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Review #1, by Felpata Lupin Hindsight

19th October 2017:
Hello, my love! Here I am for your new chapter, and sorry it took me a bit long...

Oh, my Merlin! I love the Potters (and the Weasleys, of course) Did I mention I love the Potters? :D

Poor Lily, how confusing it must all be... but at least she's surrounded by people who love her, it's so nice to see all the family together and hear all the good news! But... Arthur and Molly... so sad... :'(

I also loved seeing Lance again, even if it made me a bit sad that he was a bit wary with Lily (or was it just her impression?) It's so sad, but understandable, too. After all, what she did wasn't exactly correct... but it was nice that they saw a movie together like old times. And I wonder why she had a deja-vu waking up on Lance's couch? :P

So, Louis moved to Germany... wonder if he kept in touch with Alex and Celeste... (You know why I'm wondering this...)

And, oh my god, Percy "entertaining" the reporter! I love it! Ahahah!

I'm sure there's something else I wanted to mention, but I'm almost at work now so I have to leave you. But great job as always and I can't wait for more!

Love you always!

Author's Response: CHIARA HI ♥ ♥

I love the Potters too. I just love writing Harry with the family that's everything he wanted as a kid. If anyone deserves the best family ever, it's him.

I'm glad you liked the whole family all together. And I know, I felt really bad about Arthur and Molly. They are perfect and I wanted them to live forever. But no one does :( (They'd be in their late 80's by this point, and none of my grandparents lived that long.. but also I forgot that wizards live longer than Muggles.)

I think Lance might have been wary at first, just because so much happened that it's hard to pick up their friendship where it left off. Tehehe... maybe some memory retained after all?

Er... Hugo moved to Germany. Louis is still around. Worry not! ;) (I can see how someone can get mixed up though. I can't keep track of all of the cousins either)

Percy saving the day with his cauldron talk was the highlight of writing this chapter. XD

Thank you so much! You are the best and I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the chapter! Love you forever!

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Review #2, by Felpata Lupin Ghosts

2nd October 2017:
You put that end note just to confuse me more, didn't you? :P
And Lily doesn't remember anything... that's so sad... :( But maybe she'll get her memories back somehow? I hope so, I don't want her to completely love her experience.
And I can't wait to see her meeting Lance! I've missed Lance! Surely, she did cause a lot of trouble using that cube, but she shouldn't be too hard on herself...
I love that Iris has a child now. And Marta is always Marta *rolls eyes*
And I love how Lily was immediately submerged by letters from her family! Ahahah! I love the Potters! (Well, it's understandable that they would react that way after four years, I'm surprised they didn't just Apparate at Iris' immediately)
I'm almost at work now, so I have to leave you. But this was an awesome chapter as always (even if I would have liked some answers instead of more questions... but I will forgive you...)
Love you so much!
Snowball hug,

Author's Response: Yeah, by this point with the past three chapters I've probably confused everyone to the point where no one will read it anymore :P But, I promise that the remaining chapters will start to answer questions rather than raise more. (Finally.)

Yay for Lance! He'll be in the next chapter :) I think Lily is in a difficult place and guilt/blame are kind of flying all over as she learns new things. She's understandably upset and her emotions are everywhere. But things will start to calm down for her and I think she'll be able to see things more objectively given time. :)

yeah, everyone's lives have definitely moved on a lot! More to come with Marta. Her story's not fully told yet ;)

Aw, haha I'm glad you liked that! I think that despite how nosy her family is, they do understand how overwhelming it would be for all of them to Apparate over there, and probably have grasped that being there won't help Lily as she's going through a lot that she has to process without being surrounded by people. So they settled for a million letters and a promise that she'll see them the next day, which I think is fair ;)

Thanks so much! And you even read this on a tiny screen on the train, so kudos to you :P Thanks so much for reading and for another absolutely wonderful review.

Snowball hugs!

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin Meanwhile...

1st October 2017:
Yay! New chapter! :D
Oh, my Merlin! This is so crazy! Marta, what have you done this time?
I'm wondering how this all connects to everything else. Also, I'm wondering if Marta has just changed history, somehow causing Voldemort to be born, or maybe she travelled to a different universe, not just a different time? At first, when she met Tom (I guessed it was him almost immediately, I'm quite proud of myself :P) I thought she was going to prevent him from marrying Merone somehow. But then she introduced herself as Cecilia... I don't know... I'm confused...
Anyway, this was such a great chapter, as always! And I need more, like right now! I need to know what happened to Lily and to the crew and how Marta's jump into the past has affected everything else.
Love you!

Author's Response: Ehehehe yeah it a little crazy I guess :P Everyone's favourite agent of chaos had been absent for a little while and it was just about time to mix things up :P
Haha, yes! Gold star for you, I love that you guessed it. I was wondering if it was going to be obvious and at what point people would catch on ;) Ooh, and I love your theories. I can see how you're confused though and I wonder if I should go back and edit this chapter because maybe I got myself in over my head :P but I'll just say this: 'Cecilia' is actually a canon character, so what Marta did was essentially make sure that events from HBP did end up happening.
Um, anyway, the next chapter is about half written and *hopefully* it will be up soon-ish!
Thanks so much for your review! ♥♥

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Review #4, by Felpata Lupin Tempus Fugit

10th September 2017:

So first... thank you so, so, so much for the dedication! It really means a lot to me and you are the best and most supportive friend (and most talented writer) ever! I love you, darling! *big snowball hug*

Second... wait! What's happening?! Why is everything/everyone disappearing?! What's going on?! What will be of Balthazar?! What will be of the crew?! What will be of Lily?! (I'm confident that Lily will be safe, but I'm scared for everyone else...)

Third. This was so wonderful! Oh, my Merlin, I loved it! Like, every little bit of it! But especially that Lily/Celeste moment. Their kiss was so perfect, and I so, so loved the perpetual sunset. How can you use science to create such a beautiful, romantic image? Have I ever told you that you are a genius? Also, your descriptions are so incredibly beautiful!

This was just great and I know I should say much more than I have, but just... this is one of the best things I've ever read and I'm so happy you've updated this and I can't wait for more and I adore you!


Author's Response: You are so very welcome! Your feedback on this story has meant so much to me. Gah, thank you! You are a very talented writer yourself!!

Secondly, ehehehehe. That's all I will say about it here, but the next chapter is up and may answer some questions... Kinda. :P

Third: Yay! I'm so glad that you liked it! Aw, and I love the way you described that sunset as science creating a beautiful romantic image! I'd not thought of it quite like that and I love that :P Thank you so much!

Aww! I'm so glad you liked this chapter! Thanks for such a wonderful review! ♥♥♥♥

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Review #5, by Felpata Lupin All Good Things

29th July 2017:
Hello, my beautiful Kristin!

Sorry if I'm a tiny bit late with this... I haven't felt review-y these past few days and then yesterday I left for the holidays... well, I'm here now! ;)

I loved this chapter! Not that this is surprising but I really did!

First of all, I loved that you interspersed this with the logs. I loved the contrast between the technical and impersonal tone of those and what the true life on the ship is. Plus, I love that it sort of links back to the beginning and the way it helped showing the passage of time.

I felt so envious of Lily in the beginning of the chapter... floating in space... how awesome must it be? :D

I felt a bit less envious as she thought about the misterious portal... what she's about to do is absolutely foolish! Who would actually enter a cave inhabited by dangerous alien monsters to jump into a portal that could lead you home as well as in any other possible alternative reality?! It's absolutely, 100% crazy! I don't want to know how this is going to end. (Actually, I do...)

Ah, Lily and Celeste! Yes! Yes! Yes! How do you call them? Lileste? Celestly? Erm, don't mind me... but I loved to see them flirting, as unprofessional as it might be. ;)

Lily's birthday was so adorable! They made such a sweet surprise for her! :) Also, I love the idea of her making a scrapbook for the crew! It's so nice and I so love the familiar atmosphere on the Daedalus (I think I've already commented on that but it's something that I really love so much!)

