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Review #1, by Veritaserum27 Only Myself to Blame

25th November 2014:
Hi Rose!

Here for our review swap!

I picked this chapter because it was the earliest one I hadn't yet reviewed and there was Branbus in it! But then - ugh! You took my Branbus away! They are so sweet together and I just love the way you write the two of them. Both of their feelings are reasonable and realistic. Albus is young and still figuring out his life. Brandon is... utterly amazing with his sweetness towards Cora. He is such a brilliant father - I just want to hug both of them. I like how you ended it. It was very real that they both love each other so much that they want to be together, but they both respect each other enough to be truthful. I have hope *crosses fingers and does a Branbus dance* that they will end up together.

I really like that you give us three separate scenes in this chapter. I didn't go back and check to see if you did that every chapter - I know it is usually at least two, but I really like the three separate parts - all with different characters.

Rose is also done really well. I love your version of her. She's warm, but practical and I can tell she really wants to succeed in this business. I really hope she does. Will there be more Pedro in future chapters? Henirick - I could totally see that coming. It just shows Rose's naivete. She'll live and learn.

As for Archie. I just can't get past his bigotry. It's obvious he cares for Lily, but I don't think she'll be able to look past that particular fault once she learns of it. I hope Harry stupefies him at some point. Maybe at the end of the story - for good measure.

Ok. So here's my plea for you to continue this story. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! I need me some Branbus. And Rose needs someone to love. And Scorpius too, because he's too good for Corbin. And Lily. Don't forget Lily. Jeez. You've got some writing to do! - Haha!

Thanks for the swap!

♥ Beth

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Review #2, by LightLeviosa5443 Don't You Want Me

17th November 2014:
How on earth did I get so far behind. it's like I got sucked into a vortex of just not reviewing. It's deadly, man.


For the first time in ever, I am saying NO SCORPIUS STAY AWAY FROM ALBUS. NO. I mean, definitely don't stay with Corbin, dumb stupid rude poop. But definitely don't get with Albus. YOU CANNOT MESS UP MY BRANBUS DUDE. ALBUS. FIND YOUR CHILL. SCORPIUS, KEEP YOUR CHILL.

There needs to be a very large amount of chill shared here. Okay? Okay. I'm not comfortable with them getting drinks. Albus better not blow off Brandon. Oh no no no. Scorpius, don't make a move. Absolutely not. No. Absolutely no. Why am I freaking out, nothing has even happened yet. Okay I'm gonna find my chill and just read.

AWE YAY. I'm so glad that Albus isn't getting a twinge of jealousy over it but imagining how fun it would be to go on a romantic vacation. Okay. Keeping my chill... OH MY GOD I'M SO GLAD I KEPT MY CHILL BECAUSE THAT WAS SUCH A MATURE CONVERSATION AND I'M SO PROUD OF THEM. I AM SO PROUD OF MY BABIES. Yes, they're my babies, not yours. Mine.

Oh, I hope Beatrice is nice. Don't grill Albus, Albus keep your chill. Brandon needs to come into the room NOW. OH MY GOD THAT LINE WAS SO FUNNY. I hope you're not dating him for his singing voice. I wish I had a member title on hpff like i do on tda so that that quote could be it. Because that is SO funny. I'm really glad that Beatrice and Albus are comfortable and that she likes him. I kind of panicked when he walked in and she was there.

Oh no! Of course Cora would fall and almost hurt herself. Oh no, poor Cora, poor Alb... Why is Brandon laughing? Oh. LOL. Well, I guess that crisis was easily averted. NO. NO BRANDON DON'T TELL ALBUS THIS WILL RUIN EVERYTHING. I mean, on the plus side at least Albus' attitude change is obvious to everyone. ALBUS IS GONNA SAY HE WANTS TO BE WITH BRANDON 5EVER ISN'T HE?! Or is he going to come clean about the scorpius thing. Oh god, I can't oh no. Nope. i'm just gonna not.

Okay, no, I will. Okay, so obviously I was more worried about that situation than I should've been because they both handled it so well. NOW ROSE NEEDS TO STAY AWAY BECAUSE I WILL PUNCH HER IN THE FACE IF SHE MAKES A MOVE AT BRANDON AGAIN. AHH HE SAID THE L WORD. Has he said that before? no, I don't think he has. AHHH. I'M SO HAPPY. AHH YAY.


