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Review #1, by . xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

19th November 2015:
AH Thank you for writing this it's so good!

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Review #2, by matthew xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

29th October 2015:
Loved it!I'm looking forward to the sequel.

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Review #3, by Anna xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

28th October 2015:
Wow. In the last year I've probably read this fic 9-10 times. It's my go-to, feel good story, probably because of the huge amount of love in every word. Not only from you as an amazing author, but between the characters too, they're so close it makes me jealous that i can't live with my closest friends 10 months a year. I've read the sequel too but god, this fic hit me so hard in the feels I just had to review.

It represents all the things I love: strong independent female characters, Characters who deeply understand the craving for knowledge and teaching an learning, LGBTQ representation done so beautifully, tight knit friendship among both genders with TOTAL understanding of each other, and an amazing array of iconic literary references. I've leant so much just from reading up on all the ancient texts etc referenced so casually in this fic, you've inspire me so much to look deeper into Latin and the Iliad and learn more about poetry etc.
I can't describe how much I love this fic in a review, but god, you should be so proud. Xxxx keep writing, I'd ABSOLUTELY LOVE maybe an outtakes story with some of the younger years, it's a shame we never saw them as kids.

:):):):) lots of love and THANKYOU for writing.

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Review #4, by Ava ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

29th August 2015:
This is HILARIOUS! I'm actually laughing out loud. I can't wait to read the rest of this :)))

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Review #5, by CassiePotter i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

23rd August 2015:
Hello! And happy birthday!!!
So I've been meaning to read this story for a while now, so when I checked the birthday reviews thread and saw that it's your birthday today, I thought it would be the perfect time to start this story.
I absolutely loved this. I'm already completely in love with your main characters, and think the way you've characterized them all is fantastic. I've never read a story where Rose, Albus, and Scorpius are all in Ravenclaw, so as soon as I saw that, I got really excited because it was just such a fresh take on their characters.
The scholarship seems like such an awesome idea, and I love that when they have to think of ways to be rebellious and carry on Fred's legacy the first idea is just sleeping in. Clearly these are not students who are used to pulling pranks! Haha. But I'm really excited to see what they come up with as the stakes get higher and they keep fighting to win the money!
I love the chemistry between all five of your main characters, but Albus and Scorpius stuck out to me. They seem like they just have such a sweet, honest relationship, and genuinely love one another. It was really nice to read.
This was a really lovely opening chapter, and I can't wait to read more!
Happy birthday!
Cassie :)

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Review #6, by The Melodramatic xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

21st August 2015:
This was great. Just marathon read it. Definitely a great distraction to studying!

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Review #7, by The Melodramatic xiv. the easter buns [or] don't leave me to my own devices

21st August 2015:
Might I just say that as a Classical Greek minor I appreciate the classics in this so much. I should be studying for medical school (second year! Woo!) but I'm reading this instead. It's friday.

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Review #8, by HufflePuffCrazyGirl i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

5th August 2015:
really good! I love the first chapter! Keep writing this stuff its amazing!

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Review #9, by May ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

26th July 2015:
Good story I'm enjoying it

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Review #10, by Jayna ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

23rd July 2015:
Lisa this is just HILARIOUS!!! I'm seriously on the ground laughing right now. So jealous of your mad writing skills...:p


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Review #11, by Mailin29 xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

17th July 2015:
I just read the whole ff and I'm completely blown away, I love it! You made me laugh, cry and ponder and I'm definitely hoping for a sequel :)
This is the first next gen ff I have read and I love the characters so much, and the whole story! Your writing style is perfect, no mistakes that I've noticed so it was an incredibly pleasant read, I think I have just noted two flaws in logic: in the UK in the winter the sun doesn't rise till like 8:30 or something (not at 5) and I think using the word mate instead of dude would sound better, as I haven't really met anyone over here who says dude (but then again, by 2024 that might have changed!)
Thank you so much for writing it, I hope you'll write many more stories!

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Review #12, by Cjwinfeild xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

3rd July 2015:
I'm now sitting here sobbing asking how I could have reached the end of this story. Can I just express how much I appreciate the amount of effort you put in this. I was whipping out the dictionary this whole book and learned loads. You really captured thd spirit and personality of queer Ravenclaws. You are honestly an inspirational writer. I would actual love to get to know you as well because you just seem like such an intresting person. I also have to thank you for recgnizing the pans (pansexuals, but you knew that) because we seem to get lost in the dust.

In conclusion here is my actual review;

"The Fred Weasley memorial scholarship" is the most intriguing fanfiction I've ever read. Between the stress of finishing school and the pranking of 5 studious wizards this book really invited the reader into the 7th year at Hogwarts. Never again will I find a book as captivating as this one was.

Keep writing love,

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Review #13, by maskedmuggle xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

24th June 2015:
Hey hey hey!

