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Review #1, by TheHeirOfSlytherin iii. the order of the raven [or] our reputation precedes us

21st March 2015:
Macho Manly Louis Weasley. What a title. I wish this was real just so I could see him try to salvage his reputation. :P

Professor Vector seems like one terrifying woman. I wouldn't want to cross her at all, I'd be doing exactly what Rose and Scorpius did and I'm a Slytherin. Except the bow. Oh, my God. I can't believe he actually bowed. Hahaha!!!

Then again, it is, as he so kindly pointed out, high treason. ;)

The big, dramatic reveal probably would have been big and dramatic if they'd waited till the end of the year... or until they were discovered. Then again, I would have laughed even harder if the response was still Cool. Who's for gobstones?

The Corruption of Holly Holyoake: The title of the Order of the Raven's memoir. ;)

Potions is her kingdom... just saying that has jinxed it. After talking about their pride, you just know now that Louis is going to hit her in Potions.

Ooh, and as much as I hate to say it, he got her good. To actually bring about at least the beginning of what looks like a panic attack, though. I'll hit Louis for her. *nods*

I can't wait to see Holly's idea now. It bet it'll be good.


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Review #2, by TheHeirOfSlytherin ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

21st March 2015:

(Its like a cannonball in a swimming pool, got actions and everything.)

I digress. Five thousand galleons. For that amount of money, I'd disregard my whole set of principles... work/school-wise anyway. People would revere my pranking as much as people will no doubt revere this group's. Because they're Ravenclaws, I imagine they'll be smart enough to not only be creative but step things up a notch. Once they get over the whole rule breaking part. :P

"Five thousand galleon," we echo. We sound like a cult. - But a cool one, with Game of Thrones references and weird names and Scorpius Malfoy (because he's a whole other league of awesome).

Throwing Ron under the bus. For shame. :P

Haha! I love how George sounds so serious about the scholarship and pranking. I wouldn't expect it any other way.

Ooh, what's her plan?

Okay. I won't lie. Louis is one of my favorite characters in the Next-Gen world and in my headcanon, so making him the bad guy really got me in the feels the first time I read this. I'm hoping I'm better prepared this second time around. But he's just come into it and I'm already making sad faces. BUT he's an interesting bad guy, I even want to hurt him for the first time ever.

HAHA! Pygmy puffs. Such an awesome prank.


First strike from the Order of the Raven. Good luck, guys! :D


P.S. My reviews are bound to get weirder from here. I apologize in advance. :)

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Review #3, by dumbledore_wannabe xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

16th March 2015:
Just... wonderful! Loved it!

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Review #4, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

7th March 2015:
I am crying tears of joy.

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Review #5, by toomanycurls i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

2nd March 2015:
I'm *finally* giving this a proper read. I'm on my phone so I probably won't stop every chapter. I've never heard of a legit internship where someone has to pay. Training, sure, but people do work in an internship and are usually paid (or they're not but they typically don't pay for the pleasure of going grunt work). Love the intro and how you're writing everyone

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Review #6, by happyanon xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

1st March 2015:
I've passed by this fanfic for such a long time and I am hitting myself because I only read it now. I loved it. I love them all. I have no other words for them aside from it. I cant even comprehend one. They are amazing and i wish I had the same set of friends. I love them. And Emily oh emily.. i cried so much after the twin thing was revealed. I hope she has a bright future. Im off to read the sequel

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Review #7, by hogwartsgirlsrule vii. the peace offering [or] we should've given them olive branches

20th February 2015:
I have to say, I LOVE the debate with the discussion of Alexandria. It's so realistic and geeky...I can absolutely see my friends and I having that sort of discussion. This is a fantastic fanfic so far. Definitely deserved the Dobby. Congrats!

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Review #8, by BellaLestrange87 iv. the secret weapon [or] well, i didn't see that coming

15th February 2015:
Hi Lisa! This is a phone review so I'm sorry if it's shorter than usual or if there are any typos.

I love all your pranks! They're so creative and I keep wondering how you can come up with ones that fit the poor character's personality without getting old.

