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Review #1, by lola bloom and wither

26th January 2015:
This is beautiful. Breath-taking. The fact that you could hurt me so deeply in several paragraphs should be commended.

Author's Response: Thank you so much ♥
I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

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Review #2, by Lostmyheart bloom and wither

17th January 2015:

Adi... I'm in awe.
This story, it's heartbreaking and so beautifully written. It was perfect to write it the way you did (I don't know what it's called in english - the way you wrote it, calling Rose 'you')

Their love was so pure, and I can't describe how much I felt for Scorpius, he made my heart ache! I teared up when he made Rose dance when she was sick, telling her about the drums when she said she couldn't hear anything, and he meant his heart(!!!) -- I swear my own heart started beating hard, while reading those lines.

He loved her so dearly, and I wish they had an opportunity to find each other. But you had different plans, and unfortunately they're the same plans I often have for my own characters. An unhappy ending! Despite the fact that you have HIM a blissful ending (well... almost, he did feel something when he saw her, didn't he?) I don't feel the same. YOU BROKE MY HEART.
I'm not sure if I'll ever forgive you *cries and eats hundreds of cookies*

Okay. Now that I've mourned a little, I can tell you that it was beautiful! It was an amazing story, that only made me feel like I was on a rollercoaster. When he was happy, I was happy, and when he saw her scars and bruises, I was sad. I really liked the dates, and how you structured the story. I really did.

100/10 (if it was possible)

- Avi

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Review #3, by Unicorn_Charm bloom and wither

5th November 2014:
Hi Adi! Here for the (very late, I'm so sorry!) Gryffie Review Exchange!

First I just want to apologize for how late this is. My laptop broke and I didn't want to do this all on my phone, but sadly I have to, so please excuse this if it's shorter than your amazing review.

Ok, now since that is out of the way. Adi, this was amazing! I mean, it broke my heart and it was terribly hard for me to read, with the domestic abuse going on, but it was just so well written. Scorpius's pain was portrayed incredibly well. It felt so real, almost like I could feel everything that he was feeling the entire time. His longing for a real relationship with Rose, his anger and frustration with her for not leaving her abusive husband, his anger with himself for allowing their infidelity. It was all so raw and realistic. You did an excellent job with that.

I can't imagine why Rose would agree to marry another man if she was engaged to Scorpius before he left. I understand that a year is a long time to be apart from someone, but it just seemed so sudden for her to marry that man. It makes me wonder if she was threatened or forced to marry him. I can't see her, from how she was described when she was younger, being someone to marry for money. But, people change, so maybe.

I know a lot of people will probably wonder why Rose didn't leave her husband if he was so abusive, but I can understand maybe why she stayed. I know a lot of times, it's hard for a person to leave that situation. There are times that they feel like it was their fault, it won't happen again, if they behave, or act better, the abuser will stop and so on. Or, like in Rose's case, they're afraid they will actually be killed if they leave. There is nothing anyone can tell them to make them leave, either. They have to do it when they're ready or when a situation finally goes to far. Unfortunately, in this story, Rose did not survive to make the right decision.

I'm assuming the reason her husband killed her son and attacked her so horribly is because of the child being Scorpius'? That was gut wrenching. For Scorpius to see his son, who he didn't get the chance to know, dead and to have to do that to Rose. I don't blame him for wiping his memories of her.

Oh and that ending. If my heart wasn't broken enough! You killed me with that!

I honestly don't have anything but praise for this story. It was so gripping, well written, emotional and just overall good. Excellent job on this! I'm also very happy that I was paired with you this month. :)

xoxo Meg ♥

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Review #4, by A bloom and wither

22nd September 2014:
That absolutely shattered me. Bloody brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed my little story! :)

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Review #5, by sominumaeternum bloom and wither

21st September 2014:
what just happened oh my merlin why? I just - I can't - someone save me I'm crying uncontrollably this story is beautiful

Author's Response: Oh gosh, thank you so much! It's very sweet of you to leave me a review. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #6, by Rumpelstiltskin bloom and wither

27th August 2014:
I'm (finally) here! :D

Holy crows, where do I begin? I'll stick to a format, so that I don't ramble on endlessly.

