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Review #1, by May The One Where There's a Confrontation

19th May 2015:
Great chapter looking forward to the next one x

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Review #2, by May The One with the Feast

19th May 2015:
Really good story I'm enjoying it

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Review #3, by HufflePuff_Blitz The One Where Lucy Becomes a Confidant

17th May 2015:
Me Again!
So, I know I havn't reviewed chapters 3-6 yet but I swear I will get back to them. I just really wanted to keep reading :D I'll just review in reverse now.

Really liked this chapter and all the diverestiy and what not that you have included. I'm kind of like James, before this year I didn't know a lot of the extra stuff about the queer community. But this site has really shone the light. I also liked your inclusion with the Muslim culture. Peoples religions don't usually bother me in any way, but I usually don't go out of my way to learn about them. So I thought it was neat to see a perspective of it.
I love James. You will probably see that everytime he is all adorable. I hope he gets together with Parker soon. It would literally make my heart melt. Probably not a good idea though, cause I need my heart to keep reading this story, and breathing. I need my heart to keep breathing.
But anyways, really enjoyed this chapter. I'm sad that I ran out, but now I get to go back and read the story again so I can review all the chapters. :)

Hugs and Hufflepuffs,

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Review #4, by HufflePuff_Blitz The One with the Feast

17th May 2015:
Hello! ME again :)

I Really enjoyed this chapter also. Like before your flow works really well with the descriptions and makes it such an easy read.

I really enjoyed how she helped the new first year, and the inclusion of diversity Hogwarts has for it's students. That was so sweet.

I like this Albus. I give him an A+ usually when I see people putting him in Slytherin he is still a generally nice dude. but in this one he just seems wicked. (not hating on Slytherins though... I love Slytherins.)

Still don't trust those other friends, but she can keep hanging out with James and the other dudes. They are actually really cool.

All in all another great chapter. I cannot wait to continue reading it to see what happens.

Hugs and Hufflepuffs

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Review #5, by HufflePuff_Blitz The First One

16th May 2015:
Kayla! Howd'ya Do fellow puff!
(I have to be hnonest admit I almost forgot your name and I feel really bad)
First off I'm confused, not in a bad way I assure you but this chapter didn't have a lot going on but I still found it really captivating. (I hope that didn't sound rude, I can see it taken that way)
But what I mean by that is there isn't a lot of action in this chapter but all the small things plus the brilliant flow of the writing really gets you into it.
I loved Lucy's Mom, and Ginny, and Harry. And James, your story has James. Ten points to Hufflepuff.
I don't trust those girl friends. They be up to something I'm thinking. I'll be keeping my eyes on them. But I loved the other guy friends. They were great, plus James. How about another Ten points to Hufflepuff for extra James. (Sorry I like James)
You can tell he is a good friend by how he gives her that look. Which is what I assume to be a look of understanding.
I cannot wait to see how this turns out!
Hugs and Hufflepuffs
p.s - I saw this was listed as a Lgbtqa story and I'm interested on how that fits in :)

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Review #6, by greenbirds The One Where Lucy Eavesdrops

11th May 2015:
cara! omg! so not cool. that is 100% not the reason why her and eleanor are being mean to her. you don't be so vile to someone just over family time and accusations of self-interest? i'm really intrigued as to why they're being so malicious, and i'm sure you'll tackle that in later chapters. declan is a bit of a sleeze, not standing up for lucy especially as she was so helpful to him earlier, but i suppose that's just him being flaky? rather than cara and eleanor being so ew ew ew?
(sorry for my ridiculous typing, i'm on my phone and i know i sound appalling. i can write better than this! i know more adjectives than ew and mean!)
the drinking game sounded really fun, and it was so sweet seeing how al, james and lily interact with each other. it was so flawless, so well written- you have nailed sibing interaction just like you NAIL everything else! i'm also really interested in james and parker- kudos to you for not being like yep he's gay, whilst obviously loads of teenagers are sure in their sexuality at that age (such as lucy) others really are just branching out and finding out what they like, and i haven't seen much of that - experimentation? - in nextgen fics. i'm inspired to add some into my own, because it's such a teenager thing. or maybe it just is with MY friends, but yeah. sorry i'm rambling.
ben's sweetness regarding james was touching, as was james helping poor lucy at the end. (another teenager thing!!! woo!!! go teens!!!)
looking forward to your next few chapters! bea xx