Shut up Rose. Oh just kidding, Lily will be there, yay. Evil Archie making Lily late, huh? I wonder what they were up to. I mean, Rose obviously knows :P . I'm still mad at Rose, I'm not setting this grudge aside. Ugh, I can't imagine how tough it would be for Lily to work somewhere where any comment about her family could be turned into a story. That would SUCK. Though, I guess to some degree that's everywhere because coworkers can gossip everywhere. Just not all coworkers will post stories in the Daily Prophet :P

LOL omg Rose's reaction. I swear Lily is my spirit animal. He's just so wonderful is me x802393232. I love Lily. Her reasons though, are a little small. BUT SHINY THINGS ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED SO LILY I FEEL U GIRL.

Rose, this chapter was fab. Don't let me go like 8 billion months without reading again, okay? Okay.


xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #3, by patronus_charm Don't You Want Me

11th November 2014:
Whooo I have a lot of chapters to catch up on so here I am attempting to do that! &hearts

Oooh so Scorpius and Albus had a heart to heart without it actually getting awkward? Now, that is impressive and maybe these two can be actual friends with no awkward romantic feelings cropping up as that would be nice and if that did happen I would be really happy. As for Scorpius moving to Paris with Corbin, even though I strongly dislike Corbin and would most probably use M rated words to describe him if I could, I think it's for the best because then Albus and Scorpius can have the space they need to become friends.

Aw, Cora, aw, aw, aw, Albus does not need to worry about splitting up with Brandon and making it awkward as they're already such an adorable family I'm sure it will never happen. They just seem to be merging really well together with the way Albus is starting to be really open about his feelings towards Cora. Then that heart to heart! ♥ That was just perfect as now everything's out and they're sort of okay with it all and they confessed their love for one another they can ride off into the sunset, right, Rose? :D

So Archibald and Lily, huh? I feel as if I'm being slightly prejudiced towards them purely because Archibald is an old man's name but hey ho, I still feel as if there's something fishy going on with the two of them like he's secretly a former Death Eater or something but we shall have to see.

Anyhow, a fab chapter! ♥


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Review #4, by Veritaserum27 The Long Day of Vengeance

22nd October 2014:
Hey there Rose!

Here for our review swap! Oh my gosh. I just LOVE this story so much. You have to write more. Are you working on this for Nano? Please say yes. I need to know what happens!

Scorpius. C'mon dude! It's abuse - don't sugar coat it. But seriously, you wrote it so well, I'm not saying that you justified the assault at ALL, it's just that you really, really made the reader see Scorpius's raw emotions about the whole thing. He is in love - or a least he thinks he is.

I loved how Al handled it. He was supportive of Scorp, but wasn't going to cross the line of telling his closest friend what he wanted to hear just to make him feel better. Scorpius needs to get to that point on his own.

Haha - James and Al - sort of a bit bumbling when it comes to whole kidnapping and payback thing, huh? And then comes Lily, fighting her own battles. I think it's the fact that Archie called her a - you know what - in front of her brothers that set them over the edge. I love that you didn't go into great detail as to what exactly Al and James did to Archie but rather let the readers imagination take hold. In my head he got everything he deserved - Veggie Boy.

I found one small typo here:

"What?" James exclaimed, much too loud for their conversation to not be heart throughout the house.

I think you mean "heard" not "heart."

That Child and Family whatever Josephine bitter old woman made my blood boil. I cannot imagine a more loving set of parents than Al and Brandon. They both adore Cora and put their own wants and needs aside for her. I have a very, very bad feeling that this is going to get worse before it gets better. BUT... I won't know either way unless... you write more. Please, please, please. I need to know. We, your loyal readers need to know.

What happens to Rose and her business?
Does she ever find love?
Does Scorpius come to his senses and leave Corbin?
Can Archie just go away forever and turn into a turnip?
Can Harry set that evil Josephine right?
And the most important question... is is Branbus or Scorbus?

Please write more.

Thanks for doing a swap!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by LightLeviosa5443 Ice Cream

3rd October 2014:

I'M READING. SEE? THIS IS ME CATCHING UP. I'm not on my laptop though, so I can't do my freakout as I read thing. So at the end of each section I'm going to furiously scroll down and spazz, and then go back for the next section. Hey, maybe that means this review will be tamer than usual. Why am I telling you how I'm going to review? You probably don't care as long as you GET a review. Okay. Shutting up. Time to read.

