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Review #1, by PolyJuice_ Pranks, Pants and Prance

23rd June 2014:
Hello, wonderful!

Amazing writing, as per usual. I thought I'd stop by this story because I know it's not your usual choice of era, having read quite a few of your next gens, and I must say, you did fab~ (not that I expected any less of course)

(and thank FREAKING gosh you included Peter.)

Humour is a bit of a deviation, too. ;) I'll say I laughed my way through this story, so you aced it.

The implied wolfstar here made my heart ache for poor Remus. Oh my, and I'm not even a wolfstar shipper.

I like each of the flaws you gave your characters, like James's skinny legs. (I do like me some James legs, heh)


As much as Marauders are my favourite era, writers like you who feel the need to crush my happy little hopes for these boys, kills me.

Anyway, all in all I'm scatterbrained, this review probably made no sense, I'm running off too little sleep, and you're an amazing writer.

Loved reading this, Jenna.

Author's Response: Hi Liz! ♥

Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you did, it's quite fun getting feedback on this since it was so far out of my comfort zone.

Yes! Ah, for some reason Peter actually interests me far more than the other Marauders especially during this era, so I included him way more than originally planned. :P And I'm glad you found the story funny, haha, some of it was a bit crude humour but I had a good time with it and making fun of the crazy stuff I was coming up with for the boys. :P

I'm not either! The wolfstar just inserted itself into the story, it was so odd but Remus seems like the type to crush on someone for ages and moon (no pun intended :P) over them forever unless they're brave enough to do something, like I imagined Tonks would be.

Hehe, poor James and his skinny legs. :P Boys are fun to characterize especially physically, since even the good looking ones have some weird qualities.

I'm sorry for the feels!!! I honestly, truly wanted to keep this light and happy but that wasn't destined to happen, since it is Marauders and they have really tragic faes.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Liz! :D You really made my day! ♥

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Review #2, by adluvshp Pranks, Pants and Prance

20th April 2014:
Hey! I am here to review your entry for the TGS Anniversary Challenge. I apologise for the delay - RL has been keeping me very busy!

So, I am not someone who enjoys reading Marauders Era anymore, and definitely not someone who likes reading Humour. However, if you went out of your comfort zone to write this, I decided I should give reading something out of my comfort zone a shot too xD Needless to say, I quite liked it so I'm glad I did =)

I enjoyed your characterisation of the marauders. I think you portrayed them in a great manner. I also liked how the humour wasn't over-the-top here, just enough to make it humour but not so much that the reader (especially someone like me) loses interest in the actual story.

The turn of events throughout was quite interesting and I found myself chuckling at times. I enjoyed the James/Lily dynamic here as well along with the hinted Sirius/Remus. The interaction between the boys was brilliant too and and the prank pretty awesome.

The inclusion of the "DeathDay" was very nicely done as well. The ending scene was also pretty good, and I especially loved the Azkaban conversation lol.

All in all, I think you did a pretty good job on this especially for someone writing humour for the first time. I had a pleasant time reading it. Thank you for participating in the challenge!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

Ah, I'm the same way - I never read Marauders, though I do enjoy a good humour story. I'm glad you decided to read it anyway, and found it okay! :) I was pretty worried that it was terrible but it's been really nice to get such thoughtful feedback.

I'm glad you liked the Marauders the the portrayal of them - I had fun writing their silliness and general boyishness. And that you liked the humour - thank you! I wanted it to be more subtle and even a little tongue-in-cheek.

The little relationships and hinted relationships here were enjoyable for me to work on as well so it's nice to hear you liked how they turned out. I wanted to show James and Lily just being really comfortable with one another, but the real fluffy focus of the story was the relationship with all the guys. I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.

Ah, the Deathday was fun to incorporate. If I went to Hogwarts, I'd definitely want to peek in on a party like that, though I'm almost as scared of ghosts as Regulus was. The ending where they talked about Azkaban and alluded to the future was quite sad, and was perhaps my less fluffy and more ominous side coming through. :P

Thanks so much for the lovely review! :)

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Review #3, by lia_2390 Pranks, Pants and Prance

19th April 2014:
Hi Jenna :)

Thank you for participating in our anniversary challenge! Don't worry about this being 'unusual', you'll find that it's those that are most treasured.

