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Review #1, by Aphoride syzygy

20th October 2014:
Hey there - stopping by for our review swap! :)

I'm so glad I stopped by because I remember reading the first chapter of this a while ago, but I never finished it, so a chance to read the second chapter was obviously not something I was going to pass up! :)

As before, I love how you portray Regulus in this - I have such a soft spot for Black family members - he's so different from how you'd imagine Sirius to have been, you know? Kinda quiet and so nervous about doing something wrong, and yet friends with Summer and so caring when he actually cares about people - there's this strand of loyalty in him which amazing to see, and you write it in so beautifully. All throughout, particularly towards the end with all the mentions of the Death Eaters and things there's this sense that he's getting in too deep, and he doesn't really know what to do, and he's sort of lost, you know? Sort of innocent rather than cowardly, if that makes sense. He just doesn't have that kind of violence in him.

Summer is a brilliant character, too - she's so unique and more so in this chapter than the last one, which is impressive, frankly! ;) I love how she's still friends with him even after he tells her he's a Death Eater, and she's so calm about it, and so strong, dealing with her illness and all - she just has this wonderful, calm and almost breezy sort of way of dealing with things - like nothing could phase her. Yeah, she's amazing.

Their whole friendship is so sweet - but there's this lovely sense of tension underneath it, with her illness and the war and Regulus being a Death Eater, and the whole image of the fading summer really just sums the whole thing up so beautifully. So nervous about the whole Jasper knows thing, too - is he going to say anything? Will anyone find out? Will Summer survive?

You know, you have a lot of unanswered questions/cliffhangers in this one, haha. It's very cruel of you! :P

So yes, I really love this story as before, and I'm so glad I got a chance to come back to it, because it really is lovely :)

Thank you so much for the swap - it was great, as always! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Ah, I'm so glad you came back to this story!

You've picked up on all these great things about Regulus - I've always seen him as a lot like Sirius, but neither he nor Sirius really recognises that. I really like in particular that you pointed out his loyalty, as that comes in so many forms - and the distinction between innocence and cowardice. That's such a good point, and I agree - I think considering he joined the DE's at 16, he was kind of naive and didn't realize what it all meant until his friendship with Summer really makes him think about it.

I'm so thrilled you like Summer, and that you think she's a unique character! She does have a very calm strength, and can see things about Regulus that he doesn't really see in himself yet. There is definitely a lot of outside tension underlying their friendship, with all these circumstances in the way. I'm really glad you think they're sweet though!

Heh, yeah I do have a kind of fondness for cliff hangers. The third chapter is the last one, though - so no cliff hangers there.

Thanks for this amazing review and for the swap!

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Review #2, by Cannons equinox

20th October 2014:
Hey, here from the review tag thread. :)

I really enjoyed this story, those 5000 words flew by and I didn't have to stop once. I thought you did a good job of conveying all of Regulus' contrasting thoughts and how he warmed to Summer. It was really believable because it didn't happen straight away and he was rude to her as well.

I have never read a story about Regulus but now that I think about it he is such a complex character, and I would love to read more stories about him. He had the pressure of his parents and his friends on his back and grew up believing everything he had been taught to be true and still gave up everything to make the right choice, sacrificing himself in the process.

I love how you have portrayed his as being kind and good natured at heart. He wants to everyone to be happy, his parents and Sirius and yet he can't quite make the right choice in the beginning. The fact that he wants everyone to be happy falls perfectly in line with the personality of someone who would later willingly sacrifice himself for the good of others. An interesting thought when you compare him to Peter.

Summer is a totally awesome character and a total breath of fresh air, exactly what Regulus needs. Someone to balance out his parents and friends. Their meetings in the Astronomy tower are really sweet. A death eater watching the sun go down with a mudblood... obviously Summer is able to see something in him which Regulus isn't able to see in himself at the start. Even when he calls her a mudblood she still wants to be around him which shows how much she believes in him. I really loved the part where she managed to get a smile out of him.

Persistence is obviously key for Summer gaining Regulus' trust. I had to smile when I thought of Regulus playing Gobstone's in the Room of Requirement with her her friends. There is also the fact that he doesn't even judge her friends straight away by wondering about the whole blood status thing, it is more of an after thought, which is awesome.

There is a recurring theme here with Sirius and Summer that shows just how little Regulus needs to be able to see which side is wrong. He defiantly needs someone to balance him out and maybe Sirius should have tried harder!

It has been ages since I had reviewed something from the review tag and I really enjoyed this first chapter. I noticed it is already finished at the third chapter so I am really excited to see where this is going to go and how you are going to deal with the inevitable if at all. Your writing was flawless and I loved the way you portrayed Summer and Regulus.


Author's Response: Cannons, hi! What an amazing review! ♥

Yay for reading your first Regulus story! I'm so glad you liked the way I wrote him with his lost-ness and the way he gradually became friends with Summer. I like what you pointed out about how his wish to please everyone really connects with his self sacrificing nature later on - honestly I hadn't even considered that, but it's so true!

Really glad to hear you like Summer, as well! Heh, yeah she sure is persistent, even when Regulus insults her - she can still see good in him. I'm really glad you liked the development of their friendship out on the Astronomy tower :)

Ahh, yes - things would probably have been so different if Sirius kept trying. So sad thinking that it could have turned out so much better for the two of them if they weren't so stubborn. :(

Ee, thanks so much! I'm so thrilled you happened to stop by review tag, then - this was such a lovely review! Thank you! :)

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Review #3, by Midnight spark equinox

12th October 2014:
I'm finally here for or review swap! I'm really really sorry I made you wait for so long!