SOBS AT THE FACT THAT ALBUS HAS NO FAITH IN HIS PARENTING ABILITIES. That's all the caps this paragraph gets... maybe. Anyway, this section was just like emotioncity. Because well. Because. The fact that Albus wants to take the steps to be a good parent is just so heartwarming. HE'S MAKING AN EFFORT. guess that wasn't all the caps. WAIT AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT ALBUS ADMITTED THAT HE LOVES BRANDON?! CAN WE JUST FOCUS ON THAT FOR A SECOND? Kay, thanks, I just really like thinking about their love. AND HE WANTS TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CORA. LIKE. LIKE. JUST. FEELS. I think that all of Teddy's advice is so precious and valuable and I love the way that he puts everything. He's so wise. Which means that you're so wise. Because in order for Teddy to be wise, you have to be wise, because you're writing him. So Rose, you're wise. But then I guess we already knew that because you're a Ravenclaw.


Okay, so, I love Rose's gifts but I honestly snickered a little when you got to Ron's present because the idea of Ron reading just makes me laugh. Also, I don't like this Rose getting a present for Cora thing. And why does she know when he gets off work? Like excuse me, stalker much? Ugh. I JUST DON'T LIKE THIS BUDDING RELATIONSHIP. IT'S NOT OKAY. I mean, I know it's not really a budding relationship because by my will alone Branbus will be a thing. But still. OMG I'M RAMBLING SO BAD I'M SORRY. OK. FOCUSING. Can I just say that when Brandon was all I think you need to leave I said "YEAH ROSE, LEAVE." YOU GOT REJECTED BECAUSE IT'S BRANBUS FOREVER NOT BROSE. ROSDON. (I don't like either of those, they sound bad. PROOF THAT IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE.) Okay, anyway. The story. Have I even commented on like actual components of the story yet? Probably not. Sorry.

Okay, So I really hate Corbin. Like, Corbin is a poop and he's awful and I really just hate him. But his sensitivity with Scorpius and that whole moment about his family and their past was so sweet and tender.

This chapter was amazing. You even made me kind of second guess my corbin hating. But I still hate him. He's a poop. And I hate Rose rn. because excuse me. But Branbus is queen.

This was spaztastically long. Sorry...

Not sorry.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #6, by BellaLestrange87 A Satisfied Mind

2nd October 2014:

*calms down*

I know you said on your MTA that somebody dies but why Arthur? Although it is fitting that somebody that loves Muggles and Muggle technology as much as he does would die from a Muggle cause of death.

You wrote Molly's reaction to Arthur's death really well, and I found myself sitting here trying to hold it together, which doesn't happen very often. Arthur's sudden death meant that she didn't have time to accept the fact that he was going to die - it just happened. (Maybe this part of the review is affected by the fact that I'm listening to Dust in the Wind right now. I don't know.)

I think Ron's side of Rose (that's not the best way to phrase it, but oh well) is clearly visible in this chapter. Rose is insecure about the fact that she is single when all of her friends/family she's close with are in relationships. Ron was insecure about being overshadowed by all his brothers' achievements.

Missing quotation mark - should be "It is nice to have a bit of consistency in bed-fellows though," Scorpius added dryly.

Lily and Archie get along really well together. I came back specifically to review this chapter, so I know what happens in future. Rereading it, they have good chemistry together and I can't understand why Archie would do what he did. (Trying not to spoil it for people who read reviews before starting the story.) Although, Molly's comment about them rushing into marriage makes me think that maybe they weren't ready after all. (Plot hint?)

Excellent chapter! *cries over Arthur again*

Blue vs. Bronze Battle 44


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Review #7, by Veritaserum27 The Wolves and The Ravens

30th September 2014:
Hello Rose!

I'm here from the common room for Story Search Round 3! I'm so glad the games that the QTR editors planned are giving me a chance to catch up on some of my favorite stories! I've gotta admit - part of the reason for my review is to guilt you into posting some more of this story ;) Please, give us some more Branbus! On to the chapter. I feel like Rose is a bit lost here, but I can't really blame her. It seems she has some feelings for Brandon, but I think most of it stems from the fact that the only true relationship she's ever had was a sham. While she's trying to focus on her career, at the same time, all of her friends and family are coupled up. It has to make her wonder a bit. I didn't think Albus did anything wrong by going to the party without Brandon - he was helping his brother. Also, the scene with Rose and Brandon half naked when Albus walks in was priceless! I'm gonna add another nudge to get you to post more of the story! :D

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by marauderfan The Long Day of Vengeance

25th August 2014:
Nooo I can't believe Scorpius just took Corbin back! It's only going to happen again. I mean, I get that it's difficult to make that choice to break up especially when he loves him, but it's just an unhealthy relationship. I hope Scorpius sees sooner rather than later that he deserves better than that!

