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Review #1, by wolfgirl17 Inferno

29th January 2015:
So I told you I'd get here eventually!

Happy belated Puff review seat day. I've been such a slacker and have missed so many people, but i'm here now and that's what counts.

This story is so far from anything I've read before that I have to admit it did throw me a little. I mean, I'm used to the idea of time-travel, but inter-reality travel is another things entirely. It's a really cool idea, so kudos for something so original.

Keep up the great work. =) Your requested story about Lucius from me is ready too, and just waiting for the queue to open up before I can slot it in and gift it to you. Thanks for such a great idea for it.


Author's Response: Ellie! *hugs* No worries on it being belated as I still owe you a review on the Lucius story you wrote for me! And loads of hot seat reviews. Real life can be a mess! :p

I'm glad this story kind of threw you a little - I'm definitely trying some new things with this story and can tell you already that it's going to be strange and sciency. I'm really glad to hear you say it's original though, thank you!

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #2, by likeness_of_a_seabird Cultivated Arts

21st January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round three!

Oh, Marta. Stealing Ministry property just like that… and from the Department of Mysteries, at that! Don’t they have alarms or something at that place? Or are they simply assuming no one would dare to take anything from there? If that’s the case, they’re being very careless with potentially dangerous artefacts. Or maybe they simply didn’t think to make the department Marta-proof (is anything Marta-proof)? At any rate, her line “It’s probably really cool, does something interesting… or at least it’s expensive.” made me laugh though. Classic Marta. It’s nice that she realized she could get Lance into trouble for taking the mystery cube and is honestly sorry.

Poor Lily. Even at a seedy Muggle bar there are people who will recognise her. Luckily Marta is there to save her. “We live in a batik tent and we can do palm reading, card tricks, pull rabbits from hats, you name it! We can be contracted for birthday parties as well, when’s your birthday?” Another great line (seriously, how do you come up with all these great lines?)!

“What’s the harm if I examine it a little before we do so?” What’s the… Lily, you should never examine something that comes from the Department of Mysteries so casually! That place is dangerous! They keep brains in a fish tank! Or they used to keep brains in a fish tank, but that’s not the point! Just don’t go pushing any buttons!

…Now you’ve done it. Seriously speaking, I’m really curious to see what happens next. Will a wormhole open right in the middle of the kitchen and send Lily to a parallel universe? Or something else entirely? And how come Iris and Julian don’t notice the strange humming and come investigate? I suppose I’ll have to wait until next chapter to find out.

Another great chapter!

- Emmi

Author's Response: Marta is not the greatest critical thinker. If she stole it off someone's desk then they probably didn't have desk alarms or something, but maybe now would be a good time for them to implement alarms :p And, as you have guessed correctly, nothing is Marta-proof :p She may not think about others first, but she doesn't have any desire to intentionally hurt anyone.

Bahaha. I loved writing that scene! I swear, Marta just writes herself. Even I have no control over her. :P

Wise advice. If you were in the same situation as Lily, I'm sure you wouldn't get yourself into the same predicament! Lily is a bit like her father in that she can't keep her nose out of things that aren't her business. :p As for the humming, it wasn't that loud - loud enough for Lily to hear it, but not loud enough to be heard from the other room where Iris and Julian were.

So glad you liked this chapter! Thanks for your review :)

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Review #3, by writeyourheartout Prologue

20th January 2015:

What in the world is happening in this story. O_O

I feel I should state that I mean that in the best way possible! :-p But seriously, what is going on!?! hahaha

That opening is just beyond intriguing. Everything about it is a mystery to me at the moment - one I'm pretty desperate to figure out! Like... who's the Captain?? And if the majority of this story is from Lily's POV, WHAT DID SHE DO TO CAUSE THINGS. This line: Lily tried to change history and see what could have been, and only burned in the end. - UM WHAT?!!! Must know more.

Remembrance Day ♥ And what you said about how days like that do fade as time passes... Too true. It's so much sadder when you put it into this perspective for me, as well. Doesn't seem right we should forget or stop caring so much about such important days where the lives of so many brave people were lost. :(

HAHAHA The names thing is hilarious. You're always so brilliant with humor.

And details, too! (I mean, really everything - let's be honest - but humor and details are what I'm focusing on at the moment, so there.) Like the way you introduce us into her home-life via small glimpses of her roommates - a social life, what's that? - and how Arthur has influenced Albus to start up a plug collection! hahaha Already your characters feel so three-dimensional to me.

Lily, naturally, stands out above the rest. I love the comparison to her namesake and how people expect that she'll magically take after Lily Evans simply because she was named after her, when in reality she's quite different - and in a way that seems to not be ideal. Poor thing. But I love it - she feels so authentic and substantial as a person, and her dry humor is perfection. I'm really loving being inside her head and following her narration. You've crafted an excellent version of Lily, my dear. ^.^

AND THEN THE ENDING. HELLO! I see what's a-brewing here now! AND I'M VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT. Well... except clearly something goes terribly wrong, doesn't it? hahaha I have no idea what's in store for this fic, and that absolutely thrills me. I'm very excited to see where it all goes.

This is a great first chapter, Kristin - just like everything you write! Stahp being so amazing. (Just kidding, don't stahp.) - I learned that trick from your Lily. ;)


Author's Response: Aw! Your reviews always put such a smile on my face!

Um, yes. This story is weird. I feel like there needs to be a warning for that, or at least I should put in a disclaimer or something so people know what they're getting into. ADVISORY: BIZARRE. :p But yeah, 'what is going on?' is pretty much the reaction I was going for :p

MUAHAHA. Things that will be explained later. Much later. :P

I'm so glad you like the idea of a Remembrance Day. It is sad when you think about it, how a lot of today's holidays are just days, and there's no longer as much attention put on why it's a day off work and such.

Haha, glad you liked the bit about the names. The names in the epilogue were my least favourite thing about the HP series. :p Sometimes this story is less of a fanfic and more a chance for me to comment on things under the guise of a fictional character XD

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like the details as a way of introducing characters, as well as the glimpses into her life, family and friends.

I think having the same name as someone does invite comparisons, and in Lily (II)'s case where her namesake is such a hero, Lily doesn't really compare favourably - at least not at the moment when she's unemployed and kind of jaded. I am so glad to hear she feels like an authentic person! Thank you!

