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Review #1, by Santa Claus Eating & Growing

7th January 2015:
Six years. She has been with this fool for... SIX. YEARS. *dies*

Ah, and he just keeps getting douchier. Lovely.

Molly... why are you staying with this guy who has driven such a huge wedge between you and your family and doesn't even try to disguise his disgust for them while you miss them terribly!? DON'T YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS?! *hits head against brick wall* She is so frustrating. But, as I've said before, there are unfortunately people just like this in real life. And they are so difficult to save from themselves.

"You know, maybe you shouldn't eat too much today. A lady always wants to maintain her figure. I think you've been getting a little relaxed with your regimen, Molly darling." - I CAN'T EVEN. FUMING, SARAH. I AM FUMING. WHO DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS?! UGH! God, he has just completely brainwashed her at this point, and it is so devastating to watch. I feel so helpless. haha

Sheesh... She just keeps digging the hole around her family, huh? Lucy seems like she might have a sad story, as well. I know all of your writing but one story is within two universes, so I wonder if I'll get to see a Lucy story at some point through my Review-Sprint! ^.^

Anyway, good job again. This story definitely evokes my emotions, although it severely saddens me the way the Weasley/Potter clan is currently portrayed - but again, I hope it's only because of the way Molly has allowed Lorcan to change her. I hope desperately that when she (hopefully!) finally walks away from him, things will change in regards to her relationship with her family.

Santa Claus

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Review #2, by Santa Claus Perfections & Secrets

7th January 2015:
Gah! Molly just breaks my heart! I hate that she felt she needed to change who she was for Lorcan - for Lorcan! - because she has this idea that she needs to bend to his every whim. It's no surprise she's drifted from the rest of her family. I can only imagine the psychological damage that being with someone like Lorcan for four years can do to a person - especially when she started dating him at just thirteen/fourteen. Such a young, impressionable age. I really hope she finds strength within herself again that isn't reliant upon what her boyfriend thinks of her.

Two words, Molly: DUMP HIM. :-p

At the same time, the unfortunate truth is that a lot of people do end up changing and sacrificing pieces of themselves for the people they love and feel that they need. It's very upsetting.

The home life you described is so sad! I'm hoping that the idea of the 'golden-children' is just something Molly sees due to her circumstances and self-esteem issues, and not something that actually exists. That's not to say that it isn't unfortunately the sort of thing that happens in certain families, but I really hope the Weasley/Potter clan haven't actually succumbed to that sort of familial hierarchy!

It doesn't do for you to have better marks than I, how does that reflect on me? However, don't forget to study, I can't be seen with someone who is unintelligent. - I want so badly to punch him in the mouth.

Oh boy. That gift to Rose thing was unfortunate. And the way everyone treats her after... I mean, I understand it as an initial reaction, because she did sort of out Rose in front of everyone, but I hope that's really not how things usually are. And I really hope that the only reason they've pulled away from her before that is because of her decision to date someone who treats her so terribly. It's hard to respect and care for someone who doesn't seem to respect or care for themselves. Molly needs some enlightenment STAT. Send in the OC! ;)

Good job, again! Onto the last chapter!

Santa Claus

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Review #3, by Santa Claus Boyfriends & Falling Outs

7th January 2015:
Oh, I haven't read a story yet - by you or anyone - from Molly's POV!

She seems very sweet! But Lorcan... the way he's phrasing these questions has definitely got me suspicious... Like he has an ulterior motive to asking her out rather than liking her. It's a 'wise move' and 'might be smart' just... strike me as odd.

Omg! The further I read, the more I dislike Lorcan! Holy cow, what a rude little brat is he! So unkind towards his family - I mean, it's fine to have differing opinions, but that was just nasty! And the way he speaks to her when she dares to interrupt him... Let me tell you, if some guy spoke to me like that, I would slap that misogynist upside the head. A lady always knows her place. - Don't let him speak to you like that, Molly! haha Sorry, I'm feeling a little invested in her well-being now. :-p I love that she's a kind, polite, non-confrontational person, but I do hope she learns to stand up for herself when remarks cross the line, like that did.

Oi vey. I can't believe she's off blaming herself like she's at fault, and that she just takes him back like he didn't just act and speak like the pretentious tool he is. I hope Molly gets a nice, feminist make-over before this story is done, and Lorcan gets put in his place.

"I am, I really think it's going to be a challenging year, I want to maintain my *." - *You seem to be missing a word here. :-p

Anyway, a very good start! This story has definitely evoked a reaction out of me, so continue on I shall! ;)

Santa Claus

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Review #4, by BellaLestrange87 Boyfriends & Falling Outs

18th November 2014:
Review tag!

