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Review #1, by The_Crookshanks_Saga syzygy

24th July 2014:

God, Mar Mar, how could you make us love Regger and then.

If she dies, I will cry. If she doesn't, it will be a bad ending. Waah!

Your writing is flawless. Keep doing what you're doing!

Until next time!

Author's Response: omg, this review might be my favourite thing in the world. Aah! ♥

Thank you so much! You're wonderful! ♥

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Review #2, by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend syzygy

16th July 2014:
Okay, can we just...he makes a friend and she gets sick? The boy can catch a break, can he?
I like that it makes him reflect on the friendship he built with her and how he has been selfish in it. Though I worry that the possibility of losing her might push him further into a world of glum, hatred and consuming darkness.

'Months ago I would never have imagined shaking hands with a Muggle, but it was just like shaking the hand of a wizard or witch.' Can you imagine growing up in such prejudice and than discovering that you did not die from shaking hands with another human-being. I like how you've been attacking his prejudice, that seem so normal to him. You mention it, show how simple little things cause him to stop and think.

Again you add little details to the story. Like making faces with Sirius during Christmas dinner. Or Sirius having a Aerosmith shirt. I love that. And it flows so well with the story. You don't just add details and throw them somewhere, anywhere. They fit and it does not halt the story in any way.

As for the characterisation in the first chapter and this one; you are very consistent. Summer keeps up her happy-go-lucky attitude, Regulus tries to hide his double life but he doesn't do a good enough job, since Jasper keeps seeing through the lies. And Jasper, I stand by my assessment in the first chapter. He might be on the dark side, he surely isn't just a bad person. He is a good friend, even though he does not understand.

I do have one question. About the letters. Regulus would tell Jasper that the letters were to his brother? His brother is seen as a traitor. Talking to Sirius would be as bad as talking to a muggle, would it not?

Another good chapter with a good flow! Curious about the third chapter!

Author's Response: :( I was definitely not very nice to my characters in this story. But you're right, I think that he might not have realised just what the friendship meant to him if he hadn't entertained the idea that he might lose it.

I'm so happy to hear that you like the way his prejudices are shown. He is starting to change - has been changing for months - and it kind of surprises him when he notices!

Haha, I'm glad you liked the details about the Black family Christmas and Sirius' Aerosmith T-shirt, I hoped they weren't too random and unnecessary, so it's really good to hear that you liked the way they add to the story.

Your assessment of Jasper is pretty accurate! I'm really glad you like him as a character, and that all of the characters are consistent with the first chapter. This is a very character-driven story so that's really good to hear.

That's a good point about Sirius. What I was going for there is since Regulus is hiding his letters when someone walks by, it's evident to his friends that he's writing to someone he shouldn't be - and he thought his brother would be a slightly more acceptable answer than the Mudblood girl his friends hate.

Third chapter is in the queue so should be up in a day or so. Thank you so much for this thoughtful review!! I really appreciate it! ♥

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Review #3, by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend equinox

16th July 2014:
First of all, Thank you for the request! Second of all thank you, because I LOVE stories about Regulus! Now on to the story.

The way you begin the chapter fits with how I see Regulus. The little things we learned about him in the books, told us he was uncertain of where he stood. You explained this short and simple, but very clear.

I too believe he was never really happy, once he stood by his parents and against his brother.
He is so glum. I can totally see him reacting to a smile in the way you described.

It's also kind of high school-like. Which it should be. Your family expect certain things. Your friends expect certain things. He plays with the thought of Summer in his life. The freedom of her life and what it would be like for him. I always like a story about his conflicting feelings, what or who caused it. A catalyst in his life.

Jasper actually seems...not so bad either. He knew about the 'friendship' and he decided to let it go. I like this little tidbit, because it shows that death eaters aren't merely evil. They are human. They two make allowances for the 'mistakes' of their friends. They might be on the dark side, they know loyalty. It gives the characters depth and realism.

The story does have a quick pace, but I think, considering the fact it's only three chapters long, you went just quick (or slow) enough! You still took the time for details.

I like it. I want to know what happens to Summer.

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry for taking ages to respond to this wonderful review!

I'm glad this fits in with how you see Regulus and that you thought my portrayal of him fit in with the things we know about him from the books.

I couldn't see Regulus as being anything but a moody teenager :p Sirius was like that too, but had pretty optimistic friends to keep him from sulking too much, whereas Regulus only has depressing friends and not cheerful company, which I think is why he's so sulky for most of this story. I'm so glad you like his conflicting feelings and how Summer is the catalyst to change.