Ehehehe. If everything went well, there would be no story! :P

Aw, thank you! Stahp making me blush with your amazing compliments! :P

(10 points to Hufflepuff if you can actually understand me.)

♡ ♡

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Review #4, by crestwood Inferno

15th January 2015:
Hi Kristin! I got super sidetracked on tumblr looking through hpff blogs but I've finally crawled my way out of that pit and come to type up your review.

This is so awkward that someone else is living in her flat and she looks like she's breaking in! I would be freaking out a whole lot more if I was Lily and lost the cube though, she is way more levelheaded than I am.

The woman is wearing a hijab, I love that detail. I can't believe she got the police called on her, that's hilarious. Also--fellytone and Muggle Aurors!! I have a thing for Wizards Not Getting Wizard Things. I pretty much laugh any time that happens in any capacity.

I guessed that Lance wouldn't know her in this universe, but I suppose she's just lucky he did still live in the same place. I know she asked for a universe where Voldemort never existed, but it's still really creepy that Lance has never heard of him.

I love the 'tell them everything you know about them in order to prove you know them' trope. I'm not sure why, but I just imagine it really takes them by surprise and it'd be kind of super funny to watch happen? I want to live in a sci-film novel if you can't tell.

Colin Creevey is Head Auror!! He's one of my favorite characters and I like the idea of him living long enough to become someone important like that

No Statute of Secrecy is pretty awesome. To think that Voldemort wanted to get rid of it and in this world were he was never born, it's actually gone is really ironic and I like this. So, flying saucers are a thing in A World Without Voldemort. That's such a strange thing to be influenced by that. MOANING MYRTLE IS MINISTER. This story is amazing because it says such funny stuff with such a straight face. Like, Lance doesn’t even bat an eye at saying that Moaning Myrtle is minister. Of course, he doesn't know her as that, but STILL. It's SO funny.

I cannot wait for you to continue with this. It's not what I normally read on this site, (because no one writes it!!) but it is so fun and awesome, so I just want more! I'll be back here as soon as you update, I've got to know what happens next. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: Hi Joey! No worries. I understand how distracting the internet can be haha.

Lily is quite levelheaded - she's quite a proficient liar, and I feel like you've probably got to be well versed at keeping panic under wraps in order to be convincing.

I'm pleasantly surprised about how well that character has been received, given that she has such a minor role. but yeah I felt a lack of representation there so this was like one tiny step to remedy that. And yes, randomly appearing in someone's house probably would get the police called on you :p I'm glad you liked Lily's ignorance of Muggle things haha, that sort of thing always makes me laugh too.

Yep. Lily is going to find out that some things are very different. I'm glad you liked that bit where she told Lance his own life story. I can't even imagine how weird it would be with this sort of thing happening. If someone did that to me I'd freak out. XD

Yes, Colin's alive! in addition to having fun with spaceships and sciency things, this fic is really just an excuse for me to bring anyone who died back to life so I can live happily in denial. :P

There is a lot of irony in that haha. I wonder how Voldemort would feel about this world. I'm glad you liked the bit about Moaning Myrtle :p This story is sometimes just silliness masquerading as serious fic.

I'm thrilled to hear that you're so excited about reading on! I should be getting back into writing this soon. :) Thanks so much for the swap!

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Review #5, by pottered  Inferno

12th January 2015:
This was so good??? So GOOD. Just amazing. I loved this chapter so much omg first I thought that she had travelled in a universe where wizards didn't exist (SILLY) but then lance appeared and I love him even more now. I'm so looking forward to the next chapters, this keeps getting interesting.
I certainly miss iris, and Marta, I hope they are here as well and lily finds the answers she seeks in the ministry.

(: x

Author's Response: Gah, thank you so much! I'm thrilled that you liked this chapter so much! Also I love that you're making all these guesses as you read, it's fun to see people's reactions and I love writing stuff that makes people think. So yay, thank you :)

Iris and Marta... well, I won't say much due to spoilers, but I'll just say that you haven't seen the last of them. :) Lily's trip to the Ministry is in the next chapter which I am writing as we speak! Hopefully will be done soon :)

Thank you so much for all your reviews today!! ♥

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Review #6, by pottered  Playing with Fire

12th January 2015:
OK so I forgot to say in the last review that I LOVE the potter family a lot and lol the review the old author left for James' book on the daily prophet, was so funny.
And omg this chapter! Brilliant.
Ooh I wonder where lily is, probably in the marauders era?? I THINK.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I had so much fun writing the Potter family and I would kind of love to be a guest at their dinner table or something :p Glad you liked Lockhart's absurd review of James' book as well. Poor James :p

Good guess! That actually would have made a cool story too :p I'm so glad you like this chapter, thanks for your review!

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Review #7, by pottered  Cultivated Arts

12th January 2015:
omg Lily's ex ANNA, a she
A girl
IM SO HAPPY! I love slash stories, I adore slash stories especially girls.
And omg the muggle pub part was so funny and good. I love Marta so much and lily too sooo much.
The cube came to life.
oh my god
(runs around the house, screaming)

Author's Response: Yep ;) I'm glad you like slash stories! Romance won't actually be a huge part of this story - although it's present, it'll end up being kind of the side plot to all the crazy sci fi stuff that's happening.
Hehe I'm glad that part was so exciting :D
Thanks for your review!!

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Review #8, by pottered  Old and New

12th January 2015:
I ?? Love ?? Lily's ?? Friends ?? A lot ??
Yes, I do.
Especially iris and lance, they're my FAVOURITE. and marta as well she's such a fun character and actually all of the characters are soo loveable. I'm so in love with lance, he's so cute and such a sweet heart, also with an obsession with super heroes?? DOUBLE CUTE.
I'm also really excited to see how Lily's dinner goes and to read James and Albus' characters. And maybe albus' plugs collection will come in action too lol.

Author's Response: Hahaha :D I'm so glad you like Lily's friends! I had limited time to set up the characters before everything went haywire with the plot so I'm really glad that you've got such a strong and favourable opinion of them already.
Haha, Albus' plug collection will appear again, I'm sure :P

Thank you so much for your review!!!

