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Review #1, by lhod23 dos

26th February 2015:
Very excited that you are continuing along on this sequel. People think it's so easy to just throw a chapter out and it's just not! (Case and point - I've been working on a story for 3 flipping years and STILL haven't posted it).
Anyway, loved Off the Rails and am excited to see what direction this story takes (especially from Carla's point of view).

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Review #2, by Prinzesa dos

26th February 2015:
Oh, Cecilia! Why I didn't realise that? I keep calling/teasing my officemate as "Cecilia" though her name is actually just "Cecile". I'll give my review this weekend, don't be mad if my attention is totally on the Pygmy Puff's name. 😉 I'm just totally intrigued. That's all. And maybe add the fact that I really, really love Cordelia and James' relationship - especially their love for 'drinking'. And to tell you honestly, you sort of broke my heart when you killed Cordelia. 😩

And by the way, I perfectly know the "deceased" pygmy puffs' names, I read Off The Rails more than I can remember since September last year. I'll really post my review one of these days for OTR.

Oh, and I think I squealed like a pygmy puff inside the train (I blame you, you made me addicted to the 'ball of fuzz'! 😤) when I saw that there's already 'Dos' chapter! Thank you, dear! 😄 You just made my day!

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Review #3, by Slide dos

26th February 2015:

Oh James. You're a terrible influence. First names with the kids, they know they can get away with things? I love you so dearly. Good Carla. Don't feed the runaway kids alcohol. They need to learn to be more sneaky. They've got to EARN it!

NEVER MIND YAY BRIGID. D'aww, Brigid WEASLEY. This makes me happy. Oh, the family drama of dealing with Malfoys. Hilarious and inevitable and kind of sad - not that anyone's reasons for not going near the Malfoys aren't 110% reasonable. And I adore that Louis is just going to party. Bless Louis. Oh JESUS you can't just have one tiff in the Wotters, can you? It starts small then ripples and the moment you think you're free, someone's found a whole new point of contention. Poor Lily. Poor Rose. Probably poor Rose. Not yet sure how much of a prat her Scorpius is.

And it's gotta SUPER suck when the Wotters are just your in-laws. Carla's point about not having the right to one's own opinion is a harsh way of putting it, but I can see why they feel like that. It affects them directly and yet DOESN'T, but they still have to deal with it.

WORD OF GOD Freddie is a saint to Brigid. Case. Closed. :D

Oh noo, Carla, James' breakdown is not your fault! I mean, it's very sweet that James is taking such responsibility for what happened, and it's probably worth considering if he has a rocky relationship with alcohol - not necessarily sure he does, but it's certainly a question worth asking himself. But there were so many things other than Carla going wrong, and STILL!


Yesss James. You rip the system apart. It IS completely ridiculous. Except for - oh yeah. Harry. It's like you're beating me to the point. Flying lessons - MORE flying lessons - make so much sense! Fandom kind of has everyone happily Apparating and getting Portkeys easy (*cough*, guilty as charged), but canon explains that Apparition isn't everyone's cup of tea and Floo doesn't get you everywhere, so flying is a VALID form of magical transportation. Witches and wizards should be properly taught how to fly! Aww, I assumed the Unicorn League was for first years, but this makes a lot more sense. I mean, especially IF Hogwarts is assumed bigger than the ~300-odd mark on size (bloody JK maths), the idea that you play Srs Quidditch or no Quidditch at all is silly.

Ohhh it's another little pigmy puff it'll die a horrible death.

I'm with you, Carla. Stubble on men IS a double-edged sword. Okay, no, I wouldn't let anyone shave my legs, definitely not a man, definitely not with a wand, and what the HELL is Hugo and Alice's relationship?! Have I forgotten something integral here??

On with the show! To the dinner of DISASTER! I can't wait.

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Review #4, by thegreatcatsby dos

26th February 2015:
Yes! You updated! I loved Off the Rails and hope you update soon.

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Review #5, by Miss Muggle dos

25th February 2015:
Welcome back! I have been away from HPFF recently too, and I only just got back on a few days ago. I didn't realise how much I missed all of these great fanfic.

I had to re-read chapter one to remember what this fic was about, but I haven't forgotten Off the Rails, one of my favorites fics of all time. I might read it again just for fun, though.

I'm glad you're back, and I look forward to regular updates. I can't wait to read about the fundraiser. It's going to be interesting, to say the least.