Oh my god, we are almost there... I'm scared and excited at the same time! I really hope everything will turn out to be alright for Lily! Also I'm so proud of how much she's changed and the fact that she really wants to use her fame to make the world better!

I'm leaving you now! Thank you for another awesome chapter! Let me know when you updated again!

Huge snowball hug rolling your way, darling!


Author's Response: Chiara! Once again you are the best person ever! Thanks so much for reviewing so quickly! ♥

Thank you! I know it was kind of a departure from the way the rest of the story has been structured, but I felt it was the best way to show the passage of time without just skipping huge sections of it. I'm glad you liked the balance between the logs and the narration!

I know, I'm really jealous too :P

Yeah, she's known all along that it's going to be dangerous and that it might not work, but reading the logs all the time that reinforce *how* it might not work is pretty scary. So it's either that or stick around on a version of Earth where she doesn't belong and waits years for them to invent technology or maybe never goes home. But yeah... sounds pretty terrifying what she's headed up against. I think the uncertainty is the worst part!

Haha, I never gave much thought to what their couple name would be. You can call them whatever you like :P

I'm glad you liked her birthday, and her ideas about making a scrapbook! And thanks, I'm so glad the familiar atmosphere comes across - especially after only three chapters of knowing them - that close feeling is one I felt was really important to how the crew works and I'm so glad it came through in the writing. It's modeled on my own experience with my shipmates working on tallships. :)

She really has changed! I'm so proud of her :)

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! Hopefully the next chapter won't take as long - I've reached the point where a lot of the story has been written for years so it's just filling in the gaps now.

Snowball hug and all my love! ♥

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Review #6, by Felpata Lupin Show and Tell

4th May 2017:
I'm here! Finally! I can't believe it took me two months... :( But better late than never, right?

I'm so impressed by the amount of thought and work and research you've put in here, you seriously even thought about their space itinerary??? You are brilliant!

I love the crew, it really feels like a bit family. I love the concept that, if Daedalus was a person it would be a Hufflepuff, it's so true! ;)

Did I already say that I love Alex? I'm quite sure I did, once or twice... :P (not his music, though... I'm sorry about that but I'm quite grateful I don't have to attend to any concert by them... :P)

And Celeste! I have so much admiration for Celeste. She's had to fight against every kind of discrimination in her life but never gave up and just conquered everything that was important for her in life. Ah, if only I had a quarter of her strenght and commitment...

I can see how Lily would feel inadequate compared to her. But I also think she's too hard on herself. Living with fame you never asked for can't be easy either, and it really must make you wonder if anything you achieve is really deserved or not. I'm sure her life will get another interesting turn once she's back. This experience will surely teaching her a lot!

Will she meet Celeste once she's back? I hope so, after all they have Louis as a connection ;) Ahahah! I bet Marta would be qulte umpredictable on... anything! :P

I also loved the interpretation of magic you gave here! Basically, we are all daltonic... ahahah! I wish I wasn't, though. Chores would be so much easier!

If you couldn't tell, I loved this chapter! Just like all the other chapters! And I can't wait for more! (Maybe I won't take that long to catch up next time!

Love you!

Author's Response: CHIARA ♥ ♥ ♥ HI ♥ ♥ Your reviews are always a treat, no matter when they show up! :)

Thank you! Yes, I've planned their whole itinerary. Omg, the amount of unnecessary background for this story - I even have a picture where I've drawn the blueprints of the ship haha! And I've planned out every character's background to an extent where most of it probably won't even appear in the story :P It's a bit excessive!

Aw, yay, thanks, I'm so glad you like the crew and I'm especially glad that it feels like family to read about them, that's exactly what I was going for.

I'm also thrilled that you like Alex (even if you don't like their music :P) and Celeste! Celeste is definitely very driven and motivated - she puts my lazy writing to shame :P She'd have written this story in only a few months :P

I really like what you said about Lily, and about what you deserve vs what you achieve. Definitely a lot to think about! And yes, she's learnt a lot so far through all she's been through in the past couple of months.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the interpretation of magic. I admit that because I'm a biologist, the mechanism of inheritance of magic is something I've always been curious about, and this was the best explanation I could come up with! :P

So glad you enjoyed this chapter. As always, thank you SO much for reading and for leaving this wonderful review. You're the best! *SNOWBALL HUG* All my love! ♥

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Review #7, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Prologue

2nd April 2017:
Hi there! Here again for CTF, you know the drill!

I love the way you wrote this story. It isn't immediately clear from the beginning which Lily this is about (or if it even is Lily in the first place and not an outsider) (and forgive me, I came in here right via the reviews), but as soon as it does, it makes complete sense. The first person POV also works great for how you are setting up this epiloque and the way you tell how the war affected the people who weren't born yet at that time. I can imagine you'd feel detached and while you'd get the importance, it's just not the same really.
But I also don't really see Lily's problem with the naming, though I suppose living up to the names can be quite the problem when people set those expectations of you. But then again, those people need to sod off and mind their own business.. Anyway, I do agree with Albus and everyone that Hyacinth is not the best name, but to each their own I guess?
Regardless, this is a very nice prologue and I am really intrigued how the ship and the sci-fi is going to work into this. But then there is also the attached to canon ships and that makes me wary at the same time.

Well done anyway and I will see you for other stories!

Author's Response: I hoped the timing on the log would give a hint, but the point of the very beginning isn't to answer questions anyway, just raise them. Muahaha. :P If I answered all the questions right away then you'd have no reason to read the story! :P

I'm glad you like the POV, thanks! It's great to hear that it's effective in showing the long term effects of the war on the next generation.

You may be the only one who doesn't have an issue with the naming! Most of that is my own personal opinions about the DH epilogue creeping into the story, but I always found the fact that Harry's three kids were named after a sort of love-triangle to be a bit weird. Anyway, it's not really important :P But you're absolutely right that there's a lot of pressure and expectations on her. And I love what you said about how other people who set those expectations need to 'sod off and mind their own business' - haha! Yes, that would make Lily's life so much easier!

You know, the warning about canon ships is probably not as intense as I thought it would be when I first started writing this story. Some canon is thrown out the window (but only sort of), but any change had a reason, and wasn't just arbitrary... eh, it'll make sense when/if you read on. :P

I'm glad to hear you thought this was interesting! Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #8, by AbraxanUnicorn Prologue

2nd April 2017:
Hello! I'm here in an attempt to capture a flag. Is it in here somewhere?

I love the unusual starting approach to this story, with the Captain's Log; it makes me think of Star Trek or something similar. I'm rather intrigued by what the log is referencing - Lily, trying to change history? Based on the date of the log, I'm going to guess at the Lily in question being Lily Potter II. Mysterious ending to the log entry, that it's possibly being erased? I'm looking forward to reading more!

There's a jump back in time of 5 months, to Wizarding Remembrance Day, and the protagonist is confirmed as Lily Luna Potter. Who seems to be unemployed, quite bored and rather sarcastic; I love her already! I'm very glad to hear that she's determined not to rely on her family's fame to get somewhere in life.

Haha! I adore the name digs. I'd never really thought about the fact that Lily is named after her older brother's wife, nor was her namesake the object of her middle brother's middle-namesake's desire. Gosh. That must be weird for her. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with Lily and think that Hyacinth is a hideous name.

Had to laugh at Albus' plug collection!

Lily certainly sounds bored and a little depressed and quite unfulfilled at present: I hope as this story develops, we see her getting more out of life than she is at present.

This is a fabulous start to what I expect is going to be an absolutely brilliant story. I hope the flag in in here somewhere as I'd really like to keep reading!

Brax X

Author's Response: Couldn't tell you where the flag is, I have no idea :P but I hope the match was fun!