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Review #7, by greenbirds The First One

10th May 2015:
"it was hard being away from (my mum) for a year. she was one of my best friends" title of my autobiography?!
okay, so james and lucy's relationship is great. i like how they're close because it's usually him and dominique or him and fred- in fact i love how you've chosen to explore lucy out of all next gen characters because she is so overlooked! also, your characterisation of ginny and percy is fantastic, and i love the detail of harry running after the train. classic haz.
cara and eleanor are urgh so far but you've really nailed the teenage girl friendship dynamics of exclusion and inside jokes- i hate it when writers act like hogwarts is magically (haha) different from all other secondary schools because teenagers and teenagers and most of all, teenage girls are teenage girls! they weren't horrible enough to be bullies, but mean enough to look out for the duo in later chapters. all i can say is poor lucy, but at least she has james.
lucy seems like a really strong character, really assured of herself- enough to be able to shake off her friends' weird behaviour. i love how james looked out for her! looking forward to reading on! xx

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Review #8, by InkStainedFingers The First One

8th May 2015:
I love Lucyís energy. Thatís what really stands out from this chapter for me. She seems to be such a strong character, and vibrant and alive. And really likable. There are far too few stories, in my opinion, which focus on Lucy as the main character, which is a shame because sheís pretty much a blank canvas. Itís always really interesting to see if a writer will characterise Lucy and Molly more like Percy or more like Audrey (not that we have any information about what she is like...). But yeah, I really like how Lucy doesnít care much about how she does in school. I love the line ďIíd rather be happy and stupid rather than miserable and a genius.Ē Ė I think that is a great sentiment actually.

I also love Lucyís relationship with her mum, and how they arenít just mother and daughter, but best friends as well. Thatís a really incredible relationship to have, and I feel so happy that they have that, even though Lucy will miss her while sheís at school. The line ďMum wouldnít let go of my body, but to be fair I didnít let go of her eitherĒ really seems to sum up their relationship well Ė I love their closeness. I really like how you have characterised Audrey as well. Sheís unashamedly emotional throughout most of the chapter, which I think is pretty fantastic. I like how Audrey doesnít want to let her daughter go - ďI gave Dad a hug after breaking free of Mumís tight hug but as soon as I let him go, Mum attacked me again.Ē - and I love the line ďIíve been crying too! I need her with me so we can cry together!Ē I really like how she and Ginny gang up on James to embarrass him/say goodbye.

And your Percy seems very, very Percy-ish (if that makes sense?): wanting to make sure his daughter is studying hard at school and does well in her N.E.W.T.s and disapproving of Jamesí Ďbad influenceí on Lucy, and still boring his family with uninteresting lectures. It seems very in-character for him. But I love how you donít just make him uptight and cold, and instead say that he just isnít good at public displays of affection. I think that is something really realistic about that, and ďHe practically wrote us sonnets.Ē is an incredible line.

One thing that I found a little confusing was ďhe always disproved...Ē - should it be Ďdisapprovedí?

In fact, I love the whole family dynamic you have created here. I think Lucyís relationship with Harry is great. I like Ginnyís relationship with James. I like how James and Lucy are close Ė I donít think Iíve ever read a fic where theyíve been good friends before, and Iím really interested to see where you might take it in future chapters. I really, really like the line ďI remember when you used to run around in your mumís dresses, playing princesses with Luce!Ē - there is so much potential for the Lucy-James friendship.

I feel really sorry for Lucy when Cara and Eleanor are acting strangely and being awkward around her. The Ravenclaw boys do seem a bit creepy. Itís awful for Lucy to find out that her friends had done stuff without her Ė that really is terrible. Iím glad she has Ben and Carter and James though Ė I love their friendship dynamic. Your dialogue is really amazing: ďIíll have to thank Al then. Thanks for telling me.Ē I really hope that she finds out why Cara and Eleanor are acting strangely and manages to sort out her friendship with them, and I think itís great that James is concerned for her. I hope Lucy is ok!

