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Review #1, by Hazey Loss

4th July 2015:
Happy Fourth of July! Thanks for the update of another great chapter. I really feel bad for James but it's great he's seeing a psychiatrist to help him. It's always understandable that he can't remember the spells due to his accident. Time will heal but it could take a while or long time. Perhaps he'll take the time to think what he wants to do with his career. Perhaps he could work with his uncle George as he seem to love pranks more than Quidditch. Or maybe something different that has to do with Quidditch but instead of playing instead. Whatever he will do I'm sure it will be a great one. Mila's loss of Burke's death made me cry because he was so awesome. I'd hug Mila all day. Hope you have a great summer.

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Review #2, by MargaretLane Loss

30th June 2015:
Wow, ye get ye're summer break late. Even the primary schools in Ireland finished up last Friday at the latest. The secondaries have been closed a month now.

Hmm, I wonder what James could be keeping hidden. I assumed he was just depressed about not being able to play Quidditch. Which is enough really. Having to rethink all your life plans is pretty disconcerting. Particular at his age, I think, because before that, you feel you've loads of time and later, you realise that plans often get derailed and it's usually redeemable, but at his age, people tend to feel life plans are a once-off, decide now and everything will go smoothly typed thing ans when it's not...

But if Al says there's more, I believe him. As Rose said, his instincts tend to be good.

*laughs at the March/April thing* This is why I don't like when Easter falls late in April, because having the Easter holidays over makes students at least realise they're in the last term. If the Easter holidays take the last two weeks of April, it could be May before they start to think seriously of the exams and at that point, they are only a month away.

Do they only get a long weekend for Easter? That's short. Poor Hogwarts students. They don't get much time off.

Yikes, that stuff about James not being able to remember spells is dreadful. Poor James. He has an awful lot to deal with.

Oh, I'd forgotten about Burke being in St. Mungo's. This could get interesting.

Considering the circumstances, I think Al can feel pretty confident his father is doing some serious thinking. If I had a son and he had just been seriously injured so he was no longer able to use his arm properly, was having difficulty remembering things that were important for his education/life and couldn't now pursue the career that he'd hoped to, I'd sure be doing some serious thinking.

Oh, have you heard of the Berkeley accident? It's obviously huge news here - a number of Irish students injured or killed in the U.S. when a balcony collapsed.

Yeah, Harry has a point that this is bound to affect James. How much, both physically and emotionally, remains to be seen, as does exactly how.

Aw, I was hoping we'd get to see Burke again.

I wonder if his niece will turn out to be relevant. She seems to play a part in this illegal potions trade. Hmm.

Don't worry about the delay. Real life comes first. And delays mean the story will last longer.

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Review #3, by PurpleShoes2 Loss

30th June 2015:
Yay nice to see you back!

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Review #4, by ngyonatkailahman Loss

29th June 2015:
Yay! Welcome back. I do understand about real life taking priority. I hope things will settle down and you will have time to relax and write again. I do so miss reading your wonderfully written updates. Poor James. I just want to cry.

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Review #5, by UPDATE!!!!!!!!! The Protest

21st June 2015:

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Review #6, by Pheonix Potioneer The Burned Boat

20th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015!

Hmmm, Albus bullying second years. Tsk tsk. I know, it wasn't really bullying, but you shouldn't be taking advantage of their fear.

Nice, Lindy! Burning the boat! Awesome! Hogwarts will have their hands full with those four.

So to replace Divination they chose... Alchemy (and Magical Theory, which should be interesting). Alchemy! Does that even work? Yeah, I get the Flamel did it with magic, but... sorry, alchemy just seems very sketchy. I mean, in order to change an ordinary metal into gold, you'd have to change the very atoms in the metal! You'd have to change all of them! Alchemy is impossible. The only way you can get gold is if there's a magic spell that will change the very atoms of a metal.

Internships! What a great idea! I wonder who will get what internships? I'm mostly curious as to what internship Matt will get. Albus will definitely do aurors, no doubt about it.

