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Review #1, by HogwartsAlum An Introduction

4th May 2014:
Hello I was reading another story and the author suggested to read your story so here I am, haha. I like the idea of the quidditch tournament. I am a bit confused on how the school is run. For example are there separate houses and things like that. I was kinda confused that Dallin didn't know who Harry was, when he and his family went to the professors house and saw all the information about the battle of Hogwarts. I probably have more questions but don't remember them at the moment. Hopefully this story continues and I can see where this progresses. Keep up the good work and hope to see more soon. :)

Author's Response: Hey HogwartsAlum. Ballard does not have houses like Hogwarts does. Instead, things are separated more by Year in school. I'd like to think that Harry's fame wasn't as big as it is in reality, that is was more of an English Wizard thing. Dallin has heard of Harry Potter, but it's not exactly a name he would recognize right away, since he does live in America. Harry wasn't exactly one to push his fame. If it's the living situation that confuses you, I can explain that a little better. Ballard has suites that each contain a boys room, girls room, Dorm Chaperone room, and living space. Each suite has six boys and six girls, all from the same year, and an older student acting as the Dorm Chaperone. So people get to know a smaller community of students really well. Hope that answer's your question!! Feel free to ask more.

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