Anyway, you mentioned that you were uncomfortable writing anything within the humour genre, or Marauders' era. The thing with humour is that there is no need for it to be over the top. Considering that this was your first attempt at it, I think you did a pretty decent job. I was pleasantly surprised with the use of the Death Day party and Regulus being terrified of ghosts! I nearly died when he woke up on the table.

The tone you used in this one-shot - to me - suits the genre in the form of humour you wrote. As I said, there's no need for it to be over the top, even subtle types are the best ones.

I loved how human you made each character. Lily with a retainer and spot cream, Peter and his premature baldness. No one was the drop-dead gorgeous character I'm used to seeing in this genre. I particularly loved Remus (I usually do) and his crush on his best friend. I honestly think Sirius might realise and possibly feels the same way if he notices how Remus flushes at certain things. Honestly, you've said a lot about Remus's feelings without having to put it into so many words. I thought that was done really well.

You've alluded to so many things at the end, my heart felt a bit crushed in a way. None of them could predict what was going to happen. I suppose they were in sixth year at this point. The irony about Peter's statement, and Sirius joking about being put in prison. *clutches hands to chest* I just can't.

This was a good read :) I hope the challenge and feedback from this story will encourage you to venture more out of your comfort zone in the future!


Author's Response: Hi Lia! :)

Thanks to TGS for hosting the challenge! It was a lot of fun even if I was a little concerned with how well this would turn out. :P

I agree about humour! I think subtle humour, or even irony or sneaky sarcasm, are quite enjoyable to read and write about. I'm glad you thought I did okay! Poor Regulus - he was a bit of a ridiculous character here, but it was fun to torture him a little through the ghosts.

Haha, one of my favourite parts of writing this was making the characters very human, like you said. It seemed to fit well since not only are most people in real life not perfectly drop-dead gorgeous, but I never saw the Marauders as being particularly attractive. Well, maybe Sirius from canon, but in a more sloppy way. I'm glad you liked Remus' little crush on Sirius - it was fun to write! :)

I feel the same way about the ending! It's so sad to think about, and I wanted to hint at the darker future for these characters. :(

Thanks so much for the lovely review! :D

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Review #4, by teh tarik Pranks, Pants and Prance

12th April 2014:
Hey, hey, Jenna!

I'm here to review your entry for the TGS Anniversary Challenge! Gah, this is such a wonderful and very funny story. Marauders fluff is one of the things I'm not too comfortable writing either, but you sound like you're right at home with this genre and era! :) I think your fic is a great example of Marauders fic: humour, pranks, but with undertones of darkness, because after all, the four of them did live through the First Wizarding War and all.

I really love how you incorporated the 'anniversary' prompt into your fic; the Deathday Party in CoS is something I really enjoyed reading about, and it's great that you've used that here in your fic. You've brought the whole Deathday scene to life, the ghostly guests, the rank, rancid foods, and yes, I love that Dumbledore and McGonagall are actually guests at the party! Turns out that not only the Marauders have a sense of fun!

The encounter between Sirius and 'Wedgie' had me in stitches. I could honestly imagine the two brothers running into each other in the corridors, trading insults before duelling and causing plenty of chaos. It made me a little wistful, too. If only they got along with each other, they'd have made a fantastic pair, but I guess their beliefs are just too different.

