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Review #1, by patronus_charm III.

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Ok, the first section really got me again. Seriously, I’m just going to end up in a ball of tears after reading this but I think it was just the way Charlie got so excited about going to the park as it was just so simple but so cute, and Lavender could finally get excited too and she was having her life back and Parvati was coming along. It was just too emotional :P

The first flashback got to me as well because it felt as everything was becoming a full circle as we saw what happened during the war and quite a bit after and now we got straight away after, and it was so solemn and sad I wanted to hug Lavender as she was so strong. When she started crying, you just wrote it so simply it really hit home and it was really wonderful! The memorial flashback was written beautiful too. The way one name just came after the other was so symbolic as it showed what their life was reduced to in the public eye but then we had Lavender’s thoughts to provide more meaning.

Michael Corner ♥ and this quote ‘“They’re pretending,” he says. “They’re all pretending, every day. Because if we pretend for long enough, eventually it will come true. And then everything will be alright. We’ll escape the darkness.”’ Both reduced my feels to crumbles and like Nadia said in her review I am shipping them both so bad as he was just this wise Claw who could sort out everything in her life and put her back together again and it just such a lovely scene with the two of them together.

This was such a fantastic story, Sian, with a wonderful story in Lavender’s life and the quote fitted in with all the chapters. I really enjoyed reading this :D


Author's Response: Hi Kiana!

Oops, I didn't mean to make you quite so sad with reading this story, I thought Charlie was one of the happier parts of it :P But I'm glad that you liked the way they went to the park and it was kind of a return to normality.

I'm so happy that you liked the flashbacks in this! I was worried they'd make things too stilted but I felt like they were important to show what was happening to Lavender. I was so proud of her for carrying on in spite of everything that she's been through. And the memorial's something that could happen in a few of my stories and it makes me sad to think of but I'm glad you liked it!

Yes, Michael Corner! ♥ And it's great that you're shipping them because for some reason the two of them have been together in my head canon for absolutely ages, but I just see him here as someone she can actually relate to and who can help her move forward now.

Thank you for all these amazing reviews, Kiana, you're wonderful! ♥

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Review #2, by patronus_charm II.

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Ok, so many feels in this chapter, seriously it just made me go up and down throughout. The first flashback was so dramatic even though it was so short as you really caught the air of danger the Carrows gave out, and the necessity of hiding and it just written really well. Then we went onto the next section which was a really cute moment between Charlie and Lavender and had me awing away. But it was completely natural, the change, so it just flowed so well which was really good because often that isn’t the case at all.

I really liked the scene with Parvati and Lavender, because again you managed to get in so many different emotions. There was the humour in there with you stank which had me laughing away, but then it became more serious and really delved into how they were both feeling which was really cool. I liked how we got to know more about Lavender though because it wasn’t so much Greyback biting her which made her the way she was but the fact that she lived while others died. That’s what gave me all the feels and fitted in with her being a Gryffie and wanting to be brave and protect everyone and that was just such a strong message there.

“You have a choice, Lavender. That’s why it’s easier for you to hide away, that’s why you’ve felt like this for so long. There’s nothing to stop you; it’s all down to you. But you can choose. You can choose to live.” – ah this quote was fab and so, so, so true!

Ok and this quote too – ‘No matter what happens, we are best friends. We will save each other.’ That’s what me aw and want to cry as it was so sweet and really gave me hope that Lavender could be well again and yeah I just loved it!

Whoo, onto the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi again!

Aha, I'm going to take you having feels in this chapter as a good thing, even if it did make your emotions go a bit crazy! I'm really glad that the transition between the flashback and the cuteness with Charlie and Lavender worked out okay, because that was something I was worried about, even though I thought the flashbacks were necessary to show the horrors she'd experienced.

I really loved writing Lavender and Parvati's friendship in this piece, because it was great to show that it was founded on something much deeper than girlish gossip, especially after what they went through together under the Carrows. Yes, I've always felt like for anyone who was injured like Lavender, they came so close to death and it would be natural for them to have a lot of survivor's guilt to experience afterwards. I'm so happy you liked those quotes and the hope that it gave for Lavender!

Thank you for another awesome review!

