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Review #1, by alexaemd123 Potter Vacation

26th February 2015:
Yay! :)) Lily!! I'm soo excited! I loved Ginnys reaction! Haha that was hilarious! I love this story so much! You have no idea! Anyways, as usual I looove this story! The chapter was brilliant and adorable! I couldn't ask for anything more! :) it depresses me that there are only 3 more chaps left.. but I'm soo glad there is another story! :) And my chapter ritual: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON! :)

Author's Response: Hahaha so am I!!! Ginny is simply the best isn't she? Hahaha i'm so flattered with this review!! Thank you so much! It's out of this world the love you guys give me!! Thanks! Caa xx

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Review #2, by budabobo Potter Vacation

25th February 2015:
I just love this chapter. Vacationing like a normal family, just gives the characters more depth.

Author's Response: Oh, thanks! I'm so glad you liked it! I thought the Potter's deserved that! Thanks for the review! Caa xx

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Review #3, by Ail Potter Vacation

25th February 2015:
Heyy Soory for the late comment i totally forgot abt it.
So where do i begin? Amazing chapter as always and teddy and james are just adoorable. Only 3 leeft?? :(

Author's Response: No problem, Ail!! Own, aren't they? I just- want- Teddy- for- myself!! Hahahaha yes, only 3 :(
Caa xx

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Review #4, by Lokhart New Additions

21st February 2015:
Hi caa!
I was just going thru this site and found your story!! Must say it impressed me

Author's Response: Hey there! I'm so glad! Welcome to the Being Series, mate! Don't forget to read BiL and review it!! Caa xx

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Review #5, by alexaemd123 New Additions

19th February 2015:
Haha you were close! It's actually Alexa...Lol but that's okay. Anyways, as usual I loved this chapter! :) there are soo many babies being born! I love it! I cried during this chapter...I always do but this time I was sad.. the whole thing with teddy being sad about the deaths all around him made me so sad! Plus just him asking if Harry was going to die broke my heart! That was depressing but at the same time adorable! I loved the idea of naming Nevilles daughter after his mother..that was beautiful! :) the part when Al got sick was scary...haha I was like, oh my God... but Harry and Ginny were great parents!! Love them. And last but never least, I love this story so freakin much! Like you don't even know! Haha.. anyways can't wait for Being Students!! :)) and as always, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!! :))

Author's Response: Ownnn your review was so great, Alexa haha thank you so much for all your kind words, it made my day, really! Only 4 chaptera to go for BP Im afraid. Thanks for loving it!! Caa xx

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Review #6, by From PT New Additions

19th February 2015:
OH MY GOD! One of your best chapters!

I was worried about Ben and Heather for a while, but it turned out ok! =)

As for Teddy, are there even words? They weren't the only ones to be unable to hold their tears... It may sound lame or cliché, but it is impossible not to think of Harry, at that age, having those moments, and worse to having no one to talk to, having the Dursleys… It puts a lot of things in perspective...

In a lighter note, I would guess some sort of "second honeymoon" (before the arrival of the little princess - maybe leading to her arrival...), you know, crossing the Atlantic, heading south, landing on a certain Beautiful country, a certain author is from there...

And congrats for keeping up with all those characters!
Read you next chapter! =)

Author's Response: Seriously? Hahaha I was so unsure about this particular one! Hahaha
Yes, Teddy's situation is heartbreaking indeed. But the fact he has Harry and Ginny who absolutely love him to death is a little warming.
You got crossing the Altlantic right, but not Brazil hahaha (they already went there for their real honeymoon (have you read BiL?).
Thank you very much, I try to keep up hahaha see you next chapter!! Caa xx

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Review #7, by tesophia New Additions

19th February 2015:
Hi! Yes, your advice helped a lot :) Thank you and I already read all of your updates on your blog :D


Author's Response: Ohh I'm so glad!! And thank you so much for your support!! Caa xx

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Review #8, by Ail New Additions

19th February 2015:
Howw just how can u mix sooo many feels in one chapterrr?
I just keep on altenating between happy and sad :P
Super chapter and nice surprise to have it so early.
Waiting for the next one!!
they are prpbably going to disneyland paris tho i would chose some quite countryside or beach if i were them!!
And lastly best of luck with BS!!

