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Review #1, by JAL_2015 tres

27th September 2015:
Sad to see that this story hasn't been updated in months as it's rather good.

Author's Response: Hi, I'm really sorry about the lack of updates, I've been working abroad! I'm in the process of writing the next chapter though so hopefully I will update soon :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell uno

8th September 2015:
So, I only recently saw that Off the Rails had a sequel--score! I'm so excited! :D And it's off to a very good start. I love that Carlotta took over The Three Broomsticks--it's the perfect thing. She gets to cook, James gets to teach, and they can be together! I feel bad for her about being separated from her family, though. I bet her mother worries.

But I loved the bit about how Ginny has become a second mother two her. Ginny Potter is exactly the sort of fierce friend you'd need, going into the magical world--and in a relationship with a member of the most famous family in wizarding Britain--as a Muggle.

And yay! Kreacher's made an appearance, too!

I have to say, Ginny has a point. The Malfoys may mean well--may being the operative word--but it doesn't seem the most sensitive place to hold that type of event. I could understand wanting to redeem themselves and show that they've turned over a leaf, perhaps, but it doesn't seem like a terribly comfortable situation for their guests. Hopefully nothing goes too horribly (but I wouldn't put money on that).

But a Squib Foundation meeting means Lily, and Lily was my favorite on OtR! Hooray! So I'm looking forward to that immensely!

I also wanted to say that I love your headcanon about the difficulties of adapting to magical life as a Muggle, in terms of overcoming the Muggle repulsion charms. That is such a great, thoughtful detail, and it seems really representative of a lot of the difficulties, over all, of being in that world, but not a member of it. And the idea of Hogwarts castle just appearing one day after months of hoping--that really was magical ;)

So excited about this, and looking forward to reading more soon. Hooray for sequels!


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Review #3, by Prinzesa tres

28th August 2015:
Patiently waiting on the next chapter.. ;)

Author's Response: Really sorry for the delay, I'll post the next chapter as soon as I can! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #4, by NikiBeth tres

19th July 2015:
This story is shaping up to be as awesome as your last! Don't stop writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm excited for what's to come. :) Sorry for the delay in updates, I promise I won't stop writing though! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #5, by Elina tres

3rd July 2015:
Please please continue writing! Just finished my second re-reading of off the rails and I sure would like to know the end of their story :) otherwise, great work!

Author's Response: I'm really sorry for the delay in updates, I'll definitely continue writing and I'll update as soon as I can! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #6, by CoporealPatronus87 tres

19th June 2015:
I absolutely loved Off The Rails! I'm majorly impressed by this story too, the way you've written it from Carlotta's POV makes it a very interesting read. Keep updating, I'm dying for more!

Author's Response: This should be an interesting story to WRITE from Carlotta's POV, already it's interesting to be thinking about the magical world from her perspective. I'll update as soon as I can, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Larry tres

8th June 2015:
I'm glad you're back. I'm from a generation that buys books to express our appreciation of an author rather than send in 'reviews'. But having gotten hooked on FanFiction I'm learning. Although this chapter was fluff your past work is great and I'm looking forward to regular updates. Any predictions?

Author's Response: A lot of fluff in this chapter, yes, but a couple of deeper issues are mentioned too. I'm really hoping to be able to update semi-regularly, but my current job leaves me with little free time to write. But I'll be doing all I can to churn more out, I love what I have planned for Carlotta and co! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #8, by a rollerball tres

5th June 2015:
amazing stuff as always, update soon

Author's Response: Hopefully the next chapter should be up soon, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Violet Potter 434 tres

2nd June 2015:
this is amazing!
I've been waiting for this for so long tho, what happened?
and then I found this on Sunday and was like yay!
so of course I had to read all 64 of the prequels chapters again, and ten the first 2 of this one again and then this one for the first time!
I love this story, it has such a good plot and every thing

keep up the writing

from me xx

Author's Response: So sorry for the delay, I'm working abroad at the moment and I'm still struggling to find free time and internet connections. Hopefully updates should be a bit more frequent from now on though! Glad you're enjoying, thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #10, by Slide tres

1st June 2015:

Prone to saying "yah" rather too much - snerk. And personally I'm quite sure Lucius Malfoy is capable of misbehaving with the eyes of the wizarding world upon him. I guess we'll see! I never did buy him dodging a prison sentence, but Pottermore proves me wrong on this count (and I don't recall you being specific in Railsverse if he dodged Azkaban entirely post-Second War, or if he's out after 25-30 years, which wouldn't be unreasonable).

