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Review #1, by Beeezie Lost?

9th July 2014:
I love this song!

I also love the way you applied it to this concept, this storyline. Azkaban fics can be really interesting, and I think that you handled it with just the right amount of angst and dark humor. (I especially loved the mention that Bellatrix could be in there for anything, because it's so true - she probably committed enough crimes to get dozens of life sentences in Azkaban.) I'm also a huge sucker for fics regarding Lily and James's death, where people realize (or fail to realize) what really happened. It's so sad and depressing on so many levels, and Sirius's regrets about Pettigrew (and, ultimately, his focus on him) was perfectly done.

Another terrific job.

House Cup 2014 - Ravenclaw

Educational Decree #5

Author's Response: Yay as I do too!

I'm glad you liked the concept as the song just gave itself to it really and I followed its lead in a sense. Hahaha, Bellatrix was a fun addition to throw as it was fun to break free from Sirius's mind and she was actually there too as she broke free from it in the fifth book. :) Me too, I almost like it too much so it's slightly worrying, but there are just so many levels to write it on you can never get bored of it really.

Thanks for an amazing review :D


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Review #2, by Karou_Marauder Lost?

7th July 2014:
Hello again! You are an extremely powerful writer, you know that right? I hope people have told you that, because it's true. Seriously, the imagery and similes here are amazing. And your word choice, too.

"The angular shards of it slice through the towering waves making it seem as if the waves are the prey, not the predator, this time round." This shows us what Azkaban is. Azkaban preys on the burdened and makes them re-live their burdens and wrongdoings and hardships over and over and over again. It preys on the mind, and this is a stunning representation of it. And I love the way you link Sirius's fate to the beard. (Is it his or someone else's? I wasn't quite sure of that.)

The lyrics work very well here too. Maybe you meant for this to happen, or maybe you didn't, but the rivers in the song seem to relate to the North Sea between Sirius in Azkaban and Peter in Hogwarts/The Burow? Yeah.

Pff, happiness? Nah. Let's be sad! :P

-Karou, 2014 House Cup Review

Author's Response: Hi again! Aw, thank you so, so much that comment seriously made my day as it was so sweet and lovely and if I could hug you right now, I would! ♥

Ha, yes, it was rather fun to give Azkaban human like characteristics because in a way it is with the way it sucks you in forever and ever. The beard was someone else's so perhaps I should look that over again so it's definitely clear.

Aw, I'm glad that you liked the lyrics! I didn't intentionally mean for those to link to that but I'm glad they did for you. I chose to include them as they inspired this song for me and I really loved it so that's why they were here.

Thanks for this amazing review! ♥

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Review #3, by HeyMrsPotter Lost?

24th April 2014:
Hi Kiana :D

I have a strange obsession/fascination with Azkaban so this was right up my street!

First off, I love the structure you've created for the story. The use of the days since James and Lily died as a way to keep track of where on Sirius' timeline the reader is up to in the story was really clever and effective. It helped this flow really well, and I know that's difficult to do in a segmented story, so well done :D The lyrics were fitted in seamlessly too, they worked with the story rather than against it and didn't distract from the flow at all.

I think your characterisation of Sirius is perfect, there's a line in Prisoner of Azkaban about how he survived so long without going mad and he says something about being obsessed with the idea that he was innocent and the way you've written this fits so well with that. I love how his thoughts get more manic and obsessed the more time he's in there too, like the repetition of "I'm innocent" in his second year.

The little glimpse of Bellatrix was excellent, I could picture her so well stalking past his cell. I bet she'd have been furious if she knew he was using her to amuse himself :p

I really really really loved this, Kiana :D

Dee :)

Author's Response: Hi Dee!

Whoo, for that, as I do too!

I'm glad that you liked the structure because I thought if Sirius hadn't counted the days in some way he would have felt incredibly lost given how every bit of humanity is taken from you in there and their death seemed the most fitting way to tie it in. I'm so glad the lyrics worked, because this was my first ever songfic so I was really nervous about whether the lyrics would fit in or not.

