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Review #1, by alexaemd123 Love Vacationing

9th November 2014: are amazing author! I love this story so much! :)

Author's Response: Owwn *blushed face* thank you so very much! I loved your review! Caa xxx (three because you deserve it! Hahaha)

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Review #2, by tesophia Love Vacationing

8th November 2014:
I love your story. I have just liked your facebook and put your website on my favorie list :) I will read everything you'll write, so I'm really exited about the fact that you are making a book!

Author's Response: Oh my!!! Thanks thanks again!!! Once again I am flattered and really excited by your loyalty!! Thanks for the review!! Caa xx

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Review #3, by Ail Love Vacationing

8th November 2014:
Nice!! But why didnt Mr and Mrs Granger come back to england??

Author's Response: They settled themselves in Australia and quite enjoyed there. When Hermione gave their memories back, although they loved to have their daughter back, they decided to stay in Australia and grow old there! Was that a good answer? Thanks for the review! Caa xx

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Review #4, by budabobo A Tradition of Sorts

4th November 2014:
Just found this story, and read it straight threw.
can't wait for next chapter.

Author's Response: Hey hey!! That makes me so happy! I'm waiting for the validation on chapter 3 on BiL and then I will post the next one!! Thanks for the review, I loveee them! Caa xx

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Review #5, by Juli16 A Tradition of Sorts

24th October 2014:
This chapter was AMAZING, (as were all the previous ones). I especially enjoyed the talk between Harry and Teddy in the cemetery. I can hardly wait for the next chapter!!! :)

Author's Response: owwwn, thanks so so much, Juli! It was really special for me to write that moment between them. Thanks for the review!!! Caa xx

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Review #6, by Ail A Tradition of Sorts

22nd October 2014:
Amazing!! No words to express it :D

Author's Response: Thank yoou, Ail!!! Caa xx :)

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Review #7, by alexaemd123 A Tradition of Sorts

21st October 2014:
Awe! I love this story so much! Please continue soon!! :)

Author's Response: Yey, thanks so much!!! I will, don't you worry!! And for the time being, have you read BiL yet? Thanks for the review and the smile on my face! Caa xx

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Review #8, by Ail Trick or Love

11th October 2014:
Sorry for being late my account was somehow locked out :P The chapter is awsome as usual!! :D

Author's Response: No problem, Ail, I'm just happy you reviewed ! Thank you so much! Caa xx

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Review #9, by alexaemd123 Trick or Love

1st October 2014:
Eeek they are finally together!! I'm so happy right now! :)

Author's Response: Ownn I'm so glad to hear that!! Thanks for the review!! Caa xx

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Review #10, by poobear Trick or Love

1st October 2014:
Hay Caa
How the devil are you ? all good and tickity boo i hope ?. How did the mid-terms go all good i hope and no more stress for a wile he he.
Wow what a great chapter loved it made me smile and giggle and ron winning (with hermione helping) the bet go figger he he at least thay got together in the end. so what's next for this crazy bunch ? any action ie harry on a mission or getting hurt or somthing like that ?? Anyway just wondering that's all.
Well you have a tip top week have fun and i will catch you next time by for now take care yours as ever.

Author's Response: Hey Bruce, I'm great. Hope you do too. My midterms went great and are done *yey*
Thanks so much, I love to hear you like another chapter. all I can say about next chapter is that Christmas is coming and i'm sorry, you'll be in for a quite sentimental chapter. Won't say anymore though.
Thanks for reading and always leaving me a review!!
Caa xx

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Review #11, by poobear First Times

15th September 2014:
Hay There Caa
Its Bruce again i hope this review finds you and finds you well ??. Another Top chapter from you again i like't it muchly and i always do reading your story's.
Yes i very much want to read your new story have you a name for it yet ?. But i defo look forward to your new chapter on this story hope it wont be to long ?. Even tho your from brazil your english and writing skills are spot on even better than mine and iam english he he.
So don't be suprised to find that you have a lot of followers your a great writer and storyteller have more faith in yourself hun.
Well ive pestered you enough i hope you have a great week and have fun.
Take care and hopefully will talk to you very soon
as i do look forward to it by for now.

Author's Response: Hey Bruce! I'm fine and well for now (can't say that for next week - midterms!)
Thank you! As always your kind words fill my heart with joy (and a bit of pride hihihi I'm only human!) Glad to have someone english reading my story and loving it, that makes me so happy.
My new story will be called Being in Love (creative, no?) and should be up in a couple of days.
Take care you too, sweetie, I'll be waiting your review in BiL and on the next BP chapter. Can I count with that? hehe

Caa xxx (three x's for you)

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Review #12, by stephmnack First Times

15th September 2014:
What a cute chapter! There is so many new things going on and I love it! It's going to be quite the adventure! My favorite part of this chapter was when Hermione barged into Harry's office while he and Ginny were together. I definitely laughed out loud! Great job! I would love to read a prequel!

Author's Response: Yey, thanks! The scene with Hermione and then Seamus comment was pretty fun to write as well. I'm glad you had fun with it too!! Thanks for reading and reviewing as well! Keep checking my page for a prequel!! ;) Caa xx

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Review #13, by alexaemd123 First Times

14th September 2014:
Omg!!! Yes!! Make a pre-sequel!!! That would be awesome! Something like when the couple's (harry and ginny..Ron and Hermione) got married! That would be cool! Please update soon! I love this story soo much!