I love how Gemma says that she will not INTENTIONALLY set anything on fire. Nice, Gemma.

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Review #7, by Pheonix Potioneer Gemma Brickston

20th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015!

Wow, Lily broke up with her boyfriend, but she's the one who's crying? Wow. And who is he anyway? I'm curious. To be honest, I'm surprised that Albus had snooped around and already found out. He snoops around and eavesdrops on everyone. Shouldn't he have figured it out by now? I guess he doesn't care about Lily's mysterious boyfriend than he does other things...

And Lily missed the train? Wow! Just... wow! She must care about him a lot. And she's the one who broke up with him! Maybe... there must have been a reason that she broke up with him like right before they left. And why she kept it a secret. Maybe she realized that nobody would ever approve of their relationship, so they had to break up before school started?

Gemma is such a wonderful name. Sorry, I just had to say that- the chapter is named after her. I actually wrote a story where the main character's name is Gemma.

Gemma, Samantha, Lindy, and Bethany. All troublemakers. Ugh, that sounds bad. If Albus, Matt, John, and Kaden are the modern Marauders, then Gemma, Samantha, Lindy, and Bethany will be the girl Marauders.

Wait, when Matt realized that Malfoy would be in most of their classes, Albus said, “Depends on how he did on his O.W.L.s." But Albus knows! Malfoy told Albus, Kaden, and LIly in DIagon Alley, remember?

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Review #8, by Pheonix Potioneer Balladanis's Visit

20th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015!

Poor, poor Matt. Suffering Legilimancy. Oh, and then the nightmares... I will repeat: poor, poor Matt. Let's just hope it works. Fingers crossed.

Ha ha, I find Hugo being bad at Quidditch amusing.

That's really nice of Hermione to not stop Albus and Matt from eavesdropping.

WOW Balladanis is like a double agent! Wow wow wow! I thought Balladanis's part was over. This is crazy! Balladanis's act at the Ministry is precisely that- an act! Frankly, I'm kind of surprised he's willing to play in politics. Before now, he never got involved in government, since he seems to just like catching dark creatures and dark wizards. Why is he getting so involved in government now? He never cared before. Why doesn't he just quit? I don't get it. Could he secretly be on the side of Laurentis and is pretending to be on Harry's side so he knows what is going on? Hmmm. Conspiracy theories are running amok in my head.

Great chapter! Really, really intriguing, especially the bit about Balladanis.

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Review #9, by Pheonix Potioneer Occlumency

20th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015!

Oh wow, I forgot that this version of Scorpius hates Albus! I'm so used to reading fics where they are best friends, so them being enemies is kind of weird. Now everything Malfoy did third year (Trying to figure out that Matt was a werewolf) and fourth is coming back. Yeah, don't like this Malfoy very much.

Lily's comeback is BRILLIANT! I knew she was smart. She made Malfoy speechless! Ha! Why is he that speechless though? Maybe because it was unexpected? Oh no, does Malfoy have a crush on Lily? Is that why he bragged about getting 8 OWLs? Hope Lily doesn't go for Malfoy. She's smarter than that. Ugh, I've gone off topic again, haven't I?

Wow, Matt did REALLY WELL on his OWLs- as well as Albus- and he isn't at school a few days a month. Since he misses so much class, that many OWLs is actually very impressive. Congrats Matt! He could actually be a really really good student, I think, if he didn't miss a lot of school and have a lot of other things on his mind.

Oooh, Occlumency lessons! I wonder if that could help Matt? I've never thought that Occlumency could help him, but maybe it could! Hooray!

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Review #10, by Pheonix Potioneer Big News

20th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015!

James joining the circus would be amusing. Bit of a stretch though, unless he flew around on his broomstick and did stunts with his broomstick at the circus. I can actually see that.

So, ALbus said it was 8 o'clock in the morning, and he only got 6 hours of sleep, so... he didn't go to bed until two in the morning? ALBUS! Why did he do that! It's not like he was even doing anything really important, like homework, is it? Wow. I've turned into his mom.

