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Review #1, by Sushmita solstice

10th April 2017:
I think I was crying all of chapter 2 and 3. This is so chock full of emotions and well written. Thanks for this glimpse into Regulus' struggling mind.

Author's Response: Thank you! It really means a lot to me that this story was so powerful to you. *hands tissue* Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! ♥ I appreciate it so much.

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Review #2, by Sushmita equinox

10th April 2017:
OMG I'm hooked! Summer is such a breath of fresh air in the misunderstood Regulus' life!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to review and I'm so glad you like it!

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Review #3, by JilyPotter solstice

19th March 2017:

I just finished reading this story and it's so good. I have always liked Regulus and it is so difficult to find stories with him as the main character but here I think I got lucky and came across "When Summer Fades".

It is such a beautiful story and while it does have a sad ending I wouldn't have it any other way because some stories are meant to be sad. I'm really happy that Regulus is being taken to his "eternal summer" :).

You have done a great job with "When Summer Fades" and I really look forward to reading your other stories as well.

My best wishes to you,

Author's Response: Hi there! This review was such a lovely surprise, thank you so much! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the story. You're right, there don't seem to be that many stories about him, which is sad because he's such an interesting character. I'm very glad you found this one too :)

I'm glad you appreciated the sad ending as well - it did kind of have to be, as the books give me a sad story to work with in the first place. And I really appreciate you saying the story was beautiful, thank you!

I really appreciate you reading this story, and for leaving this wonderful review! Hope you enjoy the other stories :) Thanks again. ♥

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Review #4, by peripheralblue solstice

27th September 2016:
Before I started I already knew it would be particularly sad and so painful for me to read this one, but I just couldn't stop reading this story and I was truly binge reading it. Really, your story made me cry lake Baikal. 
It was so canonical to Regulus' part of story. I was so happy when Regulus started thinking about Summer as a friend. And I was very sad when she is gone. It was bitter to realized that Regulus lost probably the one who maybe heartedly take care for him. However, I will hope being in unknown Regulus meet Simmer again and their story will be continued.  
Awesome story! Thank you for writing and sharing it. :)

P.S. I'd like to translate this story into Russian, if you don't mind, and you do give me a permission to do it. Of course I'll receive all your credits and give link to original work. :)
If you'd like to discuss it privately I could sent you PM on FF . net

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for this truly wonderful review! I'm so sorry it made you cry... but at the same time I'm very touched that it did. It means a lot to me that you were that affected by the writing and the characters, and that you thought it fit right in with canon. I like to think they meet again too. :)

As for translating it, I'm flattered that you would like to, and honestly that's such an incredible compliment, thank you for asking! But I think I'll have to say no, just because this particular story is so deeply personal to me and I'd feel a bit weird about relinquishing control of it/having it posted elsewhere, if that makes sense. I'm sorry. I really do appreciate the offer, though.

Thank you for your review!! ♥♥

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Review #5, by MuggleMaybe solstice

20th August 2016:
I thought you deserved another review after waiting SO LONG, and besides I absolutely had to finish the story!

This is brilliant, of course.

God, the scene with Anne and Bellatrix. *SOBS*

The inclusion of Kreacher was nothing short of genius. I'm pretty sure that isn't canon, but it feels so canon I'm almost doubting myself on that. It certainly fits! Also, Kreacher's involvement explains how he knew to go there in the first place. And nice tie in with the Horcrux research in the last chapter!

Voldemort really is the lowest of the low to abuse a house elf that way. At least Reg wasn't so cruel and took the potion himself like a decent human person. In the end, he's quite a hero, isn't he? ♥

I have so many questions I'd love to ask you about this story - please please please: FIC NIGHT!

I'm sorry I don't have as much to say about this chapter (still no cc).

All in all, this story is just about perfect. You've got the narrative arc, the characters, good dialogue - *favorites*

I would really love to read a little something from Summer's pov, I'll have to scour your AP to see if you've got anything. (Or beg you to write it :P)

wonderful writing, Kristin dear!
xoxo Renee

Author's Response: THANK YOU, you are the sweetest! ♥

I hated writing that scene (with Anne and Bellatrix), but it had to be bad to spur Regulus to action and do such a dramatic thing as destroying Voldemort's Horcruxes even with the knowledge of what might happen to him. but yeah. :'( *hands tissue to Renee*

Kreacher's involvement at the cave is actually canon - a lot of this chapter was based on what Kreacher recounts of the event to Harry in DH (I think the chapter was called "Kreacher's Tale", or something similar) So I can't claim credit for including him. I'm glad you liked the way the scene played out though!

wow, you know, I'd never thought of submitting any of my stories to fic night before. But I looked, and they have to be under 5k, so this one's too long. It means a lot to me that you suggested that though, thank you! I'm really flattered that you thought it was good enough for that. If you have questions you can pile 'em up in my Q&A thread on the forums though, I'm always glad to answer questions.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. seriously. these reviews were so wonderful, and so are you. *hugs Renee forever*

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Review #6, by MuggleMaybe syzygy

19th August 2016:

Can we both agree that I probably shouldn't be allowed to have a review thread? Please forgive me.

Anyway, moving on to the review...

I mean, not even a little bit! Poor Summer :( I wish I could hug her!

I am very impressed with Reg's character development. It's all very gradual and believable. I think the idea of having experiences that open your eyes, but not necessarily one big "AHA! moment" is more true to life. Change takes time, and the way you've paced this has given Reg the time to believable change, without it feeling to slow as a reader.

Reg meeting Summer's family was so sweet, even though it was a bit awkward, and then the letters to and from Anne. OMG, that was the most lovely thing of all time. Well, and it was quite nice that he visited her in the first place. I think that was a smart choice on your part because it shows that he really has changed, that it isn't just his ideas which have shifted but his actions as well.

Oh, ALSO. The inclusion of the Hallows and horcruxes in his research was SO brilliant! Both because it was simply a nice homage to the series, and because it shows a fundamental goodness to Reg's character. He looks at those things on behalf of someone else, doesn't even consider using them for his own ends, and even dismisses them. That drew a sharp contrast between Reg and true Death Eater ideology that was just so great!

Reg and Summer are so great together. I love them as friends, and I wonder about them as something more. The idea that they might never have time to explore that is pretty sad, And I fear it will get sadder - and I also fear that I now see why you're using this reflective tone. You capture it so well, but ah... I suspect feels are approaching. :P

I couldn't think of any cc, to tell you the truth.

Honestly, I can't tell you how much I love your Reg and his angst-ridden struggle between these two paths. It's amazing. You've really sold this to me. I keep imagining it like a movie, wouldn't it be a great movie!?

OMG - you should 100% submit this for fic night please!!!

You're so brilliant! I wish I was able to read more often but please know that you are an amazing writer and I adore you!

much love

Author's Response: ♥♥ RENEE!! ♥♥

Um, no, I don't agree, haha. If you didn't have a review thread I wouldn't have got this amazing, thoughtful review from you. I totally didn't mind the wait when it was such a great reward! ♥ Nothing to forgive!

yeah, pretty sure Reg didn't see that coming either. With Reg's life being so tied in with the Death Eaters and his indecision regarding them, he kind of forgot that there were things going on entirely unrelated to the Death Eaters that were equally scary.