I love Remus in this! He's clearly got a thing for Sirius, though I'm not too sure that Sirius is aware of it. That being said, Sirius definitely notices that Remus is bothered / embarrassed by close physical contact with other boys. Speaking of the boys, I love how you've written each of the Marauder characters. James takes a bit of a back seat in this story, but I think you made a great choice with this, because it puts the spotlight on Remus and Peter. If James is around, he'll usually be hogging all the limelight along with Remus. And gah, I enjoyed the way you wrote the relationship between Sirius and Peter. Peter is clearly very sensitive, and Sirius is rather insensitive, and there are brief moments when I thought that Sirius's remarks toward Peter were rather dismissive, and that the latter was affected by that. It's a great, subtle touch to the relationships between the Marauders; I can see these things accumulating over time, creating a rift between Peter and the others, especially Sirius. And I must really congratulate you for writing boys as, well, how boys are. The smells, the hairy legs, the onion salad breath, the walking-around-butt-naked - there are SO MANY Marauder fics out there, plenty of them focusing on MWPP friendship, and yet far too few stories address the reality of boys, and their occasional grossness! :P :P

The final scene unsettled me a little. It was full of fluff and warm feelings between the boys, but there were so many elements of foreshadowing, so much dramatic irony, all this talk about Azkaban and Sirius being in a cell and breaking out. And it was Peter as well, who said that. And James saying, "You won't set foot in that place as long as Iím alive to cover your back, mate." Ugh, I think I've been beset by the feels. :(

I really loved this story, Jenna! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge; this was such a wonderful read! Fabulous writing, as always. ♥


Author's Response: Hi teh! :)

Wow, thank you so much for this lovely, detailed review! :D I was so nervous when I started writing this story, and had really no plan when I started other than that they were going to go to the Deathday party. The first paragraph was actually written with James and Lily, but I subbed them out for Sirius and Remus. But in the end I really loved working on it and was very pleased with how it came together - so much thanks to the staff at TGS for the challenge! :)

I really wanted to keep this pure fluff, but it didn't feel right for the era. While they've got lots of great things going on, doubtlessly the coming war would be on people's minds and make things more tense around Hogwarts. Writing the Deathday party scene was quite fun, and it seemed like a very Dumbledore thing to do to attend. McGonagall too: she surprised me by showing up, but it did seem like something she would bring a gift to as well. :P

I agree! I really don't see the brothers' relationship as having any sort of redemption after the way Sirius spoke about him in canon. It seemed appropriate that Sirius' anger and betrayal from his family would translate into some particularly aggressive hatred against Regulus, who represents all that he's lost and that he could have been, so he hates him for those reasons as well.

I normally ship Remus/Tonks and nobody else, but here Remus having a bit of a crush on his best friend fit quite well. I was originally going to have some sort of kiss at the end, but preferred to focus on their friendship, and how despite some feelings of attraction between them the brotherhood between the four is far more important. I agree about James, and I wanted to play with the idea of how Lily was integrated into the Marauders and how she might have changed the group dynamic by taking up some of James' time.

The relationship between Peter and Sirius was really important for me, and I'm glad you liked it and how it showed that they might have divisions in the future. Sirius doesn't really notice how others are feeling, and his dismissals of Peter, which he finds funny, are really hurtful to Peter, which could possibly add up over the years to some bitterness.

Thank you! :P I couldn't resist. Boys, especially at fifteen and sixteen, are just gross, and since this was a boys-focused story which didn't spend much time on romance I wanted to show that. I find that boys in romance stories (and girls, really) can be sort of idealized into these gorgeous gods and that just isn't realistic for anybody. So it was really entertaining to play with. :D

I agree. The foreshadowing took over the writing a little bit there, but I thought it was sort of important to show that this happy, fun life isn't forever, that basically three of the four of them are going to lose the lives they thought they would have. It's so tragic, and one of the things which steers me away from writing Marauder fics, as I'm so uneasy with their fates.

Thanks so much for this amazing review, teh! :D It was truly lovely to receive, and I loved hearing all your thoughts! ♥

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Review #5, by LightLeviosa5443 Pranks, Pants and Prance

8th April 2014:
Hi! Sorry it took me so long to getting around to returning the review!

Wow, this chapter was really awesome. I really enjoyed the way you've characterized all of the boys, and the unique way you've weaved in events that we know will happen later on. I thought that was really ingenious and very clever and intriguing.

That whole final scene, where Sirius is making the comments about Azkaban, and Peter is saying Sirius would break out, and then James says he'd never end up in there as long as he's alive. Oh man, that one really got me. It was absolutely lovely and brilliant and just so wonderful!