I'm so glad you like the way this story starts! It was pretty different for me, since I'd never done a prologue before, much less one that jumps back in time, so I'm glad to hear it's intriguing. Haha, and yeah I think a few other reviewers have mentioned it reminds them of Star Trek :P

Thank you, it's great to hear that you like Lily. I've had a lot of fun writing her and it means a lot to me that you like her voice and character after so soon of 'meeting' her in the story.

Hehehe yeah the names are like, my #1 peeve about the series. Naturally, it translated into sarcasm in the form of a character, but yeah, that's some clear author bias coming through XD. BUT YES, isn't it weird? Harry did not think it out. And yeah, Hyacinth is a bit much :P

Someone had to continue Arthur's tradition!

Yeah, Lily is definitely unhappy with aspects of her life right now. A story's got to start somewhere!

I'm so happy that you like this start to the story! Thanks so much for reading and for your lovely review!

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Review #9, by Felpata Lupin 2032: A Parallel Universe Odyssey

4th February 2017:
This took me so long... I'm the worst... you, instead, are the best! ;)

Yay! The space! Finally! This is so exciting, and fascinating! Can you imagine watching the solar system zipping by out of the window? How cool is it? :D

Ah, she lost a toe... that's bad... but I agree that odd numbers are better than even numbers. Nine is also a perfect square, so I'm totally with Lily on this. :P (you know I'm a crazy Mathematician, I'm sorry...)

I love Alex! Really, I do! I need to get back to "Crossing the line" *adds to to do list* I had been wondering if Lily hadn't ever crossed them in her universe, since they were best friend with her cousin... And I guess it makes sense that Louis doesn't exist here. If Harry didn't exist, Bill wouldn't have had any reason to be at Hogwarts during the Triwizard Tournament and would've never met Fleur. Right? (I need to stop trying to razionalize all the Universe differences and just take your word for it, but I can't help myself...)

I felt a bit bad for Lily feeling like a weight for the crew and unable to help. I can sympathize with that feeling. But it's nice to see how nice everyone is and that the atmosphere among the crew is so friendly. I especially loved seeing Alex and Celeste together, you can tell they are very close.

I really like Celeste as well, by the way. She is so funny and easygoing and I love it! (I'm still waiting for the romance... I know it's early, but I also know it's coming and I can't wait...)

There are probably a thousand things I should say about this chapter, but right now I can't think about any. What I can say is that I really enjoyed reading and that your writing is so enjoyable, just as always. This story never stops to amaze me!

Snowball hug, my beautiful Kristin!

Author's Response: No, you are not the worst! You are amazing! I honestly don't mind if you took a long time (which it wasn't), I just appreciate that you left a review at all. It means so much to me ♥

SPACE! :D I'm hoping the novelty of this bit of the story taking place in space makes up for the fact that it's largely filler O__O And yes, I'm incredibly jealous of Lily at this point, for maybe the first time in the story :P But she deserved something cool after all she's been through by this point!

Hahaha, I loved your Mathematician's take on this! A perfect square is much better than that pesky even number. (I'm glad you agree odd numbers are better. I think so too. :D)

I'm glad you like Alex! They are a pretty fun character to write. And I love that you've been trying to rationalize the differences between universes- it's neat to hear that my writing has made people think. :)

Yeah, poor Lily. It's hard to be the one person who's not working - even if she does have a pretty valid excuse, being that she just Splinched her toe off. But as a hard worker, it just doesn't sit right with her. I'm glad you like the crew as well and the friendly atmosphere. As Lily is going to be travelling with the same eleven people for the next three months you'll get to know the crew pretty well over the next few chapters!

Yay, so happy to hear that you like Celeste. I've had her character planned out since the beginning of this story and I'm so glad to finally be able to write her! And well, not to give out spoilers, but I think you will enjoy the next chapter. ;)

Thank you so, so much! Your support really means a lot to me and I love your reviews every time. Thank you for reading!

50 snowball hugs!

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Review #10, by Dirigible_Plums Playing with Fire

20th January 2017:
Ooooh things are getting exciting!

I don't blame Lily for trying to see what a world without Voldemort would be like. One thing I like about this is that she doesn't do it out of an urge to right the past or anything like that - it's out of curiosity, or that's what it seems like, really. Even though her dad's Harry Potter, she's still somewhat removed from the horrors that happened during the war so all she really knows is the annoying after-effects that came with her dad being the Saviour. Some of it is sad, of course, like the fact that she never got to meet her grandparents. But her actions aren't born out of a desire to selflessly fix everything. It's just because she wants to know what it would've been like. As I said, I like how you've done it.

(Especially because we know what's about to come, so the sadist in me is eagerly waiting for everything to go wrong.)

Another thing I like is how you weave in her relationship with her brothers. The mentions of Al and James are casual, after-thoughts almost - James' socks stinking, for example, because he's such a charming lad - but enough for it to be plausible that Lily would be spurred on by the picture of her brother being harassed. I love close siblings and I love it when the siblings happen to be the Potters. So kudos to you for that :D

I can't wait anymore so I'm just gonna read on. Great chapter, by the way!


Author's Response: Yes! I think too often protagonists have flawless and admirable morals and behave like old fashioned heroes. Real people usually aren't like that, which is exactly why I wanted to avoid that with Lily, as she lies often, she can be manipulative, and one of her best friends is an occasional lawbreaker. And yes - she's definitely removed from the war, apart from a few faces missing, but she was born into a much safer world and hasn't really experienced how bad it was then. It's definitely more out of curiosity than about Gryffindor honor. Thanks, I'm glad you appreciated that!

(And there would be no story if she didn't make everything fall apart! Muahaha)

I love close siblings too! And I've always thought the Potter siblings would be really close, especially as family would be so important to Harry who didn't grow up with close family. Thank you, I'm so glad you like the way that was woven in there with the little mentions of them even when they don't show up in the story that much.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! You're the best! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #11, by Dirigible_Plums Cultivated Arts

20th January 2017:
Al collects plugs.


That's so unlike my personal headcanon for him that I can't stop laughing.


Author's Response: XD

Someone had to carry on the tradition! Think how sad Arthur would be otherwise! So yes, Albus is a bit of a nerd :P

...Ah, the beauty of fanfiction!

Thanks for your review! :D

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Review #12, by Dirigible_Plums Old and New

20th January 2017:

I remember reading this fic when there was only, like, two chapters up and thinking that I wanted to wait for a couple more to be up before I devoured it. And then somehow, without me realising it, there's 12? TWELVE?? Anyways, I love fics with this kinda plot, they're my little guilty pleasure, and I'm really interested in seeing how it unfolds.

I never usually read Lily Luna fics so she's quite undefined in my mind, meaning that I'm v. curious about how people choose to portray her. I have to say, I quite like how you have. Whenever I think of the Potters, I tend to think that they are quite successful in whatever they apply themselves in, so to have an unemployed Lily with no *real* direction in her life is not only fresh to me but very realistic! She's not just stuck in a dead-end job, she has no job and trust me, I know the struggle. I'm sure many of us do.

Marta is... Marta is strange, is my prevalent throught. She seems like a right laugh and fun to be around, but that whole 'seeking fame' thing is disconcerting. I have to admit, I don't know how Lily managed to move past it seeing as how she hates that sort of stuff. But that's the great thing about characters - they have many different layers. Sure, Marta does like the added bonus of hanging out with Lily POTTER, but she also hangs out with her in the Muggle world where no one sees her that way. It's all about the layers.

But that bin scene still made me retch.



Author's Response: Plums. You beautiful person. Thank you so much for these reviews - they totally made my day.

Yes, 12! Considering the length of time I've actually been working on this fic, it should be many more, but I'm really slow :P I'm so glad you love this kind of plot. I know it's a bit of a trope but it's so fun to write :P

I don't think there are many Lily Luna fics out there, comparatively. So when I started writing this I didn't really know what the 'standard' was in terms of how she's portrayed. And I didn't read a whole lot of Next-gen before I stared writing this. But that lent me a lot of freedom in characterization, and I think my writing of the three Potter children is probably different from a lot of others just because I started with no real definition haha. I'm really glad you like this portrayal of Lily and that you find her relatable!