Thank you - I'm SO glad you like the character development in this - that's so great to hear that it's believable and well paced. I totally agree with you about how change takes time. And I think "aha!" moments kind of come out in retrospect; like you don't realize what a big change one moment had until later, because the process of change is slow. Anyway yeah, I'm glad that came across well.

That was a HUGE step for him to go visit her and be surrounded by all the Muggles - because you're right, it's the first time he really has to match his action to his words in front of others and he does it. I kind of want to give him a pat on the head there, I'm so proud of him :P. I'm so glad you liked his letter writing with Anne as well. I imagine it had a big effect on Regulus, to realize that this Muggle cared about him and showed it, a lot more than his own mother did.

Thank you, I'm so glad you liked the inclusion of the hallows and the horcruxes. It was kind of a last minute idea that came to me as I was writing the chapter and suddenly needed to incorporate. And yes you're right, I love what you point out about what it shows about Reg as a person, that's really insightful - that that scene alone hints that he's really not cut out to be a Death Eater. As Summer said in the first chapter, maybe Reg is not always nice, but he's good.

yep, as you are already aware by now... sad feels ahead. I'm glad you thought the tone made sense here though. Also thank you, I'm so so glad you like this portrayal of Reg and all his angsty indecision. A movie - oh man, wow, that's a huge compliment! Thanks!

omg how do I even respond to that last sentence there. *HUGS* THANK YOU!! guh, you are so kind and amazing and you leave the BEST reviews. ♥ love you.

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Review #7, by victoria_anne solstice

2nd June 2016:
We know I missed you, but did you miss me?! :D

(Did you know a flock of crows is called a murder?)


*takes deep breath*

I'm ready.


Wah it's so sad that she's the one that finally got Regulus to change and then...and then... :(
If I didn't know how Regulus' story actually ends, I'd be worried he would be pushed back into Death Eater ways. But of course he's changed too much for that.

NO NO NO NO WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE HER PARENTS?! Omg I can't believe you would do that to me! (And, er, Summer's parents)

But yes for Regulus summoning the rest of his strength! He's such a great character. I'm half in my seat cheering for him and his determination!

I have goosebumps Kristin. LOOK GOOSEBUMPS! I love how Summer was in his thoughts at the end, how he drew his courage and strength from her. It was perfect ♥

Kristin, you broke my heart, but I enjoyed every word. Thank you leading me to this story, it's amazing in every single way. Incredible job ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: So basically one crow would be attempted murder.

Did you know that a group of ravens is called an unkindness, or (alternatively) a conspiracy? WHO COMES UP WITH THESE TERMS

I know :'( I'm sorry, I did feel bad about that. And about every other character, because the only main character who lives is Kreacher...

yeah, Regulus has changed so much by this point. He's on his own as much as he was at the beginning, but is no longer the same person.

As for Summer's parents, it had to be something huge to push Regulus over the edge. Summer's death kind of broke him, but it didn't motivate him to do anything (also probably because her death had nothing to do with Death Eaters). But then two totally innocent people who'd lost everything and had been nothing but nice to Reg, that was too much, especially the manner in which they died.

wow thanks! I'm flattered that the writing was that powerful enough to give you goosebumps! And I'm so glad you liked the ending. I'm particularly proud of the end and I really like when people like it :D Thank you SO much for your kind comments *hugs*

Thank you so much for your review(s)! You are the best! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #8, by MuggleMaybe equinox

25th May 2016:

So, when I said I'd get to this in 24 hours, I actually met 240 hours. Forgot the 0. Sorry about that. *HIDES* Seriously, I'm *so sorry* this is extremely late, but I'm glad you requested!

You specifically asked about character. I think you've done a particularly good job showing the complexity of Reg's thought process about blood status and Voldemort and Summer. At the beginning he's clearly a pretty selfish guy, but also a guy with potential to show compassion. I loved that you pointed out both his moral dilemma and his conflict between Sirius and his parents.

This line is just PERFECTION:
--"Maybe you’re not always nice, but you’re good." -- LOVE ♥

I obviously don't know Summer quite as well, since she's an OC and not the POV character. I think she seems a little too perfect, almost, but since this is the first chapter I don't think there's cause to worry.

Oh my gosh, and the way you developed their relationship over time was just swoon worthy! It felt completely believable to me that he would gradually become attached to her sunny personality, whether he meant to or not. I am curious to learn more about her and what she sees in a (boy)friend like Reg. :)

If you revise, the thing I'd suggest looking at is point of view. Reg narrates this piece with a lot of distance. Even though I was interested in the story, I didn't feel like I was "inside" the story until I got to the sunset. I've tried to pinpoint why this is, and the only thing I can come up with is that starting with summary gives it a reflective feel, like Reg is looking back on something. When I started, I kept waiting for the moment when the reflection ended and the 'moment' began. I hope that makes some kind of sense. Basically, you might consider rearranging things a bit to start in a scene, if you want a more in-the-moment feel. However, if reflective is what you want then just ignore me :P

Summer seems totally sweet - definitely Power Puff worthy!! - and your cliff hanger ended was just BRUTAL (in the best way)! I don't have time to read a lot these days but this is most definitely on my list of things to continue with. Request any time - I love reading your work! ♥

lots of love!

Author's Response: RENEE ♥ ♥ Seriously you have nothing to apologize for! Thank you for reviewing!!

I'm glad you like the portrayal of Regulus so far and that you think his internal complexity is shown well. He is selfish, but also confused. Poor guy :( I think the conflict between himself, his parents, and Sirius, was probably one that weighed on him a lot - I always imagined Regulus and Sirius were close as kids, which would make things for Regulus pretty confusing after Sirius left. I love that you picked out that particular line about nice vs good, I like that line too :)

I always kind of wonder that about Summer too, because in this first chapter where Regulus kind of just sees her as faultless, it does make her seem a bit too perfect - but I'm glad that wasn't off-putting. I promise there is more to her, but yeah, it's a very biased lens we see her through in this chapter.

Thank you, it's great to hear that you liked the very gradual development of their friendship here :)

Ooh, and honestly I'm glad you mentioned that about him narrating with a lot of distance in the beginning. That's intentional - I don't know that I was aiming for reflective exactly, but definitely distance - the idea was that in the beginning he's still very afraid to be vulnerable, he's guarded, and as such his narration reflects that, and is mostly facts and lacks emotion. Sort of like he doesn't let you get into his head as much, if that makes sense? That of course changes later on as Reg changes - I'd be interested to know what you think of that development if you continue reading.

yeah, sorry about that cliff hanger :S Thank you so much for your review and all your kind words! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #9, by victoria_anne syzygy

21st May 2016:

Did you know the longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds? How educational is this review?!


I was actually thinking about this story all night, I'm so excited to be back!

Wait. No I'm not.

SUMMER NO! No no no no.

Regulus and Summer are just so different, I love love LOVE it! Their contrast is amazing (and Summer's Christmas sounds like mine lololol)

It might be a tiny detail, but let me just say how much I adore Regulus magic-ing flowers behind his back ♥

Ha ha "teacups into toads", that's what Lily did over her break isn't it? :D

I love how much you've made Regulus a stranger in a strange land. For once he's the outcast, and it's refreshing to read him trying to adjust to a world completely different to his own and find it's not so bad after all. Of course Summer's parents are so lovely and I love how Anne begins to mother Reg!

