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Reading Reviews for This is How You Love Her
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by SunshineDaisies This is How You Love Her

12th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF

I have been following Sam around ALL NIGHT busting her out of jail and she always seems to choose THE MOST HEARTBREAKING STORIES.

This hurt. In so many ways. You have the innocence of young love, of Cedric just wanting to be with Cho, without all the hullabaloo of being the Triwizard Champion. And god the way he talks about her is just like, it makes me want to cry and that's before I realized he was about to die.

Then you have his musings on Harry and how he deserves to win, how Harry is good and brave-- it's just such a Hufflepuff thing to think about. To give up fame and fortune to someone you think deserves it more so you can just be happy with your love. But he takes the cup because Harry thinks Cedric deserves it more and Cedric relents AND THEN HE DIES BECAUSE OF IT. AND ALL HE WANTED WAS TO KISS CHO.

And god, "That's my boy!" SHATTERED MY SOUL. It took me right back to the movie, watching Amos just distraught at the sight of his son's dead body yelling "My boy! My boy!" God, that hurt so bad.

So if you couldn't tell, I thought this story was downright amazing. Not only did you BREAK MY HEART, but you did so in such a beautiful way. Your prose was absolutely gorgeous, and despite wanting to tear my heart out the whole time, I really enjoyed getting to read it. This story makes me really feel for Cedric in a way I hadn't really thought about before. I'm miserable now, but I think you can take that as a compliment

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Review #2, by Dojh167 This is How You Love Her

12th April 2017:
Huflepuff CtF Review

Omg! It took me a while to decide which of your stories to read (and I eventually went for the shortest one shot I hadn’t read) but if I had realized earlier that this was a tragic Cedric/Cho story I would have been right here!!

And you start the story with a quote from Cedric’s expativin eulogy??? Ruderuderude not acceptable.

I love your characterization of Cedric from the very start he is rich and complex and so very him and he never dies thank you very much.

Also, your writing is so clear that even through that first paragraph you have very efficiently and clearly characterized Cedric, Cho, and their relationship without having to slow down to spell anything out.

“But then there’s Harry and his eyes are beady and his hair sticks to his forehead and he’s running.” Gay. I mean. Continue writing your story without me assigning personal headcanons to it.

You’ve done a great job of creating inertia and suspense in your writing. Even though I know what will happen, I feel very engaged in the action.

I love “ripping out tufts of green. Cho’s favorite color.” It is so simple, but very effectively ties together the action of the scene with the emotional undercurrent of the story, and shows how parts of Cho are in Cedric’s mind at all times.

“Its breathing grinds like wet cement” didn’t quite work for me. While I believe that wet cement grinds, I don’t think I’ve ever heard it, so that simile kinda went over me.

I really like “when you had eyes for only Cho. / And the truth is, you still do.” Though it took me a second to realize that the second sentence was referring to the end of the last paragraph.

You did a great job of showing how notable it was that Cedric cared more about Cho than his father’s approval. While we don’t see too much of Cedric’s pressure to please his father in the books, you quickly and efficiently establish it here by showing that when Cedric thinks if winning the triwizard tournament (which is a HUGE deal) he thinks of how proud it would make his father. That plus the reference to how bad getting a T used to seem really establishes that it’s very important to Cedric to please his father, which makes the fact that there’s something more important to him even more noteworthy.

“And it hits you—the potential that this crazy idea—” ---that you, Cho, and Harry would make the perfect romantic triad. Whoops, doing it again.

There was a bit of a discrepancy in that you said that the cup was within arms reach f Harry but he needed to limp towards it to get it after that.

That ending is incredibly, well, rude. Cedric thinking of the future, how perfect and easy it will be. Having such clear visualizations of how his father and Cho will react, when later that night they have very different reactions.

This is upsettingly well written.