I was going to review slowly, but then I realized that I already did, and this looked interesting, so I picked it. I do not regret my choice at all.

This is a great start. I can already see how the story summary is going to be tied into the plot - Lorcan seems to be a very oppressive boyfriend, even at 13, saying "A lady should". He reminds me more of a child of Lucius Malfoy than of Luna Lovegood. I noticed that when he asked Molly out he didn't say he liked her or anything - just "I think it would be smart", which makes me wonder if he's going to be manipulative likes he seems to be.

Your description of crushing was really accurate (and I know from personal experience). I love Molly's reaction when Lorcan (appears) to return her affections, basically swooning over him. It's realistic - the ohmygosh they like me back response - and I would cheer on the happy couple, except I can tell that Lorcan isn't going to make her happy. Not at all. And the fact that Molly says that she thinks he knows about her crush on him makes him seem even more calculating, oppressive. I also noticed that even before they began dating she was trying to please him, shaping her response to his request for a relationship in order to please him.

One thing I noticed is that Molly already seems to be falling into what I think - and I say think because I don't know first-hand - is the rationalization of spousal/relationship abuse. Even though Lorcan was the one who was rude to her in the first place, she blamed it all on herself. I think this quote here "I wanted to cry, but I knew should Lorcan walk in, he would disapprove." shows how she's fallen under his spell.

I only noticed a few typos, very minor:

"About halfway down the train and peered into a compartment that had the Scammander twins in it." Scamander, with one m. Also, maybe for this sentence I would say something like "I was about halfway down the train and peered." It seems like you missed the beginning of the sentence or that it got cut off.

"I sighed in relief at finding a compartent (and at the fact that he hadn't rejected me) and dragged my trunk in behind me, lifting it up almost effortlessly onto the rack above my head." Compartment.

All in all, I really enjoyed this first chapter! I love your characterizations of Molly and Lorcan (well for Lorcan the characterization is good I just don't like him) and I can't wait to see where this story goes. I'd hope for a happy story, but the summary doesn't seem to indicate that :) (That's not a downside. I like putting my characters through a lot of difficulty too.)


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Review #5, by potterfan310 Eating & Growing

3rd September 2014:

Molly, poor baby, she has no one love her.I LOVE Molly II so much along with Rose, Lily and Dom and I just want to scoop her up and hug her for infinity.

Urgh Lorcan noo leave Molly and don't come back. How can he be so unexcited for Christmas, it may only be September but I'm excited already :p


Haha yes I did Equalize my hate for Lorcan to Umbridge - the boy must go!

I love the little hints about Rose and the baby, shame you didn't give anything away about the gender or name. I just hope she's together with Scorpius *hint hint*.

Can't wait for the last two, I need to know what happens to Molly. Hopefully she leaves Lorcan at last!!!

Soph x

Author's Response: Hey Soph!

Thanks so much for the review. You're the only person who does seem to like Molly II. I know Lorcan is so bad! I hated doing that, but writing him like this was so necessary and I think it kind of fits. Especially since he's Luna's son, I mean, some people just don't realize how awesome they have it!!

LOL Lorcan=Umbridge. Fantastic!

Thanks so mcuh for the lovely review!

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #6, by Veritaserum27 Eating & Growing

20th August 2014:
Hi hon!

Here for the swappy swap!

Okay, so I don't know how in the entire world you managed to do this, but I actually feel worse for Molly than I do for any of the other Weasley girls!


Molly has no one. At least Rose has Scorpius and Lucy has Gwen and Percy and Audrey are aware of her troubles. Poor Dominique even has Bill and Louis fighting for her.

But poor Molly. She lives in constant stress, having to be perfect for her abusive boyfriend (I got the feeling they weren't married yet) and she seems to fall deeper into her head with each passing day.

Lorcan turns my stomach. I get so angry with him, but even more so I'm sickened by how he treats Molly. I imagine in my head Luna beating some sense into him after this is all over, but I just don't want him around Molly any more.

I love how you hint at the other story lines but don't give us too much information - I still don't know if Rose and Scorpius are together (pretty please - you know it's my favorite ship) and it seems like Lucy is getting better, but we don't know if she's still with Gwen. I remember form MLS how understanding Percy was of Lucy and how much compassion he showed for his daughter - even if it was in his own way, I could still tell that he loves his girls dearly. I just wish that Molly could open up to him (he seems the closest to her from the family) and I bet he could show her that she is loved and she deserves to be loved for herself - and that real love does not put conditions on itself. (rant. is. over.)