Plot/pot arch: This is absolutely fantastic. I love how desperately in love Scorpius is, and how it ultimately caused him to Obliviate his memory because of what he had to do BECAUSE of how loyal he was to Rose (and I do hope that this run-on sentence makes some kind of sense). The love story is just so tragic here -- Rose leaves Scorpius and enters an abusive relationship that she can't quite get out of. Instead, she chooses to hold an affair with Scorpius, stringing him along and absolutely destroying him, because he loves her so much, can't stand to see Rose in that relationship, but can't do anything about it. Then, of course, what she asks of him at the end...and just the ending itself... :( It was a beautiful tragedy.

Characterization: Scorpius -- This is an entirely new, vulnerable side of this character than I've previously seen. I loved the tortured-soul aspect, where he's completely lost control of himself. His personality and actions are being driven by his loyalty to and love for Rose. In fact, he loves and cares for her so much, that he's allowing himself to succumb to destruction. Rose -- She's just so perfectly conceded and self-centered. Even in the wake of an abusive relationship, it appears on the surface that she's far too interested in money to really leave that relationship. However, there's also a layer hidden beneath that, hinting that her fiance is far to powerful, and that she's too afraid, to leave. Either way, she seeks comfort in Scorpius, using him for her own personal gain. It seems that she IS still in love with him, but perhaps just not quite enough.

Detail: Lovely, gruesome, magnificently awesome ;). You did a great job at bringing the reading into the story, so that they could live and feel Scorpius' pain, and the horror that ensues. The imagery at the end was absolutely fantastic.

Style: I love the progression of days, counting down until the inevitable end. It allows for the linear progression of the story to stay clear, letting the reader know exactly how much time is elapsing through scenes, and the extent to which Scorpius and Rose' quasi-relationship is developing (and degrading). Also, second-person POV is always lovely.

Notes/other: I'd say this love story would definitely challenge that of Romeo and Juliet. I absolutely loved this! Thanks for the swap!


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Review #7, by apondinabluebox bloom and wither

16th August 2014:
Adi I think you just broke my feels.

Despite being a fan of Scorpius/Rose, I haven't read the ship as much as I'd like to -- particularly because it's so difficult to find unique stories, so I completely take my metaphorical hat off to you because this was so wonderfully unique and fantastic ♥

As a person, I don't like Rose. She's vapid, selfish, reckless and cruel -- and that's a wonderful testament to your talent, because you've created a character who's realistically flawed. Scorpius, too, is loyal and usually that's a great thing, but you've cleverly twisted that to make it a flaw for Scorpius. It's beautiful.

Infidelity is something I strongly dislike in real life, but in stories, it's always interesting to see what the characters' motivations behind the act is. I think it helps that Henry is just a mean character because then her betrayal isn't as bad as if she was betraying a husband who loved her, who'd do anything for her, who was utterly devoted to her -- much like Scorpius. (Side question: was Scorpius a Hufflepuff? Because the loyalty you've shown here certainly strongly hints at that, so I'm just curious.) Speaking of Henry -- that's his name, right? -- I don't think I've ever read a story where a character does not feature at all, is only mentioned by name once or twice, and yet has such a presence in the story. You've written that aspect marvellously.

OH THE BABY. The poor baby didn't deserve it! How was that fair?! I really hope Henry got arrested for everything he did!

The Obliviation scene was awful in the sense that it ripped out my feels (but in the sense of good prose, it was wonderfully executed) and even though I wrote an Obliviation in a different context, it still hurt to think about how Scorpius would never remember Rose. (in my headcanon, if an Obliviator dies, their victims memories are reinstated -- like when Dumbledore's spells stopped working after his death, so the option of Scorpius ever remembering after the Obliviator's death will never happen. *sobs*)

This one-shot completely blew me away and I'd just like to say once again that you are fantastically talented because this is just too beautiful for words.

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Review #8, by shez bloom and wither

9th August 2014:
Hey there! You requested a review from me some time ago and I became this horribly lazy person over the summer, so really sorry about that. So your review:

This was a pleasure to read. Iím not normally a
fan of stories that feature romance so heavily but I enjoyed the experimental edge of it, almost as if itís a love letter Scorpius is writing to Rose after she dies. You definitely drill home the loyalty (without it being too heavyhanded, thankfully)óitís subtle and itís almost frustrating to me as the reader because I canít understand why he loves her so much when sheís only ever using him. But because you mentioned her eye color a few times, I was able to make the connection between light blue and loyalty (again, without it being heavy handed).