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Review #3, by Leigh This is How You Love Her

4th April 2016:
This chapter was exciting to read. I have never read anything like it before. You captured every moment vividly. I like stories that I can envision as I read. It makes it more real to me. I am glad to have read this story. Keep up the awesome work.

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Review #4, by tangledconstellations This is How You Love Her

20th June 2015:
Heya again!

Reviewing for Ravenclaw for the House Cup 2015 :)

For someone that hates action, I think you did a pretty swell job at writing it! This was really effective - I think the thing that works so well here is that there is a balance of action but also of Cedric's contemplation. The writing is very in-the-moment but you also manage to include just enough of his thoughts to remind us that there are weights and considerations outside of this instinctual moment, the urge to 'win' the cup. It really warms my heart to read how Cedric feels about Cho. I love them as a couple, I love all of their awkward, blossoming teenage feelings for each other, and the way they're both still kids. But there's a real sense of how headstrong Cedric is here, the way he's willing to pack in being the champion for Cho. It's really lovely, and I think if Cedric had lived (*sob*) he would have been such a family man.

Your writing, again, is awesome, and it's been really cool to read this only moments after reading 'Darkness'. There's a definite shift in tone for obvious reasons but you've still got such a clear style. You're always really coherent with what it is you're saying and describing and adopt the tone of your character so well. Just - yeah - sorry for being the lamest fangirl ever. But this was great - and it's fantastic to see inside Cedric's head here.

Laura xxx

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Review #5, by Dark Whisper This is How You Love Her

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

Wow! Your summary really drew me in. Why would he actually want to lose the Tri-wizard Tournament? Your reason is brilliant and beautiful at the same time. Love, of course.

For not liking to write action, you certainly did a good job. The key is short action sentences. It makes one read faster and faster, wanting to know what happens.

You really dove into Cedric's thoughts and yearnings wonderfully and I am truly amazed. This seems so well thought out, even though you admit to allowing the character tell you what he wanted. I wish my characters did that. LOL!

I loved how you had Harry making an unexpected "offer," giving him a perfect solution.

The tragedy is that we all know what happened just after this. So terribly sad.

Excellent job on Cedric's point of view.

Dark Whisper

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Review #6, by Infinityx This is How You Love Her

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

Omg I think I'm about to cry at how beautiful and depressing this is. The second person PoV worked wonders for this fic and I might just melt into a big pile of mess soon. I love this personality you've given Cedric. In the book, we only knew him as Harry's rival and the one who died, but this shows a completely different side to him. One in which, unlike the others, he didn't care about the competition at all and the only thing he wants is to be with Cho. That is just so lovely. It really contrasts his nature from the other participants' competitive spirit and you've truly brought out the Hufflepuff side to him which is really amazing. Your writing is terrific and the descriptions are just amazing. Every single emotion in this is so powerful. I love how you brought in that bit about his dad as well. It really puts him in a different light to know that he never wanted to take that cup in the first place. My heart is breaking.

You are such a fantastic writer and this was just beautiful.

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Review #7, by adluvshp This is How You Love Her

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin review.

Oh my, this was very sad, only because we know the outcome - Cedric is going to die. He realises in the end he loves her but he never got the chance to tell her.

His worry for Cho fading away after he wins is interesting. I never thought of it that way. I also liked how included that little segment where he is remembering the morning of the task - how both he and Cho knew he will win and she will "sink in his victory".

The description of the events in the Maze are also well done. The action, the intensity of the scene comes through nicely especially when Harry saves him from the spider monster thing.

You've described Cedric's emotions wonderfully throughout, from nervousness, fear, worry to conviction and happiness. I really enjoyed reading this - this last account of him is great. And the second person narrative worked very well here too.

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Review #8, by Roisin This is How You Love Her

20th June 2015:
I was really surprised in your A/N to read what you said about action, because I was so impressed about how WELL you did the action here. The second person present tense was a great narrative device here, but it never felt 'devicey,' if that makes sense. Like, I almost didn't dwell or even twig the second person - it was all really natural.