Good for Gerogia! Talking sense into James! She came up with some very good arguments to get him out of that mess.

Hmm, so Harry won't be an auror anymore. I must admit, that makes sense. With the horrible hag Laurentis minister and the stupid Johnson as head auror, work must be extremely frustrating for Harry. And one thing that my parents always told me is that if you don't like your job, quit it. I doubt a job as an auror in the present climate is probably making Harry miserable, and a job at Hogwarts as DADA teacher for the great Kendrick is probably much better. Contrary to what everyone else might think, becoming a teacher would suit Harry well. I always thought that Harry would make a great teacher. The only problem is that in the original series his temper would have gotten in the way. Though I suppose much of that was stress over Voldemort.

Albus blushed when Marina looked at him! FINALLY Al is growing up and showing an interest in girls. It took him long enough.

Kaden, telling Lily that Albus snuck into Knockturn Alley last year is not cool. *groans* I just hope he doesn't turn into a Peter. I like him too much.

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Review #11, by Pheonix Potioneer A Talk With James

20th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015!

Good idea for Rose to go find James- James has no quarrel with them, after all. And being "given space" might make him feel abandoned, so that's good.

The part where Rose eats the chicken is rather amusing. Nice job, Rose.

Hmmm, what does Harry want to tell the kids? Something important, obviously. Are they moving? That's what most "big announcements" are probably about. But why would they need to move? I can't think of a reason why. Hmmm. And then, Harry mentioned it being part of the Prophet. It must be something pretty big.

Why does Lily keep bringing up James? She's not stupid. She knows it's a sensitive topic.

Nice chapter! The tension builds...

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Review #12, by Pheonix Potioneer Results

20th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015!

I find Rose's worrying over the OWLs amusing. If I have a big test I worry about it crazily like she does, but I do it before, not after. After, I'm kind of like "Oh well, it's done now. Yay!"

Ugh, family fights. Not good. I hope James doesn't stay mad at Harry and Ginny for too long... and that Harry and Ginny don't stay made at James for too long.

Good job Rose- nearly all Outstandings! Just slightly worse than Hermione's results. Albus's aren't too bad either- better than Harry's, I think. Albus did have a lot going on with Boone and everything, but at least he didn't have the threat of Voldemort looming as he took his exams. I'd say that Albus and Harry are roughly the same then, when it comes to schooling.

I feel so sorry for John's mom. She must be miserable, with her kids running around destroying things half the time!

Hmm. Very sad note this chapter left off on. James running away is not good.

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Review #13, by Arianna The Accident

14th June 2015:
I'm going to put this out there, even though I already read the chapter. I hate this, and I really hate what it does to the rest of the story. It seems like everything from here through chapter 41 is all centered around James and his injury and to me that's really annoying. I love your writing and your plot lines, but this really, really irritated me because I feel like not enough time is being spent on Albus and his story throughout the next eight or so chapters.

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Review #14, by Liana The Protest

24th May 2015:
I agree that James needs to see a psychiatrist. He can't go on being this depressed. I guess the moral of the story is that people shouldn't attach themselves to one activity to the detriment of learning other activities. If something doesn't work out you're left with nothing.

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Review #15, by MargaretLane The Protest

12th May 2015:
Hmm, this is interesting. Elsie seems to have gotten a good deal more confident all of a sudden. Being caught out of the castle by a prefect who is quite a few years older than you would normally be pretty intimidating for a student, especially one as shy as Elsie APPEARED to be. It's looking more and more as if the key word is "appeared."

I wonder if she intended to let the mask slip a little there.

Telling Harry is a good idea. And even if he DID get a detention, it would be worth it to report Elsie if she IS doing something illegal.

I keep forgetting Harry is teaching at Hogwarts again. It actually makes Dawlish's behaviour even stranger, because if Harry is with Albus all year 'round, it would make far more sense for him to be the one to inform Albus of the things Dawlish did. Hmm.

And a few paragraphs later this is explained. Dawlish seems to have a bit of his own agenda here.