Albus and Scorpius' coming out was awesome. I think you wrote it in the best way possible (again, total noob). I love the fact that everyone was really supportive and cheering.

The Quidditch prank on The Enemy was amazing and made me laugh. For some reason, humiliating people publicly, furing something important, is very entertaining. I guess I must be cruel bu enjoying the pain of The Enemy. And the fact that their retaliation attempt was completely unsuccessful made me happy.

Sexual orientations 101... I feel like that is a class that will need to be taught at some point, judging by the fact that she had to explain what asexuality is. (I hope I phrased that right - I wasn't sure.)

I love the ending - I can't help but know that the poor group is going to be subjected to something terrible and I want to know what.


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Review #9, by BellaLestrange87 iii. the order of the raven [or] our reputation precedes us

7th February 2015:
Hi Lisa! This is for the Blue vs Bronze review battle!

I love how Professor Vector obviously doesn't know that they're the Order of the Raven. Of course, nobody would be expecting them to chase after the Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship (since they could probably all win a normal one easily) so they're the last suspects on the list. Heck, they're not even on the suspect list, which I think is going to ensure for general hilarity to come. And since we know that they're behind it, the sight of them solemnly promising to stop the Order of the Raven (while actually doing no such thing) made me laugh.

Louis is also a, umm, not very nice person to girls (trying to keep this appropriate here). I HATE HIM EVEN MORE. How can he get even worse? You're going to publicly humiliate him again, right? But I love the fact that his ex isn't moping about after him and wishes that she could've pulled something more malevolent on him. And then the reveal! I think that Ravenclaw house didn't see the prank as the start of the five's yearning for the FWMS, instead regarding it as inter-family pranking. That explains their reaction of "That's nice."

And I love how they're preparing for retaliation by bickering. Of course Louis is a snake; he fits all the horrible Slytherin stereotypes perfectly. Why on earth did she let her guard down? I have a feeling that something horrible is going to happen in Potions. There have been too many incidents in the books of exploded cauldrons causing hospital wing trips for me to suspect otherwise.

Well, to be honest, that prank was a lot less violent than I thought. I thought that Louis would've enchanted the cauldron to blow up or something, although I suppose having to hand in a T-worthy potion would embarrass a Next-Gen-era Snape.

I love how Albus is one of the ones with a acerbic wit. With all the sarcastic lines Harry has in the books, it's so hard not to write him that way - even my Lily can sometimes be a walking container of sass. And Holly's mention that Albus and Lester would probably end up publicly humiliating Louis again made me smile. Friends sticking up for friends - I think Louis is outnumbered here.

I really do need to catch up, but I want to review every chapter, and reviews for me take approximately a half-hour to write, so it might take a while. (And because I want Blue to win in BvB, I have to get my timing right and catch you.)


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Review #10, by TheHeirOfSlytherin i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

1st February 2015:
I'm finally here and I've never been more excited in my entire life. Dobby, recommendations, this story has been so hyped up I actually can't remember why I didn't reds it before now, but already I am not disappointed.

I know it's only the start, but I love these people. I just do. You already get a sense of who they are as people just by the different ways they come into Rose's. I can't wait to know more about them.

I love the beginning. Ron is just awesome. I kind of got the feeling Hermione would want him to shut up for a reason, given the name of the scholarship, but it just go so. Much better as I read on.


I'll be back! :)


Author's Response: heya! thanks so much for the review and i hope this lives up to your expectations! the more popular and well-known it gets the more i worry it will stop living up to its reputation, but so far so good it seems (knock on wood).

these characters jumped into my mind almost fully-formed and sometimes it surprises even me that i had such a clear sense of who they were right from the word go. i can't even claim credit for that, i just got really lucky.

i hope you keep enjoying it!

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Review #11, by HappyMollyWeasley x. the weasley christmas experience [or] scorpius and lester get festive jumpers

1st February 2015:
Another great chapter! There is nothing like a Weasley Christmas, and you do it justice here! It's just as fluffy and sweet as it should be! James is a darling, so is Nana Weasley! A hand-knitted sweater is the icing on the cake.