Man, what a fresh story! I don't really read Marauder Era, but this is just so cool to read! You went straight to the point; I liked that. How you made Regulus the insecure boy who has no idea what to do... beautiful.

I like Summer's personality! She seems like someone who you'll always feel happy around. You used J.K.R's clue about the good deatheater in such a beautiful way! I'm hooked. Going to go read the whole story rightnow; or else I can't think of anything else.

So sorry for the wait once again!

Author's Response: Haha, no worries at all, I made you wait for ages for your review! :p

I'm so glad that you like this story and the portrayal of Regulus. I find him such an interesting character in the books and really wanted to explore his story.

It's so great to hear that you like Summer as well! Hm, JKR had a clue about a good Death Eater? Nothing is coming to mind there, I'm not quite sure what clue you're referring to, but regardless, I'm really glad you thought it was beautiful! It's great to hear that you're really into the story - I'd love to hear what you thought of the rest of it! Thanks so much for the swap and for your lovely review!!

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Review #4, by crestwood equinox

16th September 2014:
Hey! I'm finally here for our review swap!

I have never read a Regulus story before, but this has given me a newfound interest in him that I just cannot hold back. I have so many thoughts about everything in this chapter, it's going to be difficult to get them down coherently.

I love that you've framed Reg as this drifter that could never really firmly decide upon either side in the war against Voldemort. I have never pictured him as a particularly evil person and not just because he ultimately died trying to bring Voldemort down. It's just that he was so young (sixth year in this story!!!) when he joined the Death Eaters, I can imagine that it was largely due to peer pressure in a way. Here he just did what he thought his parents would be proud of - as he seems to feel that Sirius has abandoned him. Of course, this is all before he has to actually go out and participate in Death Eater activities. I don't think we were ever told exactly when Reg defected from the Death Eaters, but in this story, I suspect that will happen sooner rather than later.

Summer is amazing! She's the exact opposite of Reg, as far as outward manner goes. I would not be surprised if they are more alike than he suspects though. I can't believe how nice this girl is. She can clearly see that he is purposely ignoring her and wants nothing to do with her and still does not allow him to discourage her. She's the kind of person I think I'd like to be. She may be 'plain' as described by Reg, but she seems lovely nonetheless. Reg's friends are terrible in every way, but then, they do go on to be Death Eaters or sympathizers of Voldemort's cause. Not the optimal group to go searching for best buds in.

I like his thought that he may have used up his smiling quota, that's hilarious. Somehow, I don't think that's it though haha! Their Astronomy tower meetings are really cute and perfect until Reg goes and calls her a Mudblood. It's amazing that she still wants to be friends with him even after that. I guess she see's the good in him and doesn't want to give up just yet.

Summer beginning to meet in private with Reg in the Room of Requirement is so amazing and he's even okay with her bringing her friends of questionable blood status along as long as no one knows about it! That's such a big step forward. Although, there's still the step of him not being ashamed to be seen with her in public. I suppose it's reasonable for him to be afraid though. He IS a full blown Death Eater at this point.. that isn't necessarily something you flaunt about in such a situation.

By the time he pulls her into the broom closet, I know he's had it. He doesn't believe in the pureblood ideology anymore and unfortunately, it's a bit too late now that he's hastily joined up with the Death Eaters. Jasper is intimidating even and he's just a student. I don't know if he's going to be able to work up the courage to actively defy Voldemort just yet, which is good news in a way because more story for me!! I wonder what Summer has to tell him! So interested, this is really, really good. Like, unbelievably well written. I will certainly be back soon to find out what becomes of these incredible characters. SO impressed. Thank you for the swap!

Author's Response: Eeep! Wow, what a review! Thank you for putting so much thought into this, it's really an incredible review!

I'm so stoked that you're reading your first Regulus story and that this has made you really interested in him as a character! I think he's such a fascinating character what with the changing sides and his rather sad tale. You're totally right in pointing out peer pressure as a motivator - I also didn't see him as really 'evil', just an insecure, lost teenager who was trying to find his path. As for when he left - in OotP when Sirius and Harry are looking at the Black family tapestry, it puts Regulus' date of death (and therefore when he left the Death Eaters) at sixteen years previously - so he would have been around 19 at the time.

I'm really glad you like Summer! She was intended to be a foil to Reg, because with him having mostly Death Eater pals, he needed someone totally opposite to restore balance to his life and sees the bright side of things rather than the 'this is terrible' side he tends to see.

You've pointed out all the key moments when he makes steps forward in this chapter - and each one is a little step, but altogether it's a long way from where he was at the beginning. Ahh, I'm so thrilled that you are eager to read on, and thank you so much for your compliments about my writing ♥ You're a wonderful reviewer! Thanks for the swap!

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Review #5, by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend solstice

14th September 2014:
Thank you for requesting another chapter! I'm glad you liked my previous reviews! I really liked doing them for this story!

The thoughts of Regulus, at the start of this chapter felt so right! That would be exactly what I imagine anyone would feel at such a time. Of course not everyone would hate themselves, but it fits him. He would take it like that. I know not much is known about Regulus in the books, but you described him exactly as I imagined him and you stayed true to this through the entire story.

Ugh can you imagine fighting your own brother over a cause you no longer believe in, but cannot put behind you? I love this character for many reasons but this is a huge one. I always wish Sirius and Regulus could have talked once more before Regulus's demise. I wish Sirius would have known just what his brother had done.

If only he had known just how loyal Kreacher really was too him. Or perhaps the events that lead to Regulus's death were what made Kreacher so incredibly loyal to him.
And Voldemort is such a true and perfect villain, is he not? He cares not for anyone, especially not for creatures such as house elves.