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Review #3, by patronus_charm I.

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Omg, I am so excited for this task as I can finally attack your page so whoo, here I go, Sian :D

Ok, first of all I really love how you used the quote because you tied it in so well with the narration at the beginning of this chapter with the way Lavender referred to herself in third person POV. I can’t really explain why I liked it, but it just worked so well and it was a really great technique. Then again you told it all together so well with the way you included the flashbacks of the war, so we really got the full picture of Lavender’s life.

Another thing I loved was how disconnected Lavender became. Ok, that sounds a little mean but it just worked so well, because while Parvati said that other people fought too, I always imagined it to be harder for Lavender as she got bitten and that worked so well and yeah it was just fab. It really was quite sad at times too when she reflected on reading tea leaves and the whole Won Won thing because she wanted that old self back so desperately but she just couldn’t get it and she knew that which was why she was in this darkness, and I had way tooo many feels at that point!

I really liked the glimpse of happiness at the end with the way her and Parvati began to get in touch again with the letters and her little brother Charlie is so cute, and I want more of him. It just showed that there could be hope and happiness for her and I really liked that! Onto the next chapter :D


Author's Response: Hey Kiana! I love that we had the same idea of review bombing each other during the house cup, although I'm a bit slower responding than you managed!

I'm really pleased you liked the way I incorporated the quote as this one just jumped out at me and wanted me to write a story about Lavender, for some reason. Switching between third person and first in the opening wasn't something I'd tried before but I really enjoyed it and I'm glad that you did too!

Haha it doesn't sound mean at all, I think both of us like putting Lavender through a lot of suffering in our stories :P I always imagine her as having gone through a lot more after the war as well, because being bitten meant that she was probably quite close to death - at least, that's how I imagine it. At this point she really feels disconnected from the person that she used to be, but knows that she used to be happy and can't get back to that, which makes things worse.

Yay, I'm glad you liked the happier ending to this chapter! Charlie was a character who invented and wrote himself in this story and it was nice to give Lavender a bit of hope after having such a hard time so far!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by MissesWeasley123 III.

29th May 2014:

Seriously, I die of cuteness.
♥ ♥ ♥


Colin Creevey's name comes and Vicky Frobisher, a dark-haired girl who has helped us this year, screams, her ice cold composure cracking. But there are no tears falling from her eyes and I wonder at her. -- this line is a knife is disguise and it's just stabbing away at my heart like stab stab stab and wants to kill me. You suck. Just kidding I love you but still :'(

I was super excited for Lavender to be leaving the house AND THEN MICHAEL THE BABE CORNER COMES AROUND AND HE'S ALL "everyone has scars yo" and it's just like ahhh ♥



Seriously, those two have been paired in my head canons for longer than I can remember now and I'm so happy you liked them together! :D

*hides* I'm so sorry about that line - kind of. It was so hard to write but Vicky and Colin have become head canon for me too and I couldn't avoid putting them into this story, even in something like this.

Yay, Lavender finally left the house! Haha, I'm not sure Michael was quite so gangster when he tried to help her realise that she wasn't the only one who had been hurt and damaged during the war. Thank you so, so much for this review, for the challenge and for awarding me second place when there were some truly amazing stories in this! ♥

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Review #5, by jessicalorewrites III.

16th May 2014:
Hey! I decided to power straight on ahead and read/review your final chapter, which I am very sad about because it is the final one :(

Yay, Lavender is finally going to leave the house! And with Parvati and Charlie no less - the two people that have truly helped her after her suffering. It's kind of sad that she feels the need to hide her scar with a scarf but I guess I would feel the same in a similar situation. Going out for the first time in months does not need any added stress than what is already present!

I never considered the effects the War would have had on the Browns so it's great to see you address this. A unique touch, having her mother 'die' in order to stop her being taken in.

Parvati is a ray of sunshine - truly. She's so affirmative with Lavender that sometimes its hard to remember Lavender is even having trouble with social situations. But of course she is and I think you accurately portrayed her anxiety during the party scene. It was such a nice touch with Hermione's scar as well. Not only because Lavender and Hermione are often played off one another but because I actually forgot about the possible scarring that Hermione would have possessed after Bellatrix's torturing. So well done for remembering! Honestly though, so many scars... and yet, it is perfect. Not because the scars are perfect, oh no. Because War has affected everybody and it is through seeing these scars that Lavender realises she is truly not alone.

