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Reading Reviews for Classic
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Review #1, by Strawberries202 The Potters

7th January 2017:
I'm really looking forward to how this goes. Sierre seems to be a bit...complex? I guess you could say? This story is very different. It makes me want to keep reading. Hopefully, you'll update soon!


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Review #2, by lean12ol The Potters

13th October 2016:
I LOVE IT! Keep on updating! Hopefully daily!!!

Author's Response: Dear lean12ol,

Thank you so much for this review! :-) Hopefully, I'll be updating soon, so check back soon!


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Review #3, by Potterhead1994 Of Magically Retouched Technology, Roommate Agreements, and Shams

7th October 2016:
Okay, so are Claire and Albus actually not together then? I feel as though you've dropped a hint. Love what you're doing! Need an update sooN!

Author's Response: Dear Potterhead1994,

So far, Clair and Albus are together for publicity reasons, and that's all I've gotten into. Thanks so much for the review. :-)


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Review #4, by Ciel Of Magically Retouched Technology, Roommate Agreements, and Shams

25th August 2015:
Loved it! Can't wait for more. The plot just sees so promising and I'm dying to see it unfold. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Dear Ciel,

Thank you so much for your kind review! :-) I do hope on updating soon--it would've happened much earlier if not for an unfortunate computer malfunction, but I've gotten everything relatively under control now. Keep posted!


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Review #5, by p Of Magically Retouched Technology, Roommate Agreements, and Shams

19th July 2015:
What an absolutely amazing premise. I'm not going to lie, I was extremely hesitant starting this story. I'm so in love with it now. You're an excellent writer and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Dear p,

Your review made me beyond happy. Thank you so much for taking the time to review and read Classic! I hope you continue to feel as happy as the story grows. Thanks again for the kind words - it's greatly appreciated.


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Review #6, by LeviosaAsh Of Magically Retouched Technology, Roommate Agreements, and Shams

6th July 2015:
Your story has gripped my attention and it is not letting go, or at least I don't want to stop reading. Please update soon. I love the character of Sierre, she is so engaging and slightly mysterious yet very relatable. Just keep writing, update soon!

Author's Response: Dear LeviosaAsh,

Thank you so much for reviewing! :-) As an author, it's always wonderful to hear feedback, and I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying Classic and Sierre. I'll be updating soon - hope to see you around!


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Review #7, by red_rue Of Magically Retouched Technology, Roommate Agreements, and Shams

5th July 2015:
I really like this story, it's a very interesting idea, especially with the connections to Voldemort :) and I'm very excited to meet the rest of the Potters! Good job! :)

Author's Response: Dear red_rue,

Thank you so much! :-) I'm so glad to hear that you like Classic. The next chapter will be out shortly, and the Potters will definitely be entering then. Thanks again for reviewing - it means a lot to me!


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Review #8, by missclaire17 A Kaleidoscope's Exactitude

10th September 2014:
The summary (and banner) shocked me for when I clicked on your story and read the first chapter, but now I am addicted!

I love the idea of Voldemort having a sister; it's the same old nature versus nurture argument. They have the same genes, and granted, they're very different, but I am very interested to see Sierre's personal development throughout this story. She is obviously struggling with the two sides of her, and who else would appear except for Albus Potter, son of the one person that defeated Voldemort.

By the way, Voldemort's wand wasn't holly. It was yew and phoenix feather, so it wouldn't three wands made in existence with holly and phoenix feathers, right? It would be two? unless I totally am mistaken.

Awesome story! :)

Author's Response: Hello, reader! :-)

I adore the concept as well, and I'm glad you like it; I too am fascinated by the contrast between the two siblings, but I am also enraptured by their similarities (which will be revealed in the story later). Writing and developing Sierre is such fun--she's so versatile and inexplicably unpredictable.

As for Voldemort's wand: yes, you're absolutely right--his wand was of yew wood with a phoenix feather core. What I meant in the chapter was that there were only three wands ever created with a phoenix feather core, rather than referencing to the wood. :-) Hope that clears everything up!

And finally: Thank you for reviewing. Feedback is always delightful as an author! I hope you keep reading and enjoying "Classic"!


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Review #9, by The_Crookshanks_Saga Prologue

17th June 2014:
I came to this expecting a fun, humorous, lighthearted story, but this? THIS IS BETTER. Though now I'm scratching my head and wondering if I clicked the wrong story...

Author's Response: Hello there, and thank you so much for your delightful review! It made me grin to the point of overworking my facial muscles. :-) I assure you: "Classic" will definitely lighten up as it continues, so I do hope you come back for more. Until then!

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Review #10, by zqad Prologue

22nd April 2014:
So this turned out to be a lot darker then the banner hinted. Interesting though. I'll definitely be coming back for more.

