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Review #1, by marauderfan Jealousy and misteries.

15th November 2015:

I'm so glad we did that review swap a few days ago because it reminded me that there were several stories of yours I wanted to read, so I'm here for this one again! :)

Lily held herself together really well during that conversation with Snape, I was so worried she'd let something slip! It was bold of her to refer to the events of June without actually knowing what had happened, so she's lucky it happened to work out in her favour to say it :p

"Of course not." He said, squinting. "I'm Sirius." -- Hehehe. I don't know why, but no matter how many times I hear this pun, it is always funny. :P

Omg, yes. Remus the Were-yeti. Please write this XD

Haha, what a weird dream though. You did really well writing the dream - dreams can sometimes be hard to write, but you got the balance between things that make sense, and things that make sense in dreams but not real life (like people turning into other people) and reflection of stresses in the day. It was really entertaining to read.

I also think it so realistic that even after Lily has trusted Remus with her secrets, and overheard a piece of what the boys were saying, he still wouldn't be ready to open up to her about the Furry Little Problem. He's only just met her, and that's a secret he holds so close, so I thought it very in character that he refused to tell her.

James is not dealing with his jealousy well, though. At least his real world counterpart isn't a jerk, and is a good dancer.

Speaking of real world, I do wonder what's going to happen when(/if?) they switch back, with Witch Lily knowing all about her future, and Muggle Lily now pining for a fictional character (though she's in good company, as I'm sure she's not the only person ever to crush on a fictional character. ;)

Loving this story! :)
All the hugs in the world,
Kristin xo

Author's Response: Oh, Kristin, darling!
This was such a sweet surprise!!! Thank you!!!

Ahahah! Lily is quite smart, isn't she? I totally wouldn't have been able to handle everything like that. Well, she figured out Snape was feeling really guilty about it, whatever it was... She was quite lucky, though...

Ahahah! I can't resist, I love that pun too much!!! :P

Remus the were-yeti! Ahahah! Kristin, I adore you!!! And don't give me ideas, I already write crazy enough things... Why don't you write it? It would be a wonderful piece of captivating nonsense! Would end up among my favourites in a heartbeat! :D

I love writing dreams. You know I do. In dreams everything is possible and you can make them funny, or angsty, or scary, or all of the above at the same time. I had so much fun writing that bit!!!

Remus isn't ready to tell her. He's so used to keep it secret, and I think he's also scared of losing her. Rightly so, I daresay... Uh oh! Spoiler? Maybe? Maybe not? :P

Ahahah! Poor James... He's not happy... His counterpart is quite cool! Why have I never met anyone like him when I went dancing? :(

Eheheh! Interesting questions... We'll see...

All the hugs to you too!!!

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Review #2, by marauderfan Unexpected attraction.

13th August 2015:
Oh, poor Lily - it must be so confusing for her - not only is she transported into a world she knows is fictional, but she's starting to fall in love - which is confusing enough, without adding in the fact that she feels like she's messing up a timeline or something. And I feel like this is only the beginning of a lot of confusion and complication with Lily and Remus, James, and probably Snape as well.

I like how you've written Remus- he's very unassuming and kind of shy, and guarding his secrets. His description of Lily (the witch Lily, not Muggle Lily) is so spot on and astute of him and I love the last bit about how she comes across as haughty because she's so much of a romantic and has really high expectations - that's totally what I'd imagined of her but never put words to it and I thought that was cool.

Also the details such as the portrait walking out of the frame and leaving Lily so confused with out any stationary landmarks in the corridor! THAT MUST BE SO CONFUSING! Can you imagine trying to pretend like you know your way around a school where things in the hallways move, and even the hallways and staircases themselves move?! I'm amazed no one has caught on that she's clueless. Probably because they're distracted that she's so extra-friendly with Remus :P

This was a great chapter!


Author's Response: KRISTIN!!!
Oh, thank you so much, honey!!!
It was such a sweet surprise to find this lovely review this morning!!! I love you!!!

Yes, everything is very confusing for her right now... I agree with you, falling in love is already confusing enough without being stuck in a fictional world she knows so little about. And one of the few things she does know is that her counterpart is supposed to marry someone else... I'm realizing now how crazy it all is...

I'm glad you liked Remus! He's my absolute favourite character!!! Unassuming and shy is a great description for him!

I'm so happy you liked his description of Lily, too! I always found that passage to be a bit boring to read, but at the same time I wwouldn't have known how to write it differently. I'm happy it fits with your idea of Lily, too!!!