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Review #9, by pottered  Prologue

12th January 2015:
Pottered1 from the forums (:
omg this was so good? Like, so good. Amazing. Interesting. LOVE.
It's the first sci-fi I've read over here, and a next gen. And I adore next gens and this was just amazing. Especially the beginning; the log entry, was so interesting omg I was so ??!!
My new favourite story honestly. I would definitely come back and read, I'm sure. I also really liked Lily, a pretty funny and interesting character. "collect plugs" I don't think you meant it to be as funny as I felt like it was because to me it was hilarious lol. Btw, hyacinth seems like a really... Weird name but if it's a flower, it's pretty, and the name is unique so it's good lol. good start to a great story!

WAIT. I'm also in love with the name of the story. Icarus. The son of Daedalus oooh pretty good name for a sci-fi as Daedalus was a creator of many things??? I forgot wow.

-M (: x

Author's Response: Hi! Wow thank you so much for five reviews on this today, that totally made my morning. ♥

This story is my first attempt at next-gen so I'm really glad you like it! And yeah I don't think there are many sci-fi stories here at all, so I'm really glad you're interested in it and you liked the log entry!

Wow thank you, I'm seriously so flattered that you like the story that much! Haha there's a lot of this story that wasn't intended to be that funny but apparently ended up being so :p I'm glad you liked the bit about the plug collection. And yes, I agree Hyacinth would be kind of an odd name but a fondness for odd names seems to run in the Potter family haha.

So glad you like the name of the story too! I was going along with the myth of Icarus flying too close to the sun and getting burned, which is like the basis for the story (in a really metaphorical sense) but you know, I wasn't even thinking of the connection to Daedalus but that is a really awesome thing to point out!

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #10, by TheDoctor Prologue

9th January 2015:
Well this is rather a coincidence--my ending up inside a time travel story. You should never ignore a coincidence. Unless of course you're busy. In which case, you should always ignore a coincidence.

Sorry, I should explain. I'm the doctor, and this is the tardis. She must have taken a wrong turn, because I seem to have ended up in your story. This does happen from time to time. Well, it's happened a few times. Well, just the two times.

Anyway! What? Yes! What was I saying? Oh right--what a lovely story. It's incredibly clever, rather meta even (900 years of time and space and you learn to appreciate meta). All those jokes about the names, some lip service to the fandom. You should see the fandom in 10 years! I have. Quite a lot to be going on with there.

I do hope you update this story soon. I'm not sure I'll be able to get out if you don't, and I'm quite keen to see what all happens!

Off you pop, then!

Author's Response: Doctor? Doctor... who? :p I wish I knew who you are so I can review all of your stories because omg this made my day.

I can't believe Lily ended up in the TARDIS - I did expressly tell her not to get up to anything but she didn't listen, hence the time travel. Well, not yet. ;)

I am very glad you like this story and its meta-ness. If the Doctor thinks this is clever then I should feel very proud ;) And thanks for the reminder, I'm going to get started on writing the next chapter right away. Allons-y!

Thank you SO MUCH for this review!! :D

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Review #11, by crestwood Playing with Fire

8th January 2015:
Back again!

I'm so intrigued by this cube. Is it projecting an alternate universe right now? If so, this is even more sci-fi than I expected it to be. I have no idea where this is going but I'll go along for the ride.

Oh wow, she's actually crossed over into the other world!! This is really so great. At least she was able to cross back over, I definitely thought she'd be stuck there! I was wondering a lot of the same things as her, especially if it'd be possible for her to meet her other self.

Now you're introducing the multiverse theory and I am so excited about all of these developments. Also, him opening the door totally created a new universe ;D

Wow, you're really delving into parallel universes here. This is so perfect. And now you've actually used the word multiverse.

I hope, for Lily's sake, that the potential employer wants to interview her on her own merits, rather than those of her father.

The idea of someone sneaking refugee Muggle-borns out of England during the wars is so incredible that I'd read an entire story about just that. I can't imagine it could be anything but jaw dropping.

It seems risky to imagine a world without Voldemort, considering how different that would make things. The sci-fi nerd I am understands that wanting her and Anna to be together would certainly at least mean that she exists, but any change having to do with Voldemort would have to happen before she was born. And you NEVER mess with time before you were born. Of course, Lily is probably not genre savvy and will probably cause something horrible to happen, which is all the better for me.

I really want to know where Lily is and who that woman is!! Ahhh I'll have to read on soon. This is so awesome in every way, I love your writing!

Author's Response: This was written for a sci-fi challenge, so I didn't go easy on the sci-fi :p To be honest though, sometimes even I wonder where it's going as well! :p

The funny thing is while I was kind of stuck writing this chapter, I had a moment where I imagined how different the (potential) new universe created by Lance NOT opening the door would be. I.e. Lily would probably be caught by the police and go to jail. :P

Haha, I'm so glad you enjoy the parallel universes and the multiverse theory :D It's such an interesting concept to explore, despite being brain-meltingly complicated to just imagine how it works and how many universes are possible.

... tempted to write a fic about that now. I've written about various other underground resistance to the war like Potterwatch, but this idea is really exciting. Hmm...

You are definitely thinking about this a lot more than Lily is. :D As you accurately pointed out, a change having to do with Voldemort has decades of change that can be affected. But without Lily's bad decisions,there would be no story! :p

I am so glad you're enjoying this story and that you're curious what's going to happen. Gah, THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

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Review #12, by crestwood Cultivated Arts

8th January 2015:
Back for this chapter! I'm super slow with these because I read everything like three times :P

Loving James and Albus here! Hilarious, as I have come to expect your characters to be.

Okay--I love characters who are writers, like, a lot. And the fact that James swears he's about to have his big break is excellent but I have to comment on the fact that Lockhart is the only person who gave his first book a positive review!! That may be the single funniest thing about this story so far, but that'll probably change later in this chapter. You keep topping yourself, it seems.

These Agatha Christie references are spot on. I am very much here for this seedy Muggle pub and I know this will be hilarious. And OH WOW MARTA STOLE THE CUBE FROM THE MINISTRY. This is starting to seem slightly like this idea I have for a challenge but I can't be sure until I read on.

Marta is smoking Gillyweed, that is golden. I don't know how I feel about Conor. Something about him seems off…I can't explain why though.

Love this Albus who takes Muggle Studies and collects plugs!!

And the cube is finally in use! So excited to see just what this thing can do. Excellent writing still and great pacing so far!