I sort of think it should be "I won't go to any more (meetings)" rather than "I won't go to anymore."

I very much doubt a protest would do James's migraines much good anyway.

Pity Hogwarts didn't pay as much attention to parents' complaints when Umbridge was around. The Ministry must have gotten complaints when she was basically torturing students.

Yeah, it's probably good that James is getting some kind of psychological help. He has a LOT to adjust to, and he does seem to be struggling with it, understandably. Hopefully, they can help him get his life back on track.

Hmm, I wonder what James is hiding.

The fact he's so opposed to the idea of counselling is concerning, since it's unlikely to help unless he engages fully with it.

Your update schedule is amazing. I think we can all wait an extra week here and there.

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Review #16, by ngayonatkailanman The Protest

12th May 2015:
i am an avid fan of your stories and i kept checking for updates. at least now i know why. you ran out of pre-written chapters. thanks for that. as usual, this chapter was worth the wait. love to be a fly on the wall during James's meetings with Norlam.

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Review #17, by balaclava Thestrals

2nd May 2015:
Didn't Albus saw one of the carrows die in the chamber of secrets and similarly the hogsmade murder???

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Review #18, by Liana Quidditch Protocols

1st May 2015:
This has taken an interesting twist. You never think of anyone wanting to change Quidditch or wanting to cancel a match. I wonder if James is in denial. He seemed ready to blame Kendrick for not canceling the match. I don't think James would've wanted to cancel. Young people can be very passionate about their interests and often think they can survive anything.

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Review #19, by Hazey Quidditch Protocols

28th April 2015:
This is a very awesome chapter. Poor James it's hard for him to go through this after the accident. I wish the best of luck to Albus and James. I love Burke even more. I think it best for James to break it off with Meg rather than her breaking it off with him instead. They just weren't meant for each other but at least they lasted long enough and had a great relationship together.

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Review #20, by MargaretLane Quidditch Protocols

21st April 2015:
I'm glad Meg seems happy. She's had a pretty upsetting time too and it's good it hasn't affected her too badly.

The sentence "the awkward went both ways" might sound better if you said "the awkwardness".

I can definitely see why Albus is worried about James. I would never have imagined him reacting to something like this that way. Mind you, I never imagined something like this happening to him at all. But his behaviour does seem out of character. For somebody like Rose or Amanda or even Matt, time alone might be what they needed after a crisis or a major change to their life, but James doesn't seem like the sort of person who'd feel better alone and he definitely doesn't seem the type to enjoy being in the library. It SEEMS to be just because it's quiet.

Though, of course, he could be thinking about his future. I think it's not necessarily a bad thing he hasn't made any decisions about that yet. After all, he's only recently realised he'll have to rethink his whole future. That isn't something you do overnight.

Yeah, I think Harry and Ginny are likely to be understanding of the risks involved in Quidditch. I totally understand the demand for an inquiry though.

Aw, that concept of Kiddie Quidditch is absolutely adorable. I LOVE IT.

Oh, you've written "none of us wold be prepared for being recruited by a team," leaving out the "u" in "would."

I wonder would some of these parents worrying about the dangers of Quidditch react negatively to the idea of their child attending school with a werewolf too, if they found out about Matt. It's kind of understandable he's so anxious when you think that people probably WOULD react quite negatively.

And all this talk of changing Quidditch rules and opposition to Kiddie Quidditch reminds me of when our P.E. teacher wouldn't let us play soccer, because she apparently considered it just a well, less robust version of (Gaelic) football.

Hmm, I suspect Hermione would be rather attuned to the idea of students eavesdropping considering what she and her friends got up to in their schooldays. John and Albus would want to be careful if they don't want to be caught.

In this case, I think the age of the board might go in favour of what the students want. People who've seen things done this way for 50-100 years are less likely to see any need for change than a younger person with children who'd be attending Hogwarts in a few years might be.

OH! Now I'm intrigued. This actually kind of sounds like the ending of a story, like the mystery is about to be solved, but as it's still only March, I doubt that is the case. Although of course, you'd probably have plenty to get you through the final term between James's injury and his N.E.W.T.S. and the Quidditch and everything.