Ahahah! Yes, that's pretty crazy, too!!! She's been lucky so far because she's never been alone wandering around the castle. Mary or Remus has always been with her... For the moment... I'm so happy you liked the detail of the portrait!!! :)

Thank you so so so much for another amazing review!!! You can't imagine how much it means to me to see you so enthusiast about this story!!! You are awesome!!!

Tons of hugs and kisses and an ocean of love!!!

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Review #3, by AlecJamesCaius_ Epilogue. Back to the start.

21st July 2015:
This was a great ending chapter and gave alot of closure. Now I may have come over as if I didn't like this story all that much through my reviews, but I actually really liked it. I was just being critical so I could possibly help you. But this really was a fun read.

One question I've had for the majority of the story however was left unanswered, that or I missed it. In the latter case I hope you can tell me. Both Lillies seemed to remember their adventures. So WHY did non modern Lily end up marying non modern James and get non modern Harry, while she knew that she would be killed by Voldemort in a few years??? How can you just live out your destiny if you know you and your family will be brutally murdered in a few years?

Anyways, again, good work!


Author's Response: And finally the epilogue!
I'm very happy that you liked it! :)

I thought I explained it here, but maybe it didn't pass well... Lily doesn't remember every detail of her twentyfirst century's experience. She knows it had happened, and she remembers flashes and sensations, a bit like it was a dream. But she doesn't remember, for instance, her parents dying. Or seeing PoA. Or most of what Charlotte told her about Harry Potter. She remembers only enough to know that she should be more tolerant and enjoy life more and share more affection around.
I know it was a bit of a forced choice, but I had no other way to make it work (couldn't think of one, at least). Because, like you said, she would've tried to save her family if she'd known what was to come.

Thanks for doing this swap! And I'm happy you enjoyed the story!

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Review #4, by AlecJamesCaius_ Time to say goodbye.

21st July 2015:
Again, a very confusing chapter unfortunely. the litle spaces were confusing the merlin out of me. One time the little space indicated a pov switch, anotherh time it was a time jump, another time it didnt mean anything and just continued the story line. Its too bad because this story wouldve been alot more entertainingng too me if it was more clear. Its an easy thing to edit though!
Another thing I didnt understand was how theyre were so upset about people they barely knew. It was a fun story all in all, especially the parallel universe concept, imo

Epilogue next!


Author's Response: Again, sorry for any confusion... I'll see if I can fix it.

Lily is so upset because, even if they aren't her parents, there is still a sort of connection. Besides, knowing they died in a car crash brought back the memories of her father dying. It was like falling into the nightmare again.

As for the boys, they weren't really upset about Lily's parents, but about Lily herself. For Remus it felt especially hard, because he wished he could make her feel better, but didn't know how. And I suppose James felt something similar, too.

I'm sorry grammar and formatting issues disturbed you that much, but I'm very happy you liked the parallel universes concept and that you enjoyed the story in its whole.

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Review #5, by AlecJamesCaius_ Dreaming of home.

21st July 2015:
Alec again for the multi swap.

The concept was interesting, but I had to read this chapter several times to fully understand it. The frequent POV switching without any real indication that it happened was the main reason for this, but if that wasn't confusing enough, we saw one lily play a scene through the eyes of the OTHER one continuously.
I was completely lost the first time xD

Although I don't like modern lily that much anymore for being that mean to Remus (I doubt the Marauders acted like that when they found out, modern lily doesn't seem to have such great character) I'm glad she ended up with Remus. There were some big grammar issues like: "You really dreamt her?" which isn't right in any situation. But I guess the story is coming to a close. Lets see how the last chapter is!


Author's Response: Hi Alec.
Here to (finally) answer your reviews.

I'm sorry this got you confused... I wanted it to be a bit (I wanted the reader figure out with the dreaming Lily what was going on) but I never meant for it to get too confusing. I'll try to find a formatting that can work better.

Modern Lily is far from perfect, but who is, really? Her behaviour with Remus wasn't good, and surely the Marauders were quicker in accepting Remus' condition. But I'm sure he's received far worse reactions in his life. And I really can't judge Lily too harshly for her behaviour. She is my OC after all (it's a bit like having a daughter). I'm happy you're glad she made up with Remus in the end, despite everything!

Thank you again for the review.

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Review #6, by AlecJamesCaius_ Jealousy and misteries - part II.