I am of course most curious about your Scorpius Malfoy, and how he's turned from bully to going out with Rose - which says things about both Scorpius AND Rose herself.

It's fun to see James, still, from someone else's point of view. From in his head, we could often take his tolerance of people like Scorpius as a virtue, a capacity to look beyond reputation, but Carla's not wrong in this less-charitable assessment. A lot of people have a lot of reason to be upset, and James should probably make sure he's being compassionate to THEM, too.

BUT STILL IT'S THE EXCITING SHINDIG. Announcements! Ballrooms! It's like a magical Austen! Snarky Carla - ouch, ouch, wasn't expecting the invocation of 'Parky.' Suppose she's entitled to mention it as she pleases and she's doubtless tense, but poor both of them.

Oh Freddie, now you and Brigid are happy I can love you without reservation. YES, Ryan and Della are engaged. *fist-pump* HUGO. Stahp, Hugo. Stop. At least his inducing of nausea has led us to Louis, about whom I have NEVER had reservations in loving.

You know, it took until Roxie's arrival before I realised this was a very-suave update of the many faces of Railsverse and what's changed in the time-skip. Smooth.

Still curious about Scorpius. I like him and Carla being somewhat allies against the Weasley Brood and their involved extended families. Ah, Lucius did have another stint in Azkaban. Good!

Yay, Lily, Kit, and Maddie! Very judicious selection of character updates. God, writing Next Gen is SO HARD if you want to cover ALL the canon characters, AND their logical additions (other halves, that sort of thing), AND your own characters. You handle the entire thing better than any I've seen, and definitely better than me!

Harsh call from Audrey about the illness. I can understand it, and rules like that are there for reason, and Carla is a rather unusual case (though doubtless not unprecedented). It's still pretty harsh to know that even if magic can't cure her, it could alleviate the symptoms and people are CHOOSING to not do so. However justified.

Aw, poor James. Your name brings money, boy. Do it for charity.

And, ugh, the torture room. I always have a morbid fascination in how any story which deals with reconciliation of the Wotters and the Malfoys post-war deals with the Manor itself. Hrm! Nott and Goyle, though as-yet no indication on if it's Junior or Senior, and their deference to Lucius doesn't really elaborate!

Percy to the rescue! D'aww, I love Percy, he always deserves moments of awesome. And, yes, Lucius is up to something! Or he's connected to people who're up to something, I am so THERE for when this plot explodes!

Good chapter! Mighty fine shindig!

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Review #11, by JT4HP tres

31st May 2015:
Ahhh! I love this story! I'm so glad you're updating and I love Carlotta's POV. Can't wait to see what happens at the brunch next. And I wonder how James will react when he hears about what Malfoy said?

Author's Response: Ha, James can get quite overprotective with Carlotta ... I'm not too sure he'll like what Malfoy said! The next chapter will hopefully be up soon, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by merlins beard tres

31st May 2015:
So Lily has really thrown together a huge event, and at Malfoy Manor as well. It's a weird place to choose for a get-together like this and I completely understand why George, Percy and Charlie feel the need to attend. I'm impressed at how well carla copes with being one of three Muggles there, even though she is very nervous about it. It certainly helps that there are so many people she knows.

Watching her boyfriend being auctioned off must bring a very uncomfortable feeling. I can't even imagine that, I really wouldn't want my boyfriend to put himself out there like that, even if it is for a good cause.

I'm sorry that Carla still has to stay on the Muggle medications and that Audrey can't really help her. I hope she'll discover some way to properly heal parkinson.

I was really excited that you had a new chapter up. Thanks for writing and sharing with us.