So I started reading this ages ago while it was still a WIP (ok I just checked and I started this more than a year ago..) and then life got in the way and I never got around to finishing it until now. Seriously, this was such a brilliant fic and I so thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I found myself so hooked on the fic I pretty much read the whole thing from front to end nonstop. There were so many moments in this fic where the dialogue was just perfect, and where I found myself grinning at all the pranks.

The huge shocker was the Al/Scorpius argument - I couldn't believe you did that! I did find the reason for their breakup so sudden and out of the blue - I didn't really find that there was enough of a catalyst for Al suddenly thinking that he wasn't good enough, even though you did try to build it up a few careless comments here and there from his friends that may have hurt him more than anyone realised. I was so angry at Scorpius especially for the way he dealt with everything, but I am very glad that they were both happy together in the end. I love them together, especially the way you've written their relationship here - it's just so sweet and adorable and just ♥ ♥ ♥! I also notice you've got a few other fics from this universe, especially some Al/Scorpius so I am definitely going to be checking those out when I get the chance!

The Alfie/Rose thing was such a shocker too! It was a pleasant surprise though, and the interaction between Rose and Alfie added another intriguing subplot into the fic - and I did like seeing them "together". I don't have any personal experience with LGBTQA at all, but it was really interesting to see this feature in this fic. Also, your characterisations were so great here! I really liked how Ravenclaw you made all of them, and how they were all such high achievers - everything, the interactions, the personalities, was just very realistic. All in all, you're a terrific writer (congrats for your dobby! which is so very well deserved) and once my last exam is over, I definitely intend to read more of your stories, especially the sequel to this!

~ Charlotte

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Review #14, by vanillafireworks xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

24th June 2015:
well, hello. i've only decided to write a review for the final chapter because i'm a lazy bum, and i feel wonderfully sentimental getting to look back at the past twenty masterpieces, and also, i'm a lazy bum.

i'm sure you've heard by now that you're a goddamn wonderful writer. (was the dobby a dead giveaway or what?) still, you can never hear it too many times, so bear with me when i tell you that your writing is smart and snarky and lovely in all its elements and structure. because god damn, it is.

okay, now i'm gonna start yapping about myself. (i swear it starts relating to your story... later.) for my first two years of high school i went to an arts school as a writing major, and even when i left it was hard for me to let go the perception of myself i'd developed. usual stuff: i'm the writer girl, i have to be the best at that, every goddamn thing that comes out of my mouth has to be absolute poetry... the works. for the past year i've been pretty much crippled, unable to write because i was afraid of disappointing the version of me i'd left behind, and all the teachers who'd ever believed in me despite my typical teenage writer insecurities. i couldn't even write until it was three in the morning and nobody was watching, and even then i'd find myself unable to make a sentence sound the best way possible and just burst into tears. i couldn't write without hearing a million other voices except my own.

and then i read your story. i'd convinced myself in the past three years to read nothing annoying artsy fartsy indie stuff by people who had taken masters and doctorates in literature, and them masters and doctorates in more literature, and all of a sudden here i was. your writing was so sharp, to the point, unabashed of what it was (much like your characters), and that was so refreshing. i hadn't let myself read anything like it in ages. i laughed and i cried and i felt things i understood, and i was reminded of how simple the writing process could be when you listen to nobody else but yourself and your characters.

after i finished your story last night, i wrote, really wrote, for the first time in more than a year. i won't say it was a masterpiece, but i threw in some classic british swear words (your fault) and it felt good, it really did. and funnily enough that was when i realized that i was so much more than the writer i'd labelled myself as. the order of the raven wasn't just the group of geeks people thought them to be, they were hardworking and witty and loving and so much more than the grades they got. even though those grades were pretty damn good. similarly, i can be any kind of writer i want to be. i can be a tacky writer. i can be a horrible writer. but if i enjoy it, it will never take away from who i am as a whole.

thank you for creating something that has brought me to this realization. thank you, because now i am no longer scared of writing. do keep doing you, whoever that is or may become, and always know that you and your rowdy little 'claws have touched so many people. (casual innuendo in honor of albusxscorpius.)

ps: i started out with this review rating the story a 9/10. at this point i'm realizing i only gave it that because of the voice of a snobby majormate in my head going, "what? you gave a /harry potter fanfic/ a ten out of ten?" so here's one huge middle finger to her, and exactly ten hugs for you.

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Review #15, by Bookmonkey xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

19th June 2015:
Amazing!! Everything wraps up nicely and I'm excited to hear that there will be one shots and a sequel!! I really enjoyed reading this series!! I can tell you worked hard on it and I appreciate the wonderful results that came from it!!