18th July 2015:
Multi swapping!

Note: This review got taken down because I used a swear word in the original. Sorry it took so long to re-upload, I kinda forgot about it ghehehe, sorry...

Peter has been super ooc to me this whole fic. Like he's another person? He doesn't have any of the character traits we know him from. I disliked how mean Lily acted in this chapter, out of nowhere... And developing feelings for James as well all of the sudden? What happened to Remus being 'the one'? What's up with that? Now I know she was supposed to dislike or atleast not like this time as much anymore, otherwise she couldn't go back, but still.
I LOVE YOUR PARALLEL UNIVERSE CONCEPT ! Because it could actually fit in canon unexpectedly perfect: non modern Lily came to appreciate James' qualities in the future. This works perfectly because before her trip to the future, she hated non modern James even though she was destined to marry him. So, as you explained, since she was straying from her destined path, she had the switch so destiny could set things straight again. Makes sense, because Lily always hated James and then boom: they suddenly dated last year and had a child barely 3 years later. Always sounded unbelievable to me. This could actually explain it. Interesting how this was what the story was all about all along, it had a way bigger underlying meaning than I expected. Still wonder how non modern Lily is going to just accept that she, her future-husband and future-son will die. Knowing non modern Lily, she would do absolutely anything to protect her son&husband. If she knew they would be in danger in the future, she'd do anything to save them, even if it would go against destiny, right???But Good job! Like, seriously!


Author's Response: Hi Alec.
No worries, it's ok. :)

Oh, Peter. He is a bit of a mistery in my opinion. You probably expected him to be clumsy and stupid? I can't see him that way. He must've been quite smart if he managed to foul his friends so effectively. And he must've been braver than he's often depicted if he accepted to become an Animagus to spend full moon nights with a werewolf. And the Marauders wouldn't have wanted him around if he had no interesting characteristics at all.
Obviously, this is only my opinion... And I might have outdone it a bit...

I know Lily isn't exactly likeable in this chapter... But she's scared, and confused, and lost. As for her attraction towards James, it had been there all the time (even if not as strong as her feelings for Remus) and now that she can't figure out her feelings for Remus anymore, she's clinging to James instead. Does it make any sense to you?

I'm happy you liked my concept of parallel universes. Yes, Lily falling for James was partly the purpose of all the switch thing.
I have sort of a justification as for why Lily didn't try to save her family, but you'll find out only at the end, I'm afraid.

Thank you for the review and see you againon the next chapter of this/your story!

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Review #7, by AlecJamesCaius_ Dates.

14th July 2015:
Hey there, Alec with the multi swap again

One thing that you should consider changing is that when you switch POV's, you have absolutely no kind of indication that it happened. Its confusing. Very confusing honestly.
There was alot of bad grammar sadly as well, and my last point is that this chapter was like, incredibly fluff. Fluff happens to be the one and only genre I can't stand, which resulted in me not liking it all that much... That's not your fault though!! insert *its not you, its me* here
Everything just went so WELL. In my opinion, there should be at least SOME kind of conflict, tension,drama etc. In a story. I do believe though you haven't classified this story as fluff?
Something I really like is how modern James is as non modern james and slowly shows nonmodern lily why she eventually fell in love with non modern James, something she did not understand at all at first.

hope you liked my review,


Author's Response: Hi, Alec.
Sorry for the lateness.

I'm sorry you found the POV switching confusing. I tried to separate the two POVs with spacing, but maybe that isn't enough. I might try with asterisks or something...

I'll check the grammar. I'm planning on finding a beta and go through all my stories. I just need to find the right moment to do it.

Oh, well... I like fluff... I'm a "butterflies, rainbows and unicorns" kind of person, if you know what I mean... Reality is already so hard, I think a bit of fluff in fiction is only healthy. :)
The drama will come, anyway. I needed this chapter to be fluffy, because what follows isn't at all...

I'm happy you enjoyed how modern James is the link for Lily to understand that she can like non modern James. That's exactly what I wanted to do.

Thanks for the swap,

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Review #8, by AlecJamesCaius_ Jealousy and misteries.

14th July 2015:
Alec here, back with the multi swap.

