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Review #1, by AudenPenelope Scientology and Sacrificing Lambs

12th February 2015:
Oh why hello! So I was reading through my reviews
(because I'm vain and do that sometimes) and saw
that once upon a time I commented on this story
and I seemed to have enjoyed it.

And, it hasn't changed. I absolutely love this
story and specifically, this chapter. I only
wonder why you haven't updated recently.

Okay, now for the actual chapter:

I loved the pop culture references and the whole,
"what is this, 2014?" Litchrally (Do you, per
chance, watch Parks and Rec? You should) made me
laugh out loud.

Also, I love how real you made this. It feels like
an actual conversation between actual teenagers.
And they would just be teenagers. There wouldn't
be anything forcing them to grow up too soon -- I
digress. Point is, I love this. Please update.

Author's Response: hey thank you so much!!! i'm sorry i haven't updated -- i just haven't been feeling very inspired and i don't know if i even like this story anymore. sometimes i just don't feel like a good writer and i often question whether i should keep going or not.

but thank you so much for the support!!! it really means a lot, and motivates me to keep going! i'm sending good vibes your way, my friend!

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Review #2, by RavenHairedGirl Scientology and Sacrificing Lambs

14th November 2014:
I really love this story and the character of Teagan is very likeable, I love slightly snarky sarcastic girls in books. I love fics where there are LGBT characters so that is another lovely aspect of this. Please carry on writing!!

Author's Response: thank you so much!!

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Review #3, by kassandra466 Charlie Horse

14th August 2014:
I live that her name is teagen. One of my best friends shares that Name, I adore it. Brilliant chapter.

Author's Response: thank you very much, pal! :D

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Review #4, by :) Charlie Horse

6th August 2014:
This is so great!! Love love love your characters. Just fantastic!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #5, by AdinaPuff Charlie Horse

1st August 2014:

So I'll admit, the summary drew me in. The snarky tone in it just made me squeal with happiness. So I was drawn in.

And I just can't get enough.

Please update soon! I'm loving Teagan so far. She seems like a well thought out character. Her mother was totally unfair and I don't like her (as a reader. As a writer, I do though. She adds more depth to the plot). And then the devil child was wonderful. Freddie seems enjoyable, I love Freddie II. So much! And then James, of course. I love James as well. They'll be great characters, I'm sure. I cannot wait to meet Roxy, either! She seems like she'll be a great addition to this madness.

Update soon!

Until then,


Author's Response: hey, thank you so much! im glad you've enjoyed it so far :)

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Review #6, by TotallyNotVernonDursleyInDisguise Charlie Horse

17th May 2014:
This is like GOOD and all
I'm excited for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #7, by JustPhoenix Charlie Horse

3rd May 2014:
I really like this! Teagan is so funny and cynical. She seems pretty smart too! I'm really curious to see how her relationship with her mother plays out. Update soon, please!

Author's Response: thank you, friend! im working on the second chapter as we speak!

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Review #8, by Cigarettes Charlie Horse

1st May 2014:
haha i like this story a lot (: update soon please!

Author's Response: thanks very much! will do!

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Review #9, by Dirigible_Plums Charlie Horse

30th April 2014:
Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod, this is pretty damn awesome. Teagan is so cynical and sarcastic and absolutely hilarious. Finally we have a pretty unique OC for a James/OC. I mean, I've not seen one this sarcastic yet.

Typos that I've noticed (sorry but they're a huge pet peeve of mine)
"To graphic? Good." The correct word is "too"
"Puting 'pretty' at the beginning of a sentence doesn't make me want to give you what you want." The correct word is "putting"
Also I think it says "I fanc ymy mother's ex-boyfriend's son" on the banner but I'm not sure about that.


Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much for pointing out my mistakes! My mother done not teach me to talk good...

Failed attempt at a joke? Sorry I had to put you through that?

Thank you for reviewing! Please feel free to keep my grammar in check! :)

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Review #10, by bestlies Charlie Horse

19th April 2014:
Hey this is &themoon at tda so I thought I would stop in and check this out since I really love your face claims for the characters, haha. (Also it's just really nice to see some woc in fanfiction.) Anyway, I really like this so far. It's funny and sweet and cute and Teagan is a riot. I'm really excited to read more and I can't wait, really. Keep the awesomeness going, all right?

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very very much! I'm really glad you like it, and there is more to come very soon :)

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Review #11, by AudenPenelope Charlie Horse

17th April 2014:
Ooh! So I was being a stalker and saw this on the Dark Arts website and it sounded so interesting so I clicked on it - and I'm so glad I did. You've managed to make Tea funny and dramatic and hilarious without sounding like that is your sole purpose. I already love her. And the Cedria is a great touch - I can totally see Cho doing that.

Update soon! I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm trying a different style of writing, which has more inner monologues and soliloquies, instead of just explaining every little detail of her physical actions. I have a habit of doing the latter, so I'm trying my best to avoid using too much of that.

I'm glad you enjoy the story so far! I will be updating soon. :)

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Review #12, by UnluckyStar57 Charlie Horse

15th April 2014:
Wow, this story is already off to a roaring start!

Teagan Chang seems like a character that I could grow to love--especially since she's opposed to the menace that is Charlie, and I am also opposed to menacing little kids, haha! :) (Charlie's pretty cute, though, despite his demonic nature. Maybe he has a nice side?) She's a bit snarky, quirky, and obviously doesn't put up with things that she doesn't like. That could lead to trouble later on...

Her sister seems... Quite rude, actually. Teagan is doing her a favor by watching Charlie (who acts like a brat most of the time), so could she at least show some gratitude? And it doesn't look like Teagan has a very good relationship with Mama Cho, either. I look forward to seeing how these relationships progress throughout the novel!!

So Teagan is friends with Roxy, but she has to spend time with Fred and James... That can only lead to disaster! I wonder what shenanigans they'll get into while they wait for Roxy to come home.

Great start to this story! I didn't pick up on a lot of grammatical issues, so that makes me really happy! (I'm a stickler for grammar and spelling.) Teagan is an interesting character, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

For the Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza!


Author's Response: AH thank you very much, friend! You will definitely see more of Teagan's spunk and outspokenness. Also, feel free to correct me on any grammatical flaws! I can definitely promise there will be lots and lots of those in the future.

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