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Review #1, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack laughter like bells

3rd May 2015:
Greetings, teh! I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, and while I normally dwell hidden in the woods far from human eyes (particularly the Lovegoods), today I have ventured into the HPFF archive to read fanfiction and found your story!

This was such a delightful read and I really loved your attention to detail, both in your characters and in the time period. It was really interesting to see Hogwarts so different from how it is during Harry's day, with Latin prayers echoing through the halls.

It was interesting that you mentioned Helena retreating into herself - that is very much something I do, as well, whenever a human is around I tend to retreat very stealthily into the forest and lurk in the trees for a while. But I could see evidence of this behaviour in Helena throughout the chapter, how she kind of withdraws from conversations - she's very detached in general, much like she will become as a ghost.

I loved seeing the Friar here! He was so jolly and exactly how I'd imagine him, and his zest for life was really evident. Did I catch a hint of him running off to join Robin Hood's Merry Men in the woods? That was clever ;) I also like how you worked around the anachronism of the Bloody Baron (as barons didn't exist then) by making his surname Barron. You are fantastic with the details my friend.

I am on my way to The Cackling Stump -- There's a tavern called the Cackling Stump. Of course there is XD The wizarding world is a quirky place, and all the humans in it even quirkier. Fun fact though, there is a stump that actually cackles in the forest where I live with my fellow Snorkacks. Legend still remains of the great scare caused to the Snorkack population when a human by the name of Babbity Rabbity found that stump. But I digress.

This was a highly enjoyable fic and I'm so glad I had the pleasure of reading it. But I must depart, for I promised Bigfoot I'd meet him for tea at the Cackling Stump (not a tavern, just the stump in the woods.)

Author's Response: Hello!! :D ♥

Thank you for slipping out of your hidey hole and coming to visit my AP and reading and reviewing this little story of mine!

Helena is certainly a very withdrawn character, and it's quite sad, really, how alienated she feels from her surroundings. I wish I had more space to build her character further, though, to show her journey through life and how it will lead to her rather dismal afterlife as a ghost. But I had a strict word limit of 2.5K. :P

There were probably no friars back in the ninth century either. :P Which is why I had to refer to the Fat Friar as Brother Tuck. I think the mendicant orders were established in the twlfth or thirteenth century? Good grief, my historical knowledge is awful. And yeah, no barons as well.

And hahahaha I just loved the idea of the friar being one of the merry men of Robin Hood's!! Completely wrong time, of course, which is why I was forced not to mention the name of the Merry Men. Sigh. I wish I could change history to suit me muaha.

You live in the Cackling Stump, oh Snorkack? I am highly doubtful that this cackling stump of yours isn't a tavern at all! After all, a tavern is the most unlikely place to find a Snorkack, and I'm sure that's where you would be hiding. :P I may yet drop a hint for the Lovegoods. :P

Ah, thank you so much for your wonderful review! I've enjoyed reading this, and I'm so pleased to receive a review from such an elusive creature. ♥


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Review #2, by St. Colmcille. laughter like bells

10th March 2015:
Aw, it is good to see the faith still flourishing in Scotland, 400 years after I established my community - and of the circumstances leading up to THAT, perhaps the less said, the better.

That part about her having the skill to recede is quite ominous. It implies she is not entirely comfortable in the world she inhabits.

I really like your use of language in this story.

Wax tablets and stylus - such things can create more harm than one might think.

Friars! They, of course, did not exist in my day, being a creation of the later period. In MY day, we lived in the monastery and did our work there.

But it sounds as if he wears the tonsure of Rome! And in a Celtic country too! Oh dear, what has become of my Celtic Church? Do not tell me Roman rites have spread throughout as they sometimes threatened to do!

Do not tell me the date of Easter here has also been calculated as the Romans do it.

Is it no longer acceptably for monks to drink in the 10th century? In my day, we all drank ale.

And ah yes, the life of the monastery...

This is a really excellent story, despite the distinctly Roman flavour to certain religious references. The description of Hogwarts at the end is particularly beautiful.

Author's Response: Hello, my dear St. Colmcille! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you for jumping right out of your time to read my little story and offer me your highly-valued opinion on it (as well as correcting some of the historical inaccuracies of this fic). :P

Helena having the skill to recede is indeed something, which I feel will develop over the years, and may eventually contribute to her tragic demise. Sigh. I really want to explore Helena's character, but I'm at the point in life where I haven't got much time to allocate to writing, so sadly, this plunny is taking a back seat.

