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Review #1, by Anon Anamnesis

12th June 2015:
Ooh, those tie-ins with remembering and forgetting... This still doesn't excuse her actions, of course, but the amount of death in her life is just... Even she doesn't deserve that. The second-person point of view fits the tone of this story perfectly. This isn't very coherent, and I'm blaming your story for that... This was amazing.

Author's Response: Hello!

Yay, I'm so glad that enjoyed this and liked all of the different tie-ins with the theme of remembrance and forgetting. It was something I really tried to bring out here, so it's great to know it worked. And I've never really felt sorry for Pansy, but in this version of her life I think that her actions are a little bit more understandable? Thank you so, so much for taking the time to leave this incredible review - it means so much!

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Review #2, by ShadowRose Anamnesis

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Okay, Sian, before I get started, let me say this. Never, EVER, did I think I would ever sympathize with Pansy Parkinson. She seemed stuck up and annoying - just like so many other Purebloods at Hogwarts. I never really thought much of her, only that she'd rather protect her own skin than take down Voldemort, as she proved at the Final Battle. Never did I think that she could be such a tragic character with such a twisted and horrifying backstory that makes any of her behaviors seem totally justifiable. But you do exactly that. Pansy becomes such a dynamic character, and I find myself understanding why she does what she does and even pitying her. All she wants throughout her life is to be loved and to be accepted, and she never gets that. She gets shuffled from place to place and mistreated constantly, that it's a wonder she manages to hold up such a great facade at Hogwarts.

I love the second person this you've got going as well. Writing in second person is really something of an art, but you do it so well, and it really places the reader in Pansy's shoes, which is, I think, part of the reason that she's so relatable. I also really like that you've included the whole "flower of remembrance" theme here - it's just this little detail that adds so much to the story.

Just, wow. This story was amazing, heartbreaking, and just overall stunning. Keep up the excellent work!

-ShadowRose (Taylor)

P.S.: I'd really love to podcast this story, if you're ok with it! :)

Author's Response: Hi Taylor!

You know, Pansy didn't seem like the sort of person I could sympathise with either until I got the idea for this story and suddenly she had this really tragic life :P I'm not sure that any of it could actually tie in with canon but I'm glad that you thought it helped to justify what she did during the books, and why she became the person that she was.

I'm really glad you liked the second person, too! I surprised myself by how much I enjoy writing it and it's great that it worked here to help the reader empathise with Pansy more. The flower of remembrance detail wasn't something I knew beforehand, but once I found it out I just had to use it for the story!

Thank you so much for this lovely review, Taylor, and I'd be delighted for you to podcast the story if you still wanted to! ♥

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Review #3, by patronus_charm Anamnesis

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

I thought I might as well go through all your stories as Iím here :P but I have no words for this and my feels, my poor feels are crushed yet again! This was such a new perspective of Pansy and one that I never would have guessed and I loved how you put her into a new light and a light which I could perhaps like and sympathise with her.

The whole story about her parents and then new parents and then old parents and step-parent really moved me because it just fitted in with her character so well, as she was forgotten among them, and how she never really stood out among or left a mark as new ones kept on coming along renaming her and trying to mould her into them.

You linked this in so well with the idea remembrance and how Pansy went out to remember everything because no one ever did that about her. It was just a great theme to carry through and really put Pansy into perspective. Her whole situation with her parents and almost wanting to stand out fitted with canon so well as she was always this loud girl crying out and then we could see why she was like that.

I loved your stylistic choices in this with the short snippets of her life as we really got a full glimpse of it which was really cool. Another thing I liked was how some of the lines were centred when it provided an almost outside thought on Pansy and that was a really cool and subtle addition to the story.

The one which stuck with me was how she said something about how even though Harry was an orphan and someone she was meant to hate he had the life she wanted, and it just seemed so cruel she couldnít get that either as she really deserved it after everything she had been through.

This was such a great one-shot!


Author's Response: Ah, Kiana, you have no idea how excited I was when you started review bombing me in the house cup! (Except the part of me which was worried at how many you were writing :P)

Apparently I'm not good at writing anything which doesn't have a bit of angst in it so unfortunately I'm going to keep on playing with people's feels :P I don't know how I feel about Pansy still, even though I've written this, but I'm glad you felt like you could maybe understand this version of her a bit better.

The story with her parents and complicated family confused even me a little bit by the end, so I can understand how Pansy would be confused and not feel like she'd belong to them.