I had an inkling that Summer's parents would come to their end in such a way, and yet I can't help but feel incredibly saddened that he would have to see it. And that they would have discover him there.

Your story proves that one person can have a huge impact on other whether it be good or bad. Summer's influence was good as it could be.

It was a well rounded story. And I think it ties in so well with the books.
I think every question you could have, while reading, was answered in this last chapter. It ended with his life, which had only just begun when Summer walked in.
And now at the end of this amazing story I just want to say again; I love your writing style. It pulls a reader in and makes them attached to all the characters. And I loved the fact you said he would go to his eternal summer. I really liked the symbolism and metaphors you used in this story.

Thanks again for bringing this story on my radar! I am really glad I got to read, despite the depressing nature of it. In a way it's not just depressing. There is a little light in there too. A little hope. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks for coming back to review - your reviews are so in depth and so thoughtful, I really appreciate it!

It's wonderful to hear that the mood at the beginning of this chapter and the way Regulus takes the news seemed to fit his character. There isn't a huge amount about him in canon so I was just kind of writing him the way I thought he might be, and it always makes me so glad when people mention that it's the way they envisioned Regulus as well, so thanks!

Ugh I know, it's such a sad thing to think about, how they really could have been on the same side, and Sirius never knew that his brother was actually a hero in the end. Especially as I always imagined the two of them being quite close when they were young, so the fact that they ended on such bad terms is even sadder :(

I was actually quite excited to write Kreacher in this, because writing him from the POV of someone who actually liked him made it rather different to the books. I think Regulus really did respect Kreacher a lot, but might not have guessed the depths of his loyalty.

I'm so glad you think it ties in well with the books! That was one of my main goals in writing this, filling in the gaps of Regulus' story. And wow, I love the way you phrased that, that his life had only really just begun when Summer walked in.

Aahh thank you so, so much, I'm really flattered that you like my writing style and symbolism, that makes me so incredibly happy! And wow, I'm really pleased that you saw a little hope in the story in the midst of all the darkness, that's lovely :) Thanks so much for reading and for leaving such wonderful reviews, I appreciate it so much!! ♥

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Review #6, by MrsJaydeMalfoy solstice

6th September 2014:
Wow. Just... wow.

Even from the first sentence of this chapter, you can note the difference in Regulus' character... that alone is just extremely powerful and heart-wrenching and touching, all at the same time.

I was completely heartbroken by what happened with Summer's parents, but I love how that became the final motivator for Regulus' decision.

Everything here fits together so perfectly, and so well with Canon... this truly could fit in as a missing moment from the series, and honestly, this story is in my headcanon now. Seriously.

This was a truly heart-wrenching, touching, piece, dear. Wonderfully well-written... just amazing!

Author's Response: As Summer's friendship was so important to him, losing her put him in a really dark place, which altered his narration a bit. I'm glad to hear that the change in the narration was evident.

Yeah, the part with her parents was really difficult to write. I really didn't want to do it! I put Regulus through so much in this story :/ but it all lined up with how I thought he changed over time. And definitely something like that would be just the last straw - it needed to be something pretty big to get him to finally act upon his long-standing discomfort with the Death Eaters.

Oh my goodness Jayde, wow I really don't have words to express how honored I am that you see this story as part of your headcanon now :O Thank you so much, it's so wonderful to hear that you thought it fit in with canon and your reviews have been so amazing and smothered me with compliments, I'm just speechless! Thank you!! ♥ ♥

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Review #7, by MrsJaydeMalfoy syzygy

6th September 2014:
Oh no!

From the very beginning of this chapter, I sort of knew where it was going, but I still secretly hoped it wasn't, you know? :( But even though it's quite sad, it's absolutely beautifully written and heart-wrenching.

I think it's really creative and realistic how you portrayed Regulus' lack of knowledge concerning cancer, and I loved how you inserted the tidbits about him finding books about the Deathly Hallows and Horcruxes.

Even though I'm positive the final chapter is going to make me cry, I'm still anxious to read it... this really is an amazing piece, dear.


Author's Response: Ahh, yeah I think the title of the fic is a dead giveaway (...too much?) that things aren't going to end really happily. But thank you, I'm so flattered about your description of my writing as beautiful! wow! ♡

I feel that Muggle illnesses like cancer would be pretty unknown to a majority of wizards, but especially to one in a family that pays no attention to Mugggles whatsoever. The pieces about the Horcrux just came to me almost as a spur of the moment as I was coming close to finishing the chapter, and I realised that it made perfect sense to include it in the story,in terms of themes. I'm really glad you liked that connection!

Gah, wow, just... thank you so much! You're such a wonderful reviewer!

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Review #8, by MrsJaydeMalfoy equinox

5th September 2014:
Hi there, dear!

First off, let me just say 'Congratulations' on winning 'Featured Story'!

This first chapter is really just absolutely amazing. There's so much information and detail here, about Regulus, about his family, his feelings, and Summer... it's definitely left me intrigued and curious as to what's about to happen.. and slightly worried about the fact that Jasper knows.

Just in this first chapter and a limited number of words, there has already been so much character development on Regulus' part... I really am completely blown away! And I love your descriptions as well, even the minor details you include, like Summer's pink fingernails, really help the reader to visualize the scene.

All in all, this is truly just a fascinating first chapter, and I can't wait to read the next! 10/10 (and this is SO going in my favorites)!

Author's Response: Jayde!! Thank you! Omg wow I'm completely speechless and flattered about featured story!