This is a great chapter, and Iím really excited to read on.

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Review #9, by patronus_charm The One Where Lucy Eavesdrops

6th May 2015:
Hey Kayla! I have a gap in my exams so I couldnít help but read more of Mean :D

Haha, it was so funny listening them talking about girlfriend troubles and how to get them as you usually think itís just guys who have that discussion, but it was nice to see that Lucy was able to join in with this conversation too. Another thing I really liked was how accepting they were of her sexuality and just made jokes about it, as I wish there were more people who were just like that. :) Haha, the reaction to when that girl asked if Ben and Lucy were a couple was the best though and it really did make me laugh! ♥

Bahahah this line - ďName three people that arenít related to us,Ē Al said in exasperation.

I really liked this chapter was it was interesting to see more of the Potter/Weasley clan together as they all just have crazy personalities and they make me laugh a ton. I think Lilyís possible my favourite (other than Lucy of course) as sheís just got this rebel attitude I was brave enough to have and even though she can be annoying at times, itís quite a nice annoying as it makes me smile. Though I have a feeling my feelings regarding this will change at some point!

Ew, ew, ew to Cara and saying those things and poor, poor, poor Lucy for having to overhear them! Okay, even if Lucy did prefer to spend time with her family they didnít need to get so offended. Sometimes, I donít see my friends for the whole of the summer but they donít get angry with me, they just know I have anti-social tendencies. :P

Hahaha, that ending made me laugh a lot and I will have to admit that Iím not too surprised that Lucy ended up in that state! I canít wait to read on though as this chapter was great!


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Review #10, by patronus_charm The One Where they Return to Classes

18th April 2015:
I thought Iíd try and squeeze another chapter in before going to bed as this is really addictive!

Aw, Lucy again is just so lovely and genuine and warm and kind and I donít see how she can be friends with Eleanor and Cara as they have this horrible, superficial quality about them which just pushes you away from them. I really like Ben, Carter and James though as theyíre just so funny and much more like Lucy so I can see why the four of them are good friends. Iím still on the fence about whether romance will develop between Lucy and either Ben or Carter, but I guess Iíll just have to read on and find out that way.

Well, Iíll take it as a good sign that Declan considers Lucy as Caraís friend because that means she hasnít been dismissed by them completely. Even though itís nice that Lucy and Declan were able to talk and Lucy was helping him out with Cara related issues, I have a feeling this is going to backfire and backfire in a big way, like Cara thinks Lucyís out to get Declan. I donít know why but to me Cara and Eleanor have this very paranoid nature about them.

Okay, I should have carried on reading before wondering whether romance was going to happen between Lucy and one of the guys, because if I had read on I would have discovered she was lesbian. And whoo, for all the diversity in this story Iím loving it ♥ But, back to the story, because all I can say about Declan is ew, ew, ew, as he seems like such a narrow-minded guy with the way he reacted to Lucy saying she was gay, and I have a feeling heís going to make this entire situation very uncomfortable.

Omg, Aalia is adorable ♥ Sheís just so cute and sweet and the way she already likes Lucy means sheís in my good books. She also has some of the best lines as sheís so true about how awkward it must be because youíre going to live with these people for 7 years so itís quite a big thing to deal with.

Whoo for even more diversity with James being bi! ♥ I donít think Iíve ever read him being bi before, so thatís another reason to get excited. Haha, I can just imagine James getting very poetic in his descriptions about Parker, and drunk James sounds like something you donít want to miss out on so I hope he appears again soon!

This was great! ♥


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Review #11, by patronus_charm The One with the Feast

18th April 2015:
Hey again Kayla!

Ooh, I really like the idea of people talking to different houses. Weíve already seen Lucy talk to Ravenclaws and Slytherins and itís so nice as they usually just tend to stick to their own house so this makes it much more interesting. Hahah, Zara made me laugh a lot and it does make me wonder what on earth Al did to her as she seemed very touchy about it. Ooh, and a quick note about Al but Iím already liking his characterisation as it seems as if James and Albus have swapped their stereotypical characteristics which is cool as it always makes it more interesting to read.