Author's Response: No worries at all! You always leave such thoughtful reviews so there is nothing I could possibly complain about.

I'm so glad you like James as a writer, and the positive/backhanded review his first book got! Confession, I wrote a story from Lockhart's POV a while ago and that Daily Prophet review is in here solely because I wanted to write Lockhart again. :P

Haha, I'm glad you enjoy the Agatha Christie references. Hm, yes Marta kind of lives by her own rules. In that sense, if it makes you feel better, Conor can't be any less trustworthy than Marta. :P (I am really curious about this challenge of yours now...)

The plug collection really needed to happen, imagine how sad it would be if Arthur couldn't give his treasured plug collection to one of his grandchildren one day. :P

Once again thank you so much for this fantastic review, and I'm thrilled you're still enjoying the story so much!!

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Review #13, by crestwood Old and New

8th January 2015:
Hi Kristin!

I had to continue reading this because, I mean, how often do you get to read a Harry potter sci-fi story?? SO AWESOME. Lily is an amazing character with such a strong, immediate voice. I love her insistence that she hates getting by on the strength of her family's fame. The idea of her loving the couple of seconds before people recognize her as a part of her famous family is such an interesting detail to add. You always seem to find the most intriguing things to comment on.

I'm enamored with Lily haha, applying for a job just so she can say she did at dinner with her parents!! It's kind of funny how character defining a month of bowl of noodles can be. I absolutely lost it when she said she was going to wash it and that it was a nice bowl hahaha. AND SHE ONLY HAS ONE OTHER ONE. Where do you get this stuff?

And now they're dumpster diving. You really know how to introduce a character, don't you? I can't stop laughing because she said that she threw away half of her dish set and it's technically true LOL I cannot with you :P

I love that Marta is obsessed with attention and rejoices at being found by paparazzi because that's such a contrast to Lily who is the ultimate 'I hate being famous' character, like, ever. I love that you're giving us this time to meet the characters before we even start seeing any sci-fi elements at all.

Marta's backstory is pretty great. I like troubled characters quite a bit and she definitely fits the bill. Shoplifting and vandalism? I couldn't ask for a more interesting character honestly.

Murder on the Hogwarts Express is awesome. Enough said.

I can already tell that Iris is going to be an excellent foil to Marta. And she's engaged! I wonder how it'll affect Lily when she leaves her to live alone. This future telling game is a lot like some from my childhood and I would pay so much money to stumble upon one of my old ones!

And I'm laughing again at Marta saying that Iris was speaking in iambic pentameter I LOVE THIS STORY. It's like this was actually written specifically for me. Somehow all of your stories have made me feel like that so far.

These superhero references are really making me smile because I just don't expect them in hpff but I mean anything is possible in one of your stories.

He has an internship in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic where I'm fairly certain he talks to ghosts. I can't even quote you all of the lines that make me actually laugh out loud. You may be the funniest author on this site.

And the silver cube at the end!! I know what that means…There is sci-fi to come! I can't wait to see what you do with that, your characters are amazing as is and I can only imagine what kind of things you'll have them getting into now. Great chapter!

Author's Response: The only other HP sci-fi stories I've seen are the other stories that were submitted for the challenge this was written for. They are a rare breed, I guess. It was a really cool opportunity though to combine two things I love!

I'm so glad you like Lily's voice and find it strong, that's so wonderful to hear. And wow thanks, I love that you find the details I point out as so intriguing!

Sometimes Lily doesn't have the best reasons for doing things -__- I'm so glad you liked the introduction to Marta as well as their dumpster diving adventure! She is... something else.

Thanks, that's good to hear that you like the extended setup before the sci-fi stuff begins. I felt it was important to establish 'normal' before I upset it all with sci-fi, AU weirdness. :D

I love troubled characters too, they're so interesting. Especially when there's lots of moral ambiguity involved! But really I'm so glad you find her to be such an interesting character!

The name was too perfect not to. XD I'm glad you liked that!

Iris and Marta are pretty much polar opposites, yeah. They're a good influence on each other. The game, haha I love that you could relate to this too - I definitely played that game way back in the day as well!

That was one of my favourite scenes to write in this chapter! Despite her many failings, Marta is quite intelligent. Well, about some things. :p Haha wow, that is one of the coolest things anyone's ever said about one of my stories, that it feels like it was written for you - aah! I'm thrilled that you can relate to it that much!!

Haha, glad you're enjoying the superhero references. Half of the stuff in the story I'm not even sure how it got there.

I'm so glad this story is making you laugh out loud and that you find Lily's/my goofy ramblings so funny. I'm flattered! What's even funnier is I never actually thought of this as a humour story, it kind of just came about as a side effect! :p

Sci-fi is on the way! Gah, thank you so much, I'm so thrilled that you like the characters so much and yes, as you've seen by now, they did get into all sorts of things :D

(now that my response is epically rambly and probably longer than your review itself) Thanks so much for this incredible review!!

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Review #14, by likeness_of_a_seabird Old and New

2nd January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round two!

I liked Lily based on the previous chapter, but now I like her even more. Anyone who accepts their parents’ dinner invitation so that they don’t have to cook themselves is immediately okay in my book. ;) I also liked the fact that she started looking for jobs so that she can say to her parents she is looking. And she even wrote half an application! Baby steps, right?

I also liked both Marta and Iris. They are very different from each other, but I think they both compliment Lily brilliantly. I think Iris wouldn’t have been the only one fainting when seeing Marta’s apartment – I would have too (I’m a bit of a neat freak which you wouldn’t believe when you look at my writing desk; it’s always cluttered). I really like Marta’s attitude. She seems like the kind of person who does what she wants when she wants, but will also stand by her friends no matter what. I really liked how Lily was genuinely happy about Iris getting engaged but was at the same time a little sad that she would lose her flatmate. I thought that was a very human and believable response, given how long they’ve known each other.

What an interesting way to end the chapter! What is that humming box and where did it come from? I can think of a few possibilities, but we’ll have to see if I’m right or not… I have a feeling, though, that leaving it in the cupboard might not have been such a good idea…

Until next time!

- Emmi

Author's Response: Emmi! Hi again and I'm so glad you came back to this story!