I also really dug your Cedric characterization and sensitivity to his Hufflepuff-ness and what that means. And also, that you didn't shy away from or apologize for him and Harry's kind of frantic, competitive, wanting-to-win-ness (even if Cedric was conflicted). I mean, in the book, it's a very competetive and intense scene, and I liked that you remained true to that.

And just... POOR CEDRIC. His plan was a good one! Harry probably WOULD have dominated the spotlight, and I really appreciated the way he thought about what his victory might mean for Cho.


...Is someone chopping onions or something? That must be it.. *sniffles*


House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

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Review #9, by TreacleTart This is How You Love Her

4th May 2015:
Hey Gina!

I'm here for the Gryffindor Review Battle Round 2! Go Team Red!

I don't think I've ever had a chance to read any of your work before, so I'm really going into this with no idea of what to expect.

I was so excited to see that this was in 2nd person POV. I feel like it's the hardest POV to write, but has the most potential to come out really well when done right. You have definitely done this right. I loved that you included some of Cedric's emotions in this. Far too often in 2nd person, people focus on the action too much and leave out the feelings. I thought you balanced all of that quite well.

I found this to be really heartbreaking in a sense because Cedric is finally deciding that he wants to tell Cho how much he loves her, but based on cannon, we know what happens next. I wish he would've realized it before he got in the maze. I desperately wish those would've been his last words to her and that maybe she could've found the slightest bit of comfort in them, but instead she never gets to find out.

I also really enjoyed Cedric's internal struggle over being victorious. You showed it in a different light than usual. It's too bad that he didn't follow his gut and let Harry take it. If he had, he would be snogging Cho.

All in all, I thought this was an excellent story. I'm certainly going to have to check some more of your writing out, although based on your author's note, it looks like I shouldn't plan on them following this pattern. :D Good work!


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Review #10, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack This is How You Love Her

3rd May 2015:
Greetings! I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, and although rarely seen in the wild, I have taken this occasion to pause in hiding from the Lovegoods and make an appearance on the HPFF Archive! But only when nobody is looking...

This is such a beautiful portrayal of Cedric and of Cho, both of whom are sadly often neglected in fanfiction. I really liked the spin you put on Cedric's motivations - rather than wanting to be the winner and sharing the glory with Harry because that's what's fair, he actually wants to lose the tournament so he doesn't lose Cho as she fades in the background. It shows such a selfless love that's just so genuine and beautiful. It was just lovely how he realised that he loved her! Aw. It's so bittersweet considering what happens later :(

Your sigh of relief hisses like rain on hot asphalt. -- I love the imagery of this!! ♥ beautiful. (Personally, I am partial to the sound of rain on the leaves of Dirigible Plum trees, but perhaps humans aren't as fond of Dirigible Plums as we Snorkacks are.)

Your characterisation of Cedric is incredible, too. All round this was such a great fic and I'm so glad I stopped by to read it - wonderful writing. But now I must take my leave to meet Bigfoot for tea in the forest, in the fine shade of the dirigible plum trees.

Author's Response: I love this review. So thoughtful and creative. Thank you.

I'm glad you enjoyed this piece, dear Snorkack. It was enjoyable to write so I'm glad it was also enjoyable to read (albeit a bit sad considering the circumstance).

I've never heard rain on the leaves of Dirigible Plum trees, so I will have to take your word for it. I hope some day to hear that wonderful sound.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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Review #11, by Little Miss Lucky This is How You Love Her

20th April 2015:
Hello Gina *waves*

I'm Little Miss Lucky, the daughter of Lucky that you may have seen visiting another story on the forums (or you may have seen my aunts Lady Luck, Lucky Star, Miss Lucky and The Lucky Lady). My family and I are responsible for giving out luck to the lovely people of the world, and making the bad people very unlucky. I'm here because I have been told by a friend over at the forums that you have been around there. And she really wanted to come here herself, my friend, but she can't because she is hiding from an evil king, I think his name was Jeoffrey (you may have heard of him). So I suggested I'd go in her stead, and that is why I'm here!