I really like your analysis of Jasper, too. He was one of my favourite characters to write in here just because he's so complicated and there's so much moral ambiguity :p Anyway, thank you, I'm so glad he seems three-dimensional and realistic.

I am thrilled that you enjoyed this chapter! Thanks so much for your review!!

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Review #4, by Red_headed_juliet equinox

15th July 2014:
I'm going to review this as I go, so excuse me if I say something dumb that's explained thoroughly later.

I enjoyed your exposition in the beginning. It wasn't too heavy handed or abrupt, and was detailed, yet brief. It gives us a good basis to start out with. +] It can be difficult to get people involved in the introduction, but I'm already getting a feel for Reg. (I call him that because I can never remember how to spell his name, and I don't want to scroll up because laziness.)

I also like the 'Summer' pun. Though now I feel a bit anxious for her.

"I hate it when people are too happy." Gah, who are these losers? Oh yeah, Death Eaters. Nice introduction. "I have to go wash my hand, it's been sullied by a Mudblood." I like the semi-act he has going on. It all seems to flow so naturally.

I like how you aren't bogging down things with too much description, and when you do add things, like the pink nail polish, it flows well. Nothing seems alienated.

Yes! I just got to the part where she didn't smile at him. +] It's surprising me how emotionally invested in this I have become. Very nicely done!

Awh, man. The inner turmoil is starting to set it. I appreciate that you don't spell everything out. You let the reader come their own conclusions. A very good habit to have. He's starting to remind me a little of Draco.

Hmmm... This sentence seems a bit wonky to me.

"The next time when there was a good sunset was three days later, so I went back to the Tower then."

(figured some CC in this review might actually be nice. Haha.)

Yeah! Call him Reg. +] I feel like I'm in a special club now. (Sorry if this review degenerated into rambling. I'm just enjoying this story.)

"So I continued to stretch across the ever-widening gap between two worlds." -new favorite quote of the day. I don't know why, as it's really simple, but I think this sentence is beautiful.

Oh no. Oh no. Ok, I have more reviews for the swap, but I'm totally adding this to my reading list. I love the dynamic. The secrets, the hush hush. I love how Summer is a martyr (hopefully not literally) and I'm annoyed with Reg.

In summary, this is awesome. Your characterization is perfect. Flow (other then that ONE sentence) is amazing. Description is neither too scarce, or overbearing. Grammar and punctuation in check! Quite a nice read! Thank you!

Author's Response: This was such an amazing review, I'm sorry it took me ages to respond to it!!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the exposition! I wondered if there was TOO much background there so I'm really happy to hear that's not the case :)

Aw, that's such a huge compliment that you're getting emotionally invested in the story ♥ that's so lovely to hear!

Ooh, I like that you compared him to Draco. I hadn't thought about it before but I definitely see where you're coming from there.

Hm, yeah that sentence is a bit wonky, haha. Thanks for pointing it out.

You are in a special club! The awesome people club! :P No worries about rambling - rambly reviews are fun and I'm just so happy you're enjoying the story!

I'm so glad you liked that sentence, that was one of my favourites as well. Due to Regulus' nature this fic makes me sound a lot more eloquent than I actually am :p

Ahh, thank you so much about the characterization and the dynamic between the two friends. I'm so glad you like the description too! I'm seriously blushing at all these compliments, you are too nice ♥ Thanks for such a lovely review and thanks for the swap!!

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Review #5, by kenpo syzygy

28th June 2014:

I'm here for with a long-delayed review!

Seriously? She has cancer?

Oh, right. Summer will be fading aka dying aka breaking my heart?

Geesh. I shouldn't known. I went a skimmed the last chapter to remind myself about it, and... I should've known.

Okay, it totally sucks that even after she tells him about that, they still need to do their routine of her leaving first so nobody sees them. Stupidness. Grrr.

OH MY GOD, HE'S LOOKING AT WAYS TO TRY TO SAVE HER? NO THIS IS TOO MUCH. I can see how this is linking into canon, and GAH.

Also, him just saying, "She's my friend, and she's dying."

So sad. Are you serious? I'm almost angry with you for making me sad. I'm glad that his friend was at least a litle bit understanding about the situation.

Okay and then the end of this chapter. The last days of summer. Right. Hint hint. Are you going to make this surprise happy? Regulus could become bffs with Flamel. I'm choosing to believe that's waht's going to happen. You can't change my mind.

I'm really curious to see what happens. Dreading it a little, as well...

I love what you're doing with Regulus' character, and the way you're trying this into canon.

Great chapter! I should be posting results shortly!


Author's Response: I'm here with a long-delayed response! :p

Um. Yep, she has cancer. :( I'm a very mean author. I know, the fact that they have to do that routine is quite frustrating. But Regulus is too scared not to - he just hides in corners and researches ways to save her. I'm glad you liked that section, thanks!

