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Review #1, by AlexFan She was the wind and the rain, the grass and the earth.

21st July 2014:
I'm not supposed to be reading fanfiction, I'm supposed to be doing JulNo and Camp NaNo but I saw your Jily one-shots and I just had to read them because they're Jily and because you wrote them.

Okay so my only bit of CC is that you really need to work on your formatting because there's large gaps between paragraphs and some of them are single spaced and some are not and it can be a little daunting to reader's if that's what they see. Near the end you forgot to capitalize the P in Potter after Harry's name. If you just fixed those then it would be good to go.

I loved how sweet this was! I love how Lily just lit up James' world and I loved how you mentioned that he turned into a complete dork around Lily because that's what James was, he was a total dork.

He's always painted as this really cool guy, and yeah, James was hella arrogant but he was arrogant in a dorky way. This was the boy who wrote Lily's initials on the corner of his parchment and the way that he was just so head over heels for her in this made it easier to see him as that boy.

I loved how Lily shows her affection for him by stomping towards him in anger and then kissing him because that's how it would totally happen. And I especially adored the little bits of humour that you included as well, like the part about him attending school with someone like McGonagall and Harry looking a little gross.

I'm just falling in love with your Jily one-shots okay.

Author's Response: Thankyou so much you have no idea how much this means to me xx i have a new story being posted in five days called Shining like Vic be sure to check it out! Have a beautiful day and thankyou again! x and thankyou for the feedback i'll check that out thanks x

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Review #2, by The_Crookshanks_Saga She was the wind and the rain, the grass and the earth.

18th June 2014:
Absolutely beautiful. Bravo.

Author's Response: Thankyou soo much! xx

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Review #3, by ravenhuffledor She was the wind and the rain, the grass and the earth.

2nd June 2014:
The last part was so sad. You really did justice to James-why he loved her so much. Amazing.

Author's Response: thankyou loads!

Yes, it was sad :( Jily is sad! x

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