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Review #1, by Chazzie The Traits of a Lion

18th March 2014:
Well that was amazing. I really like what you have done with this, and that you have chosen characters who perhaps are more quiet and less talked about in the books to write about. Slughorn seemed very realistic, especially when he is talking about why he was a Slytherin. Bill's section made me smile, 'Please, I survived living with Fred and George' just was so true in a way. The third part seemed quite sad simply because of everyone getting more quiet and withdrawn. I liked the description there though. And Romilda... Poor girl. To be a friend to the dying would be no easy task.

Author's Response: Hey Chazzie! I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to you... I am really glad you enjoyed it though! I really like picking the characters that are mentioned only a few times because you have so many more liberties with them. Thank you for taking the time to review!


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Review #2, by lady_devil The Traits of a Lion

17th March 2014:

I am here to review your story!

This is so amazing! The way you wrote each Gryffindor trait about a different character for each trait is awesome and creative. I really enjoyed reading it and getting an insight into each of the characters.

Beginning with Bravery and Slughorn, totally epic you used him and began the story with him pondering over being brave and how it leads to trouble. Adding Lily and James was amazing; really give an in-depth of his thoughts over this trait.

Bill's part and the trait - courage left me laughing and amused. It was so well written and in character that I could imagine Bill having to go through some pretty interesting things while living with Feed and George.

Honesty, probably the best section (aside from Heart), bringing several different characters together trying to figure out how to steal the sword but at the same time playing out the honesty trait in a creative way. Especially with how honesty was seen properly when Pavarti says 'We he crossed the line of bravery-it would be idiotic', it was honest and to the point basically.

As for the last trait Heart that was the sweetest and saddest section of all. I really enjoyed how you used two minor characters we don't know much about and turned into an awesome part of the whole story. I didn't know about the story behind Natalie, but that left me in awe and good on you for putting it in this one shot!

Defiantly favouriting this story and looking at your other stories! :)

Author's Response: Hello lady devil! Thanks again for your help during the Black-Out. I was really having second to fifth thoughts on everything. I am really shocked that honesty came across as a good section since I thought it was a weaker one. Favouriting? *blushes* you are so sweet. Sorry it took so long for me to answer!

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Review #3, by Rumpelstiltskin The Traits of a Lion

17th March 2014:
Hey dear, I'm here for Blackout Bingo!

Plot/plot arch: Bravery -- this bit on Slughorn and bravery was fantastic. I love that he thought it only led to trouble and stupidity, also linking that trait directly to several deaths, including those of James and Lily's. Courage -- this was also a fantastic bit with Bill. I think my favorite part of this section is that Bill related having courage for his adventure with having to have lived with Fred and George ;). Honesty -- I think that this may be my favorite trait of the Gryffies. I think my favorite part of this section is where they recognized that they were crossing the line of bravery and heading over to stupidity. Heart -- this was the sweetest section of all... :( that definitely gave me some feels.

Characterization: I think you characterized every character perfectly, and I wouldn't change a thing about them.

Structure: I love how you set this story up, giving each trait its own little category with a small tidbit of a story for different characters in each. I think it was quite brilliant if you ask me!

Other/notes: Thank you for the note at the bottom about Natalie, that was very sweet, and something that I didn't know.

Great job!


Author's Response: Hello Rumpel! Man, are you organized! I like the sections breakup you have, very neat and tidy. I am happy to hear that the structure actually worked out nicely. I was afraid it wouldn't mesh well. I wouldn't go as far as brilliant though *blushes*. I figured the authors note was a must considering not may people would know she was actually a character. Thank you for reviewing Rumpel! You are so sweet.

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Review #4, by TidalDragon The Traits of a Lion

14th March 2014:

I really liked how you examined the traits through some known, but less well-developed characters. I always enjoy when people dive deeper into the unexplored, especially in a one-shot like this, but I thought more than that you really made wise choices about the characters you chose for each of the traits you discussed.

I really liked Slughorn for bravery and Romilda for heart. The Slughorn section really rang true for me about his character. The choices he made that we saw in canon did (almost) always seem very calculated or sometimes outright weak. I was a bit surprised by how he referred to Harry in the beginning of the section, but perhaps that's a side of him we didn't really get to see. I can see him exuding one thing outwardly and another inwardly.

Romilda was nice because it gave a different dimension to her whole character. Obviously we know her as the witch obsessed enough with Harry and/or love to send him an extremely potent love potion. It's humorous. But here you make her much more serious, perhaps arguably ruled by the heart.

Cool one-shot with a different snapshot for each trait! I enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Hi! I am really glad you enjoyed it! I really like to expand on people we don't know much about and see their reasoning behind everything, or maybe something with a new perspective. I thought I could sense a nervous energy with Sluggy so I thought maybe it is because Harry has a knack for getting those near him into danger. Thanks for the review dear!

