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Review #1, by Alia Something is not right.

30th May 2004:
great story so far. i love the idea of Harry being sent where ever he has ended up. would be a real shame if you chose not to update it. i don't like the way it switches from present to past to fututre tense, that confuses me a bit. but all in a all a great story. its going in my favorites and i can't wait for the next installment. keep up the interesting work.

Author's Response: Sorry that my tenses are confusing I do that without noticing that I do it. I will try to update the story as much as possible, but it seems like your the only one that liked it.

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Review #2, by yo dude wtf Where am I?

21st April 2004:
wooo go jamaica comeo n over and bring some money and come on tht special day where weed is legal trust me after going u will never havae problems about making stories about dead people woooooo PARTY ON

Author's Response: Thank you I think, I assure you I do not need to be stoned to write about dead people though I can see them without the weed lol

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Review #3, by John Something is not right.

19th April 2004:
It is ok so far but I am really confused at this point. I really hope we find out what is happening to cause Hermione to be so mean to him. Nice cliffhanger

Author's Response: I hope that the following chapters have helped clear up your confusion and to show you just a little of what is happening.

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