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Review #1, by Shadowkat Sleep

7th July 2015:
Here for BvB!!!

Yes, just yes! So many people don't see these things about Romione, and it makes me so sad. Hermione always tries to be so strong, and Ron is definitely the team supporter. But I feel like Hermione can't always be strong, so that's when Ron comes in and is strong for her, and Ron can't always support while neglecting himself (Hence...the camping disaster.), so Hermione supports. It's like when one falls the other balances them out enough to lift them back, I'd that makes any sense whatsoever.

I also love how you showed how much the war still affects them, so many years later. Too often we see everyone in next-gen happily married and never see the scars carried over, which is one reason I don't really like reading stories in that era, despite its popularity among others. It just seems people miss so many details that should be their. They focus so much on the kids they don't focus on the family, the parents we know. I can only imagine how much it would affect Rose and Hugo, the first time they really understand what it means when their mom wakes up screaming and crying, seeing that scar and just having that realization strike.

Most of all, to sum all of that up in five short words: You made it feel real.

I love fics that do this, that being out such honest emotion, that don't sugar coat or gloss over the darkness but not overdramatizing it either. It's human, the way she isn't reliving Bellatrix hurting her, but her family. That's exactly how I think it would work for people like her and Ron. Everything about this pulls at me, and I applaud you for writing it so flawlessly.

Can you tell how much I love it? Totally going in my favorites!


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Review #2, by Rumpelstiltskin Sleep

28th March 2014:
Oh boy a new story :D! (I wasn't sure if I should review EtA or something else...if you would have preferred me to have reviewed on EtA, just let me know, and I'll go review over there too.)

This is a pretty song, I listened to while I was reading! The mood of the story definitely reflected the song, it was haunting and beautiful all at the same time.

After being tortured, it's understandable that Hermione would be having nightmares about Bellatrix. What is worse is that she was dreaming about Bellatrix having her children, which is a frightening notion.

I really love how protective Ron is in this, and how he's attempting to soothe Hermione from her nightmare. She must be terrified, knowing what Bellatrix could do (and would do) if she was alive. The line, "I'll protect you" repeated consistently through the ending was really strong, and I'm glad that you included it. It supported more of that loving and caring side of Ron that I was talking about earlier!

Then, you reiterated the same feeling of being a supporter as you gave a brief explanation to Ron emotionally assisting his family during the Post-War time, which is a heavy burden.

Furthermore, I LOVE the ending, where you melded the last sentence with the song.

This was beautiful! I loved it! Great job, dear!


Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for the fantastic review!!

This is such a pretty song. Anything my Eric Whitacre will not dissapoint.

Thanks for memntioning the repeated line! I also meant for it to have an almost insecure feeling to it... because Ron can't protect Hermione from her nightmares, he can only be there when she wakes up.

I really love Ron, if you can't tell.

I'm glad that you liked the ending!! The song just kinda drifts off, so I wanted to create the same effect with the writing. In the score for winds, it ends with the flutes on a really long low note, and it actually says "fade into nothing". Sort of like Neptune from Holst's The Planets. But that fade-out is even cooler but it's also completely irrelevent.

(he had the choir in the next room over, and fades them out by slowling shutting the door).

Wow. Sorry. OFF-TOPIC!!

Well... thanks for such an amazing review!! Sorry that I'm no inarticulate!!

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Review #3, by Singularity Sleep

19th March 2014:
For starters, Romione is definitely my OTP in the HP universe, so that's awesome. Secondly, I love stories from Ron's pov where he is a good friend/husband/father since, for some reason, those seem to be lacking in fanfiction. So basically, I thought this was great, though a bit sad.

I really liked your portrayal of Ron and his unflinching dedication to supporting and protecting his family, and Hermione in particular. The ending absolutely killed me, because I could really see it happening. Ron has always been in that supportive role, so it makes sense that he would continue to do so, even at the cost of his own peace of mind.

That bit about how Hermione's dreams must be worse than his especially ran true. He's always dealt with insecurity, and not feeling like he's good enough, and here, it's as if even his nightmares aren't good enough.

The song was a nice addition. I was a bit uncertain at first, as the lyrics don't really appear until partway through, but I thought that worked. Also, when I got close to the end, I was reading the lyrics at the same time they were singing, and I finished the story as the song was ending, so the timing was great! I'm not sure if you planned that or if it was a lucky coincidence, but either way, it's awesome :D

I really want Ron to overcome his Ron-ness and talk about his feelings so he can get help dealing with all the crap that's happened in his life. Sadly, your ending might be more realistic :( Really a lovely story. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!! They are also my OTP. Ron is my dude! I see him maturing significantly after the war, and he's just fantastic and I love him.

He lurrv Hermione!! I like the way you put that. "Unflinching dedication". That's really true.

I've been wanting to write a song-fic for this song for ages... I don't normally write song-fics, and I'll probably be a long time before I write another. If I ever do. I'm glad that timing ended up working out for you!!

Ron will probably eventually get less Ron-y.

I'm glad you liked it, and thanks so much for reviewing!!

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Review #4, by Infinityx Sleep

18th March 2014:
This is so hauntingly beautiful.
I love it.


Author's Response: Awww, thanks so much! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by LightLeviosa5443 Sleep

18th March 2014:
Woah. Dood.

You totally shouldn't be shy about this. It's great. Like. Woah.

I listened to the song, and literally as I read the parts of the lyrics, the song would be singing them. So wonderful job on the spacing.

I really liked the way that you made Ron the supporter. I loved how towards the end you went over all of the ways that he became the support for the family. How he sort of evolved into the caregiver. I loved the fragility of everyone. Gosh stop writing cute things. It makes me look bad. (i'm kidding, i'm not that selfish).

I love the story title. Like woah. This story was just so powerful. I loved the way you wrote it. I don't even remember what I said in the paragraph above. I'm so bad at reviewing without writing it out before. But now i'm too lazy to start over. Did I say that I really loved the way you described Hermione's panic, and how Ron was skilled at dealing with it? The way that he knew to get right to the subject of the dream, and then that he took the care to fix the lamp before guiding her. How he sought to help her, even though he was tired.

Ugh. You just make him sound so perfect. Which I think is rare, because nobody ever makes Ron sound perfect, everyone always makes Hermione sound perfect.

Lovely job.

Stop worrying about this story.

It's beautiful.

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Okay this was literally the nicest review!!! You're so sweet!

I love this song so much. Eric Whitacre waltzes with dissonance and it's just beautiful. I didn't even think about spacing, so I'm glad it worked!!

I love Ron. You know how I love Ron. He's awesome. I just want to be Hermione (minus the nightmares) and marry Ron. The background for this story actually exists in parts of Escaping the Acheron that I haven't written yet... oh well!

Yeah. Ron. He's my dude. Romione forever.


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Review #6, by Ericfmc Sleep

18th March 2014:
Good story, but a little sad. Especially sad, if Ron is still carrying guilt after all these years and all the positive things he done

Thanks fro writing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! It is pretty sad... there's a lot of sadness in their lives.. (but also a lot of love).

Thanks again so much for reviewing!

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