of gotten herself into a situation where she can't tell them about magic, but she can't NOT tell them either. But don't worry, her trip to Barcelona won't disrupt the Quidditch match. :)

Ha, James has become so adorable these days! Well, more adorable than before, at any rate. You're right, he IS becoming more mature, the events of Off the Rails definitely forced him to grow up, if only a little bit.

Thank you very much for my Christmas review! :)

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Review #21, by ohmymerlin siete

23rd December 2015:
Ooh that was a tough chapter. I understand Carlotta's parents' frustrations but oh god. That was so hard to read! I have to hand it to her parents for not even just marching down anyway.

I really feel for Carlotta. But she needs to realise that these are her PARENTS so they're going to be a little tough on her and she's just got to deal! There's no options for it!

And omg Lily REALLY needs to learn how to take a break sometimes! I'm glad Carlotta is going to help her run the thing but Lily needs to take a couple of steps back and let everything go at times. But we all know (from the last novel) that she seems to really struggle with that and she likes to PILE EVERYTHING ON AT ONCE

I'm really curious to see how the whole Barca thing is going to pan out! I feel like that's going to be a big chapter! Plus I'm keen to see some Carlotta family interactions! We always see her with the Weasleys and I can't wait to see how different her family is.

I keep wanting to think of suggestions for Carlotta to tell her family but I'm coming up blank! I really don't envy her!

And lol at the fact that she thinks James doesn't really have much to go by. If only they knew! The only thing that seems that could solve that is tell her parents that James is magical and the truth or fake her death but that's a tad too dramatic :P

Anyway, I loved this chapter! I can't wait to read more :D

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Yeah, this was a tough chapter to write. Poor Carla's gotten herself into a pickle! It's difficult to see what she can do from here, she's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. I'm looking forward to writing her with her family, I wrote them into Rails to introduce them but they'll have a much bigger part to play in this fic, starting with Barca!

Yeah, Lily's working herself to the bone, poor thing. It's good to have something to work for, but she needs to slow down a bit! Thanks for all the lovely reviews, Kayla! :)

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Review #22, by ohmymerlin seis

23rd December 2015:
I love how Lily doesn't care that she's stealing paper from the Prime Minister. I doubt he's that keen on that happening but the way she's so nonchalant about it is so great hahaha

And lol I actually didn't understand the whole Quidditch thing at all until Carlotta understood it. It's clever though! I CAN'T WAIT to see that chapter play out, hahaha!

Is Brigid pregnant? Is that why she doesn't want to play? She wasn't drinking apparently since Carlotta's birthday a MONTH ago and that gives her enough time to "be late" and now she's not playing Quidditch hmm...

I really love how James always includes Scorpius! He's such a babe lol



Just accept Hugo is being a lil idiot and he'll get over it in time but YOU HAVE TO MAKE AMENDS WITH ALBUS OMG

Yes, I am talking to your characters as if they can read this shh


Author's Response: I love the idea of Lily needing to scribble something down and just using all the PM's fancy paper, heehee. And I think I'd eaten about three bars of chocolate when I wrote about the Gryffins and the Dors! But seriously, try thinking up new team names for a fic. It's HARD. Oh my days I'm already having WAY too much fun with this Quidditch match and they're only planning it at the moment! Bring on the game.

Poor Scorp, eh? You're right, he just needs to talk to Albus! Bless him. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by ohmymerlin cinco

23rd December 2015:

And aw, James never getting muggle references! Carlotta has got to force him to watch more muggle things! How else will he appreciate her excellent humour?

Oh, Carlotta, she should really stop pushing James to Ingrid. I know she thinks it's for the best but sometimes she's got to be a little selfish and just ENJOY the time she has with him. Yes, he'll be heartbroken if anything ever happened to her but he's happy to spend the time with Carlotta and he's happy to be with her, even with Parky! I understand Carlotta's reasoning, but she's got to be selfish sometimes!

I really love the friendship between Carlotta and Brigid though! They're so sweet together! I love how easily you write it :D

Anywho, next chapter!

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Let's face it, it WOULD be a pretty cool statue. Poor Ron.

