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Review #1, by Infinityx Three

18th June 2014:
Hi! I'm here to review your entry for the Sci-Fi challenge!

Wow. So you somehow managed to combine this challenge with the Merlin one. That's really impressive. And you also brought in the Sci-Fi elements from the very first chapter, so that's great!

I absolutely love the premise of the story. In the beginning, I thought that Kilgarrah was just another student and he helped that girl and everything. I was so surprised when I read about his wings and ability to breathe fire. That was an incredible way of introducing his special abilities!

I'm not really familiar with Merlin, but I'm guessing that Kilgarrah is a character from the series. I don't really know if he has these powers in Merlin or whether you introduced them, but I think it's been done in a remarkable way as it flows so well!

Every single part of the chapters was thrilling and had something or the other to pique my curiosity. I love stories with demons in them as well! A fondness that grew from watching Supernatural. :D

I really like the other characters as well. I usually find it a bit hard to understand and keep in mind various characters that aren't originally part of the HP fandom, but it was surprisingly easy here. I love the way Lucy's characterised, especially since she brings out a different side to Kilgarrah. And Tekka is really interesting. I have no doubt that she's going to play a central role to this story. I mean, summoning the very thing that they want to banish. That's just..creepy.

Anyway, I can't wait to read further! This has really got me intrigued, and I love your writing style as well! Do let me know once you update. :)


Author's Response: Hi! I do a lot of combining, it lessens my workload - I mean, challenges me more...haha.

Thanks! I do like that scene, it was fun to write. I initially had this long-winded boring flash-back thing, but I thought this works much better.

What? Haven't seen Merlin? IT'S A CRIME!!! You must watch it immediately! ...just joking. (But really. You're missing out.) In Merlin, Kilgarrah is...*drumroll*...a dragon! So I had a bit of fiddling before I decided on what I have now. Thank you, I'm glad it works for a non-Merlin fan *accusing glare*

Demons are fun. Powers are fun. Sci-fi, in general, is fun!

Lucy is very...different to Kilgarrah. She's quite opinionated, shall we say, and she's knows Kilgarrah very well. Kilgarrah sometimes feels like he has to make up for her grouchiness, so he's a lot softer when she's around. (Unless she's being nice. Then he'll be normal.)

Oh yes, I have big plans for Tekka. Muahahaha! Yes, her abilities are a bit creepy, which is why Lucy doesn't like her much.

Thank you very much, and for hosting the challenge too! I'm writing the fourth chapter now, and will hopefully be posting soon.

-Karou :)

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Review #2, by MadiMalfoy Three

4th June 2014:
Hi there! :) I'm here for the Merlin Challenge.

First of all, I'd like to thank you for entering into my challenge and putting the time and effort you did into it! It's greatly appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed. :)

Anywho, here's my actual review!

Well, Kilgarrah as a half-human, half-dragon certainly caught my attention! I was curious how you were going to work him in as a character and whether or not you were going to keep him in dragon form! Needless to say, you didn't disappoint! It's a really interesting take on him not only as a dragon but also as a person, so good job! I LOVE the sci-fi aspect with the whole demon thing--it's pretty neat and I lurve me some demons (you can thank Supernatural for that).

Speaking of, your OC Tekka is quite mysterious and obviously powerful enough to summon a demon. I'm curious to know what exactly she is and how she can do what she can do.

Now, you don't have the quote in here yet but I think I have a good idea of how you'll use it so don't worry; I won't hold that against you in judging all of the entries. Kilgarrah is great and I'm excited to see how you do in the challenge! I'll post results soon! Thanks again for entering! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you for hosting the challenge, it was a lot of fun, especially getting Kilgarrah's character.

Thank you! I was also wondering how I would do it...I considered making up some caves below Hogwarts, but then I put the sci-fi in and got this half-human half-dragon boy.

Erin, who's judging the sci-fi part of it, said that about Supernatural as well. I think it's interesting that so many people (not including me!) watch that... I might have to take a look.

It's interesting how you've classed her as not entirely human...we shall see. All will be revealed...

No, I don't have the quote yet but IT IS COMING!! I PROMISE!! And Kilgarrah will use it, because it's a quote from Kilgarrah.

Thanks for the honourable mention! All the other entries are amazing, I'm so glad you picked me for that :)



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