The Potions book was a really good idea, I liked that very much! :-)

A small detail which didn't make sense was that the sunrise was far to early. Midwinter days are short, I guess the sun isn't up until 8 am in December. ;-)

The conversation about the scholarship between Rose and her father is wonderful! I love the idea of Ron thinking that Rose needs to have more fun! That was in character! :-)


Author's Response: thank you! i really love the idea of weasley christmases - writing them is just my happy place and i love that i was able to capture that sweet fluffiness that goes hand in hand with it.

omg, i didn't even think of that! i managed to make the mental switch in my brain for northern hemisphere christmas = cold but completely forgot that winter means, you know, shorter days. thank you for pointing that out!

i really liked that little moment as well. thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by Kate iii. the order of the raven [or] our reputation precedes us

1st February 2015:
This is fantastic! Love the idea, wonderfully carried off

Author's Response: thank you so much, glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #13, by eunoia xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

31st January 2015:

I am not the best reviewer in the world so forgive me for not reviewing every chapter. This story was so wonderfully addicting that I just wanted to keep reading! If I ever reread this story (which will probably happen at some point), I'll do better!

I love this story. It was one of the most enjoyable fanfics I've read in a long time. The idea of George having a scholarship to honor Fred is inspired. Obviously George would want Fred to be remembered and what better way to do that then to encourage future Hogwarts pranksters? It's perfect really.

I adore the characterization throughout. From Ron and Hermione in the first chapter to Emily's complexity, they're all just so well done. I especially loved the five main characters. They're each so unique, intelligent and awesome in their own right. I really liked how you portrayed their friendship. They're all so close and the way they support and help each other is so awesome, it's the kind of friendship you'd be envious of not being apart of. Also, the diversity in their sexuality was so refreshing. I liked how their sexuality was written as part of who they are but it doesn't completely define them.

I have to mention Albus and Scorpius. Those two I can't even... To be honest I never thought I'd ship them (I was always more of a Scorpius/Rose kinda girl) but oh I did, I shipped them so hard. I love their dynamic, the way their conversations would sometimes go off topic often had me smiling, they're just so funny and adorable! When they broke up I was heartbroken for the both of them, especially when Albus told Rose the reason why. I could relate, insecurity is tough to deal with in a relationship... But I was so happy when they got together again!

Finally, the way you portrayed Rose, Scorpius and Lester's anxiety was very well done. I have anxiety myself and I thought you handled it really well. Their various panic attacks throughout the story were really well written.

I could go on, but I'm rambling! I'll definitely be back to read Pending Further Investigation! :)

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Review #14, by HappyMollyWeasley ix. the family we choose [or] all you need is love

29th January 2015:
Albus and Lily. Just adorable! :-)

Author's Response: i'm a real sucker for sibling bonding. thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by HappyMollyWeasley viii. the spanner in the works [or] keep your enemies closer

29th January 2015:
This is really a good story! All the characters are very well-written, and there's something new happening all the time.

I love how your characters are not all straight cis-persons, and that you manage to mention this in passing without letting that be the main focus of the story.

Emily.? Can she be trusted?!

I can't wait for their next prank! :-)


Author's Response: thank you so much, i'm glad you're enjoying it! it's always been important to me to have effective lgbtqa representation in my stories without making it the be all and end all of their identities or their stories. and emily's a very complex character, i'll give her that. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by BellaLestrange87 ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

29th January 2015:
Hi Lisa! I'm back for the next of the reviews I promised three days ago! I took too long to return, and I'm currently in between semesters so I can't even use schoolwork as an excuse. Ummm. I was procrastinating on finishing my chapter?