Interesting chapter here, several things happened. I have to get it out of the way: there was a good amount of bad grammar in this chapter and sometimes just weird wording of what you wanted to say: for example, dragging James away by his ankles??
Both James and Snape were well portrayed and reacted to Lily/Remus exactly as you'd expect. Even though much happened, I can't help but feel the story wasn't really moved along all that much in this chapter? Haha, maybe its just me. I also feel like the plot hasnt picked up completely yet, is that true?
The story is a fun read however, its reads away quickly, which is a good thing!


Author's Response: Hi Alec.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, despite the grammar. As I said in the other response, I'll try to go back and fix it.

I'm happy you liked my portrayal of James and Severus.

Well, no... I think the plot hasn't picked up completely yet... I'm happy you're finding the story amusing, anyway. And that it flows well. It's good to hear.

Thank you for reviewing,

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Review #9, by AlecJamesCaius_ Questions and answers.

10th July 2015:
Hey there, Alec here for our multiswap.

The scene were the James she met while dancing told her his full name was "James Potter" genuinely made me laugh out loud when Lily said "Holy Merlin!"
That was really funny lol. I have to say though, I don't think THAT many people know the HP universe well enough to know who James Potter and Lily Evans are and how they're related. Well, they'll probably know James Potter, but if I'd go and ask my sisters if they know who "Lily Evans" is, I'm positive they wouldn't know. That's just nitpicking though!
For the rest, this was an easy chapter. Not too much happened except for Lily meating this new James, and us getting to know the Lillies better. I guess the chapter DID forfill its purpose though. And of ofcourse, I was wondering what was going on in the modern world! Will the new James play a bigger part in the upcoming chapters? Another big question is: How will Nonmodern Lily be able to live out her destiny if she manages to return to her own time line? And how is she so damn cool about her husband and her dying at mere 21 years old, being betrayed by their good friend? XD
When she heard she was going to die in 5 years she was like "Hm, okay" but when she heard she was going to marry James Potter she was like "Whaaat." XD
The story is still entertaining! Expect my next review soon!


Author's Response: Hello again.

Ahah! That's good! I'm glad I made you laugh! :) It was my purpose!

Yes, you're probably right. Lily Evans is not that famed... It's one of the (many) things that don't convince me 100% of this story, but it worked for the plot, so...

Yes, this was meant to be more of a fill in chapter.
Interesting questions... We will see... :P

Well, I think she simply hasn't registered the "I'm going to die young" part fully. She doesn't know exactly at which age it will happen, only that she will leave Harry behind when he's a baby. And she's angry at Peter, obviously, but she doesn't see him as a friend, so I suppose she isn't so hurt by his betrayal (James would've taken it a lot worse). I just think that, even if she knows she's going to die early, she still see death like such a distant thing, while the prospect of marrying the guy she most dislikes in the world is absolutely shocking. It's how adolescence works, don't you think? And she's learned so many things in such a short time that she wouldn't be able to process everything anyway...

Sorry for all the rambling. I'm very happy you're enjoying reading this. :)
See you soon,

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Review #10, by marauderfan A traumatic awakening.

10th July 2015:
Lily's room is Gryffindor colours! Aw :)

Wow though, this chapter is just... Can you imagine not knowing anything about HP and then waking up in that world? Or watching the movie of your future life and knowing that you're going to die at 21? Gah, either way would be just so scary! I'm glad they both ended up meeting nice people in their respective worlds and were able to tell the truth to someone. It would be so hard to just pretend you knew what was going on - because it'd be so easy to mess up and forget someone's name that you're supposed to have known for 6 years.

Muggle Lily's friends seemed to react much less wildly than I predicted. If I were Charlotte and my best friend just told me they were actually from the pages of Harry Potter I'd first just not believe them, and then be sooo overly excited and probably end up scaring them away. Good thing Witch Lily met Charlotte instead :p

I really wonder what's going to happen when Witch Lily finds out all about her future. And how Muggle Lily is going to fare in her first class because she can't actually do magic. Unless she has gained Witch Lily's magical abilities as well as looking just like her?

so much to wonder about. This is really a great story and I will be back to read more of it soon!!

Author's Response: Of course! So happy you liked that detail!

I'm sure it was pretty shocking and scary for both of them. I was a bit worried that it wasn't verosimilar for them to tell the truth so soon, but in all honesty how could they not? I would've exploded if I didn't tell someone. And they were lucky to have found such nice people!

Ahahah! I know what you mean! I suppose I did go a bit soft there...

Can't tell... Sorry... :P Keep reading and you'll know!

Thank you so much, darling! I'm so happy you are enjoying this story! Can't wait to hear what you think of the following chapters, too!!!