Okay, two things I really liked about the welcoming feast scene. One McGonagallís still there and being a babe and so whoo go her and it also made me crack up that they still called her Minnie. :P Secondly, the fact you tackled religious diversity too as itís never ever mentioned, but Britain in the 21st century is very multicultural so it makes sense there are Asians, Africans, Europeans, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, etc. at Hogwarts so Iím glad you broached that subject. Aalia seemed like such a sweet and genuine girl too, and I really hope Lucy becomes friends with her as it will be interesting to see the topic of religion and magic explored more.

Quickly, ew to Eleanor and Cara they are not nice people at all! Hmm, I am interested to see why theyíre being so weird towards Lucy, as itís just not nice at all.

Oooh, itís sad to hear that news about McGonagall just after I was partying about her still being there as I guess it does make sense as she must be rather old now and she deserves to enjoy her retirement after everythingís sheís had to go through there. Haha, I loved how cheeky the Potter/Weasley children were towards her though, it really made me laugh.

I really love Lucyís character her and I think youíve done a great job at developing it. She just has this really warm character which just draws you in and you want to get her know more and more. Another thing I liked was that she didnít take herself too seriously and sheís able to have a joke a lot of the time as that makes it much more fun to read.

Great chapter and Iím intrigued to see how this develops! ♥


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Review #12, by patronus_charm The First One

17th April 2015:
Hey there Kayla!

Omg, I am in love with Audrey/Percy and itís one of my OTPs so I loved how you wrote them here as they really made me laugh. Percy was the serious parent as usual, not liking the fact that James had a bad influence over his daughter and wanting her to work hard and just focus on her NEWTs. Audrey was hilarious with the way she just couldnít control her emotions and this line - ďIíve been crying too! I need her with me so we can cry together!Ē really did make me crack up and I canít wait to see more of her.

In fact, I really love the whole family dynamic youíve built up as itís so interesting. I never usually see Lucy and James together so I really liked seeing the two of them here. Then the way Percyís still boring everyone with his endless talks was so funny, and poor Harry having to deal with that. Again, I liked how Lucy was comfortable with Harry too, as usually Percyís side of the family are a bit distant from the others so I liked seeing them closer here.

Okay, I know I should not be dissing my own house but those Ravenclaw guys were creepy and Iím definitely with Lucy on that front and would keep well away from them because ew. Aw, poor Lucy though, my heart broke for her when she realised her friends had done stuff without telling her, Iíve been in that situation before and itís always so horrible :( I really like Jamesí friends though as they seem nice and genuine and I canít wait to see how this story develops!


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Review #13, by padfootandmoony The One Where James and Lucy Share Secrets

9th April 2015:
Really love this story! Lucy's a fantastic protagonist and I also really like James as well! Can't wait to read more, great job! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm currently working on chapter 7 but I've currently been swamped with a whole lot of real life stuff, so I don't know when I'll manage to get the next chapter up... :( After the 26th I won't have much on (for one measly week) so I'm hoping to get it up then :)

Thank you for the lovely review! ♥

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Review #14, by marauderfan The One Where they Return to Classes

22nd January 2015:
Ah, I was wrong, oh well. It turns out she does like Declan the Ravenclaw.

I'm really appreciating Lily's humour, especially Asking Cara Out 101. It sounds so simple when she says it like that :p

Ugh, Declan. Did he really ask how come he didn't know Lucy likes girls, when he's known her for like, an hour? Is he expecting all queer people to wear signs around their neck that say "I'm queer!" just so he knows?? Ha. Lucy handled the situation very well though without rolling her eyes at Declan's ignorance. And ugh don't even get me started on 'no homo' what an absurd phrase.

I really do love the way Lucy and James interact. They're so supportive :)

Crashing a Ravenclaw party! Ha, of course it's on the Astronomy Tower, what a Ravenclaw-y place for a party. Maybe they'll have telescopes, just in case anyone wants to do a bit of stargazing in the middle of the party. :p Sounds nerdy but hey I'd love to go to a stargazing party haha.

Oh Lucy, famous last words. That last line is basically a sure sign that it WILL happen :p

awesome chapter!