His friend, I wouldn't say he's understanding, not exactly. But he cares about Regulus, so he's trying to be a good friend, despite how much he disagrees with Regulus' personal decisions.

I'm not going to answer any of your questions (obviously) but I'm speedily typing up chapter three as we speak! So hopefully you won't have long to wait. Thank you for such an AH-MAZING review ♥

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Review #6, by kenpo equinox

27th May 2014:
Hello! Swap!!

Okay. I'm super interested in this. Your chapter title, and the summary about equal parts day and night was brilliant.
Oh my gosh. The intro (I'm calling intro up until he names Summer) was amazing. I love the way you talk about the scales being tipped, and how he feels as if he's caught in between two radically opposing ideals. I've always liked Regulus... maybe I'll write something for him sometime...

The way they always speak so casually about their prejudices is so disgusting...

I have to agree with them, though, that people who are too happy tend to bug me... I need to be able to brood sometimes...

Regulus' discomfort with the muggle killing, while a little misguided, makes me feel bad for him. He really doesn't seem like a Death Eater.

Oh my. This was so good. I'm in love with this story. I have a feeling that Summer is going to die at the end, so I'm dreading it a little bit but at the same time I have a little bit of an urge to harass you for updates (just kidding, I don't harass for updates).

I loved the little bits you added in, like Regulus pulling the sleeve down so that he couldn't see his mark. And him not knowing the blood status of Summer's friends, and not caring.

And the paranoia. I'm a big fan of the paranoia.

This story is awesome. You're awesome. Fantastic chapter.


Author's Response: Hi! Jfmskrjfkskjg this review just made my week.

I'm so glad this captured your interest! And that you like the chapter title. (All of the chapter titles will be astronomy related, haha.) I love Regulus, I think he's such a fascinating character, and I think he had a lot of tough decisions to make and a lot of pressure on him at a bad time.. things could have turned out so differently for him.

Haha, too-happy people sometimes bug me too! like I need a little dose of sarcasm and cynicism once in a while, thanks. :p

Regulus has gotten himself into a tight spot, for sure. He didn't quite realise what he was getting into. I'm glad you like the details of how he's slowly changing, and of course the paranoia...

Eee that makes me so happy - I am thrilled that you love this story, aww thanks, that is so wonderful to hear ♥ I hope you continue to enjoy it! The next chapter is mostly written, I just need a bit of time more than just 15 minute intervals where I can really sit and think about it, but real life disagrees. :p

This review was awesome! You're awesome! ♡ Thanks for the swap!

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Review #7, by LilyFire equinox

20th May 2014:
Hey, we swapped ages ago and I'm just now leaving you a review for it. Sorry about the really long wait!

Okay wow. This is brilliant. I love that you havenít added in any romance yet. Donít get me wrong, I love a good romance story, but this, where itís just two people being friends (even in this situation, maybe especially this situation) is brilliant. Showing that two people can be friends and be close and care for each other, especially a guy and a girl, without things turning into a relationship is great. Iím still not sure if youíre going to turn this into a relationship or not, but I feel like whatever it is you decide itíll be great. I was uncertain if I would like this story. I mean, the summary was interesting but I wasnít sure if it would keep my interest, but I canít wait for you to write the next chapter.

Regulas and Summer are wonderful characters. You characterize them so well. They really come to life on the page (or well, you know). I love the conflicts youíve set up. Regulasí on which side of the war heís on, the friendship of Regulas and Summer, and then Regulas being a DE and yet starting to see things differently than his Ďfriendsí. You have an astounding story here.

Author's Response: Hi there! Wow, I had totally forgotten about that review swap so this was an awesome surprise! No worries :D

Ahh ajaksdajf thank youuu that is so wonderful to hear! There are a lot of romance stories out there, but ones that are just about friendship are hard to find. I think there's a lot to be explored with friendship, and especially with someone in Regulus' situation - I am so happy to hear that you like it! And I'm glad this held your interest despite your initial uncertainty about it.

Thank you, I am flattered that you like the characterisation of Regulus and Summer. It is so wonderful to hear that they come to life after just one chapter, honestly that's such a huge compliment ♥ They do have quite a lot of conflicts facing them - it's a tough place they're in.

Thank you for this amazing review, it really made my day!

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Review #8, by naflower05 equinox

5th May 2014:
Interesting story so far, I wonder where it's going. Update again soon please! =]

Author's Response: ooh, thank you so much for your review! I'm glad the story is interesting so far! I will get the next chapter up as soon as I can. :)

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