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Review #1, by Rumpelstiltskin Chapter 3

21st May 2014:
Awkward and uncomfortable are two great descriptors for the situations that both Remuses are placed in (and, just so you know, I'm having a blast -- I never get to talk about two Remuses ^.^ Though, there are two of everybody...well, that's all the more fun).

Anyway. Understandably, both Remuses are slightly reluctant to exist in their alternate realities, while still wanting to make life as tolerable as possible while they're there. While the Snupin Remus in the Wolfstar-verse is attempting to gain some sort of common-ground with that Sirius, the other universe Sirius has tormented him throughout his years at Hogwarts. Of course things would be uneasy and uncomfortable, but he is seemingly able to make some connections with the Marauders in this universe, which is fantastic.

As for the other Moony, well, he's in quite a predicament as well. The people he's known as friends for years absolutely hate him, though he did have a small (very, very small) breakthrough with James.

Well, that's probably enough of my rambling for one day! I strongly encourage continuing this, as it is pleasantly fun and entertaining.


Author's Response: I love all of your reviews.

You're absolutely right about both Remuses (and that is an odd thing to type!), being reluctant in this strange new universe.

I wanted Remus to get through to James, because I love the friendship between the Marauders, and I feel it's important, even in the other universe where it hasn't existed previously. At least, not in the same way.

I'll be updating as soon as I can.

Thank you so much for reading and your reviews!

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Review #2, by Rumpelstiltskin Chapter 2

21st May 2014:
Things become exceedingly interesting when the Wolfstar-universe Remus swaps places with the Snupin-universe Remus. What fun :).

I love the initial waking-up in the first scene (well, also in the third scene, but we'll get to that in a bit). With Lily as the common denominator between the two universes, everything is nearly normal when Wolfstar Remus wakes up in the Snupin universe. I love Remus' utter confusion as details of his 'life' come to light, bringing Lily to the conclusion that he's hit his head too hard. And so, he's brought to the ultimate conclusion that he is "the wrong Remus".

Understandably, Lily's fairly uncertain as to what he's talking about, as we move into the next scene. I can't help but feel bad for Snape, but obviously Remus from the Wolfstar universe wouldn't show interest in, you know ^.^. I found the reluctance to see Dumbledore quite funny, and furthermore, his response to Remus' dilemma. Well, I suppose you're just stuck here for now ;).

Then there's the Snupin Remus waking up in the Wolfstar universe. His natural response to Sirius being at his bedside is obviously going to not go over well -- but it was exceedingly humorous. Sirius' state of unrest was bound to happen, especially with Remus denying their relationship and asking where Severus was, and claiming that HE is, in fact, his boyfriend. Oh boy.

I love the common factor of Lily in this, as it allows for both Remus' to have some anchor back to their own realities.

Anyway, another fantastically interesting chapter!


Author's Response: There needed to be something that was famiilar to Remus in the other universe, and Lily seemed the most obvious choice. The confusion was really fun to write.

I felt bad for Snape too (and that's not something that I usually feel...), and Sirius in the other universe too. They really got handed a bad deal in this.

I really did feel for Sirius in this scene. Just watching your boyfriend claim that they're with someone who you both can't stand. Wow.

Thank you so much!!

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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin Chapter 1

21st May 2014:
Cute, quirky, and fun. ♥

I've always been a fan of Wolfstar, but haven't previously had the chance to read Snupin (which is a shame, because this was very interesting). The two contrasting universes were highly entertaining to explore, and I do love the mix of canon/ooc-ness that you've brought to the table, and, while Snape has been my absolute favorite character (one of which I've paired closely to his canon) it was refreshingly pleasant to see him in a different light.

One of my favorite elements of this was, in fact, comparing the two universes. In the Wolfstar universe, as you've stated, things fall close to canon, where the Marauders are a close-knit group (and Sirius and Remus happen to be dating). By contrast, in the Snupin universe, poor Remus has been completely excluded from his little group of friends, and is even at the receiving end of pranks. I believe that the little alternation in friendships between the two universes is an important factor in a Snupin pairing. There's also the fact that there's a possibility that Snape will be fighting against Voldemort in this particular universe, which is an interesting thought.

And, furthermore, kisses ♥ ! Who doesn't love kisses- whether they're Snupin or Wolfstart ;) (but I'm an insane person, so don't mind me).

Great job!


Author's Response: I've only ever read one fic that had Snupin in it, and it was a background pairing, the main pairing being Drarry, so I didn't really have too much to work with. I just went with it, more than anything else.

The two universes being so completely different is definitely one of my favourite things about this fic, and it is something that I enjoyed highlighting.

And you're right about kisses. Always adorable! (Though, I have to say, i much prefer Wolfstar kisses!)

Thank you so much!

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