Author's Response: The no homo thing came from this one guy that was in my maths assignment group and he was constantly saying, "No homo" and I just can't STAND that phrase! IT SENDS ME NUTS. I'm so glad you can relate though!

And I'm not queer (at least, I don't think I am :P) but I've read so many stories where people get asked why they didn't know/why they are queer and I always roll my eyes at the ignorance. It's ridiculous

omg a stargazing party sounds amazing if you have one, invite me! :P

Thank you so much for the lovely review!! ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #15, by marauderfan The One with the Feast

22nd January 2015:
Lucy is the best! I loved how she made that first-year feel so at home - and that's such a great point about dietary restrictions. Given that most of the food discussed in the books are meat dishes of various types, I always wondered (as a vegetarian) where that leaves the vegetarians, or anyone with food allergies - but of course there had to be special dishes. Just because Harry only narrated about British meat dishes doesn't mean there weren't other options on the table :p

Also, I really appreciate the representation having a Muslim character in this, even if she is only in this one scene, it's so lovely to see diversity in fic.

I love the banter with the boys and how she's such good friends with all of them, despite how ridiculous they all are. Although it's a useless skill I'm totally jealous that they can recite the alphabet backwards. :p

Cara and Eleanor seem like they're trying to hide a huge secret and they're not sure how Lucy will react to it. I don't think this has anything to do with Cara having a Ravenclaw crush. because then what would Eleanor be doing just hanging out there too? My theory is that they're using the Ravenclaws as a cover story and they're actually sneaking off together, just the two of them because they fancy each other. Yes, I realise this is more of just a collection of twigs than a ship, but that's what I think until I am proven otherwise :p

Author's Response: Don't worry, Aalia does come up more in this fic, I promise! I remember reading a headcanon on Tumblr about Muslims at Hogwarts and I was like !!! MUST DO !!! so she will slowly become more important ;)

(But I actually need to rework the whole story now because this is going in a completely different direction than I intended it so I need to rework Aalia in the story again haha)

I've ALWAYS wanted to recite the alphabet backwards but it takes such a long time for me :P I feel like if you learnt it, you'll never really un-learn it haha

omg that would have been a great plot twist but I am letting you know it isn't just the Ravenclaw crush. It's going to be a bit more, but the crush is really just the tip of the iceberg, per se

Thanks for the review!!! ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #16, by marauderfan The First One

22nd January 2015:
Hi Kayla! Happy Review Hot Seat Day! I know there isn't actually a day set aside for you, but as you've been running the whole thing and set it up, I felt like you deserved some appreciation for that. ♡

Already in the beginning I can relate to Lucy so much because my mum is a relentless hugger too - when I went off to university across the country, after two hugs she would still want another one at the last minute before I left to fly off. Ahaha

I love that James used to play princesses with Lucy. :D They are such wonderful cousins, I love how close they are.

Now that I think about it, Lucy fics are rare, or really any fic about Percy's family, so I like that you've written about her here and that she's so awesome! She's not a Percy clone. And talking of Percy, I love how you've written him as well, how he cares a lot but is bad at saying so, particularly in public - that seems so true to his character in the books so well done with him.

Wondering what's going on with Lucy's friends! Hmm. Must read on. :D

Author's Response: OH MY GOODNESS, I SUCK AT RESPONDING BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEWS ♥ ♥ I need you to know how much this honestly touched me. You put the biggest smile on my face, thank you so much ♥

Yes, my mum is also a crazy hugger. Usually I don't mind it but there are times where I just want to escape the death grip :P

Cousins are your first friends, and I have a brother/sister relationship with my own cousins so I really wanted to portray that in this fic because the 4 of us (my brother, my older cousin, younger cousin, and myself) would do such crazy things together and now we're literally so close. A lot of fics have the Weasleys/Potters close but not as close as most cousins are tbh

Ahh, thank you! I was so worried about getting Percy right! He's such a tough character but he's still extremely important!

Thank you for the lovely review! ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #17, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The One Where Lucy is Exhausted

28th December 2014:

Poor Lucy. Hangovers just suck. I've actually been in her position, only I went home ten minutes after college started. :P I kinda wish I'd done what James did, because James clearly has the best ideas, but it got me out of class. ;)

Lucky Carter!

