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Review #1, by nott theodore Death's Other Kingdom

11th July 2014:
Hi Susan! It's been far too long since I read any of your stories and when Kiana recommended this one on the forums while ago, I couldn't resist, especially since it looks on the more negative aspects of Snape - he's all too often romanticised in a way which makes him easy to forgive in fanfiction, I think, but as always, you're never afraid to go against the popular view in your writing and I think that's what makes it so spectacular.

It's hard to know what to say about this. I'm not sure this was even prose - it felt like poetry, especially the early sections which were so lyrical and beautiful. They were packed with brilliant description and imagery as well, and I love the fact that you always manage to come up with unusual comparisons for your descriptions. It really was breathtaking. There were so many lines that I found really powerful, which just made me stop and think for a moment, that I can't quote them all back to you - I'd be including most of the one-shot in the review if I did!

The structure of the one-shot is fantastic, too, and something I've never seen done before. The coda at the end was probably my favourite section as it seemed to bring the whole one-shot together and tie in all the different pieces.

I loved the use of always. I'm not sure how deliberate that was but I think it must have been, using that word that Snape and Lily shippers do to make everything alright but twisting it, so it's used in a completely different context. I really loved that part of this.

Snape's characterisation was just brilliant. It's not something I've ever seen done before, since every story seems to try to understand him and explain his motives, giving him a sympathetic edge and kind of forgiving him for what he did to Lily and the Potters. You did none of that here, and I think it's quite brave to bring out all of his more negative qualities. He's such a cold character here and almost emotionless - not quite - and killing definitely doesn't seem to be something that bothers him, which ties in with what we've seen in the books. He's probably killed many more people than Snape fans would like to admit.

The relationship between Snape and Voldemort was completely fascinating. That level of love and adoration from Snape to Voldemort was clear, and I think at the end you're possibly suggesting that this transferred onto Lily, so that he could reassure himself that he'd done the right thing. The hints of a physical relationship are extremely unusual and original but I found myself thinking it was completely possible, especially since Snape is welcomed back with open arms by Voldemort, when technically, his information about the prophecy is what made him 'disappear' for so long. I loved the use of red and green colour imagery, too, as that tied in really well with either Voldemort or Lily at times and it was really clever.

This was a truly breath-taking and beautiful one-shot, Susan, and now I really need to find time to go and read more of your work! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Sian :)
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Review #2, by evil little devil Death's Other Kingdom

18th June 2014:
Susan! This is beautiful!
I absolutely adore this style of writing, the very rhythmic, poetic, lyrical kind of writing, which makes it feel as if the story is carrying you away across an ocean of storytelling.
I love that you chose to do this, to explore this side of Snape. I've seen all of the discussions floating around tumblr about Snily as well, and this is a brilliant response. Snape is one of my favourite characters in HP precisely because he is so complex and layered, and a bad character that isn't black and white evil. Exploring this side of him is something that rarely gets done, in fact, most stories are much too focused on the "redemption" side of his story (if you can call it a redemption), and not the reasons which led up to him requiring a redemption.
Having him have a relationship with Voldemort is not something I would have picked, but it works so well! It makes sense when you think about what could possibly rival his love and obsession for Lily. Having it be another obsession makes perfect sense.
This is just such a beautiful piece, in so many ways. I could ramble on and on about how beautiful the writing itself is forever, and the same with the character analysis, and this angle on Snape.

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Review #3, by grednforge217 Death's Other Kingdom

8th June 2014:
This is incredible. You are so talented. Wonderful work!

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Review #4, by marauderfan Death's Other Kingdom

8th June 2014:
Susan, this is seriously just wow. I would love to write a long review pointing out the myriad amazing things about this fic, each line that stood out and each idea, but I think that anything I say just†won't do this story justice and certainly won't come close to conveying how intense and brilliant this fic is. The prose was simply beautiful, and there were so many levels to the story. Most of all I loved how you explored this really obsessive side to Snape, how he almost feels most comfortable in an unrequited love. It was an interesting twist on his character and entirely believable, as it fit right in with his canon personality. It's late and I'm struggling to come up with a coherent sentence, much less write a good review, but I just wanted to say how impressive this story is and commend you for telling an unusual story while making it seem so believable - your writing is phenomenal and I'm glad I read this!

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Review #5, by patronus_charm Death's Other Kingdom

7th June 2014:
Ah, itís this one-shot! I kept seeing you mention it, and Iíve been so excited to read it as it just sounds so intriguing so yay :D

Susan, I have no words. I seriously donít. I think this is honestly your best work yet as there were so many levels to it and it was so complex and so beautiful and itís probably going to take me several more read-throughs until I can fully understand and appreciate all of the levels but wow this was amazing!!

The first section was just so powerful with so many amazing bits of descriptions and imagery I was just blow away and it really set the bar for what the one-shot was going to be. There were so many powerful bits such as here ĎIt is a land of the blind, the deafí and ĎDeath is only a maní and even though at times they were so simple, the way you designed them was just awe-worthy.

Your entire structure of the one-shot followed on from this and it was just truly amazing! The mix of long and sort of dreamy descriptions contrasted brilliant with the shorter, blunter, singular words and it really showed the levels of their relationship and how it was always shifting from one form to the other. I canít even quote anymore description as it would fill up the entire review box, but seriously, this contained some of your best description yet!

Wow, Snape, was just wow! You must have thought about his character and studied it a lot to characterise him so brilliantly as your version of him here is incomparable to any other one and it just blows them out of the water. You really showed the bitter and colder side to Snape which isnít often shown, and that was highlighted really well in the second section when he left home and seemed to just lack feeling for his mother and viewed her almost as a weakling, like Voldemort did with his own mother too I guess and that link was really interesting.

One would expect him to become cold and evil from after joining Voldemort but you made a really interesting twist and I really enjoyed it! There was the almost warmth and affection when he thought of Voldemort and the mixture of pity and anger when he thought of his mother and Lily and how they had seemingly just thrown it all away. I canít even formulate words properly as itís still blowing my mind, but I just basically think this is the best version of Snape I have ever come across and nothing could ever match it.

His relationship with Voldemort was so intriguing. In the majority of it, you could clearly see that Voldemort was the superior one and it said so here ĎWith that, Severus Snape became the Dark Lordís maní showing the power of the relationship and how it was Snape who later fretted about whether the Dark Lord would always want to remain with him. But then in moments such as in section four where you described their physical relationship it almost seemed reversed, and that they were equals, and just the way you managed to portray both sides with excellence is just amazing!

The final section, Coda, was possibly my joint favourite with the first, as it clearly see there where you got the basis of your one-shot from the Snape and Lily argument. It is really interesting to ponder whether that could have been the case as Snape was so desperate to live that I could imagine he could change his fixation with Voldemort to one with Lily.

Wowow, this one-shot was just amazing (I think thatís been almost every other word in this review) and I think you definitely answered those questions in such an original way that has to be applauded! This is definitely going into my favourites :D (also, sorry if the review is incoherent, Iím meant to be asleep but I saw this and had to read it before I went to bed)


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