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Review #5, by PolyJuice_ The Traits of a Lion

14th March 2014:


This is absolutely amazing. It's been a long time since a fic has just made me feel the feels you are giving me right now. I'm probably sounding like a ditz but it's truee~

I loved each and every section. The way you tied in a section of canon and brought in your own elements was excellently done. Each and every part was both uniquely your own and canon-seeming.

The part about Natalie McDonald. *squee* AW.

I think my favourites were Slughorn's (because oh my gosh, you did the best Sluggy ever) and the Honesty one.

You definitely have a knack for characterizations.

*bows down before you*

Anywho, once again, great job!


Author's Response: Aw Liz, you're making me blush... I tried to pull of cannon as best as I could. I am glad you liked Slughorn, he is quite an easy character actually. Thanks PolyJuice, but there is no need to bow dear. I hand out my socks to elves just like everyone else, one at a time ;) But seriously though, this whole characterization thing is after years at it, and I still need to work on it more...

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Review #6, by Maelody The Traits of a Lion

14th March 2014:
Aww, what a sweet contribution to each trait of the Gryffindor House (though I miss those snakes traits ;)).

One little question real quick before I get going: Is Palivarti supposed to be Pavarti Patil? I was just a little confused there. :)

I've never heard of the Natalie McDonald story, but how sweet of Jo to do that! :) it must have been hard, though, considering thousands if children claimed the same thing and she chose that one child. It's sort of sad once you think of it, but at least Natalie will be remembered in the books. :)

I think my favorite was the honesty once. All the other traits were done very well, and can be easier, in my opinion, to portray. Honesty, however, can be a lot harder. Being blunt and being bold enough to tell the truth (something a lot of people use as 'bravery') and just being honest are twin different things. Collin could have been looked at as pitiful and weak for not agreeing with them, and even against Harry, but everyone was reacting before they were thinking. He was stepping up and admitting he saw failure in their future. It's the best example of the honesty trait I've seen in a while! :)

Great job! I hope it wasn't too hard to put the snake traits aside and write about those silly lions ;).


Author's Response: Hey Mae! Ugh! Pavarti will be the death of me! Honestly. I'll fix it soon... I thought Natalie's story was rather sweet, so I just threw it in. You were right in a sense, honesty can be hard, but I think it is easier to write than it is to do in real life as well sometimes. I am glad you liked the way I went about honesty, I just think sometimes you have to be blunt and that is a different type of brave, not just exhibiting bravery. You have to know how to shoot honesty out there but you can just do something completely stupid and be called brave if you were successful.

It actually wasn't all to hard to think like a Gryff for a bit, it's just perspective after all. Or not ;)


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Review #7, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The Traits of a Lion

13th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


I love how you managed to incorporate Slytherin into the first part; seeing how bravery would look from Slughorn's perspective was very interesting and something I agree with - for someone who isn't a Gryffindor some of the things they do can be seen as foolish straight away, whereas for Gryffindors I imagine they'd be considered foolish after. :P

I loved Bill's section, he was very cool and level headed in the pyramid, exactly how I see Bill being. I especially liked, and agree with, the end - they were probably the more courageous for following him.

Oh, Colin. I still refuse to believe he died. And he certainly showed his Gryffindor side in this section. To be honest is often the bravest thing you can do, especially if it's to other Gryffindors. But he was right, it was stupid to try again and I'm glad others agreed and they all listened.

I heard about that end bit. It was so sweet to see it in here and it definitely fits in with heart. Romilda was so good to Natalie, such an amazing friend, and it was so sad when the letters stopped. Oh, but I loved the last lines, that Natalie lived forever in her heart. It was perfect. I'm glad you chose Romilda for the end, it showed her as more than just the girl who had a crush on Harry. :)

I really enjoyed reading this!


Author's Response: Hello Sam! I am glad I could shed some light on some of the characters that aren't really written about.

I think Colin is still alive as well, so don't worry about that ;) I just knew that the situation would have clashed with cannon if they made another attempt so I had to make it work somehow.

I always wondered what Romilda was like, and the little voice inside my head said "write her then" so I decided to give it a shot.

Yeah, everyone who followed Bill was pretty darn brave since he really had no idea where he was going...

And Slughorn, he was a character that once I thought about writing I knew I just had to.

I am happy to hear the over all feed back on this story is positive!

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Review #8, by adluvshp The Traits of a Lion

13th March 2014:
Hello fellow snake xD

So, first off it's impressive that you managed to pull this off in less than 24 hours. I loved the "segmented" writing style of this, of how you narrated four different Gryffindor traits from the point of view of four different characters.