Whoo, someone else remembered that line too as that was what got me thinking about his time there and how he managed to stay sort of sane because of that. Ha, I almost wish I did a segment with him halfway through because it would be interesting to see how obsessed he was then.

She probably would have, because anyone being happy is a crime in her world! Thanks for such an amazing review, Dee, and for reviewing it, it was such a nice thing to do!


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Review #4, by AlexFan Lost?

21st April 2014:
Kiana, you have an amazing knack for writing, no matter what character or genre it is. It's hard to believe that you haven't written something about Sirius before because this was really great.

I liked how you used the Coldplay lyrics to break up the story. I've seen people use lyrics in their stories quite but they've never really worked quite as well as they do here. They don't interrupt the story, they just help the scene change.

I liked how you added in the fact that Sirius kept count of how many days he had been imprisoned and for how long James and Lily had been dead. It seems like something that Sirius would do. My favourite thing however had to be the fact that Sirius used his innocence to keep himself from going insane because of the dementors. Throughout this entire one-shot I actually got the feeling that Sirius was actually bored and was just waiting for his chance to bust out of Azkaban.

(I'm sorry my review isn't long and poetic like everyone else's.)

Anyhoo, I really did enjoy this and I think you did an awesome job on the one-shot!

Author's Response: Haha, I wrote Marauders Sirius before but that was written so badly I discount it, but thank you for the wonderful compliments Grace!

I'm so glad that you thought they worked with the flow of the story. That's why I've always been so apprehensive about songfics as I always assume they'll jolt the flow but it worked here for some reason.

I know, it's sort of worry how well that matches Sirius as it tells us a lot about his mental stability, but oh well :P I'm glad you got the feeling of boredom as I tried to have it deep down there as he just wanted this fight with the others, to be able to have it out and show that he was innocent and it's a weird twist for him.

Thank you for this amazing review, and don't worry about the length or whether it was poetic or not, I loved it!


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Review #5, by adluvshp Lost?

20th April 2014:
Hello Kiana! I am here to review your entry for the TGS Anniversary Challenge! I am a bit late with my review but life has been overly busy, so my apologies!

First off, for something out of your comfort zone, this is a very, very remarkable piece of writing. I loved it. The feel of the story, the idea behind it - of celebrating all of James and Lily's death anniversaries, the characterisation of Sirius, and the over all descriptions were all pretty amazing. So, good job!

I also loved how this wasn't your typical "I-am-in-Azkaban-I-am-so-depressed" story. It was a lot more than that. It was about Sirius' obsession - not just his grief but his determination to get back at Wormtail too. It's very dark and engaging, and it had me hooked. I also liked the way you portrayed Sirius here - it wasn't a sad man, it was a crazy man - someone who wanted revenge and justice. It went well along the lines of how we first see him in canon, fresh out of prison, obsessed about killing Wormtail - mad indeed. (In a good way of course).

The song was also a fitting choice and though I'm not a Coldplay fan I think the lyrics went quite well with the theme of the story.

All in all, I think this was a great one-shot and I enjoyed how you took the prompt and gave it your own spin - something unusual and interesting. I had a great time reading this as it was a very well-written piece of writing, and just like all of your other works, it was brilliant and I loved it =)

Thank you for participating in the challenge!


Author's Response: Hi Aditi, it's no problem, it's so sweet that you're all doing this so I'm not bothered in the slightest!

Yes, admittedly it went a bit angsty which was my favourite, but the rest of it was rather different so it was nice to push myself and see that I could maybe do it!

I know, I thought about going down that ally, but as we've been the psychology of religion at school, I think looking into the mind has got too me a little too much, and Sirius' obsession was born. I'm glad you made the link to what we saw in PoA, as Sirius was really terrifying there and I'm a little surprised that Harry even wanted to live with him and he definitely did act as a base for the character shown here.