I'm glad you like Lily in this chapter! Yep, so she's a little lazy, but I think it's something we can all relate to sometimes :p This chapter was basically just to establish the characters, as not much really happens, so I'm thrilled that you like all of the characters so far!

Hahah I know. I can deal with messiness, as it kind of looks like a hurricane swept through my living space, but mouldy food is a step too far, eww :p Marta definitely does her own thing and is not confined by rules. I'm glad you got the impression that she sticks by her friends. While she is very selfish, she does still care and I'm glad that showed.

It's good to hear that Lily seems believable in her reaction to Iris's engagement. It's a tough transition to make for Lily.

Ehehehe... the mystery begins. Ooh, I'd love to know what possibilities you're thinking of :D You will find out shortly!

Thanks so much for your lovely review!!

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Review #15, by Unicorn_Charm Inferno

14th December 2014:
Hiya!! I just had to keep going after that last chapter.

Oh poor Lily! I can't even imagine how scary that all would be. Some strange woman lives in your place, one of your best friends doesn't even know you, your father doesn't work in the same place he did, Muggles know about Wizards and Moaning Myrtle is the Minister of Magic! Craziness! She must feel so alone and frightened. I don't know how she didn't just curl into a ball and sob. I might have.

I don't blame Lance for being so hesitant. She's right, he doesn't even know her. It must have been a little strange to have this random show up at your door, claim they know you and everything about you, and appear to be running from the cops. I wouldn't want to let her in either haha. But it shows what a good person he is that he took her in, albeit very reluctantly.

I really can't wait to see what else is different besides Colin being the head of the Aurors, Cedric being alive and Spacecrafts existing. This already seems like an extremely futuristic world and I'm dying to read more about it!

I'm wondering if it's just Lily who doesn't exist in this universe or all 3 of them Potter kids. Ginny and Harry may not even be married at all! He might be with like Hermione or something. Harry and Ron might not even be friends. There's so much that could be different with James and Lily not being murdered by Voldemort. I'm really excited to see where you go with all of this!

I so cannot wait for the next chapter! Hope there's an update really soon!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg! Ahh! You are the best! ♥

Yeah, it's definitely a big change! She's decent at thinking on her feet, given what an experienced liar she is, but yeah, "flee from the scene and hope your neighbor will help" is probably the solution I'd go for as well!

It must have been super weird for Lance. I can't even imagine someone showing up and telling me all about my life, my first instinct would be that they're some sort of undercover spy. Lance is a really good person - Lily is lucky that she ran into him first rather than someone like, say, Marta.

Omg, I LOVE that you are wondering all these things and have all these fantastic theories. This is exactly the thought process I went through when I was planning out the story because ANYTHING could be different muahaha. I'm thrilled to hear you are excited about the story! With any luck I'll be writing the next chapter soon.

Thanks so much for your review!! ♥

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Review #16, by teh tarik Cultivated Arts

14th December 2014:
Ooh, the cube steals dishes?!? Does it get its energy from dishes? AND MARTA ROBBED THE DEPARTMENT OF MYSTERIES GAHAHA. Good lord, that girl is going to be in so much trouble if anybody finds out. (Will Marta go into the parallel universe with Lily???)

Ahh, I LOVE the Potter family dinner! James the Writer whose only positive review is from Lockhart>! Albus speaking Chinese? And Lily spewing lies about her nonexistent job muahaha I LOVE THIS FAMILY. ♥

Ooh, ooh, can't wait to see what happens with the cube!!

Another amazing chapter my dear. ♥


Author's Response: Who knows what the cube does. Certainly Lily doesn't. :p Wow dish powered, it'd be like totally clean energy ahaha. Marta is a loose cannon! I think she's the only one who can't see how much trouble she'll be in...

So glad you loved the Potter family dinner! :D Ahaha I love the idea of James as a kind of failing author. He should tap into the Seer/Mystic side of himself, I hear there's loads of money in that. ;)

Thanks so much for your awesome reviews, teh! ♥

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Review #17, by Moonyxluna Inferno

14th December 2014:
Hey Kristin! Happy Hufflepuff hot seat day! :)

SWELL. Lily.. swell. That opening scene was hilarious. Lily was so pleasantly awkward there! (and yay representation :D - it's so minor, but I love seeing it.)

I'm just sitting here as I read her checking for her wand just trying to imagine all of the possibilities for a world without Voldemort.. I can't even think! Would Lily even exist?? *must read on*

AW Lance still lives there! I really liked that touch. And I kind of figured he wouldn't recognize her, but it's still bittersweet to read.

Oh god it's everything I didn't think of. Cedric! I'm so excited (if you can't tell) for all of the little things that are going to show up in this story. The whole interaction between the two was hilarious, and soo awkward. And the part where she asks But you've heard of me? - where she has to --attempts to -- use her parent's name was entertaining.

So I decide that maybe it's time to find Lily and James the first - I dunno if this was intentional or not, but did you mean Albus and James here? or is she looking for herself? Or her grandparents? (Really though, I blame my confusion on Harry naming his children.)

I love Lance's curiosity, and how it seems to be the link between him sending her away and helping her. And Myrtle as the Minister of Magic! Of course, I jumped a little bit from SPACESHIPS being a thing, but I love all of the tiny little touches you're putting in.

I like the moment when she's sort of realizing just how different everything is. I get the impression that she didn't realize just how intertwined her direct life was with Voldemort, and that it's all sort of coming out for her now.

I don't want to wait for more! I do hope you have more in the works for this; it's been so entertaining! I can't wait to see what happens if/when she meets Harry.. and just everything! The possibilities are seemingly endless. Lovely work!


Author's Response: Ahaha, I think it'd be hard to NOT be awkward when something like that happens. And yay for representation! :)

So many possibilities yeah. Planning this story out did a number on my brain! Ah, I love that you are considering all the possible repercussions of no Voldemort. :D

Aw, yeah it was kind of sad to write Lance not knowing her. But as she is realising, things are about to get pretty different. Other than the fact that Lance doesn't seem to know her, at least he is pretty constant...

Cedric is alive! And Colin! One of the best things about writing this story is I can bring anyone I want to back to life XD And I know hahaha, after all she does to try escaping her famous name, now she has to use it!

