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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest Stubborn

29th May 2016:
I like your story's pace-these two characters are great together; keep going!

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Review #2, by SunshineDaisies Stubborn

12th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Hufflepuff

I didn't even notice this was in second person until I read it in your AN! I think that means it was effective. :) I loved reading this. Remus and Tonks are such a tragic couple, and it's so sad to think of them not being together when they don't have that much time left. I love Tonks's determination with Remus, and I love the way she kept promising she was done, but kept coming back. Isn't that the way it always goes? If only Remus would just let himself be happy...

I think they were both perfectly in character, though I would've been okay with some OOC-ness here. As long as it was happy :)

Great work!

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Review #3, by Dojh167 Stubborn

12th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015 Review

Oh, don't mind me. Just stopping by for a routine review. I may have read one or two of your things a... while... ago.

This is the first song fic I've read in a very long time! I had almost forgotten what they were like.

It s so heartbreaking to see Lupin so negative towards himself. You even added to what we know about his negative self image by showing us the state of his home. I had always assumed that his things were generally dirty because he was poor, but the layer that it's because he doesn't think he deserves better adds a really sad but believable layer.

Just from reading this it is fairly obvious that this is a much older piece of work for you. I can definitely see how much you have grown, through both establishing a very strong character voice and in finding really compelling twists to put on stories.

This story does not lack those things, but merely shows them in their beginning stages. It's been kind of fun to read through some of your work in a backwards order and see how you've grown. I'll definitely becoming back for some of your other work (broken, broken was already on my reading list before I started stalking your AP today).


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Review #4, by LadyL8 Stubborn

12th June 2015:
Hi There. I'm here for the House Cup, as you could probably have guessed on your own :P

I'm always amazed by people that manage to write exactly 500 words and get so much across in so few words. And it's so interesting, because everyone solves it differently. And you did it in a good way, if you ask me.

I like the second person's narrative. It's been growing on me for a while now, and I absolutely loved how you wrote it. It was interesting to see it all from Tonks side of the story. I've only ever read a few Remus/Tonks stories, but most have been from his perspective. So this was a welcoming change, and I really liked how you told the story.

I really felt as if I could understand Tonks pain and frustration. She loves him, it's as easy as that for her, but he makes it complicated because of how "everyone" views him and how he views himself. He doesn't think he's good enough for her, but for her it's just love - she loves him, it's as simple as that.

In the books, I felt like this ship came to suddenly. We didn't really get to see them grow closer, fall in love etc. It was just 'wow, they're together', 'wow, they're having a kid' and then 'Nooo, they're dead'. Everything was so fast-paced, so I didn't really get to enjoy it or even see the relationship properly. But I definitely think you did them justice, and I think I might want to read some more Tonks/Remus now.

It was great - I loved it. And I hope you have an amazing weekend!



House Cup 2015 - Hufflepuff

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Review #5, by True Author Stubborn

19th October 2014:
Hi! I'm here with your challenge review! I'm so sorry this took so long... The exam I was preparing hard for ended yesterday so I'd surely leave your six prize reviews in this week. :)

I loved this story from the first time I read it. Remus/Tonks is my most favorite couple from the books right next to Ron/Hermione. I especially love to read about the hard patch they went through before they got married. SO this story was a perfect read to me!

You've captured Tonks's feelings wonderfully. Her pain, sadness, her love and hope is too real. She is a complex character and you've written her with great ease. And the most important thing is how the title I had given suits so perfectly to the plot. :D

Kudos for writing this all in just 500 words! I've tried it and I know how hard it it! I had to edit my one-shot five times to make it 500 words exactly. :P

Lovely story!


Author's Response: Hey there! It's really not a problem, RL gets in the way and I think I took longer to answer the review than you took to leave it, so we'll call it even. :P Hope you did well on the exam!

Thank you so much! Remus and Tonks are a really sweet pairing, I think, although I actually don't read much fic about them. I'm really glad that you liked this, though!

Ah, I'm so glad you think so! Even Tonks isn't really a main character in the books I was so scared of massing her characterisation up so to hear that you think I did a good job means a lot, thank you! And yay, I'm glad you think that the title suits the story!

