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Review #1, by Diogenissa Micsconceptions

26th November 2014:
Hello! *wavies* :-)

I was checking out your page yesterday and stumbled across this and being such the Death Eater sympathizer that I am, I was naturally drawn to it--That and the 2nd person POV.

The first thing I do need to mention is that I really don't like Draco. However, I haven't yet touched OotP yet so I haven't gotten that far to where this particular event happens yet so I haven't really been a real witness to his growth and transformation so to speak. I have however read through it via the various sources along my own research so I'm a little familiar with it, enough to know what it is, who's involved and why it happened. Having said that heeere we go!

What -really- struck me with this is how he believes that he -has- to suffer any and all pain for what he's already done and what he's going to do, despite the fact that it was forced on him and put into the situation. The entire scene with his broken hand is a perfect testament to that. The emotions are intense, powerful and come through to where you can actually feel it. There was an excellent balance between the physical, mental and emotional pain / states throughout, which was very satisfying.

The part with the little girl broke my heart to itsy bitsy pieces and I cried a touch. It -really- served very well to further his inner conflicts and torments. How sad it is when sometimes it takes a terrible event to happen in order for people to open their eyes to themselves? This is what happened here and it really moved me.

I enjoyed how it painted both a realistic picture of Voldy and Lucius (the latter a character I've been gradually getting to know). I found myself actually -hating- the Dark Lord and could plainly see that Draco did too. It showed just how detached and willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to achieve his means, even if it's forcing one of your followers' children to do your dirty work because you failed and were a bit of an idiot (yeah Lucius doesn't come across as very bright to me and I already had a bit of a negative opinion of him from when I read Goblet of Fire so yeah he's a bit of a coward in my opinion anyway).

In speaking of Daddy dear, I loved how you laid out Draco's thoughts on him and how he felt: That was also nicely done (it made me to wonder what kind of conversation they might have had -after- it all).

Now I mentioned 2nd person POV earlier. The reason being is that I have an recent idea not long ago for a one-shot from such a POV but have struggled with how to put it together since it's not really something I've done before. Having read through your story, it's kind of given me an idea of how it is done and hence has given the idea a bit more of a start to where I can revise it accordingly and am happy with how it's slowly but surely progressing groundwork-wise so I wanted to thank you for that! :-)

Overall, very well done and very thought out and detailed. The settings were laid out nicely and the characterization, especially with Draco given what little I -do- know of him and hence has given me something to look for as well as look forward to when I get to those stages in the books. Thank you so much for a
great story! :-)

Karen (Diogenissa)

Author's Response: Hi Karen! Thanks for the review, especially on this one shot as well. :)

First thing though, you haven't gotten to OoTP yet?! What! Go read them NOW, they're awesome. ;)

I'm really pleased that you thought the emotional and physical pain was balanced and believable.

Sometimes that is what it takes! :S

Haha, you made me laugh with your analysis of Lucuis, very scathing. ;) but yes, I do agree, a bit of a coward.

No problem! If you want to find out more about how to put second person POV together defiantly check out some writing resources and things. I do have some other second person POV stories but my writing still needs to improve a lot.

Thank you so much for the review and you defiantly need to finish the series!


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Review #2, by Loonylovegood67890 Micsconceptions

27th October 2014:

WOW. Okay, I have so many thoughts and emotions right now because of this. It's one of the few fics at the moment that have completely dragged me into the story the minute I started reading.

The second person's pov worked perfectly with the story because it really put me in Draco's shoes. I felt my heart break when the flashback came and the way he'd not been able to save the girl. And when you talked about accepting responsibility and being forced down a certain pathway, it made me realise what a harsh life Draco must have had.

My only minor issue is that sometimes when there was supposed to be a 'your' there would be a 'you' or the other way round. I know that it's probably very confusing with so many you's and your's (and it's easy to miss off letters), but it did disrupt the flow of the fic a little bit.

Amazing story. :)


Author's Response: Hi, thanks for the review.

I'm really pleased you enjoyed this because it was fun to write and I enjoy writing in second person pov!

