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Review #1, by MatthewConanEerton The Verdict

3rd April 2017:
What does Harry say to Albus? Would you add that part? It is wonderful beyond words that you are writing this book! I can't say anything that will tell you how much this helps me.

Author's Response: I probably won't go back and add that now, but he just talked to Al about how it's good to stand up for your friends, but dueling isn't the best way to do that. I'm really glad this book is helping you! That means a lot to me. Thank you for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #2, by Mice One More Year

25th March 2017:
Are you waiting on starting the James novel until after the 7th albus fic? I havnt seen anything about that one. Also I'd like to hear from Linda again, ( I really want a visit from her to rose and Amanda but I know that probably won't happen lol) last time we heard from her she was about to move to France. Also I'd like a one shot or story about what happened to lubar about what you told us in beyond the shadow along with the ectertons reactions. And if not in the 7th albus fic, is like another one shot or story about what happens to Laurantis that made Harry into the position he is in the lily novel searching for forever.

Author's Response: Yes. I've got a bunch of the James novel written, but I need to get the 7th Albus novel written. The two are connected, so I can't really write more of James until I finish the 7th Albus one.

Linda probably won't appear again, but you will definitely find out more about Laurentis and what happens to Harry in terms of the Auror Department in the 7th Albus novel. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #3, by Harry Potter One More Year

23rd January 2017:
Will you start another Albus Series please!
I love you!

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Review #4, by Guest One More Year

7th November 2016:
When will we see the seventh book? I'm dying waiting!

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Review #5, by Lee One More Year

9th September 2016:
Good story! I like it!

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Review #6, by Sugar One More Year

8th September 2016:
Listen, Gryffin_Duck, but why did you have to do that to james? PLEASEE POST THAT 7TH STORY, I am forced to re read all the albus potter fanfics, i am waiting in vain. Just to tell you, i just discovered how to review, but i LOVE your fanfics so i am reviewing for them all. Can't say how much i love your stories, i would rate 100/100 if i could. KEEP WORKING ON THE FANFIC AND ROCKING ON!!! *Puppy eyes* Please?. Just post.

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Review #7, by Sugar One More Year

8th September 2016:
oh and please post, i dont care how many chapters you have in i am just so bored! if you arnt posting soon, pleas tell me when you will

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Review #8, by Sugar One More Year

8th September 2016:
Listen, Gryffin_Duck, but why did you have to do that to james? PLEASEE POST THAT 7TH STORY, I am forced to re read all the albus potter fanfics, i am waiting in vain. Just to tell you, i just discovered how to review, but i LOVE your fanfics so i am reviewing for them all. Can't say how much i love your stories, i would rate 100/100 if i could. KEEP WORKING ON THE FANFIC AND ROCKING ON!!! *Puppy eyes* Please?. Just post.

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Review #9, by Ankita Sahani One More Year

2nd July 2016:
I hope you start posting the 7th story soon.just can't wait to read it... I have been reading all the stories from albus Potter series and am kind of addicted to it...they are really nice. I will be glad if you could tell when will you post the 7th.

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Review #10, by Sarah The Accident

26th June 2016:
This is going to sound annoying, but based on the HP books and the Pottermore site, James's permanent injuries don't follow the rules of the HP universe. If Harry was able to regrow whole bones (and therefore the ligaments, nerves, etc attached to them) then James's injuries could also be healed. According to Rowling only magic based injuries (such as werewolf bites) are immune to magical healing.
I realize that this is your story and you can write whatever.

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Review #11, by PatientlyWaiting One More Year

6th June 2016:
I really liked this story! When are you going to post book 7?

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Review #12, by Anonymous The Burned Boat

17th May 2016:
enjoying the read! I'd love to see Albus become closer to Lily though!

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Review #13, by anon Results

16th May 2016:
nice start to the story! but i did think, if Albus wants to be an unspeakable, maybe ancient runes wouldn't be a bad idea?

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Review #14, by AislinMorgan One More Year

12th March 2016:
i have really enjoyed reading this series and can;t wait for the next installment! Albus is my fave Next Gen character and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking the journey through Hogwarts with him.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! I have started the next (and last!) installment but am not sure when I'll start posting it. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #15, by HarryGinnyLove88 One More Year

3rd December 2015:
when are you write albus seventh year at Hogwarts?

Author's Response: I will write it when I get inspiration for it. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #16, by Liana One More Year

11th August 2015:
Six down and one to go. I'm glad you've written all of these stories and plan to go on writing. I know the next stories are both going to be good but I'm really looking forward to the Neville and Hannah and their family story. Not much I can say about the perfection I just finished reading except thank you for all your hard work. See you next time.