Thank you! It is a challenge every time I try this, so it's always fun.

Thanks for an amazing review!

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Review #6, by Aliciamckenzier Stubborn

14th October 2014:
I really enjoyed this. I want to read a part two.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you did! I never intended a part two, unfortunately, but if the muse strikes then it might happen sometime. :)

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #7, by maskedmuggle Stubborn

12th July 2014:

This was such a great song fic! I don't know why but I don't read song fics that often.. usually they're actually so interesting, as I found yours to be! I really liked the lyrics used here - I felt like they really connected to the plot which is awesome! The plot itself was neat - because we know about this from the books, but it's so great getting a deeper insight into it. I thought you did such an awesome job characterising Tonks - even through the second person, which I think you did such a fantastic job of writing! I also thought Remus was totally in character, with his constant denial and hesitation. I loved how Tonks at the end remained resolute in her love for Remus - so heartwarming to read about.

The one thing I wasn't sure about was the peas quote. It just didn't seem to fit that well within the context - rather than being another sentence in the story, it was noticeable that it was a sentence you had put in because you had to try and incorporate it into the story? It didn't really feel part of the story to me, hope that makes sense? There wasn't enough link before and after the quote for it to really fit in. Overall though, I definitely thought you did an amazing job conveying the situation between Remus and Tonks, especially in 500 words!!! ♥

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey Charlotte! :)

Oh, thank you! I love songfics to be honest, the juxtaposition of fic and song is always so interesting but there aren't a lot up on the archives, which is a bit sad. I'm so glad you liked the song and lyrics I picked for this story, though, because I do agree that it really does fit.

Ah, I love exploring canon missing moments so I'm really glad that you enjoyed this as well! And you're making me blush, thank you so much for saying that my characterisation of them was good because I'm pretty terrified of writing canon characters, since I'm always terrified I'll mess them up.

Oh, thank you for that! I'll have a look at the context around it and see what I can do to make it seem a bit more natural, thank you for that!

Thanks for an amazing review, Charlotte! Go Ravenclaw! :D

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Review #8, by Pretense Of Perfection Stubborn

11th July 2014:
Remus has always been one of my favorite characters, although for some reason I don't really read a lot of Remus/Tonks. However, I just might have to start now! You did a wonderful job of portraying Tonk's persistence that we know from canon, as well as her innermost thoughts and feelings as well. It was an insightful glimpse into her head and the inner workings of her mind, and you pulled it off brilliantly. I think you did a wonderful job with Remus as well, as he's pretty well in character, especially with the parts about wanting her to leave and putting himself down in an effort to convince her that he isn't worthy of her love. For some reason I really like the "home" you've made for him as well, I can totally picture him renting out like..a broom closet in an abandoned building or something else extreme, just because he's never felt good enough for one reason or another. I typically stay away from second person POV, but it's starting to grow on me, and you did a lovely job with it. I really like the song that you chose to incorporate as well, Evanescence has so many powerfully emotional songs, and I think it fits quite well with the overall theme and tone you were going for.

--house cup 2014 review--

Author's Response: Yes, I feel exactly the same! I don't read much of this pairing either, but Remus is such a cute character.

Oh, thank you! I'm always a bit scared when it comes to writing canon characters because I'm afraid I'll mess up the image that JKR gave us in the books, so I'm so glad to hear that you think I did a good job with their respective characterisations!

Aw Remus my poor baby, yes, he never gives himself the credit he deserves. :( I'm glad you found his "home" to be in character!

Oh, I'm so glad that I managed to change your mind a little about second person, because I love it, personally! And I'm really happy that you think the song fits the story, I absolutely love Evanescence, their songs are so amazing.

Thanks for an amazing review!