And we're starting to see a change in him now. I'm scared for him (er, even though I know how his story turns out. Actually that makes me more scared) but how awful he's feeling surrounded by wizards who hate Muggles :(

OMG THAT LAST LINE! Kirstin no :( I'm almost afraid to read the next chapter. Almost.

Once again your writing is impeccable. Regulus' thoughts and feelings just leap off the page. I'm enjoying this story very much, even if you're going to break my heart.

♥ Bianca

Author's Response: HI BIANCA WELCOME BACK!!! ♡

That's a long flight for a chicken!
Did you know that sloths move so slowly that their fur cultivates algae and even moths? The associated moth is called the sloth moth :P

I'm glad you like the contrast between Summer and Reg in terms of personality and background - they're basically in different worlds. Haha, Summer's typical Christmas sounds way more fun than Reg's :P

haha, you know I never really thought a whole lot about how adorable that visual is until you mentioned it!

Was it? I can't remember. There must have been a teacups-into-toads unit in Transfiguration :P

yeah, Regulus really starts to grow up in this chapter and learns what it is to /be/ a good friend rather than to just have a good friend. And it makes him step pretty far outside his comfort zone, only to find that Muggles aren't that different - it must be pretty weird for him realizing that all he's been brought up with is wrong. Poor thing he's so confused and lost :( Aw, I'm really glad you liked the bit about Reg becoming close with Summer's parents. Now he's moved from hanging out with Mudbloods to corresponding with Muggles, and he's comfortable with it! he's growing up!

though as you said, yeah, it makes him even less comfortable with his role in the Death Eaters. Can't have it both ways...

Thank you so much, it's really lovely to hear that you like the writing and can connect with Regulus' feelings here. As for the rest. Yeah. Uh... sorry in advance :(

Thanks for your review! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #10, by victoria_anne equinox

21st May 2016:


(Did you know August has the highest percentage of births?)

Poor Regulus torn between his parents and Sirius :( I never thought of him being worried about disappointing his brother, but after reading this, I like to think it.

OMG is this a Slytherin/Hufflepuff relationship story? ARE YOU FATHER CHRISTMAS?!

♥ Feel that Hufflepuff sunshine ♥

Oh the Astronomy Tower at sunset... You really are Father Christmas! I love how she probably knows what Regulus is like and what he thinks of her, but she doesn't care, just treats him like another human being, and I hope he learns to do the same ♥

Oh Merlin how I love Sirius puns... Like siriusly...

Okay, Bianca. Stahp.

Ooh I really like this line: Maybe you’re not always nice, but you’re good, because there really is a difference, and I think it sums up Regulus and maybe even some other Slytherins perfectly.

Kristen, where have you been hiding this story?! I am absolutely in love. I'm not sure what you edited, since I didn't read it before, but I adore everything about this, I think it's amazing so far. Regulus is just perfect: a pureblood of high class upbringing, follower and supporter of the Dark Lord, but his true (good) self is just beneath the surface, and it only takes the right person to bring it out completely. Summer is wonderfully intriguing, she's obviously the most amazing person, but there's clearly something she's hiding and I can't wait to find out what it is! I'll be back for the other two chapters this weekend!

Amazing work, Kristin. But of course, it's you!

Author's Response: yesaRegulusstoryI'mexcitedthatyou'reexcited (it is really hard to not type spaces, they just happen instinctively)


I didn't know that, actually - I thought it was September. I feel so much smarter now! Animal eye facts round 2: Did you know that the eyes of a giant squid are about the size of dinner plates?

you know, I'd never given a whole lot of thought to Regulus' character before I wrote this, but when I sat down to write it, the image of this really confused, indecisive teenager came to mind and that's how I've seen him ever since. I have always loved the idea that he and Sirius were close when they were little, and I don't think Regulus would have given up on him that easily. Similarly to how I think Sirius still really cared about Regulus even when he pretended not to. The fact that Sirius never knew of Regulus' sacrifice and the fact that they never reconciled just breaks my heart. :( but that's a sob story for another day. :P

Oh no my secret identity has been revealed! But actually, no. It's about a relationship, but not a Relationship if that makes sense. :P there aren't enough friendship stories on the archives!

yeah, Summer is definitely aware that there are a lot of differences between herself and Regulus, at least outwardly, but she is unfailingly nice - yeah, Reg could definitely learn a lot from her, haha.

I siriusly love bad puns. :D

Ooh, I'm glad you pointed out that line, I was particularly happy with that one :D You're right, I think that could apply to a lot of people, and nice and good really are two separate things.

Aaah, thank you! I'm so, so glad that you like this so far, that means a lot to me. ♥ Thanks so much for reading! This was such an amazing review and I want to give you the hugest hug! *hugs Bianca*

Thank youuu ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #11, by Freda_and_Georgina solstice

24th February 2016:
Hello! Georgina is back because I couldn't leave this story.

I loved this so much. You said this is the most depressing things you've ever written, but I believe tragic is the best term for it. Depressing means to dispirit, but this story has hope. Sure the two best characters die, but the protagonist died for a good cause in such a way to give the reader hope. And since we know how it ends, Regulus' sacrifice isn't as big as he thought, but it meant a lot in the overall war effort. Especially since he was a Black. At least he's going to see Summer again.

I really liked this. Your characters were good, the storyline was amazing, and I just loved it. This is the kind of sad story people should write about more often; people die because they NEED to sacrifice themselves, not because the author doesn't want a happily ever after ending.

This was so good. I really liked it. As usual, I am in awe of your brilliant writing.

Author's Response: Hi Georgina! Ahh, thank you, it's wonderful to see you back on this story with your amazing reviews :)

wah, thank you SO much. I have to say I really love your interpretation of this, and how you saw it ending in a hopeful way, despite the fact that all of the main characters die except Kreacher. And you're right, he was dying for something greater than himself. Even if his sacrifice alone didn't bring Voldemort down, Regulus gave all he had and it ended up making a difference, after so long of avoiding standing up for anything.

Thank you, it means a lot to hear that the characters were good, and I'm glad you liked the storyline as well. and haha I don't think I have the ability to write happily ever after! But for this story, it had to end this way. JKR had already determined Regulus' story as a sad one, and I just filled in the gaps.

eep. you are too kind! Thank you, for reading and for your lovely review! ♥

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Review #12, by ScorpiusRose17 syzygy

19th December 2015:
Hi there!

I am finally here with your review for chapter 2!!

Let's first of all start off with your areas of concern...

I thought Regulus development was great. He's growing as a person and seeing things for what they truly are. He has also come to terms that maybe his brother isn't as awful as he once thought he was. Which is nice because we all know he isn't as awful as the Black family makes him out to be. And the fact that he is disgusted with what he has gotten himself into speaks volumes. I really want to point out too of how well he is doing communicating with Summer. It is exceedingly hard to talk to two people and try to wrap your head around what is going on, but he is brilliantly intuitive.