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Review #13, by MalfoyMannor tres

30th May 2015:
Finally you updated!! :)

I've been waiting and considering if you just abandoned this story, but I'm so happy that you didn't. :)

ughh Malfoy,Nott,and Goyle, they give you the creeps. Thank god for Percy looking for her when he did.

Author's Response: I've definitely not abandoned this, don't worry! I'm working abroad at the moment and I haven't quite sussed out when my free time to write is yet. More chapters coming (I hope) soon! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #14, by sambonifi9 dos

15th May 2015:
So excited to see this novel being written from Carlotta's perspective! I hope another chapter is coming soon!

Author's Response: And I'm excited to be writing it! :) Next chapter is in the queue, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by patronus_charm12 dos

26th April 2015:
Please tell me that you're writing another chapter.

I loved 'Off the Rails' and this is turning out to be just as fantastic (I hope so). I actually started reading 'Off the Rails' last week and after I finished it and found out that there is another story... I was up in seventh heaven.

I fidnt actually post a review for "Off the Rails' so its more like a combined one. YOU ARE A BRILLIANT WRITER. The plot twists were epic, I swear you earned that dobby. I loved how you introduced the next generation wonderfully, addressing all issues faced by them (fred, roxy, james etc).

The way you write and describe the quidditch matches... It just brings tears to my eyes. I swear I dont even dream of describing quidditch matches to that detail.

I cried at the end of the last book... WHY DID YOU KILL CORDELIA.

Brigid and Freddie FINALLY got together. Hard to be thinking of Brigid as Mrs. Weasley though. xD

Anyways. Post the next chapter soon. Dying to read more.

Author's Response: Next chapter is in the queue! :)

I'm so glad you liked Off the Rails, I really do think the next generation would suffer in some sense from their parents' legacy so it was a fun thing to tackle. The Quidditch matches were the bane of my life though, never again!

Oh man. Sorry about Cordelia. I've had a lot of people tell me off for that. :(

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by Rosie S dos

18th April 2015:
YAYAYAYAY I am so glad you updated! Have read all of off the rails again for a second time im combining my reviews here because I've only stopped reading at the end of your writing! Reading for a second time allowed me to appreciate so much more the subtlety of your writing, the way you brought all the plot points in but still made them surprising - like the way james always stressed the importance of Hogwarts quidditch and his happiness at teaching. Also I thought you dealt with the impact of their parents lives brilliantly - I particularly liked the line about them being "born lost" - it was its nice to see the 'famous rich kid' done without relying in a way that didn't make me groan at the self-absorption and I thought the George-Angelina relationship was really insightful. Also the whole begin and end on a wedding was lovely and circular :) Will this sequel be all from Carlotta's POV? It's interesting to see her insecurities over James and her place in their world - she sees herself as so much less than he sees her. I'm glad your dealing with all the messy decisions of politics with Lily's squib foundation - there's definitely no easy right answer here. I do feel like Carlotta has to compromise a little too much in this - but that's no doubt something you'll explore!

Author's Response: Hi, thanks for reading! :) I think the next generation would suffer to some extent from the weight of expectation from who their parents are, so I'm glad you liked that. I was pretty happy with how that little bit of the story turned out in the end. This sequel will all be from Carlotta's POV, I think she has a lot to say and of course there are a few matters left to be tackled, namely how she copes with living in the magical world and her little illness situation. Thanks for reviewing, I hope you continue to read!

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Review #17, by anon dos

9th April 2015:
I've read off the rails and I can't wait till you update derailed!

Author's Response: Update hopefully coming soon! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #18, by MargaretLane dos

5th March 2015:
Saw this up a couple of days ago and wanted to read, but I was pretty busy, correcting mocks.

Really hope the real life stuff you were busy with was all good.

Unicorn League?

And I can TOTALLY imagine James disregarding the rules, even as a teacher.

Oh, I'd forgotten about the Squib Foundation and all the difficulty with that. Yeah, I can easily imagine it'd be easier for Brigid and Freddie, as they weren't as directly connected with what happened.