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Review #9, by Veritaserum27 Stubborn

9th July 2014:

This was just beautiful. I didn't read all the story information before I clicked on it, but I could immediately tell that it was Tonks and Remus. I thought that second person POV was fantastic here - it really put the reader in Tonks's shoes. I could feel her desperation, love and anguish throughout the story. The song lyrics were a perfect touch and not overdone. Sometimes, I think they detract from a story because they are put in between every paragraph, but this was nicely paced. I felt at the end of it that Tonks wasn't going to give up and was going to stay right there until he admitted it as well! Very nice job in just five hundred words!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey, Beth! :D

Oh, thank you so much! I'm really glad that I did a good job characteristing them - good enough that you recognised them straightaway, that means so much to me as I'm terrified of writing canon characters in case I mess them up! I'm really glad you liked the second person POV and that you felt it added to the story, and that you liked the song lyrics as well - Evanescence is one of my favourite bands, they have such emotionally powerful songs. The Every Word Count Challenge is truly a challenge every time I attempt it, so I'm so happy you liked the end result!

Thank you so much for a lovely review, Beth! (Also, go Ravenclaw! :D)


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Review #10, by jessicalorewrites Stubborn

9th July 2014:

Aw this oneshot is really sweet. Your characterisation of Remus and Tonks is really good. I've found I'm quite picky with how Remus is often described in fanfiction but your version of him was excellent :)

The second person pov really added to the story, in my opinion. It gives it a kind of detatched feel which serves to emphasis the current distance between Remus and Tonks, until they can give in to their love.

I'm also completely blown away by all the challenges you managed to write this for. Particularly the every word count ones. It barely even felt like 500 words with how much of their relationship you managed to show.

Well done! I really enjoyed reading this :)


{House Cup 2014 Review - Gryffindor}

Author's Response: Hi!

Oh, I'm so glad that you think so! It means a lot to me that you think I characterised them well, because, and I keep saying this but it's so true, I'm terrified of writing canon characters in case I mess them up, so to hear/see you say I got it right is immensely relieving!

I'm so glad you liked the second person POV! I love writing in second person, so I'm really glad you think this added to the story.

And thank you! Haha, yes, I just decided to stick this into every challenge I could find. :P And I'm really glad that you thought the 500 words was enough to express the story, as it truly is a challenge every time I go for it again.

Thanks so much for a lovely review!


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Review #11, by patronus_charm Stubborn

8th July 2014:
Hey Emily!

Aw, this one-shot was so lovely and I really loved your characterisation of Ronks and as Iím really picky with them as theyíre my OTP Iím so glad you wrote them so well. Ok, but letís talk a little about the technical side of things as I really loved the lyrics as they added so much to the story and really worked with it rather than against like they often do. And Iím so impressed this was all 500 words as you covered so much it felt like much more than that. I really loved the second person POV too, and I honestly donít think it would have worked so well as it did in another one.

Remus and Tonks were so lovely together and I really liked you showed nearly of their relationship and all of the little snippets within it as it meant I could see all sides to them and really understand them which was really cool. I think the closing line is what did it for me because itís like get together now, enjoy yourselves while you can because you donít have long, and just that thought kept on running round my head. This was a great one-shot!

House Cup 2014 Review!

Author's Response: Hey, Kiana!

Oh yay, thank you so much! I'm so happy that you think so! You already know how scared I am of writing canon characters so to hear/see that you think I characterised them well is a massive relief, especially because you're such a big fan of the pairing yourself! And yes, I love Evanescence so much and I'm so glad that everyone seems to think that their lyrics added to the story rather than taking away from them. And yes, I'm really happy that you liked the second person point of view and 500 words as I was slightly afraid it was going to end up overboard, you know? :P

Wah, thank you so much! I do quite like the pairing of the two characters, and this coming from someone who loves the ship, it means a lot to me that you would say they're characterised well and their interactions were okay. Thanks so much, Kiana!

(Also, this hardly needs to be said but go Ravenclaw!! You're a reviewing machine, Kiana.)


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Review #12, by Lostmyheart Stubborn

27th April 2014:

I've always wanted to read a story of how Tonks confronted Lupin when he was so cold towards her, it was a really nice take on it!

The lyrics fit the story plot very well, I haven't listened to Evanescence in a very long time, so I should probably check the song out as soon as I can!