I love this idea of pranking, first of all. And yes, I'm fully aware that pranking was probably going to be part of the story (Fred Weasley Memorial makes it sort of obvious). I love how they know that if they start pranking their cousins, they'll have to be on the watch. And the fact that they realize they wouldn't be safe anywhere, but still want to try. (Besides, since McGonagall was able to enter the Ravenclaw common room in Deathly Hallows, anybody who can solve riddles could get in. On another note, guess which Claw hates riddles and would end up camping outside the knocker? Yeah. Me.) Five thousand Galleons is a personality-altering amount of money, it seems.

Love their bantering about names. I have to agree, wizard names suck. But Rose Nymphadora! YES TONKS GOT ACKNOWLEDGED. That makes me happy. I can see her, hair turning red, snarling "Don't call me Nymphadora". So... Rose Tonks Weasley? I can also see Ron and Hermione laughing as they named Rose, remembering Tonks and how she hated her first name.

Nobody in this room has any friends outside this room. Hehehe I feel kind of bad for laughing.

Scorpius as Head Boy? I have to admit, that's not something I've seen before, but my reading list is limited (despite the fact it has like 250 fics on it, waiting to be read. It's still limited.) to either one-shots, romances, nextgens where they've graduated, and AUs.

I think you have a typo here - whingeing - which I think should be whining.

Love their banter in general. And yes, Albus being mistaken for Scorpius would be saying something, since (assuming they both look like their fathers) Harry and Draco are something like complete physical opposites. Sort of.

Uncle George sounds shocked that Rose of all people is in the store. But also knowing. And I love how she says the default defence seems to be "blame Dad".

Ugh I hate Louis already. From the sound of him, he seems to have picked up Fleur's worst traits. Bleurgh. (Whatever that sound is. It's supposed to be one of disgust. Homophobia is not tolerated.)

On another note, I'm glad you waited to announce that Albus and Scorpius were together, and didn't give it a whole lot of fanfare, just mentioning it in passing. I have to admit that I'm a complete noob with writing LGBTQA characters (which I'd like to change at some point) but I'm happy that you didn't start the novel by saying "This is Albus and this is Scorpius. They're both gay and dating each other." (That imaginary opening made me cringe.)

And that prank was awesome. I'm sitting here giggling nonstop and I'm very happy I'm not at school right now because if I was everyone would think I was crazy. I wonder if Scorpius used it as an excuse to get ahead in the House Cup? Winning the scholarship AND the House Cup would make for a wonderful year, I think.

Even at this point it's readily apparent why you have that Dobby award ribbon on your banner. Hopefully by the time I finish reading (and reviewing) this there'll be more chapters of Pending Further Investigation for me to catch up on? *is hopeful*


Author's Response: hey olivia! it's great to see you back, and it's absolutely fine that it took you longer than expected - this review was definitely worth the wait!

this story was always going to be about pranking, but the realities of getting a bunch of overachieving claws to actually do said pranking is where the fun happens. five thousand galleons is definitely a personality-altering amount of money (i spent a lot of time on wizarding currency converters thanks to the hp lexicon and it is. it's a lot of money. i'd alter my personality for five thousand galleons). and i'd be joining you camped outside the knocker because i'm terrible at riddles too. we'd have snacks. it'd be a party

YES it seemed like rose and hugo escaped the whole 'we turned our children into walking memorials to the war dead' fate of most of their peers but i reckon they'd probably have a middle name commemorating someone and i couldn't let tonks go unrecognised because she's the best

you shouldn't feel bad for laughing. these guys are my babies and i laugh every time i think about it because they DON'T

for some reason i always make scorpius a head boy (well, i use 'always' loosely, but i definitely make him a high achiever of some description in every story i've written).but he definitely fits the role in this story

i did typo that word, it should be whinging though, not whining (i looked it up and its use is mostly restricted to australia/new zealand/britain, so that might explain why you don't recognise it? it just means obnoxious complaining. picture small children)

i had to pay homage to the weasleys' endlessly ripping on each other because george and ron are still brothers even if they're meant to be responsible adults, and rose knows how to take advantage of that

louis is the worst. he starts out as the worst and then somehow he gets even worse. it's almost impressive

that would be an awful opening. lgbtqa representation is a major part of this story and very important to me, but it's not a major plot point at any time, because it's important to me to normalise other sexual identities as much as possible. this is a story about dorks who happen to be queer trying to prank people, not dorks being queer. and you should definitely give writing lgbtqa characters a go because you have at least one reader right here with a vested interest in the subject

i'm glad you enjoy the pranks as well! that was by far the most challenging part of writing this story - i'm about as familiar with the art of pranking as the order of the raven, so their struggles with coming up with ideas (and their pride when they do) are entirely authentic.