And back to poor Lucy. The damn stairs getting in the way of her sleep and making her cry. Too much is happening to her right now. *hugs her*

I can't wait for more!


Author's Response: Hangovers do suck but I have really only had two bad hangovers (and one disappeared by the afternoon :P), I'm extremely blessed in the fact that I hardly get any hangovers :P

I actually got that idea from a guy in my grade. Fo r our year 10 graduation, the night before was the formal and people were all drunk and hungover, and the kid was in front of me and he was boasting how he woke up still drunk so he kept going on.

A valiant soldier...

We've all had those days where nothing goes right for us and the littlest thing sets us off, haha :P

Thank you for the review! I'm actually writing the next chapter now-ish, but it'll probably take a while because it takes me so long to write and put it in the queue, haha :P

- Kayla :)

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Review #18, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The One Where Lucy Eavesdrops

28th December 2014:

Lucy and James are so cool together. So close and always there for each other. It's awesome to read. I also love Ben and Carter the more I read this, they're the cool friends you want.

BEN KNOWS!!! WOO!!! I'm totally seeing James/Ben in my head, which is kinda sad because Parker seems alright now that I've met him. But... *wants James/Ben*

There will only ever be one Harry.

And there it is... the reason I hate Cara, Eleanor and Declan. That's just so, well, mean (OMG, TITLE!). I hope James, Carter and Ben kick their butts. Or Lucy and James set Lily on them.

That seemed like a cool drinking game. I've never played it before and I probably should keep it that way, but I kinda wanna play.

Uh oh, she got sick. *hugs Lucy*



Author's Response: Yeah, I love close cousin friendships -- the saying is that your cousins are your first friends, and in my parents and aunt and uncles cases, only friends :P (Their grandparents would literally say, "Friends? Why you need friends? You've got your cousins!") -- so I love writing them together!! And I absolutely adore Ben and Carter. They're basically brothers :')

Still probably no James/Ben, haha!

Yes, there will only ever be one Harry! No arguments there :P

Mhm. At first when I wrote it I thought it a little rushed but then I remembered back in high school that it literally comes out of nowhere.

NO DON'T PLAY IT. IT IS DEATH. I personally haven't puked from it because even when drunk, I'm extremely stubborn and won't let myself get sick but oh god, so many horror stories. I can't stress this enough: do not play King's Cup.

Thank you for reviewing! You're absolutely amazing!! ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #19, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The One Where they Return to Classes

28th December 2014:
The more I read this the more hooked I become. I just love finding out more and more about your characters. Which is why my reviews get shorter... :P

I don't think I like Declan very much. He seemed okay in the beginning, though a little annoying asking Lucy all the questions, but then he looked too happy when she called on for talking. I agree with Lucy, there's something not quite right about him. I don't know what Cara sees in him.

Suddenly uncomfortable just because Lucy tells him she's gay. Now I really don't like him.

JAMES IS BI?! *hugs him tightly* He just is, that's the only way I see him. I haven't even met this Parker yet and I ship them. James/Parker for the win. Unless Parker is mean, then... OMG, JAMES/BEN. I SHIP JAMES/BEN!!! topic, sorry.

You can't not crash a party, especially a Ravenclaw one. ;)



Author's Response: Yeah, I don't like Declan either. He's just going to get worse and worse, ehehe :P

James is questioning at the moment ;) It's just hit me that my head canon of James may have been influenced by you! I'd never thought about it before, but obviously your excellent story has stayed in my subconscious :P

Ehhh... so far, there's going to be nothing between James and Ben but god knows what's going to happen, haha

Thank you for the lovely review, Sam ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #20, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The One with the Feast

23rd December 2014:

Lucy is definitely the coolest person ever. Seriously, I love her so much already. I should have found this much sooner. *Shakes head at self* I'd have loved school if she'd talked to me on my first day... At least for that day. :P

The girls are cool, I hope we get to see more of them, but the boys are awesome. I wanna live in their dorm. It seems like so much fun.

Can I not like Cara and Eleanor? Eleanor more so. I'm getting this bad vibe, and I don't know if I should trust it yet because it's only chapter two, but it's there and I kinda want to. Or least know what the heck is going on with them?

