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Review #1, by Prongslittleflower The Best Week

7th August 2017:
I've really been enjoying this story! Hopefully you'll update soon! I'll wait patiently until then, and in the meantime I'll fantasize about how you'll finish it! :)

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Review #2, by eternity1012323 The Best Week

24th April 2015:
its like 3 in the morning, ive got a test tomorrow and ive been devouring this story lol.

even though its a sirius/oc im sort of rooting for gil- i just like him a lot.

anyways really good story so far cant wait to see where this heads

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Review #3, by dahlia The Best Week

15th February 2015:
This is so fantastic and I'm a billion percent addicted, please update soon because I'm dying to know what happens next! I guess it's good to have Alaric out of the way so now we can focus on what's going to happen with Gil and Sirius. Also your Sirius is so well written and different and HOT. Please please please write more!

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Review #4, by Anonymous The Best Week

5th January 2015:
Pls update I love this I check it every day.

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Review #5, by dominique_fox The Best Week

21st December 2014:
Ah, stupid Alaric. As Ron Weasley might say, a slick git. I do like the function of his character, the two-facedness (hmm, probably not a word) makes him interesting and realistic. I also liked seeing Eden's interaction with Clara at the end of the chapter. Sort of revealed a different side of her character.

And then there's meddling Natalie, don't like her one bit. Although I guess it's better for Eden to have snapped out of her denial so that she can stop unintentionally torturing Gil. Anyway, can't wait to find out what happens next - I certainly hope Gil and Eden will be able to salvage their friendship!

Also liked the little glimpse of Regulus in the story. Such a fascinating character, and all that, and we never really hear about him during his Hogwarts days.

Really enjoyed this chapter! Cheers, happy holidays, etc.

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Review #6, by dominique_fox Hogsmeade

10th December 2014:
Am I being paranoid, or is Alaric up to something? He seems a little too smooth - plus, it would explain Clara's anxiousness! So excited to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hm, interesting you should feel that way about Alaric. His smoothness does verge on the inconceivable at times, doesn't it? We shall see.

Again, thank you for your lovely reviews. You are amazing. Oh, and chapter nine is in the queue.

Now I'm off to read and review Shadowplay!! :D

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Review #7, by dominique_fox One Fine Saturday

10th December 2014:
Yas, I loved this chapter! Some James Potter wit, the promise of a date, and a delightful encounter with Sirius to top it off. I still feel so sorry for Gil though - and Eden's blissful ignorance of his feelings is as agonizing as it is funny! 10/10, excellence.

Author's Response: I'd hoped this chapter would be a good dose of Sirius. He just doesn't feature enough for my liking. Sometimes I just wanna forget moving the plot along and skip to the good parts!

But yes, Eden can be an idiot. Bless her.

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Review #8, by dominique_fox Boys vs. Girls

10th December 2014:
Oh poor Gil, he's such a darling. I really ought to be studying for finals right now but this is too addictive, I need to read more!

Author's Response: Same. I've still got three exams to go and all I have in my head is this freaking story. Not that I'm complaining. Heh.

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Review #9, by dominique_fox Mood Swings

10th December 2014:
Another great chapter! I felt so sorry for Gil being pulled off by Natalie! Though (like you said in your note at the end) this wasn't an action-packed chapter, the dialogue between Gil and Eden was enough to make it marvelous.

Author's Response: I could write Eden/Gil dialogue forever, to be honest. They're so fun together, and it's a relationship I've found with a few of my guy friends, so I've tried to replicate it here. Although it's definitely easier to write. Thinking up witty replies is harder in real life.

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Review #10, by dominique_fox How to Be a Matchmaker

10th December 2014:
I know how much you love to terrify pretty girls, but weve got revenge to exact. Legendary.

Love the way the Quidditch drama is playing into the rest of the story, very cool. I feel like a lot of the time when a female character supposedly plays Quidditch it's only offhandedly mentioned to make her seem cooler, but here it's actually a part of Eden's life. Top notch.

Author's Response: Quidditch is hands down one of my favourite things about the Harry Potter universe. It's such a shame when it's left out (I'm looking at you, film #5). It's so much fun writing it into scenes, plus I guess it adds a better setting for otherwise boring conversations.

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Review #11, by dominique_fox Classes Begin

10th December 2014:
TOO GOOD. 10/10 as usual. Your snappy dialogue manages to be genuinely funny without being cliche or unrealistic - it reads like a real conversation. Also, Gil is a dreamboat. Marry me, Gil. Loving this!!

Author's Response: Am I overdoing it be replying to every review? I don't care. Thank you thank you thank you! This means a lot, especially coming from a master of snappy dialogue.

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Review #12, by dominique_fox Meetings and Marauders

10th December 2014:
Arghhh, this is far too good. I continue to be in awe of your characters - Sirius is so delightfully unpleasant! And Gil is a great OC, he seems to have a pretty unique (and funny) personality.

On to chapter three!

Author's Response: Ee yes the lads in this are pretty much as different as can be. At least I hope so. I've definitely got a soft spot for Gil.

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Review #13, by dominique_fox September 1st, 1977

10th December 2014:
I'm about to start reading the third chapter but figured I'd go back and leave some reviews first! I'm already addicted to this story, your characters (OC and canon) seems so three-dimensional and realistic. Eden is awesome and definitely seems not to be a typical Marauder Era Mary Sue.

On to review the next chapter!

Author's Response: Woman you almost gave me a heart attack! Seriously. Shadowplay is my favourite thing in the whole world and here I find you reviewing my story! The love is real.