I really liked how James and Lily were dating in this, too. So cute! I love my JILY!!! Is this a Sirius/Remus, by the way? Because if it is awe, I've never read one before, but you've made me intrigued. Anyways, this was really interesting and fun and I'm definitely intrigued enough to add it to my currently reading and come back when I've got more time to sit and read the rest!!!

Thanks for swapping hon!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Thank you! I really was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing this, and it's great to get such lovely feedback. Writing the boys was fun, and I quite enjoyed the foreshadowing as well. Aw, I'm so glad you liked the part at the end! I definitely got a bit of a lump in my throat while writing it since Sirius' fate is really tragic and unfair, and it's sad to imagine him as wild and carefree in his younger days and then being trapped in Azkaban for so long.

Jily! :) I was pretty scared of writing them, but was pretty pleased with how this turned out. Lily's acceptance of the boys grossness seemed plausible enough. :P Funny, I was actually going to have Remus and Sirius kiss at the end but ran out of room/felt the bonding between all four of them was better.

I really want to continue this now! Maybe, if I finish two WIPs, I can return and add a few more chapters. :P It was just so light-hearted and fun to write so now I sort of want to follow up.

Thanks so much for the lovely review! :)

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Review #6, by MargaretLane Pranks, Pants and Prance

6th April 2014:
*laughs* I can totally imagine Sirius being hard to say no to. He's a charmer.

"Potions Master" should be two words; you have it as one when Slughorn is first mentioned, at the start of the third paragraph.

I LOVE the way you contrast the two brothers' appearances. I don't usually much like reading description, but you kind of give an insight into the type of people they are in your descriptions of them.

Yikes, Regulus DEFINITELY knows about Remus.

Remus seems very much in character here. Slughorn too. He seems more concerned that they interrupted him when he was enjoying his pineapple than that they're dueling which is SO typical of him.

And I like the nickname Wedgie. It's mocking in the way Sirius WOULD mock Regulus.

And it's so like Remus to want to prank Regulus, not because he really wants to, but because he thinks it'll make Sirius feel better. He is SUCH a people-pleaser. Hardly surprising, I suppose, considering how he's judged by society.

LOVE Remus's reference to the Invisibility Cloak as "OUR most prized possession". It really shows how close the boys are, that they share everything.

I'm really getting the impression Remus fancies Sirius, but whether Sirius reciprocates or not is another matter.

*laughs at Sirius saying he had it on good authority, before admitting that actually, he was eavesdropping*

You've written that Sirius "can considered using Polyjuice to turn himself into the Bloody Baron". I assume it's meant to be "had considered".

And yeah, I was wondering how it'd work with a ghost. LOVE the idea he'd go a little grey around the edges. How would they get the bit of the Bloody Baron you'd need to add anyway? Not like he'd have any loose hairs or anything.

I'm wondering how they'll get into Slytherin house to get to the common room.

And how like Dumbledore to attend the party.

*laughs at their having put some indigestion solution in Mulcibar's drink*

And you've answered my question about how they'll get into Slytherin house. That's ingenious and totally believable. Often when people add things like that, it comes across as contrived, but that sounds totally natural and it makes sense Harry and Fred and George might not figure it out. It must have been hard enough to figure out the whole "I Solemnly Swear that I am up to no Good" and the "Mischief Managed".

*laughs at the thought of Sirius ending up naked due to lack of concentration* I actually read a book - doubt it's available outside Ireland - in which they discussed werewolves being naked when they transformed back into humans.

And I'm not at all surprised Remus wouldn't be comfortable being naked, considering his scars.

Yikes, knowing what we now know, them joking about Sirius in jail is actually kind of sad.

And James saying Sirius won't go to Azkaban as long as he's alive...yikes, foreshadowing.

Author's Response: Hello! :) I'm sorry for taking so long to reply to this awesome review - exams have been crazy.

Sirius is a charmer! I wanted to have some form of romance in this story and that just turned into Remus' fancying of Sirius.