I did mean Lily and James (her grandparents). But yes I completely understand why that's confusing. UGH HARRY. WHY

Ha, I like what you pointed out about Lance's curiosity - that may indeed have been a large part of the reason why he helped her. I thought the idea of Myrtle as the Minister of Magic was just so outlandish that it needed to happen. After all, anything is possible! :p So glad you're excited about spaceships! They will indeed make a return.

I do have more in the works! Haha, I was working on this for NaNo which sucked out all my enthusiasm for it, but now that I've sufficiently ignored the story for a month now, I'm getting back into it. Hopefully won't be too long of a wait!

I'm thrilled that you are liking this story! Thanks so much for another wonderful review!! ♥

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Review #18, by likeness_of_a_seabird Prologue

14th December 2014:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review!

Wow, that was a really interesting prologue! I'm particularly curious about that Captain's log at the beginning and can't wait to find out who the captain is and why they were so glad to have a passenger who wasn't as fatalistic as the rest of them (I have already an idea why that might be so I'm curious to see if my theory is correct).

I really like your interpretation of Lily, particularly the fact that she knows she could easily get a job by using the "famous relatives" card but refuses to do so. Also, I like how she is not too thrilled about being named after her grandmother because people are expecting them to be alike. I can easily see that happening.

Albus collects plugs! That's so funny! I can just imagine what the conversations between him and Arthur would be like! ^_^

I'm really intrigued to see what's going to happen next! Great job on the beginning!

- Emmi

Author's Response: Hi Emmi!

I'm so glad you liked the prologue, and the mysterious captain's log. Mm, I love that you're making theories already! That is really the intention of that captain's log so that's great to hear :D

So happy that you like my portrayal of Lily as well, and her sort of resentment about her name, I'm glad it seemed realistic.

Ahaha, I really wanted Arthur's plug collection tendencies to live on. I figured he had to want one of his grandchildren to appreciate Muggle weirdnesses the way he does! :p

Thanks so much for your review - glad you enjoyed this chapter! :D

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Review #19, by teh tarik Old and New

14th December 2014:
Hey again!

Ooh, Marta is such a character! Bahaha, I can so totally imagine Lily and her rummaging through Muggle rubbish bins together. And Marta trying to secretly call the paparazzi on Lily and her family just so she can have her moment of fame! And I love the story of how they gradually became friends. So Marta was like a kind of stalker back in Hogwarts, trying to snap pictures of Lily and sell them to the newspaper. She's like a crazy Colin Creevey! Love her!

And I love the contrasts between Iris and Marta as well; they're pretty much extreme opposites of each other with Lily being somewhere in the middle. Iris seems to have the most perfect life of all: she has a cool kitten-cuddling job, is engaged, has an active social life, etc. Neighbour Lance is an interesting sort of bloke...and there's possibly some chemistry between him and Marta already? :P

That silver cube! WHAT IS IT! I really can't wait until you introduce the sci-fi elements of the story! I know these chapters have been mostly setting up the characters, but I've enjoyed them! Your characters are such a unique and sometimes hilarious bunch and I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Fab chapter!


Author's Response: Haha, yeah it's sort of a compromise, because if given her own way Marta would just steal - this way is both effective and legal and keeps Lily out of the camera eye. Ooh, I love the comparison to 'a crazy Colin Creevey' - yes, I think that sums her up pretty well :D

I'm glad you like the kind of odd balance of their friendship. Lily is definitely right in the middle - she's sort of similar to Iris in personality but more like Marta in terms of her life not being entirely together :p Lance is pretty interesting. I didn't actually intend for him to become a main character, but then he decided he didn't like that and wrote himself into the plot. And yes, there's some... one-sided chemistry :p

Sci-fi elements are coming soon - I'm so glad you've enjoyed the exposition chapters and are finding them unique and hilarious, that's so great to hear. Thank you so much!

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Review #20, by teh tarik Prologue

14th December 2014:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat yay!

Kristin! ♥ Holy cow, how did I not know about this story of yours! Parallel universes and possible time paradoxes (at least I'm guessing what's going to happen...)? I love it.

That opening log entry was so so intriguing...what is that ship? Who wrote it? Gah, I'm hooked!

I love how you've characterised Lily so far; I'm loving her narration. There's the sense that she's definitely bored with her life and not really enjoying fame that much. I love all the references to the extended family: Molly and Arthur...and Albus of all people has taken up Arthur's hobby of plug-collecting hahahaha. :P Also, LOVE how disgruntled Lily sounds when she refers to her name, and to the names of her brothers and how they're all named creatively after dead people. I laughed quite a bit at the part about her, James and Albus being named after James I, Lily I and Snape and the whole messy triangle. She's right; I just wonder why Harry would even do this to his children. :P

Ooh, does Lily want to tamper with time just so she can meet all her dead family members? HIGHLY INADVISABLE, LILY. (But go ahead and do it, anyway, or we wouldn't have a story :P )

Brilliant start, Kristin! I can't wait to find out more. :)


Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad to hear this zany story premise sounds interesting! :D

The opening log entry is there to raise many questions and no answers, at least not for a while >:-D muahaha. But I'm so glad that it intrigues you!

Aw, thank you! I am so thrilled that Lily's narration and her resentment of fame are entertaining. I thought the idea of a plug collection was so hilarious and obviously something that had to be passed down through the generations! :D

Ahaha, yeah I really was not subtle about my distaste for all the next gen names. But I figured Lily might feel the same way, given the shadow she's grown up in because of who her parents and grandparents were.

EXTREMELY INADVISABLE but wouldn't it be exciting anyway? ;)

Thanks so much for your review and I'm so glad you liked this!

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Review #21, by Unicorn_Charm Playing with Fire

13th December 2014:
Hiya!! Here for our swap! :)

I've been meaning to come back and continue on with this. RL kicked my butt the last few weeks though. But I'm here now! :)

This chapter had a very high anxiety feel about it. I was on the edge of my seat from the time she first dipped into that alternate universe in the beginning until the end. It was just all very unnerving.

I absolutely loved that idea of tons of alternative realities existing due to different choices that people have made throughout their lives. That is such an interesting concept. I mean, could you imagine? You never really know. It could totally be a thing that happens.

I imagine it must be kind of awkward for Lily to hear about her grandmother Lily. I feel like she, James and Albus would have grown up thinking of James and Lily as more of legends than relatives, if that makes sense. So I'm sure hearing something as mundane as "Lily couldn't wear pink," would have been a little refreshing for her to hear. It humanizes her. They probably have heard every story about what a hero and wonderful person she was. I just really liked that little detail a lot.