Also - as far as the leftover boxes go, I'm gonna be a little naive here and assume that Grandma Weasley only had 16 because someone else didn't need one - maybe two people combined one or someone already had theirs, because I just can't believe that Grandma Weasley would leave anyone out - especially her namesake.

Ok - so now I'm going to be pestering you to finish this story because I need to know that Molly is ok. This kind of abuse doesn't get much attention and even outside of the fanfiction world people don't often understand it or even know it is happening. The family can see Dominique's bruises, Lucy's weight loss and Rose's pregnancy. I have a deep, sad feeling that they won't ever really see Molly's suffering.

Great job with this ♥


Author's Response: Hi hon!!

Can I just say that I consider this story a huge success since you've said that you pity Molly more than anyone else? I mean, that was kind of what I was going for.

Molly definitely has it a lot worse than ever. I really enjoyed writing this story, and it was SO hard not to give away information, but also SO fun giving little hints as to what may be to come!

For the leftover boxes - If Molly had asked she would've gotten one, but she was so wrapped up in herself and hating what she'd done that she wasn't thinking rationally. I also kind of wanted to leave it open and let the reader interpret whatever they wanted!

I'm so glad that you liked this, and I promise that this story will be finished before the year is over! Hopefully even before the month is over! Thanks so much for the review!

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #7, by DracosGirl012 Perfections & Secrets

4th June 2014:
Lorcan is a jerk!!! I hate the way he treats Molly. He shouldn't make her into something else. He should love her the way she is. Poor Molly. Lorcan sucks!
Good story though! :)

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks so much for the review! I'm gladyou liked the story so far! :) xoxo Sarah

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Review #8, by Infinityx Boyfriends & Falling Outs

4th June 2014:
Hey Sarah, here for the BvB!

Before I start gushing over this chapter, I just want to point out that there are a couple of words missing, and typos here. Nothing you can't fix with a quick read through. Okay that's out of the way.

You are so awesome with Next Gen. Like, I don't even know how you do it. You find ways to fit your characters into such amazing plots, and have them connect to canon as well! You are just. I don't know. Crazy. Awesome. I've read quite a bit of your fics recently and you've really expanded your writing into so many new areas. Yeah, I'm really impressed. :D

I love how you start off describing a bit of her family, and brought in that little girl who was overwhelmed. And then Lorcan. Geez, I don't know what to make of him. It's weird that he's Luna and Rolf's son. It seems more likely that he's Percy's son. :P

Ugh, I do not like him. How could he talk that way about his mother and treat his girlfriend that way?! I get that it's his personality, but that boy really needs to loosen up a little. And poor Molly. She knows that he has a stiff, hurtful nature, but she just likes him so much!

I have no clue where this is going, but it's brilliant already! I am so curious about what will happen, and I'm anticipating a lot of angst. You're on a roll, Sarah! This was an amazing first chapter and I'm looking forward to the rest! :)

Author's Response: Hey Erin! Thanks for pointing that out! I'll go check it out once I finish up the story! I'm glad you liked it, and I'm flattered that you think I'm good with Next Gen. It's definitely my comfort zone, so I'm glad I'm good in my comfort zone! I'm so glad you liked this chapter, thanks again for the review!

xoxo Sarah

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Review #9, by potterfan310 Perfections & Secrets

26th May 2014:
I've been super busy and now I'm catching up on all my fav's.

Whilst I hated and still want to hate Molly in 'DSTPW' I can't help but feel so bad for her now. I want to pick her up and hug her ever so tightly.

She's isolated herself from her family, just for him and whilst I normally love Lorcan/Lysander (because they're crazy and Luna's kids) I really, do hate him for what he's doing to Molly.

It sounds sort of like Lorcan just wants Molly to be a perfect Victorian housewife or something in the way she acts, like the whole sitting with her ankles crossed on the train.

Seriously the feels, I must give Molly a hug. Her cousins didn't even invite her the meanies and as for Lorcan, too busy to write to write to his own girlfriend, deary me. I've come to the conclusion that he must go.

I don't think I've hated a character with this much passion since Umbridge, my god. Lorcan must go!!

Aww now I feel even worse for Molly, damn. You've really proved thing aren't as expected. I thought she was out to hate Rose, but really she wanted to make amends and it makes me sad.

