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Review #1, by Thisbe Gwydion Prologue: How it Began

9th January 2005:
it started out all right but try to remember that this was when the roman empire was still around and i beleive the celts of england were still trying to fight them. you have to remember back then isn't like now, if you're even continuing with this story. in fact, if i were you i'd brush up on history because the best part about a story is being accurate to some extent and weaving in little pieces of interesting information. i'm really not that impressed with it to be honest and i feel so rude saying that, but you're writing could use some work. i know it sucks to get bad reviews and stuff, but... i guess being honest is better than lying if it helps you out.

Author's Response: Yeah..... I know my writing is far from the best, and that's kind of why I stopped writing.... which isn't the best of reasons, but oh well. Thanks for being honest! And leaving a review :)

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Review #2, by GothicAnn87 Prologue: How it Began

31st August 2004:
I liked it. It was funny with Gryffindor and Slytherin having their little feuding fight hehe. Please update this story whenever possible.

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Review #3, by Katie Prologue: How it Began

13th August 2004:
Ooooooooo update update!!!!!!!! Its really good!!!!!

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Review #4, by Madame Meow Prologue: How it Began

8th July 2004:
That was really great so far! Keep going. Although, I will admit, I'd rather you finish Essence first, it's really great. Keep it up! :P

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Review #5, by Catherine Prologue: How it Began

29th April 2004:
I like it. I Like the idea that before Hogwarts existed, the poor witches of the world were untrained and at risk of extinction. I like the pairings

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Review #6, by kami (sry not signed) Prologue: How it Began

20th April 2004:
v. funny. kinda weird pairings but i guess its ok..... the two conversations going on at once was cool g

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm a slashaholic, so I couldn't resist putting slash into this fic too. I just love slash! Thanks for reviewing!

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