As for Summer... I didn't think this is what she was going to say!! How awful!! :( I don't see her as a plot device at all only because this is something that is real and happens to people unfortunately more than it really should or needs to. I like how she hides things from him about what is really going on that you find out from her mother. I think she does this because she wants to 1. spare him and 2. she wants him to remember her for who she is not what she has become because of her diagnosis. Cancer is no joke and it changes people in ways that will alter the way others see them. Regulus is sympathetic, but at the same time he holds tightly to his stone demeanor when she is around mostly because he sees Summer and NOT Summer with Cancer.

I think Summer is a great character. Is she involved in the plot... yes. Is she a plot device? Maybe, but not in a bad way. She is an evolving part of the plot, but a lot of the plot is him getting to the point where he can see what he is doing isn't what he wants. I would say that Summer is more like a nudge to the ribs... She gets him thinking, she gets him to open his eyes and see reality.

I think this is greatly interesting! It held my attention and I probably read this faster then I thought I would because I feel so involved and invested in this story.

When I began reading this chapter I stopped for a minute when Summer said she has Cancer. I needed a minute or so to let this sink in before I proceeded. As I said before I didn't think this is what she was going to say so I guess you could say it caught me off guard.

I really really liked the way that you wove in the fine details here. Especially about his reading list to occupy himself. Jasper is a strange character that protects him, but doesn't. I don't know if that is a Death Eater MO or not, but I thought it was great that he didn't want to fully get involved with it, but had to also put his two cents in.

This is a brilliant story and I cannot wait to find out how things unfold in the next chapter. I am sad about it since I know what will happen to at least Regulus, but I am also holding on to some concerns that he maybe getting himself into something that he really may regret here.

Keep up the superb writing!!! :)


Author's Response: Hi! Sorry on the mega delay in responding to this, I've been working basically every day through the holidays and have had no time.

I'm glad the change in Regulus is evident in this chapter. And yeah, I don't think Regulus ever saw Sirius as awful, but was sad he'd left, and saw it as a bad and stupid decision. And I like that you pointed out his efforts at communication - it's definitely huge steps from where he started, and after all she did for him, he really wants to be there for her. as I saw it, the previous chapter is where he learns what it means to have a good friend, and in this chapter he learns what it is to /be/ a good friend.

I knew that it had to be something entirely unrelated to the war and the conflicts Regulus was facing that he'd kind of centred his world around. Yeah, even her bright-side view of everything has its drawbacks there, where she leaves out some information - I love your analysis of her reasons, I'd say that's pretty spot on. I'm really glad you like her role in the story as well.

Thanks, that's wonderful to hear that you find the story interesting and that you feel invested in it - that's such a great thing to hear.

I'm glad you liked the way the details were woven in - I enjoyed slipping the horcrux info and other little canon things in there. And yeah, Jasper is an interesting one - he's kind of like Regulus was months ago. He cares about his friend, but he doesn't really understand him anymore as Regulus has changed.

Wow, thank you ♥ I really appreciate your kind words! And last but not least, thank you SO much for recommending this on your page, that was so unexpected and I'm so flattered. Thank you!!! And of course thanks for this amazing review. ♥

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Review #13, by ScorpiusRose17 equinox

10th December 2015:

I am so so so sorry that it has taken me this long to read and review this chapter for you. I was unfortunately sick and then real life went a bit crazy, but I am here now! :)

Oh I adore you! I was so excited to see a story about Regulus drop into my review thread and I must say that I was NOT disappointed by this!

I thought it was brilliant the way that you make it from his pov. I don't recall reading another Regulus story where he is in first person, so I thought that it was a great difference and change of pace.

The pacing is great. I don't feel that it is rushed anywhere throughout the entire chapter.

As for characterization... I really enjoy Summer. I think she is the Hufflepuff version of Luna in many different ways. She makes poor Regulus squirm with her forwardness and bluntness, but yet at the same time she is thoughtful and nice. Regulus was brilliant. I can see right off his torn soul. He doesn't know what to do, but he realizes that the choices he makes are important no matter what they go against. You really did a great job making sure that anyone who reads this story understands Regulus in a way that a lot of people only just scratch the surface with. I hope that makes sense.

I find this story to be very interesting. It isn't often that a haughty pureblood "Throws it all away" for a merry mudblood. I am worried about what she has to tell him and I am not comfortable with Jasper. Regulus will really need to search his heart as the story continues. I know how it ultimately ends for him, but I worry about Summer more at this point.

Keep up the brilliant work! :)


Author's Response: Hi Jenn - no worries at all on the delay! This was such amazing review and totally worth the wait. Hope you're feeling better now and that RL has calmed down! :)

I found while writing this that I really love Regulus as a character. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading about him, especially from his POV. And that's great to hear about the pacing and that it flows well.

Summer does have a lot of similarities to Luna, yeah. I really wanted her to be a foil to Regulus, in her confidence and honesty as Regulus is confused and secretive. Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you like the portrayal of Regulus here, and yes you did make perfect sense. This story really focuses on his struggle to do the right thing and it wasn't possible to write without getting well into his mindset. I'm so, so glad to hear you say it makes a reader understand Regulus to a deeper level - ah! Thank you!

Aww, thanks, that is so great to hear and I'm glad you find the story interesting! Regulus has a difficult soul-searching time ahead of him, for sure. I'm glad you can really feel for the characters - that means a lot to me.

Thanks for your review!! ♥

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Review #14, by Freda_and_Georgina equinox

8th December 2015:
Oh goodness, one of Reg's old friends killed her parents, didn't they? I really hope my guess is incorrect. Why is this so good and sad and happy and horrible at the same time?

I absolutely love this. Going to a school where I can smile and wave and occasionally hug someone I know almost every other class makes this super relatable, Phillips is very similar to someone I know personally and she has some traits like me so this is incredibly relatable. Also Regulus' joy of just having someone to be openly honest with, that is so hitting home. Though Phillis is a bit chipper sometimes, you've made her a very genuine girl who is a rare gem.

I've discussed Phillis, let's talk about Regulus! I personally may not have written him this way, it is still keeping witg what we gear of him in the books. I love how you just have him as a tes-man; that would make having a true friend like Summer even more important for him. I also love his veiw of Sirius and that he doesn't want to dissapoint anyone.

I just love this story and its themes and its plotline and its characters and---you know I'll be back eventually after life does its thing.

Author's Response: Georgina, hi! Wah, this surprise review was so amazing and totally made my day. Both of you are such generous and wonderful reviewers. ♥

Wow, I love your description of this as 'good and sad and happy and horrible all at the same time' - it does seem kind of fitting!

Eee thank you! I'm so glad you find Summer relatable and real - that's one of the absolute best things you can hear about one of your characters. And yeah, Regulus isn't used to such openness and lack of judgement from people, which is maybe why he gravitates towards her despite his instilled dislike of Muggle-borns. Haha, Summer is TOO chipper sometimes - she's very much the opposite of Reg who can get a bit gloomy!