On a related note, hearing that seemed to really prompt Lily's decision to see that universe where her grandparents could have still been alive. Maybe that little tidbit of information resonated with Lily the same way. That it made her grandmother seem more like a person. A person she would want to get to know.

Well I'm guessing her dropping that cube was not a good thing at all. If she doesn't have that, she's pretty much stuck, isn't she? Yikes! And I'm dying to know who's home she's in and who the woman is that's gawking at her.

I really, really liked this chapter. It left me feeling extremely uneasy, which is fantastic! Excellent job! I can't wait to see what happens in this new world she's travelled to. :)

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: I know exactly what you mean about the high anxiety feel, it's exactly what I felt reading the most recent chapters of Saving Severus Snape :p

Thanks, I'm glad you like the multiple realities stemming from choices concept. That's not my own original idea, I've seen it in sci-fi shows and always thought it was just such a mind-blowing concept as it gets so close to infinity it's just beyond comprehension. Gah!

Exactly! I like what you said about Lily (I) being more of a legend than a real person, and hearing from Mrs Stebbins reminds her that Lily (I) was a real person with idiosyncrasies and friends just like any real person has. I'm so glad you pointed that out.

Although yes, you're right, it did have the unfortunate consequence of prompting her to want to meddle with things. ;)

I'm so thrilled that you liked this chapter! Your feedback is so wonderful and makes me smile every time. Thanks so much!! ♥

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Review #22, by Aphoride Prologue

13th December 2014:
Hi there! So I am a huge canon fan, but the idea of this was just so cool, and the summary sounded so interesting, so I just had to come by to this one! :)

I love the whole set-up of it. How you don't give away much, but drop little hints and things about what's going to happen, what Lily's going to get herself into and how she's going to handle it. Having the little section at the top with the part of the log by the captain of the ship (which is in itself a little thing I wanna know more about! Why is she on a ship? Wah, sounds so cool!) is so clever - just gives enough to reel the reader in ;)

I love how you've characterised Lily, as well, with her being so disatisfied with fame and fed up with it and not really understanding why so many of her family are named after dead people. I think it's so true to life - people who are often removed from the situation don't always get it, particularly kids. It just seems to alien to them, so I loved how you included that. I love as well how she wishes she could have met her grandparents - and it's again so real: my dad's dad died when he was young, so I've never known him and it's the same kind of thing. As well, I really like how she doesn't want to rely on fame, and so she's not super-clever or talented or successful; instead, she's broke and jobless. It gives her this really nice sense of independence, which I love.

As always, your writing is lovely, and there are so many details in this which really bring it to life. It's so good! I really loved how she described her siblings and family - it could have been list-like, I think, with how many of them, but you wrote it so well, it was all just like anecdotes and really felt like someone talking to you and saying those things.

I'm so so curious to know where this goes, as well. Obviously she crosses over into a different time stream, but how? And where in it does she end up? Who does she meet? What happens while she's there? Gah, I'm so curious and you've left so many threads hanging it's wonderful :)

This is a really, really brilliant first chapter; we will have to swap again at some point so I can read more :P I really loved this! :)

Thank you so much for the swap! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hi! Haha, I'm a huge canon fan as well, which makes me wonder how this story ever ended up existing. I suppose it starts out canon! :p I'm really glad to hear it sounds interesting despite being AU though!

I'm so happy to hear that it was the right amount of information revealed for the prologue! I'd never done a story with a prologue before, so it was kind of a wild guess at how much to put in :p And I'm thrilled you liked that bit about the ship hehe.

Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you like Lily's characterization and that she seems real, that means a lot to me. That's exactly what I was hoping to show there, about the disconnect for people who are removed from the situation. As well I think that since Harry was always awkward about his fame/hero status, that he wouldn't raise his kids to take advantage of that fame either. Outside of her fame Lily is pretty normal.

Gah, thank you for saying my writing is lovely *blushes* It is so wonderful to hear that the story seems alive in the details and anecdotes, and that you are curious to find out what's going to happen! Soo many threads hanging indeed. This prologue is basically one of those fringe dresses from the 1920's. XD

Thanks so much for the swap and your fantastic review!! ♥

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Review #23, by Moonyxluna Playing with Fire

12th December 2014:
I had to come back for more :P (Okay, let's be honest. I wrote like half of this out as I was reading the same day, but excuses... heh. I'm here!)

I was okay when Lily was looking. I was thinking "okay, she probably shouldn't be doing that, but it's just showing pictures, right? I mean.. Loki could just pop out at any second, but she's just looking.

and then Lily STICKS HER HEAD IN IT.

I think her magical background helps her not immediately give things away when she is in the new dimension. She's used to out of the ordinary things happening, so she sort of seems to immediately accept it, which helps keep her the only one in the loop about what's going to be going on.

There are no pictures of Marta in the other universe, though :/

Just casually hopping dimensions on her kitchen floor :D

She's too curious for her own good! I know Lance didn't exactly give her warnings in his speech, but that doesn't mean she should be messing with things like that! haha. Red hair does NOT match a lot of things! (I had to stay away from that color because none of my clothes matched anymore :p ) But it's sort of bittersweet, how she definitely could.. and probably will.. see what could happen without Voldemort.

As the summary of the story suggests :p moving on!

So far, this is exactly what happened last time... - oh jeez, she's jinxed it now.

I really loved the descriptions of the actual 'universe traveling' - I really felt like I could visualize everything that was happening to Lily. You create such a good narrative voice for her that makes this enjoyable to read and makes Lily very relateable.

Can't wait to see what happens next! Lovely work, Kristin!


Author's Response: Julie!! Hi again :D

Hahaha... looking was fine, but Lily does take after her Dad, in that she sometimes doesn't know when to mind her own business! :p

She is a pretty good liar, and maybe that helped her keep it together pretty well haha. At least not too many things were different, which probably made it easier.

Oh you know. What's a little dimension hopping every now and then. :P

That's very true - Lance didn't give her warnings, because he didn't realize the questions weren't hypothetical. I tell you, if Lily had listened to all the reviews on this story, she never would have gotten into such a mess! :p

I'm so glad you like Lily's narrative voice and the descriptions of the universe travelling! I was worried the universe travelling would make no sense, so this is very reassuring haha :D

Thanks soo much for your review!!