I might have a look at that and try to fix it at some point.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #3, by patronus_charm Micsconceptions

24th May 2014:
Hi, here to review your entry, and congrats for being able to write one in time, it was very impressive!

Wow, this was such an interesting into Draco’s mind at such a challenging time of his life, I really enjoyed it so much! I loved the use of second person POV too, because added another level to the complexity of the story so it gave me a lot more to think about while reading which I enjoyed a lot. He really is an introspective person now that I think about it, and you conveyed that so well here, that I felt as if I got to see another side to him because of the depth of your analysis.

I think the reason why it had so much depth was because of the almost dual perspectives with the use of italics highlighting that there was a more morally ambiguous side to Draco’s character which showed him what he truly was no matter how much the other side of his brain tried to deny it. I thought that was a really interesting twist, because it not only made him think much more about his actions, but it made me think about my own too.

I loved your descriptions throughout and they just added so much to the story with the way it set the grim atmosphere to the lake. What made it even better was how you sometimes connected it to his past events such as here ‘he Forbidden Forest looms in the background and you are instantly reminded of your first experience in there’ and that made me sympathise with Draco more because his life really has been haunted by the shadow of Voldemort.

Anyway, thank you for such a great entry as it really has made me re-think what I thought of Draco at that time!


Author's Response: Hi, thanks for reviewing and thanks for starting an awesome challenge. I had so much fun writing this.

I'm pleased you enjoyed it and that you had a re-think on Draco's character! He was hard to write but in the end I don't think he really knew what he wanted so it was easier once I realised that.


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Review #4, by Lady Asphodel Micsconceptions

22nd May 2014:
Another entry for the Second POV challenge! Awesome! I wanted to participate, but I did not know (at first) how to approach a story like that (until too late.)

Anyways, I love your take on Draco Malfoy. The characterization was spot on! Great grammar, just the right amount of description! You really got into his head! :D

One of the coolest things about these Second POV stories is that - when you read "You" the readers automatically think of their self - not the character. At least with me it does. :P I see myself with a smug smile... boosted up with confidence and all that. It's like a teaser to the mind you know?

I enjoyed reading the monologue though. I can feel the emotions wrecking about and I can see how it'll drive him crazy just like how Draco was in the books (especially the movie -- Tom did an amazing portrayal of what you written) - him not having a choice and it's either he sacrifice himself or someone else ... I know it's not an easy no... that is an ultimatum... I don't know how exactly take it if I was in his shoes.

You made this one-shot incredibly intriguing - the follower, the murderer and you delved in deeper to bring those points home. That was a pretty cool move you made there! :D

There was one small mistake you made - which was where you writing about Draco breaking his hand... and a memory coming to him. You said "scent" not "scene unfold.." A quick fix - but just thought I'd let you know. ;)

The part with the little girl is so sad. She was unaware of what was about to happen to her and even Draco - I think (if not then excuse my line of thought.)

Lastly, the reflection on Lucius Malfoy was deep and us as readers can understand all the weight he laid on his son's shoulder without consideration - thus, leading Draco to be furious with him.

In the end, you wrapped up everything in a cliff-hanger like way - it's a pretty cool way too; Draco is bracing himself to walk the path we know he'll take. :)

Great job with this piece, and I wish you luck on the challenge! ^_^

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hey!

thanks so much for the review and the awesome banner! I love it ;)

haha neither do I, I just write whatever and usually it turns out alright in this POV for some reason. I find it much easier then any other tbh, which isn't helpful for longer stories!

Thanks a lot, it means so much that you thought I got inside his head. I found him such a tricky character to write because I was struggling to see which side he was leaning towards the most. Good or Evil? In the end though I realised it didn't matter since he was probably asking himself the same question so it worked out ok in the end I thought.

Yeah I know what you mean, the emotions sort of hit deeper with you. Well that's what it is like for me. It's easier to relate with them.

It's just hit me that in a way, Draco and Harry are quite similar, both born in to something they don't have much control over. In the end though I guess Draco had more choice.

Thanks for pointing that out!

Thanks for the review and sorry it's taken me a while to reply to this.

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