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Review #1, by patronus_charm Werewolves and Beautiful Voices

5th June 2014:
Whoo, hi Emily! (also, awesome job on your first parody, it had me giggling away!)

Wah, this narration was just amazing I canít even tell you how great it was! It just had the right amount of humour mingled with irony to make it a perfect parody and I really enjoyed it. Another thing which I really loved was the use of brackets as it worked so well with the narratorís style as it seemed as if they had superior intelligence when they used it which just made it even funnier. Gah, I seem as if Iím not explaining myself properly but either way I loved it!

Hahaha, Greyback had me laughing way too much and you characterised him so well because I could still clearly see signs of him in there despite it being a parody. I think my favourite thing was how he wanted to know what blood type the voice because that would confirm their love or not. Also, the way he was just like voice, voice, where are you because true love is the most important thing when in the middle of a battle :P

Suddenly Voldemort Voldemort, his leader and guru in all things that were not love, caught his eye and promptly began a series of spastic movements with his eyebrow and noseĖhole, - this was just amazing, ah, I just never thought he would be called a guru and yeah excuse me while I die at the idea of that :P

Sybil was just fab! I guess her prediction was sort of correct with Greyback having a good side to him albeit one lurking very deep within him, but she had to be her usual self and make Harryís life much more dramatic than it actually is. I loved her exchange with Greyback though as I didnít think those characters would go well together but they actually did and I really need a follow up to this story with the way you left it, perhaps we can see Sybil deciphering the future with blood? :P

Great story, Emily!


Author's Response: Yay, hi Kiana! Thank you so much, I was pretty nervous posting but I had a blast writing it. :D

Oh yay, I'm so so glad that you think so! I actually didn't mean for this to be very ironic while I was writing it but irony is one of my favourite forms of humour and I guess that just showed in the final product :P Ooh, I'm really glad that you liked the use of brackets as I as afraid that was going to be too rambly. Oh no, you're explaining yourself perfectly and thank you for all the amazing compliments!

Oh wow, I'm so happy that you liked my characterisation of Greyback! I didn't know whether or not all traces of his old character in the HP series was lost in this parody but I'm really glad that you could see how he was still the same character because bits of him from the HP series was still there.

Well, Voldemort is the leader of the Death Eaters and he was the one who knew everything about death and love, so he could plausibly be called a guru (well, in this totally random parody he could, anyway :P)

Ahaha, thank you! Sybil's predictions make her look like a fake but there might actually be a nugget of truth to them all... :P And yeah, I think she has a thing for making poor Harry's life either more difficult or far easier than it actually should be, hah. I also had no clue that Greyback and Trelawney would go well together until this, but I'm really glad you liked the interactions between the two!

Thanks for the amazing review, Kiana!


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Review #2, by MissesWeasley123 Werewolves and Beautiful Voices

5th May 2014:
Hey emily!

Did you know that almost every other entry I have had for this challenge was angst angst angst??
And you did a parody and an awesome one at that :P LOL. Loved it.

So. The inconvenient moving stairs :P That was priceless. And the whole bit on the titles, isn't that just so true? :P

Voldemort Voldemort :p LOL :P So great hahah.

And the beautiful voice the beautiful voice! Omg, so good :P I really loved er, Fenrir's characterization in this :P And Trelawney! Ahahaha. Just imaging Emma Thompson and the "I can see everything in my orbs" god, that is great.

Your story was really unique and thank you for such a wonderful entry! Seriously! I didn't think I would get something this great :) Thanks for writing ♥ brilliant use of the quote too lol.

- Nadia

Author's Response: Nadia! ♥

WHOO YAY! I'm so glad you found it fun rather than just plain crazy, haha. I've read Kiana's entry and that was pretty angsty. I'm super glad this could go against the grain and get away with it, haha!

Yes, they were just so inconvenient as Fenrir was frantically trying to find True Love. And I know, I went there with the titles. *finger snap*

That bit was actually inspired by some classmates of mine because there are actually quite a few with the same first and last names. :P Hahaha, if you could tease any hint of good characterization from that long ramble I congratulate you and all I can say is that I'm super happy you liked it, haha. And yay for that phony Trelawney, ahahaha.