Author's Response: Thanks, Alex! I love to know people like my story! And I'll post next my pre-sequel although it is further back and still in hogwarts. Keep checking for it! Thanks for reading and reviewing, it opens up a big smile on my face!

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Review #14, by Ail First Times

14th September 2014:
Amazing chapter as usual!!! And u should post the sequel it would be awsome. Pretty sure Hermiones gonna win, she always knows ppols feelings :P

Author's Response: Thanks, Ail!! And Hermione already lost, she had bet on the hogsmeade shop opening and nothing happened there :( thanks for reading and reviewing!! Caa xx

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Review #15, by tesophia Place Your Bets

10th September 2014:
Hi im a new reader, and i just wanted to tell you that i really love this story, and can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey there! Great to have new readers! Welcome to my little world. Thank you for reading and leaving a note with your opinion. They really mean a lot! Caa xx

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Review #16, by stephmnack Party Much

4th September 2014:
Very good! It's nice to see some of the old characters come back and there are some interesting pairings. I hope Seamus and Susan get together soon! Also, I think Travis is up to something. Excited to keep reading!!

Author's Response: Wow Travis? Haha poor guy! I'm glad you like it and are excited about the story. It makes me go on! Thanks for reviewing and reading! Caa xx

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Review #17, by stephmnack Place Your Bets

3rd September 2014:
I love this chapter!!! It's so funny and cute! I loved how Ginny didn't want Harry to go to Ireland, but he went anyway. Their little row was cute. And I love the ending. Everything about this chapter was wonderful.

Author's Response: I loved to read this. I care a lot for this chapter (maybe one of my best yet) so it's good to have this kind of feedback! Thanks again! Keep reading and reviewing! Caa xx

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Review #18, by alexaemd123 Place Your Bets

2nd September 2014:
Wowowowow!!! That was a great chapter! I have no clue who is gonna win the bet but I hope Seamus and Susan really do get together. I loved this chapter. I really want to know what the boys were up to in Ireland! PLEASE PLEASE write another chapter soon!!! :)

Author's Response: I'm sorry but what the boys were up to is going to be a secret for a bit yet. Hehehe but I'm glad you liked it. More chapters soon... Thanks for the review and for reading!! Caa xx

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Review #19, by poobear Place Your Bets

2nd September 2014:
Hay there
Sorry that i havent let a review for a wile been a tad busy bit now catching up with things. Anywhoo another top chapter loved very good tho was a bit tame for the hen do there use to be worse than the men's if i remember lol.
So it will be intresting what you say about the stag do should be fun he he.
As for the bet i bet (scuse pun) that its going to be ginny and hermione and the boys will be well mifft at that i bet ?. But all in all a good chapter and keep up with the very good work.
Well you take care and have a good week by for now.

Author's Response: Hello there, Bruce! The hen was about to get out of control in my mind so Haxley was there to ruin the fun for the girls. Damn. The stag will be a card under my sleeve for a bit though. Thanks for reading AND reviewing, you know how important it is for me! Take care you too, Caa xx

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Review #20, by Ail Place Your Bets

2nd September 2014:
Heyy!! Super chapter. Its really fun and action filled. Waiting fr the next one. :D

Author's Response: Thanks as always, Ail!! Glad you like it! :) Caa xx

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Review #21, by rl23 Party Much

26th August 2014:
this is a review of the entire piece so far rather than just a chapter - I love how you have kept to the same characters and relationships and the continuity from the original stories! so much better than other stuff that's out there! I'm loving the flashbacks - perhaps one or two about how the couples got together after the war? my only minor criticism is that you should get someone to check the spelling and grammar...other than that, awesome job - keep writing!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you for the review! I'll be sure to consider your request about more flashbacks. I do apologize for my slips in terms of spelling (which are really dumb) and grammar. I understand it is not an excuse but english is not my native language (although i am better at it hahaha). One of my biggest difficulties (a/an before H) has been solved though. I'll try to get better. Thank you for reading and reviewing! Caa xx

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Review #22, by alexaemd123 Party Much

24th August 2014:
Ah, I love this story!! Please continue soon!! It is one of my favorites and I really love it! I can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: Ow merlin! Thanks! It means very much to read his kind of encouragement from my readers! I'll be posting the next one soon. Thank you reviewing! Caa xx

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Review #23, by kassandra466 Party Much

24th August 2014:
Awe, that was a cute chapter, even though it had to be a tad melancholy. Susan and Seamus are adorable I can not wait for more.

Author's Response: It's part of the show. Glad to hear you like them. I've grown quite fond of them. I'm excited for your opinion of the next though! Thanks once again for reading and reviewing ;) Caa xx

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Review #24, by Ail Party Much

24th August 2014:
Rely amazing. Travis seems an interesting guy while rolf sounds a bit like percy. Excellent writing tho!!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks Ail, always good to read your positive remarks. Sorry it took so long for the chapter to be validated, I know you've been waiting for awhile. And don't be harsh on poor Rolf, he's just nervous. I'm sure he'll butter into the gang just fine. And poor Travis, getting in the way of so much school drama! Thanks as always for the support. Caa xx

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Review #25, by whatisnot Meet J. S. P.

24th August 2014:
Hello, I'm not very talkative lol, but I'll try, this is a great story, not enough action lol, but you do try lol, so keep it up, and well done.

Author's Response: Action was never really my goal, but glad you like either way. Thanks for reading and specially for the review which always makes me happy! Caa xx

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