Hmm, Archie. It was a funny idea for James and Albus to go mess with him, but it kind of makes me sad that they (and Lily, for a bit) beat him up or something. I mean, I hated Archie, but rather than being violent I think it would have been much better taste if they'd turned all the furniture in Archie's flat into mouldy fruit, or let loose a giant flock of pigeons in there. Well, at least Archie got what was coming to him, I suppose.

The scene where Brandon was talking with Josephine made me so irritated! It's so sad that there are still people who think that way in this century, and that she was under the impression that a household with two dads would be somehow inferior to the 'traditional' family and have negative impacts on Cora's upbringing. Ugh. Poor Brandon :(


Someone needs to make me stop writing reviews late at night. Sorry I made no sense. Anyway, yay I'm caught up! Super stoked for the next chapter!

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Review #9, by marauderfan I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

25th August 2014:
Ugh the funeral was so sad. :( Though I did completely sympathise with Rose having no one to comfort her after a funeral... there were a lot of others, one of whom she walked away from - after all, Molly doesn't have anyone anymore :( And Rose's conversation with Charlie afterwards was so heartbreaking, because although Rose has no idea what's going on in Charlie's mind, I know. And Rose's casual mention of Albus and Brandon probably did not help, though she didn't know she was bringing up a sore spot.

CORBIN WHAT. Um, yeah I know I had said earlier that Corbin might not be that bad, but I have changed my mind. He is that bad, and worse. Abuse is not okay - he is way too controlling and even if he apologises, who's to say he wouldn't do it again sometime? Scorpius needs to dump him.

AND ARCHIE. Well, I'm thrilled that he is no longer engaged to Lily, because that relationship went on much longer than it should have, but ugh what an awful way to have that happen, poor Lily. Although Rose's motives for visiting Lily were a bit questionable (wanting to gossip), I'm glad she was there to comfort Lily at a time when she needed it.

Onward! I'm almost caught up now!

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Review #10, by BellaLestrange87 The Wolves and The Ravens

21st August 2014:
Hi Rose!

I've been meaning to review for a while but instead I've been hitting the next chapter button... oops.

I really liked this chapter. I can see Albus and Derrick's kiss becoming a problem later on, if Rose decides to bring it up. I'm starting to wonder about Brandon's orientation. He's in a relationship with Albus and yet he's ogling Rose.

I don't think Scorpius should be too worried about Corbin and Astoria hitting it off. If they like each other, she might be able to persuade Draco to accept Scorpius for who he is. (I know I'm 8 chapters behind at this point.)

There's only one bit of nitpicking I have with this chapter, and that's the sentence ""You're important to me and I always make time when it matters," asserted as they approached the restaurant." There should be a "Corbin" before the word asserted.


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Review #11, by Rumpelstiltskin Hold Tight

19th August 2014:
And here I am! XD

I do enjoy the theme for the majority of the story -- family meals. I'm not just saying that because I'm pregnant and every meal sounds like a good idea. *Cough* Nope, it's a great excuse to bring people together for good times and conflict ;), which of course all happens in this chapter ^.^.

I love Harry and Ginny together in this, with their kids grown, each with a lovely person of their own to love ♥ . You know, if James had entered the house like Albus, then he wouldn't have been witness to a little kitchen flirting. Though, I'd say that they can flirt all they'd like, after what they'd been through as children.

Ugh, I hate being to the dinner table last at large family events. Mostly, for the exact reason that happened with Lily and Archie -- you never get to sit together. Sometimes, you're stuck sitting next to someone you'd rather not sit with, too. But now I'm off topic.

Heheheh, and who LET little Cora get carried away in the sink? Oh, I bet Molly would absolutely love to see the little one ^.^. I can't really think about Molly without thinking about babies.

Cindy seems nice still. The Magical Accidents and Catastrophes department sounds like a fun-filled department to get involved with. Do they get to go on investigations like murder detectives (you know, ideally with the lack of murder)? How do they judge their accident to catastrophe scale? ^.^ I like this department.

*Cough* Woosh, Archie dodged a bullet, there. Lily's already talking about babies ;) tehe.

I love how Draco is blissfully unaware that he will be hosting his son and Corbin at dinner, though Scorpius is under the impression that his father knew about it. Astoria and Corbin are scheming in the best possible way ^.^.

It is nice to see Draco and Scorpius getting along, even if Draco is still holding his grudge about family standards. Corbin and Scorpius are so sweet together, though, especially with the I love you's and the kisses :D.

I will always, always, always love Molly and Arthur. I mean, they're just so perfect ^.^. Ouch, Arthur, with the Brad reference. That one hurt *falls over*...followed closely by the Fred reference (you just weren't satisfied that nobody has cried yet, were you?)!