thank you so much for this review, and i eagerly await hearing from you again! (and hopefully i'll have a new chapter of PFI up for you in the next few days!)

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Review #17, by BellaLestrange87 i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

26th January 2015:

I saw your status about answering all your unanswered reviews. Because I'm a horrible person, I immediately decided to come to this story and leave more reviews. When I should be sleeping. Yeah, I definitely need to sort out my priorities. :p

I'm going to say first off that I LOVE the idea of George setting up a scholarship in Fred's name. Considering how close they were, he would probably want some way to remember his brother without bringing stabs of pain every time he thought of Fred, and helping future troublemakers find their way in the world is an excellent way to do so. And I love how Hermione is trying to keep her daughter on the mature approach by urging her to tune out Ron.

A teaching course run by the Ministry? It makes me happy to hear that, and also a bit hopeful that it's a recent establishment and not one that was around when Harry was in school. (If it was, look at part of its distinguished list of graduates: Gilderoy Lockhart and Dolores Umbridge. I should probably hope.)

I love how the scholarship seems to be taboo in the house! (And the fact that Rose is feigning innocence of it makes me laugh.) It's sort of similar to how the Dursleys won't let anyone say the word magic in their house, thinking that it's horrible.

Everyone's enthusiasm for the scholarship was a lot of fun to read - especially considering they seemed to have automatically assumed they would get it, without even stopping to think. Then, of course, they read the terms and conditions - which made me laugh; I don't think I've seen a better descriptor of what Fred and George did at Hogwarts - and realized just what they had to do to get that money.

And the fact that they want to use the money for normal things was, for me, nice. I've heard too many stories of people who win the lottery or something and blow it in a few months. I love how Albus and Scorpius would like to move in together, using some of the prize Galleons, even though their houses are "literally made of money". (That is an awesome line, by the way.) I think it's a great depiction of teenagers: they want to be independent, and independent means not having to owl Mom and Dad for money.

I honestly don't know how they didn't realize just what they'll have to do. It's the Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship. By the sound of it, these characters would be more suited to the Percy Weasley Scholarship: for respectable students who have a spotless record and have no idea how to prank.

Yesyesyes I think I love these guys even more! They're so much like me I can sympathize with them. Those hedonistic Gryffindors can laugh all they want, but at the end of the day we achieve things. Between the five of us we only got two Exceeds Expectations in OWL year Lester for Herbology and Holly for Astronomy with everything else Outstanding. Revenge is sweet. And Scorpius's line: "Life is not a coming-of-age novel. Is it just me, or does this seem to be a coming-of-age novel? Did you do this intentionally?

Love the Game of Thrones references. And the fact that they don't know who Umbridge is. I'm sure they could ask one of the Trio for details. Long story short, I loved this chapter, and I'll be back for more reviews tomorrow, since it's 12:30 AM here, I need to sleep, and I have an exam tomorrow.


Author's Response: I have to say this tripped me up a bit because I'm answering everything from most recent so it's a little less daunting and i refreshed the page and went "wait what i haven't seen this one before" but congratulations you're going to get the fastest review response in my author history

also there's literally nothing wrong with your priorities your priorities are perfect and i have ulterior motives.

i honestly don't even know what sparked the idea for a fred weasley memorial scholarship because it sort of jumped fully-formed into my head but yeah george weasley in my mind is the ultimate benevolent uncle who insists on corrupting other people's children while also helping them, and this is the only kind of scholarship that he'd want to put fred's name to

the teaching course is definitely a recent establishment (i reckon mcgonagall pushed for it) and also definitely in response to the string of awful teachers Hogwarts had seen in its recent history