A massive well done on this fic. Although it was only short and I wished it would go on forever, it made a lot of impact in a short amount of time. Truly amazing. I've added it to my favourites I love it that much! Like I've said countless times before, I'm so glad we were paired for the review exchange! It's been amazing reading this story. You are a very talented writer!

- Jess xo

Author's Response: Hi again! Aw, you're so sweet, Jess!

I was so proud of Lavender for finally managing to leave the house at this point, because it's taken her a long time to get here and each day it gets harder to leave, but she did achieve it with the help of Parvati and Charlie - who, like you say, are the two who've helped her throughout.

I realised that I had to try and work in some sort of details about how Lavender's family escaped the war when I decided she was going to be half-blood. I'm glad you liked the way I explained it!

I honestly think that someone like Parvati is exactly what Lavender needs, making sure that she does things outside of her comfort zone because that's what she needs to do. But I'm really pleased you liked the way that I showed Lavender's anxiety with the others and then also that other people had scars and had suffered during the war.

Thank you so, so much for these amazing reviews that you've left me, they've meant so much to receive! ♥

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Review #6, by jessicalorewrites II.

16th May 2014:
Why hello - here for the review exchange! I was so excited to start reading this next chapter because I completely loved the first one!

First of, I adore the use of flashbacks right at the very beginning. It draws the reader in and, to me, it helps show how scattered Lavender's mind seems to be. I think in her current state she's likely to be experiencing her own flashbacks so it's great for the reader to get to experience this with her.

I can't even cope with how cute Charlie is! I love little children like him and I just think it's so sweet how he is unconsciously helping Lavender deal with everything that has happened.

What quite confused me was the sentence from one of the flashbacks, "I have been branded a thief." I'm not quite sure what Lavender means here - but I hope to discover soon? Or am I just completely missing something very obvious?

It's so bittersweet that Parvati and Lavender haven't spoken in over six months. Their friendship is strong and genuine, that much is obvious, and it is a shame Parvati was blocked out like she was. But at the same time it is completely understandable. Parvati's revelation was not something I was expecting but it really adds to the story and it was a good way of helping Lavender understand that it's alright to be scared.

Seriously though, I wish I could have a friendship as strong as these two. There doesn't seem to be anything that can truly hold them back.

Once again an amazing read - I'm so glad I got paired with you! Truly.

- Jess xo

Author's Response: Hi again! Aw, thanks so much!

I'm really happy that you liked the flashbacks that I used at the beginning of the chapter. I wanted to show the way that even though she improved a little in the last chapter, she's still suffering, and her mind is still a bit scattered.

Charlie! ♥ He's so adorable when he helps Lavender and wants to just play. His innocence is just what Lavender needs at the moment to help find some light again.

Ah, that line was a sort of metaphor. Lavender has the scars on her neck from Greyback - the brand - and she's a thief because she feels that she should have died, and can't understand why she didn't when so many others did.

Parvati is really important for Lavender in this story. The friendship is very strong and it's going to help Lavender through, and it was important for me to show that a girl doesn't need to be 'saved' by a guy, but her friends around her are the ones who'll be there for her all the way through.

Thank you so much for these continued amazing reviews, and I'm really glad we got paired together as well!

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Review #7, by MissesWeasley123 II.

15th May 2014:
Aw, hey again Sian. I figured I should get a move on these reviews!

Charlie's great. Really cute, especially the whole "I don't like girls" part! :P He sounds like me! And then Lavender sounded like you because whenever I say I don't like girls you say, "But I'm a girl" and haha that was sweet.

The flashback scenes are really powerful. You managed to capture the thrill so well, especially the part where she get's "branded by a thief" as that was really chilling.

I really love the little things Lavender thinks of, like when she talks about Charlie as if she's his mum and the whole parents should follow their own advice if they told Charlie to not ask questions. It really shows her mentality really well. I really liked that about it ♥

I also need to comment on the fact that the saving concept of this chapter was brilliant. It's about time. You show their friendship so excellently, which I really like in this piece.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hey Nadia!