Yes, yes, Brandon is amazing -- good call Albus ^.^. He's even willing to be swept away by Arthur for muggle device talk ;).

O.O Oh my, well, Al just laid it all out right there on the table, didn't he? I can't say I blame him, but I do feel a little bad for Rose at the same time. At least she realizes that he's just trying to clear the air so that there aren't lingering hard feelings.

Poor Rose needs somebody to love.

Just saying.



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Review #12, by Lululuna The Long Day of Vengeance

19th August 2014:
Hi Rose!!

Oh no, Scorpius!! :( It makes me so sad to see him leaning back into that cycle of abuse and violence, but it's a common narrative for people to accept abuse and forgive it until it happens again and again. I hope he can understand that his relationship with Corbin clearly isn't healthy, but considering how Scorpius was sort of emotionally stunted for his whole life and didn't really believe in himself or think himself worthy of love it fits with his insecurities that he would want to take Corbin back and forgive the abuse.

While I was sort of cheering for Lily to let out her feelings with Archie as well as the boys, I do feel a bit uneasy about the whole thing especially in the wake of Scorpius being hit by Corbin. Violence is never the answer really and Lily hitting Archie when he can't even run away, no matter how he hurt her, is a bit inappropriate as well. I wonder if the boys are going to face any trouble for abducting Archie? No matter what the guy did that would be pretty terrifying (I'm sorry for empathizing with the bad guy here :P).

Oh no, poor Brandon! From the way she treated him I suspected that she might be homophobic or at least convinced that heterosexual norms are the only way to properly raise a baby, nevermind, oh, love and care and support and all that. It reminds me of a fight I had with a friend a few months ago where he was saying that he doesn't think that gay couples should be allowed to adopt because "if you were a boy, Jenna, you would understand how much a son needs a father figure" or something ridiculous along those lines. And of course I put him in his place through obvious arguments like "in that vein, single mothers shouldn't be allowed to raise children" and such but he's not even a bad or homophobic guy in the slightest, so it goes to show how even educated people are still prejudiced against things which contradict gender norms. So that reminded me a lot of what Brandon is facing, even from his mother if I recall correctly.

Ahem. Tangent (what else is new?). Anyway this was an excellent chapter and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!! :D Also, love the last line. Hehe. Harry is pretty humble but he does deserve his mighty moments sometimes.

Oh and before I forget, I loved the Ginny line about "that lecherous little toad's timing." It was such a Ginny thing to say and made me smirk, hehe.

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Review #13, by crestwood The Long Day of Vengeance

19th August 2014:
Hey Rose!

I haven't even left reviews for a lot of the chapters before this, (which I WILL get around to as soon as humanly possible) but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to be first to leave one for this chapter haha.

From the very beginning you've made me incredibly sad here. I don't think I can actually handle Al talking about the fact that Cora watched Arthur die. And then Scorpius tries to kiss Al and I'm both so relieved and ready to fight for Branbus at the same time. And then he explains what Corbin did and I remember how amazing Albus really is. I just wish Scorpius would leave Corbin and find someone Albus-like that isn't already in a perfect relationship!!

Thankfully Archie got some sort of comeuppance for being an absolute terrible person. I'm still a bit in shock about what he did to Lily, even though I was distrustful of him from the beginning.

I think what upset me most about the Child Services lady was that her reaction was just all too familiar. I can't believe she could believe that Brandon and Albus raising Cora would have some kind of ill effect on her. I feel personally offended at the very suggestion.

My reviews on your work always end up just consisting of my rambling opinions and reactions rather than controlled criticism. Mostly because THERE ARE NO FLAWS. You're amazing, I love these characters and everything about this. EVERYTHING.

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Review #14, by LightLeviosa5443 Only Myself to Blame

18th August 2014:



just kidding. mostly. there might be some more substance. i'm not sure. it's debatable. UGH. THEY'RE SO CUTE. STOP.