Aw, Aditi, Coldplay are great, don't say that, but I'm glad the lyrics worked for you despite that! Thank you so much for this fantastic review, and it means so much to me to hear that as you really have seen all my writing, especially in the early days when it wasn't the best shall we say :P


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Review #6, by kenpo Lost?

16th April 2014:
Hello Kiana!

I'm excited to read this. I've seen it mentioned a few times on the forums, and it's seemed like a cool story. That and, you wrote it, so it'll be good because you're an amazing writer.

I have the feeling that I'm going to have a lot to gush about (you said you wanted feedback... so I might try to find some really nitpicky CC, but don't count on it), so I'm going to go section my section.




I love the description of the boatman. The way you framed all the details puts Sirius's pain in perspective, somehow. I don't know how to say this...
He could be thinking about his misery, but he's just focusing on the beard. It's... very sad.

I always think one of the most heartbreaking parts of Sirius's story is his unwavering loyalty to his friends. Imagining him sitting there, just thinking about how much he misses them hurts. I can't imagine what his life was like... I really don't want to know.

It's so intense that he counts the time by days since they died. I can't imagine living life like that. That's the building blocks of a miserable existence.

I love that you thought to mention Bellatrix. On top of digging really deeply into Sirius's character, you've added some characterisation for her.

You do such a beautiful job capturing this character. His hatred for Wormtail is obviously justified, but you portray it as this obsession that's just really fascinating.

And, then, at the end, it's like this little glimmer of hope when he figures out where Wormtail is. I liked his musings about how rat-like he is.

I'm glad that at least Sirius was happy for a little bit... the way his life went makes me so sad, just thinking about all the heartbreak...

You've done a beautiful job with this. I can't tell you that enough. This is a fairly short story, but you've captured so much into it, and packed so much intense desperation.

Never stop writing.


-Huffleclaw/Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza-

Author's Response: Hi Georgia! weofherogpegr, you are so nice! I don't know how to respond other than typing out random letters but that's not really a proper review response so I will attempt something coherent!

I am ready!!!


Whoo, I can hear the starting gun! (ok, I got a little too into that.)

I know, I mean, beards are pretty awesome and all and need love, but I think it was the only way Sirius could maintain some sort of sanity by forgetting about his own problems during that journey but focusing on other people's instead.

I know, it's so sad!!! Especially with Remus, because he's probably just doesn't get why Remus hates him and doesn't understand why it was Peter. I'm glad that you liked Bella, she was a fun cameo to do, because while he's there wallowing about the loss of his friends, he can still make jibes at his cousin and that was a lot of fun to do!

Hahah, I think it's because I'm studying Freud's ideas on obsessional neurosis right now, so it's sort of seeping into my writing, but I'm glad you liked it, because the idea of obsessions has always interested me. Then Sirius' idea of one was so different here it was fun to delve into his mind.

I know, his life is just the biggest angst fest around, but at least we know that people realised he was innocent after he died, so that's some small sort of comfort even though it wasn't when he was alive.

Thank you for such an amazing review, you are seriously amazing, and lovely, and I would do :wub: but it doesn't work here so ♥ ♡ ♥ will have to make up for it! :D


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Review #7, by lia_2390 Lost?

12th April 2014:
Hey Kiana,

I'm here for your Anniversary challenge review :) In one of the threads, you mentioned that Pre-Hogwarts wasn't something you wrote often because often, you found nothing to inspire you. So I commend you for attempting it AND for tackling such a subject.

At first glance, I expected this story to be sad, but it isn't. How you've written Sirius here is like a man obsessed. This isn't a story about guilt, regret, or lament. In his grief, he finds a way to survive by turning it into something else. Something dark and dangerous.

I like that you tackled the anniversary prompt from this perspective. No mention of years because it is a bit hard to keep up. But days, yes. He uses the spent days as a reminder of what he wanted to do. How he wanted to prove himself in the end.

I thought of his years in Azkaban differently before I read this story. And how you wrote it makes a lot of sense. As I think back on the events in PoA, I can see that this Sirius is the mad man who hovered over Ron's bed with a knife.