I hadn't even made the connection between you and Charlie here but now that makes me laugh a lot :P Maybe Charlie's like the boy version of you?

I'm really pleased that you liked the flashback scenes. I thought they were important to try and show how much Lavender's suffering and to give an insight as to why she's having such a difficult time after the war.

I feel like Parvati and Lavender would have a really strong friendship, especially after all that they've been through together, and even though it's hard I think that Lavender needed someone like Parvati she could admit her weaknesses to. It was important for me that she was saved by a friend rather than a guy that came on the scene, because I wanted to show how deep and powerful friendship really can be.

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #8, by jessicalorewrites I.

15th May 2014:
Hey Sian! I'm reviewing for the Gryffindor review exhange :)

I really love the imagery you used at the start! Things like "desperately paddling to keep her head above the water, trying not to slip into oblivion" really resonated with me. They pull the reader in and make them want to read more. Questions like 'why is she like this?' and 'what's weighing her down?' are running around.

The detail about Lavender believing in horoscopes is very true to character, I feel. However I adore how you've pointed out the alternative side of her that almost everybody forgets about - she is a fighter, she's strong and brave and not just a mindless teenage girl. The detail about her scar is good as well. I have actually seen post-Hogwarts stories where Lavender has no scars or injuries after her attack from Greyback! This is unreliastic, so I'm glad you thought about and included some.

The friendship between Lavender and Parvati seems strong. It's something Rowling never explored very much but it's nice to see that even after everything that's happened Parvati is still concerned for her friend, calling at her door etc. And the fact she's training to be an Auror? Amazing! I always figured that Harry and Ron probably wouldn't be the only ones who wanted to go into that profession after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Lavender seems like she may be suffering from depression. Or PTSD. This is an interesting topic to explore because, as many of the things above, it's not usually talked about much in fics even though I'd bet many of the fighters in the Battle ended up suffering deep psychological harm. I know I wouldn't be perfectly fine if I'd seen classmates and friends die around me.

The flashbacks to the Battle of Hogwarts are chilling. The pace is quick and it almost feels like I've been transported to the halls of Hogwarts too. It gives insight into an alternative point of view of the battle and I've never read one so eye-widening before!

I was wondering where the title 'Blue Lavender' was going to come in. I thought exactly the same as Lavender when it was said - how ironic a name for her current state.

It honestly broke my heart when Lavender said that people must be forgetting about her. Of course they're not, but her state of mind won't allow her to think any other way. It's so sad. I was so happy when she finally opened Parvati's letter! It was about time she realised that her friends DID still care about her.

Charlie is so cute, aww. It's nice to see some diversity in age gap between siblings. Usually they are 1-2 years which is quite unrealistic of real life, to be honest. There are 14 years between me and my youngest brother! It makes me cry how he's the one that finally manages to get Lavender to go outside, and it is so so sweet when he tells her he loves her!

I can't wait to read more when I have some free time! It's shaping up to be a great story. Although my only critisim would be that the two flashbacks in the story are the same and that making them different would make the fic more interesting, it was overall an amazing read! Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful story + also thanks for my review!

- Jess xo

Author's Response: Hi Jess! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to these reviews, but thanks for being a great exchange partner!

I absolutely love using imagery like that I included here in stories to try and explore themes, so I'm really pleased that you liked it. I'm really pleased that you liked the way I chose to portray Lavender in this story too, because I do like pulling out the side to characters that we don't usually see in the books and stories. She's definitely a fighter and won't give up, but at the moment she's suffering a lot from PTSD after all she's been through in the war.

I always think that Lavender and Parvati must have a strong friendship, especially after everything that they went through together in the year under the Carrows. It was important for me to show that their friendship was something that would help get Lavedner through this.

I'm glad you found the flashbacks chilling! I really wanted to show how much she was haunted by the horrors, and that's why I used one of the flashbacks twice in this to try and illustrate the fact that she's haunted by the same things in her dreams.

I felt sorry for what I was writing about Lavender in this story but I felt like she had to go through these feelings before getting better. And Charlie's the cutest, isn't he? I'm so pleased you liked him too!