Ooh. ROSES SECTION. Wait, I remember this. Ooh, right, this is where the guy calls her the thing. I don't think I can say that word in a 12+ review, can I? I'll just say the thing. you know what I mean!! Pedro and Henrik. The battle of the rude men. The fight for Rose. Yeah, I'll just stop there. Henrik out, yo. He a poop. And back to Pedro. Four for you Pedro. You go Pedro. ;) I'm just a bag of laughs, I am. I don't know what's happening in this review, I'm sorry.

ooh we like pedro. i think. do we like pedro? i like pedro. pedro: rose's saucy romance from Leon. yum yum yummy.

aannnddd who's next? Scorpius? LILY. YAS. LILY. hahaha archie. archie the bad. archie the great. archie the guy who gets everyone in lilys family angry which is probably pretty tough cause theyre all pretty tolerant. yas. awe! so cute! (for now) I love this scene, though. Archie is a poop, and we all know that, but this scene is adorbs. I love reading (Seeing?) Lily fall in lurve. yes lurve. not love. lurve.

andd that's a wrap.

this chapter was fantabulous.
marvelous, dahling.

all of those were said in an accent, i don't know what kind, you can make it up.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #15, by Rumpelstiltskin Don't You Want Me

16th August 2014:
O.O It's odd being here under the guise of a swap. :D

Aww, I love that Scorpius is happy, and finally falling into a relationship that could be stable (well, for now, anyway...there's no telling what you'll do to destroy his happiness :p). A 'second-sight for exes'? Haha, I think that might actually be a real thing, along with the instant response of 'see-how-happy-I-am-without-you'.

Anyways. You know, sometimes you just need to strip and attempt to seduce somebody to see exactly where a relationship is or isn't going ;). Yeah...I can see how that'd be awkward. Aww, look at those two, carrying on a conversation like adults about relationships and whathaveyou. ^.^ It's great to see them getting along, without, you know, the odd tension of possible relations (though, that it kind of fun, too). That was a nice little get-together...which makes me wonder what you've got up your sleeve for a smack-down.

Oh Beatrice. Always nice to see your man's mother...*cough*. I think Brandon's poor attempt at singing while in the shower is absolutely adorable ^.^.

Oh goodness! What happened? With the crash and the bang? O.O WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE BABY!? Oh ^.^ heheheh...never mind. I probably would have freaked out a little, too, if something like that had happened. At least Al was concerned for little Cora's well-being ♥ . That's something, right?

Ouch :(. Well, at least Brandon's telling Al about the kiss with Rose, which was started by Rose, and stopped by Brandon. I understand that it would probably still hurt Al a little...but it's not Brandon's fault that he's irresistible. I'm glad that they're getting it all out on the table (it's probably better than trying to keep it hidden) and --

HOLY CROWS THEY SAID 'I LOVE YOU'!! :D Aww, it's so awesome ^.^. (Insert many incoherent squees!) Everything's going so well...what are you going to do? I'm afraid.

Heheheh, whatever kind of meetings Lily is going to sound exciting ;). Archie and Lily are adorable together...just saying. Also, kissing festivals sound much more fun than business trips, anyways. Rose is so skeptical of Archie...which amuses me... “What has he done that’s so wonderful?” -- that really had me cracking up. Rose needs to find herself a good man (or woman, or whatever she wants)...who isn't Brandon.

I don't know if Lily would have reacted as poorly as Rose thinks that she would, and crushes are long as nobody goes running about and kissing ;).

^.^ This was such an upbeat chapter, with only a little down on Rose's part and her lack of lovelife. That, of course, leaves me terrified...because I KNOW you've done SOMETHING!

O.O I'll just have to read more to find out.


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Review #16, by marauderfan A Satisfied Mind

15th August 2014:

*deep breath*

Ok, i'll get to that later. Um, I really liked Rose and Scorpius' conversation, a lot. So there were some awkward hugs, but overall I think they're becoming friends again. Their discussion really showed how much Rose had changed, and it's so believable that someone as confident as Rose in Pure Intentions would become so insecure and suffer low self esteem after hearing the truth from Scorpius. But now that Scorpius is really happy and secure in his own relationship after so much of his own angsty romantic drama, maybe he can help lift Rose's spirits with his friendship. Hope so, anyway.

Archie and Lily's engagement announcement went about as well as I thought it would. Ugh. They need to break up stat

The part about Arthur just tugged at my heartstrings and gah it's so sad. Especially as it was so sudden, and Molly's disbelief and thinking that if the mediwizards just try harder, they can bring Arthur back. I hate that this happened, but it makes it more realistic as he was old and death is something that happens to and affects everyone in the end, it's part of life. But that doesn't stop this scene being incredibly sad though. I always thought Molly and Arthur were the sort of couple that should last forever!

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Review #17, by marauderfan There Goes the Fear

15th August 2014:
James! Aah! I hope he will be okay. I think he will, as Quidditch injuries tend to be quite prevalent at Hogwarts including concussions and losing arm bones and stuff, so hopefully James will be fine. Poor Cindy though, she must be so worried!

And Lily! Obviously she's really worried as well, but has to keep it together at work. I felt so horrible for her with the way her boss was treating her, and all but telling her he only hired her for her name. Gah! But then when she stood up to him I was totally cheering for her.