Ha, I have so many amazing ideas for Muggle references throughout the fic! Let's see how many I can squeeze in, haha.

You've pretty much summed up Carlotta, she needs to just stop trying to push James away and let herself be happy for a while, even if it does mean there's heartbreak down the line ... either it's heartbreak after the end of a happy life together, or it's heartbreak now and sadness after. Poor thing.

I love Carla and Brie's friendship! Bearing in mind where they started out, it's so cute that they're all besties now :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by ohmymerlin cuatro

23rd December 2015:
Okay the way you described the Weasleys Sunday lunch is exactly what it's like with my own family. Every few weeks we try to get together and it basically ends up with that exact scenario and I just love how you write all of them. They all feel so real and it honestly feels like I'm in the room with them!

omg Teddy getting his own taste at not being able to find his daughter hahahahahahahahaha THAT'S A CRACK UP I LOVE IT

and Harry boasting that he was ten thousand! HARRY THAT WAS NOT A GOOD THING YOU WERE WANTED DEAD

And oh Carlotta, I'd be dazzled by Louis too. You wrote that so well hahahahaha

Bloody idiot Teddy, drawing attention to the fact that Lucius talked to Carlotta. I do like how you made Hermione say, "What an idiot!" I can COMPLETELY imagine it!


How stupid is she, 'oh yeah let's just insult Muggles even though there are Muggles in this very room lol'

I do like the point Rose makes, but unfortunately it's too difficult :(

And naw, look at all matured James fussing over Carlotta worrying and not telling him he's SUCH A SWEETHEART AND I LOVE HIM A LOT


- Kayla :)

Author's Response: I've never had a massive immediate family so I have no idea what it's like to have a Sunday lunch with so many people, but I can only imagine it's absolute carnage in the best way. It's bad enough trying to keep track of them all to write them into the fic, ha.

Ha, yeah, Harry's ransom was offered by someone who wanted to kill him and probably wouldn't have paid up anyway, so in that sense James' auction was so much more impressive! But Harry isn't going to confess to that.

Oh my days you have no idea how fun it is to write Louis and how hilarious it is from Carlotta's POV. Poor thing.

I think Teddy was typical tactless male here! Poor guy, he didn't mean any harm! And yes, Hermione's "what an idiot" was said in exact Emma Watson film style.


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Review #25, by ohmymerlin tres

22nd December 2015:

I said I'd review Sunday but Sunday proved to be strangely busy and I've been sick with a head cold (so my brain has just been whirring mush) but I'm FINALLY BETTER TO GIVE YOU MORE SCREAMY REVIEWS

Lucius and his cronies are slimeballs. I don't care how much money they're throwing at Lily and the Squib foundation, I don't trust them.

and omg thnak gOD FOR THE PARENTS. I'm so glad that they came to the rescue and shooed Lucius away. They're quite right in not trusting Malfoy.

Also, can we have an auction for James where I can buy him too pls? That would be an excellent offer that I wouldn't be able to refuse. I just love the way you write him and I HAVE TO STOP MYSELF FROM BEING TOO ATTRACTED TO HIM FOR GOODNESS SAKES ELLIE

I feel so bad for Maddie and Cato, their schedules are both so demanding and they really don't have much time together which is really sad! They need to have more time together but they've both been working so hard on their careers it'd be such a stupid move to push it to the side.

And lol at the surname thing. i like how you've constantly kept that going on throughout both novels, haha!

Anywho, I'll get on to the next chapter!

- Kayla :)

Author's Response: Total bunch of Slytherin slimeballs. You are not wrong to not trust them! (Too many negatives in that sentence whoops)

I AM SORRY I CAN'T HELP THAT JAMES IS TOO PERF. Ugh one of the reasons why I love writing him from Carlotta's perspective is that he tended to put himself down a lot and think badly of himself, but Carla sees all of the good and absolutely adores him and he is just so pure-hearted and I think it really does come across from the perspective of someone else, especially a someone who puts herself down a lot and therefore thinks he's too good for her. Silly Carla. BUT yes let's have a James Potter auction and I will win cos author rights. ;)

The surname thing is never going to go away, ever! Thanks for the review :)

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