I am so thrilled that you like the chapter and the characterisation of Regulus and Summer. And yes, though Regulus doesn't entirely see it yet himself, he has changed as this chapter spans a few months, really. Thank you so much for your compliments on my descriptions as well, that means a lot to me. I really love using little details like that, especially when the span of time covered in the chapter is so vast and glossed over.

Thank you sooo much for this amazing review, Jayde -you just made my day! ♡

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Review #9, by Felpata Lupin solstice

17th August 2014:
This was so beautiful!
So sad, so moving, so sweet... I think I might cry...
I love Regulus, he's such a complex character with a such tragic background and you depicted him perfectly.
I loved the way Summer showed him a side of reality and of himself that he didn't know and that was so much more bright and genuine than what he was used to.
And then she died... When I read "I have cancer" I was like... No, this can't be true! I kind of hoped that she would get through, that maybe wizards knew some cure more effective, but of course that wasn't the case...
And the last chapter... Simply heartbreaking!
Having Regulus be the impotent spectator of Anne's murder... And then the cave... I really can't express in words all the emotions that your story brought to me...
Marvellous story! You are such a woderful writer!

Author's Response: Aw! Thank you so much! This was such a wonderful review and it means a lot to me that you were touched by the story.

I'm really glad you liked the way I portrayed Regulus. Based on what we know of canon I just never felt like he was as into the Death Eaters as Sirius implied; I felt he was more ambivalent about it all, and I'm glad you liked that as well as the way he changed with the influence of Summer.

Thank you for mentioning that the story brought up a lot of emotions - even if you couldn't express it in words, it still means so much to me that my writing really resonated with you - that's an incredible compliment. Thanks so much for reading, and for your amazing review! ♥ ♥

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Review #10, by Aphoride equinox

15th August 2014:
Hey there! Dropping by for our review swap! :)

Okay, so I love stories about Regulus - he's one of my favourite characters, with the whole tragedy of dying young, the whole family situation with his parents and Sirius... gah, so angsty, poor boy :P So when I saw this, I just had to read it.

I really, really love the way you presented him here. As like torn between two sides and almost not really being allowed to simply be himself, he kinda has to be both of his parents and Sirius, if that makes sense? Like he has to agree with both sides, seem to be on both sides... you've portrayed it as this really delicate balancing act, which I love - and a balancing act he kinda needs in his life, to avoid being sucked one way or the other. He seems strangely sort of... not unhappy with his friends, but sort of unfulfilled - as though they don't give him everything he needs in a friendship. I loved as well how surprised he was that Summer wanted to be friends with him - as though it didn't happen, but it probably didn't for him, and not with 'people like her'... gah, he's just a wonderful, wonderful character.

Summer is great too - I like how she's almost his kind of anti-thesis: happy and cheerful and bright, but not stupid or naive about what's going on and what they have to do to be friends. Like, she doesn't push him and is perhaps a bit of a walkover, in a way, but she's just generally a nice, good person. Her optimism as well is such a nice trait.

I liked how they sort of became friends almost be accident, and his friends didn't find out for ages because they simply assumed - and it's a fair enough assumption, to an extent! :P - and the cliffhanger at the end is great (though annoying, coz I wanna know what she has to say... *pouts*).

Like before (I read low tide, I remember, and loved it to bits), your writing is so gorgeous. The details you include are amazing, and your word choice is brilliant. The voice fits the character so well, and nothing seems out of place or over the top. Little phrases like 'wearing my heart on my sleeve' and 'she just listened until I had talked myself hoarse' are just so, so good.

So yeah, I really liked this! This is such a great chapter and a great story! Thanks so much for the swap, as well! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hi Aph! Gah, this review was just so amazing and totally made my week!

I love Regulus too! There's just enough about him in canon to make him a really mysterious, complex character. And ahhh given that he is one of your favourite characters, that's such a huge compliment that you loved the way I wrote him! Thank you so much! I do like the way you put it, like a balancing act, feeling unfulfilled, that's exactly what I was aiming for.

So glad you liked his friendship with Summer as well. She was definitely intended to be a foil to him, and I like what you pointed out about her. Their friendship is rather an unexpected one, but I think that's the only way it could have happened given Regulus' history and his friends.

Omg, thank you for the lovely compliments about my writing style and word choice, you're so kind! I'm flattered. It's so wonderful to hear that the voice fits Regulus well, too.

Thank you so much for this incredible review! Loved swapping with you! :)

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Review #11, by teh tarik solstice

13th August 2014:

*sobs more*

*sobs so much that tears and snot drip onto the keyboard*

Most depressing thing you've ever written? I have to agree. And one of the saddest, most depressing things I've read lately on this site. :( :(


Well-written Regulus stories always do this to me. ARGH.

Where to start. How about Summer being dead by the time this chapter started? I knew she was going to die, but at the end of the last chapter I thought, I really thought, that Regulus would have a little more time with her. A few more precious moments with her. BUT NO. She's dead.

Regulus becoming an unfeeling wreck after her death was just heartbreaking. I mean...he's lost everything that has ever made him happy. EVER. Sirius, and now Summer.

And just when I thought that it couldn't get more depressing, you had to have Summer's parents killed by Death Eaters before Regulus's eyes. OMG I think I nearly shouted out loud when the Death Eaters brought in Anne, and she recognised Regulus and was just about to call out his name. MY HEART STOPPED. Then Bella killed her and seriously, I felt like I'd been punched in the gut. I honestly did not expect that. Voldemort is his terrifying self, and of course, he would have detected Regulus's show of emotion and considered it weakness.