I listened to Coldplay's song while I read this, just so I'd have a reference of sorts. There is a lot of hope in this story, but not in the flowery sense. There is no question about him finding Peter again, it's only a matter of when. So I get it. He hasn't lost, he's not defeated. He's merely been delayed - if I can put it as simply as that.

You did a great job with this one-shot, in spite of your initial reservations ;) Thank you for participating in the challenge, I hope it inspires you to move beyond your comfort zone in the future.


Author's Response: Hi Lia, sorry for the late response, being ill does slow down HPFF sort of things!

Yes, usually I think of Pre-Hogwarts, and I'm just like what even happens then? So, when this idea hit me, I realised this era could actually be really fun and interesting to write, so thank you for having this challenge which made me realise that!

I'm glad you didn't find it sad, because in a way Sirius isn't, he's in this obsessional state over their deaths as that caused this spiral of events which destroyed his life, so without that happening he would have been a lot saner, and not as dark and dangerous as you said.

Yes, it did have a bit of a morbid twist to it :P At first, I wasn't sure how to count the anniversary dates and then this idea hit me, and it just made sense as it went with his obsessional mindset surprisingly well.

I'm glad you did, as I listened to it throughout writing this as it had what I was hoping to capture in this one-shot. Yes, you can put it as that, as I think that's how Sirius views it here, him getting out of Azkaban is just a fact, he will do it, he just needs to find Peter and then he's all set to go.

Thank you so much for this great review, the challenge definitely did make me think differently about this era, I just hope I can do the same with my other fears soon!


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Review #8, by teh tarik Lost?

12th April 2014:
Hiya Kiana!

I'm here to review your entry for the TGS Anniversary Challenge. Oh goodness, I'm so pleased to see that this story is about Sirius. Lately, I've found myself becoming more and more interested with his character, and I'm always on the lookout for fics of him, especially those written by wonderful writers such as yourself. :)

I absolutely love what you've done with the 'anniversary' prompt here. Most fics dealing with Sirius's time in Azkaban usually have him counting as well, counting the days he's been in prison, that is. So I find it incredibly unique that Sirius is not actually counting his time in prison, but the days since Lily and James' murder. It's completely heartbreaking, ugh. And it shows how selfless Sirius is, that Lily and James's death mean more to him than his own imprisonment. Every day he counts is like a small anniversary of their death, he has to face their death every day. I really like the idea of this. Poor Sirius. :(

But I also love that note of fierce hope at the end. You've honestly shown what a resilient character he is, and just how hard it is to break his spirit. Seriously, no wonder Scabbers/Wormtail was so incredibly unsettled throughout PoA; Sirius is just absolutely terrifying when he's out for revenge.

I also love the forbidding description of Azkaban and the waves and the brief but very chilling depiction of Bellatrix was wonderful. And baha, that would be just so like him, to find amusement in Bella. Pretty much my headcanon, actually, that Sirius doesn't ever take Bella seriously (I'm so sorry for all the serious!Sirius puns in my review; they're not intended!), which could somehow have caused his death many years later.

Anyway, I loved this, Kiana! It's so great to be reading some of your one-shots again. Thank you for participating and completing the challenge! ♥


Author's Response: Hi teh, sorry for the late response, being ill sort of slows things down :P

Waahahahaha, I don't think I will ever get over being complimented by you as you are like my writing inspiration, so yeah, THANK YOU! ♥

Yes, I went with the rather more morbid side of things here, rather than the happier aspect, but this is a reason why my attempt at a fluff story for this failed so much :P I know, it's so tragic to thing that even though his best friend betrayed him, he's in prison, he can't see his godson none of it matters as they're dead, and it's just like please be happy again Sirius as you're breaking my heart right now.

I'm glad that you liked that, because he does have these two strange sides to him, the woeful one and then this weird all angry one where no one would want to cross his path, so it was so much fun to write the two extremes of him :P

Hehhe, the puns are great, they made me laugh so it's no problem! I know, there would be me cowering in the cell trying to avoid her as much as possible and then he's just like let's just laugh to make the time pass quicker!