I really dislike Rose; sheís weak and passive and selfish in the way she goes about using Scorpius; but as a character sheís REALISTICALLY flawed and this makes her all the more compelling. One thing I couldnít understand (and I suppose itís not relevant in the scope of your story) is why she married the abusive guy to begin with. I got the sense from the narrative that maybe she didnít exactly marry for love, more status or money (which says a lot about her priorities)-but I wouldíve liked more of an explanation-you wouldnít need to go into detail- just a line here or there would suffice.

I really did enjoy this read and thanks so much for requesting!

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Review #9, by Midnight spark bloom and wither

12th July 2014:
Ah... can anyone explain to me why tears are streaming down my face on to my tab (and probably destroying it)?

Author's Response: Hello :)
Should I be apologising even though it was my intention to write a tragic story? Haha.
Thank you for this lovely review! I hope your tab is fine :)

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Review #10, by SeverusLove bloom and wither

12th June 2014:
Adi, this is amazing!

The tragedy - it's painful, yet chillingly beautiful.

The flow was a bit disjointed with the format and style of jumping from dates like that, but it worked for the story because it added a sense of mystery. It made me picture movie scenes with quick, cloudy, and distorted flashbacks. It worked for the story because it piqued my intrigue all the more.

The tone was so dark and depressing throughout you couldn't see the lines between the moral and immoral but I really loved that confusion and chaos.

The pace and progression of plot started off a bit slow, but it helped us readers delve into their history and get involved with the characters enough to feel so sorry for them by the end of it like the calm before the storm so I think the length is perfect the way it is.

I loved your sentence structure - the short nature of most of your sentences and how despite that, you were able to squeeze in and weave such meaning behind the words. Your description is brilliant, I can stare at a lot of quotes within the story.

For consistency's sake, I find this paragraph off:
'All at once, my palms feel sticky, sweaty. It's one of the most comfortable feelings known to mankind. The tightening of the throat, cutting off your supply of oxygen. Then all of sudden, I pop out of it. The next thing I know is that my voice is rumbling out of my throat, ripping through the air.' -- Because for the majority of the story, all the 'you's mentioned are referring to Rose. In this case, I had to go back and reread trying to figure out if the 'you' was meant to be Rose or the reader in general as most First POV stories use. I suppose it could work both ways, but it threw me off for a bit there.

As for spelling and grammar, only this bit caught my eye:
'I don't to live in a world where I know you aren't alive.' -- a minor slip at most.
'She must have been a beautiful girl, I thought to myself, when they lowered her body into the ground' -- the lack of a punctuation mark after these phrases just bugged me for some reason. It might be because you were wanting to structure it in the form of a poem, but if that's the case, I'd get rid of the space between it and the phrase after.

By the end of it, the unanswered questions that remained nagging at the back of my mind all pertains to Rose's motive. Scenes like this: '"Scorpius, I don't feel like it," you cut me off.' makes me really wonder about her and how her mind worked. I would have really loved to know and understand more what was her driving belief to do all this? With parents like hers, how did she progress into the girl she is now? How was she driven into the arms of another man? But seeing as it isn't a story centered on her and is told from the perspective of another person, I can understand why they must remain mysteries.

The scene that hit me the most was the discovery of their child's death. It was just so tragic to read about an early life so innocent that was unfortunately affected. I loved the bit about the drums, but the most vivid phrase to me has to be the same two lines that served as the opening and closing to the story. At first they were such curious mysterious lines but by the end of it, they took on a whole new meaning and depth.

Thank you so much for entering this into my challenge, I really enjoyed reading it. You may anticipate the results within the following days.

Best of Luck,
*prances off*

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Review #11, by maraudertimes bloom and wither

29th May 2014:
Hi! Gryffie Review Exchange! So sorry for this being so late, I had a huge exam and then when I went to review this yesterday the webpage crashed and I lost all of my review. :( But I'm here now, finally!

This was a crazy story. I both hated and loved the characters, I both hated and loved the story line, I just had a lot of emotions.

I loved your portrayal of Rose, because she's so different from the usual portrayals of her character. That said, I hated her as a person, but as a character she was really interesting. I recently read Looking for Alaska by John Green, and she reminds me of Alaska in the sense that I don't like her, but I respect the character in that she is flawed and her back story seems to be well thought out. So, needless to say, I loved the character you created, but I didn't like her as a person (if this doesn't make sense just so you know - this is a compliment).