The last parts with Kreacher and the horcrux and the potion drinking, we already know from canon, but it was still icnredibly painful to read. All the awful things that Regulus saw, or relived when drinking the liquid. I loved that he saw Summer, or conjured her up, and she told him to be strong, keep going. That was so beautiful. *sobs*

There were cold hands on me, on my arms, and suddenly I was weightless, whether floating in water or in air I wasn't sure. Coughs and gasps racked my lungs, and then they stopped. With my eyes closed, I could feel the agonising pain slipping away slowly. Inside my eyelids was a white light; I let it take me towards eternal summer.

^ Such a good final paragraph! That was amazing. It was brief, but so conclusive, and it tied everything together, the whole tragic story of Regulus and his untold heroism. He'll never be celebrated like Sirius was after the war, and somehow, that's something I find very sad. I love the 'eternal summer' bit at the end. Gorgeous.

This is a fabulous story, Kristin! It's beautifully written, tragic and Regulus's conflict was conveyed so well. Amazing work! ♥


Author's Response: Teh, this has to be one of the most amazing reviews I've ever received. Thank you so much ♥ ♥

First, the fact that you are so talented at writing descriptions and emotions, and tugging at my heartstrings with your fics, and then to have you say this to me! I'm honoured.

I know this chapter was really dark right from the beginning and Reg's life just plummeted from bad to worse and almost every main character died, but well, we all knew where his story was going to end up :( But it means a lot to me that you were that invested in the story!

The potion part was really painful to write, too. But in a way I was glad about that part being necessary in the story because it gave me a chance to write Kreacher in a much better light, and the way he and Regulus are concerned for each other.

Aw! Any time you compliment me on my descriptions and wording I just swell up with pride because you're so great at that yourself! I'm so flattered that you liked the final paragraph, the last things he is aware of as he dies. Your point about after the war is so sad - Sirius' name was cleared eventually, but Regulus was just another Death Eater. Maybe after the war, since Harry knew about Regulus, he made it known that Regulus was a hero. At least I'd like to think so :)

I really want to thank you, because yours was the first review on this last chapter and I had been nervous to see how it would be received - this is quite a personal story for me, particularly the second chapter and the hospital scene, as Summer is based on my cousin. So the fact that you thought this highly of the story is just amazing and thank you for favouriting and for all your reviews. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #12, by teh tarik syzygy

12th August 2014:
Oh, this was so sad!

Summer's terminal condition is absolutely heartbreaking. But I love that the idea of him losing the one constant in his life prompts Regulus into making a choice. Him visiting her in a Muggle hospital on Christmas Day was so unexpected and so lovely. Despite how many friends she has, it's only Regulus who visits her on Christmas Day, puts himself at risk of being shredded by Walburga. I also love how Reg starts to correspond with Summer's mum.

Elliot Jasper is such an interesting character. He's definitely different from people like Wilkes. I was surprised that he'd actually been covering for Regulus all this while, and that he continues to keep Regulus's secret. I'm guessing that somehow he does respect Regulus as a friend, especially how he tones down his mudblood jokes when Reg is around. I'm wondering if he'll play a more important role in the final chapter?

And waahh! I love your references to canon here, with Regulus reading up on magical texts and stumbling across stuff like the Deathly Hallows and horcruxes! That was a very clever detail to include!

Can't wait for the last chapter!


Author's Response: Thanks for your feedback on this chapter and I'm glad to hear that you liked the way Summer's illness really forced Regulus to rethink things and to change. And thanks, it's so good to hear you liked his correspondence with Anne as well. I thought that it'd be nice for Reg to have a kind maternal influence for a while, since his own mother wasn't too great at that!

I'm glad you liked Jasper as well. As you noticed, I couldn't really put him into the last chapter, because ultimately he didn't end up as a Death Eater, but with him I just wanted to illustrate a rather complex friendship - and I think in Jasper's case it's the most complicated out of Regulus' friendships in the story. He cares about Regulus as a friend and worries about him, but at the same time doesn't like the changes and doesn't try to understand. And yes as you pointed out, though he and Wilkes are very similar in terms of their ideologies, they're quite different in personality.

Thanks! I'm so thrilled that you liked the canon references. Those kind of cobbled together on a whim and it was like a light went on and I just had to include it in the story!

Thank you sooo much for your review and I'm sorry it took me so long to respond!

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Review #13, by teh tarik equinox

12th August 2014:
Hey hey Kristin! It's been awhile since I read any of your stuff, and I'm here to amend that.

First, I'm glad this is a Regulus/OC fic. I love Regulus - he's such an interesting character. There's so much hidden stuff about him, so much unknown information. In canon, Sirius simply dismisses him as a coward and an idiot. And in fic, people write him to be a tormented antihero or even somewhat villainous, the antithesis to everything Sirius is. He's certainly all of them. But I love what you've done with him here. You've written him as a conflicted schoolboy, an insecure teenager, and it feels way more realistic this way. I definitely agree that he would be torn between wanting to fulfil his family responsibilities and make his parents proud and being like popular, well-loved Sirius. I'm always a little sad whenever I think about the Black Brothers, because there's so much potential in them being a great pair who in the end, stood on the same side. Your Regulus here is definitely what Sirius would call 'weak' - wanting to please everybody, to be accepted (it's funny, because Remus is like that, but Sirius doesn't judge him in such a way; sometimes I think that Sirius is rather unfair to his brother). But Regulus is such a sympathetic character. What really struck me was his sense of paranoia, that others are reading his thoughts, scrutinising his every action and interaction with Summer - I can imagine that things will get far worse for him when he's out of Hogwarts, when he's trying to find a way out of the Death Eaters.