ARCHIE. NO. Too soon! Gah, he really cannot read her feelings at all and the last thing she needs at the end of a super stressful day would be an important question like that. Also, HE IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE. That's not how it works! As for no one being whole until love perfects them, just no. No one is perfect. And you can be a whole person without a husband! Hjsdijhfhofshjh I just want to shake her. How old is Lily, btw? She can't be older than 19 or 20.

Corbin seems to be getting less creepy possessive and realising that its ok for Scorpius to have friends. Steps in the right direction...

aefkjrtkj I still can't believe Archie

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Review #18, by Rumpelstiltskin Ice Cream

12th August 2014:
Just look at all of these chapters that I haven't reviewed (I guess I know what I'm doing over the next few days) :p.

I kinda love that Teddy named his son Remus. Actually, when I opened the chapter, it was the first word my eyes were drawn to, and I was wondering what on Earth was happening for a moment O.O. Luckily, actually reading cleared that up ;). I don't see why Al thinks he's a bad father -- his little interaction with Teddy was sweet... so, really, there shouldn't be anything to worry about. He just likes to make excuses :p.

Okay, okay, so he does have a point with the difference between being the "fun" adult who comes to play for a bit and being the parent...but really.

Little Remus is adorable ^.^, and he can do accidental magic fantastically...AND he can count ;).

Rose so has a crush on Brandon O.O. Poor Al, first Scorpius (albeit unintentional) and now Brandon... Well, we can't exactly blame her for her crush on Brandon, now can we? ;) Oh boy, well, will the kisses *closes eyes*...*peeks*...*closes eyes again* no, no, no -- Brandon is Albus'! Doesn't she know my ship of choice for this fic? She's supposed to be paired with some nice dude who isn't Brandon! O.O *Pitchforks* Okay, yeah, I do feel bad for her...but it definitely needed to be done! :D

Ah Paris. See? Scorpius and Corbin are getting along smashingly ^.^. Well, actually, I have no idea if Scorpius will actually take that leap and move to Paris to be with Corbin. The chemistry at the end suggests that he might, but with Albus' habit of playing with hearts...he might not O.O.


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Review #19, by DancingMooncalf I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

10th August 2014:
Oh poor poor Lily. My heart goes out to the little, naive girl. How on earth could that happen?
I've been loving your story, it's very emotional and swings back and forth between happy and sad.
Laughing and choking up have been alternating sounds I've made since I started the story.
It's very well written and really drew me in like a magnet, every chapter stops at some kind of cliff hanger, making me want more. Just like this one, by the way. I don't know how to wait patiently for the next chapter.

I feel for Rose, being single when surrounded by couples is never easy. Even if all those couples have their issues, it makes you feel a bit insignificant.
But I'm happy everything seems to be alright between Al and Bran at the moment. I really like them together, please keep them together! Please!

can you please update soon, I need to know what happens next. It's crazy how involved I've become.
Thanks for the beautiful story!

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Review #20, by Lululuna I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

9th August 2014:
All caught up!!! :D

Woah, so much happened in this chapter!! I thought you wrote the funeral scene really well and the grief came through: though it's awful, I'm glad there were so many people who loved Arthur and were there to honour him, and that all the Weasleys have each other for support. It was nice to see Charlie as well even if he was being a bit bitter about his lack of a love life, I think that sort of attitude might encourage Rose to stop being depressed about her non-relationships.

Hmm, well looks like Corbin's possessiveness has come to a breaking point. This definitely made me not like him and I hope Scorpius leaves him as domestic violence is not okay, whether it's between a heterosexual or homosexual couple, or happens once or everyday. It's not alright, and I hope Scorpius can see through that and not forgive Corbin. I was proud of him when he told him to leave as it shows how he's grown up and doesn't let people walk all over him anymore.

Aw, poor Lily! Can't say I didn't see it coming but it's sad that she didn't. Rose was right about the silver lining but of course that's not going to make Lily feel any better for the time being. :(

A great chapter, and yay I'm all caught up. Now I can firmly say that I'm excited for the next udpate! :)

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Review #21, by Lululuna A Satisfied Mind

9th August 2014:
Woohoo I'm almost caught up!

Aw, poor Rose. It does make sense that she would lose confidence and be more self-consious after her post-relationship rejection from Scorpius, I can completely see where she's coming from.

Gah, I do think that Lily is rushing things with Archie. Not only that she's young - though that is a big part of it - but I don't really see what the rush is especially since they haven't known one another that long. I thought the family's reaction was very realistic though I have my doubts about whether this engagement will actually make it to marriage.