It was strange to see such animosity between Albus and Rose, but it was refreshing from all the stories where they're really close. The friendship between Scorpius and Albus didn't seem forced either, which was nice considering Scorpius and Rose seemed to have a thing.

Scorpius himself was also really cool to see as the quasi-good guy compared to Rose's bad-girl, and also it was nice to see how he could let her go but still harboured love for her. It was very true to life and I enjoyed that aspect of it.

The one thing I was a little confused on was at the start its 2029 if I'm not mistaken but then the years jump back and then continue forward again. I'm guessing that was a flashback or something but it was difficult to keep track of when everything was happening because that was out of order. However, this could just be because I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately and I don't exactly think that well when sleep deprived.

The progression of your story was great, even though I didn't like where it was going. Meaning: I loved how you transitioned from scene to scene, but I didn't like that Rose was getting hurt, that she was pushing Scorpius away at first, etc. Your characters were really believable as they went along, and even near the end when I was tearing up, I was really impressed with how you dealt with it all.

I can understand why Scorpius would have wanted to keep his distance from their son, but it pains me to not know if he even knew the kid before Rose's husband, well, you know... The fact that this event (well, that and others, but I'm sure this was a trigger) led Rose to her final decision was really sad and I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting teary eyed near the end.

The last part killed me because of the love Scorpius had for Rose even during those last moments with her. It reminds me somewhat of the scene where Snape kills Dumbledore in HBP, except with more emotions and less double-agent stuff going on. Scorpius's reaction and actions after that happened also made me so sad.

The funeral scene was so sad but it was possibly my favourite part. You can tell that Albus knew what happened and was trying to keep Scorpius from falling apart, even if the latter couldn't remember Rose. The little voice in his head was so sad and I think it's one of the most beautiful lines I've read. It perfectly sums up what happened in the story and I really loved how it was delivered.

This was a great story, and I'm sorry again for being so late, especially since your reviews were so helpful and sweet! Great job!
Lo :)

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Review #12, by LilyFire bloom and wither

22nd May 2014:
OH MY GOSH THIS STORY. Like, I was entranced. I couldn't stop reading or look away. It was amazing. The details, the plot, the flow, it was all much better than words can really relate. I'm a little surprised that the weasley family would let Rose stay with that guy, but at the same time, I can see how it would happen. I really wanna know what happened to that jerk, though. I hope they throw him into whatever hole the dementors were put in.

Your story was just amazing. Like I said, I don't have the words to describe how much I liked it. It's brilliant!

Author's Response: Hello :) Thanks for stopping by!

Wow. Really? This is all such high praise! I'm glad you enjoyed so many elements of this one-shot!

I think that most of the Weasley family is more or less unaware. Rose herself is selfish. She enjoys the status and the money that come from him, but she also get the love and attention she wants from Scorpius. While her immediate family (and Harry's brood) would probably be aware, she is a grown woman, who is capable of making her own choices. Stubborn and selfish, with a thirst for high social standing don't always go well, so maybe they weren't able to convince her to do away with him. Another thing to consider is that Rose's relationship with Scorpius is more or less a secret, so they may well be under the impression that in spite of everything, she loves the guy. Finally, Rose is married to a powerful guy who might not take it well if people stood in his way. Rose's family is powerful, but he just may be dark. Just some things to consider. I've left that bit a little open, I guess :p Sorry!

Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed this. I love this review. You are far too kind! :)

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Review #13, by Carmen (pikachewbites@tumblr) bloom and wither

19th May 2014:
Oh I love this story!! It's a very unique take on Scorpius/Rose & I love your depiction of Rose. She's selfish & vain but at the same time, I can't help but feel sorry for her. My heart is just bleeding from how sad this story is & I think the ending is perfect & bittersweet.

Author's Response: It's very sweet of you to leave a review :) I'm glad you liked it and thought it was unique. Uhh, I'm, sorry for the feels (no I'm not :p)? Thanks for such a sweet review! It meant a lot to me :)

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Review #14, by TidalDragon bloom and wither

15th May 2014:
Howdy Adi! Dropping by because...well we both know there's a vote going on and I'm kind of addicted to voting, which means I have to vote I am!

I could write a long review about the brilliance of the various things you did with this story - the word choice that made me feel Scorpius's suffering. The contrast of elegant descriptions that drew me into the simpler scenes with the raw simplicity of some of this story's darkest moments. And man were there some dark moments. You made some incredibly bold choices there and the child being killed...well I've just shivered. That was chilling to the core and I deal with some pretty heavy business on a relatively daily basis.