Thank you so much for this review!

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Review #9, by ScarletEye158 III.

4th May 2014:
Aw what a great ending to a story! :)

This was a really sweet chapter and I'm just so happy that Lavender decided to go out to the park and then to Parvati's party!

I really liked all of the flashbacks throughout the story. It helped me see how hard it really was for Lavender and showed why she was as bad as she was.

I definitely was not expecting Michael to come into the picture! haha. It was a nice surprise though, because I knew Lavender needed another person to talk to! I really liked that he really tried to talk to her and to make her feel better. It was good of him to explain to her that everyone feels "the darkness" too because it made her feel like she wasn't alone and everyone needs that in their life :)

I've never really thought of Lavender and Michael as a pairing, but I can kind of see it after this story! Maybe you could write a spin off for them? ;)

anyways, I really really enjoyed this story! It was nice to read, especially as it got a little lighter as it went on!

Nice job, Sian! As always, it was a lovely story!


Author's Response: Hello again!

I was kind of proud of Lavender in this chapter, actually, because she really did start taking control of things again and showing why she's a Gryffindor, because she did those things even though she was terrified.

For some reason, Lavender and Michael have been paired together for ages in my head canon :P So I couldn't not include him and I wanted him to help her here, for her to see that everyone suffered during the war and other people have scars as well. Aw, I'd definitely consider writing a spin-off for them because I do love them as a pairing!

Thank you so much for all these lovely reviews, Amanda! They mean so much! ♥

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Review #10, by ScarletEye158 II.

4th May 2014:
Aww, this was a really good chapter :) I'm so glad Lavender is starting to open up again! Little Charlie makes me want to jump through my computer screen and give him a big hug! He's so innocent and adorable and I love the way you wrote him. Kids and their run-on sentences... lol. You did a really nice job with his character :D

I absolutely loved the way you portrayed Lavender and Parvati's friendship, as well :) The fact that she is able to talk to her about the things that have happened to her when she wasn't able to talk to anyone else about it is pretty amazing. They're friendship is so strong and I'm really happy that Parvati recognized that and stayed by Lavender's side the entire time :)

I also really liked how you opened and closed the chapter with scenes from them running from the Carrows. It made me think that at first she was slipping back into her ways of being depressed again by thinking of something bad that happened. Then I realized when I read the scene at the end that she was thinking about the same scene, just in a different way, and that she was making progress with herself :) she was actually able to comfort herself in a way by thinking of something that she did well instead of something that she did bad. It was a great way to show character growth and that she really is trying to take control of her life again!

I'm really happy that she is coming to certain realizations about her life and that Parvati is going to try and help her. I can't wait to see how the last chapter plays out!


Author's Response: Hi again, Amanda!

Isn't Charlie adorable? I just want to hug him myself, and I'm glad that you thought I wrote his character well for his age, too! I'm so glad that he decided to be included in this story because he's so good for Lavender.

I've always loved reading about Lavender and Parvati and I definitely see their friendship as a strong one. They were always portrayed as being quite silly and girly in the books but I think the fact that they both survived the war and the Carrows proves that they're a lot stronger than that, and I think they'd have been there to help each other through. Parvati's going to be there all along for Lavender, even if Lavender hasn't wanted her there all the time!

Yes, I'm happy you could see the difference in the way she thought about the Carrows flashback at the beginning and end of the chapter, because it was meant to show the way that Lavender's making progress here and the fact that she's starting to realise that she can take control of things for herself again!

Thanks for another amazing review!

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Review #11, by ScarletEye158 I.

4th May 2014:
Hey Sian!

This was an interesting start to a story, I'm really excited to see where this goes!

I felt really bad for Lavender throughout this chapter. I can't imagine the PTSD she is facing but if it was enough for her to push even Parvati away, it must have been really bad :(

I liked the way you were able to change the scenes of the story. Slowly but surely, you could see Lavender getting better. It all flowed really nicely and I didn't see any awkward parts at any point!