It's amazing you could squeeze this story into three challenges! I think you did it very well! I'm working on a story for two challgenes and I find it very difficult, so I applaud you! :D

With an ending like that, I really want to read more. I should probably got check out more Lupin/Tonks stories :)

Anyway, I loved reading it, it was very well-written and very easy to read.

Big hug,

Author's Response: Hi Avi!

Woo, I'm so glad that I could fill in some of the gaps here for you, I love writing those moments that the series might not have touched upon.

Yes, Evanescence is an amazing band, I love their music so much, so when I got Remus/Tonks for the challenge I immediately thought of this song. I'm so happy you think the lyrics fit the song well! And yes, definitely go check them out. :D

Bahaha, thank you! It's my first time trying three challenges at once, I've done two before but never three. I'm sure your story will turn out great!

Yes! I'm so glad and touched that I could get you to ship Remus/Tonks, I love that ship and you should definitely read more of them, haha.

Thanks so much, I'm really happy you enjoyed this and that you thought it was well-written, it means a lot to me!

Thanks for a lovely review and the swap, I enjoyed it so much. :)

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Review #13, by marauderfan Stubborn

25th April 2014:
Emily! You've been busy writing these past few months, I just stalked your page to find all sorts of new stories haha.

This one definitely caught my eye - that's a lot of challenges you wrote it for - and I recently tried the every word counts challenge too. I love seeing what people can do with only 500 words and you did so much with it! Your descriptions are very short and concise, but convey a lot - I like the part about "eyes made hollow from the war".

I think you wrote Tonks and Remus really well, too - and I loved the second person POV! You know, I have never heard the song (I can hear you already telling me GO LISTEN TO IT) but it works SO perfectly in the story, I can see why you chose it. It literally feels like part of the story - the second person POV of the story and the song together, it's this very neat blend. I like it.

Your quote from that challenge is quite peculiar but I think it worked! I think mainly because Tonks was speaking for that line - I could really see her saying something like that, as she's a quirky character and probably even when she's being serious, like here, she says slightly offbeat things.

It must have been so difficult for Tonks during those months during the war when Remus was away on dangerous missions because he didn't think he deserved to be loved. :( I like how you pointed out the stubbornness of both characters, too - Remus in insisting she is too good for him, repeating it over and over, and Tonks because she refuses to listen to that! No wonder it took them ages to get together :p but anyway, you did really great with this one-shot, and with the frustration and stubbornness of these two characters during the war, excellent work!!

Author's Response: Kristin! I know right? NaNo madness, so I have a whole lot of new stories to put as well, hehehe.

Bahaha yeah, it kind of started and then they all stuck themselves in the story so I ended up with a oneshot for three challenges. :P Gah, thank you, I'm so glad that this 500 words actually told a story and wasn't just some weird thang I put together, you get my meaning? :P And yay for describing things well in a small amount of words, I really wanted to try that and I'm so glad you think it worked. :D

I'm so happy that people think I haven't completely botched their characterisation. Seriously. I love these two to bits and I was really hoping to do their characters justice. And yes, Kristin, GO LISTEN TO IT. :P But I'm so glad you think that the two worked well together! I mean, the song isn't really in second person, so I was hoping the change in POV wouldn't be jarring. I'm happy you liked the blend!

Bahaha yes, Tonks works well as that sort-of quirky character, and I agree, she could pull off that quote really well. I'm glad you think it didn't stick out too badly though, I know that happens a lot for quote challenges

Gah, poor Tonks. :'( It must have been difficult, and so sad for her. And gah Remus was just too stubborn. I think that is quite a defining quality of this couple, and I'm glad you liked the mention of it. Bahaha, no wonder it took them ages indeed. xD Wah, thank you Kristin, I'm so glad you think I did a good job with them and their emotions.

Thanks so much for such a lovely review Krisint, it made my ANZAC day. ♥

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Review #14, by HeyMrsPotter Stubborn

24th April 2014:
Hi, Emily! I decided to go for this story as it had the fewest reviews :)

It always completely astounds me that people can write entries for the every word counts challenge. Your entry is no different, you've managed to say so much in so few words and I'm just completely envious! I think you did a great job of working the quote in, sometimes in quote challenge entries the quote stands out like a sore thumb but it's definitely something I could imagine Tonks saying :) The song lyrics are incorporated really well, too, they fit with the story and don't disrupt the flow or distract from it either.