Objectively, I did have to do some re-reading at the beginning to keep track of where I was with the time and POV-shifting. I will also admit I was subjectively very ergg on the whole affair business. You did one of the best jobs I've read with it, but ergg. Just ergg. Infidelity. Certainly a different take on loyalty.

All in all though this piece was incredibly powerful. You certainly did not shy away from anything and the writing itself was impeccable. Good luck in the voting!

Author's Response: Hiya Kevin! :) Haha, votes are kinda fun, aren't they? There's another one going on right now, as you know :p

Oh gosh. I don't even know what to say to this! I'm honoured that you think I've written this so well, and that I've conveyed Scorpius' emotions well, too. I know that this is pretty dark and heavy, and I was worried that it may not come through as powerfully as I hoped, but seeing what you've had to say about it, I couldn't be more happy. Thank you so much! About the baby, I agree. It was slightly on the sicker side, but it had to be done. *sniffs*

Argh. Affairs. I cannot stand them. At all. They're terrible, cowardly and so disrespectful. I can write a whole paper on why cheating is the worst. But as much as I am against it in real life, it's something that has always fascinated me in stories. It's something we can look at and analyse without being personally affected or incensed. I also think it provides interesting fodder for plot progression. I don't like cheating when it's just there, but when written well and used effectively, I believe that it can serve as a good tool to push the story in a whole different direction. I've seen how you prefer not to read it in fanfiction as well (you've mentioned it in your thread, I think), but if I managed to win you over in spite of that clause, I'm a happy person. :p It tells me I've done something right (or something wrong in a right way?)

I know it isn't what you would conventionally expect from a story espouses loyalty, but I was definitely going for a more risque interpretation, if I may call it so.

I know I've been bold with it, but the reviews could not have been any more assuring. Thank you so much for all your kind words! Your review is lovely :)

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Review #15, by LilyMilly bloom and wither

10th May 2014:
this story was amazing ! i really loved it !
You have done an amazing job with this ! keep on the good work and writing!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you loved it :) Thank you for your lovely compliments! They made my day :)

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Review #16, by LightLeviosa5443 bloom and wither

8th May 2014:

So I was going through the new story thread, and your story caught my eye.

Wow. Just. Wow. I don't even KNOW what to say to this. Normally people have Scorpius be the emotionless one. But this was. Wow. At first I thought Rose and Scorp were married and their marriage was just deteriorated, and I was upset. Because it's ScoRose. But I didn't expect that.

I just. Woah. My heart broke for Scorpius every time he found a new mark on Rose, and I was crying when he got to the house and there was Rose and the baby. And just. Ugh. Woah. Then he obliviated himself and I was just so... Speechless.

The ending was so tender too. The way that Albus took him to the funeral. The way that he hung around at the coffin. I mean, I was already in tears by that point. But. I don't even have words.


Feels. You gave me feels. And I'm not even apologizing for this senseless review because you gave me feels when I was determined not to have any.

This was wonderful. I loved every second of it.

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Sarah! *hug*

Sometimes (always) a squeeing, fangirling review can make someone's day. Thank you, was in need of this :)

I'm glad this caught your eye, and that you decided to R&R it. It means so much!

I know what you mean. As a huge ScoRose shipper myself, I tend to feel upset when they don't seem to be working, so this was a little bit of a first for me.

I know how people make Scorpius the stony one, but I like writing him in many ways. This Scorpius, the emotional one, is one of my loves. Really. He's so interesting to write!

Can be mean and tell you that it makes me a little happy at how emotional this made you feel? :p I was kind of going for that, you know! But yes, the marks and baby and everything. I'm far too evil, aren't I? The obliviation was one of my favourite parts to write. I haven't seen it used before, so it really felt like I was trying out something new and original.

I;m gald you liked the ending. For me, that was one of the more emotionally heavy scenes while writing. It took a bit of thought and tweaking and I was really hoping it would work. Tender? I don't know why, but that made me smile :) thank you!


Haha, don't apologise. It works just as well because I loved this review. Also, I'm not apologising for the feels. :p i'm just sitting here, smiling my head off because you are far too sweet, and I apparently, am not!

Thanks so much, Sarah! You are so kind! I'm glad you loved it! *hugs*

P.S- Here, have some chocolate as compensation :p Always works.

