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Review #1, by From PT Lateness Nightmare

30th January 2015:
Hi!! I've been pretty busy with work, and away too, so I couldn't sneak a peek these past couple of weeks. But when I finally break free from the madness, I run into, not one, but two new chapters! GREAT chapters, may I add. And LOVE your updating rhythm!
There are both amazing! So happy for Neville and Hannah, they are so sweet! And Albus just turned 9!
Looking forward for the next adventures – and bets!

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Review #2, by Ail Lateness Nightmare

27th January 2015:
Lool fatty :P
Amazing chapter!!

Author's Response: Hahaha Seamus is great!!! Thanks for the review, as always!!! Caa xx

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Review #3, by budabobo Lateness Nightmare

26th January 2015:
Well anoughter great chapter, love the way the story is developing. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yey, thanks so much for your words!! I can't wait either, although there will be a huge time jump, I am warning you haha caa xx

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Review #4, by alexaemd123 Lateness Nightmare

26th January 2015:
Yayyy!! Albus is born!!! I'm so excited! :) And yayy!! 100th review!! Haha.. so I loved the part when Hannah went to Hogwarts and Neville is like the perfect husband! I love him! Ughh, woman, how could you scare me like that when Al was being born! That was uncalled for! Lol even though I obviously knew they were both gonna be all right..but still! I still felt like my heart dropped. Lol ok so the whole thing with Ben being in love with Heather is quite adorable! I love that whole idea! Haha my favorite part was when Harry imagined being with Hermione..that was the best! Ok, so I know that Albus was just born, but I can't wait until Lily is born!! Or more like conceived..haha I kind of felt bad for Ginny. This new baby looks exactly like Harry and all Ginny got was James's eye color..haha oh well. At least Lily will have the Weasley red hair! :) Anyways, loved this usual...and the story is impressively brilliant! Can't wait till next chapter!! PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!! :)

Author's Response: I laughed out loud with your review, I swear I did!! Thanks for the smile on my face! Sorry for the suspense on Albus's birth, but life was too easy for them hehehe thanks you again and can't wait to hear you next! Caa xx

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Review #5, by tesophia Christmas Madness

23rd January 2015:
Hi I'm really excited about Being Sorted, I think that is going to be awesome, and of course your book! I really can't wait!

Author's Response: Ownnn, thanks!! I'm excited as well!!! Thanks for the review! caa xx

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Review #6, by Ron my fav Christmas Madness

20th January 2015:
I really really like this story. So sweet and cute and full of emotions. I love your writing style and the way all characters are expressed :) And Ron is still being my favorite here too :) Keep going and waiting for more :) Being sorted too ;)

Author's Response: I'm truly thankful for your review!! Glad Ron is still your favorite hahaha I love him too! Thanks again!! Caa xx

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Review #7, by alexaemd123 Christmas Madness

19th January 2015:
Ok...I did cry a little! Sooo depressing!! Why do this to me?! It was a very adorable chapter! I thought it was amazing as usual. Haha I love this story! It is very well written and I can't wait for more!! I love Ginny lol. She is hilarious as a pregnant person. Haha..and I could be wrong, but didn't Neville never have kids. I thought I heard something that J.K. Rowling said that Neville and Hannah never had kids. I don't know. I am probably wrong..but it's adorable anyway! I seriously wouldn't care if you kept it in! :)) This story..I just love it sooo much! PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was enchanted once again by your review. I did a little research and never found out whether Nev and Han really had or not a child, but I like to think they did and I believe it doesn't mess up with the canon. As you know, I try my best to keep my writing as canon as possible. Glad you liked it! It's the 100th review of the story! Yey! Thanks again! Caa xx

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Review #8, by CantpickwhichWeasleytoravish Red It Is

18th January 2015:
Firstly, so sorry I forget to comment how lovely the story is! I adore how you just made all Weasleys jenx Scrose in the future since honestly they know deep down its just a matter of time, considering some of the fan fiction I've read... Anywho, lovely and its very cool how you intertwined Astoria in because I have always felt the need to exploit Draco through her making friends with Ginny. Literally have my face hurting a bit from how much it made me smile

Author's Response: Own thank you very much for your lovely review! Can't wait to hear more!! Glad you are enjoying it!!! Thanks very much! Caa xx

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Review #9, by budabobo Christmas Madness

15th January 2015:
Great chapter, keep them coming.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!! Caa xx

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Review #10, by Ail Christmas Madness

14th January 2015:
Woow the scene with the kids was soo realistic!!
just like seamus to lose his wand to the kids!!
And no I didnt cry it was just a pixie in my eye :P

Author's Response: Hahaha sure sure, a pixie! Haaha I'm so glad you liked it!! It warms my heart and you know it! Thanks for the lovely review! Caa xx

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Review #11, by tesophia Red It Is

11th January 2015:
Hi I just want to say again that I really love your story :) I also want to ask if you make a story about the next generation, when you're done with BP? It would be really amazing ;)

Author's Response: I appreciate your kind words! It brightens my day! And I'm indeed considering probably writing extra two stories for the Being Series, don't you worry! Thanks for the review! Caa xx

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Review #12, by May Red It Is

11th January 2015:
I like this story it's a great read

Author's Response: Why, thank you so much, may!!! I like to know you're enjoying! caa xx

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Review #13, by From PT Red It Is

11th January 2015:
Amazing!! Just keeping better by the chapter! =)
As for Harry, first time he was there all the time, freaking out more than the actual parents = priceless!
Looking forward for more!