I also love how you showed how slowly it takes for somebody to recover from the depression and anxiety she faces. The fact that she slowly began to start opening the letters and open her curtains a little bit were really nice and realistic touches to the story and added a lot in detail :)

Aw, Charlie! He's so adorable. I'm really glad that he was able to get Lavender to go outside and that he didn't have any resentment towards her for locking herself up and ignoring him. Kids really do forgive easily and I wish everybody were able to keep that about themselves!

This was a really nice first chapter and I can't wait to read the next!

Hope you're having a good weekend!


Author's Response: Hi Amanda!

I felt really bad for Lavender when I was writing this too, but she's one of the people who I could see suffering the most from the war. She was brave and fought through the battle and the Carrows' regime but it was difficult to face life after that, and I think she'd be suffering a lot from the effects and memories.

It was such a relief to show Lavender slowly getting better in this chapter, even though there's still a long way for her to go. I'm really happy you liked all the little details and the way that I showed it's not easy to recover from depression!

I loved Charlie so much! I had no idea of him until I started writing this, but in the end he was a character who wrote himself and it was great for Lavender to have him there so that she could actually go outside for the first time in months!

Thank you for a great review! ♥

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Review #12, by teh tarik I.

29th April 2014:
Hello Sian! Nadia's recommended that I read your story, so here I am! I think it's been quite some time since I read anything by you; I certainly haven't read very widely over the last few months, and so now's a great chance to catch up a little on your writing! ♥

I love Lavender fics, especially those that write her with more depth and compassion than how she's been portrayed in the books, particularly HBP. And yours was wonderful! This was an absolutely gorgeous one-shot, bittersweet, painful but uplifting at the end. I love Lavender fics which end with some measure of hope.

You've seriously gone into a lot of detail to convey Lavender's fragile emotional state after her attack and the Battle of Hogwarts. It was so terribly heartbreaking, reading about the extent of her PTSD, and those recurring flashbacks of Fenrir Greyback's assault. I can understand how and why she would shut herself up in her room for months, not wanting to have anything to do with people or the outside world. It's like her whole life has suddenly become paralysed with shock, and only towards the end do things start to move for her, and she starts living again, slowly. It really does show that she is indeed the fighter mentioned early on in the story, and she's a lot more resilient than what people expect of her.

I love how you began the story with the Khaled Hosseini quote, and with Lavender directly addressing the reader: So then. You want a story and I will tell you one.*

But I warn you now, this may not be a story that you want to hear.

To me, it sounds that there's something challenging in the way she says / narrates this, like she's daring the reader to see her as the same shallow vapid airhead in HBP, which of course, she's anything but. I think your opening lines were so bold and striking, and they definitely drew me into the story so effectively!

And I love Parvati's role, how she slowly, patiently brings Lavender out of the shell she's retreated into, all the letters she writes. Parvati's such a contrast to Lavender, and I'm glad that Lavender has such a friend. And gah, Seamus / Parvati! I love this ship! :D

That little moment with Charlie toward the end was so incredibly sweet and hopeful and gah, I LOVED it. It's a great way to end your fic with the innocence of a child, and how Lavender's heart seems to melt for her little brother. It's SO endearing, her baby brother leading her into the outside for the first time in months, and the way he hugs her at the end. ♥ ♥

I love your story title, by the way!

"Blue Lavender," he begins again, using my childhood nickname. It feels both oddly appropriate and inappropriate for my current state of mind.

It's a lovely play on words and colours; it may be her childhood nickname, but it also fits Lavender's depressed, 'blue' state. And would I be right to guess that you got Blue Lavender from the nursery rhyme, Lavender's Blue? :P

Lavender's blue, dilly, dilly, lavender's green,
When I am king, dilly, dilly, you shall be queen.

I can imagine her dad singing this to her when she was a young child. It's wonderful to see how supportive, tender and loving her family are toward her and her condition. I'm really hoping - no, I'm quite sure that soon she'll be able to warm right back up to them, that the pain of those scars will lessen a little.

Brilliant one-shot, Sian! I absolutely loved this, and I'm so glad Nadia recommended this to me. :)


Author's Response: Hi teh! Wow, I'm so flattered that Nadia recommended this and that you came to read it!

After writing this story I've come to really love Lavender. I always try to write stories that go into more depth and show a different side to the characters we know from the books, so I'm glad that it worked here and I could show a different side to Lavender than the silly girl we usually do.