Strange is a good word for Marta. She's definitely got an interesting story, and there are reasons for why Lily puts up with as much as she does, which are hinted at in later chapters. But you're right, there's a lot of layers to their friendship. Ahaha, and yeah cleanliness is not her top priority. I can promise she washed the things she got from dumpster-diving, if it makes you feel better :P

Thanks for your review! ♥ ♥

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Review #13, by MuggleMaybe 2032: A Parallel Universe Odyssey

13th January 2017:
Transferred from AO3:

WHY AM I ONLY JUST NOW READING THIS FIC? And also, hello dear! *hug*

I am a bum and get really intimidated when I aim to review every chapter, so I'm ashamed to say I've waited until I was all caught up to review. (Just to be clear though, I read this in one night. It's 4:30am but I could.not.stop.)

I should probably try to write an actual review, since I've cheated you out of reviews on chapters 1-11, but I don't think I can do a true, thoughtful, composed sort review because, ahem, I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH OMG AND I CAN'T BE SENSIBLE WHEN I'M SHOUTY AND FULL OF LOVE FOR YOUR WRITING. Ugh, Kristin! You are SO GOOD. Every time I read something by you I am utterly blown away.

Things I Love About This Fic:

- Lily Luna. People don't write her all that often, and it's a shame. I really love how you've written her. She's smart and interesting and compassionate, but also insecure and rash; she so wonderfully human and it's beautiful. You get inside her head super well with the narration, too. Maybe I"m projecting a little here - it's very possible - but i get a strong sense that Lily tries to act like everything is fine for her, but really she isn't very happy or comfortable with herself or her life. For example, in her observation that time in the alternate universe has made her more assertive about making friends, I could see in her a lack of confidence and growth toward better confidence and I love that. You really set this up super well, because her life at home is kind of crappy - unemployment stinks, she's single and feels lonely about it, and now she'll need a new flatmate. (I also need a new flatmate. I wonder if Lily would have me? ;)) And that gives her sci-fi adventure so much punch because even though she messed up, it's clear why she *needed* to do this (not to her, perhaps, but to me), and the adventure isn't only a great adventure - it's a chance for growth. I think genre fiction misses that sometimes and I'm happy you haven't. It makes this story really rewarding to read.



- For lack of a better word, it's simply really, really interesting. My personal head cannon is that the Big Conflict of the Next Gen era is the statute of secrecy, so I am biased in favor of this alternate universe idea. The way you lay out the recent history in the alt. universe is very clever. I think you're right on target in the implication that magic and technology can accomplish a lot more when paired together rather than isolated from each other. That said, I never would have imagined the idea for this fic, with space travel and other planets. It's so original and absolutely fascinating to read about. And the plot has me constantly on the edge of my seat. (I repeat: It is 4:30am. Could.Not.Stop.)

- Marta and Lance are both utterly captivating OCs. I adore Lance, and Marta is unpredictable. I think all stories need a good, solid, unpredictable someone in the mix. =) Generally, I enjoy all the OCs in this story, but those two are the big stand outs so far. (I suspect I will love some of the crew members, but I've only really had one chapter with them so I'm reserving judgement.)

- This is often quite funny. Unsurprisingly, since you are hilarious. (I love the puns. Never abandon the puns.)

- I like the pacing. I confess, at the beginning I was surprised we didn't get to the "sci-fi part" more quickly, and I felt a bit impatient. However, now that we're in the sci-fi part, I'm really glad you gave me some time to meet and understand Lily and her word and the people in her life, before things got crazy. Without that foundation, the rest of the story would not be nearly as engaging. I think you made a wise choice to focus on character first.

- i'm very very tired now and surely forgot important awesome things, so just in case: I like all the things about this story!

Things I Do Not Love About This Fic:

- lack of additional chapters

This story is very nearly as brilliant as you are, my dear, and that's saying a LOT.

Much love,

Author's Response: Okay, I have no idea how to respond to this in a coherent way so we're even. I couldn't respond at the time I read it or it would literally have just been keyboard smash and probably a bunch of hearts. Also, for the record, please don't feel badly about not reviewing every chapter. I think everyone is that way when faced with a longer fic, haha. And the fact that you read this right through to 4.30 in the morning and left this INCREDIBLE review more than makes up for any additional reviews. Really, I couldn't ask for anything else. This review is everything. ♥


- Lily Luna: yeah! It's actually kind of weird that she's not that commonly written about. I mean, objectively she should be just as interesting as Rose, but everyone writes about Rose. *shrugs* One of the great mysteries of our time. Anyway, I'm so glad you like my interpretation of Lily! And I really love your analysis of her character. In fact you pointed out things that I think I had been writing subconsciously but had never had it stated obviously to me like that, but you're totally right. I think Lily does act like things are fine when she's really not, after all she is used to having an unwanted spotlight on her and that must have shaped her character. I'm actually so glad you pointed that out because I don't think I ever directly stated anything of the sort so I'm really glad that the vibe I'm trying to get across without saying anything has actually translated to the page. And yes! Adventure stories and personal growth go hand in hand, and I'm thrilled you like that aspect of it! And the fact that you said it was rewarding to read - gah! Thank you!!

- I think I can count on one hand the number of well known science fiction stories/movies/books that have a female as the primary protagonist. (Basically just the new Star Wars, and Alien.) ... And that's kind of sad. There should be more. And so I've been intentionally filling this character cast with important, powerful women of all different backgrounds :P Though what's sort of ended up happening with this fic, now that I look back at it, is that almost every important character in this fic is female (or at least not male). Maybe it's a bit skewed, but I feel justified when you compare it to the casts of characters in a lot of classic sci fi which is often like 95% males, mostly white, and with no lgbt representation at all. Also, with LGBT representation in popular culture, it often seems the character gets kind of defined only by their sexuality, which doesn't make for very well rounded characters, so here I really wanted to just normalize that aspect of Lily. It's an important part of who she is, but it doesn't define her, because she's also clever and insecure and everything you listed there in your comment.

(So as you've probably figured out, this story is also kind of my platform for making Statements through my writing :P )

Yay! I'm SO glad that you find the story and the alternate world interesting. I know the premise is kind of out-there, and I always wonder what people think when they dive into it, haha. As a scientist myself, I was really intrigued by the idea of how science and magic would intersect in a world where they actually could do so. It's also really great to hear that you like the pacing and the plot- I feel like these are things I've struggled with in previous writing so this is such a wonderful thing to hear.

Ah! And I'm so glad you like the OC's! And even my wacky sense of humour.


P.S. If Lily was real, I'm sure she'd love to be your flatmate, as long as you don't leave out bowls of noodles for a month :P

*HUGS* *SQUISHES* Now go get some sleep :P

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Review #14, by ImaRavenclaw Prologue

24th December 2016:
Hey Kristin! Lily here with December Review Swap. I'll probably try to leave a review on all of your chapters.

First of all I love the log entry. It provides some insight to what will happen later on in the story.

I love how Lily is talking about how she hates being famous, and she doesn't want to use her fame to get things like a job or friends. I know that if I was famous because of my dad I wouldn't let it dictate my life, and I certainly wouldn't want to be seen as different.

Ha ha, that's funny how she thinks about her name like that. I never noticed how incesty it sounds when you think about it.

I love Lily so much. She's so sarcastic and funny. So hilarious. I love reading her internal monologue.

Wow, *when it starts to get deep*. Lily is actually thinking about Remembrance Day now. I find it funny how there's is on May 2nd. But I guess it's because there are two different worlds.

A plug collection? That's great. I'm laughing so hard.

Ooooh I'm really excited for the next chapter! This is your first attempt at next gen? Wow, you can't tell. This is a really good story so far, Kristin.

