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Reading Reviews for Say Something
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Review #1, by frowzy I'm still learning to love

27th June 2014:
First of all - Confession time - I don't know much about the next-gen characters. Itís something Iím really keen to learn more about and your story is a wonderful little taster of it. I do think some of the nuanced little references in the middle of this story e.g. the fact the tradition was started by teddy, that Albus and Jane would be great together are lovely and make me feel that the story is part of a larger world which I always think is such a talent in a writer but perhaps these were lost on me. I do know really want to read your 'Away from it all'.
However, I didnít know who Louis is and if he is an established next gen character so I can't say how the character would come across to someone who knows more about that world. To me I you created a wonderful path that allowed me to connect with him. I would have liked a little more information on how Louis fits in with the other characters - is he older than Rose, Albus etc and by how much. Perhaps this would be obvious to someone who knows more than I do but a little note would have helped me.
Normally I donít like stories that cut so much between. That said I thought you handled it beautifully. You got the simple things right like great formatting - so simple and yet so important. Equally you changed tone very swiftly but not so sharply that it jarred. Really impressed. That was the thing you mentioned as you were worried about and I felt that was a real strength of the piece.
I'd be interested to hear if you are planning a longer project as you clearly do little snippets of tenderness incredibly well. I personally would be very excited to read something that didnít just deal with the milestones in someones life as this one does but that follows the smaller moments. It would be difficult to do in a oneshot but I think you should turn your talents to a longer venture as to me it was the little moments e.g. wiping away the firewhiskey, that shone.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review :)

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