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Review #16, by TheSortingHat iv. the secret weapon [or] well, i didn't see that coming

16th June 2015:
Okay so I am super super appreciative that you have an ace character in this, but as someone who is ace herself, I feel obligated to point out that I think you may be confusing / erroneously conflating asexuality and aromanticism (although I'm sure it's entirely unintentional). Holly appears to use her sexual orientation to explain why she wouldn't be interested in dating Sean, but it is possible for an asexual to still experience romantic attraction--sexual and romantic attraction are not the same, and thus sexual and romantic orientations are not always the same either. I myself still experience romantic attraction, despite experiencing no sexual attraction. So unless Holly is both asexual and aromantic, she is still capable of romantic attraction--and therefore, while having no interest in sex, would still be interested in a romantic relationship.

I realize that this is a fairly small thing, and it is possible that you will more fully expand upon this later in the story--either by confirming her as aro-ace or by explaining her romantic orientation--but I felt that this potential misrepresentation should be brought to your attention. That said, excellent story thus far.

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks for your concern and I definitely understand where you're coming from - I'm ace too, and I've come across more than my fair share of people who don't understand the difference between asexuality and aromanticism and tend to associate the former with the latter.

I forget that most of the nitty-gritty of dealing with sexual/romantic orientation happens in the sequel to this story, particularly for Holly, and in TFWMS she's one of a cast of supporting characters which means I don't get to go into detail much for her - we only see her through the eyes of Rose and what she directly says. In this scene her main interest is in shooting down Sean, who's operating on the assumption that every girl at Hogwarts harbours a secret desire to sleep with him. Holly knows that, and the line "you can't say you don't feel the same way" prompts her to make that abundantly clear by telling him she's ace.

For what it's worth, Holly is panromantic - again, this is explored better in the sequel (Pending Further Investigation) where she's a POV character. I hope you read on!

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Review #17, by Your Dirty Secret xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

16th June 2015:
Oh wonderful!! I can't get over how perfect the story is!! Does this mean we can expect a one-shot of the slythern v. ravenclaw quidditch final? I know it's not really relevant but it's been on my mind!

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Review #18, by jenny_bookworm i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

4th June 2015:
i swear im hooked just by reading the first chapter.

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Review #19, by alicethedownworlder xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

29th May 2015:
OMG! I LOVE IT! Can't figure out anything to say other than IF YOU EVER STOP WRITING I WILL CHASE AFTER YOU WITH A BEAR CHANTING THE AEANID! loved it!

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Review #20, by Bookmonkey ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

20th May 2015:
Great! The prank was hilarious, and the group dynamic is getting more fleshed out. Also the relationship with 'the enemy' has gotten off to a good start.

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Review #21, by Bookmonkey i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

20th May 2015:
I see why this is a staff pick. Your opening is great. Pacing and dialogue are spot on. You have captured the feeling of the characters about the scholarship and have really shown how much they really have to do to be the group of seventh years that emulate Fred Weasley. Great work!

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Review #22, by Kirsty xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

13th May 2015:
This story is brilliant. The first story I've read in a really long while and it was so worth it. I found the way in which your Ravenclaws were actually intellectuals really refreshing. They speak in the same way that me and my pretentious literature student friends have for the last four years. They were relatable, if only I too were a genius. Thank you for sharing. This was honestly a fantastic read :)

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Review #23, by Kirsty xvi. the way ahead [or] i reminisce too much and scorpius has a plan

13th May 2015:
“Ooh, are we shaming women for choosing to have safe, consensual sex?” Holly asks eagerly. “I just want to know where you guys got the Time Turners, because apparently we’re back in the Dark Ages. Let’s burn some witches while we’re at it! Oh, and don’t forget the gays. I hope there’s enough hellfire for all of us!”

I love you. That is all.

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Review #24, by HappyMollyWeasley xviii. the hour of reckoning [or] april fool's

5th May 2015:
Albus, Scorpius... I'm not sure which one of you I'm most angry with right now. What are you doing to each other here? What are you doing to yourselves? Are you totally insane?

I love the group of friends in this story. They remind me about my friends when I was that age. We were not as smart of course (no prodigies I mean), but we were a group of friends sticking together. Sometimes we fought among ourselves, and fell in love and there were a lot of trouble with who was sleeping with whom... It feels real to me. :-)

I'm glad Albus and Scorpius got together again!


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Review #25, by HappyMollyWeasley xvii. the implosion [or] when it all hits the fan

3rd May 2015:
What an emotional chapter! I think you guided me through every emotion I'm able to experience here...

Oh, how I laughed about Alfie eating Turkish Delight with the White Witch. I can picture it clearly in my head!

The thing about both young Scorpius and Albus looking up to Teddy is awesome! I love the thought of Teddy being accepted in both families.

But seriously. What did you just do to Scorbus here?! I'm so sad for them... :-(


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