I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster of emotions reading this and I am dying to know whether Molly gets out of her relationship with Lorcan before it gets really worse. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Soph x

Author's Response: Hi! Take your time! I'm a slow updater! (and review responder, apparently)

Yes! That is a common reaction! I don't think her isolation is intentional, but a side affect of both growing up and Lorcan. I wanted Lorcan to be hated in this. Unfortunately, there's a lot more to their relationship and it's not going to end soon.


Thanks so much for this lovely wonderful review. I'm sorry for this awful reply.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #10, by Veritaserum27 Perfections & Secrets

23rd May 2014:
Hi Sarah!

This is my review-a-thon weekend because I have a little bit of time and, of course I must review for you! ♥

How do you do it, Sarah? I want to hate Molly. I do. I've wanted to hate her ever since DSTPW, but now I actually feel worse for her than I do for Rose and Lucy! At least Rose has Scorpius and the support of the rest of the Weasleys to help her get through this. As for Lucy, her parents and girlfriend are aware of her situation and they are taking actions to let her know how much they love her. But Molly has no one. Lorcan is mentally abusive (and I shudder to think that it will turn physical at some point). And the rest of the family absolutely hate her because they think she is being intentionally mean to everyone (Ok, ok, I'm included in that number - I thought it too.) I've decided to concentrate all my anger and hate on Lorcan. He is utterly despicable, deceitful, and downright nasty. The letters he wrote to Molly were self-serving and emotionless.

I fear that even if the family find out what he is doing to her, they will either not believe her, or not care, because that is what commonly happens to the victims. I feel like if Molly left Lorcan, Percy and Audrey would be disappointed in her, because they see him as a good match.

Oh no, how is this going to end?

You have done a fabulous job of keeping me on my seat - and teaching me that all is not what it seems.



Author's Response: Oh you are the sweetest darn thing! (I think like 50% of my unanswered reviews are from you, I am slacking!!)

YES! I'M SO GLAD YOU DON'T ACTUALLY HATE HER. Hahaha. That is like such an accomplishment. I think you'll like the way I take this, and I'm glad i've got you on the edge of your seat!!

Thanks so much for the wondiferous review!!

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #11, by potterfan310 Boyfriends & Falling Outs

18th May 2014:

Finally I've got around to reviewing this!

This is really interesting, as well as my other favourites such as the Potter kids, Rose and Dom I LOVE Molly II!!!

I'm curious as to why Molly didn't sit with her cousins and as to who the small girl in the corner is? For some reason I have this vision of when Ron asked to sit with Harry due to every where being full, when Molly asked Lorcan. I love little snippets like this which relate to the original series, even if it wasn't intentional!

Have to say it's a very interesting way of asking someone out, and a slightly bit sweet! Molly's certainly got a crush and I can see why Lorcan's a Ravenclaw. The little bits about Molly's feeling are great, it's so cute. All those butterflies.

Lorcan badmouthing, Luna just no. Safe to say I dislike him already as Luna is one of my favourite characters!! I love her for her dreamy/whimsical state. Love the mention of James and Fred being pranksters :D

Whilst I'm hating Molly in 'DSTPW' I kind of feel so bad for her in this. I feel bad for her for thinking that what she has right now is a 'relationship' because it really doesn't seem like one. I take it Lorcan is her first boyfriend?

For being in third year at the moment, their both really interesting especially Lorcan. I'm intrigued about you'll go about this, it starts off with verbal, so I hope Molly gets out before it gets any worse.

CC - "I am, I really think it's going to be a challenging year, I want to maintain my ." - I think you missed a word out after Molly says my?

- "the casual we he touched my arm." - I think you meant way instead of we :)

I know the feeling of a one-shot suddenly expanding itself. Oops, either that or a short story slowly getting bigger :p

Can't wait for the next chapter, definitely adding this to my fave's.

Soph x

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review hon!

I'm really glad you liked it! I definitely wanted to show Molly's side of the story, especially as so many people hate her. THERES A REASON I PROMISE. I wanted to show how Molly tries to play grownup and how someone else who is just really nasty, trying to play grownup too can affect her. Especially in a relationship. So her and Lorcans relationship is a little more... adult than a 13 year olds should be, but it's intentional!

Thanks for pointing out the CC, I'll check it out! I'm glad you liked the story! I'll have to finish it soon!

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #12, by Veritaserum27 Boyfriends & Falling Outs

14th May 2014:
Hi Sweetie!

You are my 100th review!!! (Of course!)

So - I love that your stories connect. That is so clever (just like a Ravenclaw). I noticed it immediately - this is the Molly/Lorcan version. Now I feel really, really bad for hating on Molly in the other fics. She was just so darn miserable and now I'm starting to see why. I know from your other stories that she and Lorcan are together for at least a little while, but I can say right now that I don't like where this is heading. No, I don't. Not one bit.