Ugh, Regulus feels. :(

AND I love Summer! She is certainly very summery! And sunny! But best of all, her name fits perfectly with the seasonal theme in your story (I love the chapter titles!). And it's refreshing to read about such an earnest OC, who's transparent, open-hearted, a little naive possibly. I mean, I've read so many fics where OCs are snarky, cynical, very funny, street-smart and all, and Summer is such a refreshing character.

I love their little sunset gatherings! That there's no romance between them...yet.

Anyway, I love this fic so far! I'm going to read on! ♥


Author's Response: Teh! Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond to your wonderful reviews, which were the best surprise ever after a busy week at work! I'm so glad you liked the way I wrote Regulus. I've always liked the idea that he and Sirius were close when they were younger, and something like that would make it difficult for Regulus to come to terms with being on the opposing side from his brother. From what little we know of him from canon and his switching sides, there was a lot of internal conflict there and I just really went with it! He is definitely insecure - I'm glad you liked his paranoia too.

I'm so thrilled to hear that you like Summer as well and that you find her to be a refreshing OC, thank you! Yes the seasonal theme, I couldn't resist the pun, even in a serious fic. (...would now be an inappropriate time for a serious/Sirius pun too? :p Moving on.) And I'm so happy you enjoyed the themed chapter titles ;)

I suppose I'm not spoiling anything, now that you've read the whole thing, to address the lack of romance in the story - I am really glad you appreciated it. I thought friendship is such an important theme and means as much as romantic relationships in a way, but isn't as common to write about, and for some reason I felt this needed to be a friendship story rather than a romance. I'm rambling, but anyway I'm glad you liked that aspect! Even if there was no "yet".

Thank you so much for your fantabulastic review! ♥

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Review #14, by AdinaPuff equinox

30th July 2014:

Wow. I'm mind boggled. Mind+feels=blown

Reg is, without a doubt, my favourite marauders era character. Not because of the way people write him, but because of the potential he held as a child. His story just blew me away, because he had finally grown out of the cowardly habits he once had, and knew that he had to do the right thing. So he stole a Horcrux, knowing his fate. And you bringing that to life, his shift of heart, is amazing. You broke it down into vague sectors, showing his progression as his views in life changed. And that was beautiful. I will definitely be reading on. But I would just love to acknowledge how fearless, and happy Summer is. I would never be like that, and i don't know many people who could accept that. I would be able to see someone who was dangerous, but I would never fight through it with a smile like Summer. And I feel like she's what Reg needs, and I love that you wrote the OC like that. She's perfect.

Wonderful, beautiful, amazing story here. I'll be reading on. :)


Author's Response: Eeep thank you so much! As you mentioned, Reg's story is so interesting and so sad - he went through such an intense change and was kind of a hero in his own way. I am thrilled to hear that you like how I wrote him here! Thank you! It means a lot to me that you liked Summer too. I intended her to be a foil for Reg, opposite to him in many ways, and I'm so glad you think she is perfect in that role! And aaah, so happy that you want to read on. Thanks so much for your kind words! ♡

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Review #15, by The_Crookshanks_Saga syzygy

24th July 2014:

God, Mar Mar, how could you make us love Regger and then.

If she dies, I will cry. If she doesn't, it will be a bad ending. Waah!

Your writing is flawless. Keep doing what you're doing!

Until next time!

Author's Response: omg, this review might be my favourite thing in the world. Aah! ♥

Thank you so much! You're wonderful! ♥

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Review #16, by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend syzygy

16th July 2014:
Okay, can we just...he makes a friend and she gets sick? The boy can catch a break, can he?
I like that it makes him reflect on the friendship he built with her and how he has been selfish in it. Though I worry that the possibility of losing her might push him further into a world of glum, hatred and consuming darkness.

'Months ago I would never have imagined shaking hands with a Muggle, but it was just like shaking the hand of a wizard or witch.' Can you imagine growing up in such prejudice and than discovering that you did not die from shaking hands with another human-being. I like how you've been attacking his prejudice, that seem so normal to him. You mention it, show how simple little things cause him to stop and think.

Again you add little details to the story. Like making faces with Sirius during Christmas dinner. Or Sirius having a Aerosmith shirt. I love that. And it flows so well with the story. You don't just add details and throw them somewhere, anywhere. They fit and it does not halt the story in any way.

As for the characterisation in the first chapter and this one; you are very consistent. Summer keeps up her happy-go-lucky attitude, Regulus tries to hide his double life but he doesn't do a good enough job, since Jasper keeps seeing through the lies. And Jasper, I stand by my assessment in the first chapter. He might be on the dark side, he surely isn't just a bad person. He is a good friend, even though he does not understand.

I do have one question. About the letters. Regulus would tell Jasper that the letters were to his brother? His brother is seen as a traitor. Talking to Sirius would be as bad as talking to a muggle, would it not?

Another good chapter with a good flow! Curious about the third chapter!

Author's Response: :( I was definitely not very nice to my characters in this story. But you're right, I think that he might not have realised just what the friendship meant to him if he hadn't entertained the idea that he might lose it.

I'm so happy to hear that you like the way his prejudices are shown. He is starting to change - has been changing for months - and it kind of surprises him when he notices!

Haha, I'm glad you liked the details about the Black family Christmas and Sirius' Aerosmith T-shirt, I hoped they weren't too random and unnecessary, so it's really good to hear that you liked the way they add to the story.

Your assessment of Jasper is pretty accurate! I'm really glad you like him as a character, and that all of the characters are consistent with the first chapter. This is a very character-driven story so that's really good to hear.