When I worked in Lidls, I once had a girl come in in school uniform and try to buy alcohol. I mean, she might well have been 18, but she'd no ID and honestly, school uniform and no ID!

*laughs* I reckon that whole "messed up" thing is what happens when you've such a small community. And now I'm thinking of our Civil War. Dev's kids called Michael Collins "Uncle Mick" after all. MacNeil had a son take sides against his government and end up killed by the soldiers under the command of the government he was part of. His other sons carried the coffin wearing their army uniforms, the same uniforms which would've been worn by his killed. O'Higgins ordered the execution of the man who'd been best man at his wedding. Yeah, compared with that, little is messed up.

Looks like Louis hasn't changed. Louis still hasn't appeared much in my series, although there'll be a bit about him at the start of the next story when he gets his O.W.L. results.

We haven't seen much of Hugo yet, have we? Since he was at Hogwarts for most of "Off the Rails." I'm reading another series at the moment, which has him as main character, which is sort of influencing my view of him. Looking forward to seeing how you portray him. It's always interesting to see the different ways in which people portray the same characters.

This might be a British-English thing or something, but the line, "his want to please people" sounds a bit awkward to me. I'd be inclined to say something like, "his desire to please people.

Oh yeah, forgot Carlotta has some reason to be uncomfortable herself. I was thinking it didn't affect her, as she hadn't even KNOWN about the wizarding war and nor did any of her family, but of course, it was partly about oppressing Muggleborns and Muggles, so it would hardly be surprising if she was a little anxious about entering the home of people who'd done things like levitating Muggles just for the laugh.

James really has grown up, hasn't he? I guess that's what Rails was all about - his maturing.

I do like the idea of the unicorn league. It makes very little sense that only 1/10th of each house get to play at all at any one time. And how are people meant to practice to get on a team, if they don't get a chance to really play until they get on a team?

I can well imagine James would want to protect her. Between the fact he loves her, the fact she's a Muggle and therefore at a disadvantage in wizarding society and the fact she's got Parkinson's.

Author's Response: Hey hey hey! :) Yeah, the real-life stuff was all fine, things just got a bit hectic with getting back from Greece and finding winter jobs and also finding new summer jobs and all sorts, it took me a while to get back into the swing of things. But I've got my head back into Derailed now. :)

I think James, as a teacher, would TRY to be disciplined, even if he'd never be the strictest teacher ever, but he'd still fall short. It's not in his nature to be strict, he's so laid back and relaxed these days!

Ha, Louis hasn't changed at all, has he? Mostly because he amuses me so much to write.

No, we didn't see much of Hugo at all in Rails. That was mostly because, while I could drop any of the rest of James' cousins into his life, for most of the fic Hugo was at Hogwarts. He WAS floating around with the rest of them during the World Cup, but by that point the focus was obviously on the Cup itself. I'll have to try to add him into Derailed a bit more.

Thanks for the suggestion on that grammar point, I think it IS a British-English thing because it doesn't seem out of place to me, but now you mention it I can see how it could trip other people up, so I'll change it. Ta :)

Derailed is going to throw up a LOT of issues which Carlotta will face when living in the wizarding world. When she first found out about it, she loved the novelty of it and everyone she encountered was lovely to her and it was all fine and dandy. But now she's far more entrenched within the world, and knows far more about its history and the context in which people live, she's coming up against a lot of issues which make her feel uncomfortable for one reason or another.

It still amazes me how much James has matured! Of course, he's still not a fully-fledged adult - he struggles to keep pygmy puffs alive still - but he's getting there. Bless him. :) Thanks for the review! I always enjoy reading your thoughts. :)

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Review #19, by a rollerball dos

3rd March 2015:
Great chapter, please update soon :)

Author's Response: Next chapter is in the works! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #20, by Violet Potter 434 dos