Regulus was such an interesting character to approach writing - and you're right, there's not much in the books to give an idea of what his personality is like. The reasons that made me write him like this were that, considering he joined the Death Eaters as a teenager, I thought it would make a lot of sense for him to be kind of doing it because he was confused and thought that was what he wanted because everyone said to, but he really hadn't thought about it on his own. Especially as I like to imagine he and Sirius were really close as kids, and it hurt both of them when Sirius ran off. I'm really glad you liked the kind of eager-to-please aspect of him even thought it wasn't what you expected.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ♡ This was such a lovely review.

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Review #15, by cherry_pop94 syzygy

10th July 2015:
Hi Kristin! Here for our swap!

Oh my god. The revelation that Summer has cancer just broke my heart into pieces. I'll admit, I tend to stay away from stories about cancer (I mean original fiction, I've never come across fanfic about cancer before). The topic is just very close to me and honestly, I find most OF about cancer very cliche.

However, as I said, this is the first time I've ever seen it in fanfic, so that's totally new for me! Also, the title of this chapter is fantastic, though I cannot for the life of me figure out how to pronounce it.

The relationship between Summer and Regulus seems really natural at this point. He never was quite like the other Death Eaters and it certainly shows here. Regulus is very impulsive in this chapter and quite possibly the least sneaky person ever. That lie was never a good idea! So easy to unravel!!

But his growing relationship with Anne is quite lovely. It's heartbreaking though because Summer isn't going to make it and a mother shouldn't have to bury her child and it just isn't fair. I am hoping Summer doesn't die though.

I feel like if she died at this point, she'd be a bit more like a plot device, here to further Regulus's journey of self discovery and be his reason for defying the Dark Lord. It makes her less of a character I think.

Still, I really loved this chapter. It truly did break my heart a little. I can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Hi! aw, well I'm glad the revelation about her having cancer didn't put you off reading. I'm sory to hear that it's a personal topic for you - it's a topic that is very close to me as well, Summer is based on someone in my family.

ooh thanks about the title! It's one of my favourite words - and its pronounced Sih-zuh-gee :P

I'm really glad you like the friendship betwen Regulus and Summer - I hope Summer fels like more of a character to you now than you mentioned in the previous chapter. Regulus yeah, not as sneaky as he wants to be. He's definitely struggling with being on both sides.

I'm glad to hear you like that Regulus became close to Anne as well. as for Summer's future, you know I can't tell you that yet :p if that's the case though, aren't we all just plot devices, in a way? heh. Anyway - thank you so much for the swap!

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Review #16, by cherry_pop94 equinox

8th July 2015:
Hi Kristin!

Here for our swap! And my 101st review!! Yippeee!!!

I loved this chapter so much! It's such a sweet look into Regulus's character - torn between his parents and his brother. He really is a good person, like Summer said, not always nice, but good. I like that you made that distinction.

And Summer is such a wonderful character! Right now, she seems a bit too perfect, like Regulus's own manic pixie dream girl, so I hope we learn more about her in the later chapters. But I really do love how you've characterized Regulus. He's afraid, he just wants to fit in, he's not one to break the mold, I suppose.

It makes sense I think for the circumstances of his life. I really do sympathize with him here because I think many of us would be similar in his situation.

Anyway, I'm really excited to read the next chapter!!


Author's Response: Hi Stefanie! Yay! Congrats on 101 :D

Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you like this look into Regulus' character. And yes, there is a huge distinction between nice and good - definitely something I explored a lot in this story.

I'm glad you like Summer! Ahh - yes - you know, I had always kind of wondered if Summer came across as a Mary Sue in this first chapter, as at this point Regulus doesn't really know her that well and just sees someone who (he thinks) is just a Good Person and far better than he could be. They do get to know one another a lot more in the next chapter - but if I'd included it here, it would have been far too long of a chapter :p I'd love to know what you think of her if you eventually read on.

That's wonderful to hear that you like the characterization of Regulus and that he is relatable - after all he's just a teenager in a difficult situation - who wouldn't be indecisive?

Thanks so much for the swap! ♥

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Review #17, by merlins beard solstice

23rd June 2015:
Hi! I'm (finally) here for the review I owe you.

I actually typed this yesterday, but apparently it didn't send.

If I had more time right now I'd review all three chapters of this, but sadly I have a lot going on this week, so the third chapter gets my attention.

I love the characters you created, the perpetually happy hufflepuff muggleborn who can't find it in her to fear or hate even a Death Eater, someone who'd kill her if he had to (in the beginning of course).
Summer's Mum is probably my favourite character in this whole thing. I love that she stays in contact with Regulus, and tells him stuff his friend doesn't want to burden him with.

This is the first time Regulus ever experiences what it really means to have a family who cares about you, no matter what. His own parents would turn on him as quickly as they did on Sirius, should he decide to go his own way.

I love that Regulus isn't evil through and through... He's an overlooked character for sure, and we have a lot of freedom when writing about him.
I think that you came up with an explanation on HOW Regulus knew about the Horcrux(es) is awesome! that's something I was always wondering about and your explanation really makes sense.

This story is heartbreaking and really sad to read, and it's written so well! I felt all the right emotions in the right places.

I'm glad that Summer and Regulus weren't a couple... that wouldn't have felt quite right with Regulus' personality. I loved the line where you hinted that Regulus could have seen them together, had he not been a Death Eater.

I'm so glad that this is the story I picked. Your writing is so high-quality, I'll have to check out your other stories soon. Look out for more reviews once my semester is over :D

And thank you so much for making this a swap, I LOVED the review you left me!


Author's Response: Hi! No worries on the delay - this was an absolutely amazing review and worth the wait ♥

Thank you so much - I'm thrilled to hear that you love the characters, especially Anne! I think Regulus' friendship with her was a huge step for him - realising that he can relate to Muggles and that they can be kind, even more so than his own family. I also wanted to show through the honesty of Anne's letters the downside to Summer's positivity and how she's not as flawless as Regulus used to believe. I love your assessment of what it means to Regulus to see a really caring family.

I really couldn't see Regulus as evil. He's only 16 when he becomes a death eater - just a confused teenager who doesn't know where he belongs and ends up on the wrong side. And his indecisiveness and feelings of confusion on who he is were something which, as I was writing, I found Regulus so relatable. Thank you, I'm glad you like the back story on how he finds out about Horcruxes and that you think it makes sense!

Wah, thank you! I'm sorry for breaking your heart, but that was really the only way his story could turn out, I think. :-/

I'm glad you liked the friendship aspect too. There really aren't enough stories that are just about friends and not romance, and I really couldn't have seen Regulus and Summer any other way. He just needed a good friend at this point.

Aw, I'm really glad that you picked this story too! I have a special place in my heart for this story. And wow thank you, I really appreciate your compliments about my writing ♥ You are too kind! Thanks so much for the review :)

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Review #18, by SunshineDaisies solstice

4th May 2015:
For the record, I had to read this chapter IMMEDIATELY after the last one because I thought I'd read the last paragraphs wrong. No such luck, it seems. :(

Okay so now that I've mostly recovered from my emotions I think I'm good to leave you a review with slightly less capslock and crying. But I only promise slightly less.