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Review #21, by ngayonatkailanman Quidditch Protocols

20th April 2015:
No. Pleaase do not leave with that cliff hanger? Now, I have to wait an entire week! Brilliant.

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Review #22, by Liana The Break-Up

16th April 2015:
I didn't expect James to do the breaking up. He was stupid for going out to try Quidditch with no one to spot for him. I can still understand why he would do something like that. He really had to try to do something related to Quidditch so he could be involved again.

Author's Response: James wanted to end things on his terms, since everything else that's happening in his life is out of his control. He was very stupid to try and play Quidditch, but at the same time, it was a bit of a turning point in his recovery. It was necessary. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #23, by ngayonatkailanman The Break-Up

14th April 2015:
Oh no! My heart is breaking for Jmaes.

Author's Response: It's awful. He's so lost. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #24, by MargaretLane The Break-Up

14th April 2015:
Poor Albus. It must be awful to feel everybody else is doing so much better than you. Obviously, it's not a race or anything, but it must make him feel a bit incompetent.

I'd almost forgotten about Elsie. Hmm, I hope we get a bit more info on her and her family soon.

I don't think Kaden should be so dismissive of the harm done by committing crimes while impersonating people. After all Young nearly went to Azkaban for a crime he hadn't committed because of Boone's impersonation of him and Boone didn't even mean that. Some of the people jailed for crimes they didn't really commit during the Troubles are still suffering PTSD and other issues after their experiences. It might not KILL people, but setting somebody up for a crime you committed is still pretty serious and likely to have very severe lifelong implications for the person impersonated, especially if they never manage to prove their innocence and either spend their life in Azkaban or come out to find they are unemployable and depending on the crime, possibly treated as a pariah.

I can't help liking Burke, but I don't think funding his research is really justification for what he did. And I do wonder how much was about helping people and how much just his love of research.

And in the following line, they mention Young.

I don't think Burke is a bad person, but I do think you can believe somebody's done something seriously wrong and still believe they did other things that were good. Few people are one thing or the other. It must be hard though, to learn somebody you admired was involved in something seriously wrong. Somebody I admired was once accused of something illegal - not by the police or anything, just by somebody whose testimony I wouldn't be too convinced by anyway, but even that was enough to make me question how I judge people and to make me feel pretty uncomfortable, so I can kind of imagine how Kaden feels.

I wonder if Meg has already broken up with James. It doesn't SOUND that way exactly. It sounds more like she's looking for him to break up with him or something (yeah, I'm making assumptions from the title), but she might be worried if he disappeared after they broke up and it would certainly explain his disappearance.

Oh, the conversation between James and Albus is so sad. You've really managed to capture how much James has lost and how he is trying to hold onto any bit of hope that he might be able to play the game he loves again. The thought he'll never be able to play even for fun is even worse than thinking he'll never have a career in it.

Aw, I actually sort of like the way the break up happens. It's clear the whole situation was just too heavy for a teen relationship - well, for Meg; some teenagers could deal with it, but she doesn't seem to be able to - and it would probably be worse for them both in the end if she just stayed with him out of guilt or loyalty or because she was afraid other people would judge her. She'd probably end up resenting him and he'd feel guilty or resenting her for making him feel worse. It's probably for the best if they can break up amicably and remain friend, even though I'm sure it'll still hurt. But it's probably the least bad option.

I like the way you had Meg react actually. While some people would probably deal pretty well with a situation like this, others wouldn't and at her age, it's quite likely she didn't expect the situation to get so heavy. In fiction, it seems like the world is often divided up between those who deal really well with these situations and those who just don't care and cut the person off completely. Reactions like this seem to be underrepresented.

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Review #25, by bushytailed Captain Albus Potter

8th April 2015:
Oh my god. I love this story SO MUCH. I need to read more. WRITE MORE. I NEED TO KNOW IF JAMES RECOVERS. Also, is it bad that I ship Matt and Rose?

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