3rd March 2015:
absolutely brilliant
I know your other story is really popular but for some stupid reason I didn't read it until I saw "dobby is a free elf " had it as one of their favourites (hi dobby is a free elf if you're reading this) who even though they don't have any stories is constantly on here-just like I am-anyway I only started reading you last novel thingy yesterday and I finished today giving me no time too comment on the other one
your a amazing writer
loved both stories
the only constructive criticism I can give you -or any criticism to be fair- is that you need to start writing this very minute because some people can't write to save their lives and need a nice story to read... so write, write, write!!!
from me xxx
ps. why did you kill the pigmy puff!!!?
oh and yes!!! from he last novel(the prequel or what ever we call them) I guessed right! I'm sorry but I got excited when found out that I had guessed right about James being put back on the team, the England winning and then he'd retire to work at Hogwarts and he and Carlotta would still be together- like how she works at the three broomsticks tho that was genius
anyway write!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, I'm really glad you liked Rails! :)

Ah yes, poor Cordelia. That's upset a lot of people! Basically she was a sacrifice to demonstrate that while James has matured in many ways, he's still not quite reached fully-functioning-adult levels - he still struggles to keep a big ball of fluff alive. Luckily Cecilia has Carlotta to look after her, which gives her a much better chance of a long life.

And I'm glad you like Carlotta working at the Three Broomsticks, I've been really excited to introduce it :) Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #21, by lhod23 dos

26th February 2015:
Very excited that you are continuing along on this sequel. People think it's so easy to just throw a chapter out and it's just not! (Case and point - I've been working on a story for 3 flipping years and STILL haven't posted it).
Anyway, loved Off the Rails and am excited to see what direction this story takes (especially from Carla's point of view).

Author's Response: Ha, yeah, it took me three years from posting the first chapter of Rails to posting the last, and I must have been writing it for about half a year before I posted. Sometimes life just gets in the way :( I hope I can keep updates going at a slightly more regular pace than this though! I'm enjoying writing from Carla's perspective and it should get very interesting indeed :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Prinzesa dos

26th February 2015:
Oh, Cecilia! Why I didn't realise that? I keep calling/teasing my officemate as "Cecilia" though her name is actually just "Cecile". I'll give my review this weekend, don't be mad if my attention is totally on the Pygmy Puff's name. 😉 I'm just totally intrigued. That's all. And maybe add the fact that I really, really love Cordelia and James' relationship - especially their love for 'drinking'. And to tell you honestly, you sort of broke my heart when you killed Cordelia. 😩

And by the way, I perfectly know the "deceased" pygmy puffs' names, I read Off The Rails more than I can remember since September last year. I'll really post my review one of these days for OTR.

Oh, and I think I squealed like a pygmy puff inside the train (I blame you, you made me addicted to the 'ball of fuzz'! 😤) when I saw that there's already 'Dos' chapter! Thank you, dear! 😄 You just made my day!

Author's Response: I'M SORRY I KILLED CORDELIA, it had to be done :( James was being all grown up and mature, we needed some sort of reminder that he's not entirely there yet. I hadn't realised quite how much love there was for Cordelia... Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #23, by Slide dos

26th February 2015:

Oh James. You're a terrible influence. First names with the kids, they know they can get away with things? I love you so dearly. Good Carla. Don't feed the runaway kids alcohol. They need to learn to be more sneaky. They've got to EARN it!

NEVER MIND YAY BRIGID. D'aww, Brigid WEASLEY. This makes me happy. Oh, the family drama of dealing with Malfoys. Hilarious and inevitable and kind of sad - not that anyone's reasons for not going near the Malfoys aren't 110% reasonable. And I adore that Louis is just going to party. Bless Louis. Oh JESUS you can't just have one tiff in the Wotters, can you? It starts small then ripples and the moment you think you're free, someone's found a whole new point of contention. Poor Lily. Poor Rose. Probably poor Rose. Not yet sure how much of a prat her Scorpius is.

And it's gotta SUPER suck when the Wotters are just your in-laws. Carla's point about not having the right to one's own opinion is a harsh way of putting it, but I can see why they feel like that. It affects them directly and yet DOESN'T, but they still have to deal with it.