They're very financially motivated, that bunch - and they're at the right age where they want independence - not just to move out of home but to also not rely on help from their parents. and of course they're used to excelling at everything they do, so they saw "scholarship" and went "yep that's us"

they'd win a percy weasley scholarship hands down, but that wouldn't make for a very fun story.

yeah. yeah that was a very deliberate line. this is definitely a coming-of-age novel. meta jokes are just the tip of the terrible-joke iceberg in this story

Go to bed. and good luck on your exam, and thanks so much for the detailed review!

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Review #18, by HappyMollyWeasley iv. the secret weapon [or] well, i didn't see that coming

24th January 2015:
OMG this was truly the most wonderful coming out scene I've ever read! Absolutely perfect! Albus/Scorpius is my favourite ship, and you're writing them very well. I love all your characters! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Albus/Scorpius is definitely one of my OTPs, and I loved writing them in this. Thank you again!

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Review #19, by HappyMollyWeasley ii. the initiation [or] five thousand galleons justifies everything

24th January 2015:
I can't believe I've missed this story! It's great, I'll keep reading! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #20, by marauderfan xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

23rd January 2015:
Okay! I've now read the whole thing. Apologies on not reviewing more of these chapters - when I read a fic that's got a lot of chapters I tend to just click right on through rather than reviewing, and I did that in this case because your story is addicting. I know, I'm terrible. BUT. This story was so, so wonderful and I am going to try to find the words to describe just how wonderful.

The way you handled LGBTQ characters, first of all, was just lovely. I also liked that within this group of Ravenclaws, four of the five of them were queer so it was the norm and Lester was the one who stood out as he was straight. Not that it mattered to any of them because they're just all good friends who love each other for being good friends. But I loved that because hetero was the minority here, it turned the tables on heteronormativity. That's so important.

Also, anxiety. I think you handled the subject so well, and as this is a big deal for some people it's especially important to handle tactfully and you really did. Rose's panic attack in the staffroom was heartbreaking and while I knew what was happening outside her head, (i.e. I could tell that the teachers weren't trying to expel her), seeing it all through Rose's eyes was so powerful and I felt so badly for her. It really did feel like a scary moment and you did so well portraying anxiety in this.

Albus and Scorpius were seriously amazing. I kind of had a mini-heart attack when they broke up for that short time there. I just loved your characterisation of both of them, and their obsessions with Latin and Ancient Greek made me smile every time. Please tell me they stay together forever.

All of your characters, though, were really impressive. You put such thought into their personalities and back stories and what makes them who they are, and it shows. They were all just such a delight to read, particularly all of them interacting together as a group. What an awesome group of people. :)

I can 1000% understand why this story won a Dobby. You totally deserve it. Thank you for writing this.

Author's Response: honestly it's such a huge compliment that you were so engrossed in the story that you didn't stop to review, it means a lot to me

turning the tables on heteronormativity is my mission in life. i can't articulate how happy it makes me that i achieved that because heteronormativity is such a damaging concept and it's so important to me that i challenge that. and lester being the 'token straight' is also lifted straight from personal experience - my flat is four-fifths queer too and we have the token straight guy, and nobody's queer in isolation. birds of a feather flock together and all that.

anxiety is another of those things i have a vested interest in portraying accurately because i have anxiety myself (and the staffroom scene was really draining and really helpful to write at the same time - this story has honestly taught me so much) but it was also important for me to show the value of having support networks in place - again, personal experience, because that wasn't something i had as a teenager.

albus/scorpius is endgame. they go through a lot together and some of it's worse than their brief break-up, but they do stay together forever and i don't think its spoiling anything of pending further investigation to tell you that.

i'm so glad you like them as much as i do, they really are my babies and i adore them and the way they interact. thank you so much for reading, and for this lovely review!