That's a good point about Sirius. What I was going for there is since Regulus is hiding his letters when someone walks by, it's evident to his friends that he's writing to someone he shouldn't be - and he thought his brother would be a slightly more acceptable answer than the Mudblood girl his friends hate.

Third chapter is in the queue so should be up in a day or so. Thank you so much for this thoughtful review!! I really appreciate it! ♥

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Review #17, by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend equinox

16th July 2014:
First of all, Thank you for the request! Second of all thank you, because I LOVE stories about Regulus! Now on to the story.

The way you begin the chapter fits with how I see Regulus. The little things we learned about him in the books, told us he was uncertain of where he stood. You explained this short and simple, but very clear.

I too believe he was never really happy, once he stood by his parents and against his brother.
He is so glum. I can totally see him reacting to a smile in the way you described.

It's also kind of high school-like. Which it should be. Your family expect certain things. Your friends expect certain things. He plays with the thought of Summer in his life. The freedom of her life and what it would be like for him. I always like a story about his conflicting feelings, what or who caused it. A catalyst in his life.

Jasper actually seems...not so bad either. He knew about the 'friendship' and he decided to let it go. I like this little tidbit, because it shows that death eaters aren't merely evil. They are human. They two make allowances for the 'mistakes' of their friends. They might be on the dark side, they know loyalty. It gives the characters depth and realism.

The story does have a quick pace, but I think, considering the fact it's only three chapters long, you went just quick (or slow) enough! You still took the time for details.

I like it. I want to know what happens to Summer.

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry for taking ages to respond to this wonderful review!

I'm glad this fits in with how you see Regulus and that you thought my portrayal of him fit in with the things we know about him from the books.

I couldn't see Regulus as being anything but a moody teenager :p Sirius was like that too, but had pretty optimistic friends to keep him from sulking too much, whereas Regulus only has depressing friends and not cheerful company, which I think is why he's so sulky for most of this story. I'm so glad you like his conflicting feelings and how Summer is the catalyst to change.

I really like your analysis of Jasper, too. He was one of my favourite characters to write in here just because he's so complicated and there's so much moral ambiguity :p Anyway, thank you, I'm so glad he seems three-dimensional and realistic.

I am thrilled that you enjoyed this chapter! Thanks so much for your review!!

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Review #18, by Red_headed_juliet equinox

15th July 2014:
I'm going to review this as I go, so excuse me if I say something dumb that's explained thoroughly later.

I enjoyed your exposition in the beginning. It wasn't too heavy handed or abrupt, and was detailed, yet brief. It gives us a good basis to start out with. +] It can be difficult to get people involved in the introduction, but I'm already getting a feel for Reg. (I call him that because I can never remember how to spell his name, and I don't want to scroll up because laziness.)

I also like the 'Summer' pun. Though now I feel a bit anxious for her.

"I hate it when people are too happy." Gah, who are these losers? Oh yeah, Death Eaters. Nice introduction. "I have to go wash my hand, it's been sullied by a Mudblood." I like the semi-act he has going on. It all seems to flow so naturally.

I like how you aren't bogging down things with too much description, and when you do add things, like the pink nail polish, it flows well. Nothing seems alienated.

Yes! I just got to the part where she didn't smile at him. +] It's surprising me how emotionally invested in this I have become. Very nicely done!

Awh, man. The inner turmoil is starting to set it. I appreciate that you don't spell everything out. You let the reader come their own conclusions. A very good habit to have. He's starting to remind me a little of Draco.

Hmmm... This sentence seems a bit wonky to me.

"The next time when there was a good sunset was three days later, so I went back to the Tower then."

(figured some CC in this review might actually be nice. Haha.)

Yeah! Call him Reg. +] I feel like I'm in a special club now. (Sorry if this review degenerated into rambling. I'm just enjoying this story.)

"So I continued to stretch across the ever-widening gap between two worlds." -new favorite quote of the day. I don't know why, as it's really simple, but I think this sentence is beautiful.

Oh no. Oh no. Ok, I have more reviews for the swap, but I'm totally adding this to my reading list. I love the dynamic. The secrets, the hush hush. I love how Summer is a martyr (hopefully not literally) and I'm annoyed with Reg.

In summary, this is awesome. Your characterization is perfect. Flow (other then that ONE sentence) is amazing. Description is neither too scarce, or overbearing. Grammar and punctuation in check! Quite a nice read! Thank you!

Author's Response: This was such an amazing review, I'm sorry it took me ages to respond to it!!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the exposition! I wondered if there was TOO much background there so I'm really happy to hear that's not the case :)

Aw, that's such a huge compliment that you're getting emotionally invested in the story ♥ that's so lovely to hear!

Ooh, I like that you compared him to Draco. I hadn't thought about it before but I definitely see where you're coming from there.

Hm, yeah that sentence is a bit wonky, haha. Thanks for pointing it out.

You are in a special club! The awesome people club! :P No worries about rambling - rambly reviews are fun and I'm just so happy you're enjoying the story!

I'm so glad you liked that sentence, that was one of my favourites as well. Due to Regulus' nature this fic makes me sound a lot more eloquent than I actually am :p

Ahh, thank you so much about the characterization and the dynamic between the two friends. I'm so glad you like the description too! I'm seriously blushing at all these compliments, you are too nice ♥ Thanks for such a lovely review and thanks for the swap!!

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Review #19, by kenpo syzygy

28th June 2014:

I'm here for with a long-delayed review!

Seriously? She has cancer?

Oh, right. Summer will be fading aka dying aka breaking my heart?

Geesh. I shouldn't known. I went a skimmed the last chapter to remind myself about it, and... I should've known.