What I really love about this is your characterisation of Tonks and Lupin in just 500 words, they're perfect. I can totally see him throwing himself into war rather than give into his feelings for her, it's such a Lupin thing to do, his thoughts about himself are his worst enemy and that really comes across in this. And Tonks is great, too. Stubborn and witty and determined to get Lupin, I love that she told herself not to plead with him again and yet she kept trying. It's just so perfect it could be canon :)

Thanks for a lovely read, Emily. Really great job!

Author's Response: Dee! Hey there, and thanks so much for offering to review something of mine. :)

Gah, thank you so much! I want to expand my writing as well, more in the style of Dickens or Tolstoy, with lots of details that make the picture really vivid, but I also want to know how to use words well, so I decided that since I was putting this in two other challenges I may as well use the Every Word Counts challenge as an exercise for that. I'm really glad you think it worked well!

Hehe yeah, Tonks didn't immediately spring to mind or anything but when I was writing this I decided that it would be a perfect thing for Tonks to say and stuck it in. I'm so happy you think it blended in well and that the song lyrics matched the story well, I was really worried about that.

Gah, yes. Remus and Tonks. I ship them so much it's not funny. I love them so much, and so I'm really really happy that you don't think I've botched their characterisation at all but that you thought the opposite. And to hear/see from you that you think this could be canon is an amazing compliment, thank you so much!

Thanks for a lovely review, Dee! ♥ You're amazing!

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Review #15, by UnluckyStar57 Stubborn

20th April 2014:

This is positively beautiful!! I'm listening to the song right now, and I think it fits perfectly with the theme of the story!

The quotes you chose to use from the song are absolutely perfect. I love how they complement Remus' beliefs about himself, and how Tonks just wants him to see that she doesn't care that he's a werewolf. The fact that this story is about war calls to mind another song... "Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield?" Hahaha, except this is way more serious than that song.

Gosh, you used your 500 words so well! I love how you detailed the beginnings of their acquaintanceship so succinctly. It was a perfect set up for what happened on his doorstep.

My favorite part, hands-down:

""You deserve better than meĖ"

"I don't want better than you." You've been over this a thousand times with him."

Geezz, even though there are no qualifiers to tell me HOW they said it, I can positively imagine the way they said it. He was sad/cynical/longing and she was adamant/passionate/sincere. At least, that's what I saw. Brilliant job throughout this whole thing, but those few lines were the most vivid in my mind. :)

Arrrgggh, I've not read much Remus/Tonks, but this one-shot makes me like the ship so very much! Thank you for writing such a beautiful thing!

And good luck in your challenges. :)


Author's Response: Hi again Mallory!

Wow, thank you! And yeah, I love Evanescence to pieces, I'm glad you think that the song fits this/this fits the song!

Whoo, I'm glad you think the quotes matched the story, this is my first songfic and I was just hoping I was doing it right. :P Wait, I hope you mean the Pat Benatar version, because I have no clue of the covers/other versions that there might have been. And yeah, I guess it is. :P

Thank you! I wanted to se how much I could fit into the 500 words and I'm so happy you thought that I did it well! And I'm really glad that you think succinct rather than bare or something, and that you liked what happened on the doorstep as well. :D

Oh, Remus. Why must you be so stubborn and cause Tonks such pain? I don't know. But I'm super glad you liked that part, and yeah, I'd say that you're spot on with how they said it. I think one of the reasons is that they're already canon characters as well, so we do have a bit of an indication of how they would act.

Oh my goodness, as an author you don't know how happy I am to hear/see you say that this story made you like Remus/Tonks and that you want to go read more stories about them - I really like this ship and having gotten another person on board means a lot to me. :D

Woah, and thank you for this wonderful review! And for the luck, I'm probably going to need it. ;) This literally made my week Mallory, thank you so much.

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