I've always felt a little guilty about not giving Cedric Diggory more luck. He certainly deserved it, even if my bitter aunt Miss Lucky did not think so. I think he was kind and brave, and did not deserve to end so early in life. But I was but a kid back then, and my lucky glitter alone was not enough to save his fate or his life. So he died, all thanks to that aunt of mine, and it's the one death I can never forgive her for causing. Because I liked him, I liked Cedric Diggory. He was always kind to me, more so than I deserved most of the time. And I couldn't convince my own family that he was worthy of our lucky glitter *sigh*

But I think you did a good job of capturing him and those last moments before his death - well, before the graveyard where he lost his life, is more accurate. I could see the Cedric I knew back then, and it made me feel even more sad and guilty for not saving him. I remember Cho was a mess that day, when Harry returned with Cedric's body. She said some pretty bad things to me, but I deserved them all. Because it really was my fault. And that was the day I vowed to use my lucky glitter for good, to save the lives of good people. And I will!

I wish I could stay a little longer, but I have to go now. We Luckies are not allowed to stay at one place too long, because if someone were to catch us, they'd be able to control the fates of every living creature. And that is very dangerous, indeed. Thank merlin, Voldemort never had us, because then Harry would have had no chance at defeating him.

Anyway, I'll be off now. You'll probably never see me again, but I think you might see my friend over at the forums. Would you say hi to her for me? I can't reveal her name, because of the evil king I mentioned earlier. But she gave me this clue so I could find her if I ever needed to, and I will give it to you now:

Your clue:

I'm not very timely
Yes, I tend to be late
But it's okay for a lady
to you make people wait

Hope this might help you find her. And since you've been nothing but nice to me, here is some luck! *throws lucky glitter at Gina*. May you have a very lucky life!

Yours Sincerely

Little Miss Lucky

Author's Response: This is probably the coolest review I've ever received. I'm humbled that you have seen fit to visit me, Little Miss Lucky, and that you have bestowed me with some of your priceless luck. Thank you.

Don't feel guilty about Cedric. He lived a good life. And I'm sure he was rewarded in the afterlife. I enjoyed writing about his last moments on earth--and they were made all the more powerful because they were his last. Isn't it true that death gives live meaning?

I will say hi to your friend for you. It's the least I can do. Thanks again for stopping by.

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Review #12, by Freda_and_Georgina This is How You Love Her

28th December 2014:
I didn't expect it to involve quite so much Cho/Cedric. It is sweet that he doesn't want to win because he fears what would happen to her. I also like this thought pattern and the way you have him figure out things in a few moments.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by patronus_charm This is How You Love Her

25th May 2014:
Hi Gina!

Ok, I read this yesterday but I had way too many feels to write a review, so I’m back again today to attempt to write something. There is a severe lack of Cho/Cedric stories on the archives, so when I saw you wrote this ship, I was really excited as I do have a soft spot for them, and ah, this has to be one of the best portrayals of the ship I have seen.

Cedric’s love for her was so pure and heartfelt that alone almost made me want to cry. It definitely felt like a lot more than teenage love with the way he emphasised he was doing this for her and that she was the one powering him on. This line – ‘She’ll drown in your victory.’ + ‘that he stayed behind during the second task to help the other hostages when you had eyes for only Cho’ were among the lovely ways you described their relationship. They just really knew one another and it felt as if it was one of those relationships which could have lasted for years which just makes the ending even sadder.

The second person POV was great here! I think the way it provides an almost dual aspect to the story worked so well with this story because we have the one side to Cedric which is battling through the maze trying to keep his head on the game and win, and then the softer, in love side to Cedric when he thinks about Cho, and I don’t think it would have been anywhere near as effective or smooth in its transition with another POV.