This is amazing. Reg's character development and his entire arc are just perfect. I love how disinterested and scared he became here, it's very much inline with canon, and perfectly inline with the events of this story. You can just tell that he wants out so badly but you can't just leave the Death Eaters. I love you you can really see both sides of his character in this chapter as well, he's kind (to an extent), but still self preserving. He wants to help Anne, but he's afraid. (Did you have to kill Anne???) Then he volunteers Kreacher for a mission because he thought it would make him happy. How many wizards do you think do things to make their house elves happy? One. His name being Regulus Black. AND HE WON'T LET KREACHER DRINK THE POTION AGAIN. THAT IS HOW YOU DO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. AH. There is just so much growth in him over this story, and in this chapter in particular he really comes into his own. I love reading about characters like this, and you've done a spectacular job. Okay and this line:

“I’m not a child,” I said. But I was, really; I was still just a teenager, and this was no place for me.

THIS JUST SHOWS SO MUCH ABOUT HIM AND HIS CHARACTER AND IT'S PERFECT. And the fact that he intentionally did not look at the bodies on the floor, I just want to hold him.

I love how you created the plot to really push him into the character he's meant to be (I am still bitter about Anne and Alan though I'm never getting over that), both directly and indirectly. He grew so much as a person after watching Anne die, which I think was very conscious of him. And you have him figuring out the Horcrux because HE DID RESEARCH TO HELP HIS BEST FRIEND NOT DIE. That is so clever! And so great and fantastic and it hurts my heart a little but in the best way possible. Reading about him in the cave warmed my heart and broke it at the same time. It seemed so much like he was trying to atone for Summer's death, or even just prove to her that he was worthy of her friendship. And it just :'(

I also really, really liked that you did not have Regulus and Summer fall in love. That seems to be so common in media that we forget friendship is just as important than romance. If not more. It can be just as powerful as romantic love or filial love or whatever else kind of love there is. And I liked how you addressed it in the first chapter. Maybe we would have been in love. But they weren't and it was so lovely to read. It fits in so well with the overall themes of Harry Potter.

I think this chapter is your strongest overall in terms of showing vs telling. I didn't notice any areas where it made things lag, the areas where you were telling were very suited and really helped advance the plot.

Overall, this is so, so good. SO. GOOD. Okay I'm done rambling now.:)

Author's Response: WAHH THIS REVIEW ♥ Thank you, you're amazing!

wow, thank you - it is such a compliment to hear that my writing kept you interested enough to go to the next chapter immediately and that it made you emotional - I'm sorry about tears but I am really flattered, thank you! *hands over tissue*

*insert gif of Boromir saying "One does not simply walk out of the Death Eaters." :P I'm so thrilled you like Regulus' character arc in this story, and how he basically sticks around just because doesn't know how to get out - and it's so great to hear that the different sides of his personality show here. I really enjoyed writing Kreacher actually - especially from such a sympathetic point of view - and I figured that not all wizards were as cruel to their house elves as the Malfoys were to Dobby. Kreacher was always so attached to Regulus and so I figured REgulus had to have cared a lot about him. Wah thank you, I'm so glad you liked the character development and that you thought I did it well!

:( sorry, I know, I do feel badly about Summer's parents but it needed to happen to push Regulus over the edge to the point where he'd do something as drastic as betraying Voldemort. I'm glad you liked how he found out about the Horcrux! I just loved the irony of the idea, as he found Voldemort's secret by trying to help a Muggle-born. The cave - I think that was the most intense scene I've ever written! and thank you, it's such a compliment to hear you say you felt all those feelings about it.

ah! I'm so glad that you liked the friendship angle and especially that you thought it fit so well with the HP themes! There is something so pure about friendship and I couldn't see the story any other way. Besides, there are far too few stories out there which focus on friendship and not romance.

THANK YOU so much for your incredible reviews, I'm positively over the moon. ♥ You're a fantastic reviewer!

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Review #19, by SunshineDaisies syzygy

3rd May 2015:

Okay, so if that wasn't clear, I liked it a lot!

Regulus's development in this chapter was absolutely SPOT. ON. You can absolutely see him growing from a lost boy to someone who absolutely knows what's right and what's wrong and has somehow ended up on the wrong side. It's so perfect.

Summer is BRILLIANT. I adore her. I love her optimism and acceptance and her silent sort of bravery. She's wonderful.

Her parents were lovely as well! Hospitals are always awkward, especially when you don't know the other visitors, and I think you displayed that very well. I love how Anne sends Regulus little side notes. That's just so, so touching.

I think this chapter is a LOT better in terms of showing vs telling. The pace seemed a lot more constant. I wanted to suggest adding a bit more action and detail in near the end. I'm hoping you don't have this experience, but people dying from cancer to tend to just... fade away. I think that could create a really vivid, powerful image. However, that last paragraph is just spectacular, and I'm not sure it would work quite as well with the extra detail.


I'm like 90% sure this isn't everything I wanted to touch on but now I'm all emotional. I've read the next chapter and definitely plan on leaving you a more comprehensive review there. :)

Author's Response: Ahh, sorry. I should have warned you this fic stomps on hearts. :( But I am so glad to hear that you liked it despite it punching you in the feels.

Wow, thank you! This is really so wonderful to hear that you liked his character development. I think that may be why the first chapter is the weakest - because Reg is just so apathetic then, and this is where he first starts to care, so it all gets more intense.

I am so glad to hear you like Summer as well, and her parents. :) gah, I loved writing the friendship between Summer's parents and Reg, as this is like the ultimate thing he was taught to hate (as they're Muggles) but he finds himself appreciating it so much.

That's great to hear about the pace! I did intentionally leave some detail out towards the end, actually for the reason you mentioned, my idea being that the detail fades out as Summer fades away. and yeah unfortunately, this chapter is based on personal experience - Summer was mostly inspired by a family member.

I think the last line in this chapter is one of my favourites in the whole story, so thank you - I am so glad to hear it was powerful.

Thank you so much for your review!! ♥ I'm off to respond to your next one now!

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Review #20, by SunshineDaisies equinox

3rd May 2015:
LOOK AT HOW FAST I AM. I've been avoiding responsibility. Also, I feel like you will appreciate the fact that I am writing this review in the expanded review box. IT'S SO NICE.

This definitely hits ALL of my interests, so thank you for that! I've been very interested in Regulus lately, so I'm always pleased to read more about him.

I think you've done a really wonderful job of exploring his character here. I love the way he went from a neutral force to a Death Eater, without actually losing his underlying neutrality. I also really liked how he joined the Death Eaters because he was so caught up in everything and it made him feel powerful. It made him very real, and it really showed his age. He very much seems like a teenage kid caught up in stuff he didn't fully understand. When writing about characters like this, I feel like a lot of times writers forget that they're writing teenagers not fully grown adults. Reading an accurate description of a seventeen year old is so nice.

I loved Regulus's voice in this as well. You really showed his thought process, and I think you've painted his character very well. He seems a bit detached and unemotional, which is so fitting based on the fact that he repeatedly says he was taught to never show excess emotion. It's SUCH a good fit.

I think Summer is absolutely wonderful! I love her kindness and friendliness (WHAT A GOOD PUFF SHE IS), and I love that it doesn't make her weak. When Regulus calls her a Mudblood, she reacts appropriately, but doesn't hold it against him.That shows such a strength in character, and I really like seeing it portrayed as such. She's also pretty darn funny, which is always nice to read.