Okay, it totally sucks that even after she tells him about that, they still need to do their routine of her leaving first so nobody sees them. Stupidness. Grrr.

OH MY GOD, HE'S LOOKING AT WAYS TO TRY TO SAVE HER? NO THIS IS TOO MUCH. I can see how this is linking into canon, and GAH.

Also, him just saying, "She's my friend, and she's dying."

So sad. Are you serious? I'm almost angry with you for making me sad. I'm glad that his friend was at least a litle bit understanding about the situation.

Okay and then the end of this chapter. The last days of summer. Right. Hint hint. Are you going to make this surprise happy? Regulus could become bffs with Flamel. I'm choosing to believe that's waht's going to happen. You can't change my mind.

I'm really curious to see what happens. Dreading it a little, as well...

I love what you're doing with Regulus' character, and the way you're trying this into canon.

Great chapter! I should be posting results shortly!


Author's Response: I'm here with a long-delayed response! :p

Um. Yep, she has cancer. :( I'm a very mean author. I know, the fact that they have to do that routine is quite frustrating. But Regulus is too scared not to - he just hides in corners and researches ways to save her. I'm glad you liked that section, thanks!

His friend, I wouldn't say he's understanding, not exactly. But he cares about Regulus, so he's trying to be a good friend, despite how much he disagrees with Regulus' personal decisions.

I'm not going to answer any of your questions (obviously) but I'm speedily typing up chapter three as we speak! So hopefully you won't have long to wait. Thank you for such an AH-MAZING review ♥

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Review #20, by kenpo equinox

27th May 2014:
Hello! Swap!!

Okay. I'm super interested in this. Your chapter title, and the summary about equal parts day and night was brilliant.
Oh my gosh. The intro (I'm calling intro up until he names Summer) was amazing. I love the way you talk about the scales being tipped, and how he feels as if he's caught in between two radically opposing ideals. I've always liked Regulus... maybe I'll write something for him sometime...

The way they always speak so casually about their prejudices is so disgusting...

I have to agree with them, though, that people who are too happy tend to bug me... I need to be able to brood sometimes...

Regulus' discomfort with the muggle killing, while a little misguided, makes me feel bad for him. He really doesn't seem like a Death Eater.

Oh my. This was so good. I'm in love with this story. I have a feeling that Summer is going to die at the end, so I'm dreading it a little bit but at the same time I have a little bit of an urge to harass you for updates (just kidding, I don't harass for updates).

I loved the little bits you added in, like Regulus pulling the sleeve down so that he couldn't see his mark. And him not knowing the blood status of Summer's friends, and not caring.

And the paranoia. I'm a big fan of the paranoia.

This story is awesome. You're awesome. Fantastic chapter.


Author's Response: Hi! Jfmskrjfkskjg this review just made my week.

I'm so glad this captured your interest! And that you like the chapter title. (All of the chapter titles will be astronomy related, haha.) I love Regulus, I think he's such a fascinating character, and I think he had a lot of tough decisions to make and a lot of pressure on him at a bad time.. things could have turned out so differently for him.

Haha, too-happy people sometimes bug me too! like I need a little dose of sarcasm and cynicism once in a while, thanks. :p

Regulus has gotten himself into a tight spot, for sure. He didn't quite realise what he was getting into. I'm glad you like the details of how he's slowly changing, and of course the paranoia...

Eee that makes me so happy - I am thrilled that you love this story, aww thanks, that is so wonderful to hear ♥ I hope you continue to enjoy it! The next chapter is mostly written, I just need a bit of time more than just 15 minute intervals where I can really sit and think about it, but real life disagrees. :p

This review was awesome! You're awesome! ♡ Thanks for the swap!

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Review #21, by LilyFire equinox

20th May 2014:
Hey, we swapped ages ago and I'm just now leaving you a review for it. Sorry about the really long wait!

Okay wow. This is brilliant. I love that you havenít added in any romance yet. Donít get me wrong, I love a good romance story, but this, where itís just two people being friends (even in this situation, maybe especially this situation) is brilliant. Showing that two people can be friends and be close and care for each other, especially a guy and a girl, without things turning into a relationship is great. Iím still not sure if youíre going to turn this into a relationship or not, but I feel like whatever it is you decide itíll be great. I was uncertain if I would like this story. I mean, the summary was interesting but I wasnít sure if it would keep my interest, but I canít wait for you to write the next chapter.

Regulas and Summer are wonderful characters. You characterize them so well. They really come to life on the page (or well, you know). I love the conflicts youíve set up. Regulasí on which side of the war heís on, the friendship of Regulas and Summer, and then Regulas being a DE and yet starting to see things differently than his Ďfriendsí. You have an astounding story here.

Author's Response: Hi there! Wow, I had totally forgotten about that review swap so this was an awesome surprise! No worries :D

Ahh ajaksdajf thank youuu that is so wonderful to hear! There are a lot of romance stories out there, but ones that are just about friendship are hard to find. I think there's a lot to be explored with friendship, and especially with someone in Regulus' situation - I am so happy to hear that you like it! And I'm glad this held your interest despite your initial uncertainty about it.

Thank you, I am flattered that you like the characterisation of Regulus and Summer. It is so wonderful to hear that they come to life after just one chapter, honestly that's such a huge compliment ♥ They do have quite a lot of conflicts facing them - it's a tough place they're in.

Thank you for this amazing review, it really made my day!

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Review #22, by naflower05 equinox

5th May 2014:
Interesting story so far, I wonder where it's going. Update again soon please! =]

Author's Response: ooh, thank you so much for your review! I'm glad the story is interesting so far! I will get the next chapter up as soon as I can. :)

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