WORD OF GOD Freddie is a saint to Brigid. Case. Closed. :D

Oh noo, Carla, James' breakdown is not your fault! I mean, it's very sweet that James is taking such responsibility for what happened, and it's probably worth considering if he has a rocky relationship with alcohol - not necessarily sure he does, but it's certainly a question worth asking himself. But there were so many things other than Carla going wrong, and STILL!


Yesss James. You rip the system apart. It IS completely ridiculous. Except for - oh yeah. Harry. It's like you're beating me to the point. Flying lessons - MORE flying lessons - make so much sense! Fandom kind of has everyone happily Apparating and getting Portkeys easy (*cough*, guilty as charged), but canon explains that Apparition isn't everyone's cup of tea and Floo doesn't get you everywhere, so flying is a VALID form of magical transportation. Witches and wizards should be properly taught how to fly! Aww, I assumed the Unicorn League was for first years, but this makes a lot more sense. I mean, especially IF Hogwarts is assumed bigger than the ~300-odd mark on size (bloody JK maths), the idea that you play Srs Quidditch or no Quidditch at all is silly.

Ohhh it's another little pigmy puff it'll die a horrible death.

I'm with you, Carla. Stubble on men IS a double-edged sword. Okay, no, I wouldn't let anyone shave my legs, definitely not a man, definitely not with a wand, and what the HELL is Hugo and Alice's relationship?! Have I forgotten something integral here??

On with the show! To the dinner of DISASTER! I can't wait.

Author's Response: Apparently I'm as terrible at answering reviews as I am at leaving them. HNG.

Ha, can you imagine James as a strict teacher though? It would never happen. I like to think of him trying his hardest to enforce his authority, but the students knowing he's the biggest pushover ever.

Brigid makes me so happy in Derailed. She and Carlotta have the most adorable friendship. NAW. And yes, big rifts, poor Wotters - still, at least they're not the type of family to bear grudges, and we'll see what - if any - long-lasting effects this event will have on the family fairly soon after.

I think you'll like Rose's Scorpius. He's adorable.

The single biggest "what if" I've encountered in the Rails universe is, what if Carlotta hadn't gotten mad at James for not telling her everything at that exact point in time? She - inadvertently - hit him at his lowest moment (at that point in time) and it went and made it all worse. And I can't help but think to myself, WOULD HE have broken apart in that way if he'd gotten home to a supportive, happy Carlotta who'd have calmed down his anger and not stoked it? I think he'd have had some sort of Moment, but I don't know if it would have been quite so bad. But then, he was a very messed up and confused poor kid at that point in time, so something else would probably have pushed him over the edge instead. Still, it happened the way it did, and poor Carlotta sees herself as the catalyst that broke him for good. And forgets that she also FIXED him.

Had so much fun creating the new Quidditch curriculum. SO MUCH FUN. It really makes no sense at all - I mean, I expect we missed a fair few flying lessons in PS because Harry didn't necessarily go to them, but even so - flying lessons for a year tops, and that's it? Yeah, that's not at all fair. Enter James.


Haha, you haven't missed anything of Hugo and Alice's relationship, don't worry. They were the "are they, aren't they?" couple of Rails, and now they're very much a couple, and what's more, they're THAT sickeningly sweet couple that does everything together. If only because that's the sort of thing that would annoy Carlotta. I am cruel to my characters.

Ta for the review :)

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Review #24, by thegreatcatsby dos

26th February 2015:
Yes! You updated! I loved Off the Rails and hope you update soon.

Author's Response: I hope to update again soon, chapter three is in the works as we speak! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #25, by Miss Muggle dos

25th February 2015:
Welcome back! I have been away from HPFF recently too, and I only just got back on a few days ago. I didn't realise how much I missed all of these great fanfic.

I had to re-read chapter one to remember what this fic was about, but I haven't forgotten Off the Rails, one of my favorites fics of all time. I might read it again just for fun, though.

I'm glad you're back, and I look forward to regular updates. I can't wait to read about the fundraiser. It's going to be interesting, to say the least.

Author's Response: Welcome back yourself :) The fundraiser should be interesting, I'm writing it at the mo and it's good fun so far! :) hopefully it'll be up soon, thanks for reviewing!

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