Tons of love, hugs and kisses!

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Review #11, by marauderfan I hate my name

10th July 2015:
Chiara! Omg, I saw the summary of this and was like WAIT ANOTHER STORY ABOUT LILY GOING BACK IN TIME AND MEETING HER GRANDPARENTS?!? I was so excited. And then I read the first section and it was totally not what I expected - in fact, what you have is better! I can't wait to see where this goes. :D Someone who doesn't like the Harry Potter series, ending up in the Potterverse somehow. Ahaha it's such a great premise!! (also how can I do this too? :P )

I laughed at Lily disliking her name. At least it's not as bad as like, Hyacinth or something. :P

Lily's narration is pretty funny. She seems like a typical teenager - bored by school and looking forward to the party at the cool guy's house. I like how much she goes on about all the boring school things she doesn't like, such as history and logarithms... Well, she thinks it's a boring day but I have a feeling it's all about to get very interesting! omg DID THEY SWITCH PLACES?!?!?!


Author's Response: Hey Kristin!
Wow, I didn't expect you on this one! And I'm so happy that I caught you by surprise!!! Well, I read a lot of stories of people who end up in the Marauder era and then try to fix things. I didn't want this to happen here, so I wanted someone who didn't have knowledge of what was going to happen. And to have someone who hates Harry Potter just gives a very funny perspective! :)

Erm... Well, I'm afraid I don't know (I think I would've already left for Hogwarts ages ago if I knew...) But Lily arrived there because she was wishing to go away... Maybe if you wish it hard enough... Give it a try... :P

Ahahah! No, definitely not that bad!!! :P

She is the typical teenager. Well, not completely, but mostly. Boredom will be the least of her problems soon!

Thank you so much! Your enthusiasm makes me smile so widely! I'm so, so happy you enjoyed this first chapter!!!

Tons of love,

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Review #12, by AlecJamesCaius_ Unexpected attraction.

7th July 2015:
Hey there, Alec here from our multi chaptered review swap.

I really enjoyed this chapter, for a couple of reasons. First was the Lily/Remus/James/Severus quangle (< is that the word for a triangle but with 4? Too lazy to google it lol)

I really liked that aspect because I can't imagine all the funny situations that could spawn from this. James getting angry at Remus for betraying him, Snape being jealous... I also liked the huge Lily/Remus development. You can tell they really like each other. I have a feeling though in a few days Lily will not WANT to leave Hogwarts! I know that, if I woke up at Hogwarts tomorrow, I would stay there for a good while before going back.(after all, I'd probably never come back)
Sirius was portrayed a bit off in my opinion, he was always more of a cool guy. Being so childish like that towards Lily/Remus felt a bit out of place. Alsoo, a big thing:
At the beginning of the chapter you mentioned Lily seeing the horses that pull the cartridges. But you only see those if you've seen dead, which I'm pretty sure Lily hadn't up until this point in her time line. So I think you may have to delete that line.
Also, there were alot of grammatical errors, sometimes even to the point of me having to read a sentence again to understand it.
The story remains entertaining though, expect my next review soon!

Author's Response: Hey, Alec!
Welcome back! :)

I'm happy that you enjoyed reading this chapter too! I'm glad you like Remus and Lily. Actually, I think I might've taken it a bit too quick, but I suppose they're both in so much need of love that they wouldn't really care, as much ss they're embarassed.
I'm also happy to hear you like the... I think quadrangle could be the right word? But I'm only guessing, I rreally have no idea (and I'm too lazy to check as well...) You'll get a bit of James and Snape. Their reactions will be pretty similar to what you're imagining, but just keep reading if you want to know more.

Oh, well... My idea of adolescent Sirius is that he was a bit childish. I mean, he was popular, and good looking, and kind of idolized by people. And probably he acted cool in public (whatever that means). But I think that he would be pretty idiotic when it came to his friends. It's only my way of seeing things, of course. And the great thing about fanfiction (in my opinion, at least) is that there is no right or wrong, you just can do with the characters and setting whatever you feel is fitting (even skrewing it up completely. That's called AU :P)

About Thestrals, there is a specific reason she can see them. Sadly, there is no too early age to know death... Once again, you'll know more about that in later chapters. This is mostly a humorous story, but it has a point of angst too.

Oh, I'm sad to hear that... Do you really feel grammar is that bad? I'll check it out. Could you maybe point me out the biggest ones (some examples, at least, so that it'll be easier for me to fix the mistakes?)

