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Review #1, by marauderfan the Blast

11th July 2014:
Woah, I was definitely expecting there to be tens, possibly hundreds, of new chapters, given your impossible writing speed, so I was surprised to see this story was just where I left off! Maybe we can still write chapter for chapter with our WIPs, then :P

Why does Roxy think the forest is abnormal? She should have asked me, I can tell her about trees. Why would it be abnormal? Oh gosh now you're making me worry that there's something weird lurking in the forest that's making the trees grow too much or something, otherwise you wouldn't have said that. Eep.

How did George manage to break SIX tent poles? They're metal! HAhaha what skills. And geez, how many poles does this tent have? I assume it's like one of those ginormous tents that has all the amenities like rugs, a kitchen, two storeys, has a hot tub, etc. Wizard tents are decked out. Also, I just spent the last month living in a tent so this whole scene was very funny to me. So were Winston Purrchill's antics, hehe.

I love Charlie's descriptions of his work with the dragons. He has such a cool job. I love that he would use the small dragons to light fires haha.

Hmm, this is a nice chapter, full of fluffy chatter and fluffy cat and OMG WAIT THERE'S A CLIFFY KLASJDLKFJALSK WHAT JUST HAPPENED. (um, yes you managed to pull off that cliffhanger. NOW WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER because I can't handle suspense. Like, at all.)

haha sorry for the shouting but this was a fabulous chapter! I am so eager to find out what happens next!!

House Cup 2014 Review - for the mighty HUFFLEPUFF! :P Heheheh.

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Review #2, by MadiMalfoy the Blast

25th June 2014:
Well that really was quite the cliffhanger! I often find myself wanting to use one but then I realize I can't use one every chapter so I force myself to just keep writing instead. :P

I like how the GROWN men are so childish and beg the CHILD to make them food! It makes for quite the amusing scene because no one wants to make food but everyone is hungry, much like teenagers are all the time. It's no great secret that George would probably break something if he had to do it the muggle way, so that's a nice little touch you put in there with the tent poles.

A fabulous start to what I'm sure will be a wonderfully mysterious and dark story! I can't wait to read more later on! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #3, by MadiMalfoy Uncle Charlie

24th June 2014:
Hi there! :)

Well golly gee do I love me a good next-gen obscure character fic! There's very little out there centering around Roxanne Weasley, so shoutout to you for writing something!

Oh Winston Purrchill is a cute cat and I love his stubbornness with all of his actions! Pets really can make a difference in how people act and I feel like he influences many things in George & Angelina's household. ;)

And CHARLIE WEASLEY! I think I've only read one other fic where he played a larger role other than just the distant Weasley brother who trains dragons. So yay! I'm excited to see where you go with him, especially during the camping trip. With George's characterization, you nailed it. His eyes "always slightly shadowed" concisely describes how George is still grieving over Fred's death, even around 20 years later because he was his other half, etc. But he's also been able to move on with his life and whatnot.

Your author's note has me wondering about a lot of things in the next chapter! On I go! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #4, by patronus_charm the Blast

26th May 2014:
Ok, it took me slightly longer than I thought, but Iím here :D

Ah, Charlie is the best and cracks me up so much! I mean this line, ĎďIf you donít mind walking a little, thereís a place I stayed in a year or so ago while I was chasing down a rogue dragon here.Ēí Was just great and he was like some really intrepid explorer with the way he was so blasť about muggles coming along and everything really. I really love your characterisation of him as it just seems to be so natural and perfect! I donít know if you know Bear Grylls but he reminds me of him if you know him!

Haha, Roxy and George are so funny together and their relationship is exactly what I imagined it to be. I think the best part was when they were arguing about who should cook and how George was still like a child, as I think heís one of those people who never really grow up no matter what. In fact, I really like how you wrote all three of them as theyíre ones who are often forgotten about in Next Gen stories so itís a lot of fun to see them come to life here.

Ahahah, small point but the cat was so cute and the more cameos it has, the happier I am!

Woah, the ending! I thought it was a great cliffie by the way, so good job on it! Erm, I donít really know what to say as it was all sort of bam, bam, bam. First I was just like no, George!! Then it was no Charlie!! And finally, no Roxy!! Erm, maybe this is Voldemort in the afterlife coming back to mix things up? Erm, I actually have no idea on this one, unless itís the dragon escaping again which I doubt, but weíll see!

A great chapter, Emily :D


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Review #5, by patronus_charm Uncle Charlie

1st May 2014:
Whoo, new Emily story in the house!

Ooh this seems so interesting! I love how itís split up into little sections with different POVs for each because we get to see so many different perspectives of the same day, so it gives the story a really fresh feel. Another thing I really loved was the characters as they all seem to be like so much fun. I especially love that little remark about Roxy wondering why on earth Uncle Charlie would really care about the state of the house, as we really got to see her character there. Also, whoo for Uncle Charlie! I swear he never appears in any stories so when I saw he was here, I was just like whoo party in the house! Do not make apologies for the super cute cat though, that was a really fab cameo which I loved!

The camping sounds very ominous and that line about Fred being left alone in the house. Iím still trying to figure out which oneís most likely going to cause the apocalypse because it could be that George is completely useless at camping and he somehow ends up burning down the earth via a campfire or it could be Fred copying his namesake and father and trying to do some cool prank which fails epically. Either way, it sounds so exciting especially how you did the sort of calm (despite all the camping mayhem!) before the storm.