I know that a lot of people think Lavender died, but in my head canon she did survived but had a lot to battle through. I really tried to show the extent of some of the PTSD she suffered from in this story and the way that made her interact with the people around her, and the flashbacks she still experienced.

When I saw this quote was one of the ones available I was really pleased and I'm so pleased you thought I used it to good effect!

Parvati was a nice character to use to balance out Lavender here and I love writing the friendship between them and the way that it helps Lavender to improve. (And yes, Parvati/Seamus for head canon!) Charlie was a character who invented and wrote himself but he really helped Lavender a lot and it was great to juxtapose his innocence and happiness with Lavender's darkness and experience.

I'm so happy you liked the title! I was thinking of that nursery rhyme when I came up with the title, actually! And the play on words and colours came into it as well, so I'm pleased you managed to see them all!

I actually wrote this as a three-part short story so if you ever feel like reading the rest of it, it's now completed! Thank you for this amazing review, teh, and I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #13, by MissesWeasley123 I.

28th April 2014:
Hey Sian, here to review! ♥

So, you want a review and I will give you one. ;) But let me warn you that it is so hard to be so mysterious about the outcome this challenge will have because asdfghjkl; what even IS this writing?

It is Sian writing, yes, that is what it is.

So yes, all in all, great entry!
- Nadia!

I think you did such fabulous justice to the quote, as this was a story and it was a great one too, though so tragic. You depicted Lavender's post war life so well, that it's become a really strong head canon for me, like most of your stories do. I never thought she would die (only because omgg how awesome/cute would it be if Krum and her were to attend Ronmione's wedding eh??) so this fit well with it.

Parvati was almost annoying and yay head canons as an Auror ♥ ;) hehe. And of course, Seamus and Parvati ♥ The best thing about that was the whole Lavender wanted to be happy but she was no longer the school girl she was before, who would have squealed and all that jazz :P You truly have developed her character so well.

Brilliant story telling!

Author's Response: Nadia! ♥

I'm really glad you liked the way that I used the quote! Some of the great ones were already gone when I came up with something for this challenge but this one just fit so well with Lavender and I'm so pleased you liked it! It's such a compliment for you to say that this has become head canon for you, and I'm really happy you liked the character development that there was in this chapter! She's changed a lot and is suffering at this point, but there are still moments of light (yes, she wants to be happy for Seamus and Parvati!) and she will start to recover!

Thank you for the brilliant review!

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Review #14, by randomwriter I.

28th April 2014:

SIAN. WHAT are you doing to me? I checked your page the minute I got onto the laptop, and I was pleased to see that it had been validated. Now I'm just going to stalk your page till the next chapter comes out.

I don't even know where to start, honestly. I just feel like there's so much I want to say, but suddenly, I don't even know how. This one shot is so unique. I haven't read a story focused on this theme before. Like many others, I'm of the view that she died after the bite. But this was such a fresh take on what happened after Greyback bit her and I'm so happy you decided to write this because I think I needed to read something like this. It's so unique. Speaking of him, the flashback was AMAZING. I love the repetition!

I felt so sorry for Lavender. You captured her helplessness and desperation well. Even when she slowly started breaking out of her shell. I just felt like she was gripped with the sense of having fallen through a never ending black hole.

I have to say that you had me gripped onto this from the first word. I love how she described herself in third person, making it sound incredibly heart breaking, and then admitting to the fact that it was her. It just made the whole thing more impacting, and I think that it was beautifully done.

The flow and narration was so powerful. It held my attention and drew me in. I got so lost in this. It left this heavy feeling in my heart. And I just kept feeling so bad for Lavender.

I love the writing. It's so descriptive, vivid. The comparisons are beautiful and they evoked strong imagery. Your stories are always well written and your descriptions just seem to improve with each story story you write. You're going to be invincible:p (YES. I wanted to say that!)

I really enjoy reading things with a psychological spin on them. Her mindset after the war is really interesting here and it makes you think and guess about what it could possibly be. Her absolute refusal to accept anyone's help is believable and completely in line with how you've written her. She seems so obstinate and I think that she truly felt broken. Dealing with war when you're seventeen cannot be easy, and just because she came out of it alive, it doesn't mean that she immediately felt liberated from the stress, apprehension and grief that war imposes. It's a lot to deal with and it affect different people differently.