I didn't even know that pansies were the flower of remembrance before I looked it up and that's what prompted the idea for all this story, but I'm glad you liked the way that I used it in this.

When I started writing this I decided I was going to make an effort to make it shorter than most of my pieces so I'm glad you think it worked :P

I think that Harry had a really bad life but when he got to Hogwarts he sort of found his home and family with the Weasleys and stuff, and I can imagine someone like Pansy being jealous of that if she's not got anything like that.

Thank you so much for this lovely review!

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Review #4, by Pretense Of Perfection Anamnesis

18th June 2014:
Oh Sian, what a wonderful story about Pansy! She definintely isn't the most likable character out there, but for some reason I grew sort of attached to her over the years. I wonder where she is now...

I'm definitely being nitpicky about this, but I thought I'd point out that I think the phrase "not loving you enough to care." in the beginning of the story that describes how Pansy's mom feels just doesn't sit in well with the very beginning of the piece. Her parents loved her very much, especially her mother, and almost no mother can ever stop loving their child. Even though she's super depressed and doesn't exactly care about anything anymore, I'm sure she'd still love them. Sort of like Katniss' mom in the Hunger Games, I think.

I was a little confused in the beginning as well, because for some reason I thought there were five siblings, not just three. As your story unfolded I realized this was my error, and perhaps I read part of it too quickly, but I found myself wondering what happened to the other two siblings after the car accident, before I realized it was just Pansy left, and she only had two siblings to begin with.

I think certain portions of her memories could've maybe been elaborated on further, but then again it also depends on the effect you wanted to have on your readers when they read through this piece. I was definitely somewhat confused at certain points, but if that's what you were going for you did an amazing job!! I didn't realize when Pansy's adoptive parents were killed that they were murdered by death eaters, at least not until later in the story. I didn't really understand why her mom would be driving either, being a witch, but hey, that could just be me being really thick though.

I love how you tackled this story from second person POV, you're far braver than me! I think you did a wonderful job, and there were times that I almost felt like I was Pansy, and that I was actually feeling, thinking, and remembering these things.

I also really liked how the story sort of came to a "full circle," with Pansy pretty much resenting her mother, and then ultimately turning into her in the end. It made me very sad for her, but at the same time I think you wrote the perfect ending for this story.

I honestly didn't notice any spelling/grammar mistakes either, which is a magnificent feat in and of itself.

Amazing job overall!! I really enjoyed reading this, as it's been far too long since I've read a good fic about Pansy. Keep up the amazing writing!!!

Author's Response: Hi Fae! Thank you so much for stopping by to review this story!

It's not being nit-picky at all, I completely understand what you mean by that! I know that no matter what happens, her mum will have loved her deeply, and there's nothing that can stop a love like that. But I intended the phrase to show the way that Pansy felt - her mum's reaction, slipping into drinking to hide from her troubles, left Pansy in an awkward situation of caring for her siblings and there was a lot of hurt there. To Pansy, I imagine that it felt like her mum didn't love her enough to actually look after them. Even if it's not true - and I'm sure she'd realise that if she had children - that was the way she felt at that point.

Hmm, I'll definitely look over this to see if I've made some mistakes and accidentally added in some extra siblings :P

I set myself a challenge with this one-shot to write in a more succinct style, as a sort of experiment, because the majority of my more recent one-shots have been a lot longer than this one. It's very possible that I left out information there that I knew in my head, assuming that readers would realise too. I imagine her mother to be a Muggle-born, something that Pansy hid when she was sorted into Slytherin, in the pretence of her having a perfect family, but that probably wasn't explained. I was writing this really quickly while I was supposed to be revising for exams :P

I really enjoy second person POV and I'm pleased that you think it worked well for this piece! And it was quite sad the way that Pansy ended up in the same situation as her mother, but I'm glad you liked the way it ended and came full circle.

Thanks for such a great review, Fae! I really appreciate it! ♥

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Review #5, by ScarletEye158 Anamnesis

15th June 2014:
Hey Sian! I'm here to review your Writing Challenge piece :)

This was such an interesting story! I've never really thought deeply about Pansy and her past -other than her being such a jerk to everyone- but I really liked this because she must have had a reason of how she got to be how she was and it was really cool getting to see your view on what happened in her childhood!

The story definitely broke my heart for her- it must have been so traumatic losing her dad like that and not knowing what happened to him, especially because it seemed like they were really close! Then losing her mother to depression and then eventually death along with her siblings must have been so awful! No wonder she had started acting different!