There were a couple of typos and changes in tense, but a quick read through should get rid of those, and it didnít make anything confusing or anything. Anyhow, I hope another chapter is lurking around somewhere so I can find out what happens next!


Author's Response: Whoo, a beautiful Kiana review!

Yay, I'm so glad! And you're pretty much the master of switching around the POV so I'm seriously happy to hear/see you say that I pulled it off. :D And yes, I was aiming to make m characters pretty lively because I came onto this after having written (I must be dreaming) which, I think, is the angstiest story I've done so far. And yeah, I hardly ever see Charlie with the rest of his family because most of the stories about him centre about him and his dragons somehow. And alright, Winsty was a lovely character who popped up out of nowhere, hahaha. I'm so glad you liked him, I think we'll see a lot more of him as the story goes on.

Heh. Heh. *rubs hands together* Wow, I actually think that the apocalypse I had in mind will be slightly more serious than George failing at camping or Fred's epic prank fail, although one of them does come to play a part in the actual apocalypse. But I'm so glad you find it exciting. Hahaha yes, considering this the calm would be the best way to go, I think.

Gah, thanks for pointing those out. *grumbles at her sleeping inner editor* I'll send an edit trough soon...soon. Y'know. Another chapter is, actually! I should have in stuck in the queue by the weekend, so exciting things to come!

Thanks so much for such a lovely review Kiana, you're amazing! ♥

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Review #6, by marauderfan Uncle Charlie

30th April 2014:

How did Roxy get away with using underage magic? Didn't the Ministry send her a warning message?Their attempts to do chores made me laugh though, they really do need the practice don't they! :P

I love when the cat climbed in the backpack because that is SO realistic. Happened to me once when I was moving, cat on the suitcase = YOU SHALL NOT PACK.

Ooh, so George, Roxy, and Charlie (And Winston Purrchill) are going on a camping trip. It sounds really awesome already, and they haven't even gone anywhere. Here's the thing: it sounds like it'll be hilarious (how would it not be, with those characters) but it's a dystopia story sooo, well I'm just really eager to see how this all plays out.

Especially with that eerie beginning part about Magic. Shouldn't they be expecting magic? Or is it a different, weird kind of magic with a capital M? I am really intrigued.

Btw, I noticed that a couple of times the narrative switched into past tense, but I think a quick read-through should catch most of those! :)

Anyway. Great start, Emily!

Author's Response: I'M SO GLAD. Bahaha. :P

I operated with the theory I came across somewhere (I think it was in the books?) that the Ministry can detect magic around a Trace but not who cast the spell, so in a wizarding household like Roxy's she gets away with it, oh dear. And yeah, they're absolutely hopeless at chores. :P I'm glad they made you laugh, though, Angelina won't be feeling that way. ;)

Hahahaha I was operating on hazy memories of a cat I had six years ago - right now I own a dog and I think if he was nimble enough he'd climb onto the suitcases as well. I'm glad you found it realistic though, and yep, that's pretty much the situation Roxy got herself into.

Yes they are! Yay, I'm so glad you like the premise already, and yeah somehow I'll have to juggle their merriment/senselessness with all the dystopia-esque stuff that's happening, so that should be interesting, right? Ah well, I'm glad you're excited for it!

Heh. I was hoping someone would pick up on the capital M actually, I think (very vaguely) that it'll end up having a pretty big effect on the story. Hmph.

Yeah, I read through the chapter again and cringed, so thanks for pointing that out, I'll send the edit through the queue along with the next chapter soon!

Thanks for the lovely review Krisin, I'm so happy you're into this!

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Review #7, by teh tarik Uncle Charlie

29th April 2014:
OOH, OOH, a post-apocalyptic fic centred on Roxanne Weasley? THANK YOU FOR AGREEING TO SWAP WITH ME. ♥

Oh hi, Emily. :)

This sounds absolutely fascinating, what you're planning to do. The opening section in italics was kind of chilling at how detached it was, like it was a completely different part from the rest of the chapter, which was filled with lovely fluff and adorable Weasley antics. I absolutely adore the combination of characters you've chosen: Charlie, George and Roxanne. I can't say enough how much this fascinates me, because I've never come across another fic with these three characters put together, and I can't wait to see what you do with them. And what happens to the rest of the Weasley family. :O

Also, your Australianness is showing, my dear! :P The way you keep referring to "the bush". It made me giggle a bit but that's great.

Winston Purrchill, ha! Great name for cat. I love all the lovely Weasley family dynamics; most of the Weasley family stories I've read are always centred around James II, Albus, Lily Luna, Rose,etc. So it's wonderful to see George and Angelina and their children for once.

I laughed quite a bit at Freddie and Roxy and the way they do their chores! No wonder Angelina's so stern with them! The water pipes and the heating charms which burn up the mats...and I must say my favourite bit of this chapter is the whole fiasco with the backpack. Gah, you've taken such a wonderful canon detail (Hermione's old bottomless bag) and made it into such a delightful moment...Winsty getting into it and refusing to get out, and then Roxy having to climb into her own bag just to drag him out, and Winsty going for the trip in the end.

So, it's going to be Charlie, George, Roxy and Winsty, eh? I love this. I think you've got a great start and I'm very eager to see where your story will lead to! Do let me know when you've got the next chapter up. :D


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