Oh I'm attached to my canon ships, but I won't run.

This was amazing!

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: It took me ages to respond to this as well but hey I got here. Anyway, Hi Lily! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm glad you like the log entry! A lot of the beginning of this story was kind of an experiment - I'd never done a prologue or this kind of start before so it's good to hear that the log entry was effective :)

Yeah, I think given Harry's attitude about fame (after all - a lot of his fame has to do with his own parents as well) his kids would be raised to not be super arrogant about their fame either.

YES the names in the DH epilogue are still weird to me, even after all this time. Lily's snark is definitely prompted by my own opinions of the names at this point :P

Ah thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy Lily as a character! That's so wonderful to hear.

It seemed natural for the wizarding world to have a memorial day type of thing like a lot of countries in the muggle world have, and the end of the war with Voldemort would definitely be a day that's celebrated, imo.

Arthur Weasley would be so proud of his grandson.

I'm glad you're excited about this story! And thanks, I'm glad it doesn't feel like an awkward first attempt at next gen :P I think by this point, like 2 years later I've finally figured out my next gen headcanon so that's good that I finally have a clue what I'm writing about now. :P

Thank you! Your review was amazing too! ♥

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Review #15, by Felpata Lupin Takeoff

9th October 2016:
Hello, beautiful!
This took me much longer than I expected, but I'm here, finally! :D

So, Zac is a sort of Rita Skeeter follower in this reality? Now I wonder how Ari is doing... :P

But anyway, poor Lily... how horrible must be to be treated as a test subject that way... she didn't do anything wrong (aside messing with top secret Ministry devices, but that's irrelevant), she just wants to go home...

It was interesting to meet alternate-Iris. I sort of hoped she would help her escape or something, but I'm glad she managed to rebuild her life somehow, even without Lily and Marta's help.

Loved the flashback of how they all became friends. Is Iris a Puff? Because she totally acts like one. (I’m sorry, I'm sure you mentioned houses already, but I can't remember)

"Take your [...] judgemental labels somewhere else" Way to go, Marta! I loved the feminist message here!

And speaking of Marta... I'm glad she helped Lily escape, and I'm feeling slightly sorry for her... that kiss was unexpected, but great! Actually, I have a similar scene involving Remus and Peter that should happen in Jimmy Portman soon and that's been running into my mind all week... but, once again, that's irrelevant...

Oh, poor Lily, splinching herself. But I guess it was inevitable after everything. Thankfully she has Lance! Did I mention Lance is adorable? Not in this review, don't think so.

Next chapter into space!!! :O Can't wait for it! I'm dying for space adventure! (And for Lily/Celeste romance, because that's totally coming)

Another wonderful chapter! I love this story! And I love you! *hug* *wub*

Author's Response: CHIARA ♥ ♥ ♥ YOU are beautiful! And so is this review.

Haha, Zach always struck me as someone who always kind of had his nose in other people's business, for better or worse. You know. And that lent itself naturally to him being a reporter as an adult :P Seems he got some advice from dear old Rita in this reality, yeah :P And Ari! Well, I don't know if the removal of Voldemort also removed Theseus, but it certainly means she didn't have to deal with the war at least :)

Yeah, it's actually impressive how long Lily managed to fly under the radar, but I think if someone showed up from a parallel universe with knowledge previously unknown to physics, someone would want to learn something from that person. Though because they saw her as scientific proof rather than as a person, it ended up going badly for everyone.

I'm glad you liked alternate Iris! She wasn't even supposed to be there, but then she was and I went with it. :P I think if she knew Lily better, she might have helped her escape, but remember Iris is all about rules, and she worked hard to get where she is in her job - she's not about to jeopardize it by aiding and abetting. :-/

Iris was a Gryffindor with Lily. But as you say, she wouldn't have been out of place as a Hufflepuff either. Gryffinpuff, I suppose!

Yes! Marta may have many problems but being told who to be is not one of them.

That kiss surprised me too! :P You know how much I love writing bittersweet scenes, and here Lily gets something she's always wanted, but the context is all wrong and she can tell Marta is just using her. Marta's so manipulative... but I can't help feeling bad for her too!

I really need to read Jimmy Portman, considering I adore Liar and they're in the same universe. *adds to reading list*

Seriously, poor Lily. I have put her through so much in these eleven chapters. Fortunately her escape is a turning point for her! Ah, and I'm so glad you like Lance :D I adore him. I can't believe he was originally not meant to be a main character! I tell you, I have no control over this story. The characters just do what they want.

Yay, I'm glad you're excited for the space adventure! I am so excited for space too! :D (It was supposed to happen in this chapter, but alternate-Iris walked in unexpectedly and I went that route instead.) And Lily/Celeste? Hmm, what gives you that idea? :P

Thank you SO much, seriously. I think you're the only person still reading this, and your reviews are the main reason I keep writing it. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and thanks for the amazing review!!

*snowball hug*


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Review #16, by Felpata Lupin Daedalus

31st July 2016:
Review tag! :P (and I wanted to be the first to review this new chapter...)

You included Celeste and Alex!!! :O (I need to get back to that story, too... I will... just give me time...)
I totally wasn't expecting this. I didn't realize who Celeste was until you introduced Alex, too. And I remember the diary entry at the very beginning of the story and I'm wondering if we'll have some sort of romance between Celeste and Lily later on? (Every adventure story needs its bit of romance, right?)

I love the crew so far! They seem all so nice and welcoming! Can't wait to see them during the actual trip! :)

As for the ship name... my knowledge of tv shows is very limited, so I didn't think at all about SG-1. I love the name Daedalus, and the link to the title of the story. And it's very appropriate too, because from your description of the ship, it felt quite labyrinthic :P (and because Daedalus had a good knowledge of aerodynamics, too...) Ok, I'm digressing... :P

No! Where are they taking her? What did you do, Marta??? How could you leave such a cliffhanger, Kristin??? Now you'll have to hurry and give me another chapter soon, because I need to know everything will be solved!

Wonderful job, as always! :D
Snowball hug!

Author's Response: :D :D :D :D You are so amazing for always being so fast to review. *hugs* Seriously, your enthusiasm is one of the main reasons I keep writing. ♥

Yay, more familiar characters haha. Fun fact: Celeste and Alex were originally planned out for this story, ever since the beginning. WTL was always kind of just a half-formed spinoff in my mind until a challenge on the forums prompted me to write it faster :P As for potential Celeste/Lily, I am NOT SAYING ANYTHING :P but I'm also really not subtle sooo

Aw, thanks! I'm glad you like the crew! I realize I just introduced a whole lot of new names in one chapter so hopefully it wasn't too much infodump :P

The Daedalus does seem a bit like a labyrinth now that you mention it, which is kind of awesome and I love that you pointed that out. I had so much fun planning the layout - like I even drew out floor plans and everything just so I could remember it all.

Daedalus seemed like a perfect name for a ship though. I know Daedalus of myth was associated with ships in some stories, and of course, he created a means for flying as well. (Not his fault Icarus messed it up.) And no worries about digressing, I myself tend to ramble so I don't ever mind when other people do it :P

Muahaha. There hadn't been a lot of action lately - mostly just Lily lying around Lance's flat and filling out paperwork, so it was about time for another one of those cliffhangers :P The next chapter is sort of coming along though. I'll hurry!

Thank you so, so much ♥ Love you!! Thanks for sticking with this story and for being the most incredible reviewer ♥


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Review #17, by PaulaTheProkaryote Prologue

29th June 2016:

I knew from the moment I read the story summary that this story was going to be my travel story for my vacation. Oh my god, it sounds so good already.

Can I just say that I'm so thrilled to see some good science fiction on here? Where have you been all my life?