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Review #17, by teh tarik bloom and wither

3rd May 2014:
Adi! ♥

It's been an age since I read any of your work and I heard so much about this fic.

And oh my goodness Adi WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY. Wow, I must say this is one of the most intense things I've read for a long while! You can thank your excellent pacing for that, how the story starts somewhat pensive, melancholy, before things start escalating until we get to that awful ending :( :( My eyes were glued to the screen and when we got to the baby bit I was cringing and on the verge of yelling NOT THE BABY, NOT THE BABY. D: I think this is the most hatred I've ever felt for a character who doesn't actually appear in a story! Even if he isn't physically there, his presence is just so awful and foul and sometimes I just want to shake Rose for not walking out, for clinging on to that abusive dude, for choosing to trade her emotional and mental well-being for material comfort. Ugh. :(

I love Scorpius in this one. I truly feel sorry for him, and the ending where he Obliviates himself because he believes he can't survive in a world when Rose is gone. I see it as him putting an end to their old life as well, though of course, with the last line, things like that can never be truly forgotten. I have this awful feeling that in the months or maybe years to come, Scorpius will start remembering details one by one until all the complete memories hit him full.

Your fic alternates between gorgeous paragraphs of narrative and sharp, snazzy dialogue and short, brutal bursts of action - gah, your balance is fabulous! I especially loved the opening segment. So pretty!

You meet me at a busy intersection of two streets in London, a crowded place beneath the shelter of the outcrop of a muggle bakery's roof. It smells like scones, I note and you tell me you feel like eating a croissant. We don't say any more though, because we both know we can't go inside. That's where we met up with Fred and his girlfriend and went on that disastrous double date we used to laugh about all the time before we stopped laughing altogether.

Whoops, I just quoted back a whole paragraph to you. :P But yeah, so many lovely details, such a lovely sense of nostalgia that's also rather sad, because it's a sense of something lost that can never be regained because of all the choices the characters make.

I love the way you write the ship here. It's such a difficult and devastating relationship they both had, and I really enjoy how flawed and ambiguous and selfish Rose is - her characterisation is wonderfully convincing!

Anyway, this was an absolutely fabulous one-shot, Adi! ♥ I've definitely missed your writing, and it was a great treat to come across such a powerful, tragic and beautiful story.


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Review #18, by stranger bloom and wither

27th April 2014:
the subtle manipulations, the brutality of the situation, the hintings that Scorpius obliviated himself... really good.
(unless I misread the entire situation... anyways, I thought this was pretty fantastic!)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely words. They mean a lot to me :) And no, you didn't misunderstand the situation at all!

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Review #19, by greenphantomme bloom and wither

27th April 2014:
Wow, this story is something else. Very descriptive and sad and unique. Thanks for writing it.

Author's Response: Haha! Well, thanks for reading and reviewing it! :) I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #20, by marauderfan bloom and wither

25th April 2014:


SERIOUSLY. THE FEELS. This story gave me chills!

I'm going to try to pull myself together to leave a coherent review but amnjlokmsd;k I'm just an emotional wreck now.

First of all, this is such a unique spin on the Rose/Scorpius ship. I love Rose/Scorpius, and I've never seen an interpretation of their relationship like this, with Rose married and Scorpius still carries a torch for her. It's a really interesting interpretation of loyalty, too - and that's what I love about it; they are certainly not loyal people, since Rose is cheating on her husband and Scorpius, the "other" man in the situation just goes along with it, BUT he is loyal to loving her. Gah, it's just beautiful and I really admire the way you wrote the relationship and the idea of loyalty in a completely new way.

Their relationship reminded me a bit of Snape and Lily, in that she's married to someone he doesn't like and he will always love her. But with Snape/Lily I don't really feel bad for Snape because of the way he loves Lily (I'll not get into that here, because its not relevant), and in this story, I just feel so awful for Scorpius as he's allowing himself to be used like that just because it's what Rose wants. I don't really like Rose in this - she's incredibly selfish, and why did she stick with that horrible, abusive marriage?! - but Scorpius' love for her is beautiful and the emotion is so, so strong, bleeding off the page practically.

And ugh the memory charm and the funeral... sooo sad. Were you sobbing when you wrote this story? Because I got tears in my eyes reading it. You are an incredibly talented writer! I'm so glad this was recommended on the forums. Bravo, this was amazingly written.

