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Reading Reviews for Playing with Fire
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Review #1, by SiriusBlacksCellMate Chapter 24

1st August 2015:
I just thought you should know that people can't pick what form they will have as an Animagus. It's been stated in the books, and on the wiki.

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Review #2, by Susannah Chapter 31

20th September 2014:

Author's Response: trust me, im as sad as you.

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Review #3, by Hhh Chapter 16

26th June 2014:
Please update! Love this soo much! Great writer. Etc., I can say so many amazing things about your story but it would take a really really long time! Nice job with this chapter! What in the world was Persephone thinking?! I actually thought that she was a nice person and a good match for Sirius! I guess I thought wrong! >:( how could she just cheat on him?!?

Author's Response: thank you ill be updating soon. i wont say anything about Persephone's behaviour as i don't want to give anything away! keep reading...

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Review #4, by BalmOfGilead Chapter 13

19th June 2014:
Hey. I really like your characterization of all of the marauders, and I appreciate that you didn't just write off Peter. Before he turned, he was just as much a part of the group as he others, and a lot of people forget that. I thnk you captured the marauders' insolence perfectly, and I liked that you had them constantly doing small acts of mischief rather than one supremely planned mother of all pranks. Their interactions are amazingly canon-like. Good job! I don't know why no one else is reviewing, because this is really well written and entertaining. Keep writing!

Author's Response: thanks, i'm really happy people like it, I've been working hard on this story. I always wanted to hear about what happened to the marauders during their time at Hogwarts, so i guess that's why i started writing about them, and i agree that Peter would have been a marauder just as much of the rest of them! Thanks (:

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Review #5, by Brightest Witch Chapter 13

18th June 2014:
Just read your story!!! I love it!!! Great chapter, by the way. I am glad that you update really quickly. Can't wait to read more!!!

Author's Response: thanks :) i wanted to update as quick as possible because i know how it feels to be waiting for a story for a really long time...keep reading!

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Review #6, by QuidditchGirl101 Chapter 3

23rd April 2014:
dear readers,
unfortunately, a small error has occurred which has made the third chapter appear before the second. please do not read chapter 3 before chapter 2 as it may become confusing and difficult to understand
thank you

Author's Response: yeah ignore that

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Review #7, by Lioness Chapter 1

13th April 2014:
Good first chapter. I liked your characterization of the four Mauraders. I especially enjoyed little squabble between Sirius and Remus. I noticed one small error; you wrote there were two sixth year Slytherins when it should say three. While these aren't errors I like following book cannon and Regulus should be younger than Sirius, and Lucius Malfoy would have graduated already (he was several years older). Though those small changes didnt lessen my enjoyment of your chapter, Update soon!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! this is my first fanfiction ever, and i didn't realize some of those mistakes but thank you for pointing them out to me!
i have updated a new chapter today and i am waiting for it to be validated!

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