I especially loved the first part where Slughort - a Slytherin - reflected on the Gryffindor trait of bravery, and particularly on Harry, James and Lily. I liked his reflection on Lily especially, it made me smile.

I also enjoyed the insight into Bill. He was written very well, just how I'd imagine him. The scene of the tomb was also nicely done over all =)

The other two parts featuring Ginny, Luna and the group. It was interesting how Colin was a part of it too. The concept of honesty was nicely expressed too - simple and straightforward.

My favourite bit was the end too. It was very sweet and touching. I loved how you used Romilda Vane for it - she was portrayed very differently in canon in the small bit she appeared but you turned it around by expressing her gryffindor trait of "heart".

All in all, I think this was a creative and beautifully written one-shot. I enjoyed reading it immensely =) Great job!


Author's Response: Hi Angie :)

I am glad you liked the different sections. The whole breaking-it-up thing made me sort of nervous. We all tend to reflect on the characteristics of the other houses (especially us snakes) so I figured why not old Sluggy? I was hoping I had captured Bill alright... I have never been in a tomb before so that was uncharted territory for me to write. I decided to use Romilda for heart because the whole love potion thing- clearly the poor girl just ran on emotions, and was never really talked about. I am glad you liked it Aditi :)

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Review #9, by Lululuna The Traits of a Lion

13th March 2014:
Hello! :)

This was great! I love the original spin you put on the Gryffindor prompt and how you used Slughorn, a quintessential but not evil Slytherin, to reflect on bravery and determine his own kind of bravery. It was interesting to see his reflections on Harry's parents, and how he recognized the good in James even if he wasn't a favourite. I imagine Slughorn would have been more Team Snily than Team Jily! :P I also laughed at his comment about Harry being the boy who was always trying to get himself killed, that was clever.

he was too smart to be brave... This actually makes sense in a very interesting way. It shows his self-preservation aspects and how he views bravery as something much quieter and more self-interested.

And Bill! I loved the detail about him surviving in Fred and George's room. It was interesting to learn more about his training for curse breaking, and how his retained his good sense of humour in the midst of danger.

I also like the inclusion of the students at Hogwarts, and how they were involved. And poor Luna. :( The last line of that section said so much.

I thought the Romilda and Natalie story was so lovely as well. You set her up as this really caring person and the story is all the more poignant considering what happened to the real Natalie. Just lovely.

This was a wonderful one-shot, I really enjoyed it and thank you for writing it for us! :)

Gry/Sly Blackout Battle Round 3

Author's Response: Hello Jenna!

I was originally thinking about the whole one-shot being on Slughorn and the similar fashion, but, I felt as if I were beating a dead horse. I think as an average of those who were placed into Slytherin we agree with the same idea, Even the portrait of old Black expressed the thin line and how the smartest were in Slytherin.

I think that if Bill could survive the childhood years of the twins a tomb exploration would be nothing ;) Bill is one of the ones we really never see much in fics unless it involves his romance with Fleur.

I thought about picking a character that we only received a name for once and Natalie's didn't look familiar. Once I read about her story I knew it had to be her. I am glad you enjoyed the one-shot. The small amount of stress was worth it.


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Review #10, by toomanycurls The Traits of a Lion

9th March 2014:
I really liked this!! I thought having Slughorn reflect on various Gryffindors was especially interesting! Using his reference points of James and Lily to understand Harry was quite well done. It was interesting to compare Slughorn's idea of bravery to what other people did that was brave.

Using Bill for courage is just perfect. I've always imagined him being quite brave (not just because he's a curse breaker but just because *swoon*).

I really liked Pavarti's (not Palivarti) line about crossing the line from brave to idiotic - I think a lot of brave people walk that line. :) Oh no, was Luna kidnapped when she ventured out for food? :(

The Natalie section was the most touching. I do like that JKR incorporated that girl's name into the stories - I recall hearing about that when the books were still coming out. I love that you gave Romilda the role of nurturer with her as she doesn't get too much depth in the books.

Lovely one-shot!


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

I am glad the Slughorn part went over well! I was nervous that it would seem awkward or something... I used the general idea that Slytherin's really have towards bravery- there is a time and place for it.

I just decided I'd try a different type of character- and Bill is about as different as I have ever done...

Ugh! I thought I triple checked the names, have to fix that... And yes. Luna was kidnapped by the death eaters.

I cant help it- I just spew sad stories I guess... I just thought I should pay tribute to Natalie as well once I heard about that. And I feel bad for Romilda. Everyone looked down on her for crushing on Harry, yet Ginny had a solid what was it, three years admitted , crush on Harry? Yet she was allowed to look down on her for it?
Thanks again Rose!


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