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Review #6, by Paddy uno

23rd February 2015:
What!! Ahhh I want more please please please please you know I acc love you for writing this

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the queue! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by Prinzesa uno

22nd February 2015:
Camila, Cassandra, Cordelia. What would be the next name? Caroline/Carolina? Caitlin/Caitlyn? Calista/Calixta? Cornelia? Carmela? Carissa? Carina?

Haha, I knowI put almost what I had in mind but seriously, i'm so excited!!!

I haven't yet posted my review, my Mac is currently in the hospital and it's hard to type in mobile. Will do once i have my Mac back!

Btw, congrats on winning the Dobby! You truly deserve it!!! 😍😊

Author's Response: Ooh, Calista's an interesting name! I'm beginning to wish I'd thought of that, ha ... Good guesses though - and I'm impressed that you remembered James' poor deceased pygmy puffs' names! All will be revealed soon :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by gigi uno

19th February 2015:
Can't wait to read more. I like Prof. Potter and I like how he plans to revamp the training program at Hogwarts and that he chose this life away from the spotlight. I was getting tired of reading next gen fics where the press ruins the mini Potters lives because the fame unfortunately just came with the name. I an very interested to see how Carla adjusts to wizard life because there are very few stories out there that show the Muggle view and canon shows that there have been many Muggles that have had wizard kids or married wizards. So much potential, and I'm sure it will be good because the prequel was awesome. Cant wait to learn the new Pygmy Puff's name. I just hope its not Cassandra, because we don't want anything more to do with Ms. Lynch or Charlotte or anything similar, because that would be too close to Carlotta and confusing. Hope to see an update soon.

Author's Response: James being a teacher is one of my favourite aspects of Derailed! He's like a madman on a mission with his teaching revamp, haha... more on that to come in the next chapter. :) Carlotta's adjusted pretty well so far to the wizarding world, but she's got a way to go yet, and also now she's living in a wizarding settlement she's got a tough time ahead of her, trying to keep her relationships with her muggle friends and family going.

James' second pygmy puff (the one before Cordelia) was actually called Cassandra - so no need to worry, that won't be the name of the new one! Also, I didn't realise for a long time that I'd given James' pets names beginning with the same letter as Carlotta! Too many C's, haha. All will be revealed soon. :) Thanks for your reviews!

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Review #9, by Tuesday uno

14th January 2015:
You are amazing!
I'm loving Carlotta's voice. You are an incredible writer.
Tuesday xx

Author's Response: I absolutely love Carlotta's perspective too, she's an interesting contrast to James and she's very fun to write! Next chapter coming shortly, thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #10, by Sydney uno

12th January 2015:
I want more... Please tell me that you are writing more chapters. I absolutely love this. I just finished Off the Rails and started this and i was shocked that there was only one chapter. Write soon.
Love you and your wonderful stories.

Author's Response: Never fear, I am writing more chapters! Real life has torn me away from fanfic a bit recently, but I'm back writing and the next chapter should be up soon! Thanks for reviewing, I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading! :)

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Review #11, by Derek uno

2nd January 2015:
Loved the first chapter of the sequel.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you liked it! Chapter two will hopefully come soon :)

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Review #12, by anonymous uno

14th October 2014:
MORE! This is fantastic! I loved the previous novel to this, I can't wait to see what this will be like :)

Author's Response: More will hopefully be coming soon, sorry for the wait! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #13, by RedHairGinny uno

4th October 2014:
UmmÖ Iím guessing at something from the letter CÖ how about Caramel? Or Cocoa?
Iíll just stop guessing nowÖ and wait patiently for the next chapter to come out!!
I loved OtR, by the way and even though James retiring was a hard blow to take, I kind of knew it was coming, honestly!
Hopefully (and seemingly) this story will turn out to be just as good, if not better! But I also hope to keep meeting Ryan and Del and Cato and Cleo. Tams and Emily and Sinead too. I'll surely miss them, and also the League matches James played in!!

Author's Response: You're right about the name being something beginning with C... All will be revealed soon :)

Don't worry, most of (hopefully all) those characters will feature in Derailed! While James doesn't play Quidditch any more, and this is Carlotta's story, those guys will feature to differing extents in the fic, Ryan, Della and the Bagmans in particular. I hope you continue to enjoy Derailed, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Loonylovegood67890 uno

31st August 2014:
This is a really good start! Please continue soon, I read the first story a while ago - it went on my favourites - and I loved it. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying so far, more will hopefully come soon! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #15, by madness uno

16th August 2014:
Looking forward to more of this :)

Author's Response: More to come soon, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Bijn uno