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Review #17, by MargaretLane One More Year

11th August 2015:
*grins* It's somewhat appropriate to read about the O.W.L.S. and N.E.W.T.S. today, as the Leaving Cert. results come out tomorrow.

I think it should be "any more time in Azkaban" rather than "anymore."

Also, some of the terms sound a bit American. I'm not sure they have plea deals in England and while I know the wizarding world could be different, it seems a little odd for it to mirror American Muggle customs.

LOVE the term "Leaver's Ceremony". In Ireland, we tend to have a Graduation Mass, which is a stupid name really, as it takes place before the final exams.

Can't say I look back now and think I had it easy my final year at school. In fact, I tend to think "HOW did I do that?" They say being back doing your Leaving is one of the most common nightmares among Irish adults. I mean, I get what Meg means - at school you do have a lot of support you lose afterwards. But I also think part of the reason people look back on childhood and teenage years as "easy" is because problems you've got through are always easier than the ones you're facing today.

And I've just realised how much time is to be made up when you don't have the Mass that took up most of ours.

Since we hadn't done our exams yet, obviously we didn't get diplomas. We don't get diplomas for finishing school anyway. We did get angel pins though. Think I still have mine. We weren't called up to receive them though. Each class got theirs from their religion teacher, so five people were getting theirs at a time.

I've gone a little off topic here, but this has brought back some memories. I guess leaving school is always a significant time in ones life. And it must be more so for Hogwarts students, as they are LIVING at the school, so it's leaving their home in a way too.

I like how gracious James was to Lisa.

To be honest, I'm getting sentimental with them. I love this series SO much and it's one of the few I've read that has gone so far. (I've just started year three of my series, so it's become a real series and not just a story and a sequel.) I'll be really sorry when it's over.

But I LOVE the idea of a story about Neville and Hannah's kids. Personally, I'd rather that than a story about James, but that's just personal preference. While his situation here is really interesting, he's not a character who greatly interests me.

Great story. Years 5 and 3 are probably still my favourites, but this is definitely up there, maybe next after them.

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Review #18, by Eliza One More Year

11th August 2015:
Thank you once more for a wonderful story! It all turned out quite fast, but believable! I'm kind sad it is over, because I have gotten quite attached to Albus and his friends and family over time, but I'm sure I'll get soon used to your other characters in following stories! I recently reread your Amy stories and I love her too, so I hope you will come back to her in the future as well! Enjoy writing!

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Review #19, by ngayonatkailanman One More Year

11th August 2015:
Oh no you are not finishing. You are just beginning. You are way too good an author to simply guess write onece in a while. Thank you for telling us stories. look forward to more. what about a story for Lily and Matt?

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Review #20, by Liana Wrongfully Imprisoned

7th August 2015:
It sort of sounds like the Willinson kids are being treated fairly. After all, it was Felix who went to Allbus. Something does need to be done with Elsie. I forgot how old she is but I think she's old enough to know better.

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Review #21, by Liana A Squib

7th August 2015:
Things sure got exciting fast. Hard to believe the story's over. I remember when you started these stories and asking you if you'd write seven stories. Now you have one last year to go. Finally, Albus gets some satisfaction about his belief that Elsie was still up to something.

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Review #22, by Liana Progress

6th August 2015:
That's something I never thought of-- special Ed in the Wizarding world. I guess up to now they might not have needed it. You always think of the most interesting things.

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Review #23, by ngayonataianman Wrongfully Imprisoned

3rd August 2015:
Oh my word. I cannot believe it. One more chapter and it will be year 7 and then any post hogwarts stories following Al and co?

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Review #24, by MargaretLane Wrongfully Imprisoned

3rd August 2015:
Poor Elsie. She's had a terrifying experience and she's just a kid really.

Yeah, that does seem rather confusing as to whose jurisdiction the murder falls under. Probably better if the wizarding world tries it, because things like his alienation from his family would be hard to fully explain in a Muggle court.

And I'm not at all surprised Harry'd carry his wand at all times, between being an Auror and the danger he was in during the war.

Oooh, Felix and Elsie's parents have been arrested. That's yet another trauma for Elsie. I'd love to see more of her and Felix and how they feel about the whole situation, especially since Felix at least, will probably feel some guilt about having caused his parents to be arrested by going to Albus. I guess it's unlikely we'll get much detail though, as they are unlikely to confide in Albus.

Poor Matt. I think Boone's situation has really shaken him. Understandably.

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Review #25, by HarryGinnyLove88 A Squib

2nd August 2015:
oh please write soon, its getting very interesting :)

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