I really loved how you incorporated the meaning of her name throughout this story, too. It really fit her because she wasn't able to forget any of the horrible things that happened to her, even though she really did want to forget everything in the end!

Wow, I can't believe her dad came back after all those years! I wonder what made him suddenly decide to show up again? I felt really bad for her and her "new parents" because they were put into a really hard situation - her dad is her original family, yet her new family were the ones who were there for her when nobody else was. It makes sense that she would still visit and stay with her dad sometimes, but her new parents must have felt very awkward about it. Not to mention it must have just confused Pansy even more about everything in her life!

I really like how you were able to tie in certain things that we know are true from the books into this story as well. It was nice and refreshing getting to see it from a different POV! I also liked that you incorporated a little of your own back story behind some of these events really because made them feel more realistic :)

You did a really great job with this and congrats on being able to use 7 of the prompts!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda! Thank you for stopping by to review!

I really love writing stories about minor characters and developing a past for them that helps to explain why they behaved the way that they did in the books. I always imagined Pansy having a tragic childhood and when I started writing this it just kept getting unintentionally worse and worse (oops!)

The meaning of her name and the flower were the ideas that sparked the concept for this whole story and I'm really pleased you liked the way that it worked out, that she just wanted to forget everything but she couldn't.

I think that Pansy would have been extremely confused by the way that her family was set-up and a lot of things that she did (as I imagine) stem from that, and the insecurities that her father's abandonment gave her, as well as her desire for a normal life and family.

Thank you so much for this great review!

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Review #6, by monstrosity Anamnesis

14th June 2014:
Hello Sian!

I've decided to review all the Gryffindor Writing Challenge entries and yours is the first one on my list. I really love it when writers use fan fiction as a way to provide a backstory to a minor character and giving readers an alternate view to the people they thought were pure evil.

I've always thought of Pansy as an enigma of sorts in the series simply because JK makes her presence known, but doesn't give her much to do apart from being nasty to others.

You certainly have the knack for coming up with tragic backstories. I could have never seen this one coming. Three families? Poor girl, but you've never actually made her to be pitiful, which something I really liked. She's always been so strong (or numb) to really focus on the grief that it gives her. I can't stand reading resilient characters dissolved into puddles of tears so this works out well for me too.

What I've always liked about your writing, having read a bunch of your previous stories is that subtleness is always more. What I mean by that confusing statement is that you develop Pansy's character without specifically stating the obvious. For example, Pansy was bossy, but instead of saying it like that, you mentioned that toy kitchen where she was ordering her friend around. That gave you an opportunity to link the cause for her behavior as well, making her much more realistic.

One thing I really have to commend you on is for you use of short sentences. It's a very tricky skill to know when to use them and how not to overdo it and I feel that you've pulled it off flawlessly. You've managed to draw the reader's attention to the right places and wham! you give them a bucket load of feels. I think the best line to quote here would be...every short sentence you've written. Argh, they're all so good it's extremely hard to choose one. I hope you've got my point here, though.

Finally coming to the whole concept of forgetfulness. In every instance, from the rememberall to the name Letha (coming from the river Lethe, is that right?) all Pansy wants to do is to forget her past and reinvent herself into this perfect character from a perfect family.

Yet, as per the title, she can't help but recollect. Her past begins to haunt her when loose ends begin to tie up, like that one line where you compared her to her mother about not caring. It sort of hinted at an inevitable fate, that no matter how strong Pansy was, she would still end up like her mother. That's just really scary.

It's funny how Pansy has nothing to hold onto in the end except for her painful memories.

Anyway, marvelous writing as per usual! The story flow was excellent despite the fact that you were rapidly jumping from one moment to the other. The ending was great, making the connection of Pansy to the flower of forgetfulness is just a great way of pushing your main point to the spotlight. Amazing story and good luck for the challenge!


Author's Response: Hey Sathya!

You're so great for reviewing all of these stories for the challenge! I really enjoyed writing this actually; I love bringing out another side to a character that we haven't seen and Pansy was definitely someone who interested me from the books.

Yes, I like tragedy and angst far too much, I think :P I definitely don't make things easy for my characters! I didn't see Pansy as the sort of character who'd let herself be beaten by the circumstances she found herself in and tried her best to live through it all. Wow, that's such a compliment! Thank you for saying that - I try to show rather than tell and be more subtle in my storytelling but it's great to know that I managed it here!