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Review #21, by marauderfan ix. the family we choose [or] all you need is love

22nd January 2015:
Hi Lisa. I apologise in advance for this review because it's 1 in the morning and as Rose can attest (i.e. toomanycurls, not Rose Weasley) my brain doesn't work past about 10 so I leave lots of loopy late night reivews.

Anyway, what I want to say is that I love this story. I've been hearing so much about it for so long and finally decided to read it and I'm so glad I did - I just love the characters and how hyou're addressing such important issues and things that are not often mentioned in fiction but are so relatable. And you've done it with such fantastic dialogue and humour. I want to be friends with all these nerdy Ravenclaws. Even though I'm not a Claw, I feel like I'd fit right in and that they are the sort of people who would actually appreciate my memorising Pi to 67 places.

Though I really want to just keep reading, I will finish the rest of the story tomorrow because my right eye is twitching in tiredness. That's probably for the best though beause then I'll be able to write proper reviews in the morning. Ciao!

Author's Response: don't ever apologise for loopy late night reviews because i treasure them so much

thank you so much! i feel like tfwms is probably sitting in that category of "i've heard a lot about this story, i should read it sometime" for a lot of people and it's always really gratifying to hear that it's been worth their time or lives up to expectation.

they would definitely appreciate your memorising Pi to 67 places. especially holly because she's a huge dork. i want to be friends with them all as well but alas they're not real and i made them up

thank you so much for the review (and for reading to the point of eye twitches!)

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Review #22, by crestwood i. the plan [or] five nerds face a life of hedonism

10th January 2015:
Here I am, approaching the daunting task of reviewing this beautiful, beautiful story. I am almost afraid to sully it with what I have to say. But, I've been putting it off for far too long and now is definitely the time to start. (although I have my eye on a few other things on your Author's Page as well)

Can I just say--if we ever got a Next-Gen film, this is what I want. I will accept nothing less than a Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship movie.

Now that I know you agree with me about the importance of faceclaims I have to say that your Rose is spot on for this story and I can't see that person ever again without thinking of this story.

The beginning of this in which Ron is telling Rose about the scholarship is such an amazing set up. Especially when he mouths Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship at her. I remember when I first read this and I was jumping up and down because I already knew I had found a new favorite.

Scorpius says something haughtily here in the first chapter, how fitting.

And of course Holly is the only one to read the fine print. It's amazing coming back and seeing how much of their character is present here.

Honestly though--I am obviously a Slytherclaw for life because research, discovery, mastery of skills, massive superiority complexes?? Also known as Joseph.

Their reaction to this revelation that they'll have to prank is so great. It's like it's really not something they'd do, but then again TONS OF MONEY.

How did I miss how meta this is?? Scorpius talking about character development and coming of age novels is kind of the funniest thing ever considering that their lives are pretty much literally a coming of age novel.

I live my LIFE for anecdotes. I am all for eternal shenanigan glory. Also, the way they keep repeating each others words is so hilarious for some reason.

Game of Thrones references thrown in for good measure ♥

The Order of the Raven is perfect on a number of different levels.

This just made me realize that I've never written an Umbridge teacher before. I kind of want to write a Really Mean Teacher fic now.

The end of the chapter on that note of like 'were totally the most hated at this school, who are we even supposed to prank??' is perfect and this is like, one of the most flawless chapters of anything I've ever read.

You're so great at writing seriously what does one even say about this. Like--thank you for sharing this with the world I guess?? You're incredibly talented and I want to be you. Okay, I'm done - you're awesome.

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Review #23, by ScarlettANDJames xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

6th January 2015:
i loved your story! its so not cliche and with very well written characters and this was just brilliant tbh, i think i will definitely stop by your other stories as well! xx

Author's Response: thanks so much, i'm glad you enjoyed it and that you enjoy my other stuff as well! thanks for the review :)

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Review #24, by Dumdum ix. the family we choose [or] all you need is love

2nd January 2015:
So funny! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #25, by Dumdum vi. the acceleration of chaos [or] holly & lester become inadvertent zookeepers

2nd January 2015:
I was laughin through the entire chapter!
left boob xD

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it!

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