Oh no, thank you for the challenge! I enjoyed writing this for it so much. And thanks for a lovely review, Nadia! ♥

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Review #3, by Lululuna Werewolves and Beautiful Voices

4th May 2014:

I think I was so torn up and depressed after reading about Amy's fate that I needed something to cheer me up and remember that all is not lost and grey with the world... and there it is on your page, a parody! :D Thank Merlin!

I like how you called the reader/me a numpty. :P The narrator of this story is so sassy.

Ahaha he's crushing on Trelawney! I love this so much, though of course he would want to find out her blood type - he's so creepy. I also liked how you singled out Trelawney in the final battle as her way of attacking the Death Eaters with the crystal orbs was so funny and typical of her in the books.

Hahaha dying at the comment about Voldemort being a Basilisk, nice little nod to the twins there. :P Honestly, I can see the resemblance, but I'm glad Fenrir knows better.

Minor thing: I noticed a few slip-ups from past and present tense throughout but that's easily fixed. :)

I love the meeting at last between the lovebirds, and Trelawney's (typically) strange and wrong predictions about Harry. It was also really fun seeing all the battle rage on around Fenrir's lovestruck trance, and the last line both made me cringe and giggle at the same time. Somehow this story actually sort of made me ship these two, albeit in a slightly confusing way. :P

Great job with your first parody, Emily, it was so much fun to read! :D

Author's Response: HEY JENNA! :D

Whoo, I'm so glad my AP could both make you depressed and cheer you up again because I want to be diverse and make people cry but also make people laugh. Thank Merlin indeed!

I know, I have no clue who the narrator of the story is actually, I think it's a mix of me, Fenrir and Trelawney. But I'm not sure, so feel free to call me out on that one.

Hehe yes he is, and he's a werewolf, of course blood type will be super important to the kind of relationships he has. :P Yeah, I always found her so funny, flinging those crystal orbs through the air. I mean, knowing her she probably would have hit a whole bunch of Hogwarts students as well as Death Eaters, haha!

Whoo thank you! I wasn't sure if anybody would get the reference so I'm glad you did and that you liked it hehe. I'm glad Fenrir knows better as well, it would have been sad if everyone believed that particular rumour!

Gah, thank you for pointing that out! I'm so bad with my tenses, it's the thing that always slips past me while I do my (admittedly very quick) editing.

Whoo yay, it was just everything that you wanted it to be, I'm sure. :P I think her predictions are based off her moods really, and so her predictions of Harry get wackier the happier she gets. Haha, I'm glad you liked his narration as he was fixed on Trelawney in the middle of the battle, I think he omitted quite a bit there. :P Well, Fenrir's a bit creepy but we love him all the same. I've no idea how, but I'm so glad this made you ship the two of them through this kind of crazy story, haha!

Thanks so much for the lovely reviews Jenna, you're too good to me. ♥

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Review #4, by marauderfan Werewolves and Beautiful Voices

2nd May 2014:
As soon as i saw the summary I knew this was going to be amazing.

I love how the first third of the story is simply telling what the story will be about.

Greyback/Trelawney... I ship it, because of the beautiful voice, and love. And how the most important thijg for their compatibility is blood type, because obviously! Haha

"There was this really boring showdown between Harry and Voldemort" lololol the best. Good thing Fenrir wasn't watching, because there was also that awkward hug moment (well, in the movie) and its probably best that Greyback didnt have to witness that.

My battery is at 4% so i'm going to have to cut off my review here. But awesome job on your first parody!! :D

Author's Response: Bahaha of course!

And yeah, I think my idea of a parody was a whole lot of rambling at first. But oh well, as long as you could still read it and wrestle some sense out of it. :P

Everyone needs to ship Greyback/Trelawney. Obviously. Duh. :P And yes, I figured blood type would a be a pretty defining factor in their relationship, y'know how it gets sometimes.

Hahaha, glad you found that funny! And yeah, it probably is a good thing that Fenrir wasn't looking down to see the awkward hug moment. Or even the weird circling movements if 'd stayed true to the books.

Hehe, thanks so much for an amazing couple of reviews Kristin, you're wonderful! ♥

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