♥ Kristin

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Review #21, by Veritaserum27 bloom and wither

25th April 2014:

This was utterly amazing. I love to read works that are sad and beautiful. I don't know if I can do it justice with the right words, but I want you to know that it was incredibly moving. The personalities of all the characters were handled beautifully and Scorpius's pain was apparent throughout the piece.

The part where he obliviated himself and you brought it back around to the first scene was fantastic! I think I said "ooh!" out loud.

Great job painting Rose as a character who was selfish and self-loathing at the same time. It was conflicting and entirely believable.

I just can't say enough about how great this story was.

Author's Response: Hello Beth!

Thank you so much :) I'm pleased to hear that it left such an impact. I've always been amazed by those stories that are, as you put it, moving, and to have someone say that about one of mine, is such a dream! thank you :) Sad and beautiful? Ah, I don't even know how to respond to this! You are too kind!

Woah. I did that so many times while reading Harry Potter, so I know what you mean. To evoke such a reaction from someone feels so fulfilling. Thanks again :)

Haha, people have not taken too kindly to this version of Rose Weasley, and I totally get why! But it's still nice to hear that you thought it was believable.

Thank you so much! Your review did speak volumes, and I can't thank you enough :) ever. *hugs*

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Review #22, by Red_headed_juliet bloom and wither

25th April 2014:
Woah... just... woah.

This is probably the most tragically beautiful thing I've ever had the opportunity to read. This is so much better/worse than the first 8 minutes of that movie Up. I thought that was desperately heartbreaking, but then you created this, and set new standards for tragedy. It's truly beautiful. I want to read it again, but I'm afraid I might cry, since I know now how it will end.

Gah, trying to get my thoughts in order here to actually say something useful.

I definitely think the blue/loyalty connection was very original. It takes a lot of loyalty to stick with someone who is toxic.

The symbology in this is wonderful. The cigarettes, bruises, all of it. The more toxic their relationship is, the more he polutes himself, the more bruises she has, the more he aches for her. At first I didn't understand why it wasn't chronological, and then as I read on, I think it was a good choice to do it like that. It made the realization of what was going on more impacting.

I also appreciated that Rose was the one obsessed with status, not Scorpius. It was very refreshing and believable. Kudos for not driving to the Malfoy stereotype.

That poor baby. I just... yeah, I can't say anymore about that.

Not sure if this review has said it enough, but this is amazing. Even more so for its brevity. Every sequence, every sentence, brings you closer and closer to the characters. Nothing is wasted.

Oh, and as an afterthought, poor Al, too.

*slow clap* Bravo, my dear. Bravo.

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Review #23, by patronus_charm bloom and wither

25th April 2014:
Wow. Wow. Wow. That's all I can say, Adi, as this story is so fantastic and yeah, wow.

Gah, it was just so beautiful --- all of it so amazing, and I'm so sorry I have a ton of work so hopefully a short and not too garbled will be able to mean I get to say what I really want to say, so here I go!

I loved this twisted and messed up version of Rose and Scorpius as it was nothing like I've ever seen before. Usually adultery puts me off, but here it drew me in because it was as if Rose sought out of desperation, that her life would have nothing if it weren't for those few illicit moments with Scorpius where they were tied together with so many emotions you could never pull them apart. The way you described the wounds on Rose were so heart breaking and with each new one I wanted to tear up and cry a little because so MUCH ANGST!

Erm, what else did I want to say? Oh yes, the baby! So cruel the way you included that as my feels ceased to exist there and the way it looked like Scorpius, just ah, too much to cope up with. I mean this is my puddle of tears on the ground right now - . so yeah, the baby reduced me to that!

Scorpius, gah, Scorpius, I loved this idea of loyalty as it was so twisted and almost dark and I'm so glad you put a spin on it as it definitely made me think of it differently. The way he stayed by her even though he could have had a life, he didn't need to get into her troubles was just so touching and yeah I wanted to hug him. THE ENDING. Gah, I cannot cope with that as it's way too horrible for me, because while he never had to suffer again not knowing who she was is so sad though the ultimate loyalty.

A fabulous story and a great new light on my favourite ship! ♥

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Review #24, by MissesWeasley123 bloom and wither

25th April 2014:
I originally wanted to cry when I first read this but I had to take a science test and no, awkward duh, but now I'm home and reviewing and TEARS OF BLOOD LIKE EBONY FROM MY IMMORTAL FANGZ ADI, FANGZ.