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Review #24, by BookDinosaur Inferno

9th December 2014:
Review Battle!

How did I not know there was a fifth chapter of this up?! Gosh I'm lucky I had a look at your page for the review battle, seriously. How did I miss this?? I've favourited the story and everything! >:(

OKAY FIRST THINGS FIRST I REALLY NEED TO MENTION THIS: I’ve stepped into the scene of Ludwig, the Half-Android Dolphin Tamer II and III parts 1 and 2, the rubbish sequels about Ludwig’s adventures in space and subsequent new life on another planet populated by robotic whales. THIS IS UTTER GOLD how on earth does your amazing mind come up with this stuff? Robotic whales - ahaha, that's hilarious. Someone should totally make that a real movie. I would go and watch those. (It probably says something about me that this was the first thing I needed to comment on :P )

Now onto actual, serious, constructive reviewing things - I absolutely love the way you've crafted your parallel universe. The differences like Moaning Myrtle and Colin Creevey really did emphasise how different things were, and the similarities like Lance being in the same flat and liking the same movie(s) were pretty fun. Also: the removal of the Statue of Secrecy and the invention of spaceships. Spaceships are awesome. But the real message you should be taking away here (after 'spaceships are awesome') is that I really love the way you've shaped your alternate universe. it is very alternate, and also a universe, and also awesome, which isn't in the name but is true anyway.

Aww, Lance is so nice to Lily. I wonder if Marta is in this alternate universe? And poor Lily's train of thought throughout the chapter was really fun to follow, hehe. Her reactions are completely realistic to the situation around her, and she really does seem like a real person that anyone can relate to.

OOH! Just had a thought - there was a ship log in the prologue, wasn't there? What if ship was spaceship? The spaceship is going to take Lily home!! O.O

Ooh, ooh, and I really wanted to say this before signing off - you know I lived in the Middle East for six years, and THANK YOU for including a hijabi character, no matter how briefly, in the story. I never see anyone in fanfics who are Muslim, and I think there's quite a stigma surrounding them in RL because of 9/11 and ISIS going on now, when I know plenty of Muslims who are seriously lovely people, so I just really wanted to say thank you for that representation, even if it was just for a second. ♥

Okay, this chapter was awesome and as upset as I am for not even knowing this thing was up, and missing first review, I really can't wait to see what happens next to Lily (here's to hoping that she goes onto Ludwig's planet of robotic whales!!), update soon Kristin! *hug*

Author's Response: Emilyyy! I'm glad you had a look at my page too, because then I got this lovely review from you! ♥

:D I love that you commented on that silly part there. It was like the most un-subtle jab at Hollywood ever - how any film that makes ANY money at all automatically gets a sequel or two... which are now, more often than not, divided into multiple parts, that's what the absurd numbering is about. As for the plot... yep this fic is secretly a parody :P Really don't know where the robotic whales came from.

Sooo glad you like the parallel universe! That was one of the parts I was kind of unsure about, because this begins the section where the details that I change are very specific and I need to trace literally everything back to Voldemort. There was a lot of work involved in planning this universe. So it's wonderful to hear that it makes sense and that you like it in its similarities and differences. And yes, spaceships are indeed awesome.

It's funny because Lance was not originally intended to be a main character, but he definitely is. I'm so glad you like Lily's thoughts and reactions to everything - and especially that she seems relatable (that's especially important as the plot is so out there, it's good to hear that the characters seem real.)

Hmmm... hmmm... interesting... but, my lips are sealed ;)

You're so right, there is definitely an underrepresentation of Muslims in fic (or, honestly, a lack of diversity in general!) And yeah, it makes me so sad when an entire group of people is judged for the actions of a few individuals - when most people are generally good. Anyway, I'm glad you appreciated that :)

Ooh, I like your idea. Maybe I should scrap the rest of the plot and instead write the screenplay to 'Ludwig the Half Android Dolphin Tamer'. XD Thanks so much for your review! ♥

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Review #25, by Moonyxluna Cultivated Arts

7th December 2014:
Dad laughs, then tries to pretend he didn't - I think this just has to describe Harry and Ginny's relationship with each other concerning their kids. So cute.

Lily's family is so adorable. I love that you have James as an author; I don't think I've ever read that and it's neat and original! And Albus learning Chinese. I wonder if his mother is right and it's for a girl, or for different reasons :p Also, it's nice that they still care about Marta so much even though their kind of rough patches in history. It seems like a very 'Harry' type of a thing to do.

So we find out that the cube from the previous chapter is something Marta stole from the Department of Mysteries. I feel surprised and unsurprised all at the same time. I really love her characterization wise! But, I can't believe she doesn't see how much trouble that could get Lance in! I love the tiny flaws like this you give your characters. It gives them such a realistic personality, and makes me love this all the more.

I just want to go home and read my book. - In which Lily is me every time I go out.

Mostly just mine, but she doesn't know that - AH WAIT REALLY!? I had my suspicions, but I'm so happy right now. Aw, I love this all the more now. Thinking back to the previous chapters, Lily seems to do a good job hiding her feelings for Marta. I can't wait to see how that sub-plot develops. Does Iris know!? Don't tell me. I'll have to read on!

Ah, Lily takes what Marta says and fidgets with the cube, and now something's going to happen! She should have known better, but I still can't wait to see what comes of it!

Another lovely chapter. I love how you're developing these characters and this story.


Author's Response: I think Harry and Ginny would be really cool parents :p

So glad you liked reading about the Potter family! Haha, yeah most next-gen fics I've read that are set after Hogwarts have James as a Quidditch player, but I wanted to do something a little differently! And now I kind of love the idea of him as a really bad writer :P I'm glad you thought that seemed very 'Harry' for Harry to continue looking out for Marta despite the rough patches. :)

Yes indeed... she is something else. It's really so great to hear that you like her characterization, bad decisions and all :p

Hehehe :D Lily does do well hiding her feelings - but it explains why Lily has kind of a blind spot where Marta is concerned and will get into stupid situations with her like using stolen things.

Thank you so much! I'm really thrilled you're enjoying the story and characters - thanks for your reviews!

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