I think the pace was good, but the chapter did lag a bit in places. It's on the longer side and it covers quite a bit of time, so the laggy bits are going to be hard to avoid. It usually showed up when you were describing passages of time, which really is to be expected. It's telling rather than showing, and while it's definitely necessary here, it just isn't as interesting as the parts where there's action happening.

That said, the parts where there IS action happening are very interesting! I felt just as captivated by Summer as Regulus did and I was so anxious about his friends finding out. I'm so curious about what happened to Summer now and I'M SO CONCERNED FOR HER. So it definitely holds reader interest.

And as a side note, I really love the chapter titles. So clever. :)

Author's Response: Wow, that was really fast! And yay for the expanded review box! That totally changed my life omg.

Thank you - it's great to hear that about Regulus. This is exactly the idea I was trying to convey - he wasn't EVIL, but a confused teenager who was just caught up in things he wasn't ready for. And aah, that means SO MUCH to hear you say that he seemed real. That's what I try for, and basically the best thing to hear as a writer- thank you!

I'm thrilled to hear that about Regulus' voice as well, and that his detachment seems to fit with his upbringing. That's really wonderful to hear about Summer as well, I'm so glad you like her! Haha, she is SUCH a Hufflepuff :D I really like your analysis of her character too, that her ability to forgive makes her strong.

Yeah, the long time span was one of the things I'd been concerned about this chapter, and I definitely see that it has some sections of telling. I am glad to hear that you found it appropriate though- that the telling seemed okay here as it skips through time. The last two chapters are a much shorter time span so hopefully less telling - I'd be interested to know what you think if you read those. Regarding the action scenes though, I'm so glad you find those interesting and that the story holds your interest.

Aw, thanks about the chapter titles ;) This was a really wonderful review, thank you so much!!

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Review #21, by toomanycurls solstice

25th January 2015:
I thought that with Summer's death itself not getting much in the way of attention in this chapter that I would not cry. But I was wrong. Regulus' lonliness was very profound after Summer died and you had to go poke his loss of Sirius as a friend and brother as well. gah. This isn't what made me cry though.

When Kreacher left to help Voldemort I was interested to see where you would take this emotionally and I found myself also worried for Kreacher though I knew he'd return. While I was caught up in the Kreacher/Regulus/locket affair, you had to go rip my heart out with the Phillips. Regulus was in such a difficult place with his own need to stay alive versus the pull to protect the woman he had come to know as an extra mother-figure. Part of me broke when Anne recognized him - I think part of regulus broke too. I wasn't surprised that Voldemort saw Regulus' emotions at the murder. I feel as if he would have been dead regardless of his quest for the locket. He's right about Voldemort being a bit foolish to break about his Horcrux as his followers like and have likely studied dark magic.

I almost had to cover my eyes as Regulus went to the cave with Kreacher, knowoing the awful fate that awaited him. I started crying as he thought of Summer and her strength. I was for real crying when Summer was more real to him. It reminded me of how Harry felt about the resurection stone pulling his parents, Sirius, and Remus back to him. It was like Summer was there to collect him. I'm glad the eternal summer line was the last because I could not have read on wtih the crying that was happening then (and now). I'm only somewhat sure that this is coherant (or the words I meant to type :P).

Thank you so much for writing this heartbreaking piece!


Author's Response: that first part was definitely inspired by a lot of my own feelings of grief in that it's not so much what happened, but what it means, that's really affecting.

wow thank you, I'm so glad you connected that much with the story and were worried for Kreacher even though you knew what was going on. And yeah, as horrible as that part is with the Phillips, there needed to be something that completely tipped Regulus over the edge with no return, and that was that. You know, I think Regulus probably saw that as well (that he would have been dead regardless) and that was part of why he went through with his locket plan. He knew he was going to die for that, so he probably saw that he didn't have long anyway. Given all Dumbledore says about Voldemort's belief that he stood out, it seemed like something Voldemort would do to brag about Horcruxes and think no one would pick up on it. Dur.

Aw wow, I'm so touched about your reaction to the last part, and I love that you associated it with Harry seeing the Resurrection Stone, and how Summer was there to collect him - that's such a lovely way to see it. *hands box of tissues*

I'm sorry about the sheer depressingness of this :[ But thank you so much. Your reviews are the best. ♥

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Review #22, by toomanycurls syzygy

23rd January 2015:
I SECRETLY READ AHEAD LAST NIGHT AND I'M SO MAD AT YOU! I *knew* this would be a heartbreaking story and and I still read it. :( :( :(

Summer's mellowness and despondancy while telling Regulus about having cancer is understandable. I mean, I'd be in tears. it's just such a difference in her from norma.l which, again, is expected. IT'S JUST SAD AND SHE HASN'T EVEN GOTTEN REALLY SICK FROM IT YET AND you took away her happiness. :( Regulus' reaction was kind of perfect. At least he realized how much she's been there for him (and I hope he's there for her now).

Again with the Sirius contrasts. Are you looking to poke every feel in this story? I loved their chat about Chirstmas. I mean, Regulus is treated like a prince (and I'm not surprised). Summer's Christmas sounds pretty fun as well - much more jovial though.

I guess if Voldemort is good for one thing, it's giving Regulus' parents an excuse for sneaking out. gah. more with the sirius. I feel like he's almost a character in this story if not just because of how much Regulus misses him.

His visit was wonderful. I'm crushed that she won't be going back to school this year and I can only imagine how hard that will be on Regulus. and and and I FEEL LIKE SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN AND I'LL HAVE TO GLARE AT YOU MORE.

ALKFJALSKFJ WITH THE MEL REFERENCE AND STOP. My feels are going nuts. I'm also not surprised his mom chekced up on the claim to have plans for Voldemort.

For some reason, even though nothing overtly sad happens while he's back at school, this section made me incredibly sad. too sad even for caps. the whole note about Anne being like a mother but I can tell that she's nothing like his mother - it's just too much for me on a friday. don't let her health go downhill even more. i can't handle it.

Jasper doesn't seem as horrible here. I mean, he doesn't really support their friendship but he's not a jerk about it either.

The books on immortality and having him research what a horcrux is for her is making me cry. THERE ARE TEARS. darn it. I knew she knew and love that she's still there for him and IT CANT' BE THE END OF SUMMER. my husband is confused now about the tears. fyi.

oh I don't know if I can emotionally handle the last chapter.


Author's Response: aw! I'm touched that you decided to continue reading despite knowing that this would be a feels-destroying fic. *hugs*

this is where I think the other side of her characteristic acceptance shows - she just despondently accepts the fact that she's ill while it's hard for Regulus to wrap his head around the idea. But yeah, it was a huge wake up call for Regulus.