Author's Response: thank you very much! and yes, he had never been on site of a water breaking so understandible of why he would freak. glad you liked it :D Caa xx

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Review #14, by Ail Red It Is

10th January 2015:
Harrys reaction was like OMG!!!

Author's Response: I know right? Paraphrasingn Ron: it's not like he wasn't a father already, right? Thanks for the review, Ail!! Caa xx

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Review #15, by budabobo Red It Is

9th January 2015:
Awesome as usually, story gets better with each chapter.

Author's Response: Merlin, thanks so much! Hope to keep your expectations! Thanks for the review! Caa xx

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Review #16, by alexaemd123 Red It Is

9th January 2015:
Awe!!! I looove this chapter!! It's so sweet!! I loved how Harry reacted to Hermione´s water breaking! funny! :) I'm so excited to read more!! :))

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked that!! And I'm excited to know what your thoughts on the next one!!! Thanks for the lovely review! Caa xx

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Review #17, by alexaemd123 Boy Talk

4th January 2015:
Aw!!! It was beyond perfect! I love Lee and Alicia! :) I can't wait till Albus is born!!! Continue soon PLEASE! :))

Author's Response: Ownn, thanks!! Lee and Ali are precious indeed. Keep tuned for a new chapter soon!! Caa xx

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Review #18, by From PT Boy Talk

4th January 2015:
And another great one! Loved how you brought Snape back! Can't wait for the second name to come up - and the next births by the way!
May I ask if the Dublin issue will resurface??...
Again, thank you for writing and posting! =)

Author's Response: Yeyy!! Thanks. Glad to hear you liked it!
The Dublin issue: it will not be brought up on this fanfic. I have planned for the future to write another Being fanfic in the future and maybe then I'll resurfice it. It is still very recent.
It's me who is flattered by your reviews!! Caa xx

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Review #19, by A huge fan Boy Talk

4th January 2015:
I just started reading this fanfic and I am so happy. You took these characters whose stories ended and extended their lives. This piece is truly amazing and I beg you to continue writing and finish. I have been reading non-stop, and I've stayed up very late (it is currently 2:40 am haha)! Thank you so much for writing this and please, please, please continue!

Author's Response: Merlin, I have a huge grin on my face due to this. Normally I am the one to stay up late reading other people's fics and to know someone has done the same with mine is overwhelming!! Thank you so much! Next chappies really soon, don't worry!!! :) caa xx

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Review #20, by budabobo Boy Talk

2nd January 2015:
Awesome chapter, loving ever minute of it. Keep them coming.

Author's Response: Yey! I'm glad you like it!! Thanks for the review!! Caa xx

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Review #21, by Ail Boy Talk

1st January 2015:
Wooow cool!! Neville is the godfather!!
And Lee is soo adorable!!

Author's Response: Yay, good you liked it!! Thanks for the review!!! Caa xx

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Review #22, by Anj Best Gift Ever

29th December 2014:
Hi! Im a new reader of yours! :) I wish you'll put up an update soon so I can read it. :) You did a great job with this story! :)

Author's Response: Hello, there! Always nice to hear from new readers! I'll be updating as soon as te new year's come. The site's validation queue is closed down at the moment. Thanks for you kind words and hope to hear from you soon!! Caa xx

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Review #23, by Penelope Best Gift Ever

28th December 2014:
Hi Caa,
I'd just like to say thanks for such a lovely read. I love a lot of fanfiction, but my favourites are probably when the story aligns with the original, so thanks for all the effort you've put into making it so accurate. I'm really excited to see where the story goes from here, but I think that I'll enjoy it. (Looking forward to the backstory of OX and why he's so determined to kill Harry). Thanks also for sticking with writing this story for as long as you have, I know it can be hard with so many distractions in this day and age. I admire your writing (especially as a second language, I think I read earlier! Wow!) please keep doing what you're doing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much penelope for your kind words! yes, english is indeed my second language which always adds up a bit of difficulty. I appreciate your review and I assure you I will post this story until the end. Please check out Being in Love, prequel to BP and tell me your thoughts! Thanks again!! Caa xx

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Review #24, by Ail Best Gift Ever

26th December 2014:
Amazing!! Its soo cool that Ginny can do wandless majic!!!
And nice to see Harry become a family man again :D

Author's Response: Actually it was combined with the baby who protected her. Harry is back to normal now that the man who threatned his family is locked away. Thanks for the review as always! Caa xx

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Review #25, by From PT Best Gift Ever

26th December 2014:
Thank you so much for this Christmas present! An excellent chapter, specially loved the little details, such as James' vocabulary or Hermione's moment (she cursed!). Hope for more in 2015 then! =)

Author's Response: You're very welcome! Yeah, Hermione is quite the pregnant hah? I'd pay to see her face when James said Won-Won for the first time hahaha I'll see you next year then!!' Thanks for the review! Caa xx

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