Author's Response: hahaha thanks, it makes me feel so flattered to know that! And i'm sorry you got it wrong, ail hahaha not paris, nor disneyland. Thanks once again!! Caa xx

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Review #9, by Freddie Love Is In The Air

15th February 2015:
Don't leave us hanging.Write.

Author's Response: hahaha Don't worry. New chapter soon enough :D
Caa xx

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Review #10, by Beth Godparents' Secrets

14th February 2015:
Kind of creeped out by Harry and Hermione's date.

Author's Response: How come? It wasn't really a date, more of a hang out. I'm sorry anyway :( Caa xx

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Review #11, by From PT Love Is In The Air

14th February 2015:
Love was indeed in the air! But my favorite goes to Ben and Heather, their situation is all but simple but you built in a very endearing way.
As for the rest, I don't know if I am more excited for Being Sorted or sad for the upcoming end of Being Parents. Either way, both mean more adventures in the near future, so it's a win-win situation, I guess! Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: own thanks so much. it is a very delicate situation in which Ben and Heather are included. Ben is clearly in love with Heather ever since they first met in Hogwarts Express and had to endure his best friend getting the girl, marrying her and having a kid and then he dies! It's pretty messed up.
Thanks once again for your lovely review and quoting JKR "don't cry because it ended, smile because it happened."
Caa xx

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Review #12, by tesophia Love Is In The Air

14th February 2015:
Hi Caa :) Great chapter! I absolutely love your
work. I wanted to ask you something, I myself
am also writing a book, or rather trying to,
but I can't really get myself to write,
although I really want to. Do you have any
advice for a fan in need? :)
Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: Hello there, Terese!! Thanks again for your lovely review! About your book: first of all you have to be passionate about your story and characters. That usually helps. Try to visualize your chapters and storyline first before going to the computer or the notebook (whichever you prefer). Search for The Improbable Author and maybe it can help you more ;))
Caa xx

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Review #13, by budabobo Love Is In The Air

14th February 2015:
Great chapter, keep up the good work. Like how all the characters keep growing and progressing . Till next time.

Author's Response: Oh Merlin, thank you so much!!! Happy valentine's day!!! Until next time indeed!! Caa xx

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Review #14, by Ail Love Is In The Air

13th February 2015:
Its over alreadyyy :(
Whens being sorted startinn?

Author's Response: It will start as soon as BP is over :) thanks for the review! Caa xx

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Review #15, by alexaemd123 Love Is In The Air

13th February 2015:
Ah!!! I'm sorry but I have to make this quick. I loved this chapter! :) it was adorable! Sooo many engagements and I love Heather and Ben! I was so happy when they finally hit it off! :)) I can't wait for the rest of the chapters and I'm totally excited for Being Sorted! Eep exciting! :) ok...and last but never least.. PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON! :) loved it as usual!

Author's Response: Own thanks alex (I assume that's your name haha) i'm glad you liked it! I think it was the fluffest chapter yet hahaha and I love Heather and Ben too, they are too cute!! I'm so happy you are too excited about BS, because so am I! Thanks for the review and the love

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Review #16, by May Christmas Madness

8th February 2015:
It did make me cry you wrote about George's feelings so well x

Author's Response: Own sorry'!! Thanks so much for the review and lovely remark! Caa xx

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Review #17, by From PT Lateness Nightmare

30th January 2015:
Hi!! I've been pretty busy with work, and away too, so I couldn't sneak a peek these past couple of weeks. But when I finally break free from the madness, I run into, not one, but two new chapters! GREAT chapters, may I add. And LOVE your updating rhythm!
There are both amazing! So happy for Neville and Hannah, they are so sweet! And Albus just turned 9!
Looking forward for the next adventures – and bets!