Thank you for such a fabulous review, teh, this challenge was so much fun thank you (and to the other staffers!) for running it!


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Review #9, by Aphoride Lost?

10th April 2014:
Hey there, Kiana! Been seeing this one-shot around for a while, and finally grabbed a chance to read it now! (It's so much more interesting than an Equity essay! :P)

Okay, so Sirius is honestly one of my favourite characters - even if I don't like him all that much as a person - so I was so excited to see this was all based on him! And around Azkaban to... it's a really dark part of his life - probably the darkest - and it's so fascinating! :) (Also, the banner is stunning. Wow)

So yeah, this is basically everything I love in a one-shot, haha. Well, almost :P

I loved how you characterised Sirius. How he is obsessive over it enough to count the days, perhaps as an effort to remember - like a constant reminder that he's not guilty - and how fixed he is on the idea that he didn't kill them, that it was Pettigrew. It's like a kind of mantra, you know, and I love the repetition of it - you used it so well! :) The use of lost and found and winning was so great too - I loved the dual meaning of 'lost' and how you used both meanings simultaneously throughout the story - James and Lily were lost, Sirius had lost, and then he was winning. It was very clever!

I felt kinda sorry for Sirius in there, you know? Like, he's desperately trying not to go mad and all he's got to hang onto is, really, the thought that he's innocent and ideas of revenge on Wormtail for setting him up for the fall in the first place and killing James and Lily. It's an incredibly sad, haunting thing, and I thought you did so well so convey it!

Little comment about laughing when Bella hallucinates Voldemort, nice :P I can imagine it would be funny at first... but it's really kinda creepy as well O.o

I love how there was this subtle sense of anger and hatred and maybe-not-quite-sane-ness (you know what I mean! :P) underneath the whole thing, particularly at the end. I've never thought Sirius was wholly there, certainly not after Azkaban, and I liked how you sort of showed him shutting down and his whole world forming solely around Harry and how he was innocent and how he was going to get revenge on Wormtail. It's a really sad, scary thought, you know?

Your writing, of course, was so lovely! The repetition was great, and the descriptions and flow and style and all were gorgeous. Really, really nice! :)

Good luck in the Anniversary Writing thing (I can't remember if it's a competition or not? O.o)!

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hi Laura, haha, I do the same when I'm meant to be working as HPFF is suddenly even more amazing!

Whoo, for Sirius, I think that's why I loved writing this because the Sirius before and after Azkaban is so different I really wanted to see why he changed and the one-shot was born :P Haha, yes Laura/envoi really is amazing!

I'm so glad that you liked Sirius, as I've never written a character in such a bad state as he was so, so it was so much fun to explore. I'm glad you liked the focus on James and Lily too, because in the books it always seemed a bit obsessional so I imagined it really manifested itself here. Haha, I have to credit Coldplay for giving me that idea, because initially it was just going to be about James and Lily and then I listened and it was just like oh yeahhh!

I know, he really is in a desperate state here you just want to run away with him to save him from the trauma of all of this. I'm so glad it was ok though, as I wasn't sure whether I was over doing the melodrama of it all or not :P

Yes, I think the treatment he faced from his parents too didn't help much either with his mental state, so it's a wonder that he didn't actually go and murder all those people then because you wouldn't be surprised if he didn't given all that he went through. It really is sad and scary because at that point you really don't know where Sirius is going to go next.

Thanks for such an amazing review, Laura it really put a smile on my face and sorry for taking a while to get this. I can't remember if it was one either but I guess we'll see :P


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Review #10, by Lostmyheart Lost?

7th April 2014:

I actually saw this banner as I randomly looked through the finished requests for banners last week, and I made a mental note that I should check your story out. So this was just perfect!

I thought I could recognize the lyrics, of course it's Coldplay. They're wonderful, and I loved how you wrote the few lines in between the sections.