See, I be weird because I can't control my emotions. This piece is truly beautiful.


No no no.

Was the baby really necessary? NO, NO IT WASN'T. I don't like you. :(

Nah, kidding, I love you and just hug.

So many moments. That moment when Albus came and hugged Scorpius was brilliant and then ROSE, BLOODY ROSE. God.

And are you trying to make me DIE with the whole, "I'm going to end and begin in the same way" because THAT LINE IS BEAUTIFUL AND MAY THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW THAT.
I LOVE YOU ADI. You are so talented and this is like my most favourite story of yours yet and favouriting because this story and favouriting author because your talent is just so brilliant.

This story is so different and unique I love it and sorry for cray cray ramble but #can'thandlesorry
♥ ♥ ♥
And for Scorpius: ♥

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Review #25, by nott theodore bloom and wither

25th April 2014:
Adi!!! I may have spent quite a lot of time refreshing the recently added pages and when I saw this I got so excited! This was so beautiful the first time I read it and reading it again just made me love it even more.

I love your unusual take on loyalty here. I didn't see it coming and the way that the colours and the theme of loyalty all linked in together towards the end of the story was really great. It's just such a clever and original interpretation of the theme of loyalty, one which I did not expect when I found out that this was going to be a Rose/Scorpius story.

I was actually surprised by this; I haven't read many stories that involve Rose and Scorpius having an adulterous relationship, which made this seem more original. But since Rose was cheating, I couldn't work out how you were going to tie the theme of loyalty into the story, since what they're doing isn't exactly the definition of being loyal. However you came up with a brilliant solution to that and made Scorpius the one who was loyal to Rose all the way through, no matter what she did both to him and other people in her life. He stayed by her side and helped her, even when she had nobody left and was destroying herself. And then tying that into the blue of her eyes, which meant that the colour for him came to represent loyalty to Rose, was such an intelligent and original way of tying everything together.

The story throughout was really heart-breaking to read. I've never seen an interpretation of Rose and Scorpius's relationship like this and I think that made it even more special to read. It felt so destructive and toxic and yet it was the only thing that saved them both for any amount of time - almost like Cathy and Heathcliff, actually. You managed to convey an incredible range of emotions in this one-shot and it was just so brilliant to read all of that.

The narrative style was lovely as well, and it seemed to fit so well with the tone of the story. The way that Scorpius is addressing his story to Rose suggests the way that he is loyal to her - she's the one who hears his emotions, everything is about her. The way that you built it up, with the sections with Albus and us finding out what Scorpius's job is as well as the sections with Rose, meant that I felt really close and invested in the story and characters as I was reading this. It made the ending even more poignant and heart-breaking.

I can't decide how I feel about Rose in this story, and I think that was probably your intention. She was really selfish here, and she used Scorpius for a long time without ever realising the full extent of his feelings and care for her, which made me not like her. At the same time, she was stuck - trapped - in a terrible marriage and Scorpius was her only escape. So I can understand some of the reasons she had for her actions, not that they excuse what she did.

The ending... it's really, honestly, incredibly difficult to find words to describe what that made me feel. It was such an horrific way for everything to end, and the description of their son made me feel sick. But then for Scorpius to find Rose the way he did... I had tears in my eyes as I was reading that part. And then when he made the decision to end her pain, I felt so sorry for him. The final part, when he wiped his own memory to save her, to stay loyal to her right until the end - even after her end - was so touching and poignant. That's an incredible sacrifice which shows his unwavering loyalty to Rose.

The circular element to this piece was really effective. At the very beginning, I found myself wondering who was being talked about and what had happened, as well as what the situation was. The ending tied into that brilliantly and I think having read the first lines of the story made that all the more poignant. It was so heart-breaking to think that Scorpius was just attending the funeral thinking that he was Albus's friend and didn't know the girl, when in reality he was the most important person in her life. His sacrifice was so incredible and you've demonstrated loyalty in a way I'd never have thought possible.

I know this review is long and rambly, Adi, and there's probably still plenty that I wanted to mention but forgot about. But this story was just incredibly powerful, moving, emotional, heart-breaking... I had tears in my eyes as I read it, and that's the second time round. You've written a beautiful story that's guaranteed to stay with me long after I've read it, so thank you for that ♥

Sian :)

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