Thanks for the swap, I'll be back to your story as soon as I can.
See you,

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Review #13, by AlecJamesCaius_ A traumatic awakening.

5th July 2015:
Hey there! Alec here, from our multichaptered review swap.

Didn't know which story to pick so I chose this one and bloody hell, I couldn't have chosen a better one. Idk if your other stories are similar to this, but I absolutely love this one!

The idea in itself isn't incredibly original or anything, yet its not often done this well. Modern Lily is very likeable and I love how she has a immediate crush on Lupin and not Sirius/James. You see, most romantic ff's I've read lately involved the protagonist fall in love with the typical 'badboy' with irresistible looks. Its a very welcome change for the love interest to be a nice, kind guy who isn't remarkably good looking.

The scene were Nonmodern Lily watched Harry Potter was priceless haha. I can't imagine what that would be like! I'm really curious to see how the plot will continue now that everything has been set up. They'll need to get back to their own times! I do have to point out you use exclamation marks a bit too much, and you made some serious grammar/spelling mistakes. You could consider a beta reader for that.

but seriously, good job!! You can expect the next review soon!


Author's Response: Hi Alec!
First of all, thank you. I'm really happy you enjoyed it so far.
I'm glad you think I carried the plot well, even if it isn't the most original one (this is one of my early stories, my more recent works might be a bit more complex and different).

Well, I must admit that I'm more attracted by quiet and kind guys. And I have just a tiny crush on Remus, so it isn't really that strange of a choice for me. Not that I disdain James and Sirius... :)

It was, wasn't it? Poor Lily, it must've been quite a shock...

Grammar... That's a sore point... In my defence, English is not my mother language and, as I said, this was one of my first works. I think I've improved a little bit with the next stories. One day I'll do some editing... Not sure when, but I will...

Thank you so much. I can't wait for another review, I'm really curious to know what you'll think of what comes next.
And expect a new review from me soon, too. ;)


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Review #14, by Fangirl Epilogue. Back to the start.

16th June 2014:
OMG JUST FINISHED READING IT! LOVED IT! It was so amazing, I really loved Remus. I thought it was pretty funny how non magic Lily ended up with James and then they named their kid Harry! The ending was just so sad and I just I loved it!!!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you!
I'm really glad you liked it!!!
It's just delightful to hear such enthusiastic comments! :-)
Thank you so so so much!!!

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Review #15, by Sam Epilogue. Back to the start.

31st May 2014:
Very interesting plot...well ended! Thanks :)

Author's Response: Hi Sam!
I'm really happy that you liked the story!
I wasn't so convinced of the ending, so it's great to know that you appreciated it!
Thanks to you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by Unicorn_Charm Epilogue. Back to the start.

27th May 2014:
Ok so first. I stalked your page almost all day seeing if the new chapter was up and yay! It was! XD

This was so bitter sweet for me. I really wanted there to be a way of her communicating with Remus one last time, but in all honesty, this was much better. Although, it was sad to hear she read of his death eventually. :(

I love that once she came back, she found "the other" James Potter and they've become married as well! Way too funny that they're going to name their son Harry. :)

Overall, I really loved this! I thought it was a great plot and really well written. I'm so sad that it's over, though! Really, really well done on this!

xoxo - Meg

Author's Response: Hi Meg!
You're so kind! Thank you again!
Yes, I know this isn't a one hundred percent happy ending, but it's just the way I felt things should go...
I'm happy you appreciated the James+Lily choice, and that you found amusing their child's naming (after all, how else could the son of Lily Evans and James Potter being called, if not Harry? ;-) )
I'm really glad you liked this story! Thank you so so so much again for your lovely reviews!
Lots of love,

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Review #17, by Unicorn_Charm Time to say goodbye.

25th May 2014:
Oh my goodness, this is brilliant! I came across this story just earlier and could not stop reading. It's absolutely amazing. The whole premise of this story is so unique, well done on that!

I can't believe they each left so suddenly! Poor Remus. :( I know it most likely will not happen, but I do hope they find their way back to one another. Please update again soon! I'm completely in love with what you have written!

Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
You can't imagine how happy you made me with your lovely review!!!
I've just posted the last chapter of the story (waiting for validation). It's a small chapter, more of an epilogue. I hope you're going to like it (even if I'm afraid it isn't the end you were hoping for...)
Thank you so much again!!!

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