7th August 2014:
Ooh, I already love the story!
It was quite a shock (in the good sense of the word) Carla now owns the Three Broomsticks, but I think itís brilliant Ė I think it really complies with the fact that Carla now sort of has to choose between the magical and the muggle world, a struggle Iím very much looking forward to reading about.
Iím also very curious how her disease will develop because apart from the revelation and major symptoms, it wasnít really dealt with in Off the Rails. Now youíre writing from Carlaís POV Iím curious how she deals with it together with James, her own pub and missing her family.
I think itís refreshing youíre writing from Carlaís POV by the way. I did like Jamesí POV in Off the Rails, but itís interesting to know how she handles things.
I liked the little row between James and Ginny because, in my opinion, itís exactly how those personalities would deal with the situation.
Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, giving Carlotta the Three Broomsticks equates to pretty much throwing her headfirst into the wizarding world with a brick tied around her ankles. But she's adjusted well to the wizarding world so far, so her only issue is how she holds onto her relationship with the muggle world and her family. It's not going to be easy for her...

And you're right, her disease wasn't dealt with in Rails, partly because I knew that Derailed was coming and would be her story, and partly due to Carlotta herself - she doesn't WANT to talk about her suffering and let other people into that part of her life, so she was never going to be open about it to James. But now, two(ish) years on from Rails and seeing things from her own head, we'll have a lot more on that.

Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #17, by Ashcandy uno

24th July 2014:
Looking good so far! That's awesome they own The Three Broomsticks and Carlotta can fill in as the new sexy owner after Rosmerta lol...

I suppose this story will get a bit crazy when her parents and what not will have to learn about what's really going on with her life. And, of coa.rse (not allowed to spell that word correctly -_-), her disease conditions weren't elaborated on in Off The Rail very much so that I think will be a definite plot point at some time. But like I said you're looking good so far! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Haha, yep, Carlotta as the new Rosmerta is pretty fun to think about writing :) I'm glad you like her as the new landlady! It provides for an interesting dynamic as things unfold.

And yes, her situation will lead to tensions with her family, and there will also be lots more on her illness and how that affects her as a person. That's partly why not much was made of it in Rails - that was James' story, and Carlotta was only a part of that. This is her story, and so we'll be delving into her issues and hang-ups a lot more. I'm looking forward to writing it. :) glad you enjoyed this chapter, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Ernie_the_Dino uno

20th July 2014:
Being the complete dork that I am, I've been re-reading Rails for fun (and because it's AMAZING! RIP Cordelia...) And then I saw the note at the end - Edit: Derailed is now posted! - I DIED! I was so, so, so excited. In the few minutes it took for me to get Derailed up and loaded (slow internet...grrr) I was coming up with all kinds of scenarios in my head as to what had happened in the space between stories, what this sequel (Whoo!) would even be about (because you wrapped Rails up very well, but still left enough open to be continued - did I mention I'm a big fan?) and merlin knows what else.

But when I saw the chapters were in Spanish, I knew immediately it would be in Carlotta's POV. However, that still didn't prepare me for the whole James/Third person thing (or Hogsmeade-HOGSMEADE!). It took me a few tries to understand what was going on - I blame sleep depravation.

I've been reading through your reviews and can see a lot of others mentioned this, but it was so. bizarre!

I love the plot start off. Seeing James and Ginny fight seems right somehow, like they needed to have a row at some point and in Rails that didn't happen. James is so like his mother and we all know about Ginny's temper... And so a fight of the two passionate personalities was brilliant, but expected (at least it was for me). The way that Carlotta behaves with them is very believable, it isn't her fight. And no matter how much the Weasley family welcomes her, she's still not quite one of them. Even if Kreacher thinks so... Love Kreacher, by the way, brilliant.

The whole Hogsmeade/Owning the Three Broomsticks thing was a shock. I was expecting something, something flipping enormous actually, but it wasn't this. I do love it though, it gives both Carlotta and James their chance to live their dreams together (Awww- Sorry, getting a bit soppy there...) but the complications with her family not having a clue where she lives (I doubt that Hogsmeade shows up on most maps... Speaking of maps, will Messers Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs be making an appearance? James is back at Hogwarts... Or did he give it to Hugo? I can't remember if you wrote that in somewhere in Rails - sleep depravation again...) and them not being able to contact her will prove tricky...

Looking forward to more from you, I loved Rails, hope to love Derailed just as much.