I always liked how everyone had these really poetic names or were named after war heroes and then there was Hugo. Like even Rose to me goes along with Lily and it's a sweet name and then Hugo. I don't know. Side tangent inspired by Lily complaining about her name. Also I fully support Hyacinth. My husband is dead set on having a daughter named Acacia and we've fought endlessly about it.

I really like the way you've written the introductory chapter of the story. You've given us a lot of information about the Potters and what they are like. I think they'll all make really interesting characters (despite the fact that based on the summary they might not be too relevant long term).

I like how the Captain's Log at the beginning shows that apparently whatever happens it wasn't as successful as Lily would have liked it to have been. It makes the story that much more interesting to me and I can't wait to read the next chapters! For your first attempt at next gen it's very, very addicting already!

Author's Response: Hi Paula!! Eek, wow, thank you - I'm thrilled that you're thrilled :D And IKR, why is there not more sci-fi, especially in a world like the HP one where there are just so many possibilities and things that could happen with the combination of science and magic?!

Hugo. Yeah, his name did come out of nowhere. But thank goodness for Hugo, and for the fact that Hermione and Ron didn't name their children after dead war heroes like everyone else did. Otherwise Hugo would probably be named something like Remus Dobby Weasley. :P

I'm glad you like the introduction, and that it's informative but leaves out enough to make you want to read more! The characters introduced here will be around for a little bit - the sci-fi plot starts up slowly. But as for long term... yeah :P

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the Captain's Log and that you're interested in reading more :) It was so nice of you to stop by and read this, and thanks for leaving suck a wonderful review!! I appreciate it so much! ♥

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Review #18, by Felpata Lupin Letting Go

28th June 2016:
Uh oh... Marta has become a danger... quite a mess here... and Lily is right, Marta can't cross over, she already exists on the other side and she still can't have the life the other Marta has, because it's not really hers... erm, I'm a bit confused now...

Anyway... KRISTIN!!! *wub*
Here for our swap, my love!!! :D

Ah, I was so happy to see old Lily again! And she told her the truth!!! I loved Lily's reactions, because they were so Lily! I'm so glad you included this moment, I think it was needed to close the cycle, you know? Because young Lily is right, what would've been the point otherwise?

"I even miss getting the random, useless owls from James informing me that I am short. (I’m not short – he’s just really tall.)" This... This made me laugh so hard! Siblings' love... Ahahah!

And this made me laugh too:
"In all honesty, I’m not entirely looking forward to seeing him again after all that; things are, for the moment, easier with Alternate-Lance." Ahahah! Lance will be sooo thrilled to learn that Lily ended up in an alternate universe, and how she did so! :P

By the way, can I just say again how adorable alternate-Lance is? Lily is lucky, after all... :)

Meeting Marta again, and re-reading my last review, I was suddenly struck by the thought that going to a Universe where you don't exist can be very good for self-esteem... I mean, look how many people had a much better life only because Lily existed! Puts things in a different perspective, doesn't it? As much as seeing all the differences is sad... :(

Ah, yay! Miriam is excited about time travel! Go, Miriam! You can do it! Remember, Moebius strips are the key! ;)

Great chapter! Loved it! (Just as always!)
Snowball hug!

Author's Response: Chiara!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ You are the best!

I'm sorry I confused you :P I confuse myself regularly while writing this because I'll get lost in hypothetical physics questions :P I'd been wondering what would happen if there /were/ two of the same person in a parallel universe (say if Marta crossed over, or if Lily came to a universe where she'd already existed) and I feel like that'd be worse than having no one know you! Would it create a paradox of some sort? I don't know. But I do know that it'd make it easy to do illusions/magician shows because you'd suddenly have a twin that you didn't have before. :P

Unrelated, though. Lily won't be turning into an illusionist :P

Yes, Lily I appears again! I had to. Originally I didn't plan for it, but it felt wrong to not have her show up again, after all this time Lily II spent thinking about this. And that's why the chapter took forever to write, because it had other ideas :P I'm really glad you enjoyed their conversation! It was a lot of fun to write. I love Old Lily.

Haha, even though James (II) doesn't appear much in the story, I've always imagined the Potter siblings as being really close, particularly James and Lily. And James /would/ send obnoxious owls like that :P

Heheh. Thrilled indeed, I'm sure. Aw, thank you, I'm glad you like Alternate Lance! He's pretty similar to Regular Lance personality-wise, but without any reason to be annoyed at Lily (apart from her being a bit of a leech as she stays at his flat and uses all his money)

Yeah, there's a definite element of perspective with Lily seeing the impact that her life has on the people around her - and of course the biggest difference would be with someone who lived at the Potters' house for a bit, and here without the Potters Marta didn't have that luxury. Of course it does go the other way too - by going to a universe where Lily doesn't exist, she's experiencing a lot of things that are familiar to her but she's not a part of them here, which is kind of isolating. So, mixed bag I guess. but yeah definitely a lot of perspective.

Yay for Miriam! :D I think you're the only person who reads this fic who's also read Swept Away (at least that I know of), so it's extra special to see your reactions on one of the many crossover characters in this :D

Next chapter is hopefully coming soon, btw. I've been waiting to write that particular chapter for so long and I'm excited to see what you think of it :D

Thanks so much for this amazing review and for suggesting the swap! ♥ Love you!

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Review #19, by Unicorn_Charm Facing the Facts

24th April 2016:
Kristin!! I'm here!! :D

Ugh I just keep feeling worse and worse for Lily. I can't imaging having to choose between a possible suicide mission, or staying in this place that is almost like home, but not quite. I'm shocked the poor thing hasn't gone completely mad yet!

Every time I read this, I'm always filled with the strangest feeling. Like this tense, uncomfortable, homesick feeling. I can actually feel Lily's emotions and anxiety through your writing. It's quite remarkable how that hopeless tone is just hovering throughout the chapter in the background. It really brings you in and makes you feel for poor Lily.

I love this whole idea of multiverses. It's so interesting, isn't it? Who knows, it could possibly be an actual thing, and there could be carbon copies of ourselves out there living totally different lives. It's freaking to think about.

I feel so bad for her when she runs into this Marta, who is so cold, hard and just plain mean. That would be such an awful feeling to run into some version of one of your best friends and they wouldn't even know who you are. Talk about a total nightmare. And what a shame what happened to Iris. :(

I thought you handled the whole eating disorder thing here really well. Yeah, Marta was pretty harsh, but sometimes that's what person needs to get better. Sometimes walking on eggshells and sugar coating things doesn't work. But having Lily there to balance out the harshness seemed to work quite well to have Iris admit she had a problem, then eventually get better. But it explains why she was such a control freak when she got older. Eating disorders tend to be more about control than looks, so that made her character make more sense.

I'm so excited that you updated! I really cannot wait to see what happens. And I'm excited to read about this journey into space. I keep wondering if Lily will get back to her world, or if she'll be stuck in this crazy universe. I really hope she gets back.

Thanks so much for the swap!! As always, this was fantastic! Can't wait for the next update! ♥

Tons of love and hugs,

Author's Response: My darling Meg ♥

yeah, Lily certainly isn't in the best place right now. She did bring it all upon herself though by messing with things she couldn't understand. Not that that makes it any easier for her to deal with.

Wow, thank you - that's really such a compliment that the atmosphere translates so well through the writing! Thanks!

The idea of parallel universes is one I've seen in sci-fi a lot and one that kind of just blows my mind. The scientific, skeptical side of me that considers all the mathematical probability of that says that probably no such thing exists, but... what if? This whole story is kind of just an exploration of what if, and it's kind of crazy to just imagine what *could* be in slightly different circumstances.

I imagine it's especially hard for Lily to see Marta this way, given that she's had such a crush on Marta for so many years. And then she meets this person who is Marta but isn't, no matter how much Lily tries to make this universe turn into her familiar one. Iris, yeah. :( A lot of things were different without Lily there and often in ways Lily wouldn't have predicted - like a whole ripple effect where it's impossible to predict how far the ripples will reach.