I often think of Lavender as a silly character. I've often laughed at her expense and there a ton of jokes and funny situations to write about when it comes to her and Ron. However, I love how you completely turned that image of her around. This is such an intense character study of her and it really sucked me in for a while there and got me thinking in her shoes. It must be difficult to be known as a superficial air-head when there's so much more beneath the surface. I think you wrote that side of her so well. It's unexplored, and come to think of it, she was brave. I'm sure she had so much more in terms of personality than what we seem to think.

Most of all, I loved how much emotion this story packed. I was in awe of how beautiful the writing is. At the same time, I felt so much sorrow for Lavender. I also love the hopeful note you ended on. It shows that things are slowly looking up for her and it leaved the writer feeling slight fresh and relived, I guess. I was drowning in her grief till that last part. Charlie seems so cute and I think that the entire part was so realistic. Younger siblings just bring out sides of their older siblings that nobody else can and you really tapped into that fantastic idea and wrote a really sweet ending. I actually sat still for a couple of second with a smile fixed on my lips.

I cannot tell you how much I adored the first para. It was such a unique way of introducing a character, and your descriptions and similes were so amazing. Sometimes you find overused phrases and comparisons, but that didn't happen with yours at all! And that stands for the whole story. It was a pleasant change and it really left me appreciating your thought process.

I like how you wrote the relationships she shares with people. I think that her frustration towards herself comes out when she's interacting with her family. I loved the part with Parvati in between. It really was like a defining moment for her because I think that somehow she still relates to Parvati better than anybody else in the world. You also made it really evident that her parents care for her a lot. Their worry is palpable.

I'm glad that she started coming out of her shell though. You wrote that bit so well. It was gradually and really, really subtle. She did very small and tiny things to break out of it, but they really mattered. I think this is what made it believable. When someone is suffering from something like this, it would be very difficult for them to take a step towards rectifying the problem. It's obviously not going to happen overnight or even within a few days. I certainly think that your account of things is very realistic and it is directly proportional to how depressed she was.

As I said. Her behaviour was very interesting to read about. I have several things to quote, but this review box won't let me because I only have 746 characters left. I'll leave you with this.

Your story was a very different take on a character who is often perceived as being silly. It was very, very interesting to read. It was powerful and well written and I think you might just win this challenge ;) I'll be on the look out for the second chapter. Sorry about all the random rambling. I STILL haven't honestly said half the things I wanted to say, and I've had to delete a bit of this already :/

If you can't tell, I really enjoyed it and I think MOST of this rambling comes from the fact that I've missed you, and your writing far too much. I'm glad I read this :) It's the first thing I've read of yours in ages. Sorry :(

Author's Response: Adi! Wow, this review is absolutely amazing and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I hope I can do it justice!

Haha, thank you for the first review!

Nooo, I can't bear the thought that Lavender died after being bitten by Greyback because it makes me too sad, and since it never says in the books I'm going to keep her alive in every story that I write about this era ;) I do feel like she'd have suffered a lot though, which is why I wrote this. I'm so pleased you liked the flashback though, and thought it was powerful!

I didn't give Lavender an easy time of it here, not at all, and I felt sorry for her too. The technique I tried of starting in third and switching to first was something new for me but I'm glad it worked!

Aw, Adi! You're so kind to me - far too complimentary, actually, as I know I've got a long way to go with my writing and lots of improvements to make!

It was really interesting to write this different spin on Lavender's character. She is often quite silly and annoying in stories so I enjoyed showing a different side to her; after the way she fought in the war I think she must have been stronger than people imagine. But surviving that took a lot out of her, and the depression she was battling afterwards made her turn away from other people's help.

I'm really glad that you liked the relationships I wrote for Lavender here. Charlie was a character who wrote and created himself and I always imagine the friendship between Lavender and Parvati being really strong.

Thank you SO much for this AMAZING review, Adi. It means so much and I'm still in awe of it, I'm so happy you liked this chapter! ♥

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