Author's Response: I deliberately wrote Rails so that as a stand-alone it would work - there was only really one question left open which was the proposition posed by James right at the end anyway, which could have been answered without the need of a sequel. But I've had Derailed in mind for as long as I can remember, and so I was always going to write it. Although it's taking me a while to get anywhere with it... It should be good fun though, once it gets going!

Carlotta's POV is interesting - obviously she's thoroughly developed in my head as a character but it's still weird to be seeing the world from her head now as opposed to James'! The biggest confusion is seeing his name in the narrative.

Yeah, James and Ginny didn't have any real confrontations in Rails - they're very similar in a lot of ways and so that means that so long as they're on the same page, they're fine, but if they disagree on something they're both going to stand their ground. And Carlotta's certainly not comfortable enough yet with the Weasleys to wade into confrontations. Although a lot of that sense of not belonging is down to HER ... more on that later. :)

I'm ridiculously excited about Carlotta being the landlady of the Three Broomsticks. How awesome a job would that be?! It's pretty fun to think about the situations she'll be put in.

Um, the Marauder's Map .. yeah, I can't remember what I did with that! Oops... my bad! Thanks for your lovely review, I hope to post the next chapter soon!

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Review #19, by ohmymerlin uno

12th July 2014:
Okay, I am SO SORRY for the massive delay in getting this to you! I can't believe how late I am :'(

But ahhh thank you so much for the chapter dedication!!! I'm so honoured! ♥ ♥ I can't believe I was right about it! :O I'm almost never right at guessing things in stories/books/tv shows/movies etc. etc.

At first I was SO confused because I was thinking, "What why is James thinking in third person?! This is so weird!" And I was getting more and more confused and then I realised it's still in first person but it's in Carlotta's point of view!!!

I can't WAIT to read from her point of view! Already she's such an entertaining character to read!

And before I forget, rest in peace Cordelia :'( I am interested in the new name though! But I have no idea what you'd call her! If I can remember correctly, there's a 'C' theme... Maybe he'd call her Carla after Carlotta? Charlotte? Er... I DON'T KNOW.

It was sweet seeing good ol' Kreacher there serving/helping Carlotta :') And I like that he's finally changed for the better and not insulting her for being a Muggle! YAY!

Also, the last bit about how Ginny was basically her mother too now made me just hold a hand to my heart and silently weep at how beautifully you write her and how beautiful that connection between Carlotta and Ginny is ahhh :'D

And I agree with Ginny! It's mightily shifty that LUCIUS MALFOY wants to host a Squib Foundation. I'd be bringing a sword or something with me as a weapon just in case. What is his ulterior motive? *squints eyes suspiciously*

It also makes me laugh how everyone was giggling about how James was in a big grumpy mood! Maybe one day he'll stop being an overgrown child :P


Haha, absolutely loved this chapter! I can't WAIT for the next one! 10/10 of course! ♥

- Kayla :)

House Cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Don't worry about being late with your review! I know what it's like when real life gets in the way of internet shenanigans. :p

And you're totally welcome! I giggled to myself when I read your review, I was amazed at how you totally hit the nail on the head, and were the only one to do so! A much-deserved dedication. :)

I'm getting a bit confused about this being Carlotta's POV. I know how her mind works, so being in her head isn't weird, but having James referred to in the narrative by his name is odd to get used to. I'm really looking forward to writing this story from Carlotta's POV, she has an interesting perspective on magical matters.

There is a C theme with the pygmy puffs ... it's not Charlotte though! It will be revealed in the next chapter I think. :)

The Carlotta/Ginny relationship makes me squee so much. We saw in Rails that they got on, but we're another year or so down the line now, and they're very close. Ginny sees that Carlotta doesn't see her family often, and she's taken it upon herself to be Carlotta's magical mother. It's very sweet. :)

Lucius Malfoy, ulterior motives? Surely not? ;)

Thanks as ever for the lovely review!

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Review #20, by Anon uno

3rd July 2014:
Please write the next chapter soon! I love it already!

Author's Response: I'll try to get it posted as soon as I can! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #21, by Justanothermuggle fan uno

17th June 2014:
Awesome first chapter!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #22, by Babybear1216 uno

15th June 2014:
Y u no include more data?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.

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Review #23, by a rollerball uno

12th June 2014:
awsome start, please update soon

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #24, by ohnobeans uno

11th June 2014:
Yay I'm so excited for this story! I loved Off the Rails and can't wait to see what you do with Carlotta and James next!!

Author's Response: I'm excited too! :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by patronusflight14 uno

9th June 2014:
This is awesome!! I loved off the rails, and I know I'll love derailed too!!

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying so far! Thanks for reviewing :)

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