I fixed the typos, thanks for pointing them out! :)

I'm glad you liked the descriptions of the brothers! I find the relationship between them really interesting, and like writing nasty characters like Regulus. And yes, I imagined Regulus might have heard some of Snape's ranting about Remus and his condition.

I'm so glad the characters seem in character! I was really worried about writing Remus and getting his self-deprecation but thoughtfulness right. And Slughorn seems to turn a blind eye to misbehaving for the most part.

Haha, Wedgie! I was just giggling the whole time when it came to me.

I'm glad you noticed how Remus is a people-pleaser as well! I do really see him that way, and he's not very independent in some ways. I'm really pleased you picked out the collective ownership of the invisibility cloak too and how it's testimony to how close the boys are.

I'm not quite sure about getting a piece of the Bloody Baron, so I just sort of avoided that. Maybe ghosts can do things like tear some of their clothing on a nail? Or they could just dip the flask into the Baron as he glided by? :P

I'm glad you liked the explanation of how they got into the Common Room. It feels like something the map could do, and the map is so detailed that I'm sure Harry and the twins missed out on some things. I think the Map does help them along a little bit as those catchphrases are so specific.

That's really interesting about the werewolves! I think it makes sense that Animaguses would be naked when they transform, but canon seems to indicate that for the most part they transform with their clothes, which is far easier.

And yes! Remus is very self-consious about his appearance and everything else really.

Aw, I know! I felt a little emotional writing the last scene and all the foreshadowing. I find Sirius' imprisonment one of the most tragic parts of the whole series, and couldn't resist mentioning it.

Thanks so much for the amazing review! :D

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Review #7, by kenpo Pranks, Pants and Prance

6th April 2014:
Hey! I'm here for our swap!

I thought this was brilliant. I enjoyed reading this so much!! I'm gonna tell you a bunch of things I loved about it. Here I go.

When we meet Wedgie (love the nickname, by the way), I love the way you wrote it. Your description of the two other Slytherins was simple but effective, and little details like that are great for bringing the scene together.

In that whole scene, really, you did a fantastic job of giving a good balance of internal thoughts, description, action, and dialogue. It flowed marvelously.

The interaction between the guys as they thought of the prank and argued about knickers was amusing and seemed very natural. I liked that you described the cloak as "our" prized possession, rather than James'. It nailed in the point that they're all friends and know how to share :P.

The actual prank itself was awesome. I like how you incorporated Deathday, which is something from canon. It ties in the traditions of Hogwarts and made me feel a little nostalgic and sad. I also thought it was great that you mentioned that the Map has more capabilities than we learn about in the books.

Ahhh, Lily is so cute!!! I love when she's written as part of the gang. I love it. I really love it. She's so cute. I can't. And her muggle things that they don't understand had be laughing.

She's just adorable. I love her.

I really loved this story. Even though it had some darker undertones of Sirius being estranged from his family, and Regulus being involved with the Dark Arts, it was still humorous and fluffy and fantastic.

Author's Response: Hi kenpo! :)

Thanks so much! :D I was really nervous about this since it was out of my comfort zone, but it's really exciting that you enjoyed it.

Wedgie! It suited him perfectly. I'm glad you liked that scene as I wasn't sure about how I should write it and whether I should flesh out the Slytherins a little more, so it's nice to hear it seemed to work.

Writing the banter between the guys was so fun! I had another reviewer point out the cloak thing and love how you guys picked up on that - it was very deliberate and I imagine the Marauders just being like brothers who share everything and are really comfortable with each other's possessions. They really are the perfect team.

I think Deathdays are so interesting - all ghost lore is, really. The challenge was to incorporate an anniversary of some sort, and I knew right away that I wanted to talk about a Deathday. I felt that the Map was probably not used to the highest extreme that Harry used it for.

Thank you! I got really excited writing the scene with Lily, which was surprising - she kind of terrifies me because she's been written about so many times, but I felt this was a fun interpretation of her which just made me giggle. I'm so pleased you liked her. :)

Thanks so much! This was my first official "fluff" attempt so your feedback has been so wonderful. Merci beaucoup!

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