I'm pleased to hear that you like the language of the story. It was definitely something different, writing in YOUR era, St. Colmcille.

Nope, friars definitely did not exist until the late 12th century, I think. That was when the mendicant orders first came into existence (you would know this better than me). Bar the title, I don't think I referred to Thomas as a friar. He probably was better known as a beggar monk or something (at least in the context of this fic) :P. I knew it was going to be a bit of a stretch with historical accuracy, including the Fat Friar in Founders' Era. But I just could not resist!

Apparently the Romans have indeed spread their rites to Scotland. Oh dear. :( :(

And I have little idea if monks were allowed to drink in the 10th century (you would definitely know this better than me!).

Thank you for your wonderful review, St. Colmcille!! I hope I haven't offended you with my Roman influences in this fic! ♥


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Review #3, by Freda_and_Georgina laughter like bells

30th January 2015:
It is rather difficult to tell that you cut stuff out, but looking back I can tell there could be so much more there, things you probably had to cut out. But still, this is a brilliant work of characters that almost demands more attention.

Lovely read.

Author's Response: Thank you, Georgina! The word count was pretty restrictive, yes. Your last compliment pretty much turned me to mush. THANK YOU ♥


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Review #4, by Chazzie laughter like bells

16th October 2014:
Hi teh
I'm very sorry for being a bad person and forgetting to rate my link. I won't do it again, promise.
And so, I'm here to say sorry with a review.
What a brilliant story. You captured so much here, especially the way religion was such a large part of Hogwarts in that era. It's quite odd to think about, because magic and religion are so closely tied together in some ways, and yet they also are pole opposites in others. Still, you have made it work perfectly. I loved Brother Tuck, although it was only as I started writing this that I realised he is the Fat Friar. He was just so jolly and loud, he seemed like the sort of person you can't help but love. Helena was very aloof and you foreshadowed excellently the way she appears in cannon as a ghost. The Barron seemed to have a very subtly creepiness about him too. I love the way you've included them all in the story, and it's a shame that there is not more! Although I appreciate there is a word count limit.your descriptions were amazing, really vivid to read.
Again, my apologies,

Author's Response: Hiya Lottie,

Awww, thank you for this absolutely lovely review! ♥ And don't worry about the link; almost everyone has forgotten at least once. :) It's a very minor infraction, but it's my job as a mod to remind y'all, so honestly, don't feel too bad!

Thanks for picking this little story of mine to review! It's my only Founders Era fic, and I really did enjoy writing these characters, and to evoke that atmosphere of magic and religion. If I have time (haha, I don't think so), someday I would love to expand on this fic. Brother Tuck was the most fun to write. He's a neat contrast to Helena, who's a bit sullen. And yeah, the baron is creepy, isn't he?

I'm glad you like the descriptive bits. :)

Once again, thank you, and really, don't worry too much. *hugs*


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Review #5, by The_Crookshanks_Saga laughter like bells

3rd September 2014:
ReViEw SwAp

{heart} Lady, you could write whatever the heck you want, be it iHATEthisPAIRING or incomprehensible plot or even Dramione, and I would read it because your writing's just awesome like that. Like, I could have it with my tea. And I don't have just anything with my tea.

Anyways. This piece? Beautiful. Somehow (I'm betting on dark sorcery) you managed to take Helena Ravenclaw, amazing Helena Ravenclaw, and transform her into pure stardust. Like, really, teh, share the stardust. You're hoarding it.

Somehow, you brought life/light into a character that I've never seen with it before. And the Friar: he was so very well-developed. The imagery had me closing my eyes at more than one point to imagine it, and your smarticle particles when you did that chapel thing? I can't even--

The day you stop writing on this site, teh, is the day I retreat into a burrito of sadness.


(I just realized that I did nothing but spam in this review. Sowwy)

Author's Response: Awww, Meena, you're so awfully nice that I didn't want to respond to this review, just so I could look at it everyday. :) *hugs* Thank you for your lovely words! ♥ I want you to know that this review of yours made me very very happy and I can't say anything else except repeat myself over and over again, because really. Helena and the Friar were fun to write, so I'm so glad you like the way they're done here; I have such plans to write more of them, but I don't know if I'll ever have the time. I will try to stay on this site for as long as I can, my dear.

Thanks so much again, Meena! ♥


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Review #6, by Lululuna laughter like bells

5th May 2014:
Hi teh! :) I'm here for your 5th of 5 prize reviews - although of course I'll still come to review your stories! :) Sorry for taking so long to get here!

