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Review #1, by MadiMalfoy Gabrielle

8th July 2014:
WOW. Fleur centered fic about the triwizard tournament, and the second task? Well golly gee I didn't realize how much I wanted this until I read it! And written in second person POV! Emily, you amaze me with your range of writing skills!

Everything, from the French to the descriptions, are wonderful! Truly, truly amazing work with this piece! We don't really get much from Fleur's point of view, ever, in GoF so this was a really nice one-shot to give her some backstory and sort of flesh out her character a little more. The repetition of time passing helped give the story a more frenzied feel (when in the present) but wasn't too dominating over the plot. I loved the memories Fleur has of her and Gabrielle--so cute and sisterly and ugh it makes me love her more! Great job once again Emily! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: THANK YOU. ♥ I've never read anything like it either, so I'm really glad that this could fill in a canon moment from a different POV! I really enjoy writing in 2nd person, haha, I'm really happy you liked it and thank youu!

Thanks so much! I know, Fleur seems like a really unrrated character, especially considering how brave and strong she proved herself later on in the series, and I'm so glad you feel like this expanded on her character a little! I'm glad that the repitition of time passing didn't come off as too annoying, I was afraid that would happen ahaha xD And yay, I'm glad you liked Fleur's memories of her sister and that this made you love her more because I love Fleur. ♥

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Madi!

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Review #2, by marauderfan Gabrielle

26th April 2014:
Awww! Omg, Emily, I loved this so much! I've never seen anything describing Fleur's perspective during the lake challenge in the Triwizard Tournament before, it must have been so scary for her as she was just sitting outside the lake for most of it, watching, and not seeing anyone show up until after the time limit.

I think the fact that Gabrielle is so much younger really explains why Fleur was so worried about her - all the memories you included about Gabrielle were so sweet, like when she was born, and washing the owl haha, and on her tenth birthday when she just wanted to share the cake omg so cute. She's always been the girl Fleur looks out for because she's just so precious, and to be waiting to find out what happened to her when Fleur herself couldn't find her, it was really moving!

The part about how Fleur doesn't have a lot of friends because of the Veela thing was really sad, too - like she's popular because she's pretty but none of them are real friends, I suppose. But I rather liked the image of Madame Maxime trying to comfort her as she doesn't seem that suited to comforting people, but it's the thought that counts :p

I must commend you on the POV, too - if you hadn't said, I would never have guessed this was your first time writing second person. You seem so comfortable with it.

Really well done - this was a great read! And good luck in the challenge ;)

Author's Response: Hey Kristin! I don't think I've ever read anything concerning the Lake from Fleur's POV either, and I love those stories which narrate canon events from a different POV as it's so interesting to see what others think of it. It must have been absolutely terrifying for Fleur, I agree!

Gah yes, I think the fact she's so young would definitely have made Fleur really protective of her and I'm so glad you enjoyed all those memories I stuck in and that you found little Gabrielle cute hehe. Fleur's always been able to protect Gabrielle in my headcanon, so when she couldn't I think it would have been a really scary experience for her, I'm so happy that it moved you!

I know, most of the stories that I've read with Fleur include that detail and I think it's pretty realistic, especially considering how standoffish she came off as in the books. Ahahaha yes Madame Maxine isn't really the comforting type of person, but of course it's the thought that counts. :P

Woah, thank you! I was super nervous about the POV, so to see/hear you say that it was well done is a huge relief to me, thanks so much!

Thank you for the beautiful review, Kristin! ♥ And thanks for the luck, hehe!

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Review #3, by patronus_charm Gabrielle

19th April 2014:
Whoo, Iím finally feeling a bit better so I can start getting onto all the things I owe you :P

Ooh, I really loved this story because I really love stories which write about canon events but from a different POV from Harryís as it just makes it so much more interesting and really made this a great read. As well as the different POV, the second person POV worked really well here, I think it made Fleur more relatable which was a good thing given how haughty and reserved she tends to be, so this really made me see her in a different light.

This one-shot really got to me as I never really thought about Fleur being alone and not having many friends and the fact you made her like that here, was just gah, so many feels. I think it was all the little things such as Madam Maxime being the one to comfort her, the way she clung onto her sister so desperately and the way the other girls looked at her. All those things just built up a great picture for me, though a very sad one about what Fleurís life was like.

The way you included all the little canon things such as Cedric and Krum appearing and the Grindylow attacks was really great but what made it even better was how you put a spin on it with the memories Fleur had of her sister and how close they were. I knew how close Harry was to Ron, but for Krum, Fleur and Cedric their attachments to the people was never fully explained but now it has, I can place that scene into context a lot more and I love it when I can do that.

Gah, this one-shot gave me so many more feels than I expected Emily, so thank you for writing such a great entry!


Author's Response: Whoo Kiana! I'm on my review-responding spree right now. ;)

I know, I've always had a soft spot for different POV, same moment kind of stories and wah, I'm glad that you found it to be good! I'm super happy the second person POV worked with Fleur as well, because you're right, she's normally so standoffish in the series but yay you were able to relate to her!

Gah, I'm glad this got to you but I feel bad as well. *sends cookies* I never thought that she would have found many friends in Beauxbatons because of her Veela blood and eventually that would have led to her standoffish ways, or perhaps even the other way around. But I'm so glad the little details all played a part in that and you could see how lonely Fleur was really.

Hehe I went and got a copy of GoF and read the chapter at least three times to make sure I had the canon details right, so I'm glad you liked them! And yeah, I think the memories were a good way of showing how Fleur loved her sister so much and why Gabrielle was the one to be put in the Lake as Fleur's 'prize'. I'm really happy that this could help you place that scene in context more, I really enjoy when I can do that with other stories so pulling that off successfully means a lot to me, thank you!

Hahaha yeah, if it makes you feel any better then I got a lot more feels than I expected when I was writing this, so we're on the same page.

Thanks for the lovely review and the challenge, I had such a great time with it - I think I might be getting a little bit addicted to second person now, hehe. ♥

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Review #4, by red_headed_juliet Gabrielle

18th April 2014:
I liked this! I'm not very familiar with second person, but from what I read, it worked well in this instance. I can see how v it would give you a special tone and mood in the story, which you write very well. All together a great read, I really like seeing the other side of a main plot point in the books. It also kept in theme with the POV theme. +]

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks so much, I'm really glad you liked this. :D And yay for the second person working well, I've never tried it before so that was one of my main worries. I'm glad you think I pulled it off! Yeah, I really enjoy writing from the POV of minor canon characters, and I'm really happy you think this all worked well together. :)

Thanks for a lovely review!

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