Thank you for saying my little Eden is not a Mary Sue. I feared that by making her so normal, she might just turn out to be a little bit cookie-cutterish, but it's good to know that people enjoy her. As much as I like dynamic, interesting characters, it's good to give a bit of credit to the little people. Haha.

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Review #14, by :) Hogsmeade

8th December 2014:
Great chapter. Update soon please.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Chapter nine is written and waiting for approval :)

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Review #15, by ladyrae Hogsmeade

3rd December 2014:
SUCH a wonderful chapter! Ridiculously well written, and I loved Snuffles' little cameo. Can't wait to see where it goes!! Until the next--

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you for the lovely review! I loved the Snuffles' cameo too. I'm glad people picked up on it and enjoyed it so much!

Chapter nine is in the queue :)

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Review #16, by chocolateteacups Hogsmeade

2nd December 2014:
Ahhh! This chapter is adorable! And that was a fairly fast update, which I love, because this story is fantastic to read.
Eden is an absolute cutie, her diary entries are cute, her obliviousness to certain things is cute, she' just cute. I love to hear her perspective.
Also Gil is in love with her. That much is clear. I'm sure of it.
I like that you've set Alaric up as a sweetheart, despite the endgameness of her and Sirius.
Also- HER AND SIRIUS. I think it was very clever of you to add the little scene with the pink hair, it showed us a side of Sirius's character that we haven't seen yet.
And then Padfoot! Sirius doesn't care if she knows he got back at her, the petty vengeance is enough ahahahah
Can't wait to keep reading :)

Author's Response: Oh stop it! YOU'RE cute! I love your reviews; they make me so warm and fuzzy inside. And you have made some very interesting predictions re: characters and relationships. Hmm, we shall just have to wait and see how that goes. Like you said, Eden is mighty oblivious so that could prove problematic.
Hehehe I quite enjoyed adding that little bit with Padfoot. I could never see Sirius being content with someone else having the last laugh. He's far too proud.
Glad you're still liking the story! Chapter nine is in the queue. :)

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Review #17, by anon Hogsmeade

2nd December 2014:
i love this. Can you please update again? I love how she's so normal and sirius is too- other ones always make him so stereotypical its annoying. I'm assuming the dog was him? :) Also, does clara like alaric? please update.

Author's Response: Hiya, thanks for reviewing! Haha, I don't really know what a stereotypical Sirius is, but I'm glad you're enjoying mine. And yeah, that was definitely a Snuffles prank.

Next chapter is in the queue! :)

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Review #18, by naflower05 One Fine Saturday

24th November 2014:
Good chapter! Can't wait for more! Update again soon!! =]

Author's Response: Thanks lovely! Chapter 8 is written, just preparing it for the queue now :)

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Review #19, by naflower05 Boys vs. Girls

24th October 2014:
Great couple of chapters!! I loved their prank on the guys! Can't wait for more, I bet Gil likes her! Update again soon please!! =]

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And yeah, these Quidditch ladies are a feisty bunch. Next chapter coming soon, hope you enjoy! :)

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Review #20, by ladyrae Boys vs. Girls

21st October 2014:
So glad you updated! Loving the story, and the Quidditch scene was fantastic. Can't wait for the next!!

Author's Response: Yay, thanks for sticking with me! Glad you liked. Next chapter is on its way. :)

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Review #21, by JT4HP Boys vs. Girls

20th October 2014:
Really love this story! I love Eden. And her relationship with Gil, but I wonder who he fancies! I really hope it's not Eden. So awkward. And I've liked the interactions with Sirius so far (I'd love even more of them, though).

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hm yes, awkward friend crushes can complicate things, can't they? We'll just have to wait and see with that one. And yeah, sorry about the lack of Sirius. He's kind of been avoiding the plot line so far. I should really focus on working him in soon. ;)
Thanks for reading and reviewing! Hope you like the next chapter. :)

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Review #22, by Sofia Meetings and Marauders

17th October 2014:
This is so good! I love everything about this story. Very canon, very realistic and I absolutely adore Eden, she seems so sweet. Sirius, on the other hand, not so much. Haha, I like it so far.


Author's Response: You are too kind! Thank you so much for this great review. I hope I can manage to get Sirius into your good books. Eventually. Haha. Next chapter is in the works! xx

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Review #23, by :) Mood Swings

13th September 2014:
More please!!! You write really well. I'm hooked:) hope you update soon

Author's Response: Hi, just updated a very belated chapter 6. Thanks for the review! Hope you continue to like it. :)

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Review #24, by larissa_allstar Mood Swings

2nd July 2014:
Just read all of this in one sitting (: I completely adore this fic. It feels so organic, and the characterization is brilliant. All of the marauders act and feel like themselves. I also adore Eden, she's just such a entertaining OC to read about. I can't wait to see more of her and sirius, it know their relationship will kill me feels.

Please continue soon haha! I need more from this lovely story :)

Author's Response: Hi, sorry about the very very overdue reply! So glad you're enjoying this. Even if I'm really slow, I do love writing it. Hopefully I can update quicker now that I'm settled for a while :)

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Review #25, by oldnumberseven  Mood Swings

26th June 2014:
Omg how did I not see this was updated?? I'm so sorry!

As always, I love the way Eden is progressing as a character. The opening entry is great in that respect - and I really laughed out loud at the second part of it ;) Her relationship with Gil is also very entertaining and it's funny to see her play the matchmaker while sort of having things work out with Alaric. But I'm still patiently waiting for Sirius to return. I'm really curious to see how you write them together!


Author's Response: Hi, sorry I haven't updated in ages. Thank you for your glorious reviews :) Just posted the next chapter, if you still have patience for me and my slowness.

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