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6th July 2014:

So first off, I will confess I was a bit puzzled. It's possible I'm mis-remembering it (and I don't have the book at hand), but my recollection of Snape's Worst Memory was that James was antagonizing and humiliating Snape BEFORE the "mudblood" portion. So in that sense, many of James's early thoughts didn't seem to jive with reality for me (same with Lily's later dialogue).

That said, I think what you did capture very well with this story were the emotions at play. Regardless of the sequence, I do think James was astonished (and easily could later have been angered) that Lily would publicly take Snape's side after what he called her. I also think Lily would have definitely been hurt to the point of tears about the end of that friendship too.

I thought your suggestion that James and Lily were in fact friendly (if not FRIENDS) between spats was an intriguing take as well. I think it makes sense on a certain level, given that they are housemates (and given some of the more glossed-over tidbits in Snape's Worst Memory), but it is something very different to see in FF, kudos to you for bucking the trend.

All in all, I think it was a solid story, I'd just double-check on that sequence.

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