Thank you, I'm so glad the eating disorder issue was addressed well here. I did really worry about my portrayal of it here because I know it's such a sensitive topic and I wanted to to it justice, so that's very reassuring to hear, thank you. And I think in this situation, Lily did all she could with being the person who's more concerned about Iris' feelings, where Marta focused less on feelings and on the situation as a whole. So put together, Lily and Marta together did provide some sort of balance for one another and I'm glad it came across that way. And yeah - I'm glad you picked up on the control freak thing as well. I don't know if it was ever directly stated apart from a few mentions of how much Iris likes lists and things, but I'm really glad to hear that you think her character is consistent.

I've been having to do all my writing on google docs due to not having my computer with me and gdocs keeps crashing, so I haven't been able to write much lately. I have a lot of the next chapter planned out and I'm so excited for the next chapter because things are going to veer in a totally new direction and I hope I'll be able to actually get it written soon!

Thanks so much for the swap and your lovely review! ♥

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Review #20, by Claire Evergreen Prologue

3rd April 2016:
Hey, Kristin! I'm here for our swap :)

Alright, if I was skeptical of this story at first, that all died the minute that I read the opening paragraphs. I'm already so intrigued by what's going to happen later on. Obviously there's some sort of time travel element? And Lily screws everything up? OH, wait, does she try to stop her grandparents from dying? Because that would be super rad and really fun to read.

Anyway, I digress. I love Lily in this. From the very little that I've read with her in it, she's not generally the one without a job or who sits around all day with nothing to do, but it works really well with this. I also love her narrative voice. All the little side comments about their names were absolutely perfect. Those Potter children really do have some unfortunate names, don't they? This is just a really fantastic introduction to the main character :)

I'm honestly so excited to see what exactly the plot of this is going to be. There are hints, of course, but I'm already so invested, it's a bit ridiculous. It definitely has to do with the War though, right? Because you picked May 2nd as the date? Am I right?

Alright, I'm going to stop badgering (hehe) you and finish this so I can go read the rest of it as soon as I have time. Amazing as always, Kristin!


Author's Response: Hi Claire!!

I think your reaction was probably pretty typical of what people think when they see this story. I mean, it's an AU sci-fi where I've changed a lot of things, so I think it's natural to have some doubt, haha. Lily definitely screws something up, but I won't say more about it here because spoilers. But yay, I'm glad you're intrigued about the story!

This was my first foray into next gen and so I was kind of starting from scratch with what I thought the next gen characters were like. There's honestly not a whole lot about Lily II as a main character, at least compared to the number of next gens about Rose or OC's. I'm really glad you like the kind of lifestyle I've written for her, and her narrative voice. She may be the daughter of a famous person, but she's also a girl in her early twenties trying to figure out how to adult, and is cynical about it - like many other people her age. Oh man, the names. Sometimes this fic is actually just a platform for me to put in my opinion about things, and that's very much the case with the names :P

I'm so excited that you're excited about this! :P Do you want me to tell if you are right or not? I'm going to assume that was a rhetorical question. But I guess it'll be answered soon enough anyway!

Wah THANK YOU ♥ thanks so much for the swap and for this absolutely lovely review!

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Review #21, by princesslily_36 Prologue

5th March 2016:
Hey Kirstin!

I’m here for the HPFF review-a-thon! Thanks for the swap :D

It’s so wonderful that people are pledging to keep the site alive!

So, this is my first Lily Luna story, so excited :D I love how she says that her parents were brilliant but couldn’t think of original names for their children! And her feelings about the name Albus Severus is hilarious! I’m liking the tone of the story already!! You know her feelings about the three names are EXACTLY mine! I love her already. Especially when she goes on to say that she doesn’t want to use her family name to get a job… she reminds me of her fiercely independent mother.

Molly and Arthur are absolutely doting grandparents is just so adorable! Albus and his plug collection made me crack up! Arthur must have been so proud :D

And Lily wanting to know her grandparents on her Dad’s side, well don’t we all… DON’T WE ALL? *Marauders-4-ever* I like that you’ve added small details like James stealing the Marauders Map and the description of her roommates!

The idea of Rememberance day is unique and wonderful! This is my new headcanon now.

I like that this chapter wasn’t so heavy like some of the next-gen but deals with really serious events… I’ve read, and I love that
there’s an element of light-heartedness here!

Great job with this chapter. I’ll come back for more when I’m done with the other reviews!


Author's Response: Hi Ysh! Thanks for dropping by, you leave the best reviews ♥

It's odd that there aren't that many Lily II stories compared to the rest of the next-gen characters or OCs. I was pretty excited to write about her. And yeah her feelings about the names, that's definitely the author speaking there :P I'm glad you see a resemblance to Ginny there as well :D

I have no doubt that Molly and Arthur would be the best grandparents. :D And yeah, the plug collection just had to make an appearance. Arthur would have been sad if none of his grandchildren carried on the legacy of plug collecting!

haha your reaction to Lily's curiosity was priceless :P YES, WE ALL DO. haha. And thanks, I'm glad you liked the little details sprinkled throughout. Not a lot really happens in this chapter so it was important to have at least something, haha!

Aw, thank you! I've been surprised by the reactions I've gotten to the Remembrance Day. It just seems like something pretty natural to have after such a long war, especially since in the muggle world we have those days as well. Your new headcanon wow, I'm flattered!

This fic has been a really interesting balance to write, as it does deal with a lot of heavier things like big 'what if's and science fiction, but the narrator is quite casual with a dry humour - such opposites, so it's been an interesting challenge!

Thanks so much for your review ♥

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Review #22, by Felpata Lupin Facing the Facts

18th February 2016:
How are you so brilliant??? Lend me a bit of your talent, please... Just a tiny bit, I don't need much... *makes pleading puppy eyes*

Ok... I need a second bachelor in Astrophysics, so I can visit the Department of Mysteries... :P (what a pity I don't like Physics at all... There is this Mathematicians/Physicians rivalry going on, you know?)

Lily's train of thought is always so amusing! You write it so well! I loved how she listed all her worries in her head and stopped listening to Lance at all!

And the conversation with Miriam! Wow! I loved their "small talk of the biggest mysteries in the universe. (The multiverse, I should say.)" By the way... doesn't this soung familiar? :P

Jump into an uncontrolled portal on a faraway planet hardly sounds like a solution... Not sure if I would have the guts to do so, as awful as this reality might be... But Lily is a Gryffindor, so I suppose it's quite an obvious choice...

And, oh... poor Iris...
It must be devastating to know how her two best friends' lives were ruined in this reality, only because she wasn’t there...

I've never known people with eating disorders, but I imagine it's a really tricky, really difficult thing to deal with... I'm so grateful Iris (the one from Lily's reality, at least) had some great friends who helped her get through it! I loved the flashback! And I loved Marta's brutal honesty! She was definitely unsensitive, but at least she gave Iris the shake she needed! I love the three girls' friendship!!!

Will we see some more of the Potters before Lily leaves for Balthazar? I need some more old Marauders' stuff and secret family awkwardness...

Now I really have to leave you, just got to the office...

Amazing work, as always, my dear!
All my love,

Author's Response: Chiara! ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

Thank you for stopping by and for being the first review on this chapter! I have to admit I was pretty nervous about this chapter because of the eating disorder bit and Marta's handling of it and I was kind of like "ahhh, I hope I didn't offend all my readers oh nooo" so it is really wonderful to have feedback on this. And your reviews never fail to put a smile on my face. For real. :)

Okay, so first of all, you don't need any of my talent because you have so much talent of your own! ♥ My main writing talent lies in procrastination, and let's be real, neither one of us needs any more of that. :P #teamunreliability

Ever since I heard of it, I've always thought astrophysics is basically the coolest thing ever to exist. HOW SPACE WORKS!? But I'm not very strong in math so it wasn't ever going to work out for me. Haha and yeah I can see how mathematicians and physicists would have a rivalry. Both subjects are quite similar though, at least to my eyes. Haha, but I'll not get involved in the middle of a rivalry I have no part in... :P

I have so much fun writing Lily's thoughts. Because she's rather introverted and doesn't say a lot out loud, her mind ends up being very busy and full of things going on. Poor Lance :P I'm really glad you enjoy Lily's narration, thanks!