Author's Response: Salutations, reader! Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked the prologue. It really is quite dark, but the story will lighten up as it continues. I'm delighted in your interest--please do come back for more! :-)

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Review #11, by BlazingPenOfDestruction Prologue

22nd April 2014:
Wow, this beginning was fantastic. I really love the format of it - how you set out the story and introduced Mary. I think your writing is really great - it flowed perfectly, and the imagery was fantastic; it was extremely vivid ("ruby salt" - awesome), and the dark undertones throughout were really intriguing. I can't wait to see where you take this story - it's got all the makings of a great read! :) :)

Author's Response: This review made me blush! :-) Thanks so much for making me smile. I thought having Sierre's middle name as "Mary" would make sense because Tom Riddle (Jr.) had "Marvalo" as his middle name, of which was given by Merope; therefore, I believed Tom Riddle Sr. would want his daughter named after his mother. I'm glad you liked that, and I hope you continue reading this story (and reviewing)!

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Review #12, by shez Prologue

21st April 2014:
Wow, this is interesting! I was expecting some fluffy generic Albus/OC but you've really caught my attention. I'm curious to find out more about the MC and her pseaudoamorous relationship with Tom Riddle. One thing I would point out is that your summary and banner ( fairly lighthearted ) don't exactly reflect the tone of this deliciously dark chapter.

I'd like to see where this story goes!

Author's Response: Well, hello! Thanks for the darling review. I'm glad you enjoyed the prologue, and I can't say how flattered I am --you're an amazing compliment giver.
Yes, the banner/summary really is quite light, and I know the first chapter doesn't exactly match up with the sunny mood. However, the story will become happier in later chapters [yay!] :-) Anyways, thanks again for the review!

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Review #13, by Dirigible_Plums Prologue

19th April 2014:
It's an interesting & orginal idea, what you've come up with. But Tom didn't find out that he was a wizard through his mother and learn of his lineage until later on so that's sort of a flaw that you're gonna need to explain. But I am interested in how you're going to go about this

Author's Response: Hello, and thank you for your review! I'm sorry, but I'm slightly baffled by your second and third sentence. Tom didn't discover his complete family background until he was seventeen years of age, and that's when the fourth memory flashback is set. Hope that clears everything up!

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Review #14, by my_voice_rising (whoops, not logged in.) Prologue

18th April 2014:
Hello! Reviewing as I go.

First off, your language is beautiful. The imagery is wonderful, especially "ruby salt." It's very different than the kind of language I was expecting from your story description. One thing, though: the punctuation in the very first sentence is a little jarring. It's a wonderful opening, but it took me a few times reading it over to understand the flow. (This could also entirely be me.) I think it's the hyphen after "Tom." Maybe just placing a period after his name, and starting a new sentence, would help. It really is such a wonderful opening sentence, but perhaps some of that is lost in the confusing punctuation.

Oooh, so it's Tom Riddle, eh? And Sierre is another orphan. How interesting! Also the fact that Hogwarts denies enrollment to Gaunts. My knowledge of canon is so shaky at this point, but I think that's something you've made up(??) which is clever.

I'd like to know more about how Tom bought her wand--because really the wand chooses the person. Does it not work as well? Is it somehow tied to him now? How was the wand able to "choose" Sierre if she never actually came into contact with it during the process?

I am so confused! So Sierre is neither Mary Riddle or Merope Gaunt. She has a time-turner, though, which makes me think she is the OC who will fall in love with Albus? Was she still wearing the locket when she used the time turner? This is a very interesting story indeed! I would love to see what happens next. :)

Author's Response: Hello reader! :-)
Let me begin by saying how much your review made me smile; it really is so sweet! Thank you for all those marvelous compliments and helpful edits. I reread the first sentence, and I do believe you're quite right. I happen to use hyphens a lot (it's a bit of a troublesome habit) even when it would probably best be replaced with different punctuation.
Next: Yes, the "Tom" mentioned in the prologue is Tom Marvalo Riddle. Sierre Mary Gaunt is actually his sister. I had her middle name be "Mary" because I believed Tom Riddle Sr. would've liked to name her after one of his parents, like Merope did for Tom Jr. The denied enrollment to Gaunts was actually my editor's fascination proposal during a planning session of ours!
Further wand knowledge is to be revealed in later chapters, and I'm glad you're excited for story updates. Sierre was actually not wearing her locket when she used the time turner (more about this later in other chapters as well).
Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #15, by xBleedGreen Prologue

13th April 2014:
Firstly, I'm afraid I can't find your email! Luckily I ended up making an account on here (that author's note made me feel personally obligated to, after all) so this works out. I've looked and looked and I CAN'T FIND THE TYPOS ANYMORE. I swear I read through this so many times I could've memorized it - yet, I think I was either exhausted when I read it the first time or I realized it was meant to be that way. The banner is fantastic beyond words, and I'm already excited for the rest. I am cooler than pizookie and firebolts, aren't I? (; Though not cooler than you. Great job so far.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much! So happy that you made an account. Thanks for letting me know about the typos (or rather: lack thereof) :-) This review is literally the sweetest thing!
P.s. By no means could I possibly outdo you in the coolness factor.

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