Ok, a little more on Cedric as he’s such a great character! I really thought you wrote him so well, and, again, it was just a really accurate portrayal of him. As well as the mentions of his love for Cho, we had his dad mentioned too and how he would love to do it for him too, showing his selfless nature really well. Then that was re-enforced with how he realised that Harry had saved him too so he owed him this. Gah, just every thought and action just seemed so Cedric really.

I have one final thing to say and that’s how I think you executed this one-shot brilliantly. It just seemed flawless and thought-out really well. The pace as he moved through the maze wasn’t slowed at all because of his internal thoughts and that was really impressive. Also, the way you combined it with canon events was great again and it was really refreshing to get it from another perspective!

Thank you for such a fantastic entry, Gina, and thank you for the shout-out too! ♥


Author's Response: KIANA.

This review response is disgustingly overdue and I apologize. I want you to know that I vividly remember receiving this review and that I (literally) cried I was so happy. I admire your writing so to receive such a positive review meant a lot.

You know, I'd never really thought about Cho/Cedric much before researching/writing this. I kind of just looked at Cedric as a roadblock for Harry, since he liked Cho. But after writing this, I'm just as sad as you are that their relationship couldn't progress because of… well, we know why. I'm too sad to write it.

I'd never written in second person before this, so thanks for offering the challenge which was, for lack of a better word, challenging. I have a soft spot for Cedric now. And I even like Harry better after writing this. Haha. (That's a story for another day.)

Thank you again. I hope you're doing well (I write this over a year later, in January 2016).

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Review #14, by Rumpelstiltskin This is How You Love Her

24th May 2014:
Hey there :).

Oh boy, this is lovely and yet incredibly sad. I love the sense of selflessness as Cedric takes everyone else around him into account. While he enjoys his father's approval, and would enjoy the victory of winning the Tournament, would find more satisfaction with *not* winning. He's afraid that Cho will fade in the light of his victory, and he feels that Harry is more deserving of winning. Of course, Harry didn't realize what he was doing by offering Cedric the opportunity for the pair of them to win, together.

The writing in general was lovely. The plot focused on a single moment of time, and it was executed perfectly. I love Cedric's focus on Cho during majority of this one-shot, and how his thoughts constantly stray to her. While I haven't had the opportunity to explore Cedric's characterization in fanfictions before now, I really appreciated your take on him. I think it followed very close to canon and highlighted some of his best characteristics and traits.

At any rate, fantastic job, good luck in the contest, and thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I hadn't explored Cedric in fanfiction before either, but was given his character for the challenge. I'm sure he's got flaws, but for this piece I decided instead to showcase his strengths. He's such an under appreciated character.

Good luck to you as well!

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Review #15, by toomanycurls This is How You Love Her

24th May 2014:
Can I just start off with saying "the feels." Of course a story about Cedric right before his death is going to cause a bit of emotional tugging but I really like the spin you put on this. I expected it to be all about the tragedy of a young, untimley death but you made it so much more than that. His thoughts about Cho really opened up a side to Cedric that I haven't seen before.

The idea of Cho fading in the spotlight really struck me as poetic. The imagery he uses really fits with the "strong and silent" description Angelina used when she went all fangirl about him too.

Cedric's reaction and confusion when Harry shoots the stunner at him is great. of course he'd be a bit leary of another contestant after Krum had cursed him.

One aspect of your story that I love is that Cedric wanted to lose and his reasons for it. this ties in with my awe over how you've weaved in his feelings for Cho but it's such a remarkable thing for him to stop and think about in all the imminent glory he expects to receive.

I love the ending. You've ended on hope which is a beautiful touch with a story that leads to such darkness in the books. Really excellent story!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Rose! I really enjoyed taking a scene that's in canon and putting my spin on it, to show the undercurrents of what happened. From the research I did on Cedric, he's really a remarkable character. He's always thinking of others and wanting to play fair, so I thought it only fitting that I honor him in this piece.

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