It's so sweet how much Arthur and Molly still cared about one another and how well they get along, I just loved them together. ♥ Especially just in front of what was about to happen next. It is a natural part of life and Arthur had a wonderful one, but his death is of course so sad to read about. At least he died at home after just having a lovely moment with his wife and grandson, and he didn't suffer.

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Review #22, by Lululuna There Goes the Fear

9th August 2014:
Aw, poor James!! I hope he's okay!!

I liked seeing the Scamanders and Lysander's crush on Lily was cute, especially with how he would not only look at the paper to just see her name, but also admit to doing so. You did a good job of writing their family dynamics and it was fun to see them appear in this story!

I think it might be good for Rose to move abroad semi-permanently and sort of start over there. It would be good for her business as well as get her out of the same old routines. It was fun reading the banter with her and her friends however, especially when she wanted to use magic on Eliza.

Ooh, raunchy times with Corbin and Scorpius. :P That was a cute moment, and I love all the sneaky innuendos, hehe.

Poor Lily - I'm glad she stood up for herself and her family, and hopefully she'll be able to find a way to fight back against the way the Prophet was handling cases and show how corrupt they are and have always been. I have noticed a theme of independent businesses and entrepreneurs in this story so it would be interesting to see if Lily goes in that direction too.

Another great chapter - I really hope James is okay!!

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Review #23, by Lululuna Hold Tight

9th August 2014:

I need to find more creative ways to begin and end reviews, haha.

Yay, James is still seeing Cindy!! I quite like what I've seen of both of them, especially James since he's so different from his regular portrayals in fanfiction with how he's more shy and insecure. Actually all of your Potter/Weasley characters are quite distinct and original.

I loved the line about needing the high chair in the first paragraph!

Hahaha, I can't believe Lily made the comment about having babies in front of her whole family! So funny. I liked seeing all the family dynamics and how Cindy was getting such positive attention even if Archie didn't quite fit in the same way. Also, Albus was really sweet in his cluelessness with Cora and I like how he's learning.

Corbin's a sneaky one, isn't he? With how he figured out the dinner with the Malfoys, and how Draco agreed with him about the planning for the books to have aphrodisiacs in them. I loved how Draco thought he was intelligent because of his sneakiness, hehe. it's nice to see the Malfoys sort of getting along, however.

I'm glad things get better for Rose soon!! *cough Pedro cough*

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Review #24, by Lululuna Don't You Want Me

9th August 2014:
Hi Rose!!

Ahahaha, I knew it would only be a matter of time before a lustful insinuation popped up in this story!! :P (referring to Al's inappropriate thoughts in front of Brandon's mum).

Backtracking a bit, aw I'm glad Al and Scorpius can be so mature with one another even though I do want them to be together in a way like I said in the last review.

It was sweet how Albus freaked out over Cora possibly being injured - maybe a bit like a new parent himself? It was nice seeing that real moment between Al and Brandon and how their everyday life might be together with Cora. I liked the interactions with Beatrice as well. I'm still more of a Scorbus shipper if I had to choose but Brandon is great as well and I do want him to be happy.

Poor Rose, well she really should be celebrating her single life while she still can since she has gotten to kiss a few pretty boys lately! Hopefully she crosses paths with Pedro again soon or some other awesome boy who hasn't already snogged Albus. :P

Another great chapter, Rose!! :)

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Review #25, by Lululuna Ice Cream

9th August 2014:
Aw, Remus was so cute. You do a really good job of writing kids, both he and Cora always seem so realistic. I thought it was a great moment of irony when Teddy said that Al had a lot to learn about kids without realizing how much that would sting due to what's going on in Al's personal life: it was a really good example of how it's easy to say the wrong thing and also how much this issue is affecting Albus.

Hmm poor Rose. She was pretty inappropriate going behind Al's back that way even though he doesn't quite deserve Brandon either in my opinion. I almost find myself shipping more Rose/Brandon and Albus/Scorpius in some ways though because I do think that Al and Scorpius have a lot in common and are both a bit sneaky in similar ways, but if Brandon doesn't feel that way about Rose then I'm sure it can't be helped.

I think it would be so cool for Scorpius to move to Paris, though I think he'd have to do it also for the sake of his own career and happiness, not just to keep Corbin happy and secure. I really liked hearing about his family history and I'd be even more curious about what the months hiding out in Paris were like for him as a child and whether it maybe explains why Corbin is a bit insecure and protective. It definitely adds an interesting side to his character.


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