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Review #1, by ruthdobble That wasn't Orange Juice

23rd June 2014:
I really like this, I like Cass as a character, just a little question, is Cass pronounced like 'Kaz'? Because I've been a bit confused as to how to pronounce it so that would be nice just because it's been bugging me :) Anyway, I like your story and I'm looking forward to more :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh! Thank you! That means so much. I'm almost done typing chapter 4, and I have chapter 5 written I just need to type it! Okay, it's pronounced like 'Cas' With a hard C sound. Her name is Cassandra, so just the first part of that! There is just an extra 's' on it. The 'S' makes a 'snake' sound. If you have ever watched Supernatural they call Castiel the angel 'Cas' it's pronounced just like that.

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Review #2, by Donnaaaaa The Growth Potion.

18th June 2014:
so go thing in valley girl

Author's Response: YEAH. COOL THEN.

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Review #3, by Donnaaaaa Really?

18th June 2014:

Author's Response: THANK YOU. HOW AWESOME.

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Review #4, by Sophie Dragovtich The Growth Potion.

2nd April 2014:
when will there be another update? x

Author's Response: Well I know it's been a while, but I've been in the middle of a move! I have most of the third chapter done though.(:

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Review #5, by anna colbey The Growth Potion.

28th March 2014:
brilliant start. please update soon

Author's Response: Thanks.(: I will, I've just been really busy! I say maybe one more week. When I actually get Internet at my new house. I've just been on mobile for like a month!

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Review #6, by katherinesage The Growth Potion.

17th March 2014:
So, far I love the story! I love Cas already - the things she does are so funny! Please continue to update! Also, can you check out my story? It's called Faded Light. It focuses on Sirius/OC too. Thanks and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you.(: That means a lot. I love Cass too, she's a fun character to write for! And sure I'll check out your story, I love Marauder Era fan fiction.

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Review #7, by TidalDragon Really?

13th March 2014:

It seems like it should be an interesting ride exploring the James/Lily dynamic as well as the Sirius's character during his time at Hogwarts through the eyes of an OC who is close to Lily. I really enjoy the Marauders Era myself, and despite reading a number of fics, what you have started here seems like an interesting approach, especially if it focuses more on the OC than using them as solely as a tool to advance the other characters and relationships. It would be interesting to see that.

One thing that I think could make the story more compelling is to develop the beginning a little better. I know you're trying to cut to the chase by getting past the build-up in James and Lily's relationship, but since Cass went on these dates along with Sirius, I think it could have been interesting to see the dates through her eyes as a way of building up the relationship rather than having your OC just generally tell us how things have played out.

While I would have liked a little more description once we got to the platform in particular, I did think you did a nice job mixing up the language and placement of your dialogue tags, and using them well to describe actions and appearance as well as delivering the speech itself.

Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for review.(: It means so much! I really like the idea of talking about the dates leading to Lily and James's relationship. I might add a that into a chapter, like a flashback or something. Description is something I've always had trouble with, but I'll try my hardest to beef it up in the next chapter! Once again thanks, this really gave me some things to think about!

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