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Review #1, by Shadowkat Regret

9th July 2015:

So I really like this, and I'm surprised I haven't read more from you before. I've never really imagined him loving much of anything, so it was nice to see a (almost) human side of him. It really does read like a Edger Alan Poe story.

There were some things I noticed, however. Scattered typeos and grammar errors. This can probably be fixed with a few quick look overs.

Possessive is definitely something I could see in someone like him, along with being obsessive nature. I think you did well adding those details in to this. Again, it makes him feel real, even if a real robot. XD

Again, I enjoyed this. Thanks for the great read!

Author's Response: Hello! Barty Crouch Senior isn't a favorite character of mine but I thought it would be fun to put a spin on it. And now I like him better. I like to pretend he was more human than he probably was haha.

I'm glad that it read like an Edgar Alan Poe story. That was the goal and Poe is such a great writer.

I do have a habit for missing grammar errors. When I revisit this story, I'll definitely have a look. Thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks for stopping by! I loved reading your comments!


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Review #2, by marauderfan Regret

23rd May 2014:
Hello! I'm here from the review exchange!

First, I love Annabel Lee, and I haven't read anything about Barty Crouch Sr and his wife before, so this is really cool!

I love how you wrote their relationship, especially stressing how selfish Barty is. Throughout all that time it was all just about himself, how it was best for his reputation to get married and thinking hat so much revolved around him. It's quite sad that while his wife was alive, Barty was too selfish to ever tell her that he loved her. Especially since he only regrets it after she dies. :( And I think you set it up really well explaining how Mrs Crouch succeeded in switching herself and Barty Jr, because Barty Sr had never done anything for her before and that's why he agreed even though their son was really a sore spot for him.

One phrase seemed a little weird to me, in the beginning: After this occurrence -- I don't know if 'occurrence' is really the word you're looking for here, as it wasn't exactly something that happened, more of a realisation.

The voice you used is really interesting. It seemed very informal, talking about dear ol' Barty, which is the opposite voice I'd expect from a story about such a formal, no-nonsense character. He would shudder to know he's being referred to as 'dear ol' :p I think the story would be more powerful with a bit more formal, serious word choice, but the way you have it is really original and kind of adds this lighthearted cynicism to the story, which is neat. So basically what this long ramble is trying to say - interesting choice wih the style of the story, its cool and very different.

I love your use of repetition of phrases and words, particularly in the 1988 section. It seems to fit Barty very well as he's very much about routines and repetition, and at this point it's like the routine is all he has as he lives with his regret and waits to join his wife. Which he does, in the end! So... yay? I'm not sure if that's happy or not, since he died.. but he's reunited with her at least and no longer has to live with his guilt.

Lovely work on this, Sama! I'm glad I got to read it!

Author's Response: Barry Crouch is... actually I don't think there is only one word to describe him. :P I've never read a story about him so I thought I would give it a shot and write one. He has many negative qualities which is actually pretty cool since you don't always get the chance to write a character that is generally disliked.

I like Annabel Lee too. Poe has a lot of dark pieces and Annabel Lee was one of his sad but not too dark pieces.

Throughout this story I was basically trying to prove one point: Crouch loved his wife. But you know... his personality got in his way. His selfishness, his punctuality and professionalism... I sort of feel sorry that the woman ended up with him, lol. :P

Thank you so much for those suggestions. When I have the time I'll definitely go back and go over it. The more serious word choice has me thinking... You are 100% correct about that.

Thanks for the wonderful review. I had a lovely time reading it. You gave such a positive outlook too such a dark story (ok, maybe not that dark, but definitely angsty).

Thank you,

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Review #3, by Veritaserum27 Regret

4th May 2014:

Here for BvB review battle!

I picked this one because it had no reviews. This was an interesting twist and I've never read a Barty/Mrs. Crouch love story before. I think you accurately characterized Barty, based on what we know about him from the books. He was cold and cared about his reputation more than anything else. That is probably why he never told his wife he loved her. He was too busy worry about what ministry meeting he had to attend next.

I also liked that you kept the focus on their relationship, but were able to tell that story of how much she loved her son at the same time. It took the love of Barty for his wife and the love of his wife for their son to allow them to switch places.

Nice job telling a difficult story and using a poem as a guidance must've made it more difficult!

Beth (Veritaserum27)

Author's Response: Hello!
I haven't really seen many Barty Crouch stories around so I guess that was one of the reasons I wanted to write one. Also his characterization in the books had this really realistic quality (but then all of Ms. Rowling's characters are realistic) and I really wanted to add on to that.

Not a lot is known about the relationship between his wife and him so I thought it would be interesting to have him actually love her. I wanted to give him a heart haha. :P

Thanks for the wonderful review! I had a great time reading it and I love how well you understood the story!!


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