Your story is so beautifully written, I found myself kind of rooting for Sirius. "You can do it!" Kind of stupid, since we all know he gets out, hehe.

I liked how he counted the days since they died, how he reminded himself constantly that he was innocent, he had to win and that he'd get Peter one day. I've always wondered what it was like in Azkaban for him, this story gives a perfect example of it.

This line... it gave me the chills.
The person next to him doesn't scream anymore. He's been silenced long ago. The body disappearing was a big enough sign that the final silencing for all of them would come one day.

It was so scary, I could almost imagine the body. Not good. But you wrote it so brilliantly, like that's how it is in Azkaban, you know.

And this line too:
He really should have been a Slytherin, Sirius thinks, instead of masquerading as someone brave.

How he thought of Peter was so well-written, he really should have been a Slytherin and not a Gryffindor.

Anyway, it's getting late and I really need to go to bed. It was fun reviewswapping all these stories.

I loved this story.

Big hug,

Author's Response: Hi Avi!

Yeah I do that a lot too, so snap! Whoo for Coldplay too, I just heard the song and was like, well I guess it's becoming a songfic as it just went with it so well.

Hehe, it's fine, I was doing it too, because he is such a helpless person at times he really needs it. Yes, I thought he needed something to keep his mind focused on and to keep him sane so that's how it came into it. I know, I was surprised by how few stories actually write about him in there which is odd given what a major character he is.

I'm sorry, here have some candyfloss and unicorns and hopefully that will five you happier thoughts! Azkaban is just such a horrible place, it means so much that you think I managed to capture it.

I know, because now I think about it really does make sense giving how cunning he had to be, and ambitious by seeking to protect himself. Gah, I hate Peter, but I'll stop here before it becomes a full-scale rant.

Thank you so, so much for this amazing review it's still making me smile!


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Review #11, by LightLeviosa5443 Lost?

6th April 2014:
Oh my goodness.

Kiana, this is just so lovely. I'm just. Ugh. You did such a wonderful job of writing this. It's so thought provoking, and kind of slightly heartbreaking. I loved how you split the chapter up into little sections separated by the quotes.

I really enjoyed the tone and the flow of the story. The way that Sirius is going through everything. You did a fantastic job incorporating the song into it. Lovely lovely lovely ♥

And I'm not just saying that because I'm in love with like everything you write. It was genuinely very very lovely.

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Ah, Sarah, thank you for this amazing review!

Ugh, I don't know how to respond as you were so lovely but I'll try and make some sense. I tend to spilt up everything into little section it's like I'm incapable of just writing a stream of words! I'm so glad that you thought the song was incorporated well as it's always tricky to do. And poor, poor Sirius, he really does go through a lot! ♥

*squees* Seriously, this review was amazing, thank you so much!

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Review #12, by Red_headed_juliet Lost?

6th April 2014:
Hello! Here for the BvB thread.

This was beautifully done. You managed to take us through very personal and distinct emotions without alienating us from the subject, if that makes any sense. I have always loved Sirius, most likely because he is such a tragic character, and you've managed to stay in Canon wonderfully. I'm impressed how you managed to portray both the losing of his composure and his maintenance of sanity.I think the writing on the wall and the counting of days was a creepily wonderful touch and really contributed to the feel of the story.I could picture the inside of his cell and everything. Also, what an original idea for an anniversary! I never would have thought of it.

So if you can't tell,I really really enjoyed this.great job!

Kudos on Barry and Bella cameos, that was enjoyable.

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm so glad that you thought it was still personal because I didn't know how well I did on that front. Gah, Sirius, I'm so glad you liked him as I always loved him too as he's such a wonderfully tragic character and I really wanted to do him justice. Haha, yeah, I imagined he needed to channel his fixation somewhere hence the creepy writing on the wall! Yeah, I tend to look at the morbid side of things, so it was the first thing I thought of :P

Thank you for such a wonderful review, it really made me smile!


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