Omg, I thought it sounded familiar when I was writing it but couldn't place why, and now I see it. HAhaha, oh dear, definitely didn't intend to copy you there.

Yeah it's a pretty bad solution. But I guess she has the choice between 0% chance of returning and maybe 30% chance, she's going to go for the higher odds, even if they're not great. And yeah, she is Harry's daughter, so she's more apt to jump into something without really figuring it out first.

yeah. If nothing else, being in a world where she doesn't exist has made her realize how important she is, in a sort of 'It's A Wonderful Life' way. Not sure how the story ended up going there. Someone please teach me how to plot.

You know, I'm not sure if the Potters will show up again. I had only intended for Lily to meet them once, and it happened much earlier than expected and for a shorter scene (the story kind of writes itself sometimes, you see) so... I don't know. I really do want to write more of them because 70-year-old Sirius was like the funniest person to write. ever.

Thank you so much for the review! I really value your reviews so much. Thanks for all your support on this story!

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Review #23, by alicia and anne Old and New

11th January 2016:
I am so close to falling asleep on my sofa right now haha :P

I feel like I can relate to Lily so much right now, the messy hair, the falling asleep on the sofa, being the daughter of the hero of the wizarding world. wait, that last one might not be true. But the rest totally is!

I love how relatable she is,she's just as normal as the rest of us and it's brilliant!

Eurgh! I think that flat needs a tidy before those noodles come alive and start taking over the whole apartment with those socks as second in commands!


But seriously, Marta is pretty brilliant! She's so unusual and that makes her just so awesome and fun! I hope we get to see more of her in this story!

I also love that game so much!!! I used to play it all the time!

Ooooh! What is in the mysterious box?! I am so excited to find out more!

I will be getting to the next chapter soon! :D

Author's Response: Hahahaha! Your commentary always makes me laugh. I always knew you were the daughter of the hero of the wizarding world!

So glad to hear Lily is relatable. Comments like this about my characters are honestly some of the best compliments there are! ♥

Omg, get ready for the spin off fic: THE ADVENTURES OF MOULDY NOODLE MONSTER AND THE SOCK ARMY. It would make a great comic strip or low-budget film. :D

I'm now imagining which member of Lily's family would have the funniest reaction to their rubbish bin adventure. (Harry, I think.) Kind of wish I'd written that in, now :P

Marta certainly is unusual, haha, and there will be more of her! I'm so glad you like her :D

haha, I know, that game was the coolest thing back in the day!

Glad to hear you're excited to find out what's coming next :D Thanks so much for yet another wonderful review! ♥

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Review #24, by Diogenissa Prologue

21st December 2015:
HAI Kristin! Happy Belated Hot Seat Day! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this to you but here I am, ready to rock and roll on your awesome sci-fi-meets-magic story! :-)

Okay I love how you open this—with a ‘Captain’s Log’. I’m left wondering as to who this Captain is. Then it goes on to mention Lily (which I initially thought was referring to Harry’s mother Lily because the description of her connected with what I initially read and hear of her, but perhaps it’s her namesake and our beloved narrator). The last paragraph is an intriguing moment of possible danger and foreboding and I love that sort of stuff, as it sets the stage of ‘alright one problem has been solved with Lily’s safe return but another and perhaps far more dangerous one has been born’)—good good stuff!

I really love your Lily Luna—she’s definitely got a mind of her own and has a lot of color in a manner of speaking in the way in which she sees the world around her, as well as her frank honesty. I can appreciate her desire to want to be a simple and normal human being and I feel for her. I especially enjoyed her insights about her grandparents Molly and Arthur (I can totally, 125% see the two of them being the most obsessively doting grandparents on the face of the planet for real!).

Once again I am amazed at your ability for vivid and beautiful description, as well as stage setting—that’s such a powerful and crucial thing to do and often difficult to get right to where one’s readers can see what you see (or what you’d like them to see). You always do it master-fully and you have a knack for those tiny details that while may seem small at first are actually large and significant and add so much to the flavor of the story! Well done!

It will be interesting to get to know her best friends Marta and Iris based on what Lily says (shame on Marta for the firewhiskey—not nice lol and her thoughts on Iris—21 year old or 70 year old LOL – that’s brilliant!).

My favorite part is the Remembrance Day—that was just very lovely and heartfelt and her desire to wish to know those family members that she had never met but still in a way lost is really moving and understandable. I can to a small degree relate as my Dad’s dad died shortly before my older sister was born, so we never knew him outside of stories. It’s one of those even though you know it’s just life being life, it –still— sucks and feels unfair.

Another beautiful story my dear and I can already see the ‘Icarus’ allusions from the Captain’s log. A very good thing you’ve got going here! Thank you for writing it and I’ll be sure to come and check out more of it when life and time are kinder to me!

Karen xoxo

P.S. – I (sadly) have to agree with Albus and most of her family—Hyacinth is an awful name (sorry! lol)

Author's Response: Hi Karen! :D

Haha, there is a lot of confusion raised by the fact that Lily and her grandmother have the same name, isn't there? I blame Harry. But yeah, the Lily in the Captain's Log is Lily II. (I'm not spoiling anything by saying that.) I'm glad the log entry is intriguing though! :D

Thanks so much - this was my first attempt at next gen and I hadn't fully figured out my headcanon of next gen characters personalities yet. (Actually, I still don't know if I have. :P ) I'm so glad you like this portrayal of Lily, and her struggles with fame. And omg yes, Molly and Arthur would be the most adorable grandparents.

Aww thank you! I'm flattered that you like my description and stage setting so much! I do really love writing description, though as this story is primarily an action/adventure type, I think description is often something that falls by the wayside in those types of stories, so it's been a kind of interesting balance to maintain. Anyway thank you so much, I'm really glad to hear that it was effective here and that you like my stage-setting. Thanks!

:D I hope you enjoy the proper introduction to Marta and Iris!

Aw, thanks! I definitely thought there would be a Remembrance Day just like there are in the Muggle world for Armistices and things. And it's really touching to hear that you appreciated what the day meant for Lily and that you could relate to her. (I mean, I'm not glad about why you can relate, but... you know what I'm trying to say, right? I'm touched that this struck a chord with you. *hugs*

Thank you so much for your amazing review! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far ♥

P.S. Don't worry, I agree with you and Albus as well. :P

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Review #25, by alicia and anne Prologue

14th December 2015:
Yes! You've started this with a captains log and I feel like geeking out! I love this! This is already epically awesome!

I am hooked already and it's only the first paragraph! I have so many questions! I need all of the answers!

I like that Lily doesn't want to use her families fame to get a job, that's really good of her. And I love her thoughts on her name! She's so right, Harry really should have thought this all through.

I love the fact that Albus has a plug collection! I may have to request a one shot about it. I don't even know why I want this one shot, but I feel like it's important to have one!

Ahhh! I can't wait to see where this goes, and what happens to make things change! You have done a wonderful job at getting me hooked already and I am so excited about that one shot about Albus collecting plugs. I mean the next chapter!

Author's Response: Haha aww thanks! I'm so glad you love it right from the beginning! :D

Based on how Harry reacted to his own fame, I figured his kids wouldn't be the type to search for the limelight either. And ahaha, my distaste for the next gen names really is no secret :P

XD a one-shot about Albus' plug collection. There is probably a story potential in there somewhere!

I'm so excited that you're excited about this :D This review made me smile so much and goodness it looks like I have some work to do to write that chapter of Albus collecting plugs. ;)

Thanks for your review Tammi! ♥

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