One of my personal challenges in writing this story was to make it a lot shorter than the majority of my more recent one-shots, so I'm glad that you liked the impact of the short sentences and that they made you feel something!

When I looked up what pansies represented, that's when the concept for my story grew, especially with the prompt of the remembrall. I'm so glad that you liked it and the idea that she wanted to forget and reinvent herself even though she couldn't. I'm pleased you liked the ending as well, and the way that it tied up with the beginning.

Thank you so much for this amazing review!

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Review #7, by TidalDragon Anamnesis

21st May 2014:
Howdy Sian!

I was busy favoriting you as an author when I noticed this delightful piece. The more I have thought about her, the more Pansy has become something of an intriguing character to me. Naturally, since JKR pretty much admitted she was designed after girls she always hated, she never came across well, but like you I wondered - why?

I thought you did a nice job of using a short one-shot with clever little vignettes to show how Pansy became who she was in the books, but also who she became later. It's a sad tale that is only punctuated by the great way you used what the flower represents to bookend the piece. I definitely didn't know that (knowing basically nothing at all about flowers) and so I found that element to be really nice.

As an aside - how is it that we had the idea of using five of the same things for the writing challenge? And writing about Pansy? And having memory be involved. MIND BLOWN. You'll have to drop by mine and let me know what you think - and to see which different thing I used (whenever I finally get it posted)!


Author's Response: Hi Kevin!

*blushes* Thank you for favouriting me as an author, that's such a massive compliment! (Please ignore how long it's taken me to respond to this review because I am an awful person). Pansy's a really intriguing character and she was interesting to write about here, trying to develop a character who, if not likable, was at least more understandable than the girl we see from the books.

I'm really happy that you liked the way I wrote this in such short sections. My writing tends to be a lot more rambling and long (see TNL and Princess, Fall :P) so I told myself I'd write something shorter for this piece. The flower element was something I wanted to use as soon as I saw Pansy was a character, and the fact that it's a flower of remembrance is what shaped this piece.

It's so cool that we had so many of the same ideas with these stories! Your version was lovely!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was so shocked when I saw and kind of woah but I'm so honoured and pleased!

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Review #8, by Smile_Beautiful_ Anamnesis

21st May 2014:
Oh my, that was quite amazing! I personally never liked Pansy just because she seemed like a spoils brat all the time, but you depicted her life so well that my views changed!

I absolutely love this!! Keep writing!

Tori x

Author's Response: Hi Tori!

Thank you so much! I was aiming to show a different side to Pansy with this story and maybe change the way some people think about her, so I'm really glad I was able to do that! And thank you for taking the time to leave a review! :)

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Review #9, by MissesWeasley123 Anamnesis

21st May 2014:
Hey Sian! Here to review your entry AND BE FIRST BACK OFF YOU OTHER BRATS IT IS MINE and thank you for participating, by the way love ♥

I'm really really blown away at how fabulous you've written this. Our prompts were crazy and you managed to incorporate so many of them. Super well done yo.

I loved the flower of remembrance aspect is this story. It was that one continuation which made it really sad when you see this type of story from the beginning about someone despicable as Pansy. In this you see why she truly is that way. You show her in such a different light, it makes it impossible not to feel pity for her.

I was honestly expecting parodies of some sorts but this piece is really amazing and different. You used the owl prompt so wonderfully! It was truly brilliant and I'm still in awe of your geniusness :P

And before I end this review (yes, it's short = easy for you to respond to lol) I'd like to comment on the Harry Potter part. Where you said she didn't care and all she wanted was for it to be over. Sian, I died there. Wow. So powerful.

Loved it, and good luck :)

Author's Response: Nadia! ♥ Don't worry, don't worry, you got the first review so it's all good :P

*blushes* This was kind of written in a stream of consciousness type way when I should have been revising for exams so it's not great but I'm glad you liked it! Pansy was the obvious choice for me when I saw the characters that you'd given us and I liked the idea of using the flower meaning to talk about Pansy's character.

I love showing people in a different light, you should know that by now :P I'm glad that you actually did feel sorry for her because I did when I was writing this, even though I've never really liked her before. Nah, I can't do parodies, especially after my last attempt at humour for the writing challenge took so long :P I'm glad you liked that part! It was difficult to think of an acceptable and plausible reason why she'd do something like that but I'm pleased you thought it worked!

Thank you for the fantastic review, my dear! ♥

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