I guess I shall find out. Back soon!


Author's Response: Sam!

Haha, I would love Lucy as well! The girls are cool, yes, but I agree that the boys are so much more fun. Except I wouldn't want to live in their dorm. I've been in a room with 5 other boys for a week (it was literally one massive room with 6 beds in it .-.) and by the end of it I had never been happier to talk to girls, haha :P Boys living spaces are good for small amounts of time ONLY :P

You can not like Eleanor and Cara! Especially Eleanor! I'm trying to make her seem good but she keeps getting on my nerves already, haha :P

Thank you for the review ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #21, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The First One

23rd December 2014:
Don't look. It's just me, casually stalk- going through your profile. Nothing to see. Seriously. Don't look. ANYWAY...

Awww, Lucy! I haven't read a Lucy story in a while. I love her already, especially her relationship with Audrey. I'd totally be like that with my Mummy if I was off to boarding school, excecpt without the dramatics because my mummy doesn't do that. No, wait, I wouldn't, my mummy would never send me away! MWAHAHAHAHAHA... *coughs* I mean, poor Lucy, having to leave her mum for school, but at least she's going to have lots and lots of fun for her final year...

Maybe. I mean, come on. What is with these friends of hers? That's odd behavior right there... But I'm not there yet... Hang on...

James! I love James already. He's so cool. I can't wait to see where you take his character. :D And Harry, but I can never not love Harry. I loved the bit about him being a lazy bum. "Yeah, he saved the world, but did he go back to school? I don't think so!" :D Percy was brilliantly Percy. But I won't go into detail, wouldn't want to make him emotional. ;) I hope we get to see more of them, at least a little, even Audrey and Ginny and their slightly scary hugs. :P

So, back to Cara and Eleanor. I owner why they're being so odd around Lucy, not doing what they normally do. And the boys who looked at her weirdly. What is going on??? *must find these things out*

I like Carter and Ben. I hope I'm supposed to, they seem cool. :P

I shall be back for more!


P.S. Really, don't turn around. I'm not done. ;)


I'm like that with my mum and I don't go to a boarding school and I honestly think I would not survive in a boarding school. I'm torn between in wanting to move out and have so much more independence and being near my mum everyday, haha :P I'm glad to know that we're both on the same page!

Yes, like Carter and Ben! I love them so much and I'm never going to not like them, haha!

Thanks for the review, Sam! You da bomb ♥ ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #22, by maraudertimes The First One

12th December 2014:
Review tag!

ERMAGERSH. I really love this. It's fun, it's quirky, it's already got some tension (oh no!), and of course, it's got James II who is bae. :P

Okay, so Lucy is ah-mazing! Truly! I love your version of her. She's fun, enjoys chivalry, slightly awkward, and totally my type of gal. I wonder if we can become friends so she can introduce me to her cousin. ;)

I liked the dynamic between her and her parents, it really helped set the scene for character development, especially with her father, as well as with her uncle and cousin, because it really showed how tight-knit the Weasley-Potters are! Also, her dynamic with her 'friends' and then with the Gryffindor boys were both written so perfectly and I can *feel* the tension! I wonder what's up?

Well, obviously this tension will become something more! I'm wondering if maybe something bad happened? That would suck. :( Also, I hope something happens with James. As I've said, he's kind of my favourite. :P

This was an amazing first chapter, it helped introduce the characters, their dynamics, the budding tensions, and overall I adored it! :) Amazing job!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hey, Lo!

James II is bae, I agree ;) I LOVE writing him sooo much, haha!

I'm glad you like my Lucy! I've always envisioned her to be much more carefree than Percy (and my headcanon of Molly) so it really makes me happy that you like it!

Whenever I see in stories that people within the Weasleys argue and aren't that fond of each other, I just want to scoff. I have a huge family like the Weasleys, and sometimes I think that some members are weird but I still absolutely love them and could spend all year with them. So I really wanted to reflect that :P

Thank you so much for this amazing review! I absolutely loved it! ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #23, by HeyMrsPotter The First One

10th December 2014:
Gift tag! (sorry I'm late!)