I really liked this and how you chose to focus on Helena! It was very clever to take the prompt for Easter and show a snippet in Helena's life and the relationships and pressures which will lead to her someday becoming the Grey Lady.

The religious emphasis at Hogwarts was great and fit with my head canon very well, since at the time it would make sense for wizards to comply with the Muggle religious standards of the time. I really enjoyed the descriptions of the disciplinary piety and the beginning section almost felt like Helena was in a monastery, not a castle, with the hymns and Latin echoing through the stones. It was also interesting how Helena was reprimanded for not participating, and how that caused others to look at her with suspicion as that feels quite authentic for the times and the importance of not only feeling pious, but showing it off to others.

The tie-ins with canon characters were so clever here! I remember seeing somebody on the forums talking about how barons didn't exist in the Founders era, so I like how you dodged around that by making the Baron's last name be his identifier. The dark flicker in his eyes and his attempt to threaten and almost master Helena - beneath the guise of courtly love, of course - was very chilling and really hinted at how he could be driven to kill her in the future. And the hints about her mother and the tension there were great as well and I especially appreciated how Rowena was friends with the Baron, which might lead to her trusting him to go after her daughter in the future. Helena's sense of being trapped and her unhappiness really sowed the hints for why she might crack and eventually run away, so this story did very well in hinting at what is to come and establishing the characters.

The Friar was so sweet! He fit very well with the character of the canon Friar and his jolliness, and I really liked his booming voice and how he was known for singing. He was a really lively character and I could see why Helena liked his friendship so much, since he could make her laugh and bring her out of the prison which Hogwarts has become for her. I also liked how he chose to leave the monks as from his character here he really wouldn't have fit well with the strict monastic order, so that was a really clever development to his character. It was sad at the end how even the Friar (I guess I should be calling him Tuck, ah well) forgot about Helena and didn't pay attention to her, not out of maliciousness but because he was so caught up in making merry. It's almost like Helena is already a ghost, and I feel so sad for her, that not only will she be trapped in Hogwarts in life, but also in death.

I saw from the AN that this was originally longer, and it's too bad about the word limit since I would have loved to read more of this and what might happen in the future for Helena! This was a lovely read, and I really enjoyed it - well done! :D

Author's Response: Hey Jenna!

Wah, thank you for this enormous review! ♥ Don't worry about how long it took; I'm just really happy that you came back to my AP! And I'm glad you chose this little story of mine; it needed a bit of love. :)

I did think Founders Era Hogwarts would be a lot more religious than how it is during the Trio Era, and since the prompt was Easter, I thought it would be interesting to explore a more religious atmosphere set in the Middle Ages. And I've always had a fascination for quiet, echoey places like monasteries and convents.

Yeah, about the Bloody Baron! :P I read that on the forums too, and remembered that while writing this fic. I believe it was Amanda/academica who wrote that, and since she also finished an entire novel on the Bloody Baron/Grey Lady with historical research and everything, I simply trusted her judgement and used that in my fic. I didn't have a lot of time to do much research of my own because of the time limit. And I was indeed trying to make the Baron come off as rather unsettling even before any trace of their relationship begins, though not too overwhelming, since this story isn't about him at all.

I enjoyed writing the Friar a lot. He is indeed such a fun, light-hearted character, very Hufflepuff-y, and I imagined him being immune to Helena's distance and that she quite warms up to him. I imagine him bringing a bit of cheer to her life, at least when they were still schooling together in Hogwarts. But I don't know how likely it is, in terms of canon compliance, that he was at school with Helena. I've always imagined him being in the 1400s, as there were more mendicant religious orders then compared to the tenth/eleventh century. I think. History is not my strong point eep.

And I absolutely love your comment about how Helena is almost like a ghost already. :( It's indeed true, and I do feel sad for her as well.

I still do have plans for expanding this into a short story! Which is why there were so many random references and details to things that were not especially relevant to the story. It would be fun to explore things from the Friar's perspective as well, and his jolly travels. And that short story will /definitely/ have a fluffier ending than this.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! ♥ Thanks for leaving me so many wonderful reviews over the past few months; they've all been wonderfully detailed and encouraging and I pretty much squee every time I get one from you. *hugs*


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Review #7, by lovegoodlooney laughter like bells

26th April 2014:
Wow! This is such a different and inspired idea! I love the description and use of adjectives! I am soon going to put on a story about Rowena and the founders, but I do love the idea of a Helena Ravenclaw story :) love it

Author's Response: Wow, thank you for reading and reviewing this! I'm glad you like the descriptive bits! I actually wrote this in response to a challenge on the forums, so it's a bit rushed. And I had a word limit as well, which explains why this fic feels a little bit short/suddenly cut off.