You do such a nice job painting the emotions of the damaged Weasely girls. (Do you think that just one of them could end up happy? Please?)

The first part of the story made me laugh at Lorcan's formal speech. "I think it would be smart if we were a couple." I thought it was cute at the time (and so did Molly), but this went bad pretty fast. I feel like this is going to be a tough one to read. It always starts with the verbal admonitions and then spreads from there.

How could you make me sympathize with Molly??!! I was so happy hating her!!

I did catch a few typos in this. For example, this line: "I am, I really think it's going to be a challenging year, I want to maintain my ." It was no secret that I was first in our year, much to Lorcan's chagrin.

I think you mean "I want to maintain my rank (or status)."

I should have been wary as soon as Lorcan was bad mouthing his own mother. How can you be so mean to Luna - I mean, it's LUNA! I am looking forward to the rest of this. But I will probably have to read it through closed fingers! Nice job setting up the chapter.

Love ya,


Author's Response: Hi honey! So sorry I'm so late replying!

1. I'm honored that I was your 100th review. You're just the sweetest cutest darn thing!
2. Damaged Weasley girls must be my specialty. (just kidding, yes, actually Vic has it real good, so does Rox!)

I worked really hard on making Lorcan seem likeable but really just being mean. He's going to develop into being much meaner, but the extent of his mean doesn't pass verbal. He's not that bad. Thanks for pointing out the typo, I'll fix that up.

I'm so glad I managed to make you feel bad for Molly. That's an accomplishment, you really don't like her! :P Thanks so much for this lovely review, I loved it!

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #13, by Lostmyheart Boyfriends & Falling Outs

9th May 2014:
Hi Sarah!

I saw your name on the review tag 4.0 and thought that it had been a long time since I read some of your stories :)

I loved reading this story, it was very sweet and fun. I loved how you described her feelings (when she fell in love), it's so adorable.
But I must say that I'm too keen about Lorcan.
Not. At. All.
What is his problem? And why can't Molly see that it's wrong what he does to her? Ugh. I don't like him. Haha :D

And it's so fun you intended this to be a one-shot but it suddenly expanded to a short story! I'll read the next chapters to see if Molly finally sees how wrong he is :)

Big hug,
- Avi

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much, you're too sweet! I'm so glad you liked the story! I don't think anyone is very keen about him. I'm not. He's a poop. Plain and simple :P

I think she sees it soon, it's just not in writing yet. ;) Oops.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #14, by kenpo Boyfriends & Falling Outs

5th May 2014:
Hello dear, here for the BvB battle and to check out your new story!

My overall impression is that I like it. I think that you've got a really interesting story going...

Lorcan seems like a bumface. It seemed weird to me at first for them to have this type of relationship at thirteen, but it seems like their both trying to play grown-up. But Molly doesn't seem to realise that grown-up relationships aren't like that.

I'm wondering why she didn't go to sit with her cousins... was she just not feeling it, or was there something else?

Ugh Lorcan's opinions about his mother annoyed me. Your mother is amazing. Get off your high horse and go look for some nargles. Uggh.

Okay, I can relate... I think I'd get annoyed if she were my mother...

I want to find out how Lysander is. Will he play a role in the story at all? I'm just really curioius to see if he's mad at his brother, or if he's the same, or if they're not close, or what.

It's a shame that Molly thinks that this is what a relationship looks like!!! Where does she get that from? As much as we love to dislike Percy, I can't see him treating the mother of his children like that.I

I"m looking forward to reading the next chapter!!! So hurry!


Author's Response: Hi hon! Sorry for being so late getting to this!!

I'm glad you think you like it! For this story I wanted to show how Molly is always trying to play grown up and prove how good she is and just get the attention of the other Potter-Weasley cousins and adults. This story also plays a huge part in explaining why she is the way she is in my other stories. Everyone was hating on her, and I had to show my reasoning and thought process behind her actions!

Yes. Lorcan is a buttface. Lysander will make a little bit of an appearance, but not much. He doesn't have the biggest role in this story, he's more accepting of his parents eccentricities, so naturally Lorcan doesn't like spending a lot of time with him, either.

No! Percy is amazingly kind! I figured not all of the Potter-Weasley kids would take the fame well, and that some of the brothers (like Percy) wouldn't have as much fame, thus making those kids a little less noticed and in the loop than the others.

I'm glad you liked it! I'll update soon..ish.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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