Author's Response: Hey hey! It is my turn to say I was busy and then away as well hahaha i'm glad you were impressed with the two chapters hahaha
Thanks once again for your loyalty and for always leaving me a review!! Caa xx

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Review #18, by Ail Lateness Nightmare

27th January 2015:
Lool fatty :P
Amazing chapter!!

Author's Response: Hahaha Seamus is great!!! Thanks for the review, as always!!! Caa xx

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Review #19, by budabobo Lateness Nightmare

26th January 2015:
Well anoughter great chapter, love the way the story is developing. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yey, thanks so much for your words!! I can't wait either, although there will be a huge time jump, I am warning you haha caa xx

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Review #20, by alexaemd123 Lateness Nightmare

26th January 2015:
Yayyy!! Albus is born!!! I'm so excited! :) And yayy!! 100th review!! Haha.. so I loved the part when Hannah went to Hogwarts and Neville is like the perfect husband! I love him! Ughh, woman, how could you scare me like that when Al was being born! That was uncalled for! Lol even though I obviously knew they were both gonna be all right..but still! I still felt like my heart dropped. Lol ok so the whole thing with Ben being in love with Heather is quite adorable! I love that whole idea! Haha my favorite part was when Harry imagined being with Hermione..that was the best! Ok, so I know that Albus was just born, but I can't wait until Lily is born!! Or more like conceived..haha I kind of felt bad for Ginny. This new baby looks exactly like Harry and all Ginny got was James's eye color..haha oh well. At least Lily will have the Weasley red hair! :) Anyways, loved this usual...and the story is impressively brilliant! Can't wait till next chapter!! PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!! :)

Author's Response: I laughed out loud with your review, I swear I did!! Thanks for the smile on my face! Sorry for the suspense on Albus's birth, but life was too easy for them hehehe thanks you again and can't wait to hear you next! Caa xx

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Review #21, by tesophia Christmas Madness

23rd January 2015:
Hi I'm really excited about Being Sorted, I think that is going to be awesome, and of course your book! I really can't wait!

Author's Response: Ownnn, thanks!! I'm excited as well!!! Thanks for the review! caa xx

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Review #22, by Ron my fav Christmas Madness

20th January 2015:
I really really like this story. So sweet and cute and full of emotions. I love your writing style and the way all characters are expressed :) And Ron is still being my favorite here too :) Keep going and waiting for more :) Being sorted too ;)

Author's Response: I'm truly thankful for your review!! Glad Ron is still your favorite hahaha I love him too! Thanks again!! Caa xx

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Review #23, by alexaemd123 Christmas Madness

19th January 2015:
Ok...I did cry a little! Sooo depressing!! Why do this to me?! It was a very adorable chapter! I thought it was amazing as usual. Haha I love this story! It is very well written and I can't wait for more!! I love Ginny lol. She is hilarious as a pregnant person. Haha..and I could be wrong, but didn't Neville never have kids. I thought I heard something that J.K. Rowling said that Neville and Hannah never had kids. I don't know. I am probably wrong..but it's adorable anyway! I seriously wouldn't care if you kept it in! :)) This story..I just love it sooo much! PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was enchanted once again by your review. I did a little research and never found out whether Nev and Han really had or not a child, but I like to think they did and I believe it doesn't mess up with the canon. As you know, I try my best to keep my writing as canon as possible. Glad you liked it! It's the 100th review of the story! Yey! Thanks again! Caa xx

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Review #24, by CantpickwhichWeasleytoravish Red It Is

18th January 2015:
Firstly, so sorry I forget to comment how lovely the story is! I adore how you just made all Weasleys jenx Scrose in the future since honestly they know deep down its just a matter of time, considering some of the fan fiction I've read... Anywho, lovely and its very cool how you intertwined Astoria in because I have always felt the need to exploit Draco through her making friends with Ginny. Literally have my face hurting a bit from how much it made me smile

Author's Response: Own thank you very much for your lovely review! Can't wait to hear more!! Glad you are enjoying it!!! Thanks very much! Caa xx

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Review #25, by budabobo Christmas Madness

15th January 2015:
Great chapter, keep them coming.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!! Caa xx

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