I'll keep an eye out for your Rowena and Founders story. I love a good Founder Era fic! ♥


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Review #8, by patronus_charm laughter like bells

19th April 2014:
Hai. Hai. Hai. teh. (fun fact, when I type reviews on word it always wants to call you the, and itís like no the nameís teh, well actually Nicole, but Iíve called you teh for so long now, I canít give up on teh). Woah, that was a long fun fact.

Ahahaha, Iím only half way through the one-shot but here are some things I love about it: Barabbas Ė such a fab name, Helena is so cool and a bit rebel and fab, the way it seemed almost ethereal with all the singing and Latin due to your fab description, it was historical Hogwarts which was so cool. Ok, I will continue reading and give more detailed thoughts and things later.

Question Ė is Thomas Tuck the same one from Robin Hood, because if he is thatís so cool and yeah, itís like a crossover, whoo! I loved Thomas he was so cool and like yeah I shouldnít be going to a tavern, but I am anyway. Minor thing, I loved the descriptions of Hogsmeade in that time period, it was so much more fun to read then as it was all so refreshing and new for me.

Anyhow, I adored this one-shot, I loved this Helena because usually sheís all moody/flighty/angry and even though I sensed a bit of a rebel side to your one she was a lot more grounded and real which made it so much more fun to read. In fact, I enjoyed her so much I really wish your NaNo novel could appear as you had such a good grasp of Founders characters here, I want to see moar of them!

Another thing I liked was how you made me enjoy reading all about the Easter celebrations even though Iím not religious, I was like ah it looks rather fun I want to join in. Like I said before, it has this ethereal air about it which I guess naturally comes when you combine religion and magic and that was just a really cool feeling. I think it was the ending line which really gave it this mystical sort of feel if that makes sense.

Ok, this was another fabulous one-shot, and I have another one of yours to read tomorrow so whoo!


(also, I just read your AN and if you ever extend it let me know, as I loved this!)

Author's Response: DO NOT GIVE UP ON TEH. I ♥ this name too! :P You're gonna have to train your autocorrect / Word spellchecker.

Hey, hey, thank you for another fab review on my newest oneshot, eep. I was ahem, rushing through this one so it's still a bit underdeveloped to me, and quite empty. I must definitely come back and work on this piece, possibly turn it into a short story or something.

Fun fact: Barabbas is a biblical name! He's a murderer, and there's not much about him that I know, well, I didn't have time to do much research. :P But yeah, he's a name associated with Good Friday so I thought it would be fun to throw that in there.

Bahaha, yes, I'm not sure myself if Tuck ever turns out to be the same Tuck as the Robin Hood legends! I'd love to think so, even though the timelines wouldn't match, if we're going to be accurate. I'm pretty sure Robin Hood was somewhere in the 1400s, and the Hogwarts Founders Era is somewhere in the tenth or eleventh century. I heard there were no barons back then, or even friars - though there were monks. I'm glad you like this tavern-going monk. I had much fun writing him, and I want to write him a bit more as this sometimes-devout man who enjoys life a bit too much. :P

Ahh, I'm glad you like the descriptions of the places and stuff. I didn't have time to think things too carefully and in too much detail, but earlier on I'd borrowed a few children's books on the Middle Ages for my little boy, and so there was me doing very quick research through children's books instead of being overloaded by Google's excess of info.

I MEANT THIS TO HAVE A FLUFFY ENDING. Seriously, I did. Helena was SO MUCH MORE AWESOME in my fluffy-ended version, but unfortunately, I ran out of words, and so I had to revert to my default, which is not-fluff.

And aww, my NaNo novel. I'll probably be going back to it time to time...not to finish it but to snip more pieces out of it and make new stories! So you'll be reading fragments of it and the characters now and then. :D

I had a lot of trouble trying to think how Easter is celebrated in medieval times. I know people were religious, and they probably had to cut out a lot of food during Lent, including meat haha. And I love reading and writing fics which combine religion and magic - there's a mystical quality to these stories which I really like.

YAY, thank you for this wonderful review, Kiana! ♥ ♥


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