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Review #1, by jillyomg Chapter One: Explode

25th April 2014:
this is so good! btw im the girl who you reviewed about louis and diana. i didnt have enough room to add into my reply this - i am working on the scorose fic now but first i am finishing a one shot on james potter 2 and his sister lily so yeah just wanted to tell you that xx btw this story is really excellent

Author's Response: Thanks! And yeah, I understand about the reviews. When I first posted my main story (a Dramione "These Dark and Hollow Nights" I got a lot of reviews, but now I don't really get them as often. Thanks for the review though, can't wait to read your other fics! :)

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Review #2, by AudenPenelope Chapter One: Explode

15th April 2014:
Hi! You were so great with my review that I thought I'd return the favor. Unfortunately, it's like three in the morning and I'm dead tired so I have yet to read all of it. BUT I plan on tomorrow (and giving actual feedback) but so far it seems promising. I love the idea of a Molly fic. I really like the idea of Molly as a character and look forward to seeing how you portray her. Also, I just love the idea of Percy and Audrey being parents. Perce has always been a bit of a prat but I think he'd make a fine dad. And I'm looking forward to seeing the Scamander/Weasley dynamic. I have this set image of the twins in my mind and they just look so adorably blonde, haha.

Also, just a suggestion because I'm rubbish with summaries, but yours might flow better if you cut out the "Weasley II" bit and just leave in "Molly strives for perfection." I think the readers will understand once they read Lorcan's name. :-)

Author's Response: Ok:) thanks!

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