I think you've got a really good opening chapter to your story! I always find opening chapters difficult because you've got to set the scene for the rest of the story, introduce the necessary chapters and give readers a clue of where we are on the Potter timeline but without it just being a big information overload. You've managed to balance it brilliantly :)

I like the characters that you've created for Lucy and James so far, and they seem to have a really close relationship which is nice. It's not one we come across often in fanfiction, I think Percy's kids are always a bit neglected so I'm glad you chose Lucy as your main character. Cara and Elenor seem fun too, I'm interested in getting to know them more.

I think my favourite thing about this chapter is the older characters though. You've got them really in character but more mature too, another difficult thing to get right! Percy is my favourite, even though he says very little, his manerisms are perfect. Like him not liking PDA's and telling Lucy that Ron and Harry couldn't be bothered to go back to school after the war. So Percy!

Really good opening chapter, I'll be back for more very soon :D


Author's Response: Hey, Dee! Don't be sorry at all! Sorry for taking so long to respond!

Opening chapters ARE difficult, but honestly I think the second chapters are even more difficult, haha! But I'm glad you thought I wrote it well!

I always see Percy's kids as pushed off to the side which is sometimes a bit funny, but I feel like that that wouldn't happen in the Weasley family. I personally feel like they would all be very close to one another :P

Oh thank GOD I got them in character, haha! I was so worried about that!

Thank you so much for the lovely review, Dee ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #24, by 800 words of heaven The First One

10th December 2014:

This sounds like a cool story! There aren't that many stories about Molly or Lucy Weasley on the archives, so I'm excited about this one!

I like Lucy so far. She seems like a very normal person. I especially like how close she is with her family, especially her mother. It's rare to see an adolescent character so openly close to one of their parents. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.

I also like your take on James. He doesn't seem to be the obnoxious popular kid that is usually written. He's still very outgoing, but again, like Lucy, very normal. And I'm eager to learn more about his friendship with Lucy too.

Ooh! Why are Lucy's friends suddenly hanging out with Ravenclaw boys? Does someone have a secret crush? Did someone plot a nefarious deed like MURDER? Who knows? I'm excited to find out!

Lovely beginning :)

Author's Response: Hey!

Thank you so much for the review! I'm extremely close with my family (Mum is my best friend, tbh) and I feel like the Weasley family would be super close and so I'm really just writing my own family except varied genders/ages/magical abilities :P And we're all close to our parents, which I know a lot of families aren't so I really love reading and writing stories where people are close to their families :) I'm glad you liked it too!

I was actually so tempted to turn it into a murder mystery but then I had no ideas for that and heaps for troubled friendships so that stuck, haha :P

Thanks heaps for the review! Glad you liked it :)

- Kayla :)

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Review #25, by magnifique11 The One Where they Return to Classes

23rd July 2014:
bisexual(bi-curious?) character. lesbian character. omgomgomg.

let me hug you. omg. I'm bi and I literally have /never/ seen a bi character (who I didn't write) on this website and tbh I'm about to cry this makes me so happy omg.

Like I was basically just going to write about how much I feel Lucy bc I've literally had someone say "you don't look gay/bi" to me before -__- but now I'm just so pumped about James being bi/bi-curious. This is a really cool moment for me, ya know? I mean, I'm a girl - but still! Someone like me in a fic is so rad.

And you know, the plot and the characterization are super rad as well! I'm just really glad that I decided to read this and I can't really reiterate my thoughts well right now but it's safe to say I will be looking forward to future updates! :)

Author's Response: omgomgomgomg

I'm not bi or gay, just straight (but there are some times where I'm not too sure because GIRLS) and I see so many things online where there are hardly any other non-straight people (I could list every single one but it'd be a pretty long response, then!) and it made me a bit sad because people of other orientations instead of straight, like yourself, and I needed that to reflect in my stories rather than having just one gay character in the whole novel, which I have done before I admit. Just having one gay character doesn't mean ~representation~ and so I wanted to expand it!

And right there, where you said: "Someone like me in a fic is so rad." is why representation is so important and hearing you say that has just made my day!!

Thank you so much for this amazing review!! So sorry for taking a ridiculously long time to respond!

- Kayla :)

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