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Review #1, by patronus_charm Childhood

25th May 2014:
I was just about to go read the next chapter of Sevenfold and then I saw this was up, so Iím here instead! Iím going to tackle this section by section so thatís what the numbers refer to :P

1 - I honestly think this is some of your best description yet, Jenna! It was so poetic and beautiful, I felt like I was being lulled to sleep by it or something as it almost had a rhythm to it. Aw, the images of baby Hagrid were adorable too, and I love how he had such a gentle nature which defies all expectations of a baby half giant. Seeing the way Fridwulfa could be a caring mother was so sweet too, as I just sort of blot her out of mind, but she must have been a really interesting character to fall in love with a human.

2 Ė ĎNature is something which has permitted an abomination like yourself to exist within it and you are very aware of thatí omg, this entire section made me want to cry, why do your stories do this to me Jenna? :P Quick question before I go on, but is Olive, Olive Hornby? The second person POV was amazing here as it almost made Hagridís outsider status even more relatable and I could really feel how he felt and it was just sad. Iím just so glad you explored his rawer feelings here because I always imagine him to be more emotionless than anything but this proved it wrong.

Ah, when his mother left it was just too much as it really just reminded me how much Hagrid has had a hard life. His father is really lovely though, you just managed to make his good spirit shine out if that makes sense and he just sounds so warm and accepting. I didnít make much of Hagridís grandmother other than her being one of those usual horrible prejudiced people.

3 Ė I loved it when he went to Diagon Alley as it almost felt as if he belonged there and it was just so lovely. Honestly, second person POV story is amazing here because weíre following Hagridís journey with him as he went there and experienced everything so itís just so amazing and I canít imagine it in any other POV. Ok, I feel as if Iím blabbering but I never thought it would suit Hagrid as well as it does here.

Ah, when he met Tom Riddle, I honestly got the shivers and wanted Hagrid to go and punch him given what Tom does to him later but luckily he left him alone. You really wrote his character so well, and even in the short time he appeared I could feel his sinister air seeping off of him. I adored Anne though, she had lovely Luna like qualities about her and I just want to spend more time with her as sheís so nice.

Ok, I canít even deal with the ending because Hagrid has to deal with too much and itís not fair. First, his father goes and dies and that wants to make me sob in a puddle of my tears from earlier on in the chapter. Even though I knew it would happen, I just desperately wished it wouldnít. Then sweet Anne has to die too, and it was just like the final blow. It was just like, no, donít give anymore angst to Hagrid it would be too unfair. At least we had a sort of happy ending with him finding Aragog.

Ah, this was such an amazing entry, and I think possibly the best thing Iíve read of yours! ♥


Author's Response: Hi Kiana! :)

Wow, I've been sort of saving up this review because it's just so amazing, and thank you so much also for choosing this as one of the winners! I feel like I spent so much time writing it so it was so exciting to finally post the first chapter (this story is one of those neverending ones apparently haha), and it really taught me to love second person. So thank you! ♥

Thank you, I'm so glad you liked the description! The details and poetic language here were so crucial to the story so it's really wonderful to know they stood out in the story. This was part of my attempt to understand Fridwulfa and that whole strange family dynamic in the Hagrids.

Yes, she was meant to be Olive Hornby, though she isn't particularly important to the story she was one of the only canon characters from that era who felt natural to tie in. Aw, poor Hagrid - his own insecurity and sense of not being good enough in the eyes of others was a really crucial part of Hagrid in my opinion, and I wanted to explore how he could go from being insecure and people not liking him to becoming such a wonderful, strong man in the future. I'm glad you thought the second person helped with that as well.

I know! :( His childhood especially was so hard and is going to get harder later. Writing this in second person was such a cool experience since by this point I'd kind of forgotten it was in second person and it felt very visual instead of just me writing it, if that makes sense. Like I felt like I was uncovering a story that already existed instead of just writing it, and somehow second person helps with that. I'll definitely be trying it more in the future. :)

Ah, Tom Riddle is so creepy but Hagrid is quite trusting and since Riddle is nice to him, it makes sense he would continue to idolize him. I was going off the way Riddle approached Hagrid in the flashback scene in CoS, because it felt like there was some familiarity there. I also felt like Riddle would sort of collect people he could use to further himself in the future and Hagrid was sadly a victim of that.

I know! :( I felt so sorry for him writing this, especially his dad as he was quite a lovely character and it felt unfair they were separated so young. I didn't intend to kill Anne so early but it fit because that way Hagrid could be vulnerable for a new friend in Aragog.

Ah, thank you! :) That really means a lot since the experience of writing this was so wonderful. Thank you for the amazing challenge and this beautiful review, Kiana! :)

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