I love what you said about Sirius in this story - how although he never actually appears, he's basically a character in the story because Regulus misses him so much. I hadn't thought of it that way. Aw :'(

i'm glad you liked the christmas scene at the hospital. That scene - well really this whole chapter - similarly to how you wrote dull ache, this chapter is more personal experience than it is fiction. (well, except for you know, Death Eaters and Voldemort and stuff.)

as for your predictions... um, I'm just going to put on sunglasses because they reduce glare. (Ahaha, get it? :P)

I'm glad you appreciated (I think? there are many ways to interpret keyboard smash but I'm gonna take it as a good thing) that sort-of cameo from Melanie and I'm sorry it attacked the feels. Haha yeah, Mrs Black isn't really a trusting type is she

That's definitely what I was trying to show with Jasper - he's still not a particularly understanding person, and still very under the influence of the blood status obsession, but he cares about his friends and doesn't want them to get hurt. He's trying! :p

I'm sorry about the tears. But at the same time I'm really glad this touched you and made you connect with the story - it means a lot to know that people are affected by your writing (as i'm sure you understand as a writer yourself, who has written many things that crushed my feels as well.) so... *hands tissue*

Thank you so much for your review ♥

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Review #23, by toomanycurls equinox

23rd January 2015:

(typing out the words seemed like too much work)

Here I am wrapped up in how Regulus is finally coming out of his shell and you do this to me?!?!? ughhghgh. why!?! I'll go back to the start though.

I love how you set Regulus up as the good boy (in pureblood terms) who really isn't into the bigotry stuff but it's what is expected of him. He's not a sinner or a saint, just a guy going through the motions. This really makes me sympathize with Regulus as well as other people who are raised in homes where bigotry is the norm. It's almost as if he doesn't know better. Also, I love that he sees Sirius as being happier as the rebel despite not being part of the family anymore.

His complaint that Summer is too happy just slays me. Partially because it's something i might say about an overly cheery person but it's also such a minor thing to someone who can't get over her blood status long enough to work past that. I love Summer's unrelenting cheer and I love even more that she's aware of Regulus' negative thoughts/demeanor but still pushes forward with a positive attitude.

It's so sad that regulus had doubts so soon with the death eaters. I like how you showed his hesitance at knowing what Rosier was doing - you didn't make him some noble dude who realized the humanity of what they're doing, it was a kind of selfish take on not wanting to do that himself. At their first sunset together, Summer is just remarkably kind. But, again, she's not oblivious. And, I loved his annoyance at Sirius using his name as a pun. xoxo

When the Slytherins started to ask Regulus about going out in the evenings I thought their friendship would be over (his and Summer's). I was just amazed at how accepting she is of him at this point. When they found the room of requirement, it felt just as much of a safehaven for them as it did for other students in the books. Oh how I wish Regulus could be free everywhere. :( And then when he broke down about not wanting to be in that life anymore and being trapped :'( :'( why must you hurt me so?

alright, the part i'm mad about. what the heck with the roller coaster about maybe she's dead and then with the 'we need to talk' business??! so many glares going your way

awesome chapter!!


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

I'm glad you liked the setup of Regulus. He's definitely not evil, but he's not really good either - he's just a confused teenager who doesn't want to be rejected. As you said, going through the motions. I'm really glad this made you sympathise with him - I think he really doesn't know better. And yes, he can see that Sirius is happy, despite that it goes against what he's been taught. It's confusing. Poor Reg.

Hahaha, yeah I would probably say that about an overly happy person as well! :p Regulus isn't a cheerful type but yeah I'd imagine that part of it is because he doesn't get why Mudbloods should be happy and he's not. I'm really glad you like Summer!

You've really nailed that thought about his doubts of the Death Eaters- exactly, it was a selfish thing, and not a case of him changing his mind about the whole cause. Summer gives off this happy-go-lucky vibe but as you've pointed out, she is quite perceptive. Haha, I love Sirius puns. But I imagine Regulus would get tired of them. :p

Summer is very accepting in a lot of ways, which marks the huge difference between her and Regulus' other friends. I just loved the idea of the Room of Requirement as a safe place where all their problems don't exist. But it only makes it harder once they leave the room :( Ah, I probably should have warned you, this story only hurts more feels as it progresses :S

Thank you so much for your review!!

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Review #24, by AdinaPuff solstice

20th January 2015:
Review swap!

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to finish this. And it's so sad, but so perfect!

Regulus grieving over his loss of Summer was perfect. He reflected over everything she was for herself and others around her, and then finally for him. She was his best friend and he loved her, and it was just written perfect. Well done with the grieving.

And then poor Mrs. Phillips. I was praying she wouldn't recognize him, but then she did! Dying knowing that her daughter's friend was there and doing nothing... so sad. I know Reg was sad too because he cried. And then The Dark Lord calling him weak. Well, he certainly was not weak.

I've always thought what made Reg do what he did. I've always been convinced it was for Sirius. I feel like it is. But this is another reason that was beautiful. And poor Kreacher having to sit through it and help him even though he knew it was going to kill Reg. So sad. But it was heroic and perfect. He did it for Summer and Mrs. Phillips and even a little for Kreacher too.

Great short story here! I loved it so, so much. It was so touching in every aspect.


Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad you came back to finish this, and that you liked it!

That was quite an emotional part to write, as he kind of shuts down after Summer's death. But yeah he has to come to terms with how important she was to him, how much she changed him, and how much he's lost.

After all that had happened already and him still being afraid to show his true colours, it needed to be something truly heartbreaking that pushed him over the edge, and yeah, that must have been almost worse for her. :( You're right, Reg was definitely not weak. It takes a lot of strength to go through what he did.

In a way, I think it was for Sirius too - as I saw it, he did it for everyone who had ever been hurt by the war, as it was a pretty big sacrifice he was making. It was really horrible for Kreacher, yeah - to watch probably his favourite person in the world die. :'(

I'm so glad you liked this story despite it being like a huge glomp of sad feels. It means a lot to me that you found it touching. Thanks so much for the swap!!

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Review #25, by AdinaPuff syzygy

16th January 2015:
Hi, here for our swap!

So I definitely remember reading the first chapter of this. I loved, loved, loved it! But I do believe only the first chapter was posted at the time. This is a wonderful story.

You never really see as many friendship stories as you do romance. I, for one, am a sucker for romance, so I rarely write any friendships. But this? It's perfect. I'm in love with the whole idea of it. Regulus with a muggleborn girl, who just so happens to be sick with cancer. It's so sad--cancer is terrible. Although he should be careful--I'd hate to see anything happen to her because Reg slipped up, or Jasper let the word out that Regulus was seeing a muggleborn. Even if it's just as a friend, it's just as dangerous.

Regulus is one of my absolute favorites, so it's lovely to read stories circling around him and through his point of view. Well done!

Thanks for the swap! I'll be reading the next chapter soon. I loved this so much! Such a sweet story. I'm sure I'll cry at the end. Especially with those last words '...; the end of Summer.'.

-Leigh :)

Author's Response: Hi! :)

Aw, thank you - that is so wonderful to hear! I'm so glad you like this story.

That's so true, and a huge part of the reason I wrote the story in the first place. There really aren't enough stories about friendship out there! I'm really glad you like the premise as well, with Regulus' friendship with a Muggle-born girl. He definitely has a lot to be careful about at this point :-/

I really like Regulus too, I think he's such a wonderful, tragic character and is overlooked by almost everyone in the books. I'm so glad you like his POV here.

yeah the end of this chapter doesn't exactly bode well :S Thank you so much for the swap and for your lovely review!!

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